RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-02 22:14:46

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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-02 22:14:46

The darkened arena witnesses red rocket pyro flying at high speed at the entrance ramp as the blue and yellow pyro rises up from the entrance stage and around the Ravagetron, before finally finishing with a wave of golden flames that rise up and fade as the lights in the arena shoot on slowly. The camera pans around the arena as the fans cheer wildly.

Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another edition of Saturday Night Ravage, live in San Antonio, Texas!

Lane: That's right, the card tonight is a wild blend of wild determination and cold resolve.

Hart: Up first, we have the ever eager Damian Price looking to defy everything and anything in a gauntlet match to prove he is ready to face Fozzy Ozbourne for the WWX Television Championship at Holiday Hell. Its stacked against him-

Lane: We both know that he was given many chances against Fozzy and he came up short. James Ranger gave him another shot with the catch that he beat Kailee, Lu'Andre, Willie, and current #1 Contender to Syndicate's title, Darkness.

Hart: Hopefully he manages, but despite it all Fozzy is determined to rid himself of his challenger at any cost.
Lane: Damian better watch out is all i am saying. After him, Krimzon Blaze is looking to prove himself worthy as well, as he seeks his chance to face Bob Mellon at Holiday Hell. However he is slated to face the #1 Contender Tom Black. If he can somehow beat him, he will be added to the match, making it a triple threat.

Hart: Krimzon has stated he is turning over a new leaf, but actions speak louder than words.



San Antonio jumps to its feet as static crackles through the AT&T Center.  The static then turns into "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.

Hart: The World Champion starts off Ravage once again!

Lane: Soon to be FORMER World Champion, by the way.

The World Heavyweight Champion, Syndicate, steps out onto the stage with a smile on his face.  He is dressed in his usual attire of red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The World title rests proudly on his left shoulder as he performs a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp to the crowd's delight.

Hart: The winner of tonight's triple-threat match will walk into Holiday Hell as World Champion, and Syndicate certainly wants to remain in that position.

Syndicate slides into the ring and performs another crucifix pose to rile up the crowd.  He then grabs a microphone from ringside and raises it to his lips as the crowd voices its approval.

Syndicate: San Antonio!

Rage Against The Machine - Bulls on Parade

Syndicate: Last week, you saw an absolute classic between Rex McAllister and myself.  A classic...that was somewhat hampered by Tommy Lipton's needless interference.


Syndicate: Now, I would like to go on record as saying that I had nothing to do with Tommy's appearance.  I think it's pretty obvious by this point that I would NEVER work together with that piece of shit.  Either way, I think it's a travesty that such a fantastic match between two fantastic performers had to be sullied by a dirty ending.

The crowd roars in agreement.

Syndicate: BUT...at the end of the night, regardless of circumstances, who walked out as the winner?  ME!  Just like I said I would.  And now that Rex has gone back to squabbling with Tommy, I get to set my attention firmly on the future.  As you all know, Holiday Hell is coming up, and nobody is more excited about that event than yours truly.  You see, Holiday Hell will mark the final, long-awaited burial of the "legend" himself, Darkness.  Darkness and I have had our differences over the past few months, and at Holiday Hell, you will ALL play witness as I FINALLY put down the demon and ensure the continuation of the Age of Syndicate.


Syndicate: The WWX is my playground, boys and girls, and I'm not ready to give that up just yet.  I don't care if it's Darkness or Kurtis Ray or Rayne or Rex McAllister or anyone else, I'll shove them all down the ladder and stay atop MY WWX.
???: YOUR WWX, huh?

The crowd pops when Kurtis Ray appears on the stage, and the self-appointed hype train poses for the pans, driving them into a frenzy before he begins pacing back and forth on the stage.

Kurtis: I mean, I'm hardly one to talk, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't you who built this company up from nothing to one of the most profitable wrestling companies in the world, not to mention at several points one of the largest. I'm pretty sure you didn't book classic matches with veritable legends like the Lost Soul. Rick Dreamie. Xander Adams. Rein Hardt. Sped Eastin. David Gideon Smith. James Ranger. And yeah, even that 'worthless piece of...' Well, let's say 'trash', Tommy Lipton. You're a man who is embracing a reputation built on the backs of better men when the glory days are gone and buried.

Kurtis begins to make his way down the ramp, offering high fives and fist bumps to the fans on the way. He stops again at ringside, looking up at Syndicate.

Kurtis: Like I said, maybe I have no place to talk. And I probably don't got any right to be getting up in your face right now, but since when was I one for manners?

Kurtis tosses an exaggerated shrug toward the audience, earning another pop and some laughs from the fans.
Kurtis: But back to my original point. This isn't YOUR WWX. This isn't MY WWX. This isn't RAYNE'S WWX. This is their WWX.

Kurtis points out into the crowd and the crowd pops emphatically. Kurtis smirks, getting up into Syndicate's face.

Kurtis: You're the champion, sure. But that doesn't mean you're great, or that you made this business great. The fact that you seem to think it does is really kind of pathetic.You're a good wrestler, Syndicate. I've been in the ring with you when you were on the verge of greatness. But most of the time you're just an entitled little punk that doesn't respect the business that you WANT to make you great. And while I can't beat respect into you, I'm more than ready to try. What do you think, universe? You want me to slap some sense into Syndy here? Ah can I get a CHOO CHOO?


[The two men can be seen standing face to face as the lights in the arena dim. The hard drums hit as the camera turns back towards the stage. Rayne steps out onto the stage, a huge smile on his face. The fans begin cheering once more as the lights return].
Rayne: go ahead and cut it folks. 

[The music stops as he looks down at the ring with the other two men in there. He cocks his head to the side for a moment and then begins speaking].

Rayne: Laughs You're getting better at the train noise Kurtis...proud of you.

[The fans let out a laugh as he continues].

Rayne: Now...Gentlemen, Gentlemen, you CANNOT get this party started without me!

[Rayne starts down the rampway and continues speaking as he goes].

Rayne: For the first and probably only time this man will be right in his life, I am inclined to agree with ol Kurty here. You see Syndicate, you have been effectively able to avoid me over some of the other trash that you have fought. And while you continue to enjoy your found success beating on old men and getting people to interfere, regardless of what you say, it happened. And when it happened, that secured yet another "victory" you are bragging about. 

[Rayne makes it to the ring and pulls himself up onto the ropes. He climbs in and stands over between the two men].

Rayne: You see syndicate, you continue to talk about holiday hell and how you have to face darkness and you are going to do this and that. However, you are overlooking points between Kurtis and him two promising challengers that may take that title long before you get there. While I hate his guts and he smells like cheap aftershave, the health department, and bad decisions Laughs Kurtis Ray has potential. I cant deny it. You cant deny it. And the fact of the matter comes down to this Syndicate. You havent faced me yet. You havent beat me yet. What you need is someone to climb to the top of your proverbial ladder, suplex you off of it, and then climb back up and keep you down unlike the other losers that have taken that belt from you and cant get the job done. looks at Kurtis Tonight, is my night.

*Kurtis and Rayne stare at each other as Syndicate, who is now leaning on the turnbuckle of the ring, lets out a soft chuckle into his mic.*

Syndicate: I've been able to "avoid" you, Rayne?  As if I've done that on purpose.  Every night, I come out here and wrestle with the best of 'em.  You just haven't been considered good enough to be put against me, I guess.

*He smirks at his two rivals.*

Syndicate: Kurtis, you say that this company belongs to the WWX Universe.  This is "their WWX", according to you.  That's a valid point, but last time I checked, these great people of San Antonio aren't lacing their boots up week in and week out to face the best competition in the world.  I am, and I have been for the past four years.  Both of you can point to my cockiness, confidence, or opinions.  I don't care.  Because if I was truly as weak as you both say I am...I wouldn't be where I am today, standing here as a five-time World Champion.


Syndicate: If you put everything else aside, there's one thing I have that neither of you have as well: sustained success at the top of this industry.  Kurtis, you had your chance earlier this year...but you failed.  Rayne, you have NEVER risen to my level, even though you've been here longer than I.  But yet, here you both are, challenging for my spot in the WWX.  That's respectable.

*Syndicate shakes his head.*

Syndicate: But you seem to forget who you're facing.  Sydney Maxwell Irvine.  Five-time World Champion.  World Series winner.  A man who has only lost three times in 2017.  A man who won the most hellacious main event in Hall of Pain history.  A man...who will keep his title firmly around his waist later tonight.  You will both fall victim to the same trap as all the others, underestimating the rightful, UNDISPUTED champion and walking out as LOSERS.  I AM the "Measuring Stick", I AM "The Constant", and most importantly, I AM CHAMPION.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate throws his mic into the mat and angrily leaves the ring as "Bulls on Parade" plays in the background.*

Transitioning backstage, Jesse Phoenix stands in what seems to be in an interviewing space with mic in hand.

Phoenix: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is Race for the Case winner, Xavier Pendragon!

Xavier walks into camera range with fire in his eyes.

Phoenix: What are your thoughts going into your match with the reigning TV Champ "The Trend Killer" Fozzy-

Xavier: Shut up. Don't even finish saying that name. It has become quite apparent that Fozzy believes that after only a few matches that he's the best wrestler in the WWX. 

Phoenix: Isn't that what almost every-

Xavier: SHUT UP! The ONLY thing you need to know is that Fozzy will fall by my hands.

Without another word, Xavier moves past Phoenix.

Cutting back to ringside, "Bastards of Young" by The Replacement is playing as we see the WWX Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne taking a seat at ringside, a confident look about him.

Hart: WWX's own Television Champion coming down and looking see Damian struggle tonight.

[The Linkin Park and Jay Z mashup of Dirt off Your Shoulder and Lyin' From You blasts over the speakers as Penelope Creed steps through the curtain. She lists a microphone to her mouth and begins to speak.]

Creed: Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, the next WWX Television Champion, the King of Professional Wrestling, DAMIAN PRICE!!

[With that, Price comes bursting through the curtain, hood thrown over his head. He holds both his arms over his head as he makes his way down the ramp, all business. He throws the hood off, making time to slap hands with a couple cheering fans at ringside, but never takes his eyes off the ring. Creed follows him, running her mouth the entire time.]

Creed: And you, the good people of San Antonio, Texas will bear witness to the single greatest performance in WWX history. You are about to watch the Barbarian King, and your next Television Champion, defeat 4 superstars with a combined 34 title reigns between them. He will beat a hungry rookie, and 3 of the most decorated contenders in WWX history. So keep your eyes peeled, because tonight, Damian Price will prove not only why he deserves a one on one match for the Television title, but one for the World Title as well.

[By this point, Damian is standing in the center of the ring. Penelope circles the ring, standing at ringside as Price takes off his jacket and stretches out in the ring.]

Hart: Big words coming from Damian's manager tonight.
Lane: Big words. Big Talk..its time to put up or shut up and only Damian can prove he can do it.

Kali struts out from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp to look out into the sea of fans a smile on her face. 

Bonn: Introducing first, from London, England...KAILEE!

She goes to the apron and blows kisses to the fans before entering the ring.

The ref checks the two before signaling the bell, both immediately circle the ring, Damian immediately rushes her, closing the distance.

Kailee ducks an attempted clothesline, spinning in place, laughing at Damian's failed attempt as she backs away.

Damian again attempts to close the distance, attempting another clothesline, but Kailee ducks, clearly intent on wearing Damian out.

Kailee decides to lock up with Damian, only faking it  at the last minute  as Damian attempts to grab, she ducks underneath him, this time , connecting with a snap kick to the back of his legs.

The attacks continue as Damian tries to regain the advantage, but Kailee presses on, switching it up with an attempted irish whips to the ropes, but Damian reverses it.
Kailee runs for the ropes, returning back to Damian, ducking the clothesline and grabbing him from behind with a neckbreaker, dropping him to the mat. She covers


Damian kicks out quickly as Kailee backs up

Kailee rushes at Damian for the Kailee DDT, but Damian pushes her off him at the last second, kicking her in the gut, then following it up with a vicious belly to belly suplex

Damian covers Kailee

Kailee kicks out, yet Damian remains calm, looking outside the ring at Fozzy who merely sneers back at him at the failed pinfall.
Damian picks Kailee up to her feet, grabbing ahold of her, lifting her up and over with a german suplex.
He bridges it for a pinfall.




Bonn: Kailee has been defeated!

Damian barely has a moment to rest as LX's theme kicks into high gear over the speakers. LX is seen sprinting down the ramp, sliding into the ring as Damian doesn't even hestiate..connecting with Blitzkrieg Bop as Kailee is rolling out of the ring.

Hart: Goddamn LX!

Lane: In and out faster than lightning!

Damian covers LX


Bonn: LX has been defeated!

Lane: Two down...two more to go!

Hart: But who is facing him next?

The lights go out in the arena as "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet begins to play.
Damian steels himself as he readies for Darkness to come down..Fozzy leans forward in eagerness for Damian's demise, a smile forming on his lips.

The music cuts off as no one appears on the ramp, the lights return to normal as Damian looks at the ref

Hart: Where's Darkness?

Lane: He is up next right?

The ref looks over at the timekeeper as Darkness music comes back on again...Damian motioning for Darkness to come down and face him

Yet again as the music begins to fade away, there is no arrival from the Hall of Famer. The ref seeing no need to wait begins the count.






The Ravagetron comes on, showing Darkness struggling with the door of his locker room as the ref continues to count.

Hart: Darkness is locked in!

Lane: Somewhat convienent for that to be happening.


Darkness tries to shoulder charge the door to no avail as the ref reaches ten.



The ref speaks with Kyla Bonn as he signals for the bell

Bonn: Due to a countout and Darkness not being able to answer before the count of ten, 
Darkness has been defeated.

The fans voice the verdict with a mixed reaction, Fozzy himself, displeased as he stands up yelling at the referee.

Hart: The final one!
Lane: Can Damian defeat the likes of Willie Steen?
Damian readies himself as Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses. He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him.
Steen runs down, sliding into the ring, getting up to dodge the incoming clothesline by Damian, running for the ropes, coming back and connecting with a lou threz press upon Damian, sending him down to the mat.
Steen gets up pumped, grabbing Damian by the hair, immediately  whipping him to the corner turnbuckle. He charges and connects with a clothesline that almost knocks Damian's head off.
Willie takes a step back before connecting with a cross chop to Damian's chest.
Willie winds up again, connecting with another chop across Damian's chest
Willie pulls Damian out, attempting to whip across the ring to the other corner, but Damian reverses it into a fast belly to belly suplex
Damian hops back to his feet, measuring Willie as he takes a second, pointing his finger at Fozzy.
Fozzy stands to his feet as Damian rushes at Willie getting up to one knee, only for the V-Trigger to connect to Willie's face. The fans pop as Damian covers for the pin.
Fozzy hops up to the apron in protest, determined to deny Damian a chance, the ref seeing this and believing Fozzy is up to no good, stops the count.
Damian sees this as the ref is walking over towards Fozzy, he gets up blindsiding the ref, causing him to spin away from Fozzy..
Fozzy takes the moment, smiling as he sprays bear mace into Damian's face, laughing at Damian's misfortune as he backpedals away in pain. Willie takes advantage, grabbing ahold of Damian and dropping him down with an inverted DDT.
Hart: This isn't fair!
Lane: The ref didn't see it.
Hart: Willie Steen is capitalizing off of this!
Willie motions for the end as he grabs ahold of Damian, grabbing ahold of Damian and dropping him back to the mat with a vicious "Cali Clash"
Willie covers
Hart: Hold the damn phone!
Bonn: Your winner....WILLIE STEEN!
Fozzy laughs as he struts away from the ring and up the ramp. Willie gets to his feet, looking at Fozzy as he backpedals up the ramp , another success in the books.
Hart: Fozzy just stole Damian's chance away from him!
Lane: Referee didn't even see it and Willie capitalizes and gets a shot at Fozzy, if Fozzy is a man of his word, a television championship match.
Damian is seen getting his eyes checked by the EMT on standby, a look of anguish and anger as he realizes what just happened.
Chris Sanders is backstage with Tommy Lipton. 

Chris: Tommy Lipton last week on-

(Tommy puts his hand up to silence Chris)

Tommy: Rex McAllister walked away two weeks ago from our match and he acts like he was doing me a favor...  he left, he abandoned our match, he didn't go all in... We had a good fight but in the end I won VIA count out. I stayed in that ring until the ref came Too. Not the win I was seeking but a W is a W. Last week I ruined his match as he had ruined ours and wanted to remind him, he can talk all that tough stuff... But for a year I had led us to many of our victories. 

Tommy: do you think I am enjoying myself Chris? Fighting a bud I've grown to like and respect... Rex walking out was out of character for him but I am assuming he just wanted to quit while he was ahead, worried to see it through for the "what if" element..  What if I started this series with a clean win over him. I always knew he had an ego... Until recently I didn't realize his real fear... bruising that ego... tonight I go out there in front of all of these fans to bring a second W my way. 
Rex McAllister... I Am Coming. 

(Tommy exits the scene)

Hart: makes you wonder how prepared Rex is now that Tommy is focused.

Lane: Holiday Hell is fast approaching, with the theme for the PPV being "Nobody Speak" by Run The Jewels.
Hart: With the world title picture potentially up to change tonight, what's more dangerous than the RFTC winner himself cashing in?
Lane:  To say the least, up next though is Krimzon Blaze facing Tom Black
Lane: Only on Saturday Night Ravage!

Hart: Welcome back to Saturday Night Ravage as Krimzon Blaze and Tom Black are already in action in the ring.
Lane: Krimzon needs to show us he still got it as he fights for the right to face Bob Mellon.
Krimzon locks up with Tom, focusing and switching it up into a headlock, flipping him up and over onto the mat, releasing it after a few seconds he jumps up and just misses a hit with a leg drop.
Tom rolls away, getting back up to his feet, just dodging a roundhouse kick from Krimzon, he cuts in close, grabbing ahold  of him and dropping him with a snap suplex
Tom covers
Krimzon kicks out, the fans rallying behind him as he musters the energy. Tom argues with the ref as Krimzon grabs on to the ropes for support.
Tom goes over to Krimzon, but is caught with a mean pele kick from Krimzon, stunning him as the fans begin cheering for the Hall of Famer as he rallies for the Kode of Silence.
Krimzon lifts him up onto his shoulders, and drops him back down into a roundhouse kick, sending Tom out onto the mat.
Krimzon covers!
Bonn: Your winner of tonight's match...KRIMZON....BLAZE!
Hart: And just like that Krimzon proves he still got it.
Lane: Got what exactly? A foot in the door of the domain that belongs to the most dominant and dangerous International Champion to date. Does he really stand a chance?
Krimzon's hand is raised as his theme music is playing, all the while backstage, the WWX International Champion Bob Mellon is seen observing Krimzon's victory.
We cut to James Ranger's office, seen also watching the finish to Krimzon's match as there's a heavy knock on the door.
James: COME IN!
Darkness barges in, a wild look to his eyes as James immediately gets to his feet in defense.
James: Easy easy--
Darkness: You know what Ranger, I don't need this.
Darkness stares down James as the only thing separating them is a desk, the fans feeling the tension between them.
Darkness: Just a month ago I was your Undisputed Champion and now I'm being regulated down to television division to try and keep Damien from a shot at the television title.  I didn't even show up for the match--
James: I heard, the door was jammed and i am investigating who did it. How about you breathe first.
Darkness: I know it was either Syndicate or Rayne, don't give me that bull crap about an investigation
Darkness: Neither one of them want me in the title picture--
James:  You're speculating that it was one of them, without the proof, you're just getting paranoid for nothing Darkness. It is not worth it.
Darkness stares at James for a little longer, before turning around and storming out, leaving James to ponder what is Darkness planning.

Hart: Welcome back folks to Saturday Night Ravage as Xavier Pendragon is already in the ring awaiting to face off against the Fozzy Ozbourne
The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage trying to grab at all of the attention from the fans good or bad. Fozzy wears his leopard print fur coat and big white framed sunglasses and black jeans, the WWX Television Championship around his waist and behind him a group of security guards.

Hart: Looks like Fozzy has brought some security out here with him tonight.

He centers himself on stage and looks behind him at the 3 security guards then looks back towards the crowd and gives a front facing Jesus Christ pose as a bright spotlight shines down on Fozzy while he is shaking his head about in a cocky fashion.

He walks down the ramp mouthing the words to his own theme as the spotlight and security guards follow.
Bonn: Introducing his opponent...he is the reigning WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE TELEVISION CHAMPION...
He makes his way ringside and unstraps the belt from his waist and hoists it up above his head to a roar of boos from the Texas crowd. He makes eye contact with Xavier Pendragon and smiles then flips him off and makes his way around to the timekeeper's area and grabs a live mic. 

Hart: Looks like Fozzy has something to say.

He takes off his fur coat and sunglasses and waits for his music to die down.
Fozzy: Xavier Pendragon wasn't MAN enough to accept my challenge of The Case vs The Title winner take all match I proposed simply because he knew he would lose. Mr. X maybe you should believe the hype and hang up your boots and retire. Just because you think you have some pull backstage you think you can bury talent at will. You will fail when you cash in that case just like you will fail to beat me tonight. It's over Xavier this is the start of your downward spiral to obscurity. Another matrix lookalike mofo I put down for the count.

Fozzy and Xavier are zoned in on each other as Fozzy gets up on the ring apron.

Fozzy: Cause you can't stop rock and roll and YOU CAN'T STOP FOZZY OZBOURNE!!
Xavier immediately grabs Fozzy, not waiting for the referee, slamming Fozzy on his back upon the mat.
The ref signals for the bell as Xavier grabs ahold of Fozzy by his hair, then his head as he brings him over to the turnbuckle. He slams Fozzy's head upon for good measure, watching as Fozzy grabs his nose in pain, pushing himself away from Xavier.
Xavier presses on grabbing Fozzy as he squirms with both hands, picking him up and raising him up in the air and dropping him back down with the Military Press.  He runs for the ropes, coming back for the leg drop, but no one is there as Fozzy rolls out of the way and outside the ring.
Hart: Ring awareness by the champion, but Xavier is right behind him!
Xavier grabs ahold of Fozzy, but the Televison Champion elbows him in the face,  following it up with a mean kick to the gut, doubling Xavier over.
Fozzy grabs ahold of Xavier, dropping him with a DDT on the spot, he pops back up on his feet, smiling.
Fozzy motions for the guards  as he hops back into the ring. The guards reach for Xavier, lifting him up to his feet
Xavier is rolled into the ring as the guards reassume their positions, Fozzy covers.
Xavier kicks out, much to the fans' delight as Fozzy groans.
Fozzy gets up and immediately stomps his boot into Xavier's side, taking special attention to his arms and ribs, the ref goes over to stop it but Fozzy steps away before the ref can say anything

Fozzy goes to pick up Xavier, whipping to the ropes, but Xavier reverses it, Fozzy rebounds, hopping over Xavier, who lies prone on the mat, he rebounds again into Xavier's waiting arms, connecting with a belly to belly suplex.
Xavier covers.
Fozzy kicks out, attempting to roll away but Xavier grabs him by the leg as he begins to stand.
Fozzy stands up as Xavier holds his right leg, hitting Xavier with a mean standing enziguri, stunning the veteran as Fozzy takes the moment to get behind Xavier, connecting with a backstabber in the center of the ring,  he smiles as mocks the fans supporting Xavier Pendragon, getting a boo in response.
Fozzy mocks Pendragon as he readies for him, Xavier gets up to his feet, only to double over from the Mid-Missile Kick!
Fozzy going for the Tallywacker, connecting with a sickening thud as the fans rise up in mixed reaction, deafening is the roar as Fozzy gleefully covers Xavier.
The camera switches as the ref counts for the first mark, as Damian Price and Beatrice Pendragon are seen running down the ramp, Damian armed with a steel chair.
Fozzy lifts up in shock as Beatrice spears one of the security guards, Damian connects with a jab to the midsection, before following it up with hitting across the back of one of the other guards. The third guard hightails it, realizing what is happening.
The ref steps away as Fozzy tries to get the ref back, only allowing Xavier to get to his feet while he is distracted.
He spins Fozzy around, grabbing ahold of Fozzy's throat, shifting up with a knee to Fozzy's gut, then hoisting him up and onto his shoulders, the fans getting excited as the fight on the outside boils over.
Xavier drops Fozzy with the Motor City Drive, he covers!

The bell rings as Xavier's theme hits as the guards are chased away by Beatrice and Damian
Bonn: Your winner....XAVIER....PENDRAGON!
Hart: Xavier with the rebound tonight, but i don't think the festive are over just yet.
Xavier is seen standing over Fozzy who is on his knees recovering. Xavier turns around as the ref goes to check on Fozzy, yelling for Beatrice and Damian to get in the ring. Damian slides the chair into the ring as the ref is pushed aside by Xavier.
Fozzy, aware of what is going to happen, pulls yet another can of mace, spraying Xavier in the face, rolling out of the ring and out of harm's way.
He snatches the championship belt from the timekeeper, hoping over the barricade as Beatrice tends to Xavier. Damian, yelling at Fozzy as he runs through the crowds.

{The scene opens to a dimly lit room, a single lightbulb shining over a table with a velvet cloth covering something}

Background female voice: What makes something legendary?

{There is a flash of the image of a White tiger pouncing towards the viewer}

Background female voice: Is it the story of its creation? The battles fought over it? 
The trail of bodies left in the aftermath of its defense or capture?

{As the voice goes on in its direct and to the point speech video of various WWX female superstars sprawled on the mat in pain}

Background female voice: To me it seems odd that something that was once legendary is now cast aside like it no longer can be defended, left to rot on a shelf collecting dust

{As she continued the velvet cloth is slowly pulled away to reveal a recently polished Womens Championship the name plate left with its last owners name intact. The screen blacks out for a moment as a slender Asian female with blood red hair and a sharp determined look in her eyes steps forward a white tiger head emblazed on her leather jacket as she take the Title in her hands and looks at it lovingly before setting it back on the table and stepping away without a single word being spoken}

Background female voice: Legendary things never die they just call for the person actually meant to hold them, and don't worry the Tigress arrives soon....

{A Loud tiger roar ends the promo abruptly as the screen goes black before text reading
Zhang Yi Arriving soon}.
Hart: Welcome back folks, with new arrival Zhang Yi on the horizon, we no further than the upcoming match between Euan Milton and Super Bacon
Lane: That is true, James Ranger just announcing that due to Fill's departure, that Super Bacon will be teaming up with Rayne in the tournament on next week's card to see who will be the next WWX Tag Team Champion
As A New Power plays,Rob Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up.
Bonn: Introducing form Norwich, England....he is the super hero...SUPER BACON!
He runs down into the ring and bounces off the ropes twice goes to the centre of the ring and spreads his arms out again.
Hart: Looking to get on James Ranger's good side, getting what is surely a second chance at the tournament.
Lane: When does our General Manager get this nice? Must be the holidays approaching.
Bonn: And already in the ring, his opponent, from Detriot, Michigan...EUAN MILTON!
Lane: If there was not a more confident man standing before us, don't bother looking elsewhere.
The ref signals for the bell as Euan and Bacon circle the ring. Neither closing the distance, Super Bacon starts slow clapping his hands, getting the fans to clap with him and then by themselves as the duo pick up the pace.
Euan and Bacon lock up but Euan shifts weight, forcing Bacon back against the ropes.
The ref begins the count, warning Euan
Euan backs up, letting go of Super Bacon, the fans cheering at the gesture as the duo reset and begin to circle the ring again.
Once again the duo locks up, but its Super Bacon that gains the advantage twisting the arm to gain leverage, Euan flips, rolls up to his feet as Bacon's position is reversed. Euan takes the moment to connect to pull Bacon in with a devastating clothesline.
Euan coves.
Bacon kicks out as Euan raises his hands away from Bacon
Euan gets up, grabbing ahold of Bacon, whipping him to the corner, he follows it up with a stiff clothesline, stunning Bacon and then connecting with a quick standing dropkick that crumples Bacon
Euan rallies the fans up into a frenzy as he grabs ahold of Bacon, pulling him into the center of the ring, he kicks Bacon in the stomach, immediately dropping him into a DDT.
Euan covers!
Bonn: The winner of tonight's match....EUAN...MILTON!
Hart: Euan Milton with another win as he builds up confidence for his future rankings.
Lane: Bacon put up a strong fight, but just couldn't bring down the house against Euan Milton.

Hart: Up next!
A split screen of Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister preparing for their match...looks of determination on their faces.
Hart: Tommy Lipton ersus Rex McAllister: Round Two of the Best of Five Series! Don't change that channel!

Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back as we're about to begin round two of a war between frienemies.!
Lane: Frienemies...you just said...FRIENEMIES!?
Hart: Yeah..what?
Lane: shakes head nothing.
"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly.


Bonn: This match...is scheduled for one fall, is contested under the Best of Five Series...

 Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring.

Bonn: Out first, hailing from the Sea Isle, New Jersey! Weighing in at 238 lbs...HE IS THE REX MASER!!! REXXXXXXX MCALLISTERRRRR!!(edited)
Hart: Its all about the rebound! Tonight, Rex looks to get the 1 win to tie Tommy's win.
Lane: You know Tommy never won the first, it was gift wrapped, now Rex is looking to take it away from him tonight.
we then cut to backstage where Tommy Lipton stands with James Ranger. 

Tommy: You know James, he was a friend but tonight he's no more than the next step towards the WWX Undisputed Championship. 

James Ranger nods as Tommy prepares to enter the arena. 

In The End plays through the speakers as the fans emerge from their seats with a thunderous applause. 

Tommy turns to face the camera crew following him and says, "Game On" 

Tommy runs down the ramp and slides into the ring. Immediately he attacks Rex McAllister with a spear into the corner. Rex who is severely caught off guard by the sudden aggression is being introduced to some hard hitting haymakers. 

Lane: I didn't see this Coming!

Hart: Don't back a dog into the corner, Rex did that and now the dog bites back! 

Tommy hits him with a jab, and another. Tommy kicks Rex back of his leg... Rex limps and Tommy sweeps him off his feet and lifts him going for the Lipton Slam but Rex escapes. 

The ref orders a break and tells them to seperate. Rex looks shocked by the early aggression from his former partner. Tommy gives a stone cold stare.  The ref calls for the bell....
Hart: Here comes TOMMY!
Tommy blasts back into Rex with reckless abandon, the ref clearly having trouble as Rex is slugging it out with Tommy, but Tommy getting the advantage immediately with a well placed thumb to Rex's eye.
Rex stumbles away as Tommy clearly has no intention of letting him go anywhere, he grabs ahold of Rex, connecting with a vicious european uppercut, stunning Rex onto the ropes, the ref clearly warning Tommy, but chides away when Tommy cuts him down with his eyes.
Tommy turns back to Rex, who immediately goes on the counter attack, laying into Tommy with left and rights of his own. He grabs ahold of Tommy, whipping him, but Tommy reverses as Rex heads towards the ropes, but Rex baseball slides underneath the ropes, clearly putting space between the two.
Tommy goes to roll out of the ring, with Rex clearly putting space between them as Tommy sprints around the corner, only to be blindsided by Rex McAllister's flying tackle, sending both of them into the barricade.
Rex stumbles to this knees as Tommy grabs his shoulder.
Rex to his feet first, taking Tommy by his head, and lifting him up and down upon the ring edge, smacking his face upon the apron
Rex picks tommy, rolls him inside the ring, following close behind. He immediately covers.
Tommy kicks out, Rex covers again
Another kickout by Tommy, frustration showing on the face of Rex McAllister as he tells the ref to count faster.
Rex get picks up Tommy, but split second Canadian Ice Breaker on Rex to a shocked crowd. Tommy instinctively falls on Rex.
Ref covers!
But no Rex kicks out before the third count, much to the surprise of those watching tonight.
Tommy rolls away as does Rex, neither wanting to give the other an advantage. Both get to their feet, charging at each other, connecting with a double clothesline that sends both down.
The ref checks them both, neither showing signs of moving.


Tommy begins to stir to his feet as does Rex
Both manage to get to one knee each
Both are on their feet, Rex with the first strike, but Tommy ducks, lifts him up and away with the Lipton Slam!
Tommy covers as the fans roar!
The bell rings as Tommy rolls away as his theme hits, Rex clearly out of it, rolls away in pain.
Bonn: Winner of the second match.....TOMMY....LIPTON!
Hart: One hell of battle between these two as they decide who gets to be called the #1 Contender to the Undisputed Championship
Lane: No matter how you looked at this, neither man gave an inch.
Hart: looks like Tommy wants to still show he has heart despite what he's done here tonight.
Tommy stands as Rex stands, clearly admitting he is in the wrong...extends his hand, the fans hold their breath in suspense as Tommy ponders...
Hart: Is he really going to do it?

Tommy reaches out accepting the hand, exchanging what seems to be friendly smiles between the two. Looking away to show the fans they're still a team despite it all, he cheers, but Rex pulls him in, dropping him into the Rex Lock!
Lane: Too Good to be true..
Hart: Ref! Get him off Tommy!
Rex McAllister stands up after wrenching back on Tommy Lipton, admiring the work in the ring for a moment and then looks over at a fans... He smirks as he walks away..

Lane: Tommy Lipton of all people should know...never turn your back.
A Split Screen showing Rayne...

Kurtis Ray....

And the WWX Undisputed World Champion Syndicate in deep focus in their separate locker rooms, preparing for the main event. The fans roar in anticipation.

Hart: Up next...the main event...
Lane: Triple Threat Main Event for the World Wrestling Undisputed Championship...and it is live...NEXT!

The shot cuts to the backstage area, where Syndicate is walking down the main hallway of the AT&T Center.  The World title shines on his shoulder as he walks with a purpose, listening to music on his black Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones.

Hart: Our World Champion is on his way!

Lane: He better cherish that belt, because he may never touch it again after tonight.

Suddenly, all the lights backstage go out.

Hart: What the -

Syndicate stops dead in his tracks, surprised by the sudden change.  Curiously, whispers can be heard in the background as Syndicate glances around.

???: It's coming................the time for your repentance draws near............

Syndicate turns around, where he notices something newly placed in the center of the hallway.  A table is now present, and on it sits a single lit candle.

???: You will feel the fire.......you will feel the FURY.........

Syndicate steps backward away from the candle, obviously wierded out by the whole situation.

???: He is coming for you..............RUN.

As the voices shout the final word, the candle goes out.  A short while later, the lights come back on, but the table and candle are gone.

Lane: What in the name of...

Syndicate looks around one more time, entirely confused, before slowly continuing down the hallway towards the Gorilla position.

Bonn: This match is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall..
Bonn: And it is for...the World Wrestling Xistence Undisputed Championship!
The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. 

Bonn: Introducing first, the challengers...from the Battleground state of North Carolina..

Rayne steps out with in a black leather jacket and long black pants. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway. 

Bonn: Representing WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE!.....RAYNE!

Hart: History could be made tonight, as Rayne looks to join the the prestigous club known as world champions.

Upon arrival, Rayne walks to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He slips the jacket off and looks towards the stage awaiting his opponent.
Lane: Does he have what it takes to join the club by besting one former world champion and the reigning champion?

Hart: All aboard the Ray Express!!
As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp.
Bonn: Introducing the second challenger...from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico..HE IS THE HYPE TRAIN....
When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray.
Hart: Once the world champion himself, he lost the belt to Syndicate and was unable to acquire it back at the following ppv last year. Gaining what is truly a feat of strength to get back the focus needed, here he stands now.
Lane: All well and good, but with his recent losses to fellow James Bourne participant Rayne, both still in the race for the tag titles themselves. Can he prove he can overcome this hurdle and become a two time world champion?
He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a  decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring,  immediately walking straight up to Rayne who share an intense staredown that is broken up by the referee.

Hart: The WWX Universe is on its feet for the Outlaw!

Lane: They sure do like Syndicate here, but I don't like his chances in this match.

Syndicate steps out onto the stage with a slight smile on his face, although he is still noticeably spooked by the events that just transpired backstage.  He is wearing his customary blood-red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The World Championship rests proudly on his shoulder as he performs a crucifix pose to rile up the crowd even more.

Hart: This is one of the most anticipated main events in Ravage history!  Syndicate defends his title against Kurtis Ray and Rayne, and you get to see it LIVE!

Syndicate runs down to the ring, slides in, and performs another crucifix pose, this one right in Kurtis Ray's face.  He then walks over to Rayne, arms still outstretched, and starts jawing back and forth with him, as well.

The belt is displayed towards Syndicate, then presented to Kurtis Ray, who merely nods, then to Rayne, who taps it and signals it going around his waist before stepping back into his corner.
All three men, focused and ready wait for the ref signal, who clearly points towards the timekeeper as the fans drive themselves into a frenzy.
All three men step out of the corners, circling the ring, neither looking at one person for more than a second in fear of being cornered.
Then Rayne lunges for Syndicate, Kurtis following as well, neither man caring as they pummel the world champion to his knees before bringing him up and over with a double team snap suplex.
Syndicate immediately grabs his back at the impact from the team up, but neither stop as they both grab him, pushing them to the ropes, whipping across
Syndicate is bounces back, into a double clothesline, the fans split but driven by what they see as an impromptu team up by the challlengers
however as they seek to pick him up, you can see it cracking as Kurtis connects with a vicious european uppercut to Syndicate, daring Rayne to one up him.
Rayne merely turns Syndicate around, lifting him up and over with a german suplex, sending Syndicate rolling out of the ring.
The duo stare each other down in the center of the ring.
Hart: The intensity in this arena is heavy just from these two
Not wasting another moment, the duo slug it out in the ring, neither giving an inch, Kurtis with the advantage, driving Rayne to the ropes, before whipping across the ring, following it up with a big boot to Rayne's face, sending him to the mat.
Kurtis covers Rayne.
Rayne pops to, kicking out, as Syndicate grabs the edge of the ring apron.
Kurtis grabs ahold of Rayne, picking him up, scoop slamming Rayne to the mat with a thunderous impact.
He runs to the ropes, coming back only to be yanked to the mat by Syndicate, stopping his momentum, as Syndicate pulls him out, clocking him with his right, a glimmer of light hitting his fist reflects.
Hart: Did he just clock Kurtis Ray with brass knuckles?!
Lane: Syndicate already desperate to keep his title reign under wraps tonight.
Syndicate smirks as he looks at Kurtis
Syndicate: (off-mic) Any means necessary Kurtis
He rolls into the ring, Rayne coming to as Syndicate stands on his feet.
Rayne charges, looking for a clothesline, but Syndicate ducks and retaliates with a bicycle kick to the back of Rayne's head, sending him to the floor.  Seeing this, Syndicate immediately locks in The Vault to capitalize on the pain shooting through Rayne's head.  However, this is near the ropes, and Rayne is able to get his leg on the bottom one to break the hold.  Syndicate reluctantly lets go and gets up, leaving Rayne on his hands and knees.  Syndicate runs at Rayne, hitting Original Syn on his prone body.  Before he can do any more, however, Kurtis runs in and knocks Syndicate down from behind.
Ray can be seen stumbling around in the ring as the men are tired from the fight. Syndicate comes off the ropes and takes him down with a clothesline as he smashes into the mat. He musters some strength and gets back up as Syndicate comes off the ropes spearing him! The fans are on their feet as he turns around and Rayne kicks him in the chest and goes for the Rayne drop DDT. 

Hart: This could be it folks! We might have a new champion!
Syndicate kicks out, a gasp from the fans in attendance as all three men lie on the mat and are unable to get up.
Kurtis stumbles to his feet, Syndicate groans and rolls over
Rayne is on his feet, clearly struggling but managing
Syndicate rolls to the outside before the ref reaches the count of five.  Ray takes control of the match as Syndicate can be seen laying on the outside. Rayne gets to his feet and sees Ray as he comes over and hits the hangover. He lies on the mat for a moment as Ray once again comes to life and stares over at Rayne. 

He yells “get up” as Rayne uses the ropes to pull himself up. He smashes him into the mat with the death ray!
Kurtis goes for the cover.
But no Syndicate with the split second save...
The fans don't even know how to respond, the look of sheer terror on Syndicate's face as he just saved his title reign from fading.
Syndicate, Rayne, and Kurtis all seem to be struggling as the match wears on. After siuch a high-energy contest, all three men are exhausted, and it is definitely showing. Kurtis is the first to move to lock up with Syndicate, whipping the champ into the ropes, but he's sidelined by Rayne before he can execute whatever he has planned. Rayne takes him to the mat and pounds on the other man, desperate to stop any momentum other than his own. Syndicate intervenes with a dropkick to Rayne, and it is the Champ that hauls Kurtis back to his feet. This time Rayne intervenes, annihilating Syndicate with a big boot. Rayne hooks up with Syndicate, boddily throwing the champ into the corner.

HART: Amazing show of physicality from Rayne.

LANE: He wants it, Mike. All that stands between Rayne and the top of this company is Syndicate.

HART: ....And Kurtis Ray.

Rayne follws Syndicate into the corner, but before he can do anything, Kurtis comes in with a running dropkic to the back, slamming Rayne into Syndicate and Syndicate into the turnbuckle. Kurtis is quick to follow up, grabbing Rayne and whipping him into the opposite corner from the champion. Kurtis pauses in the middle of the ring, looking at Rayne, then at Syndicate. He grins, raising one hand up in the air and pumping his arm, hollering "CHOO CHOO!!" along with the fans. He charges at Rayne, hitting a running dropkick, then does the same to Syndicate. Another dropkick strikes true on Rayne, and then another on Syndicate. The crowd starts to chant for Kurtis as he continues to strike true with dropkicks.

HART: Kurtis Ray is literally railroading these two men.

LANE: Crowds into it. I'm into it. Choo choo, Mr. Ray. Choo choo.

Kurtis is going in for a fifth consecutive dropkick to Rayne when the other man catches him unawares with a devastating clothesline. Rayne looks at Syndicate and then the fallen Kurtis, hauling the other challenger up and nailing a quick Rayne Drop! Rayne is quick to pin Ray.

LANE: After the punishment these men have taken, the fact that Kurtis kicked out after that is nothing short of a miracle.

Rayne looks frustrated and gets in the ref's face, shouting athat it should have been a three count. Syndicate comes out of nowhere with a superkick that sends Rayne over the ropes, and he is quick to pull Kurtis up. He shouts something in the Hype Train's face, following it up with a No Signal!

HART: A valiant effort, but it looks like Syndicate finishes this night on top, just like he said he would.

Syndicate goes for the pin.(edited)


The crowd erupts, and Syndicate is nothing short of shocked. He raises two fingers his jaw slack as he looks down at Ray who is still in it. Syndicate shakes his head, hauling Kurtis up to his feet again. He tries to hook up for the No Signal again, but Rayne interjects with a boot to the side of the head. Kurtis is on his feet, but looks like he might be out on his feet. Rayne smirks, moving to hook up Kurtis for another Rayne drop, but Kurtis slaps his arm away. Rayne looks shocked, but regains his composure quickly, throwing a right hook Kurtis blocks before follwing up with one of his own. Rayne tries again, but Kurtis blocks again and hits another stiff right, and then another. Kurtis Grabs Rayne and hurls him into the ropes, following through with a Death Ray!

Before he can capitalize, Syndicate spins him around and aims a kick into Kurtis' gut but Kurtis blocks that too, catching Syndicate with a hard elbow into the chin.
Kurtis attempts a second Death Ray, but Syndicate struggles, getting free and pushing Kurtis away, backing up into a corner, as the trio are respectively standing in their own corners again.
Syndicate runs over and nails Kurtis Ray in the head with Original Syn!

Hart: The knee!

With Rayne lined up in the opposite corner, Syndicate dashes across the ring and hits the Original Syn on him as well!  After Rayne crumples to the mat, Syndicate stands in the center of the ring and performs a crucifix pose, setting the crowd on fire.


Hart: Syndicate is in the driver's seat!

Immediately as Hart says this, the lights in the AT&T Center go out.

Hart: Again?!?

The whispers that Syndicate heard backstage return.

???: The time has come...........he is here.................you cannot escape.......................RUN.

The lights come back on to reveal Darkness standing in the ring right behind Syndicate!

Darkness has a devilish grin on his face as he stares through the back of Syndicate's head.  Kurtis Ray and Rayne are laying on the outside of the ring, as is the referee.  Syndicate slowly turns around and makes eye contact with the former World Champion, but he is immediately met with Sudden Darkness!

Lane: YES!  Syndicate, after ending the title reign of Darkness, is FINALLY getting his comeuppance!

Darkness stands over the lifeless body of Syndicate, laughing at the champion's weakened state.  Outside, Kurtis Ray and Rayne are looking warily up at Darkness as they make their way to their feet.  Darkness, seeing this, steps back, seemingly allowing Rayne and Kurtis to pick up the scraps.

Lane: One of these two men is going to be GIFTED the World Heavyweight Championship!

The duo slides into the ring and moves towards Syndicate, but then Darkness charges at them, leveling them with a huge double clothesline!

Lane: WHAT!?

Darkness unleashes a cackle before lifting both men back up, clutching their throats, and bringing them down with a double Sudden Darkness!

Darkness quickly then drops the right arm of Syndicate onto the torso of Rayne and then leaves the ring to throw the referee back in.

Lane: Don't count the pin, ref!  Syndicate's gonna retain!

Oblivious to Lane's cries, the ref begins the count.



Bonn: Your winner...and STILLLLLLLLL Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.....SYYYYYYYYYYYYNDICATEEE!!


Darkness stalks back into the ring, and seeing this, the referee swiftly exits.  The #1 Contender walks over and kneels down in front of Syndicate, who only has enough energy to look up at Darkness with defiance.

Darkness (off-mic): You ruined me at Hall of Pain...and now...I'm gonna be the one to ruin YOU.

Darkness spits on the champ and shoves his face into the mat for good measure before exiting the ring and walking up the ramp, satisfied with his work here tonight.

Hart: Darkness wants Syndicate at Holiday Hell, and by God, that's exactly what he's gonna get!  Syndicate retains the title in controversial fashion!

Everyone in the ring, looks towards the entrance ramp, as a pissed off James Ranger is seen coming down the ramp, mic in hand.

He stops short of the ramp itself, a look of rage in his face as he stares at everyone in the ring.

James Ranger: You must be pretty proud of yourself Syndicate...CONgrats...you won...you retained.

Syndicate mouths off defiantly despite what might happen.

James Ranger: Oh i got you though....Darkness. Couldn't wait til Holiday Hell. So here's where this works out. The way i see it..either one of them has a right to get another chance to be in the Holiday Hell main event. So next week. Darkness...and Syndicate are teaming up...in the |BLEEP|ing James Bourne Tag Team Series.

James Ranger: You're either going to win and advance in the tournament as a team...or face losing...but here's the kicker Syndicate....Darkness.

You're facing Rayne and his tag team partner Super Bacon. If Rayne beats you next week. He's added into the world title picture. Kurtis Ray will get his second chance at you the week after Syndicate...believe me.

James Ranger's theme hits as he drops the mic, storming back up the ramp...the look of terror on syndicate's face as Rayne merely looks at him and Darkness, the camera focuses on the WWX Undisputed Championship being clutched tightly by Syndicate.

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