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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-11-19 23:30:41
The darkened arena witnesses red rocket pyro flying at high speed at the entrance ramp as the blue and yellow pyro rises up fom the entrance stage and around the Ravagetron, before finally finishing with a wave of golden flames that rise up and fade as the lights in the arena shoot on slowly. The camera pans around the arena as the fans cheer wildly.



"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring.

Hart: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saturday Night Ravage, live from the Infinite Energy Arena here in Duluth, Georgia!

Lane: Rex clearly here to make a statement, following the devasting message he employed in his battle with Tommy Lipton.
Hart: Clearly what was demonstrated last week was a string of dastardly tactics i have never seen Rex use before in a manner he did last week. With James Ranger having to hand the victory to Tommy Lipton due to Rex walking out on the match in the manner he did. What is Rex thinking?

Rex gets into the ring, reaching thru the ropes to grab the mic handed to him, he smirks as he ponders things, his theme cutting off.
Rex McAllister: They say that true generosity consists precisely in fighting to destroy the causes which nourish false charity. In fact, its true generosity that i believe lies in striving so that these hands - whether they need to be extended through less and less supplication in order to keep working to clean up this place. Just ask Tommy Lipton.

Rex McAllister: Last week on Ravage, I consider what I did to be a form of generosity on my part. In case you all may be wondering what I mean by that, you don't have to look any further than the fact that last week I walked away from a sure win, leaving my former partner to lament over the fact that he was one three count away from tasting his first defeat in the best of five series, and how easy I made it look. You can thank me later.

Rex McAllister: This best of five series, it's my road back toward the Undisputed Championship. Tommy, I'm not going to say you don't have a shot at, no. See, Tommy, what happened last week on Ravage, it's simply a small preview of what is still to come, but I do encourage you to clear your head and bring your best. I mean, it might in a way soften the blow a little when you do come up short. Let's face facts, Tommy, you've done a whole lot over a long period of time that I shouldn't even be able to ever eclipse in any way shape or form, that can't be denied. However, as I've shown with great consistency against other more seasoned veterans, champions, and Hall of Famers alike, I've shown that none of that even matters when you step into the ring with The Rex Master. I've dominated in this federation since day one, and I showed the world exactly how and why this past week. This is a series that's not going to end well for you, Tommy, and at Holiday Hell when this all culminates, it's going to indeed be a cold one that day when I put you on ice! So stick around tonight, Tommy, because you'll get another preview when I beat the Syndicate right here in this very ring.




Static fills the Infinite Energy Center before transitioning into Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade", signaling the arrival of a certain World Heavyweight Champion.

Hart: Just mentioning the man's name makes him show up!

The camera pans to the stage, where Syndicate has walked out with a microphone in his right hand.  He holds the Undisputed World Heavyweight title on his left shoulder over his blood-red leather jacket, gray undershirt, and black denim jeans.  He has a slightly bemused look on his face as he raises the mic to his lips.

Just before he speaks, he looks over at the crowd.

Syndicate: How we doin' tonight, Duluth?


He turns his attention back to Rex, who is standing in the ring looking annoyed at Syndicate's interruption.

Syndicate: First of all, Rex, I do have a name, and the word "The" doesn't ever come before it.

he crowd chuckles.

Syndicate: Secondly, what the hell, man?  You come out here, talking about your "best of five" series with Tommy Lipton, acting as if that's a big deal.  Really?  You have something directly ahead of you that is 1000% more difficult for you to accomplish, and you're still devoting your time and energy to, of all people, Tommy Lipton?  A man that you decided to be "generous" to last week and walk away without ending the damn match?  You |BLEEP|in' idiot!

He openly laughs at Rex, causing Rex to look even more upset than before.
Syndicate: This is why I said there was a difference between us, Rex.  This IS the difference.  Instead of going for the W and getting ahead in the series, you decide to play some completely unnecessary mind games with Tommy, because THAT'S going to help you more than a 1-0 lead in the series.  If those mind games are so successful for you and TRULY the right thing to do, then why didn't you win at Hall of Pain?  Why aren't you the one with this beautiful golden championship over your shoulder right now?

The camera cuts quickly to McAllister, whose eye is slightly twitching as Syndicate speaks.

Syndicate: So how about you cut the shit, you stop worrying about Tommy |BLEEP|in' Lipton, and you start worrying about ME.  Because if I have my way, you're not even going to make it to next week to face Tommy again, and even if you do, he's going to wipe the floor with your sorry ass anyway.  But no matter what happens, no matter which of you two comes over to face me for the World title at the end of this journey, the result will be the same: another tally in the win column for the Los Angeles Outlaw.
Rex McAllister: It comes as no surprise to me anymore when you appear before the world to exalt yourself, Syndicate, because it's then that we can all truly see how much that title really means to you. 

Rex McAllister: I mean, it's all you've got. No matter how much you choose to flaunt your superiority, stripping you of your identity is too easy. I mean, sure Syndicate, you are the measuring stick so to speak, and from a standpoint of taking you down in the ring is easier said than done, but once someone does it's over. You lose your identity, and you become desperate, doubt starts to creep in knowing that the one thing that gives you purpose is no longer there over your shoulder.

Rex McAllister: It was only a month or so ago, you were talking about destruction, giving ultimatums when you knew full well you had an automatic rematch clause that management couldn't deny you of. Everything is now pretty copisetic, is it not?

Rex McAllister: You mentioned differences, and you're right. I did lose at Hall of Pain, taking a calculated risk, but the only place I can go from here is up while the only place you can go from where you are now is down. 

Rex McAllister: Knowing that, yeah, I will bide my time, and eventually I will have what I want and unlike the others you've put away in the past? I'll actually follow through where they failed, stripping you of your identity, your pride, and your purpose, the Undisputed World Heavyweight championship.
Syndicate looks at Rex with a face of disbelief.

Syndicate: Have you learned nothing, Rex?  Have you not been paying attention?  Let me take you back a bit.  It's 2015, and I'm fresh off losing the World title to Astonishing Ashton in a Race for the Case cash-in.  By your logic, I should have gotten my one-on-one rematch at the next possible opportunity - in that case, Hall of Pain.  I should have had my Hall of Pain moment two |BLEEP|ing years ago.  But no.  No, instead, management decided to give the title opportunity to Willie Steen, leaving me as the "special guest referee" for the contest.  I wasn't about to let that shit happen again this year.  So yeah, I promised destruction, I promised vengeance, and what happened?  I got what I wanted.  I got my title back.  Seems like a pretty successful strategy to me.

He chuckles.
Syndicate: You talk about losing identities and becoming desperate, Rex?  Nah.  That's a load of BS, and you wanna know why?  Because I've lost this title four times, Rex - I've been there before...and I didn't lose anything.  Sure, a bit of pride and confidence goes away.  But I've always gotten back on my horse, and I've always ridden back to the top.  You think I was a bit depressed after I lost at World Series?  Yeah.  Yeah, I was...quite a bit, actually.  But look where that desperation, that "doubt" got me: right back where I belong.

He smiles as Rex stares right back at him.

Syndicate: One more thing, Rex: I would much rather spend my time looking down from the top of the world than looking up from the ground, waiting for the right chance to rise.  As far as I'm concerned, being champion is much better than being a contender  So yeah, go wait at the bottom of the hill...that chance you're looking for might not come.  And as long as I'm at the top, as long as I am THE MAN in this company...you will NEVER take my spot.  EVER.  I'll see you later tonight, but until then...welcome to the Syndicate.

The champ smirks and drops the mic onto the stage before turning around and leaving through the curtain, "Bulls on Parade" playing in the background.
The camera feed changes, shifting to backstage area where Lucius Cashmere is off in the distance.
(The camera comes in to focus on Lucius Cashmere, who is standing outside of a locker room where Kurtis Ray's name, among others, has been posted. Lucius is picking at his teeth until he notices the camera is on, and he perks up.)

LUCIUS: Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. I'm standing by outside Kurtis Ray's dressing room, as we have been told he has some choice words for the WWX roster.

(Lucius jumps as the door swings open and Kurtis emerges, dressed in his ring gear. He has a smile on his face until he notices it's Cashmere they've sent for the interview.)

LUCIUS: Kurtis, I've been told you requested-

KURTIS: Shush. I didn't ask for an interviewer to listen to you talk.

(Lucius clams up, and Kurtis snatches the microphone away from him.)

KURTIS: I'm officially putting the WWX Locker room on notice. I know a lot of you are still butthurt that I rocketed to the top and then disappeared after a couple of losses. I know there's still fans that are for sure. Some of you are my pals, some of you don't like me. Some of you are disrespectful little thugs, but whatever. The important thing is, I'm here, I'm back, and you are looking at a future two-time WWX Champion.

(Lucius looks like he's about to say something, but a look from Kurtis shuts him up again.)

KURTIS: Rayne. Fill. Xavier Pendragon. Super Bacon. Darkness. Bob Mellon. Fozzy Osbourne. Hex Girl. Tommy Lipton. Rex McAllister. Syndicate. The Lost Soul. James Ranger. Whatever other future washout or old novelty act whoever is in charge of booking wants to trot out to face me. I might have off nights. I might get beat. But you're not going to stop the K-Train. No matter what, I will come back. Nothing will stop me from getting back up to the top of the company, where I belong. Keep that belt warm, Syndicate; one day, SOON, you and me will be back in the ring fighting for that title, and when the Hype is with me, we both know how that ends.
(Kurtis tosses the mic back to Cashmere, who catches it. Kurtis looks at the other man expectantly.)

LUCIUS: Uhh...

(Kurtis snorts, turns, and walks away. The camera stays focused on Cashmere, who looks gobsmacked.)


Bonn: This match....is scheduled as a triple threat...AND IS FOR...THE WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE TELEVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

Bonn: Introducing already in the ring...KAILEE!

['Dirt off Your Shoulder/Lyin From You' by Jay-Z and Linkin Park hits the speakers. Penelope Cruz, business manager of Damian Price steps through the curtain. As Jay-Z's lines kick in, Damian explodes from behind the curtain, mouth already running. He points to his shirt, which has the words 'Next TV Champ' emblazoned on it. His other hand is clutching a dented steel chair. Cruz lifts a microphone to her mouth and looks out to the crowd.]

Cruz: Ladies and Gentlemen, Cruz Management proudly presents to you: The next WWX Television Champion, hailing from Los Angeles, California; weighing in at 235 lbs, the King of Professional Wrestling- DAMIAN PRICE!!

[Price throws his hands up to renewed cheers as he begins down the ramp. He has an arrogant look on his face as he struts down the ramp, steel chair in hand. He keeps his head on a swivel until he steps foot in the ring, steel chair still in hand.]
Hart: What in the world is Damian doing bringing a damn chair to this match?
Lane: Ensuring that he wins by any means necesssary, something that hasn't been seen in some time.
The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song, Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage trying to grab at all the attention from the fans good or bad. Fozzy wears a ugly leopard print fur coat and big goofy white framed sunglasses and ripped blue jeans.

Fozzy centers himself on stage and gives a front facing Jesus Christ pose, a bright spotlight shines down on Fozzy while he is shaking his head about cocky.
Bonn: Introducing from Vancouver, Canada...he is the WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE TELEVISION CHAMPION...

He blows a few kisses to some of the female fans rampside. Once ringside he jawjacks with a few of the male fans front row and slams his feet against the ring steps as he walks up onto the ring apron.
He stops short of entering, staring down Damian Price, who clearly is mouthing off at Fozzy, who returns the gesture by simply unclipping and raising the WWX Television Championship.
Hart: Fozzy clearly remembers what happened to him on Wreckage and-
Lane: and is going to be paying Damian Price back in spades, but with Damian clearly aware of the Triple Threat Rules, how is he going to dodge the steel chair and walk out still the champion?
Fozzy enters the ring as he mouths off at the ref to keep Damian at bay, all the while winking at Kailee.
The ref acquires the WWX Telelvision Championship from Fozzy, folding it neatly and showing it off to Kailee, then Damian, who slaps the main plate for measure.
The ref raises it high above his head, the crowd getting antsy as he walks from the center of the ring to hand it to a staff on hand outside. He signals for the bell as the three wrestlers eye each other.
Right out of the gate, Fozzy immediately rolls out of the ring. Clearly aware of the last time he did that, Damian simply slides the chair to the center of the ring, as Kailee tried to catch Fozzy but failed
Damian immediately stands behind Kailee, grabbing ahold of her in attempt to german suplex her, but she fights out of the hold, but Damian modifies it into a belly to belly in the center of the ring.
She lands on the steel chair, the impact driving into her back as Fozzy paces around the ring, clearly seeing Damian pushes the chair to the side, demanding a count
The ref slides over.



Fozzy slides in, stopping the count with a hammer blow to Damian's neck.

Lane: Already a close call in the first minutes of the match, get on your A game Fozzy!

Damian gets up the same time Fozzy jumps up for the Tallywacker, but Damian pushes him off, sending him into the ropes.
Fozzy bounces into the waiting arms of Damian, who drops him with an inverted DDT.

He goes over to pick up the steel chair, noticing Kailee who is coming to.

He grabs ahold of Kailee's right leg, trapping it in the steel chair, but Fozzy is right behind him with clubbing forearm
Stunning Damian with a knee to the gut, he grabs ahold of Damian, smiling all the while, he positions Damian over the steel chair, his left foot planted on the chair to prevent Kailee from removing herself from it.

He drops Damian head first into the steel chair with a DDT, the damage done, as Damian bounces off rolling away in pain.
Kailee struggles to get the chair off, but Fozzy helps her by kicking it away.

Hart: Fozzy being a gentlemen for Kailee tonight
Fozzy helps Kailee up as if to apologizes...

Lane: Of course he is...

Fozzy snaps the Tallywacker upon Kailee, laughing as he bounces up himself, then falls back to the mat to cover Kailee, the ref counts




Fozzy immediately rolls out of the way of a steel chair slamming down upon him, hitting Kailee instead as the ref rolls out of the ring to meet Fozzy with the championship



Hart: Fozzy clearly escaped what should of been a painful defeat tonight.

Lane: Situational awareness is required in a match such as this, eventually Fozzy is going to have to face someone one on one for his title.

Hart: And then he will have nowhere to run, but at the moment, Fozzy is still our Television Champion

Damian stares daggers from the ring, as Fozzy is shown backpedaling up the ramp, smiling away as he raises the Television Championship high above his head.

(Guerrilla Radio hits the PA system as Mellon, in street clothes, enters through curtain towards the ring. He is limping down the aisle as he slowly walks up the stairs and gingerly enters through the ropes and asks for a microphone. The music stops as the crowd waits to hear what the International champion has to say.)

Mellon: It seems tonight that there must be a slight change in plans. Unfortunately while training for this event I injured my hamstring. After seeing and speaking with doctors it looks as though I won’t be able to perform with my partner and friend Darkness tonight in our Tag-Team Tournament match. The shame of it is that we will be letting down all of you wonderful fans in the process. Nothing breaks my heart more than having to do that to all of you wonderful folks…. However it is in my best interest to not be in the ring tonight. It’s only safe for me and out of respect for my partner and opponents. Trust me, this kills me… (Laying on the self-pity thickly)

(A huge reaction of boos and jeering follows as Mellon tries even harder to look genuine)

Mellon: No, I mean that. There is nothing that you all deserve more than to see the likes of me going up against Tom Black as a preview for the upcoming Pay-Per-View title match between us. The International Title is up for grabs in a couple weeks and I guess we will all just have to wait for that night to come. Tom, I mean no disrespect at all but there just is no point in me not being 100% in this match tonight. I have spoken with Darkness who is confident that he can hold his own in this tag style handicap match tonight. I’ll be rooting for you all from my hotel room with the hopes that you all put on a great show for all of these fans here tonight.
(Another loud chorus of boos echo through the arena as Mellon looks around. He hands the mic back to the ring announcer and turns to leave. Guerrilla radio hits the P.A. system as Mellon slowly and carefully leaves the ring and heads backstage. The crowd, not buying Mellon’s try at being genuine and honest, continue to lay into him as he leaves.)

(The show returns from commercial to Kurtis Ray and Tom Black in the ring. Ray tries to talk to Black who seems mostly disinterested, his attention focused entirely on the ramp and, presumably, his rival for the international title, Bob Mellon.)

KYLA BONN(or whoever the announcer is these days): Laddies and gentlemen, making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 610 pound, the team of Darkness and the WWX International champion, Bob Mellon!

(Darkness' music plays as the former world champion emerges on the stage, waving over a member of the staff. He says something to the man who hastens over to to commentary table as Darkness continues down the ramp.)

LANE: We're being told that Bob Mellon has acted on doctor's orders and left the arena.
HART: Darkness is insisting on continuing the match, so it looks like this tag match has become a handicap match.

LANE: Basically a free pass for Tom Black and Kurtis Ray.

(Darkness reaches ringside and climbs into the ring. Kurtis offers a fist-bump, which Darkness returns, but Black shouts something and climbs out of the ring. Ray stares after his partner and sighs, turning to face Darkness. Darkness extends a hand, which Kurtis shakes, and the referee calls for the bell. Before the two men in the ring can lock up, there is a ruckus at ringside. A fan in a black hoodie vaults over the barrier with a steel chair in hand, swinging it into Black's back, before pulling him off the apron and attacking him again.)

LANE: What the hell?

HART: That's Bob Mellon! He's not even supposed to be here!

(Bob stands over the fallen back with a sneer on his face, raising the chair over his head victoriously as the referee calls for the bell. Ray and Darkness watch on, chatting quietly, as medical staff rush down to check on Tom Black.)

BONN: Ladies and Gentlemen, as a result of a disqualification, the winners of this match and the team to advance in the James Bourne invitational... Kurtis Ray and Tom Black!

(The crowd is mostly silent as Bob Mellon makes his way up the ramp, demonstrating that his injury was feigned, and Kurtis Ray and Darkness both look disappointed at how the match ended.)
Feed cuts to Leon Jones standing outside of a hospital room.

Leon: Hello, Leon Jones, here we are about to check in with Hex Girl at her hospital room to get an update on her condition.

Leon turns and heads inside the room. Hex Girl is laying in bed Several monitors and IV's hooked to her. Kate Cameron is sitting at her bedside berating her captive audience.

Kate: You realize how stupid a move that was right? Charging at a man that big.

Hex Girl: Yeah not really strategic of me. I guess I got tunnel vision when Ranger called it unsanctioned. 

Leon clears his throat to get thier attention. The women look over at him.

Leon: Sorry to interrupt ladies, but Hex Girl we were hoping to get an update on your condition after last week's match.

Hex Girl takes a deep breath and gives a visible wince of pain. She nods her head.

Hex Girl: Sure, no problem. She says in a strained voice.

She takes a few shallow panting breaths like she trying to ease off a sharp sting of pain.

Hex Girl: I'll hand it to you Bob Mellon you made me feel something I don't feel often and that's genuine pain. You know what they say though that which doesn't kill you only serves to make you stronger. 

Kate: More like that which does not kill you makes you walk with a limp until the day you die!

Hex gives Kate a harsh look.

Hex Girl: He broke bones in my torso not my legs. 

Kate: That many injuries and you still haven't learned.

Leon: I'm sorry broken bones?

Hex Girl: Three broken ribs to be specific. I also have a cracked sterum. They've been monitoring and testing me for cardiac bruising. 

Leon: Sweet Jesus! Is that everything?
Hex Girl: Well they took care of the collasped lung when I got here that was kind of a big priority for them. 

Leon: A collapsed lung!? 

Leon goes pale

Hex Girl: Leon you might want to sit down you're not looking so good.

Leon: H-how are you so calm?

Kate: I'd say the morphine has got something to do with it. I'm sure.

Leon sinks into a near by chair.

Hex Girl: According to the doctors I have to sit here and heal for the time being. But as soon as I'm able to I'm coming back and I'll be wanting a rematch with Bob Mellon. This time we'll have a proper hardcore match we'll see who leaves on a stretcher then.

One of the IV machines beeps and makes a light whirring sound. Hex's head falls back on the pillow and she is out cold in a matter of moments. Kate looks over at Leon.

Kate: They have her set up on monitors that if it shows she's getting too 'excited' or moving too much it sedates her so she doesn't aggravate her injuries. Smart move if you ask me. She meant what she said, though. She's got plenty of time to think, plenty of time to figure out all kinds of way to BLEEP you up, Mellon. Hell,  three more weeks, she and I can come up with things that Steven King would cringe at.

Leon: Kate are you coming back?

Kate: No Leon. I'm retired. I'm just a concerned friend and her consultant.

Leon manages to pull himself out of the chair and back out of the room, almost like he's backing away from a pair of dangerous animals. Once he's out of the room and closes the door he turns back to the camera.

Leon: There you have it folks. Hex Girl apparently suffering a host of upper body injuries after her face off against Bob "The Beast" Mellon. We hope she has a speedy recovery but from what Kate Cameron indicated she's looking at another 3 weeks of hospitalization. Perhaps she'll be able to make a return at Holiday Hell, maybe not, only time will tell.

Feed cuts back to the arena.
Hart: Already in the ring, both Euan and Xavier lock up in the center, Euan getting the upper hand, flipping Xavier over and onto the mat!

Euan tightens his hold on Xavier, forcing the ref to check on him, but Xavier gets to his knees

Xavier follows it up with three elbow strikes upon Euan's stomach, loosing the hold and allowing him to hit the ropes

But Euan brings him back down with a dropkick, he covers



Xavier kicks out before the third count, rolling away as Euan stands up, shrugging as Xavier leans against the ropes a minute.
Lane: I remember when Euan was a young, brash, a disrespectful wrestler in the ring.

Hart: But look at him now, clearly his time away did some good, its got the RTFC Winner on guard.

Xavier gets up goes for another lockup with Euan feints with a knee to the chest and a snap suplex
Euan floats over again, pinning Xavier, the ref counts



Xavier lifts his shoulder up, but Euan powers it back down


Xavier lifts his shoulder back up, taking his free hand and connecting with a right hook to Euan's face

Xavier gets up as Euan favors his face, running at him with a clothesline, he connects with a clothesline, sending Euan down
Xavier roars as he pumps himself up, going to pick up  Euan Milton for the the Last Sin

Euan struggles to get free, clubbing Xavier repeatedly in the face
Xavier props him up high, dropping him for the first half of the move, Euan's back landing on the mat harshly, Xavier doesn't bother wasting time, lifting him back up for the second half, bringing him back down with the cutter.

Xavier covers Euan, the ref kneeling for the count



Euan kicks out, the fans reacting with surprise

Hart: The return of Euan is looking mighty good right now.

Lane: Xavier better kick it into another gear, cause Euan is clearly looking to regain the momentum he lost years ago

Xavier rolls away in disbelief, as Euan groans in pain. Xavier looks at the ref for the count, but the ref tells him it was a clean count, with Euan getting the shoulder up

Euan falls back to the mat after struggling to his knees, startling Xavier into action. Reaching for Euan however, gets Euan up fast, rolling Xavier up for the schoolboy, the ref beigns the count




Euan lets go, rolling away as the ref helps him to his feet

Bonn: your winner....EUAN....MIL...TON!

Hart: Welcome back Euan Milton!

Lane: This...this right here...should be a wake up call for Xavier Pendragon...

Hart: I say good match here between the two.

Lane: The better man did not win! He blinked and cost himself the match!

Hart: Well we won't know if that's the case til next time
Krimzon Blaze backstage, on his cell phone 

KB: I gotta go, business needs.

Kagome Rose, WWX Journalist, walks up to KB from off camera for an interview.

Rose: Blaze, do you have time for a bit of an interview?

KB: Of course I do.

Rose: Alright. Lets get started.

The camera starts rolling (as if it wasn't already) on Rose alongside KB as the crowd is electric with cheers for KB

Rose: Krimzon, you and your new partner--

KB: Partner? Oh you mean Fozzy right?

Rose: The one and only.

KB: Look, As much as anyone else that wants those Tag Team Belts, management can't just put two people together, it doesn't work that way. It needs chemistry as a team, while Fozzy only cares about is himself. Me on the other hand, I want back into the World Title Hunt at any costs, even if it means adding another Tag Title Belt to my collection to get there.

Rose: So you don't care much for Fozzy is what your saying?

KB: The guy is the Television Champion for a reason - He talks a big game and calls himself "The Trend Killer" or whatever he goes by - Good for him. I don't really trust someone thats supposedly gonna watch my back.

Rose: Well, lets take a look now at what transpired last week on Ravage.

Footage rolls of the interactions between KB and Fozzy, beating Beatrice and Super Bacon with ease before switching back over to KB and Rose

KB: That's what I'm saying right there. When you have someone whose ego obviously trumps anything that can't even have someone to watch his back, why should I be the person responsible for someone as reckless like Fozzy Ozbourne?

Fozzy walks in off screen, the WWX Television Championship on his left shoulder

Fozzy: Well howdy partner I couldn't help but overhear what's being said here and let me comment.

Fozzy directs Rose to point the mic his way.

Fozzy: You know... In this business you should always watch your back no matter what, you know this. I addressed tag teaming with you at Hall of Pain but obviously you weren't listening. So let me say it to your face like I should have before we even had our first match together. DO YOUR PART! Do anything to win, have my back and I'll have yours. But if you screw me over in any way then I will personally make your remaining years here in WWX a living HELL!

Fozzy tries to get face to face with the obviously bigger Krimson Blaze who doesn't look impressed and doesn't back down. After a few tense seconds Fozzy smirks backing away slightly with his hands up.

Fozzy: Consider that to be a little motivation. Any far as chemistry... Well what do you expect? A carbon copy clone of you, that wouldn't be much fun, would it?
The tone in his voice is more direct.

Fozzy: This is a wild card tag tournament to save this division so we are how you say a unlikely odd couple. Do you know why I'm busting your balls in the ring? I'm trying to get you amped up. You talk about being THE MAN here in WWX. Well that's not what I'm seeing here. I don't see the Undisputed Title around your waist. I see a guy who has most definitely earned his hall of fame status no doubt. But you are kind of stale. It's kind of the same old song and dance with you. I think you need a change maybe a change of heart. Instead of going out there and pandering to the fans. Go out there with a set of balls and TAKE WHAT'S YOURS!!! Embrace that dark part of your soul that could drive you even further than you imagine. Have an ego, it's ok you deserve it.... If any of this sounds disrespectful to you then it is. Use that hatred you have for me and unleash it on our opponents. Maybe just maybe humble yourself a wee bit and ride my wave of success to the tag team titles. Perhaps in that journey you may find the fire you need to take you to the top once again.... You don't have to worry about me I'll hold up my end you just make sure you hold up yours. 

Before Krimson can respond Fozzy walks off the set leaving Krimson and Rose standing there.

James Ranger is seen sitting in his office, a replica of the WWX Global and Classic World Championship is on display behind, as he reviews paperwork.

knock knock

James: Come in!

Damian Price walks, alongside his dubious agent, both not waiting for permission, taking seats in front of the Black Mamba's desk as he continues to read paperwork.

Damian: I want another shot at em!

James: Oh?

James: Did he out-weasel you ? He has a habit of winning these triple threats nowadays..

Damian: I believe--

his agent places her hand in front of his mouth, clearly prompting silence from Damian and actually getting James to stop reading and look up, amused at the development.

Cruz: Mister Ranger, if you would please consider the fact..that my client has demonstrated beyond the measly ability to be a champion prior under your watch.

James: That he has. Your point being Miss Cruz?

Cruz: That Damian would like a one on one with Fozzy Ozbourne for the Television Championship.

James ponders this as he goes back to the papers in front of him on the desk, straightening them out, he turns around in his chair, stares at his replica championships, takes a deep breath

James: Next time on Ravage....Damian Price will need to prove he can Miss Cruz.  Non-Title.

Cruz: Mister Rang-

James: And if he can prove he can do so....in a Gauntlet Match...
fans cheer in the background as the color seems to drain from Damian's face

James: Against Kailee, Willie Steen, Lu'Andre Xavier

Damian Price grips the seat of his chair tightly

James: All of them, must be beaten by you Damian Price, with Fozzy watching at ringside, cause i know he would be delighted if he doesn't have to face you at Holiday Hell. 

James looks at Miss Cruz

James: Does that answer your request ma'am?

Cruz: It does...t-thank you Mister Ranger.

Both Cruz and Damian stand up and leave as James watches them, the camera focusing on him smirking as he goes and opens another stack of papers to review.

We cut back to ringside, as Kurtis Ray is seen adjusting his bandages on his wrists as Bonn has just finished introducing him

The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. 

Bonn: Introducing his opponent, from Battleground, North Carolina...RAYNE!

Rayne steps out with in a black leather jacket and long black pants. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway. 

Hart: These two have gone at each other's throats for weeks, its time to put up or shut up.

Upon arrival, Rayne will walk to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross.

Immediately he gets in the face of Kurtis as the ref tries to separate the two

Lane: When you're red hot like this, putting a belt between them would only raise their value.

As the bell is signalled the two lock up, immediately to power standstill, before Kurtis forces Rayne to a corner

Kurtis immediately launches a knee into Rayne's gut, followed by another one, the ref tries to lecture him, but is ultimately chased away by Kurtis who turns around into a stiff right from Rayne

Rayne lands another right as he gets Kurtis to back up, the fans split between them as Kurtis counters with a knee to the chest, stopping Rayne in the center of the ring

Ray takes the upper hand and sends Rayne over with a crushing stalling suplex. He taunts for the fans and waits as Rayne slowly stumbles to his feet. He goes for the hyperdrive and connects going for the pin. 

1…2…and Rayne kicks out
Kurtis grabs ahold of Rayne, picking him and dropping him back down with a textbook bodyslam. He hits for the ropes, bouncing back and jumping up in the air for the legdrop, but nobody is home as Rayne rolls away

Rayne gets to his feet, backing up as Kurtis goes to for a clothesline, but Rayne ducks, lifting his opponent up and over to the outside. He turns around and smiles at Kurtis as he gets up
Ray gets to his feet on the outside as Rayne goes to the center of the ring and makes the pulling of the chain motion with his arm while going “choo, choo!” making fun of Ray.

Kurtis , in rage, slides back into the ring, getting up only to be met with Rayne kicks Ray in the chest to go for the Rayne Drop DDT, but Ray reverses. 

He picks up Rayne and goes for the wake up call, but Rayne is able to bridge out before Ray can get him up. 

Still having hold, Ray turns him back around and goes to get him with the wake up call once more, but Rayne delivers a headbutt and pulls him in for the Rayne Drop DDT. 

1…2…and Ray kicks out!
Hart: Neither breaking ground enough to take advantage

Lane: Someone needs to do something about it!

Rayne picks up Kurtis, lifting him up and over with a snap suplex, but instead letting go, he follows through, rotating over and getting back to his feet, he connects another snap suplex, this one much faster than one before

Rayne again, repeats the move, getting to his feet, he goes to lift Kurtis, but he locks his feet in with Rayne's. In revenge, Kurtis lifts Rayne and drops him with the Hangover, but neither of them are able to capitalize





Kurtis begins to stir


Rayne rolls over as Fill is seen coming down the ramp to support his partner



Both begin to get to their knees, neither losing track of where the other is


Kurtis is first to his feet.Ray once again has the upper hand as he sees Rayne getting to his feet. He strikes quickly and hits the Hangover on Rayne. Rayne lies on the mat as Kurtis quickly gets to his feet. 

He yells “get up” as Rayne slowly pulls himself up on the ropes and goes towards him. 

He pushes Rayne into the ropes and goes for the death ray, but Rayne turns it into a dropkick! Ray falls to the mat but gets up quickly as Rayne pulls him in for the arch angels fall! 

The fans come to life as he goes for the pin. 





Bonn: Your winner of tonight's match...RAYNE!
Rayne slowly stumbles to his feet and slides out of the ring. He starts up the rampway and gets set to go through the curtain. 

As his music continues, he walks behind the curtain and comes back out. He carries out the little “Hype Train” that he had in his promo and sets it on the stage. 

He walks back behind the curtain again and carries out his signature sledgehammer. He twirls it as Ray looks up at him. 

He pulls the hammer back and smashes the train into pieces and smiles as he walks back through the curtain with mixed reactions.

The camera cuts to the backstage area.  There, the lens faces a shut wooden door labeled "SYNDICATE" on the outside.  After a few moments, the door suddenly swings open to reveal the profile of Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  A dead serious look on his face, Syndicate barely glances at the camera as he exits his locker room and heads down the hallway with the camera following behind.  He is wearing black Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones as he attempts to pump himself up before the main event.

Syndicate: Run boy run, this world is not meant for you...run boy run, they're trying to catch you...run boy run, running is a victory...run boy run, beauty lays beyond the hills...

Syndicate comes up to the Gorilla position, where he notices Rex McAllister standing there, about to make his way through the curtain.  Rex glances back at the champ and softly smirks as Syndicate takes off his headphones and glares back at him with steely eyes.  The tension in the small room is palpable between the two main-eventers.

[Rex's music hits, Rex enters the arena]
"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. 

Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence". 

Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring.

Bonn: Out first, he's from Sea Isle, New Jersey!...Weighing in at 238lbs...HE THE REX MASTER!!! REXXXXX MCALLISTERRRRR!!!
Hart: Get ready for what is about to be a slobberknocker!
Lane: In layman terms, last time these two fought, it was one for the history books and this time...its not even for the belt!




The crowd erupts as static cuts through the Infinite Energy Center for the second time tonight.  As usual, the static is immediately replaced by "Bulls on Parade".
Hart: And now, the second half of our MONSTER main-event enters the building!

Syndicate steps out onto the stage, eliciting a huge response from the Duluth crowd.  The World Champion is dressed in his usual attire of red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The World title rests proudly on his left shoulder as he performs a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp to the crowd's delight.

Bonn: And his opponent, from Los Angeles California, weighing in at 224 pounds, he is the UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight Champion......SYYYYNDICATEEE!!!


As he is announced, Syndicate runs down to the ring and slides in, immediately performing another crucifix pose right in Rex's face.  The two begin to spew insults at each other, getting very personal before the referee breaks it up and sends each man to their respective corner.

Lane: Syndicate can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk tonight against Rex F'N McAllister?

Hart: We know exactly what both of these men are capable of, but it's put-up-or-shut-up tonight here in Duluth!


And right out of the gate the two sprint at each other, a game of chicken commences as Syndicate goes for the high cross body tackle, but Rex baseball slides under. Not to lose momentum, Syndicate rolls back to upright position as Rex stands back up.

The duo come close to each other, locking up fiercely, each looking for the other to break ground and backpedal, but neither gives an inch
Finally a mistep allows Rex to press the advantage towards the ropes, but Syndicate lets the momentum dictate the direction, shifting Rex as the one to go into the corner, he launches a knee, but gets a headbutt from Rex as his knee connects to Rex's stomach

The duo break up, clearly Syndicate, as he smiles back away, turning to the fans for added momentum, slow claps as he waits for Rex to recover

Both men circle the ring. Collar and elbow tie up. Rex takes charge locking Syndicate into a hammerlock, grabbing a nerve pinch forcing Syndicate to a knee. Syndicate struggles against the pressure before executing a forward flip and countering into a wristlock. Rex counters, twisting out and catching Syndicate with a hip toss into a figure four arm lock.

Hart: A fast start here for Rex, who has assumed control early on

Lane: This is why you don't want a one on one with this guy, Mike! He doesn't mess around in the ring. He believes the ring is his world.

Syndicate struggles, pulling them both with his legs towards the ropes. Rex releases the hold just as Syndicate was about to reach the bottom rope. Rex stands up, grabs Syndicate's leg and pulls him away from the ropes. Syndicate grabs Rex into a small package.



Rex kicks out

Hart: Our world's champion almost stole one there, Gary. Rex was fortunate to kick out before the three count.

Lane: I think we both know, Mike, you're not going to win many matches with a move like that this early in the match.

Rex rises quickly to his feet. Rex shouts expletives toward Syndicate.

Rex: You...mother-|BLEEP|ER!!!

Rex stomps away at Syndicate. Rex drops repeated elbows to Syndicate now.

Hart: Rex appears to be very angry that Syndicate almost won this match from him!

Lane: Understandable, Mike! Rex is proud fighter, who takes great offense to such chicanery!

Hart: Chicanery!!? What match are you watching here, Gary? 

Lane: A very good one, where the Rex Master is beginning to put on another show just as he did the last time out against his former partner Tommy Lipton! Face it, Mike, this is Rex McAllister's match to lose. He holds all the tools and know-how to beat anyone on any given week, no matter who it is!

Syndicate, wanting to shove Rex into the ground quickly, goes to the top rope and jumps, trying to land a cross-body, but Rex catches him and lands a Fallaway Slam, turning the tide in the match.

Syndicate's energy expenditure, combined with the injuries still lingering from Hall of Pain, allows Rex to take control.  However, he is also still trying to recover from the beginning of the match, resulting in a series of submissions meant to wear down the champion.

This almost succeeds, as Rex is able to land his Standing Elbow Smash from the second rope before getting Syndicate down.


Rex immediately cinches in the sleeper hold, causing Syndicate to almost tap out before wiggling around and getting his foot on the rope





Rex quickly releases before the ref reaches five, keen to get a clean victory over Syndicate, he stands up, only to stomp  on Syndicate
*Rex gets up and charges at the groggy Syndicate, trying to take him down with a thunderous clothesline, but Syndicate recovers at the last second and jumps up with another Original Syn, sending Rex careening over the top rope and to the outside.

Lane: Good god Syndicate! Spare him!

Hart: And ruin a perfectly good chance to capitalize!?

As Rex makes his way back to his feet, Syndicate jumps up to the top rope and leaps, bringing Rex down with a Tornado DDT!

However, as he lands, Syndicate hits the steel steps, and because of this, both men are down 





Syndicate begins to stir...



Rex begins to stir, rolling over



both manage to get to one knee each, the fans split, cheer for both


Syndicate and Rex pull themselves up at the same time and begin trading punches in the center of the ring, staggering more and more after each blow.

Finally, Rex gains control, landing three successful punches and sending Syndicate careening into the ropes.  As he bounces back, however, Syndicate kicks Rex in the gut and brings him down with the Catalyst DDT!

Rex covers!




Syndicate quickly gets back up and tries to pull Rex back up with him, but Rex Counters into the Rex Lock!
The ref checks as Syndicate struggles across the ring mat


Syndicate struggles as he somehow manages to get a single finger on the rope






Rex refuses to let go, but backs off after the ref threatens a DQ for him


Hart: Rex on the outside of the ring here, and the referee giving him a bit of lee way here by stopping the count.

Lane: It's smart, Mike. I think everyone deserves a winner here tonight, and that's just what Rex is going to give him over that foul mouth, arrogant Syndicate!

Syndicate ducks under the second rope, and hops off the apron. Rex hops over the steel steps with Syndicate closing in. Syndicate rushes toward Rex looking for the spear. Rex avoids the spear, grabs Syndicate, and uses his own momentum to send Syndicate forward straight into the steel ring post head first. Syndicate ricochets off the ring post into the barricade at ring side. 

Hart: Wow! Rex had that well scouted, Gary! Syndicate's forehead is now busted wide open!

Lane: And now after a slight momentum swing in Syndicate's favor, with one swift decision McAllister is back in control! 

Rex runs toward Syndicate, and smashes his oncoming left knee into the face of Syndicate who was in a situp position. Rex picks up the deadweight of Syndicate and drops him on the barricade again. Rex grabs Syndicate and whips him with extreme force toward the steel ring steps where he crashes into and over them. Syndicate grimaces in extreme pain. Rex stalks Syndicate with malicious intentions in mind. Syndicate rises up slowly. Syndicate limps toward the ring apron, and crawls into the ring. Rex slides under the bottom rope from the right and meets the weakened Syndicate.
*Hart: This does not look good at all for our world's champion at the moment, who appears to be walking with a slight limp now.

Lane: And Rex exudes confidence now. You can just see it, Mike, he's been wanting this man in his world for a very long time. This is his chance to send a statement in a big way!

Rex grabs Syndicate by his ankle, and stomps on the thigh area of Syndicate, and immediately he grabs it agony. Rex grabs Syndicate by his ankle again, and once again stomps at the same area of the same thigh as Syndicate rolls away quickly holding his thigh area. Rex follows Syndicate. Rex grabs Syndicate's leg from behind, and lifts his injured leg off the ground, and in one motion slams his knee into the mat. Syndicate yells out in pain. Rex locks Syndicate's other leg in a modified grapevine, and uses his momentum to stretch the legitimates of Syndicate's good leg in the calf and knee areas. 

Hart: Somebody probably should stop this! Rex is methodically trying to take Syndicate apart here!

Lane: Well, Mike, you can't say Syndicate didn't have this coming after a lot of the things he's said recently in regards to this man. Syndicate is a brash and cocky young man, who believes this whole company is his, and Rex is simply trying to show him different. This is a big statement Rex is sending here! He wants this win more than anything that you can imagine!

Rex grabs both of Syndicate's legs up and turns him over and lowers into a sit down position for a Boston Crab submission. Syndicate yells out in pain once again as he struggles to move.

Hart: Boston Crab being administered by Rex here! Syndicate enduring the pain right now!

Lane: But for how long?

Syndicate struggles and scratches his way toward the ropes. Syndicate grazes the ropes just missing his grip with his right hand. McAllister sits up quickly and grabs Syndicate's right leg, pulling him back to the center of the ring. Rex locks Syndicate's leg between both of his and then kneels down wrapping his arms until his hands are clasped together in an STF submission. Syndicate screams in unbearable pain.

Hart: REX LOCK! REX LOCK! Rex has it locked in! And Syndicate is in big trouble now!

Lane: Syndicate doesn't have much left, I'll tell you that right now!! Rex McAllister is being beautifully bad right now, and I LOVE IT!!!

Rex torques with force at Syndicate's head. Syndicate writhes in pain as the referee is right there to check and see if Syndicate wants to give up.

Referee: Do you quit, Syndicate!??

Syndicate: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
Syndicate pushes himself up with his arm strength and his free leg to inch himself toward the ropes, still yelling out in pain. Syndicate inches closer to the ropes a few more times. Syndicate reaches out and grabs the ropes. The referee taps Rex's shoulder repeatedly giving indication of the rope break.(edited)
Rex torques more, stretching the the head and neck of Syndicate.





Rex releases Syndicate, admiring the damage done
Hart: Our world's champ showing how very resilient he happens to be, fighting through the pain of that devastating Rex Lock, the STF! It's not over yet!

Lane: Yeah, Mike, but it's only a matter of time! Rex has Syndicate right where he wants him!

McAllister locks his leg with Syndicate's, looking for the russian leg sweep, but Syndicate counters with an elbow to the midsection of Rex. Syndicate snapmares Rex down to the canvas. Rex trips up Syndicate. Rex scrambles back to his feet. Rex moves in on Syndicate. Rex reaches down for the hair of Syndicate, but Syndicate grabs for the neck of Rex looking the VAULT, but Rex slips out of it before Syndicate could lock his arm around the Rex Master's neck. Rex counters easily, forcing his way out. Rex lands vicious elbows to the face of the "Los Angeles Outlaw". Syndicate unlocks his legs from the waist of McAllister to escape the crushing shots being landed. 

Hart: Syndicate almost had Rex locked into The Vault, but Rex now on the attack with some straight edged elbows to the face of a bloody Syndicate!

Lane: The fans are getting their moneys worth here, Mike! Just as we always get with a Rex McAllister type of match!

Rex stands Syndicate up to a vertical base, and kicks Syndicate in the gut. Syndicate keels over slightly. Rex attempts another kick to the gut of Syndicate, but Syndicate blocks the attempt, and pulls Rex in for his finisher, The No SIgnal.

Hart: He's caught Rex! This is IT! No Signal!!!


Hart: Rex with a low blow!!


Rex counters with a hard knee to the groin with his free leg. Syndicate releases Rex, and holds his groin area. Rex reacts immediately and runs to the ropes, and grabs Syndicate coming back and delivers a twisting tornado + Evenflow DDT that plants Syndicate into the canvas. 

Hart: The REX EFFECT!!! No not this way dammit!!
Lane: Count that man down referee!!

Rex drops down immediately for the cover on Syndicate. Rex hooks both legs.


but Syndicate kicks out, to the shock of everyone present in the arena!
Rex gets back up, obviously frustrated with Syndicate's ability to escape once again.

Lane: McAllister can't catch a break here tonight!

Hart: Syndicate's just not giving up.  How much more does he have?

The camera zooms in on Rex's face, which shows a look of complete and utter disdain directed towards Syndicate.  Rex suddenly pulls Syndicate to his feet and bounces off the ropes, looking for the Rex Effect to put the champ away...

Hart: This could be it!

...but just as Rex gets to him, Syndicate grabs him and flips him over for the No Signal!



Lane: NO!!!




Rex rocks his shoulder off the mat and up, breaking the count

Hart: OH MY GOD!

Syndicate immediately looks at the ref in disbelief, not understanding how McAllister kicked out.


Hart: Syndicate just planted Rex McAllister with the No Signal, and even after that, this match is NOT over!

Syndicate stumbles to his feet, completely deplete of energy, when suddenly, Rex storms up and plants Syndicate with a Fallaway Slam!


1......................................................2.............................................................the ref is pulled out of the ring!
Lane: WHAT?!?!

he camera pans to ringside, where Tommy Lipton can be seen bringing the referee to the ground before sliding in and tackling Rex McAllister!


Lane: ...

Tommy gets a few punches in on Rex before getting back to his feet and sending Rex packing with the Lipton Slam!


Tommy glances over at Syndicate and smirks at groggy champion before going back outside the ring and shoving the referee back in.  Syndicate, understanding what's going down, wisely slides over and covers Rex.





The fans go wild as Syndicate practically flops off his rival as his theme plays

Bonn: Your winner....your WWX Undisputed Champion...SYNDICATE!

Hart: Holy shit, what a war!

Lane: A war?! Can we focus on what caused the end of it?!

Hart: You mean Tommy Lipton? Payback, plain and simple.

Lane: There's nothing simple about it! It is not enough that he has one up on Rex in the series, he had to cause Rex to lose what could have been the biggest match of the month!

Lane: Just for some payback...

Tommy is seen tapping his finger to his forehead as he backpedals up the ramp. Syndicate is seen, clutching his world title in a corner as Rex, manages to stand to one knee, glaring at Tommy at the entrance ramp

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