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RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-09 19:53:55



*The WWX Universe erupts as static crackles before turning into "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.*

Hart: The champ is here in Houston!

*Syndicate steps out into the arena.  He is wearing his red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  The World title shines on his left shoulder as he performs a crucifix pose before running down to the ring.  Once inside, he calls for a mic.*

Hart: Syndicate's not wasting any time here tonight!



Syndicate: Over the past year, this city has persevered through so much turmoil.  Hurricane Harvey brought record flooding, and you people have risen above that to rebuild and help others to get their lives back together.  Give yourselves a round of applause.


Syndicate: So it only makes sense that "The Constant", the KING of survival, would make his way to the Toyota Center to take part in a MONSTER main event for all of you.  But before we get to that...I've got some business to take care of.

*He begins to slowly pace around the ring.*

Syndicate: A lot's been said on WWX Heat and on WWXonline.com about this tag match.  Syndicate and Darkness VS Rayne and Super Bacon.  Not only does the champ have to be on the same page as the challenger, but if they fail to work together, Rayne is added to the championship picture.  High stakes for sure.  SO, all I've been asked over the past week is, "How will you coexist with Darkness?"

*Syndicate pauses.*

Syndicate: Everybody knows that Darkness and I hate each other's guts.  It's no secret that I want to hurt the man as much as I possibly can.  But, tonight, we both have the same goal, the same PURPOSE.  Rayne does not belong in between us; in fact, he doesn't belong ANYWHERE near this World title.  Darkness knows that as well as I do.  Thus, he made sure that it would be a one-on-one match at Holiday Hell by ensuring that I retained the title last week.  Now, tonight, I have to work with him to make sure that the same holds true.  Do you people want to see Syndicate and Darkness face off one final time at Holiday Hell?


Syndicate: Then you'll agree that, tonight, Rayne and Super Bacon MUST be defeated.  I don't care what I have to do to make sure that happens.

*The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle. Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.*

Darkness: You know Syndicate that is the only smart thing you have said in a while. It is common knowledge that everybody knows that Rayne doesn't belong anywhere near the match at Holiday Hell including James Ranger. Ranger knows Rayne isn't capable of winning the big one. He is just pissed at me because I ruined his main event last week. Well guess what Ranger, if you keep making stupid decisions like this then I will keep messing them up.

*Darkness moves closer to Syndicate*

Darkness: Now on to more important matters. You... Me... we both know in most circumstances this wouldn't work. This would be a formula for a disaster putting the two of us together but for one night only two of the best wrestlers in the business today take on a part of the weather and not to mention a piece of bacon. Do they really think they stand a chance tonight. 

*Syndicate shakes his head which causes the crowd to cheer*

Darkness: Rayne and Bacon, you both know what is going to happen tonight so I'm not going to waste my breath on it. Just know one thing Rayne, I ended your title chances last week and after tonight your title hopes will be no....

[“Aint No Grave” begins blaring over the pa system. The lights in the arena go dim as the music continues to drum out. After a few moments, the music stops playing and the lights come back on. Rayne can be seen standing in the ring next to Darkness and Syndicate. He slowly raises the mic, his voice full of anger].

Rayne: No..what?

[Syndicate and Darkness turn around and jump back in surprise. He stares at both men for a moment and raises the mic to continue speaking].

Rayne: You see, I had all plans to come out here tonight, further insult both of your small little intelligence, ego, and…well you know the rest…but there's really no reason to do that. You prove each and every week how dumb the two of you really are. 

[The fans cheer for a moment as he continues].

Rayne: No gentlemen, tonight will be much different now. You see, I am more than tired of hearing about how I don’t deserve to be here. Let's face facts. I have beat you more times than you have me Darkness, that’s a fact. So to say that I don’t deserve to be in the same ring as you is nothing more than a myth. You are nothing more than a myth, a has been, and I intend to prove that to you once more tonight. And you…

[Rayne pushes past Darkness and steps up to Syndicate. The two men stand face to face as the fans continue to cheer].

Rayne: You…don’t deserve what you walk around with. You know just as well as these people do that last week, that belt was going home with either Ray or I. The fact that you used your little goon over there to help you proves nothing more than you were scared of competition. Sure, you could go about and fight one of us one on one, and hey, maybe actually catch the win. Orrr…you could go on to face this jack ass *points at Darkness* and secure yet another pay per view victory for yourself. And then for weeks on end it would be “Oh, look what I did”. You are like a child. Expecting to be praised for every step you take like you just learned to walk. You remind me of a child that’s still potty training. Well tonight, Potty training is over. Its sink or swim time. 

[Rayne steps back and stares at both men as the fans are on their feet yelling “this is awesome”].

Rayne: Unlike the two of you, I busted my ass to get where I am and there isn’t a single one of you going to take it away from me. You want to see devious? You want tricks? You want games? Well schools in session boys because I ASSURE YOU I can play them a whole hell of a lot better than you ever could. I don’t need to stand out here and prance around yelling “look at me”. I will get this done tonight. I will move onto Holiday Hell, and I will capture what is mine. And there isn’t a damn thing either one of you are going to do about it. 

[Rayne throws the mic down as the lights in the arena dim out again. They turn back on as Rayne is nowhere to be seen]

*Inside the ring, Darkness and Syndicate warily look at each other.  Syndicate chuckles, smiles at Darkness, and leaves the ring with the World title over his shoulder.  Darkness watches after Syndicate as he walks up the ramp and through the curtain.*

Hart: Will Darkness and Syndicate be able to work together?  Can Rayne overcome the odds?  We'll see later tonight!

(Zhang Yi v. Kailee: No Contest)

[The screen opens on Bob Mellon backstage using a punching bag. He is sweating a lot.  He has said that the title match doesn't really matter in his opinion, yet this obviously means a lot looking at how heavily he's  training. Suddenly the door swings open and Krimson Blaze swaggers in with Fozzy Ozbourne.]

Blaze: Hey Mellon!

Mellon: You have got to be kidding me. (Punches the bag one last time) What do you want, Blaze? 

Blaze: No, no man! I'm just here to see how you're doing!

[He notices the punching bag and chuckles]

Blaze: Oh, that's cute! You're training, hours before our match!

Ozborne: Ha!

Mellon: Watch it, Fozzy! I will break you and that trinket you carry on your shoulder before you even have a chance to react. This is my time and my space. You two need to get out of here before something serious happens to both of you! 

[Mellon pushes Krimzon away viciously and Fozzy lifts his arm to punch until Blaze signals for him to stop.]

Blaze: No Foz, I can win my own fights. In fact, why don't you leave us for a minute to... talk.

[Fozzy Ozborne walks out and  shuts the door while Blaze is staring out Mellon.]

Blaze: Listen, Melon head. You say I haven't got talent and that you don't care that you lose, because you'll just earn it back, but this is not how it's gonna work. I may be a 'good guy' but I'm going to decimate you.

Mellon: Oh really? Let me get this straight, big guy… You beat that pathetic excuse of a wrestler, Tom Black, and now you think you'll beat the Beast one on one in the squared circle? (Mellon starts laughing to himself) We all know what will happen. Black's out cold laying in his own blood and urine after the first 5 minutes while you and I continue to battle until I put you on the mat, 1, 2, 3. 

[Suddenly the lights go out in the room and there's an eerie silence. You can feel the feel the fear in the room. When the lights turn on and there is a man in a hooded jacket. When this mysterious man takes the jacket off, you see a man in black, leather trousers and a tight, black shirt. He has a mask on one side of his face. It's the Dark One, Tom Black!]

Black: Hello ladies, someone said my name?

[For a moment they just stare at him until Mellon speaks out.]

Mellon: Come on! Black, I swear to god, if you think you can… (interrupted by Black) 

Black: Oh, someone said my name and I realised it sounded like Bob Mellon, my enemy, so I decided I would shut you both up!

Blaze: Wait a minute, wait a minute, you're telling me, Krimzon Blaze, that you're here to shut US up, 2 legends, 2 hall of famers? We  both shut you up in the ring so really you should be the one to shut YOU up.

Black: You say that but do you seriously think that I would just LET Mellon beat me? Yes, you guessed it, that scrawny interviewer shut Mellon up, and so am I!

Mellon: Tom, you honestly cannot be serious. Just because you beat some 5'6 Brazilian in some MMA octagon last week, doesn't mean you can beat us. Have you seen what has happened to you the past two weeks? Do we need to show you the footage?!? Am I going crazy here?!

Blaze: Of course, I will beat Mellon AND yo...

Black: Krimzon, Bobby, you need to realise that I am a man who doesn't give up. I've beaten Legends and main eventers like you before. I've put champions in their place, and tell me, how will you two, sorry 3, I almost forgot Mr TV champ who needs tucking in, in the next door room, beat me?

Blaze: Well, Tom, what I was going to say was, how long have you been in this business? Since March? Wow! You really aren't the veteran you're made out to be, you're a baby compared to us, in fact, you probably were a baby when we started our wrestling careers.

Mellon: This may be the only moment you ever hear me utter these next words but… I agree with Blaze on that! You ARE a baby.

Black: Say that one more time, and you're going to meet the floor.

Mellon and Blaze: BABY!

[Without saying a word, Tom picks up Mellon on his shoulders ready for a black hole, when Blaze pulls Bob off and dropkicks Tom, as Black's getting back up Mellon runs at Blaze from behind and gives a lethal clothesline. Mellon turns around and is sent flying into the wall. Before anymore can be done, referees walks in and sees them fighting they run inbetween them and they stop.]

Referees: STOP!

[The trio stop and stare each other down]

Blaze: I'll see you tonight.

[They carry on the brutal death stare as the screen fades to black.


[We come back from commercial to see Hardcore Hughes and Jack Hammerstone in the ring. Lyin From You/Dirt off Your Shoulder begins blaring over the speakers. As Jay-Z takes over for Linkin Park, The Empire comes bursting through the curtain. Damian Price leading the way, Xavier carrying the Race for the Case, the pair are flanked by Beatrice Pendragon and Penelope Creed. Creed has a microphone in her hand as she begins to speak.]

Creed: Ladies and Gentlemen, accompanied to the ring by myself and Beatrice Pendragon, I present to you the most dominant team in WWX history, The Race for the Case holder, Xavier Pendragon and your next WWX Television Champion, Damian Price- THE EMPIRE!!

[As the crowd begins to cheer, Price and Pendragon stalk down to the ring, all business. Price removes his ring jacket, handing it off to Creed before climbing into the ring. Pendragon is already inside and the pair begin stretching out as they briefly go over strategy in the corner.]

BONN: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 570 pounds, the team of Jack Hammerstone and Hardcore Hughes!

(The crowd boos the two men as they pose in the ring before the two bruisers fall back into talking their own strategy.)

BONN: Introducing next, weighing in at 502 pounds, the team of Damian Price and Xavier Pendragon.... EMPIRE!

(The crowd pops for the team of Pendragon and Price, but they seem largely nonplussed, continuing to talk shop. The referee calls for the bell and, after a moment of conversation, it is Damian Price and Jack Hammerstone that lock up in the center of the ring. Hammerstone drives an elbow into Price's skull, following it up with an irish whip into the rops. In a surprising display, Price comes back and nails a V-Trigger on Hammerstone!)

HART: Price may have ended this already

(Damien looks surprised, then heads to the Empire's corner to tag in Pendragon. The two men chat for a moment before running at Hughes and knocking him off the apron with a running double dropkick. The fans are firmly behind the empire as they rush back over to Hammerstone. Xavier hauls up Hammerstone and Price nails another V-Trigger. Xavier goes for the pin.)

REF: 1.......... 2........... 3!!!

(The referee calls for the bell, and the crowd pops again.)

BONN: The winners of this match by pinfall.... The Empire!

(Xavier and Damien looks less than thrilled at the outcome of the match, but they raise each other's hands in victory.)


The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song, Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage trying to grab at all of the attention good or bad. Fozzy's bodyguard Sam Crow can be seen behind Fozzy looming in the background like a protective force. Fozzy sports his leopard print fur coat and oversized white framed sunglasses as he centers himself on stage.

He delivers a Jesus Christ pose as a bright spotlight shines down on him. He starts shaking his head about in a cocky fashion and makes his way down the ramp mouthing the words to his own theme as the spotlight and Sam Crow follow.


He blows a few kisses to some of the female fans ramp side. Once ringside he jaw jacks with a few of male fans front row and slams his feet against the ring steps as he walks upon the ring apron.

Bonn: Accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard Sam Crow. From Vancouver British Columbia Canada weighing in at 135 pounds the WWX Television Champion THE TREND KILLER!! FOZZZZZZZZZZZZZY OZZZZZBOURNE!

Once inside the ring he walks to the middle of the ring looking around at the crowd with a disgusted look on his face. He then runs up to the corner post and jumps up to the second turnbuckle and crosses his arms to his chest to a chorus of boos from the fans. He takes off his cheap sunglasses and throws them in the crowd followed by his fur coat and tosses it to the outside of the ring. Sam Crow patrols the outside of the ring as Fozzy gets ready for a fight. 

Fozzy calls for a mic instead and is handed one. He unstraps the television title from his waist and throws it to the canvas. 

Fozzy: Last week on Ravage I was screwed over by Xavier and his goon squad and it cost me my first loss here in WWX. I'm not too happy about that. I realize I couldn't be undefeated forever but I thought I had Xavier beat. So rather than count this as a loss I'll count it as a screw job and a learning experience. That no matter how hard you try if the powers that be want a certain guy to win he's going to win. We all know Xavier has a bit of pull backstage so if he wants to politicize himself up a win then go ahead. That's what he has amounted to in WWX. A slimy worm who can't cut it on his own he needs his wife and boyfriend to fight his battles for him. I don't respect you Xavier you are everything that's wrong with this business.

The fans boo as Fozzy encourages it by walking around the ring waving and smiling.

Fozzy: Go ahead let it all out cause I hate all of you fake cowboys and this stinking state of Texas.

More boos

Lane: Fozzy really trying to get on the bad side of this crowd.

Fozzy: A bunch of FAT redneck pieces of garbage if I've ever seen any. You wanna BOO ME! The greatest most entertaining TV Champ in WWX history?! You pay to come BOO me you morons not the other way around. You are nobodies. You will live with the fact that you are ordinary regular boring people and guys like ME are on top of the food chain. I am a superstar HELL I' AM A MEGASTAR!! and that's just a fact of life. I'm the guy who you pay to see, your the peons  who watch as you get fatter. You cheer for people like Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price because you are mindless sheep who revel in the adulation of these clowns.

Fozzy laughs

Fozzy: For anyone who is curious as to who this guy is patrolling the outside of the ring. Let me introduce to you my buddy The Berzerker Sam Crow he's my bodyguard. After last week and that screw job I've decided to hire somebody to watch my back. Sam and I are in a band together called Trend Killer Syndicate and anywhere I go he's with me watching my back. A revolution is brewing underneath the surface and nobody has realized it yet. It starts with me and him.

Fozzy points out Sam who standing on the outside of the ring.

Fozzy: Moving forward I am a man of my word. Last week Willie Steen beat the king of pro wrestling who can't win a match to save his career Damina Price.

Hart: Damina?

Lane: Obvious insult.

Fozzy: So I'll hold up my end of the bargain and face you for that title at Holiday Hell. Not that it will matter, my reign as Television Champion will continue into 2018 and a guy like you Willie will fall to the wayside as I continue to rise through the ranks of WWX. I'm not going to let some silly loss slow me down at all. My singular focus is now on you Willie and defending that title. Are you going to be able to hang with me Willie? Are you going to be able to overcome the relentless onslaught I plan for you. It's nothing personal really, I mean I kind of respect you in some ways. You've built one hell of a career for yourself in WWX. That's what I like the longer the resume the better for me cause when I beat you, I topple that resume and climb one rung higher on the ladder of success.

Fozzy picks up the TV title and starts swinging it around like a helicopter spin eventually landing on the top rope with him hanging on to it. 

Fozzy: Being the TV Champ is a pretty sweet gig, it allows me to call some shots. So here is what I propose and I hope James Ranger is listening. I need a high level intense insane kind of match to showcase my star power at Holiday Hell. I want a five star match I want this match to steal the show. Since everyone in the WWX Universe hate my guts I'll let them choose my demise. I propose we put up a poll with a bunch of different match types on WWXOnline.com and let the WWX Universe choose my demise. Whatever match that is picked the most Willie and I will have a Holiday Hell. I could care less if it's a hardcore candy cane on a pole match. Throw every bad possible gimmick out there and vote for it. That's what I bring as your Television Champion. CHOOSE MY DEMISE!!! Willie Steen if you have any guts you will agree to this so we can get the nerds on the website to post the poll. As YOUR WWX Television Champion I will continue to innovate new and exciting things for this division. IF YOU WANT BLOOD..... YOU GOT IT!!!!

Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Guerilla Radio hits the PA system. Fire works fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through.  Fozzy freezes up a little at the sight of Bob Mellon appearing on the ramp.

Bonn: Introducing first, from the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York..weighing in at 320 pounds...HE IS THE WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE...INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION....THE BEAST...BOB MELLON!(edited)

Hart: Looks like Fozzy isn't leaving just yet.

Lane: Shouldn't he be here to support his tag team partner? He has protection with him tonight.
He marches down to the ring ignoring the fans on both side. House lights to half when he arrives to the ring. The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast". Fozzy is already out of the ring and around the side as Bob stares him and his bodyguard down.

Hart: Their brief clash earlier tonight was anything but friendly, but can Fozzy keep his nose out of this match up?

Lane: I would do anything to ensure that my tag team partner wins tonight, especially considering Bob's speciality

The Beast rips of his shirt as the crowd boos vehemently. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up.

The arena goes black, but a single white spotlight emits at the top of the stage as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen at the top of the ramp

Bonn: Introducing his opponent...respresenting Detriot, Michigan, weighing in at 215 pounds...THE AERIAL SPECIALIST....KRIMZON....BLAAAAAZE!

Hart: A mere  three weeks away, can the momentum shift further in Krimzon Blaze's corner heading into Holiday Hell?

Lane: Let's face it, danger lurks right now personified in this ring right now, the odds are not in his favor.

Blaze walks down the ramp way towards the ring as he claps as many hands as he can before giving a young fan a pair of his trademark KB glasses before entering the ring as green pyro erupts on all four corners as he stares down Bob unclipping the International Championship and raising it in the air at the moment the pyro goes off.

Hart: Considering the exchange they had earlier today as well, was he able to get into Bob Mellon's head?

Krimzon gets back into his corner as Bob, immediately hands the championship belt folded to the referee....

Hart: Are we having another one this week?

Lane: Bob has confidence the size of America...are you doubting him?

The referee nods quickly as he goes to Bonn explaining what is happening, all the while Fozzy and Sam stand on Krimzon's side of the outer ring area.


Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen...

Bonn: This match is scheduled for one fall...

Crowd: ONE FALL!!

Bonn: And it is for...


The ref looks in both ways before signaling the bell, immediatley Bob charges at Krimzon
Krimzon immediately sidesteps out of the corner but Bob matches him move for move, keeping him against the ropes.

Forced to do nothing else, Krimzon holds to the ropes, the ref stepping inbetween them briefly warning the champion.

Krimzon steps forward as Bob merely smirks stepping back.
The duo circle the ring, before locking up in the middle, but Bob feints the lock up, kicking 

Krimzon in the gut, causing him to double over
Immediately following it up, he clubs Krimzon across his back, stunning him before grabbing him around his waist, and suplexing him to the mat.

Fozzy tries to get up in defense at the corner, yelling at the way Bob is rough handling his opponent, but the ref instructs him to get down as Bob picks Krimzon up and lifts Krimzon up for a display of strength, before dropping on his back upon the mat via back suplex
Bob covers



Krimzon kicks out, but Bob viciously scoops him up while getting up to his feet, raising him up and down upon his knee.

The knee connecting his Krimzon's back as he lifts him up and back down for another vicious attack, the anguish clearly being shown on his face yet

The ref checks on Blaze, all the while Fozzy again gets up to this feet. Complaining of hte mistreatment, but the ref threatens him being thrown out, so he backs down.

The fans begin roar disapproval as Bob finishes off the triad of attacks to Krimzon's back by shifting him around into the back belly suplex.
Bob covers



Fozzy pulls Bob with all his might out of the ring, delaying the third count.

Hart: He definitely has a death wish

Bob, angry at the display steps towards Fozzy, but Sam Crow stands in front of Fozzy, the duo 
having a brief staredown

Bob turns towards the ring, only to get a flying tackle from the Krimzon Blaze, sending him into the metal barricades behind him. Fozzy cheers for Krimzon as  the challenger grabs ahold of Bob, sending back into the ring as he climbs the steps to the turnbuckle

Hart: Krimzon has to take the risk he wishes to capitalize

Krimzon stands on the top turnbuckle, eyeing Bob as he gets up to one knee..he goes for the hurricanrana..he spins Bob around by the neck with his legs
But Bob uses the momentum to his advantage, lifting him up and back down with sitdown powerbomb. He pins Krimzon Blaze




Noo...KRIMZON kicks out at the last possible second, the fans rallying behind him
Bob looks furious as he stands up , Fozzy watching him as he goes for the ropes, he grabs one of Bob's legs, causing Bob to stumble

He turns around, ignoring the ref as he gets to the ropes, arguing with Fozzy.

LANE: Just finish off Krimzon damnit!

Hart: Krimzon is coming to!

Krimzon crawls over, clearly desperate to ensure the win, hits The Beast with a low blow while the ref is arguing with Fozzy and Sam Crow. The Beast crumples to the mat...Krimzon goes to cover


The fans reach a fever pitch of excitement


Tom Black is seen rushing down to ringside, steel chair in hand, he slides into the ring, raising the chair up into the air..


Krimzon gets up  to face Tom Black, only to be cracked across the face with it. The ref signals for the bell.


Fozzy immediately tries to get into the ring, but is met with a threatening getsure by Black who smacks the chair onto the ropes

Bonn: Your winner by disqualification......KRIMZON BLAZE!

Krimzon rolls out of the ring as Bob comes to...Fozzy and Sam back away and start to high tail it out of the ring as Black turns over to the champion.

He drops the chair onto the ground right in front of Bob. He grabs ahold of him, positioning him over the chair. BLACK HOLE upon the steel chair as "My Curse" plays in the arena. He motions for the belt around his waist as Krimzon is seen leaning against the barricades in pain, Bob Mellon is pain in the ring.


A Welcome Burden" by disturbed blares through the public announce system. The crowd reacts with shattering boos. Rex McAllister walks out slowly from beyond the curtain to center stage with a microphone in hand already.

Hart: I think it would be a bit of an understatement at this point to say that Rex McAllister may have bit off a little more than he could chew in this best of five series against his former partner, Tommy Lipton! He's down 2-0, and his straight intense look says it all, no more playing games it seems.

Lane: More like an over-exaggeration if you want my take on the nonsense that just left your mouth, Mike! Rex McAllister is one of the true faces of this company. Talents like Rex don't just go away in the blink of an eye! He'll get one this week in the tables match, he HAS TO!

Rex walks down the ramp, still showing his intense look as he walks up the ringsteps and immediately enters the ring. "A Welcome Burden" fades as Rex scans the crowd from left to right.


Rex raises his microphone to speak. Rex nods his head.

Rex McAllister: Yeah...you chant sweep. If you asked me, it sounds like you already know what's to come for your famed Houston Rockets!

The crowd reacts negatively as Rex continues

Rex McAllister: Or how about them Texans, huh? Probably love how they get swept every season. Just one and done each time!


Rex smirks slightly

Rex McAllister: See, in companies such as the National Basketball Association and the National Football League you've constantly got what you call a competitive atmosphere. It's a team game. You got guys that are goal-oriented, well prepared, and...competitive.  Each player has a certain motivation that they take with them each time they have the opportunity to showcase their talents for all to see. 

Rex slowly paces around the ring, scanning the crowd once more. Rex speaks some more.

Rex McAllister: It's that motivation keeps driving them, continuing to push them into overdrive when everything is on the line. Wrestling, it works the same way. You get what you put into it. We're all motivated to go out and show the world why we stand on the platform that we do, and we continuously use it to exhibit what makes us great. 

Rex lowers his microphone, taking in the crowd noise. Rex raises his head upward, closes his eyes as the crowd noise continues at a fevered pitch. Rex opens his eyes now and lowers his head back straight ahead.

Rex McAllister: I'm in an interesting position. A position that nobody would envy in the least. A position where most would look at their current situation, think the worst the case scenario, and see nothing but that. Just imagine if I were the Houston Rockets down in a series by two or three games against the Golden State Warriors, or maybe the Houston Texans down by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter against the the Super Bowl Champions, The New England Patriots. Try to take that in for a moment. Think about the situations and the scenarios and give an honest assessment.

The crowd reacts inaudibly

Rex McAllister: Place them in those scenarios one hundred times out of one hundred, and neither situation or scenario plays out with the Golden State Warriors or New England Patriots losing. 

Hart: Well...

Lane: He's not lying, Mike! Both Houston teams would be toast!

Hart: But, what's he getting at?

Rex McAllister: See, fortunately for me I'm not like your sports teams, Houston. I'm better, much better. So while you all chant for a sweep, I'm going to accept every bit of the jeers and heckling, because I know deep down just like you do, that I'm not like those two constant failing franchises. They both would go into those scenarios with the wrong mindset, simply looking to play for pride the rest of the way until the final ending comes, confirming what we already knew from the start.

The crowd reacts some more, most of it negative.


Rex McAllister: But while those two powerhouses, the Warriors and the Patriots have the killer instinct necessary to finish it off, I don't see that being the case here in the least. Tommy Lipton, he's not a powerhouse. He hasn't shown that he possesses the killer instinct necessary to put me away for good. 

Rex looks into the main camera as he continues.

Rex McAllister: What is your motivation, Tommy? The Undisputed World Title, right? So why is it that when you have had a chance to look like the powerhouse that these people, that everyone expects you to be. Why is it that you haven't showed up ready some weeks, or let your guard down like you did the last? If you want to win, Tommy, you can't do that. Not against anyone, certainly not against me. When-

*In The End* plays and Tommy Lipton walks out.


Tommy: Rex oh Rex... You can stand out here mocking these fans sports teams and I say go ahead keep doing it. Tonight these fans will take even more pleasure in watching you fall. 


Tommy: What motivates me? Is it the money? No I have that... is it perhaps the glory and fame? When I lower this Mic a Lipton Rocks chant will begin... 

Tommy lowers the Mic and the crowd comes to life.


Tommy: I have glory and fame. I have held titles including the undisputed. I am a Legend... So what motivates me? Is it the women? Oh they are great and celeb status definitely has its perks but no it's not the women, sorry ladies you know Tommy here loves ya! So what motivates me Rex? You mention powerhouse, I sure am one... and sure I know I carry one heckova punch and these fans know it! And Rex you now know it too! Last week I took you down just as I said I would. Tonight I look to finish the job. 


Tommy: Last week felt like you didn't show up ready for a fight and yet you pass warnings to me not to do that to You? Rex, last week I did drop my guard because I thought our brotherhood may have still meant something. But it's clear you are just a dog who needs to be put down. 
Tommy scratches his head.

Tommy: Every week I show up, some weeks I win some weeks I lose but I show up to fight every week. What motivates me is the fact that I simply just love whooping ass and tonight Ill have a shot to whoop yours again! I am coming and say what you will, but you are in a serious threat of being swept 3 weeks in a row! See you later on Rex... I can't wait!


*In The End* plays and Tommy Lipton drops the Mic and exits the ramp*


WWX Undisputed Championship Match

Syndicate(c) v. Darkness 

WWX International Championship Triple Threat Match

Tom Black v. Krimzon Blaze v. Bob Mellon(c)

WWX Television Championship Match

Fozzy Ozbourne(c) v. Willie Steen

Card Subject To Change.

The arena goes black before white strobe lights start flash all throughout the arena. A few moments pass before the theme for the Huskers tunnel walk starts playing over the pa system.

Bob Mellon picture appears suddenly on the video tron with the reaction of anger and boos. A few seconds passes before two arms of a man crossed in an x stamps out the picture of Bob. 

The picture then fades before Euan Milton pops onto the screen.  The crowd reacts the same with hate of boos and yells.  Just like before the set of arms come slamming down on the picture.  Again it fades.

The speed which this is happening starts to speed up when Hardcore Hughes appears but instantly has the arms get stamped onto the picture just to fade quickly.

Jack Hammerstone appears, stamped,  then fades…

Just as the music climaxes the light's turn off and the music stops. You can hear the buzz of the crowd getting louder just as the lights and music starts just as Fuzzy Ozbourne picture shows up on the video tron. This time though the image stays. The crowd erupts in boos.

Fozzy’s image fades before words show up saying…




The image of Fozzy re-appears as the cheers switch to boos just for a moment as the arms in a x stamps down on Fozzy. The crowd cheers once again as the image fades.

Suddenly more words appear…..



The crowd has a mixed reaction before the lights go back to normal as the music fades….

The camera cuts to the backstage area of the Toyota Center, where Leon Jones, dressed in a crisp blue suit, faces the camera with a WWX-branded mic in his hand.

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Syndicate.

On cue, Syndicate steps out and stands next to Leon.  With the World title gleaming on his left shoulder, he is dressed in a red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, and black denim jeans.  A smile envelops his face as he speaks.

Syndicate: Great to be here with you, Leon.

Jones: Now, Syndicate, you are teaming up with your opponent at Holiday Hell, Darkness, later tonight to face off against Rayne and Super Bacon.  If you lose, Rayne will be added to the World title picture.  We heard what you had to say earlier tonight, but do you have any final thoughts going into tonight's main event?

*Syndicate chuckles.*

Syndicate: Well, Leon, no matter what happens tonight, the end result of all this madness won't change.  I have promised, since day one of the Age of Syndicate, that I would rule with an iron fist.  Even if Rayne gets into the title picture, even if I have to face him and Darkness and Kurtis Ray and every other member of the WWX roster at Holiday Hell, the Los Angeles Outlaw will still be walking out as champion.

Jones: Do you think you have tonight's matchup "in the bag", so to speak?

Syndicate: Anything can happen in the WWX...but to echo back to my most famous saying, "Nothing ever changes."  I am the best wrestler, I am the best talker, and I am the best possible champion this company could have asked for.  I know what Rayne's capable of doing, oh yes...but he should know the same about me.  I have leveled giants, I have brought down the KINGS of professional wrestling, and now, I stand here as your World Heavyweight Champion.  That ain't no fluke, and my victory here tonight won't be either.

Jones: What about Rayne's partner, Super Bacon?  Do you have any words for him?

*Syndicate acts as if he is confused.*

Syndicate: Who?

*He laughs and walks past the camera as Leon watches.*

(The show comes back from commercial to find all four men already in the ring. Tinordi and Glazebrook are playing to the fans and generally don;t appear to be paying much attention while on the other side of the ring, the tension between Ray and Steen is palpable.)

HART: Steen and Ray don't looks to be on the same page at all going into this contest.

LANE: Kurtis Ray has been in a foul mood since last week's Ravage. And who can blame him?

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen, our next contest is a tag team match! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 572 pounds, the team of Matt Glazebrook and Gary Tinordi.... 420!!

(The crowd pops for the fan-favorite tag team, and Tinordi and Glazebrook play to the crowd.)

BONN: Introducing next, weighing in at 481 pounds, the team of Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen!

(The crowd reaction is more mixed for the ragtag duo, but Ray and Steen pay it no heed as they continue to argue. Steen gets into Ray's face and points for him to get out of the ring as the referee calls for the bell. Kurtis sneers at Steen, who finally shoves the Hype Train. Kurtis grabs Willie by the head and bodily hurls him out of the ring.)

HART: ...Looks like Kurtis Ray is starting for his team.

LANE: Somebody should check on Willie Steen, it looks like he landed badly.

(Kurtis is still watching Steen and Tinordi takes the opportunity to strike, charging at Ray. Kurtis ducks him at the last moment, shoving Tinordi into the ropes and following up with a Death Ray!)

HART: It's over!

(Glazebrook climbs into the ring, charging at Kurtis who ducks him the same as Tinordi, shoving the larger man into the ropes and following up with another Death Ray!)

LANE: And down goes Matt Glazebrook.

(Kurtis pins both men, and the referree goes for the count.)

REF: 1! 2!! 3!!!

(The referee calls for the bell and Kurtis stands, looking down at the two members of 420. He leaves the ring now, ignoring the shouts of Willie Steen at Ringside as he makes his way up the ramp.)

BONN: The winners of this match by pinfall, Willie Steen and Kurtis Ray!

(Kurtis pauses on the ramp as the fans cheer for him, then disappears into the backstage area.)


[We cut to backstage. WWX General Manager James Ranger is seen walking down a hallway. He comes to a door bearing his name next to it, clearly his office. He pauses for a moment before pushing the door open. Inside the room, the camera pans around to reveal a security guard lying in a slump in the corner. It further pans around to reveal Ranger's full view, with another security guard lying in the rubble of his desk. We see Penelope Creed sitting in his chair, her feet propped up on the guard, with Damian Price pacing behind her. She has a smile on her face as she stands.]

Ranger: What do you think you're doing here?

Creed: How nice to see you, Mr. Ranger. I'd like to apologize for your office. It's just that my client here was understandably upset about your decision to leave him out of the Television Title match at Holiday Hell. I thought it best to let him get his anger out and keep him from putting his hands on you and doing something we might all regret.

[By this point, Creed has reached Ranger. She reaches up and straightens his suit jacket and tie. She still has the smile on her face.]

Creed: Now while I'm sure this is just a simple mistake, maybe you just forgot to put him on the card. My client seems to think differently, and it is becoming harder and harder to keep him from doing something drastic. Now, take as much time as you need to correct this mistake, I understand paperwork can get in the way. Just realize there may come a day when I can no longer keep my client from doing something we might all regret. Have a good day, Mr. Ranger.

[Without another word, Creed exits the room, with Price close behind her.]

(The feed cuts to the backstage interview area. Leon Jones is standing by with a microphone and Kurtis Ray is nearby, currently chatting with a pair of production assistants and paying Leon exactly no attention.)

LEON: I'm joined backstage by Kurtis Ray. Thanks for taking the time to chat, Kurtis.

(Kurtis continues to ignore Leon, too caught up in relating some take to take notice of the interviewer.)

LEON: Uh, Kurtis?

(Kurtis sighs and turns to face Leon, his expression exasperated.)

KURTIS: Middle of a conversation, dude. Kinda rude.

(Kurtis notices the camera and sighs, waving off the two PAs and turning his attention to Leon.)

KURTIS: Kinda surprises me they sent you, Leon. I thought you were Syndicate's go to interview stooge. Did he give you permission to go off leash?

(Leon's eye twitches, but he maintains his composure. Kurtis scrutinizes the interviewer for a moment before he grins.)

KURTIS: Relax, I'm only kidding. Make with the questions, I got other stuff I gotta get to.

(Leon nods, letting out a breath.)

LEON: Last week on Ravage, you faced off against Syndicate and Rayne, and there are a lot of people praising your performance in that match. There are even people who think you might have walked away with the title if not for Darkness getting involved. What's your take?

(Kurtis looks surprised for a moment, then his smirk settles back into place.)

KURTIS: You pretty much just hit the nail on the head, Leon. Before Darkness stuck his big nose in it, there was a moment when I knew, when Rayne knew, when Syndicate knew, when the whole Universe knew that I all but had that match in the bag. You might argue that Syndicate came back with whatever it is he wants to call his little leg lariat, but if the Rayne Drop and the No Signal couldn't put me out, a knee to the head ain't gonna be enough to derail the Hype Train.

LEON: We'll never really know what could have happened. The fact is, next week on Ravage, you've got a shot against Syndicate to become a part of the main event at Holiday Hell. Not only do you have to contend with the current champion, but we've heard that Darkness is quite insistent that his rematch with Syndicate be a 1-on-1 match. What are your thoughts?

(Kurtis fakes looking thoughtful for a moment, theatrically stroking his goatee.)

KURTIS: What do I think? What I think, Leon, is that Darkness should be prepared to be disappointed. I'm sure you remember a few months ago when I faced off against Darkness in the Crusade Cup finals. That was a match that Darkness won, because of Syndicate. And then in an insult to injury moment, because of my own lack of focus, I lost my title rematch. Actually, distracting myself from your question for a moment, since I beat Syndicate for the title, he hasn't beat me in a match without my having wrestled someone else earlier in the night or without dropping me head first on a pile of chairs. So what's my point of view with Darkness? I think if he wants to go to Holiday Hell and end up in a singles match, he better pray for a damn miracle. I'm the hardest working wrestler on this roster, and you better believe I'm hungry. After I got gypped out of my title win last week, as far as I'm concerned Darkness has just a big of a target on him as Syndicate does.

(Leon nods, checking a card. He holds his finger up to an earpiece.)

LEON: I'm being told we have time for one more question. Kurtis, what about Rayne?

(Kurtis eyes leon evenly now, his expression largely unreadable.)

KURTIS: I know Rayne is hungry, and he's proven he can put up a good fight. A week ago I was calling for these guys to put on a great match for the fans. Now I will tell you in no uncertain terms that, respect or not, if Rayne gets involved in my match against Syndicate, if he costs me my opportunity at getting what I've earned and arguably deserve, then I will destroy him the same as I will Syndicate and the same as I will darkness. They won;t like it. The fans might not like it. But you know what? Casualties are a part of being a star. The Hype Train is coming. Get on board or get off the tracks.

(Leon looks like he's about to say something, but Kurtis bumps past him as the walks away.)

"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. 

Bonn: Introducing first....he hails from SEA ISLE, NEW JERSEY!.....HE'S THE REX MASTER!!!!.....REXXXXX!!! MCALLLIIIISSSTTERRR!!!!

Hart: Well, this is it, Gary! This man, Rex McAllister, has to win, or it's forget about getting a shot at the Undisputed World Championship!

Lane: Yeah, it's quite a surprise to see him in this position, but even more surprising is the look on his face. He's not looking fazed in the least by this. Did you hear him earlier tonight? He's either completely nuts to believe he's got nothing to worry about, or he's lying to himself! Look how confident he looks! YOu would believe by that look that he's actually up 2-0!

Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence". Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring. A Welcome Burden fades.

Hart: Welcome back folks as we're about to continue the war between friends.
"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. 

Bonn: Introducing first....he hails from SEA ISLE, NEW JERSEY!.....HE'S THE REX MASTER!!!!.....REXXXXX!!! MCALLLIIIISSSTTERRR!!!!

Hart: Well, this is it, Gary! This man, Rex McAllister, has to win, or it's forget about getting a shot at the Undisputed World Championship!

Lane: Yeah, it's quite a surprise to see him in this position, but even more surprising is the look on his face. He's not looking fazed in the least by this. Did you hear him earlier tonight? He's either completely nuts to believe he's got nothing to worry about, or he's lying to himself! Look how confident he looks! YOu would believe by that look that he's actually up 2-0!

Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence". Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring. A Welcome Burden fades.

Bonn: And introducing his opponent, already in the ring, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...

The camera focuses on Tommy Lipton who is clearly ignoring the presence of Rex.

Bonn: Weighting 285 pounds...TOMMY LIPTON

Hart: Rex cannot afford to lose this match up tonight. If Tommy breaks him across a table, it is 

The duo stare each other down as Bonn gets out of the ring, the ref checks them both..
the ref signals for the bell, immeediately the duo slug it out in the center of the ring, the fans ansty and yet quiet with excitement as Rex pushes Tommy to the ropes

Rex pushes and pulls, whipping Tommy across the ring, Tommy meeting him halfway, but Rex lies flat on the mat, forcing Tommy to hop over and continue his momentum.
Tommy turns around and comes back into a Lou Threz Press, sending Tommy to the mat on his back as Rex levels him with a vicious blows to his face and chest.

Hart: Let me remind everyone here...that this is a tables match. The only way either can win this match is by putting the other through a table, which we have plenty of underneath.

Rex hops off Tommy, briefly satisfied, he turns back around, grabbing ahold of Tommy, lifting him up and over with a snap suplex.

Rex hops off Tommy, briefly satisfied, he turns back around, grabbing ahold of Tommy, lifting him up and over with a snap suplex.
Rex flips hop backs to his feet, clearly in the driver's seat. He grabs ahold of Tommy lifting him, locking his head in with his right arm, dropping him with a DDT for effect.
Rex hops out of the ring through the ropes and begins reaching under the ring and pulling out a trash can full of weapons, and then a table. Rex moves to a another part of the ring and pulls out another table.

Hart: Rex is preparing to go to war here, no doubt about it!

Lane: This is going to be a one hell of a fight, Mike! No holds barred basically...WITH TABLES!!!

Rex props another table up at ringside, having placed a table up at every side of the ring now.
He grabs ahold of Tommy, but Tommy viciously headbutts him, sensing the danger he is in.

Tommy immediately grabs ahold of the situation, knocking Rex back with an european uppercut....and another uppercut, Rex on the ropes, Tommy goes for the irish whip, but Rex winds up reversing it, tossing Tommy to the outside, but Tommy lands on his feet on the edge of the ropes.

Rex leaves little time for Tommy to react, knocks him off the apron and onto the ground, the fans beginning to react negatively to Rex's action.

Rex roll out of the ring, Tommy getting to his knees as Rex lands on his feet outside of the ring, he reaches for Tommy, but is punched in the gut.

While stunned, Tommy goes for another, allowing another second to get to his feet, he goes to whip Rex into the steel steps, knocking the top half off as Rex tumbles over. Tommy, wasting no time, picks up the steel steps, much to the fans' surprise as he lifts it up as he approaches Rex.


Tommy throws it at Rex just as Rex gets up, Rex turns just in time to catch the steel steps to his chest, knocking the air out of him and sending to the ground at the same time

LANE: Come on Rex, get up before Tommy capitalizes!

Tommy walks over as Rex is completely out of it, he looks over at the tables, then at Rex, clearly all  the wiser, lifts him up and drags him over to the ring. He rolls him inside, grabbing the steel steps and sliding them in as well.

Lane: Rex has to come to, otherwise this is starting to look like the end.

Tommy gets up, motioning for the tables and then Rex, getting the fans pumped and cheering as he grabs ahold of Rex.

Rex comes alive, as he is being pulled up, connecting with a low blow. Perfectly legal as the ref merely watches on as Rex muster more energy to stand, a wild look in his eyes as picks Tommy up and down with the Fallaway Slam upon the steel steps! The sound of flesh and metal connecting echoes in the arena as Rex rolls away partially exhausted, Tommy clearly moaning in pain as he rolls off.

Rex eyes the closest table, leaning against the turnbuckle, in perfect position, all he has to do is grab Tommy.

He stands on his feet, using the ropes, he walks over, lifting, then picking up and hoisting Tommy up on his shoulders, the sheer determination in his eyes as he charges for the turnbuckle

Rex crashes into the table, sending Tommy Lipton through it, the ref signals for the bell


Rex rolls away and out of the ring, as the ref tries to check on Tommy Lipton.

Bonn: Your winner.....REX MCALLLLLLLISTER!

Hart: Rex just place himself with higher odds just now.

Lane: Rex is back in the race!

Tommy lies in the pile of broken table pieces as Rex merely back pedals, hands raised in victory, smiling.

cutting back towards Kurtis Ray's locker room

Brytney: Well hello big boy.

Kurtis: What are you doing in here.

Brytney: Oh lets just say I'm going to give you what you deserve after a match like that.

Kurtis: And what may that be?

Brytney walks over to Kurtis and begins massaging his neck and shoulders.

Brytney: There this should relax you.

The camera switches back to the ringside area for the main event match.

The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne steps out with in a black leather jacket and long black pants. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway. 

Bonn: Introducing...from the battleground state of Noth Carolina, weighing in at 225 pounds. RAYNE!

Hart: Last week, Rayne was what can only be deemed by General Manager James Ranger...robbed of a chance to be our reigning world champion. 

Lane: But he blamed it on Darkness and got James Ranger to give him another shot.

Hart: He got another shot from General Manager James Ranger alongside Kurtis Ray, if both can win their matches....they will be entered into the main event at Holiday Hell.

Upon arrival, Rayne will walk to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He slips the jacket off and looks towards the stage awaiting his opponents.(edited)

As A New Power plays,Rob Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up.

Bonn: Introducing his partner, from Norwich, England...weighing in at 175 pounds....SUPER BACON!

Hart: What we can only describe...well...as pure misfortune. Word was he asked James Ranger to be Rayne's partner for the James Bourne Tournament, not knowing that their chance to advance would be the same night that Rayne must prove he deserves the world title shot.

Lane: He has no business being in this match! He should be chasing Fozzy Ozbourne for the Television, he HAD his chance, remember? He teamed up with Beatrice, look what happened then. He has no chance against two world-class wrestlers.

he runs down into the ring and bounces off the ropes twice goes to the centre of the ring and spreads his arms out again. He turns to get high five from Rayne, only to get an amused look from his tag team partner, his hand left hanging in the air for another second...before Rayne actually high fives him.

The lights go out in the arena as "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet begins to play.
Two lightning bolts strike the stage as Darkness appears at the beginning of the ramp.

Bonn: Introducing their opponents, first, from Florence, South Carolina, weighing in at 290 pounds...DARKNESS!

Hart: Here is a man, simply trying to get his world titleshot, but the way he has been going about it....well is crossing a few lines.

Lane: Darkness is realizing that he will do anything to get HIS Undisputed World Championship back around his waist.

Lane: Whatever it takes Mike! WhatEVER IT TAKES!




*Houston jumps to its feet as static flows throughout the Toyota Center, transitioning into "Bulls on Parade".*

Hart: The champion entering last here tonight as he asserts his dominance over this company!

Lane: His supposed dominance, that is.

*Syndicate steps out onto the stage with the Undisputed World title displayed proudly on his left shoulder.  He wears his usual ensemble of blood red leather jacket, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  With his usual cocky smile on full blast, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp.*


*Syndicate runs down to the ring and slides in.  He immediately goes over to Rayne and holds the World title in his face as the two jaw back and forth.  Without sparing so much as a passing glance at Super Bacon, Syndicate walks into his corner and warily stands face-to-face with Darkness.*

Hart: These two HAVE to coexist if they want to win this match.

Lane: Yeah, they have to, but will they?  Syndicate's just too cocky to sustain this kind of partnership for more than three seconds!

Rayne talks strategy with Super Bacon as Syndicate and Darkness seemingly continue to stare down. Rayne steps in first, as Syndicate sees this and gets in first, mouthing off to Darkness who stares daggers into his back

The ref looks at both wrestlrs, signaling for the bell as the two begin to circle the ring, Rayne aware of Darkness as he takes a step forward towards the center. The two raise a single hand upon meeting the middle of the ring, A Test of strength is seen as the two lock hands, but Syndicate merely trades with a knee to Rayne's gut, following it up with a stiff right that sends Rayne stumbling away.

He follows Rayne, keeping up the pressure, another stiff right, pushes him against the ropes, he irish whips, Rayne hits the ropes, comes back into a flying forearm that sends Rayne down. He looks at Rayne, mockingly strikes Rayne's pose in the center of the ring.  Elicting a shower of 
boos from the fans.

Hart: Love him or hate him, the world champion mocking the man trying to get into the main event at Holiday Hell.

Lane: If he doesn't focus on what's on hand--

Syndicate goes to pick up  Rayne, but Rayne punches him in the gut, following it up with another punch to the face, stumbling Syndicate as he goes for a clothesline knocking the world champ down, the fans getting behind him as he hits for the ropes and comes back with a mean leg drop on Syndicate. He covers.



Darkness breaks it up, clearly not waiting to see if Syndicate can muster the strength, he clubs Rayne, putting some distance between Rayne and Syndicate so that he can recover. Rayne goes for the ropes, rebounds back into a big boot that stuns him to his knees. The fans get pumped up as Super Bacon is seen literally springboarding into the ring, with a missile dropkick that send Darkness down and rolling out of the ring.

Rayne grabs Syndicate, performing  the Trifecta of German Suplexes, clearly determined to knock Syndicate out of it, at the same time Super Bacon is exchanging blows with Darkness on the outside, Darkness getting the advantage, with a stiff clothesline that knocks Super Bacon down and out. Rayne goes to body splash Syndicate in the corner but Syndicate moves out of the way as Darkness gets up to the corner, motioning for the tag.

Syndicate jumps up, not wasting time, tagging Darkness in as Rayne comes to his senses too late.

He brings the Silent Assassin down with a running clothesline before locking in Black Out in the center of the ring!

Hart: You can see the struggle in the eyes of Rayne, the fans clearing yelling for him not to tap out.

Rayne continues to struggle more as on the outside Super Bacon is seen making it back to his corner, noticing his partner in trouble. He hops up to the ropes, just as it looks as Rayne is about to go tap. Top rope splash!

Hart: Insane!

Darkness and Rayne are broken up, but the splash hit Rayne too. Syndicate runs in as Super Bacon seems overly joyed by what he sees, catching a Lou Threz Press from the Outlaw. Pinned to the mat, Syndicate pummels him with punches as Darkness and Rayne struggle to get to their feet.

Super Bacon rolls Syndicate off, both get to their feet, but Syndicate is faster!
Syndicate with a Catalyst DDT!

Rayne stands up as Darkness and Syndicate seemingly line themselves up for a team clothesline, but Rayne ducks it!

Rayne big boots Syndicate out of the ring, leaving him open to Darkness, who clocks with a stiff haymaker, causing the Silent Assassin to stumble, Rayne struggles to regain the advantage, pressing with a knee to Darkness's gut and immediately grabs ahold of him

Hart: Arch Angels Fall! He covers!




Darkness kicks out at the last possible second, Rayne rolls away, not looking to waste a single second, the fans rallying behind him.
Rayne gets to the turnbuckle, climbing it, he eyes Darkness as he stands to his full height, Syndicate right behind, pushes him off...
Darkness with the rebound, grabs ahold of Rayne's head and hits Darkness Falls!

Hart: DARKNESS FALLS! This could be it!



The lights go out as Rayne kicks out! The fans, Syndicate, Darkness are confused as what seems to be loud splashes can be heard, a muffled scream as the lights come back on.
Hart/Lane: What the |BLEEP| is that!?

Syndicate is shown down at ringside, lying in a pool of fetid water, knocked out with an extension cord wrapped around his feet and neck. A piece of wood with words: Murderer and Vengeance is written on upon it.

Hart: Isn't that a piece of wood from the House of Horrors?!

Lane: It can be!? Wait. Rayne with the spinebuster! He's spent, he tags in Super Bacon!
Darkness is laid out, struggling to come to in the center of the ring as Super Bacon eagerly hops on the turnbuckle, leaps as Darkness rises to one knee. 


Lane: Not like this! Bacon is covering!





As A New Power plays...the ref goes to grab Super Bacon, who is clearly shocked he did the impossible..Rayne is seen rolling out of the ring as the ref raises Super Bacon's hand.

Bonn: Your winners and advancing in the James Bourne Tag Team Tournament....RAYNE AND SUPER BACON!

Hart: The impossible has happened! Rayne is in the main event!

Lane: Not only that, but Super Bacon pinned the #1 Contender to eliminate not just him but the reigning world champion in the tournament to advance.

Hart: Simply amazing.

Rayne is seen holding the WWX Undisputed World Championship high in the center of the ring as Syndicate comes to, freaking out over what happens as Darkness is seen leaning against the turnbuckle, Super Bacon jumping with joy, rolling out of the ring, celebrating with the fans.

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