FURY - Show 2017-10-24 17:13:00

On Tue, Oct24, 2017 5:21pm America/Phoenix
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WWX fury TV Show

Every Friday Night, the World Wrestling Xistence gears up to provide the most exciting show on Earth... Fury!

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FURY - Show 2017-10-24 17:13:00
Note: Show has been summarized due to unforseen circumstances. Card for Hall of Pain will be up 

Opening Match - Singles Match
Super Bacon vs Kailee

------ Winner is Super Bacon.


Tag Team Tournament Match
420 vs Jake Devine/Korath

Note: winner is Jake Devine/Korath


Tag Team Tournament Match
Rayne/Fill (WWC) vs Kurtis Ray/Kailee

Note: Winner is Rayne/Fill


Singles Match - (International Rankings)
Rex McAlister vs Xavier Pendragon

Winner is Rex McAllister, Jester appears at the end of the ramp, bat in hand, having a staredown with Rex McAllister.

------ Arrival of James Ranger by limo, each holding a suitcase.

Singles Match - (World Rankings)
Tommy Lipton vs Willie Steen 

Winnner is Tommy Lipton, where he declares his intent to challenge for Darkness's championship at Hall of Pain, at which Rex McAllister promptly arrives, changing his mind and throwing his lot for the WWX Championship, driving Tommy from the ring, but he himself falls victim to Darkness, who readily accepts the challenges of both at Hall of Pain.


Singles Match - Non Title
Jester vs Bob "The Beast" Mellon

Winner by DQ, at which Bob Mellon declared the following:

Mellon: Listen up and let me make it very clear. The vision you see in this ring is what I want to be printed and stamped on every pathetic brain in this arena. Do you want garbage? Then you will get garbage. Screw the disqualification. Screw the WWX. And screw all of you here. It's a new Bob Mellon and times have finally changed.... 

(Drops mic, kicks Jester in the gut, and slides out of the ring. The crowd boos and screams in displeasure as Mellon leaves the arena.... The Legend has fallen and no one knows how far...)

In light of Rex declaring for the world title, James Ranger announced, in the absence of Jason Bourne that Bob "The Beast" Mellon will be facing Jester in place of Rex McAllister at Hall of Pain. 


Singles Match/No Disqualfication - Non Title
Darkness vs Syndicate

Winner: Fallout amongst those competing for the World Title didn't let the match kickoff as a brawl ensue. 

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