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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-17 21:52:03
Note: Part One of Two 




*The AT&T Center is filled with static before giving way to "Bulls on Parade".  Shortly after, Syndicate steps out onto the stage with a dead-serious look on his face.*

Hart: It looks like our champ is done messing around.  I think he's here to make a statement tonight!

Lane: Syndicate promised chaos, but we'll see if that actually comes to fruition.

*Instead of performing a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp, like he usually does, Syndicate continues walking, barely acknowledging the fans on his way to the ring.  With his usual attire of blood-red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, and black denim jeans, Syndicate slides into the ring with the World Championship in tow and asks for a microphone.*

Syndicate: Now would be where I would usually scream "Dallas" into this microphone, but I'm going to get straight to the point tonight.

*He paces around the ring, obviously hyped up and pissed off.*

Syndicate: Right now, I would like nothing more than to put Kurtis Ray's head on a |BLEEP|in' platter.  In fact, I'd like to do the same for most of the WWX roster.  Why?  Because of the CONSTANT disrespect I am given, every...single...week.  I am not treated as if I am the UNDISPUTED World Heavyweight Champion...no, I'm treated as if I'm chump change, as if my existence truly doesn't matter here in the WWX.

Syndicate: So now, because of James Ranger and his decision to give Kurtis Ray a shot at making Holiday Hell's main event a Fatal 4-Way, I have to come out here and SHOW everyone why I am the best, why I am the CHAMPION.  Kurtis Ray, unfortunately, has to pay the price tonight.  Are you all ready to see a certifiable murder?

Crowd: YES!

Syndicate: Are you ready for destruction??

Crowd: YES!

Syndicate: Are you ready...for CHAOS?!?!?!?

Crowd: YES!!!

Syndicate: GOOD!  Tonight, because people keep getting involved in my life...I'm going to get involved in theirs.  I am going to turn the WWX into complete and total anarchy, just because I can.  I am going to make James Ranger's job a living hell, because it wasn't bad enough for the man already.  I am going to take back control of MY age, and I am going to make sure that I walk out of this arena with RESPECT.  Welcome -

Kurtis: -to Hype Central Station!

*Kurtis emerges onto the stage, to a pop from the fans. He grins, making a show of waving at Syndicate before he raises the microphone again.*

Kurtis: What's up, Syndicate? You get a good night's sleep? Eat your vegetables? Say your prayers? Kiss your mama?

*Kurtis pauses for a moment, looking expectantly at the champion, but just as Syndicate raises his mic to speak, Kurtis continues.*

Kurtis: I mean, I don't really care. But my mother raised me right.

*This earns Kurtis some laughs and cheers from the fan, and Kurtis finally starts down the ramp.*

Kurtis: Now I'm not usually one to disappoint, and I know you've come to expect a certain amount of theatrics, right? That's not what I'm here for. I was backstage when I heard you lipping off, Syndicate. Talking about how you'd like nothing more than to have my head on a platter. How you were ready to bring some chaos. Asking the fans, asking the universe if they were ready to see, and I quote, a certifiable murder.

*Kurtis reaches ringside, using the steps to climb up onto the apron, and then get into the ring.*

Kurtis: Well Syndicate, it's your lucky night. Later on tonight, you and I are going to fight for my opportunity to ruin your match at Holiday Hell. Which I'm not happy about, because you and I both know that if Darkness hadn't stuck his big ass in my business that I'd be the one holding that title belt right now. You know it. I know it. THEY know it.

*Kurtis points out into the crowd, earning another explosive pop.*

Kurtis: You want me to respect you, Syndicate? You want me to shut up? Then bring it, sunshine. I will slap the L.A. out of your wannabe ass. What do you think, Universe? You wanna see me and Syndy throw down right here, right now? Gimme a choo-

Darkness: Back the damn train up for a minute.

*Darkness emerges out of the audience. Darkness makes his way towards the ring through the sea of fans. He climbs over the guard rail and slides into the ring making sure not to take his eyes off of Syndicate.*

Darkness: I'm I hearing things right. Did you just say that you had that match won two weeks ago on Ravage. Your train must have jumped its track there Ray. You and Rayne didn't stand a chance in that match. All I did was make sure some kind of fluke didn't happen that night that would have kept me from my main goal. 

*Darkness stares down Syndicate.*

Darkness: That's right Syndicate. You and that Undisputed championship are my main goal. Ever since I took that title away from you at World Series I could feel its power. A power that you will never understand. A power that I must have back and will have back. 

*Darkness points at the Undisputed championship.*

Darkness: The only problem is that everybody is trying to stick their nose into my business. This should have been a one on one match at Holiday Hell but noooooo James Ranger had to make a match last week where by somebody else's actions and a fluke, Rayne makes his way into the main event at Holiday Hell. Now tonight Kurtis Ray, you get to try. Well Kurtis Ray, three is a crowd and four is bleeping to much. So tonight I'm rooting for you Syndicate at least until you win and then its back to kicking your ass.

*Syndicate motions for Darkness to come kick his ass now.*

Darkness: Maybe later Syndicate. 

Crowd: Boooooooo!
Darkness: As for you Rayne, you have stuck your nose in my business for the last time. Yes you may have beaten me more times than I have beaten you but there is one difference between me and you. I am able to win the big match when it counts unlike you.If you think you can then why don't you come on out here and we will have the match right now.

Crowd: Cheeeeeeeeeer!

["Aint no grave" hits over the pa system as Rayne comes out behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the stage for a moment as he raises a mic].

Rayne: I don't think my ears are failing me, are you calling me out?!

[Darkness shakes his head in approval and throws his hands up signaling for him to bring it on. Rayne tosses the mic down and takes off running towards the ring.}

*Inside the ring, Kurtis and Syndicate drop their mics and start going at it, trading left and rights.  Meanwhile, Darkness slides out of the ring and meets Rayne at the base of the ramp, where they begin to duke it out!*

Hart: Hell has broken loose in Dallas!

*In the ring, Kurtis gains the upper hand on Syndicate, bringing him down to the canvas with a Lou Thesz press off the ropes.  Punches rain down on the champ, but he's able to roll Kurtis over and retaliate with fists of his own!  Outside, Rayne whips Darkness into the barricade and charges at him, but Darkness is able to move out of the way just in time, sending Rayne right into the barrier!*

*Kurtis pushes Syndicate off of him, but Syndicate immediately pounces back on the Hype Train, attempting to lock in The Vault.  Kurtis elbows out of it, and both men make it back to their feet.  Darkness throws Rayne into the ring, where Kurtis and Syndicate start stomping on him!  Darkness slides in and starts doing the same, but not before Kurtis can clock him with a stiff right, sending him careening into the ropes!  Kurtis and Darkness now start battling it out while Rayne makes his way back to his feet.  Syndicate pulls him in, hoping for the No Signal, but Rayne powers out of it, and they start trading blows as well!*

Hart: These guys aren't even going to make it to their matches later tonight!

*As the four battle it out, a platoon of black-clad security guards run down the ramp and slide into the ring.  They then swiftly separate the four competitors and confine them to a separate corner.*

Lane: Finally, this madness is over!

*Syndicate attempts to struggle out of his holds, but to no avail.  One by one, the four men are led up the ramp and out of the arena.*

*commercial break*

(We come back from commercial to find Euan Milron and Jarvis Valentine in the ring.)

HART: There's been a lot of hype around the debut of these two.

LANE: You're right, Mike. Time will tell if it's deserved.

(Kyla Bonn enters the ring to cheers from the crowd, raising a microphone.)

BONN: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from parts unknown, Euan Milton!

(The crowd cheers for the newcomer, but Milton seems largely unimpressed.)

BONN: Second, from Lincoln Nebraska, Jarvis Valentine!

(The crowd pops for Jarvis, who takes a moment to play to the crowd. The referee calls for the bell and the two men lock up. Milton is the one to take the advantage initially, catching Jarvis with a stiff elbow that busts open his forehead.)

LANE: I think that might be the fastest I've ever seen someone bleed in the ring.

(Valentine shoves Milton away, brushing his hand across his forehead. When he sees the blood his eyes go wide, and after a second he bears his teeth in an imitation of a grin. Suddenly he pounces on Milton, assaulting him with forearms and knees. Valentine whips Milton into the ropes, annihilating the other man with a big boot. He hauls Milton to his feet, locking up again before pointing out to the crowd, swinging one leg back and connecting with a beautiful DDT.)

HART: That might be it for Euan Milton!

(Valentine goes for the pin.)

REF: 1.... 2.... 3!!!

(The bell rings and the crowd cheers. Jarvis looks bewildered for a moment until it sets in that he's won, and the newcomer celebrates in the ring with the referee.)

LANE: A strong start for Jarvis Valentine.

BONN: The winner of the match by pinfall.... Jarvis Valentine!

(The crowd pops again for Jarvis, who continues to try and celebrate while the ring staff checks on his head wound. Euan Milton rolls out of the ring and slowly makes his way up the ramp as the show cuts to backstage.)

*We go to the backstage area, where Leon Jones is standing with the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Syndicate.  Syndicate, with hair slightly frazzled from the brawl with Kurtis, Rayne, and Darkness, stands next to the interviewer smiling and holding the World title on his left shoulder.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, I am here with our Undisputed World Champion, Syndicate.  Syndicate, that was quite the fight out there considering security had to get involved to break things up.  Did you plan to fight with your rivals tonight?

Syndicate: Hell yeah!  It's all about chaos, Leon, just like I've been preaching all week.  If these fools want to disrespect me the way they have, then they're going to pay the price.

???: Pay the price, huh?

*A voice rings out just as a man comes out of nowhere, nailing Syndicate from behind.  Once the camera focuses, the attacker is revealed to be none other than Rayne!*

Jones: Oh my -

*Leon backs off as Rayne grabs Syndicate by the head, throwing him into the interview set.  The champ tumbles to the floor, but before Rayne can do any more damage, Darkness comes flying in and shoves Rayne away.  The two begin trading punches as Syndicate recovers from below.*

Hart: What the hell is going on?!?

*Darkness backs Rayne up into a corner, but as he does, Kurtis Ray coincidentally walks down the corridor with a towel around his neck.  Seeing the fight going down, Ray runs in and pounces on Syndicate, showering him with lefts and rights.  Syndicate manages to get the World title between him and Kurtis's fists, causing his knuckles to punch straight into the metal of the championship.  Kurtis backs off, giving Syndicate enough time to get up and nail Kurtis with a knee to the head.*

*Meanwhile, Rayne has taken control of Darkness, whipping the #1 Contender into a catering table.  Food flies everywhere, with most of it landing right on the Hall of Famer.  Rayne then turns his attention over to Syndicate, who runs at him with the World title in his hands, but Rayne ducks and dashes towards the stunned Kurtis Ray.  He tries to bring the Hype Train down with a clothesline, but Kurtis instead hits Rayne with a well-timed punch to the head!*

Lane: Someone stop this madness!

*As if on cue, numerous security guards flood the area to break up the brawl.  Syndicate tries to fight his way towards Kurtis, but he is stopped by none other than James Ranger, who steps in front of the champ.*

Ranger: That's ENOUGH!  I want all four of these men sent to their dressing rooms NOW!

*Rayne, Kurtis, and Darkness are all ushered away in different directions as Ranger gets right into Syndicate's face.*

Ranger: If you think you can take over my show with this so-called "chaos", then you better stop now, because I'M the one in control here.

*Ranger turns away as Syndicate is dragged to his locker room by security.*

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! First, from Long Beach, California and weighing in at 211 pound... Willie Steen!

(Steen gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, but he still hops up on one of the turnbuckles to pose before brushing off the fans. He drops down off the turnbuckle, bouncing on the balls of his feet.)

BONN: Introducing next, from Liverpool, England and weighing in at 310 pounds. Tom Black!

(The crowd response is much more negative to Black, but he shrugs it off. Steen gets up in Black's face, shoving him, but the Dark One shows amazing restraint in not responding. The referee calls for the bell.)

LANE: This should be a good match.

(Steen shouts something at Black, dancing around the bigger man. Black finally has enough and grabs Steen py the head, striking with a headbutt that sets Steen stumbling before following up with a running lariat.)

HART: Tom Black immediately takes control.

LANE: I wonder what hope Steen has?

(Black hauls Steen up to his feet, shouting at the other man before driving a kick into Steen's guts and following up with the Black Hole!)

LANE: Guess that answers that.

(Black goes for the pin.)

REF: 1.... 2.... 2.9 Kickout!!

HART: WIllie Steen digs deep and gets the shoulder up!

LANE: Incredible showing from the smoothest operator in professional wrestling.

(Black looks furious and argues with the referee, miming a three count. The ref makes a no gesture and Black tries to intimidate the official. In the mean time, Steen rolls over to the corner, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Black turns back toward Steen just in time for the Cool Factor to catch him in the chest with a running dropkick that sets Black off balance. Steen bounds off the rope and dropkicks Black again, causing the bigger man to fall to his knees. Steen pulls Black into a DDT.)

HART: Steen is rallying.

LANE: Don't count Black out yet!

(Steen looks at the fallen black and then races to the turnbuckle, vaulting from the mat to the top rope. He leaps off of the 450 splash, but Black moves at the last instand, leaving Steen to eat the mat. Black is quick to capitalize, pulling Steen to his feet and hitting another Black Hole!)

HART: It's gotta be over.

(Black goes for the pin.)

REF: 1.... 2.... 3!!!

(The crowd boos as Tom Black's music starts to play, and Tom stares down at  Steen as the referee raises his hand.)

BONN: The winner of this match by pinfall, Tom Black!

(~Commercial Break~)

The beginning of Fozzy's theme starts to play through the arena Bastards of Young by The Replacements. When you hear that first scream in the song, Fozzy bolts through the curtains swirling about on stage trying to grab at all of the attention good or bad. Fozzy's bodyguard Sam Crow can be seen behind Fozzy looming in the background like a protective force. Fozzy sports his leopard print fur coat and oversized white framed sunglasses as he centers himself on stage.

He delivers a Jesus Christ pose as a bright spotlight shines down on him. He starts shaking his head about in a cocky fashion and makes his way down the ramp mouthing the words to his own theme as the spotlight and Sam Crow follow.


He blows a few kisses to some of the female fans ramp side. Once ringside he jaw jacks with a few of male fans front row and slams his feet against the ring steps as he walks upon the ring apron.

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match and has been scheduled for one fall! Accompanied to the ring by his bodyguard Sam Crow. From Vancouver British Columbia Canada weighing in at 135 pounds THE TREND KILLER!! FOZZZZZZZZZZZZZY OZZZZZBOURNE!

Once inside the ring he walks to the middle of the ring looking around at the crowd with a disgusted look on his face. He then runs up to the corner post and jumps up to the second turnbuckle and crosses his arms to his chest to a chorus of boos from the fans. He takes off his cheap sunglasses and throws them in the crowd followed by his fur coat and tosses it to the outside of the ring. Sam Crow patrols the outside of the ring as Fozzy gets ready for a fight.

BONN: And now, introducing his tag team partner... from Detroit, Michigan and weighing in at 215 pounds, KRIMSON BLAZE!!

The crowd pops and the arena goes black. A single white spotlight emits at the top of the stage as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing. "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze emerges on the ramp to wild applause. He poses for a minute before starting his way down the ramp, slapping hands and bumping fists as he goes. When he reaches ringside he eyes Sam Crow suspiciously, but still takes time to toss his sunglasses to one of the fans at ringside. He rolls into the ring and pops up, flashing the double guns as Pyro erupts from all four corners of the ring.

BONN: And their opponents, introducing first from Battleground, North Carolina and weighing in at 225 pounds... The Silent Assassin, RAYNE!!

The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne steps out with in a black leather jacket and long black pants. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway. 

Upon arrival at the ring, Rayne walks to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He slips the jacket off and looks toward Osborne and Blaze. 

BONN: And now, his tag team partner, from Norwich, England and weighing in at 175 pounds... SUUUUUPER BACON!!

As A New Power plays,Rob Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up. he runs down into the ring and bounces off the ropes twice goes to the centre of the ring and spreads his arms out again.

The opposing teams take to their corners, discussing among themselves who is going to start off in the ring. Super Bacon climbs out ot the ring, leaving Rayne to start. In the case of Blaze and Osborne, the two men argue. After a minute, Blaze throws up his arms and shakes his head, climbing out of the ring and leaving Osborne to start. Osborne looks satisfied and gets in Rayne's face, shouting at the Silent Assassin. Rayne keeps his distance as the referee calls for the bell.

HART: Rayne and Osborne starting off in this semi-final match for the James Bourne Invitational.

LANE: Both of these teams have been pretty impressive. And you gotta think the fans are going to be behind Rayne and Bacon after their big win over Syndicate and Darkness last week.

Rayne and Osborne move to lockup, but Fozzy manages to take the adventage with a kick to one of Rayne's knees, following it up with a lariat to take the Assassin down to the mat. Fozzy is quick to follow up with an elbow drop, then locks in the sleeper hold!

LANE: TV Champ is trying to end it early.

Rayne tries to fight his way out of the sleeper, but Osborne hooks in body scissors, pulling Rayne back to the mat. Again Rayne struggles to break the hold or get to the ropes, but it looks like the Assassin is fading. Osborne has a wide grin on his face, already anticipating his victory when Super Bacon comes into the ring, breaking the submission with a dropkick to the back of Osborne's head. Rayne goes for the pin attempt, but Fozzy kicks out immediately.

Rayne hauls Osborne to his feet, whipping him into the ropes and following up with a brutal Spinebuster. He hauls Osborne to his feet again, whipping him into the ropes again and flattening the TV champion with a big boot. Rayne goes to the corner, climbing the ropes and leaping off for an elbow drop, but Fozzy pulls up a knee that Rayne takes to the jaw. Neither man is immediately able to capitalize, but Rayne looks to have taken the worst of it.

HART: Rayne might have just broken his jaw!

LANE: That's what you get for underestimating Fozzy Osbourne.

Krimson Blaze holds out his hand for a tag, but Osborne ignores it, pulling himself to his feet. He shakes his head and shouts 'No!' at blaze and presses the attack on Rayne. Rayne counters with a jawbreaker, using the opportunity to tag in Super Bacon to a huge crowd reaction. Osborne struggles to get to his feet, just in time for Bacon to hit with the Flight of the Hawk! Bacon goes for the pin, but the referee is distracted by Sam Crow trying to get in the ring. Bacon gets to his feet, running over to knock Crow off the apron. Bacon turns his attention back to Osborne, just in time to catch the Mid-Missile Kick, and Fozzy follows up with the Tallywhacker!

LANE: Osbourne just stole the win with the help of Sam Crow.

Osborne with the pin.

REF: 1.... 2...

Rayne comes in and breaks up the pin. Rayne attacks and the referee tries to pull him and Fozzy apart. Bacon crawls over to his corner for the tag, but doesn't find Rayne there.

HART: Bacon looks pretty out of it. He's looking for his partner who isn't there.

Rayne leaves the ring, reaching down to take the tag from Bacon. Osborne knocks Rayne off the apron now, hauling Bacon up to his feet. He runs for the rope for the mid-missile kick and Blaze tags himself in. Osborne hits the kick again and goes for the pin, but the referee mimes the tag, refusing the count. Osborne argues with the referee and then gets in Blaze's face. Blaze steps aside and gestures for Osborne to leave the ring, who finally does after some more argument. In the meantime, Bacon drags himself over to his corner again and tags in Rayne.

Blaze turns to look for Bacon and instead finds Rayne waiting for him, and Rayne starts unloading with stiff lefts. Blaze manages to block one and responds with rights of his own, resulting in the two men trading blows back and forth as the crowd cheers them on. Blaze manages to take the advantage, locking up with Rayne and whipping him into the ropes. Blaze goes for a dropkick, but Rayne grabs the rope and Blaze hits the mat instead. Rayne follows up with a standing double-foot stomp to Blaze's chest, hauling Blaze up to his feet and hitting the Rayne Drop!

HART: Rayne Drop! Blaze and Osborne are done!

Rayne goes for the pin.

REF: 1....

The count is interrupted by Sam Crow pulling the referee out of the ring. The ref and Crow argue, resulting in the referee ejecting Crow from the arena. Osborne goes to shout at the referee, but the ref is having none of it. Security comes out to escort Crow out of the arena as Osborne watches, furious. Rayne tags in Bacon, encouraging him to go up top. Bacon makes his way to the top rope and Rayne lifts him off, slamming the lightweight on top of Blaze. Bacon goes for the pin as Rayne runs interference on Osborne!

LANE: This might be it!

REF: 1.... 2.... kickout!

HART: Krimzon Blaze digs deep and gets the shoulder up!

Rayne leaves the ring as Bacon pulls Blaze up to his feet. He calls for the Frontflip Hurricanrana, but Blaze counters it midway with a devastating powerbomb. Blaze hauls Bacon back to his feet, whipping him into the ropes and nailing a spinning heel kick on The Hawk, sending him to the ground.  Krimzon brings Bacon up to his feet, looking for the Mighty Death Pop, but Bacon is able to knee his way out of it.  With Krimzon stunned, Bacon staggers over to his corner and collapses, allowing for Rayne to tag in.*

Lane: Rayne's in!

*Rayne immediately grabs Krimzon and goes for Arch Angels Fall, but Blaze fights back, pushing Rayne into the referee!  The ref goes tumbling to the outside!*

Hart: The ref's out!  What's going to happen now?!?

*Rayne and Krimzon stagger to their feet, but as they do, two men jump the barricade!*

Hart: WHAT THE -

*The camera pans over to reveal the two men to be none other than Darkness and the World Champion, Syndicate!  Without skipping a beat, Darkness runs over and punts a prone Super Bacon right in the head, damn near knocking him out.  Meanwhile, Syndicate quickly slides into the ring and attacks Rayne from behind!*

Lane: Syndicate and Darkness?!?!?!??!!  What are they doing here???

Hart: I think they want payback for last week!

*Syndicate pulls Rayne in and flips him over for the No Signal!  Meanwhile, Darkness shoves the ref into the ring.  Syndicate looks over at a shocked Krimzon Blaze and yells at him to go for the cover.  Krimzon hesitantly obliges.*



*Syndicate rolls out of the ring, obviously pleased with his work.  He meets up with Darkness on the ramp, and the two give each other a firm handshake.  Immediately after, however, Syndicate is hit in the back of the head by Kurtis Ray, who has run out from behind the curtain!*

Bonn: Your winners and advancing to the finals...KRIMZON BLAZE AND FOZZY OZBOURNE!


*Darkness starts taking it to Kurtis, but the Hype Train is too strong, flattening the legend with a series of punches to the head.  Rayne, still a bit woozy, climbs out of the ring and pushes Syndicate against the apron, showering blows on the champ.  After a few moments of this, security runs down the ramp or the second time tonight in order to maintain order.  All four men are separated and led back up the ramp.*

End of Part One

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