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RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-17 23:02:21

*Feed cuts to Leon Jones. Leon is standing in front of a WWX News van.*

LJ: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen this is Leon Jones reporting for WWX. Tonight we bring you an update on the ongoing recovery of Hex Girl after her match with Bob Mellon. Now we have been informed that she was released from the hospital last Saturday. We are here at her home in Virginia to check in with her about how her recovery is progressing. 

*Leon turns and the camera pans over to the residence. Leon walks into frame as he heads for the front door. They approach the door and it swings open and greeting them is Kate Cameron.*

LJ: Kate, it's always a pleasure to see you. WOuld it be possible for us to talk to Hex Girl?

KC: I don't know, Leon. She just got out of the hospital and in her own words has a lot of training to make up. So whatever you want her to stop and yap about had better be pretty important.

LJ: Well we were here to check on her recovery. The fans at home have been flooding the company inbox with inquiries and well wishes. We all know how much value she puts on her fans-

*Kate puts up her hand to interrupt Leon.* 

KC: Enough with the sap before you get it all over the floor, just get in here. 

*She moves out of the way and allows Leon and the camera to enter. Inside the lower floor of the residence is set up like a gym and Hex is there doing some stretches.*

KC: Hex, you got company. 

*Hex Girl looks over and sees Leon. She stops with her stretches and walks over.*

HG: Hi, Leon, what brings you all the way out here?

LJ: Well, since your match with Bob Mellon and our segment when we caught up with you in the hospital the fans have been flooding in requests for us to follow up and see how you are doing.

*Hex Girl takes a deep breath and smiles.*

HG: Well I'm grateful that so many of the fans are showing their support. 

*She pats her rib cage.*

HG: As you can see I'm mended for the most part. The ribs that were broken have mostly healed but I have another week or so before the doc is going to clear me for competition. 

LJ: Didn't you have some other injuries?

HG: You mean the cracked sternum and the collapsed lung. Well my sternum has healed and my lung was fixed shortly after I got to the hospital. 

*Leon just shakes his head in amazement.*

LJ: Hex Girl I think I speak for everyone watching at home when I say you are truly something else. Not many people would be so eager to get back to training after sustaining such injuries.

HG: When you get thrown from a horse you can't show fear have to get back up on the horse. You get hurt in the ring you take your lumps and keep going, and that means getting back to training as soon as you can. As it stands I lost a month laying in that hospital that is a month I have to make up for. I fully intend to be back to a hundred percent when I step back in that ring. I meant what I said in the hospital. I want to face Mellon in a proper hardcore match. 

*She looks dead at the camera.*

HG: It's all I've thought about for the last month Bob. When I get back you're going to be in a world of hurt.

*Leon backs away from Hex Girl slowly.*

LJ: T-thank you so much for your time Hex Girl.

*Hex Girl storms off camera a bunch of banging can be heard in the direction she went. Kate walks over and stands next to Leon.*

KC: She has a backlog of energy to work through....anger too, but mostly energy.

LJ: I don't know if I need to feel sorry for Bob Mellon when she finally gets to face him again.

KC: Fear, Leon, fear is the proper response.

*She pats him on the shoulder and heads towards where Hex went. The camera is left to focus on Leon who is watching and occasionally wincing as the lound noises continue off screen.*

LJ: There you have it. Hex Girl is out of the hospital, progressing well on her road to recovery and looking forward to a rematch against Bob Mellon.

*Feed cuts back to the arena.*

An unfamiliar bass beat is heard, leaving fans pondering who is about to make their appearance.

Hart: Who is that?

Lane: I don't know

"You are now tuned in, to the World's Greatest..."

"Tonight's the Night" blasts through the PA system as Xavier burst out onto the entrance ramp, case in hand to a packed house. After interacting with a few fans, he finally makes his way to the ring and slides in. He hops on the nearest turnbuckle, rallying support. He then hops down and asks for  mic.

XAVIER: Since becoming the Race for the Case Winner, everyones been asking me "When are you gonna cash in your Race for the Case?" Well, since Hall of Pain, I've been quite busy keeping in peak physical condition so when that moment comes for me to strike, I will be ready. Being the Race for the Case winner means I can cash this in on any champion at any time and within a 3 count, I would become champion once again. See, I've had a pretty legenday career. Adding another title reign to a championship or obtaining a new championship would only further cement my claim and almost gaurantee me a spot in the WWX Hall of Fame.

Crowd begins to chant "Hall of Fame!" as Xavier soaks the moment in.

XAVIER: Thanks guys. That means a lot. I've been through a lot. Lost my father a few years ago, nearly lost my wife Beatrice in a car accident last week and found out that my grandson has cancer. While I was visiting my grandson and I told him what I've been doing. He told me "grandad, you're my hero because you fight hard and never give up.

"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the PA system in the American Airlines Center. The crowd stirs as Rex McAllister slowly arrives from beyond the curtain. Rex is wearing his normal ring attire: Black tights, Black "Rex Master" vest, and boots. Rex looks confident as he stands on the stage, mic in hand.

Hart: Well, this is quite the surprise. What could this man be doing out here at this time? He has a match here later tonight against Tommy Lipton, but what does he have on his mind at this moment?

Lane: Are you kidding me, Mike? The Rex Master always speaks with a purpose, never lacking in relevance, and that's exactly why he is REXCELLENT!

Rex raises the microphone up to his mouth to speak.

Rex: Xavier, Xavier, Xavier...we meet again. A man who talks without really speaking. Laying out little cliff notes on matters that are neither here nor there, and then there's that prized briefcase that holds the keys that completes your path toward the summit.

Rex pauses. Rex takes a few paces to the left of the stage, looking out at the audience briefly before focusing back toward the ring at Xavier.

Rex: They hear all of the hopeless crying out that you do just like with any other sad pathetic attention-seeking |BLEEP| who needs that reassurance and satisfaction in knowing that every thing they do and say has some meaning to it.


Rex: You hold in your possession the key to many potential possibilities, there's no doubting that for even a moment. So much can happen in the short amount of time that it takes to hand that briefcase to a referee. From there that bell rings, and depending on whether you time everything just right, because timing is everything in those moments when one decides it's their's to seize, will determine your fate after that. 

The crowd reacts negatively as they continue to jeer Rex.

Rex: After that? Just imagine for a moment. Imagine standing at the top of the mountain, proud. For the first time in your career in World Wrestling Xistence, you are officially recognized as the top champion. However, the point is...the point of me being out here to burst your little bubble, is if and when that moment comes...certainly in your case that's a big "if". I would be very aware if I were you, Xavier. With everybody else just below nipping at your ankles as you are at the top of the mountain, their voices loudly echoing of old and new enemies just looking to pull you down from your throne where they will rip off your head off, and tear your soul apart. 


Rex looks down for very brief moment before slowly bringing his head back up. He raises mic slowly back to mouth. Rex grins deviously.

Rex: That's how I want you to remember me when you are forced to "give up", forced to admit that the machine was finally broken beyond repair, forced to embrace your final-

Xavier: Are you done rambling Rex? Seriously, get a grip on reality. You're just like everyone else in the WWX nowadays. Everyone assumes I don't have what it takes to become champion when everyone knows differently. Let's take this case I have and the World Title match you're steadily to add yourself to at Holiday Hell out of the picture. You bested me once before and I accepted the loss. You automatically assume that should I cash this in and become World Champion that you're going to automatically take it from me and face my final judgment. The ONLY judgment that I see is when I cash in become a champion once and honestly, I hope that the champion I dethrone...is YOU!!

"Tonight's the Night" starts up once again as Xavier drops the mic.

Hart: Xavier has made it clear that he's gonna cash it his case on the World Champion but when exactly?

Lane: Xavier doesn't have what it takes to be world champion.

Hart: Again? Folks, we'll be right back.

Bob and Tom immediately circle, taking it to the mat. 

Hart: Welcome back to Saturday Night Ravage! In the ring, Bob Mellon defends his WWX Internet Championship against one of his challengers at Holiday Hell, Tom Black!

Immediately locking up as the duo struggle for dominance, the ref immediately trying to get in between them. Bob gets the advantage before the ref gets closer, pushing him up against the turnbuckle.




Bob with a stiff forearm to Black, but Black ducks, the fans roar as he levels Bob with a forearm of his own, following it up with a right to his face, pushing Bob back with each step, he finally knocks Bob down with the final right hook.

Bob gets back up, but Black follows it up with a dropkick, sending Bob rolling away as Black cheers in the ring confidently.

Hart: Black showing that he can bring the heat to the champion here.

Lane: That is just what Bob needs, someone that MIGHT be able to take the belt away from him.

Black goes to pick up Bob as the ref approaches, Bob violently pushes Black away, knocking the ref down, as Black spears Bob out of the ring, the fans cheering passionately as the lights go out.

Hart: What in the devil is going on?! 

The lights cut back on suddenly, the fans in shock as Black is looking as a hooded man stands out of his field of vision with a lead pipe in his hand. 

Hart: Look out Black!

The hooded man decks Black from behind, dropping the lead pipe in the process as the ref is still knocked out. The lights go out again as the fans scream with excitement. 

Lane: Black knocked out…

The lights come back on again, with Bob getting into the ring, picking up the lead pipe as the ref is coming to.

Hart: What is Bob doing?! Did he do it?

Lane: Have you lost your mind? He was outside of the ring during that attack, you can see it from here!

The ref looks at Bob holding the lead pipe, then at the unconscious Tom Black. Bob looks back hesitantly in defense, but the ref signals for the bell.

Lane: It wasn’t Bob’s fault?! How can the ref tell?

Hart: This doesn’t make any sense at all.

Bonn: Your winner by disqualification...TOM BLACK!

The fans boo Bob Mellon as he grabs ahold of the ref by his shirt. EMT come down to the ring to check on Tom Black, setting up the stretcher.

Bonn: Still your WWX International Champion...BOB MELLON!

Bob is not pleased at all as he leaves the ring in annoyance, walking up the ramp as the camera refocuses back on the EMT placing Tom Black upon the stretcher.

*The WWX logo flashes, and we go backstage to Syndicate's locker room.  The champion is seen getting ready for his match later in the night, as he is currently putting on his wrestling boots.  Next to him, on a wooden table, sits the Undisputed World title, which gleams in the light.*


*Syndicate looks up at the door, confused.*

Syndicate: Yeah?

???: Catering!

Syndicate (mumbling): ...I didn't order any catering...

*He raises his eyebrows, thinking of something.  With a cocky smile, Syndicate stands up and moves towards the door.  On his way over, he grabs the World title off the table.  With his right hand holding the title, Syndicate opens the door with his left.  The door swings to reveal none other than Rayne standing on the other side!  Rayne comes flying in towards Syndicate, who swings and misses with the championship.*

*Syndicate turns around, but is met with a huge right from the Silent Assassin.  The champ gets backed up against the wall, where Rayne attempts to take him down with a medley of punches.  Syndicate, however, gets his legs between himself and Rayne and pushes off, sending Rayne careening into the table.*

*Not a moment too soon, Kurtis Ray comes running in.  Not seeing Syndicate pressed against the wall, as he was situated behind the swung-open door, Kurtis moves towards the dazed Rayne.  The Hype Train looks over him, slightly concerned but also quite apathetic, and as he does, Syndicate comes from behind and shoves his head into the table!*

*Finally, it's Darkness's turn to run in.  He and Syndicate see each other at the same time, nod, and start working on the other two, with Syndicate focusing on Kurtis and Darkness on Rayne.  However, Kurtis and Rayne counter with punches of their own.  An all-out brawl breaks out in Syndicate's locker room between the four men, but it doesn't get very far before security floods the area yet again.  All four men are held back by a trio of guards each, completely incapable of escape.*

*Ravage GM James Ranger storms in, looking even more pissed than before.*


*He tries to calm himself down, but to no avail.*

Ranger: Listen.  I know what you four are trying to do.  You want revenge for previous offenses, you want to "prove" something or other.  Whatever it is, I don't care.  Darkness and Rayne, you don't have any reason to be here any longer, so I am banning both of you from this arena.

*Darkness and Rayne struggle against their bonds, obviously frustrated with the ruling.  Ranger only smiles back.*

Ranger: And as for you two, Syndicate and Kurtis...the MOMENT your match is done, you two will leave the American Airlines Center.  Do I make myself clear?

Syndicate: What about the -


*Nobody says anything.  Ranger, pleased, chuckles.*

Ranger: That's right.  Security, take care of it.

*Ranger leaves, followed by the guards escorting Rayne, Darkness, and Kurtis out of the locker room.  Syndicate sits down on a padded folding chair as he resumes putting on his boots.*

*commercial break*

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowd surfs down to the ring to a  decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.




*Dallas gets to its feet to welcome the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion!*

Hart: Well, folks, we've finally made it to the first of tonight's co-main events, and it's been a long road getting here.

*Syndicate steps onto the stage, beaming at the crowd assembled in the American Airlines Center.  Dressed in his red leather jacket, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers, Syndicate holds the Undisputed World title up for all to see at the top of the ramp.*

Lane: On my count, Syndicate, along with Darkness, Kurtis Ray, and Rayne, have gone through a total of FOUR brawls throughout the night, eventually leading to Darkness and Rayne being sent home!

Hart: And maybe that was exactly what Syndicate wanted!  Without them, there's a good chance we'll see a nice, clean match between him and Kurtis tonight.

Lane: I sure hope so.  These two can really tear the house down!

*As the announcers talk, Syndicate runs down the ramp and slides into the ring.  Immediately, he stands right in front of Kurtis and raises the World title in his face.8

Syndicate (off-mic): You want this?  Come get it.

*He then hands the title to the referee, who gives it to the timekeeper.*

Hart: It's Syndicate, it's Kurtis, and it's happening LIVE in Dallas!


The two launch at each other, trading punches back and forth.  Kurtis gains the eventual upper hand on the champion, backing Syndicate into a corner.  Kurtis whips Syndicate into the opposite corner and charges at him, but Syndicate gets out of the way, sending the Hype Train chugging straight into the turnbuckle.

The Outlaw runs at Kurtis, jumps, and hits Original Syn in the corner.  Kurtis falls to the floor, and Syndicate goes for the pin, but he easily gets his hand on the ropes.  Syndicate quickly gets up and climbs to the top rope, waiting for Kurtis to stand up before bringing him right back down with a flying cross body. 

From this, Syndicate tries to lock in The Vault, but Kurtis, with a few well-placed elbow shots, breaks out.  Syndicate staggers away from Kurtis, who quickly gets up and flips Syndicate over with a snap suplex.  Instead of letting go, Kurtis pulls Syndicate up and hits another suplex, followed by a third!  

Kurtis covers upon bridging the third!


T-but Syndicate kicks out with attitude! The fans screaming for Syndicate to fight off Kurtis as he tries to roll away.

HART: It seems like no matter what Syndicate does, Kurtis Ray has an answer for it.

LANE: That's the very definition of a rival, Mike, and if past history is anything to judge by, the rivalry between these two men will go down in WWX History.

(Kurtis is on his back on the mat after a pin attempt from Syndicate. Syndicate moves to haul Ray up to his feet, but Kurtis pulls him into a rollup.)

REF: 1..... 2..... Kickout!

(Syndicate manages to kick out of the pin and rolls away from Ray. Both men get back to their feet, and Kurtis lunges at Syndicate, who tries to counter with a Superkick Kurtis just manages to spin out of the way of, taking advantage of the Champ's misstep to grab Syndicate and execute a release German suplex. Ray scrambles back to his feet, shouting at the stunned champion to get up as he takes a crouched stance in the corner.)

LANE: Ray missing an opportunity to pin the champion.

HART: The fans know exactly what Ray has in mind.

(Syndicate crawls the the corner himself, using the ropes to pull himself back to his feet. He turns toward Kurtis just in time to take a running dropkick into the turnbuckle. The crowd pops for Kurtis, who raises his arm and pumps it.)


(Kurtis whips Syndicate into the opposite corner, following him in with a second running dropkick, then rolls back and springs up for a third. Syndicate stumbles out of the corner before falling to the mat. Ray looks at the fallen champion then to the crowd, calling for the Death Ray. He pulls Syndicate up to his feet and whips him into the rope, but when he pops Syndicate up champion manages to slip through and take Kurtis down to the mat with an awkward-looking wristlock. Kurtis howls and rolls away, favoring his shoulder.)

LANE: Syndicate may have just broken Kurtis Ray's arm!

HART: Time will tell if that's enough to stop the Hype Train.

(Syndicate looks at the fallen Kurtis Ray, contemplating going for a pin for a moment before hauling Kurtis up to his feet and whipping him into the corner.)

LANE: Syndicate proving he's serious about destroying Ray.

(Syndicate follows Kurtis in with another Original Sin and strikes true. Syndicate goes for the pin.)

REF: 1..... 2..... KICKOUT!!

(The crowd explodes for Kurtis and Syndicate looks shocked at the fact that the Hype Train managed to kick out.)

LANE: The Hype Train has arrived!

(Syndicate shakes his head, shouting something unintelligible at Kurtis before hauling the former champion to his feet and immediately hitting a No Signal. Syndicate goes for the pin again.)

REF: 1..... 2..... 2.999 KICKOUT!!


(The crowd roars as Syndicate grabs handfuls of his hair, gesturing with two fingers at the ref and mouthing "it was only a two?" Kurtis rolls away from the champion, trying to get his legs underneath him.)


HART: Kurtis Ray has done the impossible and kicked out again!

LANE: But with the bad shoulder and no Death Ray, is it too little too late?

(Syndicate curses, then goes to attack Kurtis again. Kurtis fights through it, blasting Syndicate in the face with a hard elbow and following it up with a Jawbreaker. Before Syndicate has a chance to recover, grabs the champion and transitions into a straightjacket before executing a reverse russian leg speep and driving Syndicate face first into the mat.)

LANE: Hyperdriver to the champion!

HART: Ray's gotta be hoping this is it!

(Kurtis goes for the pin!)

REF: 1...... 2.....2.5 KICKOUT!

LANE: Syndicate has enough in the tank to kick out!

(Ray misses no time in getting back to his feet. He looks at Syndicate on the mat,just starting to get his wits back about him and then turns his eyes to the ceiling and roaring before raising his good arm to pump it. He grabs Syndicate, pulling him to his feet.)

HART: He's going for the Death Ray again!

LANE: He couldn't pull it off last time.

(Kurtis makes like he's going to whip Syndicate into the ropes, but at the last second pulls the champion back and steps into a skull-shivering short arm lariat that echoes through the arena and leaves the champ in an unmoving heap on the mat. Kurtis rolls on top of the champion, counting along with the referee and the crowd.)




HART: Kurtis Ray is going to Holiday Hell!

LANE: What WAS that?

(Kurtis Ray struggles to his feet as the ring crew checks on Syndicate.

Immediately after the bell is rung, Darkness appears out of nowhere, jumps the barricade, and slides into the ring!  He starts taking it to an already-dazed Syndicate, pounding him with lefts and rights and eventually causing the champ to bleed!*

Hart: WHAT THE -

Lane: He's not supposed to be here!!!

*Soon after, none other than Rayne jumps the barricade and enters the ring as well!  He starts going at it with Kurtis!*

Hart: Not again!!!

*Rayne picks Kurtis up, grabs his arms, and drops him with Arch Angels Fall!  He attempts to do the same to Darkness, but he is met with Sudden Darkness from the #1 Contender!*

Hart: Darkness has gained control!

*Darkness throws his hands in the air, satisfied with his work, but as he turns back towards the champ, Syndicate jumps to his feet and flips Darkness over for the No Signal!  Darkness staggers right back to his feet, but Syndicate just hits the No Signal again!*

Lane: That's TWO No Signals!!!!!!!!

*Immediately, a squad of Dallas Police Department officers make their way down the ramp, led out by James Ranger.  The GM, looking absolutely beside himself with anger, stands to the side as the officers enter the ring with handcuffs in hand!*

Hart: What is Ranger doing??

*Syndicate is grabbed from behind and forcefully cuffed!*

Lane: Our champion's being ARRESTED!

*The same fate befalls Rayne, Darkness, and Kurtis as well!*

Hart: So is everyone else!  Ranger is FORCEFULLY regaining control tonight!

*The GM smiles as Syndicate walks past him, but Syndicate doesn't seem to care.*

Syndicate (off-mic): CHAOS!!!  I PROMISED CHAOS!!!

*Kurtis Ray, Darkness, and Rayne are led out after the champion.*

Hart: I...I don't know what we've just witnessed, but it looks like the entire World title picture will lie in JAIL tonight!

**commercial break**

Lane: Ladies...its show time...round 4 of the best of five series and i would be damned if Tommy makes its out of this winner.

Hart: With the recent back n forth, it is safe to assume that this rivalry is not only red hot but the eventual clash is right now...in a submission match.

*In The End* pounds through the speakers, the fans get excited as Tommy Lipton appears on the ramp.Tommy Lipton is wearing Tap Out branded shorts to the ring and MMA gloves.

Lane: Looks like Tommy Lipton is focused and ready for Rex McAllister tonight! 

Hart: Rex may have gotten the last punch  over Tommy last week but it doesn't seem that's had much impact as the Hall of Famer appears to not have lost his focus at all!

Tommy starts to walk down the ramp with a purpose as Rex McAllister suddenly appears on the ramp behind him, immediately coming from behind. Wasting no time, Rex whips Tommy right into the barricades, the ref rolls out of the ring as Tommy cringes but returns the attack, with a stiff elbow, stunning Rex before following it up by grabbing his head and slamming it on the barricade. 

Rex removes the padding right outside the ring as the ref tries to get them in the ring.

Hart: The match has not even started officially..has Rex lost it?!

Lane: Anything...anything to win!

Rex goes to grab Tommy, but Tommy with the quick punches to Rex’s chest, followed by two quick kicks to Rex’s arms as he steps back. Rex stumbles, but Tommy wastes no time, attempting to go for the Lipton Slam early, but Rex reverses it, connecting with the Rex Effect right on the solid ground, busting him up. 


Rex picks Tommy up rolling him into the ring, following him behind as the ref looks shocked, but signals for the bell to be rung. 

Hart: This is officially under way but its clear the advantage is given to Rex!

It's at this point that Rex leaves the ring as the bell rings to start the match, and he heads over to the right side of the ring and approaches a masked figure wearing all black is standing by. The masked character reaches down and unveils a weapon never before seen in WWX or anywhere. He hands it to Rex. It's a five foot long modified singapore cane. He looks it up and down as Tommy Lipton still comes to in the ring. 

Hart: Oh my God! Gary, what is that? It almost looks like some sort of a singapore cane!

Lane: Or some variation of one. Is that pieces of metal I see wrapped in there with the wood?

Hart: This doesn't look good at all for Tommy Lipton who's still trying to recover from that early onslaught delivered by Rex before the bell ever even rang!

Rex holds it up, admiring it as the crowd lets out collects gasps. The masked figure turns to take his leave. The bloody Lipton uses the ropes to begin slowly pulling himself up. Rex rolls into the ring with the modified Singapore cane. Rex raises it up and brings it down with force to the back of his former partners back. 

Hart: Oh MY GOD! Stop Rex! This is a submission match, not a hardcore match!

Tommy yells out in great agony. 

Lane: No rules to this particular match, Mike! Rex just has to make Tommy submit some how some way, it doesn't really matter how he does it.

Rex turns Tommy to face him. Rex swings again with great force to the exposed right arm of Tommy Lipton. Rex swings repeatedly to the same arm with the same amount of force. 

Lane: Nothing the referee can do except admonish Rex, and hope he has mercy here! This is nuts!

Rex swings the cane one last time with extreme force to the temple of Tommy Lipton. Lipton falls lifelessly to the canvas. Rex slams the cane down to the canvas.

ane: And Here We Go!

Rex immediately on the attack goes for punches and kicks. Tommy on the defensive as he blocks and doves a few the two circling around the ring. Tommy in the ropes as Rex is unloading everything he has! 

Hart: Rex isn't backing off! 

Tommy doing what he can to block and dodge the attack! Rex goes for a huge swing but Tommy ducks. Rex with another Tommy dodges as he leans back into the ropes. 

Lane: Is Tommy rope doping Rex!?

Hart: This is wrestling Rex should just grab him and take him down forget trying to waste energy with those punches!

Lane: Rex looks frustrated! Oh hes setting up for a clothesline!! No Tommy leans down lifting Rex up and over! 

Hart: Rex lands hard outside the ring!


Tommy waits as Rex reenters the ring and Tommy taunts for Rex to "bring it" Rex charges at Tommy who dives out of the way and rolls to the outside and suddenly Rex is now chasing Tommy around the ring! Both men enter the ring and Rex goes for a clothesline Tommy ducks it springboards off the second rope and connects a forearm to the side of Rex McAlister's face taking him down! Tommy stands up shouting at his opponent and starts putting stomps to the arms and head of Rex McAllister! Tommy looks to lock in an Arm Bar but Rex COUNTERS! 

Lane: REX LOCK!!!

Hart: Tommy may tap out here and now!!!

Tommy grabs the ropes and the ref forces a break



Rex let's go as Tommy rolls away. Tommy and Rex get up at the same time. Rex goes to punch Tommy but Tommy blocks it and counters with a punch and grabs Rex and hits a knee breaker on Rex.

Tommy grabs Rex by the leg and starts kicking the inner thigh then mounts Rex and starts punching him wildly across the face! Rex flips Tommy and now it is Rex with the mount and punches! Rex gets up and off the ropes he hits a baseball slide nailing Tommy side of the head!

Rex pulls Tommy to the outside, but Tommy slashes out with his uninjuried arm, the crowd going wild as he tries once more to offset Rex without using the arm, but Rex whips Tommy over to the steel steps, the injuried arm landing on impact.

Hart: With the crowds negative reaction to his actions here, Gary, it only seems to ignite the fire within Rex even more the longer the match goes on!

Lane: No arguing that, look how intense he looks, Mike! He's absolutely relentless!

Rex picks up the steel steps and throws them, connecting with Tommy Lipton sending him back down to the ground.

Hart: Can somebody please tell this man to get it in the ring!!??

Rex points toward Mike Hart.

Rex (no mic): You shut your mouth Hart, or you'll be next!

Rex re-focuses his attention back on the ailing Tommy Lipton.

Lane: I think you'd better tone it down, Mike!

Rex stands the near lifeless body up against the barricade. Rex climbs up on the barricade. Rex hops off the barricade dropping a leg across the chest and neck area of Tommy sending him over the barricade as they both are now amongst the sea of humanity.

Hart: Both men now fighting in the crowd! This is chaos, and we have our referee on hand trying to follow this all in close pursuit of the combatants!

Lane: Remember, he only needs to be there to acknowledge the final submission from one of these competitors!

Both Rex and Lipton will fight on through the crowd upward toward one of the exits leading into the halls of the American Airlines Center. Rex will use a brawling technique: brawling fists, headbutts, small objects from different concession stands, objects such as doors and walls are fair game, he will continue his attack despite the constant resilience shown by Lipton. 

Rex eventually goes back to focusing on the injured arm of Lipton to gain the advantage back when it looks like Lipton is trying to take momentum back. 

Both competitors soon make their way into a kitchen area where there are various workers and staff members.

Rex (no mic): Come on, Lipton, you son-of-a-bitch!

Rex whips Lipton into a couple of shelves in the kitchen.

Hart: Rex McAllister is still taking it to the living legend, Tommy Lipton. Lipton is barely able to stand up under his own power! 

Lane: It's only a matter of time, Mike! Rex had a game plan in mind tonight, and he's executed it to near perfection!

Rex sends clubbing blows to the back of Tommy Lipton. Rex grabs Lipton by his hair now and uses his head as a battering ram against the walls of various different areas in the kitchen. 

Hart: But look at Lipton fight back!

Lane: Great, he has tenacity after all!

Tommy sends clubbing rights repeatedly to the temple of Rex. Rex escapes though through to another area of the kitchen with Tommy giving close follow.

Hart: Our referee still on top of things here! I do apologize to the folks here tonight and watching at home who were expecting to see a submission match between these two, but it's quite clear that things have become so much more intense and personal than that now.

Lane: Relax, Mike! The referee started this match a long time ago, this match is still official, and will not end until one of these competitors decides to end it!

Rex leaves the kitchen. Tommy catches him and both slug it out now back and forth. Rex runs toward the parking garage. A groggy Tommy Lipton gives follow.

Rex sees somebody sitting in their car with the drivers side door open. Rex runs over to the gentleman sitting in his car and grabs him out.

Gentleman: Hey, what the-? That's my car!

The man runs away. Rex looks to start the car, but notices the keys are not in the ignition.

Rex (no mic): |BLEEP|!

Tommy Lipton approaches the car now with Rex in it. Rex gets out of the car to meet Lipton. Lipton pounds away at a sitting Rex with fiery rights with his good arm. Rex grabs Tommy's other arm and slams it down on the car. Rex then grabs Tommy's badly injured arm and slams the door on it repeatedly.

Hart: Would somebody please put a stop to this madness!!? It's clear Rex is not only trying to win the match by targeting that injured arm of Lipton, but he's trying to eliminate him altogether!

Lane: Rex has gone to the extremes now! It's almost like murder, Mike, you do it once, you basically can't go back!

Lipton yells out in agonizing pain. Rex then grabs the injured arm of Lipton and brings him down to ground. He locks in the Kimura lock on Tommy Lipton. The referee checks with Lipton.

Ref: Tommy, ya give up??


Rex: Come on, ASK HIM!!!

Rex torques at the arm some more.

Ref: Tommy, ya wanna give up???

Tommy Lipton taps against all the pressure being applied by Rex.

Lane: He did it, Mike! He made the legendary Tommy Lipton tap! Now that, Mike, was Rexcellent! Wow!

Hart: Mercifully it's finally over!

Rex rises slowly back to his feet. Rex raises his arms in victory as the referee points in his direction awarding the match to him. The referee signals at the main camera to the ring announcer and time keeper at ringside to indicate such.


Bonn: The winner of this contest in the best of five....REX MCALLISTER!!!

In the arena "A Welcome Burden" starts up as the crowd collectively boos. The camera transitions back to the parking garage where the referee and several officials are tending to Tommy Lipton. Rex looks on from a distance with his hands on his hips still breathing hard laughing with no remorse detectable at all.

Hart: Despicable! This man has gone to new lows! He should be ashamed! What has happened to him???

Lane: You don't have to like how he accomplished it, but tonight Rex reigns supreme, and has tied this series up with the winner taking all at Holiday Hell!

Hart: Thank you for joining us folks with another addition of Ravage. This is Gary Lane. I'm Mike Hart signing off!

The camera pans in once again on the officials tending to Lipton with Rex McAllister nodding his head with approval and unmistakable satisfaction as the show comes to a close.

End of Part Two!

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