HALL OF PAIN - Show 2017-11-05 00:01:31

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WWX hall of pain PPV Show

All the glory, all the suffering, from the days of the defeats and the days of the victories. The Universal Energy will converge, and merge. Every year, only one hall will ring with the groans, the shouts and the cheers of the entire eXistence. And that hall is the WWX Hall of Pain.

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HALL OF PAIN - Show 2017-11-05 00:01:31

(The screen goes black, save for a spinning logo...ancient in design..the original WWX logo spins in place..)

(to be replaced by the more modern WWX Logo known throughout the world today..the screen fades completely to black)

V/O: Tonight we honor the past....
video packages of IWA Golden Era Wrestlers

V/O: The present...

(video packages of WWX Renegade Era, featuring Corporal Sanders, Adora Cruz, Darkness, Ethan Cavanaugh...before transistioning to that of David Gideon Smith, Tommy Lipton to Rex McAllister, Syndicate, and Xavier Pendragon)

V/O: And the future of wrestling....

(video package showcasing the likes of Fozzy Ozbourne, Super Bacon, Luke Jairus, Jamie Hashtag, Tom Black)

V/O: Tonight we honor their struggles, their suffering, in order to obtain glory...

(brief glimpses of the WWX Television, International, Undisputed Championships...and finally the Race For The Case)

V/O: Tonight each of them begin their journies through...the Hall of Pain.

"A Real Life" by Greek Fire begins to play...at the first "HEY" A single pyro shoots up in the darkened arena...it drops, touching the ramp, releasing a symphony of pyro across the entrance ramp, around the WWXtron...

before finishing off with a four corner flame pyro in the center of the ring, to the overwhelming sound of fans cheering wildly

The arena lights come on in full in Atlanta, Georgia, as the camera pans around the interior of the arena...
before focusing back on the familar faces at the commentating table...

Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Hall of Pain! Here at ringside live from the Mercedes-Benz Arena here in Atlanta, Georgia!

Lane: Here to present to you alongside my co-host Mike Hart, I’m Gary Lane laying out the card for those at home waiting for what will be hellacious pay-per-view!

Hart: What is bound to be a hellacious card here in celebrating what has to be three decades of World Wrestling Xistence ladies and gentlemen..it doesn't get any better than right here, right now.

Lane: Up first! Kailee and Emily Hashtag opening the night and setting the pace for is to be a grand debut for Emily Hashtag.
(The WWXTron lights up, to the fans' delight..)

Hart: After them, we start off with the first of many championship defenses...as Hex Girl is slated to defend against both Fozzy Ozbourne and Luke Jairus

Lane: We all know that what this boooking is sour!

Hart: Not now Gary--

Lane:  The backstage talk Mike! That snake changed the game for Hall of Pain. Talks of Xander Adams..

Hart: ahem I am sure that our Interim General Manager has his reasons, but Hex Girl is slated to defend under Triple Threat rules, one has to wonder the intense fire between the challenger Fozzy and the champion Hex Girl, how will that play out?

Lane: Up after that we have the continuation of the James Bourne Tag Team Series created from our previous General Manager James Bourne himse;f

Hart: The Empire Reunited tonight, consisting of Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price...facing off...

(The WWXTron now features the dynamic tag teams, with the Tag Team Championships in the background)

Hart: Against the dangerous and high riskers of When World Collides, consisting of Fill and Rayne!

Lane: The winner of this match advances in the Tag Team Series, which we recieved word backstage, that James Ranger has shaken up the tournament in light of a few reasons

Hart: Following the tag team match, we have Jester defending his International Championship against the returning IWA Legend and Hall of Famer Bob "The Beast" Mellon

(WWXTron features the WWX International Championship in the background, with Jester and Bob glaring at each other)

Lane: The tensions betwen them could have been cut clean with a butter knife

Hart: To which tonights championship defense couldn't wait til next year between them, James Ranger booked them tonight.

Lane: cough Hex Girl cough cough

Hart: Cough drop?

Lane: Not at all Mike

Hart: Up after that title defense, we have the Race For The Case Extreme Elimination Chamber Match

(The fans cheer wildly at the WWXTron promiently features Xavier Pendragon, Super Bacon, Jake Devine, Krimzon Blaze, Rayne, and Kurtis Ray, with the RFTCase displayed behind them enclosed in a mini chamber)

Hart: This is not for the faint of heart, instead of forgoing the usual Ladder Match, James Ranger decided that this match needed to be done properly.

Lane: Meaning, blood is going to be sacrifice if you wanna be the man that can cash in a case at any time
Hart: It will be a real test for both Xavier Pendragon and Rayne, as both are already booked earlier in the night

Lane: Last but not least folks, we have a special five way match for the WWX Undisputed Championship...

(WWXTron features the a haunted house in the background as the life digital versions of Tommy lipton, Korath, Syndicate, Rex McAllister and Darkness stand)

Lane: It is one for the books, as what was originally a one on one between the World Series winner Korath and the reigning champion Darkness, slowly fell into chaos with the inclusion of Syndicate wanting his rematch at Hall of Pain, and the former WWX Tag Team Champions Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister cashing as well

Hart: My guess is that someone agreed to this match, if not one could guess what could be happening, but word was given that we will provide you a live feed from the WWXTron throughout the show!

(The ppv theme fades away as the camera shifts to ringside proper, the fans cheering subsiding)

Lane: Already in the ring, right now is Kailee and Emily, so without further ado folks.


Kailee and Emily circle the ring, immediately locking up. Emily struggles as Kailee presses her back with her strength. Immediately, Emilly is forced into a corner. 

The ref begins to count.

1~! 2~!

Kailee slaps Emily across the face, hitting her left cheek as the ref count hits three. Kailee steps away as Emily rubs her cheek as Kailee stops in the center of the ring, motioning for her to come back out. 

Emily sprints to the middle, baseball sliding under Kailee as she goes for a clothesline. She springs back up as Kailee turns around. Emily connects with a slap of her own, then another one as she pressures Kailee to the ropes.

Emily presses against Kailee, as she then uses the momentum to whip across the ring. Kailee runs to the other side, bouncing back in her attempt to get Emily, but Emily lies flat on the mat, forcing Kailee to hop over towards the ropes again.

Kailee bounces back again, as Emily hops back to her feet, jumping to connect with a standing dropkick, connecting against Kailee’s chest. Emily goes for the cover. 


Kailee kicks out, with Emily grabbing her hair in the process. The ref tries to warn her, but she looks at him in disgust as she drags Kaillee over to the ropes. 

Emily gets Kailee up to her feet, connecting with a knee in the gut in the process. She attempts to whip Kailee to the ropes across, but Kailee reverses it, sending Emily instead. Kailee turns around, sprinting to the ropes, rebounding back as Emily rebounds back. The look of shock on Emily as Kailee connects with crossbody tackle, dropping her to the mat. She covers!

1! 2!

Emily kicks out, but Kailee simply smiles as she gets Emily up, signaling for the end, She locks Emily between her legs, grabbing ahold of her waist, she lifts Emily up and drops her back down with a powerbomb. Kailee covers!




Ding Ding Ding

Kyla Bonn: Your winner…….KAILLLLLLLLLEEE!

Hart: A resounding victory for Kailee tonight folks!

Lane: Emily had it in her, but being basic is not enough to defeat the likes of Kailee. An excellent debut nonetheless for a ppv if i ever did see one.

The scene opens to a thick fog that is rolling in across the grounds of an old cemetery. Old looking Gravestones that protrude through the creeping fog obscuring what lies underneath it. As the camera spins a large looking old church like structure comes into view. It is around Three stories high and in disrepair. Outside it stands the Competitors of the WWX House of Horror match, near a dug up hole with an empty casket hovering above it, on a crank to lower it into the ground. The church's bells begin to ring as a lone WWX official approaches in the fog.

Darkness, Rex Mcallister, Tommy Lipton, Korath and Syndicate move in around this WWX Official. He looks at the Five Superstars and holds out his hands taking the WWX Championship from Darkness who seems reluctant to give the belt to him for a second.

Official: “You Five have been informed of the rules for this first part.”

There are various nods and smiles as the WWX Superstars seem to agree with the statement.

Official: “Then when the bells ring again, you will begin. You will fight until one of you is buried alive and the rest of you will gain entrance to the Church and the rest of the Horrors inside.”

The WWX Official then turns and moves into the fog carrying the Championship to the safety of the shadows leaving the Five men to their fates as they await the tolling of the bell.




As the bell tolls Syndicate nods at Korath and as if planned they both bum rush Tommy Lipton. Syndicate striking first, but Tommy is quicker. But Korath turns the tides tackling him as he dodges Syndicate. The pair roll on the ground in the fog and Syndicate begins laying in kicks at Lipton who tries to defend against the pair.

As the other three suddenly begin fighting. Darkness snatches up a shovel near the grave site and eyes Rex who backpedals and is pursued by the WWX Champion swinging wildly for a kill shot on the Crafty Rex Mcallister. The pair disappear into the fog with the sounds of metal hitting stone here or there as Darkness swings hitting gravestones here or there.

Focusing in on Tommy and his attackers, Syndicate and Korth begin laying a beating down on the WWX Legend. As he is pulled to his feet Korath Full nelsons Tommy holding him in place for Syndicate to take shots at him.



Syndicate hammers him in the ribs with a couple of stiff shots.


Tommy drops to his butt and smashes Korath in the family jewels and he doubles over in pain. Syndicate comes in with a kick and Tommy catches the foot and shoves him backwards.


Tommy pops to his feet and cracks Syndicate with a Right fist.


Then a left to the head.


Tommy spins and runs forward with a Clothesline on Korath.


Syndicate catches Tommy with a right of his own and the pair lock up and begin spinning in the foggy cemetery as they trip over a gravestone and land on the ground struggling to gain an advantage on the other and Korath lays hurt on the ground nearby somewhere.


Rex runs through the fog with Darkness in hot pursuit. Coming up on what looks like a Mausoleum Rex pauses for a moment thinking he lost Darkness in well the Darkness.


Rex suddenly ducks.


A Shovel hits the stone wall next to Rexs head.


Rex manages leap back avoiding the next swing. Then trips as he backs into a headstone and tumbles backwards and the shovel comes down at him.


Rex dodges the shovel and it strikes the ground.


Darkness nearly takes off his opponent's head. 


Darkness connects this time as the Shovel hits Rex in the rib area. But Rex clings onto the shovel head as Darkness attempts to pull the shovel away.


Rex breaks the shovel handle.

Darkness and Rex stare at each others for a moment both shocked for a second. Then Darkness turns and begins to flee as Rex pops back up with a pissed look.


The camera focuses back in on Syndicate and Tommy Lipton who are now at the Casket. Tommy Lipton is squeezing Syndicates head in the lid of the Coffin with a look of Glee, when Korath suddenly hits him from behind forcing Tommy to release the door of the Coffin.

Tommy is spun around.


Korath smashes Tommy with a left.


Then another LEFT.

Tommy is yanked up off the ground and Korath runs forward powerslamming Lipton into the cold hard ground a couple feet away, as Syndicates relieved looking smile can be seen as he pulls himself up from the casket.


The camera suddenly shifts to pure fog as Rex Stumbles around in the Cemetery looking for Darkness. Who seems to be the master of hiding in the current conditions.

Darkness: “PEAK-A-BOO!”


Darkness suddenly slugs Rex in the face and Mcallister stumbles backwards.

Darkness: “Over here!”


Darkness hits him again and Rex hits the ground and everything goes silent.

Rex: “Come out coward!”

***Sinister Laughing.***

Darkness: “As you wish.”

Bright lights suddenly flare to life as Rex moves to his feet.


A Large Work ATV zooms into view as Rex narrowly dodges and it Darkness spins the wheel spinning it around coming in for another pass as Rex begins to run for his life.


The camera shifts back to Korath and Syndicate trying to stuff Tommy Lipton into the Casket. He is fighting back but the pair are overwhelming him.

Syndicate: “Time to bury you for good Tommy!”

Korath: “So much for being a legend.”

The pair began laughing.



Headlights flare up in the distance.

Rex: “RUN!”

Rex comes into view with Darkness in the Work ATV on his heels.


Rex bolts towards the grave with Darkness on his tail.

Syndicate and Korath stare with deer in the headlight looks.

Tommy falls to the side in the confusion.

The Camera dodges out of the way too.



***Tumbling Sounds.***

The Camera catches the scene unfold as Darkness hits a fog hidden Tombstone. The Cart smashes and he is flung out of the front of it and hits the ground tumbling into the grave. The camera moves up on the hole gazing down on Darkness who looks hurt but is starting to move.

Darkness” NOO!”

Rex looks down at him from above and kicks the crank that holds the coffin up and it falls into the grave on top of the now Former WWX Champion.


Grave Diggers wander out of the fog and begin to shovel the dirt into the wrecked grave and the scene fades back to the Arena and the awaiting WWX Fans..


Kyla Bonn: This tag match is for one fall and the winner advances in the James Bourne Tag Team Invitational!
The lights in the arena dim as white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as int No Grave by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne and Fill step out with matching black leather jackets and long black pants.

Bonn: Introducing, representing When Worlds Collide...the team of...RAYNE AND FILL!

The duo have made it down to0 the ring, upon stepping into the ring, Rayne walks to the center of the ring, throwing up his arms in a cross pose as Fill kneels behind him, smirking as the fans cheer for them.

Lane: what we got here folks is a stable splintered throughout the card, two got lucky teaming up..

Hart: But this not something you can easily progress through, there are other teams waiting in the wings to be the winner of this tournament.

The duo have made it down to the ring, upon stepping into the ring, Rayne walks to the center of the ring, throwing up his arms in a cross pose as Fill kneels behind him, smirking as the fans cheer for them.

On the outside of the ring, staring daggers into their opponents…

Bonn: Introducing their opponents...

Representing...THE EMPIRE!


The fans cheer wildly, split between their favorite teams as The Empire gets into position as 
Rayne talks strategy with Fill

The ref looks at both teams, readying them for what is sure to be a fight.

He signals for the bell


Damian and Fill begin to the circle the ring,both wary of the reach of their opponent's partners

they immediately lock up in the center, Damian first with the headlock Damian drops to one knee, wrenching on the headlock as Fill fights to gain control.

The ref checks on the positioning of the headlock as Damian loosens then immediately tightens the headlock, shifting his weight to flip Fill over and onto the mat

Fill attempts to break the lock but Damian merely rolls with Fill
He immediately shifts tactics, switching form headlock to a back suplex

He covers


Fill kicks out, Rayne clapping in the corner for support
Damian spits on the ground near Fill
before dragging Fill over to where Xavier is

Xavier immediately follows up with a headbutt upon Fill
knocking him to the ground, but he lift him up and back down with a snap suplex

Xavier not letting go, rolls over and up on his feet
executing yet another snap suplex
he switches up, applying the same headlock upon Fill, the anguish on his face

Xavier, stands up, bringing Fill up with him.Fill attempts to break with elbow strikes



THREE...Fill is free...

He sprints over to the ropes, but Xavier is waiting, dropping to the mat as Fill hops over

Fill rebounds back..
but Xavier is waiting, immediately going for the Wire Cutter!

Xaviers covers!



Rayne breaks it up

immediately saving Fill as he grabs ahold of Xavier
but the ref begins the count as he connects with stiff elbow to the face
The ref lectures Rayne out of the ring, poor Fill is simply dragged back over to Damian's corner
The fans now clearly seeing the tactics begin to boo

Damian is tagged back in, jumping over the ropes with a knee that connects with Fill's head.
Xavier gets back out as Damian irish whips Fill across the ring.
Fill hits the ropes, down the middle...
Rayne sneaks a tag

Fill is hiptossed by Damian, Xavier panics as he begins shouting at Damian
Damian picks up Fill for a DDT, but looks upward to an airborne Rayne
connecting wiith a dropkick that brings Damian down
the fans cheer as Rayne runs over, knocking Xavier off the ring mat
Rayne sprints across the ring

hits the ropes, rebounding and connecting with a clothesline
knocking down Damian Price
He quickly motions for Fill, who readies.

Rayne lifts Damian up and over with a german suplex
Fill jumps off the top rope, with body slam
the impact directly on the bullseye as you can almost see the eyes bulging

Rayne covers as Fill stands ready for Xavier.
The ref covers


Xavier enters, taking on Fill



BONN: Your winners and advancing in the Jason Bourne Tag Team Series...

The WWX House of Horrors match fades back in. This time we are in what looks to be a old creepy cellar of the previously seen church. The Remaining Four Rex, Tommy, Syndicate and Korath look around at the old Shelves full of odds and ends, random hardware from over the years. There is a Small Television screen that has been installed near the ceiling.


The sounds of the Cellar Door being locked echos.


The Screen flares to life. The always grinning face of Xander Adams is shown.

Xander: “Welcome Gentlemen. We are going to Play a game.”


Xander: “Some of you will step up and move on, One of you will sink and your career will drown. Who I will leave up to you, but you won’t have that much time to decide.”


The Screen goes blank and the four men stare at each other for a moment.

***Gushing Sounds.***

Water begins to pour into the Cellar from holes all over in the floor of the basement and begin flooding the room. The Four men all make a rush for the only set of stairs in this basement. Syndicate reaches it first, But Rex is right behind and grabs him from behind.


Syndicate elbows him in the face.

Rex wobbles for a second and grabs him around the waist.


Both men Fall off the left side of the stairs and the railing goes with them.


Lipton tackles Korath into a shelf.

Lipton grabs an old Gallon of paint and hits the Korath over the head.


Korath lands in the Ankle deep water that is rising. Tommy hops on him and begins punching him in the face. But Korath suddenly grabs what looks to be a flooding Prop from a Church Christmas Play.


Tommy reels back from his Close encounter with Jesus.


Korath shoves him off with his feet and sends Tommy crash into another shelf.


The camera shifts back to Syndicate and Rex who are both back to their feet sloshing through the rising water wrestling for control of the situation. Rex shoves Syndicate into a bunch of boxes and Charges forward.


Syndicate suddenly slams a old BINGO number Spinner into Rexs head.

Syndicate: “B-FIVE BITCH!”


He slams it down on Rex again. Who splashes down in the know knee high water.


The Camera shifts back to Korath. He is now in control as he is pummeling Lipton on the ground and half drowning him as the water gets deeper. Holding him by the throat he pushes head under the water and the panicked Liptons face can be seen as air bubbles hit the surface.


Tommy struggles for another moment or so and goes limp.

Syndicate makes a move for the stairs as Rex goes down from a third shot to his head from the BINGO Spinner. He begins climbing and the door opens at the top. Korath notices and begins to follow. Syndicate reaches the top and spins with a large grin and punts Korath in the face betraying him.





Korath hits a bunch of stairs and splashes into the water that is steadily rising.

Syndicate moves through the door at the top and the first to move on.


Tommy Lipton floats in the water, out of it as Rex Mcallister regains his senses and begins to climb the stairs as he wades past the downed and floating Korath and becomes the second man to make it to the next phase of the House of horrors.

After around a minute Korath begins to move again. The water has grown ever deeper and up to the big mans throat. He begins to swim towards the stairs and suddenly comes to a sudden stop. As Tommy Lipton pops out of the water with a grin on his face. 


Tommy begins to ascend what is left of the stairs as Korath struggles to get his leg free from what looks like Extension cords that Lipton tied his legs too. The lights go then go out and the door slides shut closing off the last remaining light in the cellar as the Water overtakes koraths head.

The feed transitions back to the arena, where the timekeeper is readying to ring the bell.

Lane: Is there no humanity amongst those guys!?

Hart: Doesn’t look like Korath made it?

Lane: No, of course, hopefully there’s someone out there to give him some CPR.

Hart: Up next folks, we have the triple threat match of Hex Girl defending her Television Championship against both Luke Jairess and Fozzy Ozbourne. 

Lane: You have to give it to Hex Girl, being originally promised by the previous General Manager James Bourne an International Championship match, but James Ranger booked her in this triple threat as a final test of the year. 

Hart: I imagine we have a very pissed off she-devil tonight. 

Lane: Imagine if she pulled the impossible tonight? She would go on to challenge for the International.


Kyla Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is scheduled for one fall, contested under Triple Threat Rules and it is for the WWX TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

Luke Jairus comes out with no theme music, doing minor stretches with his arms as he walks down the ramp.

Kyla: And his opponent, weighing in at 195 pounds, hailing from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada... He is the Resurrected Saint... LUKE JAIRUS

Lane: As it stands Luke Jairus has been rather quiet, preparing for this match.
Hart: But is he ready for the match? Silence is golden, but what about his chances?

Luke steps into the ring as The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song, Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage trying to grab at all the attention from the fans good or bad. Fozzy wears a ugly leopard print fur coat and big goofy white framed sunglasses and ripped blue jeans.

Fozzy centers himself on stage and gives a front facing Jesus Christ pose, a bright spotlight shines down on Fozzy while he is shaking his head about cocky.

He walks down the ramp mouthing the words to his own theme as the spotlight follows.


He blows a few kisses to some of the female fans rampside. Once ringside he jawjacks with a few of the male fans front row and slams his feet against the ring steps as he walks up onto the ring apron.

Once inside the ring he walks to the the middle of the ring looking around at the crowd with a disgusted look on his face. He then runs up to the corner post and jumps up to the second turnbuckle and crosses his arms to his chest. Then takes off his cheap sunglasses throws them into the crowd and smiles. 

He hops down from the second turnbuckle and takes off his fur coat and throws it to the outside of the ring. Then waits in the corner hopping around waiting for a fight as “Fight Like A Girl” by Emile Autumn hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. The WWX Television Championship around her waist.


Hart: The world revolves quite arguably the longest reigning champion in our company tonight. Hex Girl, winning the championship back in Feburary, has held a iron grip over the championship. Despite what was originally promised-

Lane: You mean changed without her consent?! Newly returned and established Interim General Manager James Ranger booked this match with her prize on the line! He made a match that ultimately should have her lawyers in a frenzy!

Hart: Ultimately, something was discussed from our ears, cause tonight Hex Girl defends her championship against two very hungry contenders. Tonight, Hex Girl looks to extend her reign another two months…

Lane: Two months is a long time…

(She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp…)

Hart: Two months! Against those competing in the television division. Tonight, once again, Hex Girl proves she can handle ANY man.

Lane: Just like her predecessor before her, Hall of Famer Adora Cruz.

Hart: That’s a rather large comparison there Gary.

Lane: What do you think she is doing tonight?

( and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight, immediately unclipping the belt and raising it over her head as both of her challengers take a long look at the prize as Hex tries to get in the face of Fozzy, but the ref blocks her path.

Hart: Unforunately, Fozzy doesn’t seem to be fazed by the champion..

Lane: Of course the fool wouldn’t, but he should be considering if he ever wants another shot at the championship, he should just lie down. Right here. Right now.

Hart: But his claims against her..

Lane: Are something that the legal department can handle...right here, your body and mind does the talking and i wager Hex Girl has something pretty painful in protest of what he called her.

The ref takes the championship from Hex Girl, folding it neatly and showing it to Luke, who nods quickly in his corner. Then he walks over to Fozzy, who removes his jacket, looking at it before removing his sunglasses. The ref walks to the center of the ring, raising up high the WWX Television Championship. He goes over to the ropes, handing it to a staff member outside the ring, looking up at the timekeeper, he signals.


Immediately the trio circle the ring, aware of each other, Hex is first, running towards Fozzy with murderous intent, but Fozzy rolls out of the ring, barely dodging a shin kick to the ropes. He smiles as Luke attempts to take advantageous but Hex sidestep hops away from a grab attempt, executing a mean shin kick, followed by a snap roundhouse kick. 

Lane: Hex Girl with an immediate dish out of punishment here tonight.

???: I would hope so.

Lane looks over as Fozzy dons a headset, clearly not interested in stepping back in the ring.

Hart: Don’t you have a match to compete in-

Fozzy rolls back inside the ring just as Hex Girl pulls off a snap DDT on Luke. She covers just as Fozzy connects with a vicious baseball slide to her face.

Hart: Devilish and a real threat here to her reign.

Lane: No less potentially doing what he can to put Hex at unease…

Fozzy picks up Hex Girl, sliding her out of the ring with force, laughing all the while. He covers.



Hex Girl breaks it up as the ref is about to hit the mat a third time. The fans give a collective gasp as Hex looks tired just from the scare. Fozzy rolls out of the ring annoyed as the ref checks on her.

Lane: Hex Girl with the save last second. One would only a imagine-

“New TV Champ right here baybay!”

Fozzy struts it out for the fans, yelling at the commentator's’ table before turning around again. Hex Girl immediately struggles to get on her knees and stand from there as Fozzy takes his time getting in the ring. A devious smile to his face.

Hex Girl manages to get to her feet as Fozzy closes the distance with a clothesline, sending her spinning back to the ground. Fozzy laughs as he grabs her by the hair, lifting her to feet by her hair..as the ref is checking on Luke…

Gary: Incoming!

Hex Girl connects with a kick to the groin, stunning Fozzy long enough for Hex to connect with a Snap DDT. She however continues to the press the advantage, lifting Fozzy up and whipping him over to the ropes.

Lane: Is she going for it already?!

Hex pulls him back at the last second, connecting a high kick to the opponent, knocking him back down to the mat. She immediately sits on his chest, using her knees to hold down his shoulders.

Hart: Connecting Purifier! She goes for the pinfall

The ref slides over….



But Fozzy, using his lower body, rolls over, then supporting her as she reacts in surprise, stands to one knee, lifting her up as he fully stands, drops her back down in a with a sickening powerbomb, a twitch in the eyes following by Hex.

Lane: Seems she is feeling that one.

Hart: Luke looking to come to, as Hex is unceremoniously kicked out by Fozzy.

Fozzy looks over at Luke as he again kicks Hex out of the ring, a smile forming on his face as Luke runs at him at an attempt of a clothesline, but Fozzy dodges under, lifting him up in the air using his momentum and connecting with the Tallywacker (RKO) as he’s halfway to the mat, bringing him down with a thunderous thud. He covers right away as he yells at the ref to hurry.



Hex comes to, gripping the covers of the ring….



The bell rings as Hex realizes what happened. In her fury, she tries to get inside, but Fozzy rolls out of the ring laughing. He grabs the WWX Television Championship as the timekeeper goes to present it to a staff member.


Lane: I’m honestly speechless.

Hart: How can you be?! Fozzy just stole the championship under triple threat rules from Hex. 

Lane: You want me to comment on what i just saw?

Hart: YES!

Lane: Fozzy just outsmarted the reigning television champion. What more can be said?

The Cameras fade in on the Old Church once more. This time to endless images of Syndicate, Rex and Tommy Lipton as they stand in what looks like a House of Mirrors. A Television Screen as been installed again.


Xander Adams face appears again.

Xander: “So you three rose to the top and moved on. I commend you for that. Now it is time to prove yourself. Will your body or your egos shatter so easy like the mirrors in front of you? Only two of you can move on, Show the odd man out the door or the window as it were.”


The Television goes black and the lights go out as Strobe lights begin to flicker messing with the senses in this mirror lined floor. Tommy immediately strikes out at Syndicate with a kick.


He kicks a mirror instead.


Rex shoulder blocks the real Syndicate through a mirror. The surprised Syndicate rolls to his side and red spots begin to forms from the shards of glass. Rex is on him though and grabs him by his hair and yanks him to his feet.


Syndicates faces cracks another mirror as Rex slams it into the glass. Tommy runs up catching the real Syndicate with a boot this time and sends him through another mirror as Rex releases him.


Rex moves to high-five Lipton who suddenly grabs his hand and pulls him in.



Rex is driven through a couple mirrors of his own as he is betrayed by Tommy Lipton. 


Tommy grins at his handy work, but then something catches his eye as the images of like Five Syndicates fly at him with a huge Flying Forearm.



Tommy laughs as Syndicate splats into a mirror instead.


Tommy boots Syndicate in the face.


Tommy hits an Image too.


Multiple Images of Tommy drop to their knees as Syndicate manages to low blow the Real Liption. Syndicate pops back to his feet and standing dropkicks Tommy backwards into a Mirror.


Blood pools start to form around Lipton.


Multiple Images of Syndicate duck an attack from Rex who punches a mirror.


Syndicate clotheslines a mirror trying to get Rex. Then turns around to a boot to the gut but the real Rex and is pulled in and lifted up into a Suplex and both men drop down backwards.



Multiple mirrors break as Syndicate is suplexed into them. Blood pouring from his back. 

Rex moves back to his feet cut open for the suplex as well. Only to be tackled into a couple mirrors and driven into the floor by Lipton who is now back to his feet.


Tommy is mounted on his former partner and begins slugging him with rights and lefts. Rex attempts to defend and tried to roll him over to the side, But hits the painful glass and can’t.


Syndicate hits Tommy from behind and knocks him off Rex. Tommy takes a couple fists as he gets back to his feet and locks up with Syndicate and the two go into a death spin hitting several mirrors.


Syndicate slams Tommy into a mirror, then Tommy slams Syndicate into one.


A Shard of moon light shines through the last broken mirror.

Tommy tries to shove Syndicate Through it. The glass fully shatters revealing the window. But Syndicate throws his arms out and manages to save himself from Elimination. But it is short lived as Tommy snatches him him.




Rex breaks through a mirror at the last second and kicks Tommy Lipton out the window as he screams in anger as he hits the ground outside first with Syndicate on top of him.

Hart: Quite the battle we just witness there folks-

Lane: But not as fierce as we’re about to get as returning IWA Hall of Famer Bob “The Beast” Mellon, seeks to close out the year with a triumphant victory over the International Champion, Jester, of When Worlds Collide.

Hart: They have been going on a back and forth throughout the weeks, attacks backstage, in the locker rooms, interfering in each of their matches. There is no love lost between these two and hopefully tonight we will get a victor in this match.


Jester is seen walking down the ramp, when running behind him with a clubbing clothesline is Tom Black. 

Hart: Who is th- its its Tom Black!?

The attack knocks Jester down as Bob Mellon looks on in confusion, holding the ref back as Tom merely looks on in satisfaction. He picks him up, rolling him into the ring. Stepping away to run over to the timekeeper. He grabs ahold of the bell, snatching it from the timekeeper and ringing it.

Lane: What is he doing?

 Hart: He just started the match!

The ref looks on worryingly before checking on Jester, who stumbles to his feet. Bob quickly places on a brass knuckle while the ref is not looking, demanding the ref hurries up.

Hart: Jester can barely stand!

Lane: But he is ready!

Jester nods as the ref signals that the match is a go, a staff member picking up the championship outside the ring. Jester charges right at Bob Mellon, who merely connects a right hook to face of Jester, knocking him out cold. 

He covers…




The bell rings as the fans in the arena boo loudly..Tom Black is already halfway up the ramp laughing as Bob demands for the belt.


Lane: What is the world coming to? He basically got an assist from a returning Tom Black.

Hart: But he is the champion now. Can you not accept that.

Lane: Not in this lifetime, Hall of Famer or not. This is dastardly!

Lane: I have never witnessed such brutality in that ring.

Hart: Well look up Gary, it's about to get a lot worse.

The camera view changes as the ten thousand plus ton chamber is slowly lowered, covering the ring, now with fresh mat covers. The fans are abuzz with excitement as the ominous structure in all its glory lands on the floor. 

Lane: This match originally, as is tradition, slated to be always a ladder match, where the winner has to climb the ladder up to grab the suitcase.

As if on the camera shifts from the chamber to the timekeeper’s seat, were sealed in a double layer armor proofed glass case that is bolted to the arena floor, lies the Race For The Case.

Hart: However, James Ranger, wasting no time in booking this match, decided that those willing to be biggest threat to ANY Champion on the roster, have to pay their right to own that case with a sizable donation in pain and blood lost within an elimination chamber.

Lane: And just to clarify how this works folks, this elimination chamber match starts off with two in the ring, with a random individual picked at random til six are all free. A complete win requires five other wrestlers being eliminated tonight by pinfall or submission.

Hart: Not to mention, the added bonus that this is an extreme elimination chamber, requires one to be of sound mind and body to be equipped for the occasion. 


Kyla Bonn: This is the first main event...schedule for one fall…



*fans cheer*

Bonn: Six individuals will compete, starting the match off, two will face off, until the remaining four are able to leave their pods, thus joining in the match. The goal is to eliminate the other five wrestlers and be the last one remaining in the chamber. The last one to left in the chamber...is...hereby declared the WINNER OF THE CASE..

*fans cheers*

Bonn: Granting them a title shot at any championship at any time for a duration of eight months!

Krimzon Blaze’s theme hits as the fans go wild, as Blaze comes out onto the entrance ramp, eyeing the elimination chamber.

Hart: Krimzon Blaze has had an up and down year, looking to avenge his Hall of Pain history with a win here tonight. Winning the case here would not only catapult him back into the spotlight, but give him the advantage he needs to become the next undisputed champion

Lane: If his ego doesn’t destroy that chance, he is definitely a shoe-in favorite.

Krimzon steps into the chamber, taking a look at the four empty pods, before picking the left one farthest from the entrance, walking around the ring and into the pod. The staff on hand seal it shut.

Super Bacon’s theme comes on, with a chorus of fans yelling his name as he sprints out onto the ramp, his cape furled behind in a dynamic pose for his fans.

Lane: If there was anyone with the least experience in this company, there he is!

Hart: What you can’t make up for with experience, you do with heart. That’s Super Bacon’s special power.

Lane: You believe that?

Hart: Absolutely not.

Super Bacon finishes sprinting down to the chamber, jumping up and over the steps, the excitement getting to him. He doesn’t bother to hesitate, jumping into the closest pod next to the entrance as Rayne’s theme kicks in.

Rayne comes out to deafening roar as he motions to the case and then makes a title belt gesture around his waist.

Rayne walks confidently towards the chamber, gripping the structure’s cross link metal chains holding it together. The floor shifts a little as Rayne takes into account the condition of the outer area before taking the pod to the right, but he stops short...to look at Krimzon Blaze.

He immediately hops into the ring, cross the distance, standing on the top turnbuckle closest to Blaze, gesturing at him. Blaze merely laughs, beckoning him to bring it.

Rayne gets off as he heads back to the pod diagonally across the way. Stepping inside and facing Blaze as the staff close and lock his pod shut.

Lane: Have you noticed that no one has brought any weapons with them?

Hart: Lack of homework done there. A missed chance to capitalize for most.

Xavier Pendragon’s theme hits the arena speakers once more, just like Rayne he also looks a bit tired. Though more bruised, he stares the chamber down, while holding what looks to be a small bag tied to his pants

Hart: This could be it for Xavier. Years and Years of being overlooked

Lane: Yet Years and Years of a storied history as a multi-time International Champion

Hart: Is this his big break? A final and decisive way to break the glass ceiling?

Jake Devine's music plays. The fans erupt in (Cheers/Jeers). The music continues to play for a bit, but no one appears on the stage. After a few more seconds the music fades.

Hart: Whats going on? Where is Jake…

[The Big Screen cuts to the backstage area where two men can be seen assaulting Jake Devine.

Lane: Wait that's...that's 420!

[The duo continues the onslaught upon Jake Devine until security is able to rush in and pull them off.]

Hart: What's going on here. Why would 420 attack Jake like that?

"Nobody Pray For Me! Even A Day For Me!
Waaaaaaaaaaay! (Yeah! Yeah!)

[The beat drops and Lu'Andre Xavier takes the stage Mic in hand. The crowd erupts in a sea of jeers.  Lu’Andre's smug smirk only grows bigger as he makes his way down the rap. The music fades as he raise his mic to speak.]

Lu’Andre: Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please? For those of you who may not remember who I am, allow me to introduce myself. I hail from Thomasville, North Carolina! BULLDOG NATION! I weigh in tonight at ONE HUNDRED AND NINTY TWO POUNDS! My name is Lu'Andre Xavier, however for all intended purposes you may refer to me as LX!

 Now I know you people are wondering what the hell is going on. Let's just say, my good friend Jacob is feeling a little under the weather. So as his close personal friend, I have no choice but to take his place in this Race for the Case match.

[LX’'s gives a Smug laugh.]

LX: This one is for you Jake.

[LX drops the mic and makes his way down the ramp as he his theme begins to play again.]

Lane: This is...actually pretty much expected from one of them

Hart: Not even shocked?

Lane: When you're hungry for success, what would you do?

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp.

When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a  decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.
Hart: The final man enters the chamber..
Lane: This match can truly begin...with Kurtis and LX starting off first.
The refs have closed the chamber, locking it down.

Kurtis and LX immediately circle the ring
Kurtis wasting no time at all, grabbing ahold of LX

A slow losing battle, but LX is forced to his knees as Kurtis follows it up with a smile and tossing LX to the side
He walks over as LX starts to get up, lifting him up and pressing him against the turnbucke, he knife chops LX across the chest
a collective gasp is followed as Kurtis connects with another one, before whipping him over to the opposite turnbuckle

Kurtis charges connecting with a stiff elbow to the face
LX groans from the pain adminster but briefly gets to focus on it before being pulled out of the corner, irish whipped to the ropes
LX bounces back in the waiting big boot to the face
Kurtis covers!
the ref covers for the pinfall
2! (ONE!)
1~! (TWO!)
The buzzer goes off as the ref hits three, a light dances between the four corners..

the light stops under the pod of Rayne

as the ref open his pod, Kurtis motions for Rayne to come out. Rayne side hops over the ropes, running at Kurtis
Rayne dodges the attempted clothesline

hitting the ropes and back, Rayne jumps at Kurtis with a crossbody tackle. They rolled through it though, as Kurtis ends still on the mat pinned.
The ref covers as once again the countdown starts
TWO! Kurtis kicks out!
Rayne stomps his right boot across Kurtis's face
Rayne lifts up Kurtis to his feet, locking him in and hitting a belly to belly suplex
Rayne hits for the ropes, coming back with a poorly aimed elbow drop on Kurtis's face

The buzzer goes off again as Rayne lifts Kurtis again to his feet
The light dances as Rayne is elbowed in the gut, then whipped to the corner turnbuckle.
It stops on Krimzon Blaze

And out runs Krimzon Blaze, not wasting any time, leveling Kurtis Ray and Rayne down with a top rope crossbody tackle
He hops back up as roaring, pumped by the fans cheering in response he goes for Rayne first, connecting with a mean Pele Kick, sending him down.
He eyes Kurtis as he too begins to rise..
He grabs ahold of Kurtis, looking to connect with a russian legsweep
Kurtis falls to the mat, with Blaze looking to cover.
The ref counts
Kurtis kicks out, a shoulder coming up as Blaze frowns
Rayne grabs ahold of Blaze's hair, pulling him away and up onto his shoulders for the a Samoan Drop.
Rayne covers (TWO)
Ref begins the count (ONE)
The buzzer goes off again as the ref hits the mat for two
the light dances around the chamber as Kurtis is leaning up against the turnbuckle
it stops on Super Bacon as the pod opens
He goes running out, not wasting any moment
Super Bacon jumps high into the air, flips forward, having used the ropes for leverage, latched on Krimzon Blaze's neck

Super Bacon pulls downward to the mat, bouncing Krimzon up and across the mat.

He rallies, |BLEEP|ing for Kurtis Ray, who happens to be leaning against the turnbuckle in front of Xavier Pendragon

but Kurtis sees through Super Bacon's plan, using the momentum to fling Bacon straight into the pole
shutting down Bacon briefly

Kurtis grabs ahold of Bacon, german suplex over and out of the ring, causing Bacon to land on the steel chain base

Krimzon has Rayne locked up, looking to connect with a Kode of Silence (FIVE)
but Rayne immediately counters, with the Arch Angels Fall!
Rayne covers as Kurtis  immediately goes for Bacon (THREE)
The buzzer goes off as Xavier's pod is finally freed.
Bonn: Krimzon Blaze has been eliminated!

Kurtis grabs ahold of Bacon as Xavier steps out, tossing him back into the ring while staring down Xavier
(two down)
(Finally Kurtis and Xavier come face to face, and the two men stare each other dow for a minute. Finally Kurtis says something, and Xavier shouts something back. Xavier shoves Kurtis, who responds in kind. It looks like they're about to face off until Super Bacon attacks Kurtis from behind with a double axe handle. Kurtis staggers, then turns to face Bacon with an unreadable expression on his face. He looks back over his shoulder at Xavier.)

KURTIS: Raincheck!

(Kurtis stalks toward Bacon who backs up, looking for some kind of escape before attacking again, to whit Kurtis Ray seems nonplussed, until Bacon drives a knee into his groin. Kurtis staggers, crying out, and Xavier takes his chance to strike....

And avoids Kurtis completely, devastating Super Bacon with a clothesline. He kneels down next to Kurtis, whispering something in his former partner's ear, and Kurtis grins, nodding his head. Xavier hauls Bacon up ff the mat, whipping him into the corner, and Kurtis follows Bacon in with a running dropkick.)

Hart: Ray and Pendragon are working together!

Lane: That can't be allowed! Somebody stop them!
(Bacon staggers to the center of the ring, only for Xavier to grab him and whip him into the corner again, followed by another running dropkick from Kurtis. Finally Kurtis pulls up Bacon, shouting something. Bacon starts to pull himself together only  for Xavier to stop him cold with a superkick, followed by Kurtis whipping Bacon into the ropes. Kurtis sets up the Death Ray, only for Xavier to fall into place at the last moment to combine it with an Ace Cutter!

Xavier goes for the pin
Bonn: Super Bacon has been eliminated!

(Xavier stand up, taunting the crowd and turns in time to catch a superkick of his own from Kurtis, who is quick to capitalize by locking in a mdified kimura-style knee lock on Pendragon.)
Hart: So much for a Hype Machine reunion.

(Pendragon howls in pain, but Kurtis refuses to relent, gradually applying more and more pressure. It looks like Pendragon is going to tap, but he refuses, trying vainly to force Kurtis to break by driving elbows into the former champions head. Kurtis shifts his position to give himself more leverage, but Pendragon manages to get a handful of Ray's face, finall y managing to cause enough pain to ket Kurtis to break the hold. Kurtis rols away from Pendragon who continues to cry out, holding his knee in agony.)
Rayne immediately takes on Kurtis, connecting with a standing dropkick
Looking to put Kurtis away
He stands ready over the body of Kurtis struggling to get back up, Rayne grabs ahold and levels him with the Rayne Drop DDT!
Rayne goes to cover!
THR-Kurtis kicks out as Rayne is pushed away
Xavier is seen digging in his pouch he left, playing possum on the mat

Rayne goes to get a pinfall from Xavier, but is clubbed with a set of handcuffs!
Xavier gets up, struggling to get across as he goes to where Kurtis is, grabbing ahold of his arms
he locks Kurtis's arms behind him, locking him down with handicuffs!
Taking advantage of the moment, Rayne baseball slides on injuried knee, causing Xavier to fall back in pain
Rayne picks Xavier up, tries to pick him for Arch Angels Fall again...but Xavier reverses into the Fallen Angel!
Xavier covers!
Bonn: Rayne has been...eliminated!
Lane: It boils down to these two.
Hart: Who wants it more!?
Lane: Clearly Xavier, using handcuffs in this manner...
Xavier and Kurtis look at each other, both clearly exhausted, but Kurtis is still struggling with the handcuffs

Xavier is the first to get up, as Kurtis struggles to stand against the turnbuckles but Xavier connects with strong knee to the gut, causing him to double over as Xavier grabs ahold of him
Xavier spins him in place as he connects on his injuried knee the Detriot Drive!
Xavier covers!

Lane: He has done the impossible
Hart: I don't know if we're looking at the same Xavier any more
Bonn: Your winner and Mr. RACE FOR THE CASE....XAVIER PENDRAGON!

The camera opens up on the creepy Church for the final time as the last two Competitors. Rex Mcallister and Syndicate stand ready to face off for the WWX World Title in the final phase of the House of Horrors. Xander Adams wanders out of the shadows in person this time grinning at both men holding the Titles in one of his hands. He looks over the battered and cut up men with a smile.

Xander: “This last part is easy or should be.”

He looks up at the bell several stories up in the tower.

Xander: “Ring the bell and sound your victory.”

The pair look at each other.




The bell rings and Rex strikes first slamming into Syndicate and makes a break for the tower stairs. Syndicate hits the floor and pops back up. He runs forward and launches himself forward onto Rex’s back at the bottom of the stair.


Syndicate hits Rex with thunderous forearm hammers to the head and Rex spins a couple times and flops backwards smashing the bottom part of the stairs with Syndicates body. 

Syndicate refuses to release and continues to choke him out. But Rex elbows again and again. Forcing Syndicate to release the choke hold with repeated shots to the ribs. 

Rex rolls off of Syndicate and moves to his Knees, but Syndicate is faster and pops up with a knee to the face, then another. Rex falls backwards into the broken steps. Syndicate steps over him and begins to climb. But Rex trips him up and Syndicate falls over the side railing and hits the ground. Rex jumps up takes a few steps and launches over the railing and crashes down on Syndicate with a huge Elbow drop.

Both men lay their in pain for a moment or two and then Rex pulls himself back up. He carefully begins to climb the stairs again. 

***Cracking Sounds***

Syndicate grabs Rex from underneath the stairs.


Rex is pulled under the stairs as a step breaks.



Sounds in the dark can be heard and Syndicate reaches through pulling himself up through the broken step. He starts to crawl up the steps at first and then manages to get to his feet.

Suddenly Rex’s hand appears as well and he pulls himself up through the stairs and crawls after. Syndicate quickly tries to boot Rex back down the stairs but Mcallister is faster and catches his foot and pushes him backwards.

***Cracking sounds***

Syndicate hits the old steps and gets a look of worry for a moment. But the steps hold, but only for a moment as Rex suddenly has a second wind and tries to stomp Syndicate and is foot breaks through the floor and he is stuck for a second.


Syndicate laughs and manages to climb up higher. Then turns around and leaps forward with a side shuffle kick. Rex ducks it at the last second and snatches him up by the leg and both men fall through the stairs again. Tumbling into the darkness below.


Syndicate slowly crawls out of the dark with a evil grin. But then suddenly his face grows scared as Rex arm catches his leg out of the darkness and he is pulled back into the darkness and Punches, kicks and squirming can be heard. 

After a few moments Rex moves out of the darkness taking a few steps towards the stairs.


Rex falls to his knee. He looks tired and catches a breath for a moment and then begins to climb the stairs again. Syndicate emerges next following Rex’s lead and begins to climb the stairs. As Rex reaches the second landing he comes to a stop at a ladder that leads to the bell towers. 

He turns to see Syndicate who manages to reach the second landing as well and the pair engage again, Syndicate throws a weak left and Rex blocks it.

Rex with a Right.

Syndicate blocks and pushes him back.


Syndicate hits the wall with a kick as Rex barely dodges. 

Rex rushes Syndicate, But Syndicate ducks a clothesline and as Rex turns to counter. Syndicate catches him and pulls him in.



But Rex hits the wall with little room on the landing and Comes down on top of Syndicate instead with a modified version of the



Both men hit the floor.

Rex begins to stir first and uses the ladder to pull himself up. He grabs a rung and pulls himself up the ladder and begins to move into the bell tower. Then out of nowhere Syndicate surges to life and reaches up nailing Rex in the groin and surges up the ladder under Mcallister. 

{{{Super German Suplex}}}


The Two men hit  the landing and Rex crashes through the floor entirely down to the first landing that gives out as well and he lands somewhere in the first floor in a pile of broken mirrors with a shattered and defeated look.

Syndicate turns and climbs the ladder reaching the tower he sounds the Bell with a pull of the ropes and wins the WWX House of Horrors match at Hall of Pain.



The feed to the control room switches to black. The WWX Logo is shown in spinning in place slowly, before fading out.

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