WRECKAGE - Show 2017-11-16 22:11:56

On Thu, Nov16, 2017 10:11pm America/Phoenix
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WWX wreckage TV Show

A Show to feature veterans and introduce new superstars to the eXistence on Wednesday Nights.

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WRECKAGE - Show 2017-11-16 22:11:56
Jake Archer: With the latest on the events of Wreckage, here in Duluth, Georgia. As was noted this evening, WIllie Steen faced Lu’Andre Xavier in the opening act. Tom Black took on Super Bacon and in our main event, a rather tense affair before Ravage’s Television Triple Threat Championship, our TV Champion Fozzy Ozbourne takes on Damian Price.

A limo is shown pulling into the back of the arena in Duluth Georgia WWX cameras patiently wait for the limo driver to get to the back of the vehicle to open the door.  Once the door is opened it is revealed to us that it is WWX Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne coming out of the limo. Already dressed in his ring and entrance attire consisting of a luxurious leopard print fur coat and his big oversized white framed sunglasses and leather pants. Fozzy gets out of the limo with the TV title in hand and big smile on his face knowing full well that the cameras are focused on him. 

He walks down the corridor heading towards the locker room area. With all eyes on him he plays up to the camera arms out stretched, the TV title proudly displayed in his hand.

FOZZY- The champ is here! The champ is here! Tonight I lay part 1 of 2 beatings on Damian Price. 

Fozzy waves off the cameras as he enters the WWX locker room.

The feed switches to the control room, where Jake Archer is standing in.

Archer: The matchup between LX and Steen was a rather short affair. It is noted that Steen was neither impressed nor amused at facing LX again. We will be seeing him make a gradual return to title contention with time.

We are in the locker room of Fozzy Ozbourne as he prepares for his match against Damian Price. Fozzy dressed in his ring attire is doing a combination of shadow boxing and stretching. The monitor in the locker room shows that Fozzy is on TV as he waves and continues warming up.

At the same time split screen style, Damian Price is shown talking it up with Kagome Rose one last time, already in wrestling gear.The feed switches the focus from them back to Jake Archer at the control room.

Archer: Up after him, was the fierce Tom Black, looking to gain more momentum heading into his tag team match against International Champion Bob Mellon and current #1 Contender to Syndicate’s World title, Darkness, for a chance to advance in the tag team invitational. We can say with ease, Black handled Super Bacon, but can he tackle the dynamic of Darkness and Bob with his partner Kurtis Ray?

Feed transitions back to inside the arena...the fans eager for a match to begin..

The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song, Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage trying to grab at all the attention from the fans good or bad. Fozzy wears a ugly leopard print fur coat and big goofy white framed sunglasses and ripped blue jeans.

Fozzy centers himself on stage and gives a front facing Jesus Christ pose, a bright spotlight shines down on Fozzy while he is shaking his head about cocky.

He walks down the ramp mouthing the words to his own theme as the spotlight follows.


He blows a few kisses to some of the female fans rampside. As he approaches the ring, Damien Price clubs him from behind with a steel chair, sending the Television Champion down to his knees.

Hart: What the devil?

Lane: Damian Price isn’t looking for a match, he wants to soften the champion up for Ravage!

Damian drops the steel chair, grabbing ahold of Fozzy, he lifts him up tossing him to the ring, only Fozzy falls short of the ring, landing shoulder first into the ring. Damien goes to grab the steel chair, picking it up, he tosses it up and over into the ring. He turns his attention towards Fozzy..

Hart: Watch out Fozzy!

Fozzy, lifted up at the last second, connects with a stiff forearm to Damian Price, the fans cheering loudly as he trades blows with Damian around the ring, whipping him over to the steel steps, but Damian reverses it, sending Fozzy into it instead. He wastes no time, as Damian runs at Fozzy, connecting with the V-Trigger, smacking Fozzy’s head against the barricades. The ref calls for assistance as he rolls out of the ring.

Lane: Devastation tonight and Damian making it loud and clear.

Damian grabs ahold of himself as he backs away from an unconscious Fozzy, smiling as the ref stands between him. 

(Archer: as you saw there folks, Fozzy clearly got under the skin of his challenger Damian Price, but it was him that was on the receiving end of a V-Trigger tonight. This only builds the title match up to fever pitch between them as it looks like neither is willing to back down from the other. All bets will be off at Ravage for the WWX Television Championship. Thank you for watching folks. Tune in next time.)

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