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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-11-11 20:38:03

"Adagio For Strings" by Samuel Barber is played softly, as various clips of the Great War of 1914 are shown in vivid colors. With each passing section of music, a different battle is shown, before transitioning to the World War II, both the Atlantic and Pacific Theathers of various 

Allied and Axis battles throughout the years from 1939 to 1945.
Various clips are continued to be shown, highlighting the American Wars of Korean Peninsula, Vietnam, Iraq, Afgahnistan, Kabul, Kostvo...
The american flag is shown flying high and proud alongside the somber black flag of POW/MIA Association. Salutes are rendered by those standing sharply at the flagpole as the scene fades away as the music comes to an end...


The darkened arena witnesses red rocket pyro flying at high speed at the entrance ramp as the blue and yellow pyro rises up from the entrance stage and around the Ravagetron, before finally finishing with a wave of golden flames that rise up and fade as the lights in the arena shoot on.

The arena pans around as the fans cheer excitingly.





Lane: Ladies and Gentlemen...WHAT A TERRIBLE HALL OF PAIN-

Hart: (Cutting off Lane): Welcome to Saturday Night Ravage, Live from the Stegeman Coliseum in Albany, Georgia! I am Mike Hart and my disgruntled partner tonight is Gary Lane.

Lane: Disgruntled?! Did you not take note of who our world champion is?! Can you not realize what this means?

Hart: Haha, there is bound to be a few unhappy with the results but yes folks, Syndicate is once again the WWX Undisputed World Champion! There is no need to be alarmed though, as he wasn’t the only one to walk out champion.

Lane: Bob Mellon, got an assist from a returning Tom Black to become the new International Champion, already he is trying to prove he owns the place, making his match tonight against Hex Girl, a International Championship match.

Hart: Tonight we also see the advancement of the James Bourne Tag Team Tournament, seeing the likes of the new Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne and Krimzon Blaze face Beatrice and Super Bacon.

Suddenly, the arena goes dark.
Lane: What the - 

On the RavageTron, a replay from Hall of Pain 2017 plays.

Syndicate hits the wall with a kick as Rex barely dodges. 

Rex rushes Syndicate, But Syndicate ducks a clothesline and as Rex turns to counter. Syndicate catches him and pulls him in.



But Rex hits the wall with little room on the landing and Comes down on top of Syndicate instead with a modified version of the



Both men hit the floor.

Rex begins to stir first and uses the ladder to pull himself up. He grabs a rung and pulls himself up the ladder and begins to move into the bell tower. Then out of nowhere Syndicate surges to life and reaches up nailing Rex in the groin and surges up the ladder under Mcallister. 

{{{Super German Suplex}}}


The Two men hit  the landing and Rex crashes through the floor entirely down to the first landing that gives out as well and he lands somewhere in the first floor in a pile of broken mirrors with a shattered and defeated look.

Syndicate turns and climbs the ladder reaching the tower he sounds the Bell with a pull of the ropes and wins the WWX House of Horrors match at Hall of Pain.


The toll of a bell sounds as the screen once again goes to black.


After a few moments of darkness, a familiar sound emanates from the loudspeakers of the Stegeman Coliseum.




The burst of static gives way to "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine, sending the Athens crowd into a frenzy.

Hart: This crowd is going crazy for our new World Champion!

As Hart speaks, Syndicate steps out onto the stage.  He is wearing his red leather jacket, gray undershirt, black jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The Undisputed World title sits proudly on his left shoulder as he performs a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp.  As he does this, white bandages can be seen lining both of his hands and up his arms, likely from the mirrors he was slammed into at Hall of Pain.


Lane: Syndicate won the title at Hall of Pain, sure, but now he's alone at the top of this company!  Can he handle the pressure of being "The Man" like he so badly wanted?

Hart: In his mind, he's been "The Man" for at least a year now!  Coming out of Hall of Pain as the champ shouldn't faze him one bit!

Lane: Well, I sure hope not.  I'm sure Darkness, Lipton, McAllister, and others are chomping at the bit to face off against the Los Angeles Outlaw.
As the announcers talk, Syndicate makes his way down the ramp - with a noticeable limp in his right leg - and into the ring.  Once inside, he performs another crucifix pose, smiling wide into the camera as he shows off his new shoulder bling.  He then walks over to the side of the ring and grabs a microphone from a crew member.


Syndicate smiles as he hears his name chanted by the WWX Universe.  Slowly, he raises the microphone to his lips.

Syndicate: ...hi.


Syndicate chuckles.

Syndicate: You people are REALLY happy to see me!  And you should be; after all, the most LEGITIMATE champion of the past five years is back at the top of this business!


Syndicate: I went into Hall of Pain clamoring for an opportunity.  I wanted my Hall of Pain moment, something that's been stolen from me every year for the past five years.  I wanted the glory, I wanted the adoration, I wanted the love and respect from all of you.  When Rex McAllister - bless his broken heart - brought me down with the Rex Effect and started climbing that ladder, I thought to myself, "No.  This is not how it's going to go down."  Because I wasn't going to lose MY MOMENT and MY TITLE to someone like Rex |BLEEP|ing McAllister.

He smirks.

Syndicate: So I rolled myself over.  I picked out some leftover glass shards.  I ascended that ladder, ignoring the pain in my leg, and sent Rex down to the |BLEEP|ing basement.  And because of that, because I found that extra bit of energy to win the match, I stand in front of you as YOUR Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion!

Syndicate: I have been World champ five times in the past four years - four reigns in the last ten months.  I have proven, time and time again, that I am THE MAN, ladies and gentlemen, and now...now I have the proof.  This is a new age...the Age of Syndicate.  This is MY WORLD, this is MY TITLE, and this is MY WWX.  I am THE BEST this company has seen in the past decade, and I will spend the next decade proving that fact over and over again to whoever crosses my path.  I don't care if it's Tommy Lipton or Korath or Darkness or Rex McAllister, I'll run over all of them just like I did at Hall of Pain!  And I PROMISE, week after week, that I will come out here, put on a show for you people, and keep this God-forsaken company under MY rule.  So WELCOME to the Age of Syndicate, and welcome...to the -

Suddenly Rex McAllister appears on the Ravage Tron. Rex wears a black "Rex McAllister Rexcellence" merchandise tshirt, along with bruises easily detectable on his face. An opportunistic Rex interrupts Syndicate before he can finish.


The crowd reacts, and it's a mixture of boos and cheers. A slightly disappointed Syndicate turns toward the Ravage tron.

Rex:Imagine that everyone, Syndicate RAN over and THROUGH evvvveryone of us at Hall of Pain! I've heard some bullshit come from your mouth in my time here, but that shit takes the cake right there!

Syndicate looks on, holding his mic but continues to listen to see what else Rex has to say.
Rex: Hell, you act like you dominated without breaking a sweat, when your ass can barely even make it down to that damn ring! Yeah, you're a five time World Champion, and you did get my best at the biggest show of them all, but everyone in that arena knows that I beat your ass all over the place.

The crowd reacts with some cheers at that fact just made by Rex. The Rex Master appears annoyed more than we've seen him before.

Rex: But I gotta hand it to you, Syndicate. You survived, just as you said that you would. You're one tough son of a bitch, and you proved me wrong...and I'm pissed off about it! 

Syndicate looks on, trying to hold back his elation at the begrudging respect given by Rex. The Rex Master looks frustrated and angry.

Rex: You know why I'm here though, why I would be interrupting this post Hall of Pain celebration of yours. The way I see it, I was the last one eliminated from that match. I had you BEAT! THAT IS MINE, AND I WANNA ANOTHER SHOT!

Rex looks on, extremely angry now. Syndicate looks to his right at the crowd, a sarcastic grin appears on his face. The crowd cheers. Syndicate looks back toward the Ravage Tron at Rex. Syndicate raises his microphone to speak.
In The End by Linkin Park hits the speakers and the fans hit the roof! Rex looks confused looking on from the tron as Syndicate lowers the mic and shakes his head in disbelief... Tommy Lipton walks out from the back clapping his hands together as he favors his left leg and he makes his way to the ring. Syndicate backs up as Tommy joins him in the ring. Tommy calls for a Mic. He looks at the tron.

Tommy: Sorry Rex...

(Tommy looks at Syndicate...)

Tommy: Sorry Syndicate for interrupting your glorious night! Oh man oh man, what a Hall of Pain am I not right!?

(Tommy looks out to the cheering mob.)

Tommy: You claim that title is yours... 

(Syndicate slaps the plate and nods.)

Tommy: You claim that you did so great!

(Syndicate looks confused...)

Syndicate: Well, I did win...

(Tommy puts his hand up... He shakes his head...)

Tommy: You claim all this...

(Tommy grinning now turns from the mob not to face Syndicate but instead to face Rex McAllister watching on from the tron.)

Tommy: And yet Rex McAllister, I was about to beat this punk BITCH when you decided to kick me outta damn window! 

(Tommy turns to face Syndicate.)

Tommy: Syndicate, you should never have made it to the last two and that man

(Tommy points at the tron)

Tommy: That's the man we can all thank for your success, that and a fluke fall that had you land on top of me. 

(Tommy turns to look at Rex.)
Tommy: The McAllister-Lipton tandem should have been the final two men facing off Rex and yet instead it is the Syndicate who stands before us all as the Undisputed WWX Champion. 

(Tommy faces Syndicate and takes a step forward. Syndicate stands his ground and Tommy smiles.)

Tommy: I said it before Hall of Pain, if you somehow manage to win I will back off calling you kid. You Syndicate showed some brass balls this past weekend and no matter how it came to be, the fact is... You are champion. 

(Tommy backs up and goes to exit the ring but stops... he slowly turns to look back at Syndicate.)

Tommy: Do not think that this is over Syndicate... I am coming for that title and I will once again be WWX Undisputed Champion! 

( Syndicate raises the mic)
"Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Tommy and Syndicate each move to a separate corner and look towards the stage. Rex looks down slightly as if he can see you is coming out onto the stage area.

Darkness: Well you both can wait your turn.

Tommy and Syndicate begin to look around as Rex just stares from the Ravagetron. Just then the lights dim a little and a spot light shines up into the rafters. There stands Darkness high up in the catwalks.

Darkness: Were you two not paying attention earlier. I have my rematch and it is set for Holiday Hell.

Syndicate grins a little and Tommy lifts his mic up to speak.

Tommy: Dark....

Darkness: Let me cut you off right there Lipton. You and Rex both know you didn't belong in that match at Hall of Pain. You gave up the tag titles for a chance and you blew it.

Rex: I...

Darkness: I don't care what you have to say Rex. This is between me and Syndicate. You didn't beat me Syndicate. Tommy, Rex, and Korath beat me. At Holiday Hell it will be me and you Syndicate, one on one and that Undisputed championship will come back were it belongs.

Syndicate: SHUT THE HELL UP!


Syndicate: I don't give a shit about what ANY of you think, because at the end of the night, I'M the one standing here with gold over my shoulder.  You people come out here and make excuses for why you failed at Hall of Pain when, in reality, you failed because you weren't as good as me that night.  And then you guys try to say that you each deserve title shots??

He openly laughs into the mic.
Syndicate: Show me that you DESERVE a shot first.  I'm going to make you do what I've had to do my entire career: EARN it.  And until you do, I will give you NOTHING.  In the meantime, welcome to MY Age...and WELCOME...to the Syndicate.

Syndicate drops his mic onto the canvas and exits the ring towards the ramp when suddenly...


Syndicate's face goes into shock and immediate annoyance as James Ranger steps laughing, clapping his hands. He turns around to look up, motioning and mouthing "one minute" as he walks pass Syndicate.

James motions for a mic as he approaches the ring, stopping short of the ring as he takes in the challengers to Syndicate. Theme dies down as he raises the mic.

James Ranger: Clearly...we got a complaints here Syndicate.

James Ranger: I mean, just look what you did...you cost me two million betting against you, you pissed off Darkness and Rex McAllister....you even got Tommy Lipton thinking of ways to get even...

James Ranger: So tonight, we will see in the main event, Tommy Lipton facing Rex McAllister in one on one action, in a best of five series to determine the next #1 contender for the Undisputed World Championship.

James Ranger: Darkness...well, i am sure its worth talking about later...Syndicate you're off the hook tonight, go home. Rest up...
James Ranger's theme hits as he drops the mic, walking past the world champion.


Lane: Welcome back folks as we're already in action with Lu'Andre facing off with Willie Steen.

Lu'Andre immediately charges at Willie, who calmly blindsteps as Lu'Andre crashes into the turnbuckle.

Willie Steen immediately rolls him up for the schoolboy pin. The ref covers.





Bonn: Your Winner.....WILLIE STEEN!

Hart: A promising fresh start returning back on Ravage tonight by former world champion Willie Steen.

Booked for January 6th,2018

Main Event - WWX Undisputed Championship 

Darkness v. Syndicate(c)


[The screen lights up to see Tom Black striding into the ring to his theme song "My Curse". He has a determined look on his face.]

Lane: So Tom Black is here, as he said he would be tonight, to address Bob 'The Beast' Mellon. who knows what he might say, but everyone knows, tonight will be controversial.

Hart: yeah, last week on Ravage he took a loss to Damian Price so he may be looking to settle that.

[Tom has now climbed into the ring and is pacing around the ring as he talks, twitching as he does so.]

Tom Black: Good evening, Ravage! As some of you know, I have said that I'll be here tonight, and look! Here I am!Addressing a few issues that need to be settled. First of all, I shall start the sentence of with this word, Mellon. You may think I'm talking about the  fruit, but no, tonight I'll talk about Bobby himself. The other night at Hall of Pain, I, simply put, gave him the win and the title. As I said in an earlier "promo", I controlled the match, all 1 minute of it. Bob Mellon, I beat Jester FOR you, I handed the title TO you. I carried that man's sick corpse into the ring for you to pin him. This is so I could set something up with you. In an earlier talk you gave, you said I could take you on anytime, anyplace for the title, because you said you could take me. You know what I say to that? Challenge accepted. Next PPV, Phase Out, I challenge you to a match at the International Championship. the championship I should of claimed in my debut.(edited)
Lane:  What?! Tom Black has just challenged The Beast to a title shot?!

Tom Black: Now that that's settled, I'm going to move onto When Worlds Collide. Jester, I have just made you lose everything. Not just your championship, but you dignity. You and your little friends When Worlds collide can come in and try to save you, but it just wont work. You and your faction may have "greats in it, but have worlds collide collided with the Dark One before? No, you need to prove yourself to me before you can prove you're any good, and from what I could see, Jester, you're not very effective. In fact, you lot, why don't  you  get your asses out of there and face me? 

[The crowd starts cheering.]

Tom Black: That's right, come on out!
“When Worlds Collide” by Powerman 5000 hits. The fans come to life as Rayne and Fill step out onto the stage. 

They smile at him and walk down the rampway getting into the ring. Rayne walks over and grabs hold of a mic. The music fades as he raises it to speak.
Rayne: Tom…Tom ol Buddy. I don’t know what gave you the bright idea that talking sh*t to us was a good idea, but I am here to assist in deterring you from that behavior.

 You see, I feel that during your disappearance, you have been on far too many drugs. I think that you were sleeping in a gutter somewhere outside the arenas and woke up and thought man…I haven’t gotten beat down in awhile. I need to go do that. And here you are.(edited)
[Gives tom black a chance to respond and then interrupts].

Rayne: Ah…I wasn’t done speaking. Learn your place. 

Fans cheer 

You see, WWX needed a dominant stable running this place as it seems that the inmates continue have trouble running the asylum. 

We points at Fill and himself as well as Korath and Jester when he gets better, will all be on the main scene of this place.

 I know that you haven’t been around and that’s okay, but here is what its going to be. If you want us…you got us! BUT…I have some other business to deal with first. 

As you know, there are more important people than second rate jobbers we have to deal with. 

All you need to do is a name a place…and a time. Just whatever you do…don’t disappoint us. We’ve had plenty of those already. See you soon Black. 

[Rayne throws the mic down as he and Fill slowly back out and head up the ramp]


Lane: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Saturday Night Ravage. Up next is the James Bourne Tag Team Invitational.
Bonn: Already in the ring, the team of Beatrice and Super Bacon!
The fans cheer as both wave to the fans, but he beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. 

When you hear that first scream in the song, Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage, the Television Championship around his waist, trying to grab at all the attention from the fans good or bad. 
Fozzy wearing a ugly leopard print fur coat and big goofy white framed sunglasses and ripped blue jeans.

Bonn: Introducing first, from Vancouver, Canada..

Fozzy centers himself on stage and gives a front facing Jesus Christ pose, a bright spotlight shines down on Fozzy while he is shaking his head about cocky.

Bonn: He is the WWX Television Champion...FOZZY OZZZBOURNE!

He walks down the ramp mouthing the words to his own theme as the spotlight follows.

He blows a few kisses to some of the female fans rampside. Once ringside he jawjacks with a few of the male fans front row and slams his feet against the ring steps as he walks up onto the ring apron.
Hart: If there wasn't a man to be wary of in this matchup, i say Fozzy is the one.
Lane: He hasn't done anything wrong yet and you're judging him?
As Fozzy gets inside the ring, the arena goes black, but a single white spotlight emits at the top of the stage as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing.

Bonn: His partner...from Detriot, Michigan...KRIMZON...BLAZE!

"The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen at the top of the ramp as fans being cheering as Blaze walks down the ramp way towards the ring as he claps as many hands as he can before giving a young fan a pair of his trademark KB glasses.

Entering the ring as green pyro erupts on all four corners as KB gives off his signature double-guns taunt as Fozzy unclips his championship belt and hands it to the ref.
Hart: Can the duo coexist in this team up? We're about to find out!


Super Bacon and Fozzy are the first in the ring, locking up, but Fozzy flips him over easily, locking in a headlock as the ref goes to check on him. Super Bacon, being already close to the ropes, grabs ahold of the ropes...

The ref counts.






Fozzy breaks it off, rolling away, hands up , palms facing the ref as he denies breaking the rules.

Lane: Tonight i am sure Fozzy is going to return the favor to Beatrice

Hart: Wreckage was anything but a friendly start for our Television Champion.

Fozzy immediately grabs ahold of Bacon, picking him up and slamming down on the mat again, right in front of Krimzon Blaze.

Instead of tagging him in, he hits the ropes instead, coming back and dropkicking Bacon in the face.  He pops up in Blaze's face laughing...

Fozzy: Come on LEGEND! Show me what YOU can DO!

Fozzy slaps Blaze's chest hard, which the ref counts as a tag

Blaze enters the ring, picking up Bacon as Beatrice screams for him to tag her in.

He whips Bacon back to the corner, following it up with a stiff knee, all the while Fozzy looks bored watching him.
Blaze, not wasting any time, immediately grabs ahold of Bacon , kipping him up into a fireman's carry...

Lane:  KODE OF SILENCE folks! Beatrice is on-

At the moment the camera switches to show Beatrice about to get in, but Fozzy is immediately there, pulling her legs out and away, causing her to fall face first on the turnbuckle

The bounceback, allows Fozzy to connect with a Tallywacker right then 
and there as Krimzon Blaze covers Super Bacon.





Bonn: Advancing in the James Bourne Tag Team Invitational.....the team of Krimzon Blaze...and the WWX Television Champion...FOZZY OZBOURNE!
Fozzy rolls into the ring, championship on shoulder as he stares at Blaze, who has promptly gotten up. Fozzy slow claps in front of Blaze, smiling all the while as he walks pass him.


The sound of an organ is heard as fans anticipate the arrival of Xavier.

“I ain’t gonna eat, I ain’t gonna sleep
Ain’t gonna breathe ‘til I see what I wanna see
And what I wanna see is you go to sleep in the dirt
Permanently you just being hurt…
…go to sleep b**…”
“Go 2 Sleep” blasts through the PA system as Xavier emerges on the entrance ramp, case in hand.

 As Xavier begins to make his way to the ring, cameras pan around the arena, holding signs saying “Xavier Pendragon: next Undisputed Champion” are seen.

 Xavier stops and takes a few selfies with a few of the fans at ringside before he finally climbs in the ring. 

Kyla Bonn hands him a mic and leaves the ring but fans still continue to chant his name.(edited)
HART: Xavier Pendragon shocked the world last night, winning the Race for the Case Match.

LANE: I’ll admit. He surprised me too.

Xavier allows the fans to quiet down a bit before he speaks.

XAVIER: Albany, Georgia. I gotta tell you, after competing in 2 matches at Hall of Pain in Atlanta and though I’m still sore as hell, I can proudly say I’m now in the driver’s seat with my sights set on taking down ANY champion I want!

Fans roar in approval.

XAVIER: With me being the Race for the Case winner means I can cash this in on any champion at any time, anywhere, meaning as lo0ng as I have this case (holds up the briefcase), not a single champion is safe…not even you Syndicate.

HART: Xavier has a very good point there.

LANE: The Undisputed World Championship is the only title Xavier has yet to acquire.
XAVIER: Since I been here in the WWX, even during my run as General Manager, I’ve been overlooked. What was it? 

Was it that I wasn’t another Syndicate, DGS, Lost Soul or even Krimzon Blaze or Tommy Lipton for that matter? If you were thinking that I was become something similar to them, you are sadly mistaken. 

I am me, Xavier Pendragon, your Race…for the Case…WINNER!!

Xavier hoist the briefcase high in the air as fans start to chant his name once more.(edited)
XAVIER: Let this be a message to all reigning champions: Sleep with one eye open…

Xavier drops the mic as “Go 2 Sleep” starts up once again. Xavier hops on the nearest turnbuckle, rallying support from the crowd.

HART: Xavier Pendragon’s making it known that he has all of the champions in his sights and he could cash in on them at any time.

LANE: The last championship title Xavier held was the tag team championship alongside his tag partner Damian, which he and Damian acquired on 2 separate occasions.

HART: It’s going to be interesting to see who Xavier Pendragon is going to go after in terms of his Race for the Case contract.
{James Ranger can be seen entering his office. Ranger shuts the door behind and proceeds to his desk. He takes a seat in the leather executive chair. Ranger begins to flip through some papers.}

Ranger: You can come out now Darky.

{Darkness steps out of a dark corner and into the light and walks over to Rangers desk. Darkness stands there with his arms crossed.}

Ranger: What may I do for you?

Darkness: You know why I'm here and you know what I want Ranger.

Ranger: Ah, yes I do. You want your rematch against Syndicate.

Darkness: You damn right I do. 

{Darkness slams his hands down on the desk.}

Darkness: Syndicate, Lipton, and McAllister should have never been in that match and you know it.
Ranger: That was Bourne's doing and it is done and over with. You didn't make it out of Hall of Pain with the Undisputed championship and yes that does entitle you to a rematch.

Darkness: You name the time and place ad that belt will be mine again.

{Ranger flips through a few more papers before coming to a particular one.}

Ranger: Ah, here it is. I tell you what you can have your rematch at the next pay-per-view, Holiday Hell.

Darkness: That's more like it.

{Darkness begins to walk but Ranger stops him by saying something else.}

Ranger: That's not all Darkness. There is still the matter of you throwing the camera man out the window.
Darkness: He wasn't hurt. I knew exactly where I was throwing him.

Ranger: That's beside the point. There will be consequences. I'm not sure what it will be but I will figure it out by next week on Ravage.

Darkness: So be it.

{Darkness turns and heads towards the door just as Krimzon Blaze enters. Darkness and Krimzon Blaze stare each other down as they brush by one another.}

Darkness: He's all yours twerp.

{Darkness exits Ranger's office as Blaze continues towards Ranger's desk.}
Ranger: Ah just the person I was wanting to---

KB: Cut it James.

Ranger: Why so hostile Krimzon?

KB: How is it that you all of a sudden come back and have taken control again? I haven't forgotten what you did to me at Hall Of Pain 10.

Ranger: The infamous screw job with Eastin? Oh I remember that fondly.

[KB gets up close and personal in Ranger's face, nose to nose.]
KB: You damn well know I haven't forgotten that moment! 

Ranger: So what are you doing here?

KB: I assume you witnessed the embarrassment I had at this years Hall of Pain being involved in that Race For The Case.
Ranger: And I see your not MOST displeased.

KB: Yeah! Once again I'm getting screwed over and I haven't been happy for quite awhile now... When I think i'm getting ahead, I take two steps back. I want back into the World Title picture.

Ranger: Actually...considering my latest intiative and evaluating your performance of late, you've gone down two divisions.
[KB grabs Ranger by the scruff of his collar.]

KB: To What? Television?

Ranger:  Precisely, but you have won your recent match, showng promise in the International Division.

[KB lets go as Ranger composes himself.]

KB: And just why is it that I'm down not one, but TWO Divisions?!

Ranger: You've been on a continuous slope downward, I'm trying to get you back afloat and back into the World Title Hunt.(edited)
KB: By what? having me face Mellon?

Ranger: Precisely.

[Ranger smirks, the all too familiar grin of his.]

KB thinking about this: What are you trying to get at?
Ranger: Think of this as a way to get back into the hunt Blaze. You need to prove yourself against Bob, and you'll even have an International Title Match.

KB intrigued now: There's gotta be some sort of payment that I'm gonna do isn't there? I'm not just simply handed an International Title Match without some sort of payment for it...

Ranger: In due time, but right now, I need to get things finished.

KB: Alright James, but I'm warning you - Don't ever consider screwing me over again, or else it'll be your head.

Ranger: Oh i promise. You are...a valuable asset to this company.

[Ranger just simply smiles as Krimzon walks out the door.]

The lights in the arena dim as white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as int No Grave by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. 

Rayne and Fill step out with matching black leather jackets and long black pants.

Bonn: Introducing, represeting When Worlds Collide, accompianed to the ring by Rayne....FILL!

Lane: If you haven't been keeping up with WWX Heat, Kurtis Ray had a few choice words for Rayne and vice versa despite the focus needed to be on Fill

Hart: It got so heated, that Rayne demanded he take Fill's place, but his partner insisted that he didn't need to be switched out.

Fill gets into the ring as Rayne walks around, hyping up the fans as Fill takes off his jacket, passing it to the fans

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. 

Bonn: Introducing his opponent...from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico..

When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. 


He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a  decent pop.

 The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.

Hart: Looking to rebound from Hall of Pain, Kurtis being the second to last to be eliminated by Xavier Pendragon, one must wonder what is running through his head

Lane: I would be seeking to claim what might have been his, but first thing is first.

Kurtis stops short of the ring, eyeing not Fill but Rayne, who stares daggers from the opposite of the ring, mouthing words back at him as Kurtis merely smirks as he gets into the ring


Kurtis immediately locks up with Fill in the center, their strengths merely swaying them back and forth as Rayne motivates Fill from outside.

Not looking to give any advantage, Kurtis breaks the contest, connecting with swift right hook to the face
Fill stumbles, returns the punch back, getting a smile from Ray as he irish whips Fill to the ropes

Fill bounces back into a clothesline, but rolls out of the way of Kurtis's elbow drop

Kurtis gets back up to his knees but Fill is faster, getting to his feet, connecting with a big boot to the face, sending Kurtis down to the mat.

Fill covers!


TW-Kurtis kickout!

Rayne slams his hands on the mat, yelling all the while as Fill picks up Kurtis to his feet.

Fill connects with a headbutt, stunning Kurtis

Fill immediately grabs ahold of Kurtis by the throat, lifting him up and slamming him down to the mat with a chokeslam. He covers!



Kurtis kicks out, much to Rayne's annoyance.(edited)

Fill picks Rayne up, whipping him to the ropes, he goes for a clothesline, but Kurtis ducks under it, taking to the ropes again

Kurtis comes back connecting with a spear to Fill's body

Kurtis covers Fill!


TW-But Fill kicks out, but Kurtis is already on the move, bringing 

Fill up to his feet, he connects with a knee to the gut
Kurtis lifts Fill, holding him up in the air..
he makes eye contact with Rayne, mouthing "you're next!"
he drops Fill down to the mat with the Hangover!

Lane: Sweet merciful, we might need EMT on standby for that!

Hart: Kurtis with the cover, is it over?!




Fill kicks out barely a split second left!
Kurtis rolls away briefly, both superstars looking under as they try to reach for the ropes.

Rayne hyping the crowd up for Fill as he struggles to get to his feet, both him and Kurtis get to the feet at the same time
Fill runs at for a clothesline, but Kurtis is faster, launching him up in the air, he connects with the Death Ray, he covers!





Kurtis's theme hits as the fans cheer wildly for both superstars in the ring, clearly Kurtis is pretty spent as he rolls out of the ring as Rayne hops in.

Bonn: Your winner for this match....KURTIS RAY!

Hart: Looks like Kurtis Ray can handle the heat...just barely handle it

Lane: But can he handle Rayne...he is not out of the fire just yet, he still has him to contend with.

Hart: Just in from the office of James Ranger....Jester and Steen have been replaced by the newly christened tag team of Kurtis Ray and Tom Black...slated to face Bob Mellon and Darkness next week on Ravage!

Lane: Looks like  Kurtis will get closer to putting his hands on Rayne...maybe not right away, but soon enough.


Bonn: This is schedule for one fall....


Bonn: And approved by General Manager James Ranger....IT IS FOR...THE WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE...


The fans go ballistic as the immediate card match has just been changed right before their eyes.

Lane: So our esteemed general manager actually listens to his roster? To His Champions?

Hart: Push come to shove, when you are as successful and dangerous as the man defending his strap tonight...you listen.

Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Guerilla Radio hits the PA system. 

Bonn: Introducing first..from mean streets of Brooklyn, New York!

Fire works fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through, wearing the WWX International Championship around his waist. 


He marches down to the ring ignoring the fans on both side. House lights to half when he arrives to the ring.

 The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast".

 The Beast rips of his shirt as the crowd boos vehemently. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up.

Lane: It goes without saying...that this man is a pedigree all on his own

Hart: If you mean sending messages that he is not to be messed with

Hart: I couldn't agree more

“Fight Like A Girl” by Emile Autumn hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint.
Bonn: Introducing the challenger...From Busthead, Virginia...HEX GIRL!
Hart: Following what was her biggest match to date at Hall of Pain, coming out of here without Television Championship, but nonetheless unafraid of what faces her-

Lane: Blah Blah...she got outwitted at Hall of Pain and now Bob is feeling sorry for her. So he requested this match be for the title
Hex approaches the ring, staring into Bob's eyes, as he sits on the middle rope, motioning and saying "step right in my lady"

ignoring Bob she walks around the ring, maintaining eye contact as Bob just gets off the ropes, leaning against the ropes instead with the championship belt on his shoulder.

The crowd gives another huge pop and she hops into the ring and leaps through the ropes. She pops up ready to fight.

James walks out, looking concerned, holding a mic in hand as he motions for the crowd to relax.

The theme fades away as both Hex and Bob look a bit annoyed by his arrival as he raises the mic to his lips.

Ranger: Hold it...|BLEEP|...

Ranger: I cannot...with good conscience...grant this title match
the crowd begins to boo loudly as both competitors begin making motions for James to change his mind.

Ranger: Look look, this is match is already essentially lop-sided and i have a business to protect.

James Ranger paces on the ramp, pondering, his look of concern replaced with a sadistic look of joy.

Ranger: But i will even the odds...how about that?

Ranger: Therefore....

Ranger: This match is for the WWX International Championship as sanctioned...however...

An EMT Truck appears alongside the Ravagetron..


The fans go bonkers as the ref nods and signals for the bell to be rung. The air in the arena changing immediately at what is at stake.

Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you just witness from your seats, James 
Ranger just made this match an unsanctioned--

Lane: Basically folks...everything goes...and no on is at fault...but those two right in that ring.

Hex Girl and Bob circle the ring, clearly a smile on Hex's face is immediately with glee as she charges at Bob....
but immediately met with a big boot to the face, sending her to the mat.

He covers with just his boot on her chest, she squirms as he applies 



Bob lifts his foot up, returning her esaperated look with a devilish grin of his own
He motions at the EMT's to bring the setup to the ring as he grabs Hex by her hair.

Hart: This match is already going to cause WWX a pending lawasuit

Lane: With whom?! FCC?! It is the only one that might fine us after Ranger's announcement

Bob lifts her up into a military slam position, walking to the ropes, the fans being wise to what might happen, scream in alarm as Bob attempts to throw her out of the ring, but Hex connects with a stiff knee to the head three times.

He drops her, allowing her to immediately drop him with a snap DDT as the EMT crew bring the stretcher.

She covers


Almost as soon as the ref lifted his hand, Hex flies off of Bob as he brings his shoulders up fast
Hex lands a foot away, immediately rolling out  away.
Hart: There is no denying that the chances of getting much done to Bob is slim

Bob shakes his head as Hex goes for the ropes, she comes back with a dropkick, immediately sending him back down. Instead of waiting, she rolls out of the ring as he rolls to the opposite side.

Hart: Both demonstrating champion-level awareness  as the need to win is paramount.

Hex immediately goes digging underneath the mat, seeking any advantage
Bob meanwhile is walking towards the timekeeper, grabbing him and tossing him aside, he grabs a chair.

He turns around as Hex is coming around the corner, sledgehammer in both hands, a smile that screams christmas joys
Immediately Bob closes the distance, taking a full baseball swing of the chair against her sides, Hex steps back at the last second. The chair connecting with the ring post.

Hex steps back in, swinging back and into Bob's chest and right side, connecting with a wild look to her as Bob doubles over.

Hex immediately swings wide and over, but Bob immediately drops the chair, sidestepping the swing and connecting with a hellacious clothesline, almost causing her to flip backwards onto the steel steps, her chest landing on the steps as she rolled away

Bob takes a deep breath as he takes notice of Hex getting to her knees, slowly but surely. He takes a step back, following immediately with a stiff kick to the chest, flipping her over.

He immediately grabs her by the scruff of the neck, immediately dragging her over to the ring, immediately rolling her in.

Hart: I can't stand to see what else might be done here.

Lane: Clearly Hex Girl is having a case of euphoria here...

Hart: You call that euphoria!?

Bob readies her, irish whipping her to the corner, following up with a stiff clothesline, causing Hex to fall to her knees, a look of determination in her face as Bob takes a step back..

Hart: Oh god...no

Bob sprints full head on at Hex, but hops to the side at the last second, Bob hits the turnbuckle, stumbling back..

Right into a stiff uppercut from a kneeling Hex Girl from behind him right into his manhood.

But awarenss favor the veteran hall of famer, as he managed to stop the uppercut with both his hands...

The look of surprise is written all over Hex Girl's face, the fans screaming for her to break free as Bob grins what could be a sign of relief

Lane: |BLEEP|...She should have dug for her bag of tricks..

Bob lifts her up locking her into position in the center of the ring...hitting her with the The Beast-Breaker!

The ref, looking on...notices neither is actually moving from that move.




Hex stirs as Bob groans, rolling to his side

Hart: Goddamnit Hex get to your feet first!


Bob is to his knees as Hex struggles


Bob manages to get to his feet first, not wasting any time..he runs for the ropes..


Bob comes back, jumping as high as he can for the The Beast Drop
Connecting with  precision as his leg lands directly on her chest.

The fans immediately boo loudly, some voice their shock at Hex not moving fast enough

Bob smiles as he covers, yelling at the ref to count




And Hex screams as she kips one shoulder up with all her might
The fans scream with her as the look of shock is overwhelming on Bob's 

Hart: She...she pulled through!

Lane: I am gonna need a strong drink

Bob looks at the ref in anger, clapping his hands to signify the count needs to be faster.

Bob:  |BLEEP| it (off-mic)

Bob gets to his knees as Hex is looking like she is struggling to even get up

Bob grabs her once more, picking her up, dragging her over to the ropes near the side of the stretcher, the EMT crew on standby.

He places her inbetween her legs, locking her up for a powerbomb

He eyes the stretcher

Lane/Hart: God No Bob!

Bob lifts her up...

raises her into jackknife position as he nears the ropes, aiming for position...

tossing her promptly and directly onto the stretcher
The stretcher is immediately reset to the ground as Hex lands on her back upon the stretcher.
The EMT crew immediately go to check her as the ref tries to stop Bob from leaving the ring.



Bob falls back to the mat as the ref rolls out of the ring, the EMT crew shocked to see that Hex Girl is smiling, but unable to muster the energy to roll off the stretcher

The ref steps back, clearly as Hex screams she can endure.



Hex muster her strength...



Bob smiles as Hex is unable to get to her knees, falling back down 
from the pain





Hex tries again...rolling off the stretcher, despite the EMT crew voicing their concerns



The ref signals for the bell

Bonn: Your winner...by countout



Hart: The nightmare is over and Hex can be taken to a hospital

Lane: Not just that, Bob retains in rather dangerous fashion, Hex may 
not have gotten pinned successfully, but she can no longer say she is contention for the championship in her current condition.

The EMT Crew reset the stretcher, placing Hex Girl, firmly on and strapping her in as Bob snatches the International Championship from the referee as he stands to his feet.

Hart: With this out of the way, one can only speculate who would be able to topple the reign of Bob Mellon

Lane: I hope Krimzon Blaze was watching...he better bring more than his high flying skills if he wishes to become the next champion.

Hart: Goes double for Tom Black, he might have aided in Bob getting this championship reign, but i don't believe he will be able to take it from him.

Camera focuses on Bob Mellon raising the championship high, with a confident smile on his face as the scene fades briefly.
The screen returns, to now a cleaned up ring area...as Bonn stands in the center of the ring..

Hart: Thanks for coming back ladies and gentlemen, after a hellacious title match, it is now time for the main event..

Lane: This will be the first of many clashes as former tag team partners clash for the right to claim the top contender position


Bonn: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is the first in the BEST OF FIVE SERIES! Introducing...from Sea Isle, New Jersey.... 

Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence".


 Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring.

Hart: With James Ranger changing it up from seven to five, the stakes are raised between Rex and his former teammate.

Lane: Considering the wealth of experience between the two, after Hall of Pain, i have no doubt that Rex will rise to the occassion and secure the first victory

Silence is filled into the arena as an irate Tommy Lipton is seen coming out towards the ramp..

Hart: Um...where's his theme music?

Bonn: Introducing his opponent...from Toronto, Ontario Canada..

Lane: I think it would suit him, but dispute with backstage staff


Tommy continues to looks irate, despite the focused look on his face  as he takes to the ring, rolling inside..
Not waiting for the moment, Rex immediately walks forward for the handshake, a symbol of friendship

Lane: If i was Tommy Lipton....

Tommy accepts the handshake, only to be pulled to the side, Rex immediately grabbing the tights and rolling him up for the pinfall

The ref covers..


Tommy struggles as Rex is visibly seen holding tights



Tommy barely kicks out, rolling away as Rex smiles, tapping his forehead as Tommy gets to his feet

Hart: Rex just tried to trick and win this match without a moment. He counted on Tommy being buddy buddy for that split second
Rex immediately circles the ring as Tommy immediately seethes in embarrassment

they lock up in the middle of the ring, Rex immediately looking like he is struggling against Tommy's strength, but headbutts Tommy, stunning him.

Taking advantage of the moment, he attempts to drag Lipton over to the ropes

but Lipton not having it , immediately elbows him in the chest once....twice...three times

He hits the ropes as Rex is stumbling back, he comes back but Rex catches him in the gut, hiptossing him up and over.

He covers!



Tommy gets the shoulder up

Rex immediately lands brutal elbow strikes to Tommy's forehead
immediately popping to his feet, and then slamming his knee into Tommy's chest

The ref tries to lecture Rex as he grabs ahold of Tommy, adminstering a snap suplex, he bridges for a pinfall



Tommy kicks out

Hart: This sudden change in Rex-

Lane: This change was a period of wanting to be at the top Mike. Can you blame Rex for wanting to be the man of this company?
Rex gets Tommy up, but Tommy connects with a forearm to the face, followed with a snap DDT

He stands up , immediately a stance familar of Rex's...
and gives two thumbs up , getting a mixed reaction from the crowd.
He picks up Rex, lifting him up and back down with a belly to belly suplex

He covers



Rex kicks out, with a shoulder up
Both superstars look tired as they try to garner their strength

Rex rolls out of the ring, as Tommy stands to his knees.

Mike Hart: Rex has been playing mind games throughout, apparently hell-bent on taking any psychological advantage that he can going forward against his former partner, the Legendary Tommy Lipton.

Gary Lane: I think we're both be pretty familiar with Rex and his tactics by now, Mike, and even someone as cagey and crafty as Tommy Lipton should too. Rex is playing it smart, Mike!

Tommy rolls out of the ring after Rex, who is already around the corner. Tommy just gets to the corner, when Rex turns around connecting with a mean clothesline, sending Lipton down


Rex smiles at Tommy, again tapping his forehead as his opponent groans in pain


Rex gets inside the ring, smiling as he waits for Lipton to get back in

Hart: Is he going to try to win this by countout?


Tommy is grasping the ring mat, his hands under the ropes.

Tommy struggles to get in as Rex continues to recover




Tommy rolls in as Rex gets off the ropes

Lane: Clearly that took alot out of him

Rex mocks tommy, slapping him in the face as he gets to his knees
the action infuriates Tommy as Rex steps back, careless in his action, he charges at Rex..

only for Rex to grab ahold of the ref at the last second.

Tommy hits and knocks down the ref, as Rex sidesteps, a look of menace in his eyes


Rex hoists Tommy up and behind with the Fallaway Slam, rolling to his feet as he looks at the mess in the ring. The ref clearly knocked out

Lane:  Pin him Rex!

Rex merely looks as Tommy is struggling to his feet, instead lies on the mat, rolling out of the ring.

As Tommy gets to his feet...Rex is backpedaling up the ramp..clearly smiling..clearly tapping his forehead.

Hart: What in the devil?!

Lane: Without the ref to count this out, Rex is leaving!?
Mike Hart: Well it looks like Rex has had enough of his former partner here tonight, as he is backpedaling up the ramp.

Gary Lane: Oh, Mike, stop it! Rex clearly had Tommy right where he wanted him. It was only a matter of time, and we both know that!
Rex and Tommy have a stare down from their respective positions as the show comes to a close.

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