WRECKAGE - Show 2017-11-09 22:09:53

On Thu, Nov09, 2017 10:10pm America/Phoenix
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WWX wreckage TV Show

A Show to feature veterans and introduce new superstars to the eXistence on Wednesday Nights.

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WRECKAGE - Show 2017-11-09 22:09:53
The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the Stegeman Coliseum Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song. Fozzy appears on stage holding up the WWX Television Championship high above his head. He looks up at the title and then to the crowd with a big smirk on his face. He plays the title belt like a guitar for a moment then centers himself on stage. Wearing his leopard print fur coat and over sized white framed sunglasses he strikes a Jesus Christ pose holding up the title and taking in the hate from the fans.

A bright spotlight shines down on Fozzy Ozbourne as he continues holding up the title. He walks down the ramp confident as ever mouthing the words to his own theme.


Once ringside he blows a few kisses to a couple of women ringside and gets inside the ring. Once inside he twirls around holding up the Television Title to a chorus of boos. He nods his head in approval and calls for a mic.

He waits for a moment for the boos to die down as he takes off his sunglasses and puts them on his head.

FOZZY- Welcome to Thursday Night Wreckage!! Welcome to MY SHOW!!! 

Fans boo as Fozzy holds up the title with a smile on his face.

FOZZY- That's right... We all heard James Ranger say that the top title here at Wreckage is this title, MY TITLE!! Making me the top guy here in WWX. That's right I said it I meant it I'm here to represent it and now that this title has a champion worthy of holding it. I will take on all comers. So if some of the big dummies from the heavyweight division wants a crack at this. Then take your shot. If Hex Girl wants a rematch FINE! I'll tap that ass again this time one on one. You see it doesn't really matter to me who I face I'm going to find a way to win one way or another. 

Fozzy walks over to the ropes and leans on them staring at the hard camera focused on him.

FOZZY- Quite frankly if I wanted that World Title I would just take it but this title....

Fozzy holds up the TV Title again

FOZZY- This title gives me all the TV time I could ever want and more TV time means more money. At Hall of Pain after a 4 year hiatus from pro wrestling I came back and won the WWX Television Championship. Much like my close personal friend Georges St. Pierre after his 4 year hiatus came back to win UFC gold the same night that I did. I think I inspired him personally but nonetheless. Within in 3 matches I debuted and won this title therefore saving this division from being known as a rookie joke. Now anyone can challenge for this for the sake of TV ratings and GOD OH YES! The Trend Killer equals ratings. Management has jumped aboard the hype train that is The Trend Killer World Tour and you lucky...LUCKY hillbillies In Georgia get to see yours truly in the flesh. Some could even say that this title is now the most important title in WWX and that started when I won it. So who ever wants a shot, you know where I'm at. I'm here with my Fozzy Fanatics on Thursday Night Wreckage holding it down like a real champ.

As Fozzy finishes up his speech, “Man Down” starts up. Fozzy looks towards the entrance ramp and readies himself for whoever is about to emerge from the back. Fans immediately come unglued when Beatrice slides in the ring seemingly out of nowhere and delivers a picture perfect Snipe Out to the unexpecting TV champ. As Fozzy lies on the mat, Beatrice grabs a mic.

BEATRICE: See you on Ravage.

She drops the mic as “Man Down” continues to play and takes her leave as Fozzy begins to stir.

Opening Match - Emily Hashtag v. Luke Jairus

End Result: Draw via Countout.

2nd Match - Tom Black v. Damian Price w/ Xavier Pendragon

End Result: Damian Price def. Tom Black

Tom Black's appearance at Hall of Pain was not what the stable When Worlds Collide needed, his spirits high, he sought to take on one half of the Empire in Damian Price. A trade off of technical holds and quick moves, under the watchful eyes of Xavier Pendragon, led to Damian Price putting a W in the column tonight. The match was brief, but it was a clear statement of the revitalized Empire being demonstrated on Wreckage.

Main Event - Darkness v. Rayne w/ Fill 

End Result: Rayne w/ Fill def. Darkness

The main event featured now FORMER Undisputed World Champion Darkness against Rayne, who came out in force with Fill in tow. Intimidation factor in play, a battle of experience waged between the two, that stayed respectful, despite the rest of Rayne's team on the outside. Rayne surprised his opponent with his own finisher, Total Eclipse but Darkness got the kickout at two. Not letting the chance slide, Rayne picked up Darkness and drop him with  Rayne Drop DDT. Afterwards, as if to add insult to injury,  Rayne kneeled down at the head of Darkness and throw his hands up as rain falls down.

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