RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-30 23:25:58

On Sat, Dec30, 2017 11:25pm America/Phoenix
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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2017-12-30 23:25:58
Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome...to the final edition of Saturday Night Ravage for the year 2017! Myself and alongside, Gary Lane, at ringside providing a card filled with action and announcements inbound.

Lane: Announcements are definitely are the list tonight, as our esteemed Ravage General Manager James Ranger makes the final call on the decision of Fozzy Ozbourne and what to do with the WWX Television Championship, as Fozzy was booked at Holiday Hell to compete against Willie Steen.

Hart: While the card features talent looking to make a strong impact, the first of two main events, the first is a rematch between Race For The Case Xavier Pendragon and WWX International Champion Bob Mellon, the champion looking to get some revenge from earlier in the year as he places the International Championship on the line--

Lane: He still defies the authority of the General Manager…

Hart: He is probably the only champion to have defended that strap so many times since winning it at Hall of Pain. 

Lane: Yet also we have the six man elimination tag team match scheduled between what is the essential co-main event at Holiday Hell of Rex McAllister, World Champion Syndicate, and Darkness teaming up against Tommy Lipton, Rayne, and Kurtis Ray!

[*Go F*ck yourself* hits as the crowd look on in fear. Then, out from the stage steps Dr. Death. He laughs maniacally. The red blood upon his clothes clear and striking. In his hand is a barbed wire bat called "Dory". He holds it over his shoulder as he walks to the ring like a soldier that knows no fear, soaking in the lives of the arena.]

Hailing from London, England... He is the Organ Stealer... Pain Dealer... DOCTORRRRR DEATHHHHH!!!!!

[The announcers remain silent, this isn't the best time to talk. Especially when Death has turned up on WWX's front door.]

[His bat, Dory, swings around menacingly as he slides in through the bottom rope and peers over at the looming crowd. Distaste and hate etched upon his solemn face.]

West Virginia Mountaineer is already on the outside as he waves the WVU flag defiantly in the face of Dr. Death.

Bonn: Hailing from West Virginia…..is the WV Mountaineer!

WVU hands his flag, rolled up to the staff on hand as Dr. Death merely charges at WVU coming into the ring, but WVU ducks the swing from the bat, the ref trying to gain control of the match as he signals for the bell.

Lane: The madness of the wrestler, Dr. Death! This isn’t a hardcore match!

Hart: WVU seems to have everything under control.

WVU ducks the swing again, doubling Dr. Death over with a quick knee to the chest, grabbing ahold of Dr. Death, he hooks him up for a double underhook DDT, smiling as he connects Dr. Death’s face into the mat. He covers!




The bell rings as WVU gets his hand raised.

Bonn: Your winner of the first match… THE WEST ViRGINIA MOUNTAINEER!

Hart: A solid performance


Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the ramp with five small burst of white pyro. Jarvis burst through the curtains. 
Jarvis runs to either side pumping up the crowd before putting his arms in an X formation  above his head in the middle of the stage. Jarvis slams the x that he made above his head before taking of running down to the ring. Jarvis slides in the ring and pops up instantly with a
‘x” above his head once again. He looks around the arena while dropping his arms to his side slowly. The crowd seems to be enjoying what they see as the all are chanting Jarvis. Jarvis takes a few moments of taking the crowd in before walking over to the ropes and leaning through the ropes to grab a mic. He walks back to the center of the ring with the mic before he raises it to his mouth as the fans chant starts to settle.

Jarvis: Well heeeellllloooo to you to Corpus Christi!!!

The crowd erupts once more with a chant if Jarvis. Jarvis looks around the arena again taking in the chants. A few moments pass before he raises his mic agan.

Jarvis: You know what? During the summer time this year I had a few things go south in Nebraska and I had to escape. You know where I came? I came to Texas. I stayed in San Antonio, and during that time I came down here to visit. And guess what?  When I retire i’m coming down here with a RV and live on the beach!

With that, Jarvis shoots his arms out to the side with a grand smile on his face. The crowd erupts once more.

Jarvis: Now, I Just have a couple things to say before my match. I know I have won one match and lost my other. I also know that happens. What I want to let you know and all the fans watching around the world is that I am here to please you, the fan.

The crowd gets loud once again.

Jarvis: Have you seen all the people backstage? Nine out of ten back there could care less about you the fan. They won’t buy you tickets if it is the right thing to do. None of them will wrestle a match for you. None of them will win a title for you the fan. But you know what they will do? They will do everything under the sun for them to elevate themselves.

None of them will take the hard to get what they want. Sure it is easier to take short cuts and to steal chances to gain, but no one will earn what they achieve doing that.

Jarvis pauses for a couple seconds and looks around at the crowd.

Jarvis: So I Jarvis Valentine, make a promise to each and every single one of you. I will be that person to go out every night and bust my ass to please you the fan. I promise to do things the right way and earn everything that I do. And I promise you, that I WILL, win a championship for you and defend it knowing you the fan, are carrying the company by pushing me to excel and deliver.

The fans erupts once more. As the fans keep chanting Jarvis….

Jarvis: I see there is a title vacant….

The crowd gets louder…

Jarvis: Watch my match tonight Mr. Ranger… This fans deserve a champion they can cheer for….And a champion who will represent WWX the way it is supposed to be!!!

Jarvis drops the mic before putting his arms up in the air in a shape of a “x”. 

Bonn: Introducing his opponent, accompanied by manager Penelope Creed..Damian Price!

Hart: Damian Price looking to make an impact as well, as both are looking to get a shot at the potentially vacant Television Championship.

Damian and Jarvis immediately lock up, the seasoned veteran Damian switches it up from a lock up to a headlock, tightening the grip around the neck, but Jarvis immediately switches up, taking it to the ropes, forcing Damian off as his opponent runs across the ring. Damian dodges a clothesline from the Nebraskian coming thru and rebounding from the ropes. Yet Jarvis meets him head on, conencting with a dropkick. 

Hart: Jarvis with the cover!



Damian kicks out as Penelope is screaming at Damian to get it together. Jarvis grabs Damian up, the fans getting excited in their support of him as he drags him over to the turnbuckle, he presses Damian against the ropes, but Damian with an eye poke, immediately switching places and placing Jarvis against the turnbuckle, he cross chops the bare chest of Jarvis, elicting a groan from the crowd as he smiles. He connects with yet another one, this one causing Jarvis to clutch his chest as he tries to escape the wily Damian. 

Lane: Damian clearly getting the new rookie on the ropes. 

Hart: Jarvis knows he has to find an opening to outwit Damian Price if he wishes to get the better of him.

Damian closes the distance, grabbing ahold of Jarvis, bringing him down to the mat with a vicious reverse russian legsweep. He pops up, mocking the crowd, bringing Jarvis back up to his feet, he connecting with a clean snap suplex that bounces Jarvis up, Damian pins him to the mat, yelling at the ref to count.



Jarvis raises the shoulder, breaking the count and making Penelope mad as Damian demands the ref counts faster. Damian gets up, taking steps back as the crowd gets ansty, sensing the final act is coming.

Hart: Jarvis needs to get up now!

Damian sprints as Jarvis inadvertently lines himself up for the V-Trigger...Damian lunges forwar with the knee, but no Jarvis pushes it away at the last second, schoolboy roll up, desperate for the win, he pulls on the pants..




The bell rings as Jarvis suddenly jumps up to celebrate, Penelope in utter shock that the ref didn’t see the deed.

Bonn: Your winner of the second match--


Penelope slaps Jarvis across the face, having gotten into the ring in anger, Damian getting up behind Jarvis unawares as Jarvis blocks Penelope’s second slap. Damian spins Jarvis around..

Blitzkrieg Bop!{Running Swinging Cutter}

Jarvis lies knocked out in the center of the ring, Damian clearly angry at the loss, but a smile creeps on his face as Penelope spits near him in disgust, Damian’s theme plays as he makes the motion for the championship.

Hart: Jarvis with the win here, but clearly the price was high, as Damian makes it clear it is him looking for the next title shot.


Darkness: About time your ass showed up and I see you brought my belt with you. Oh and that public defender you recommended has me picking up garbage for the next couple of months.

(Syndicate enters the scene holding the Undisputed title)

Syndicate: Maybe you should have listened to what he had to say instead of |BLEEP|ing up his whole plan.  He got me off scot-free no problem.

Darkness: Screw that. It was Ranger. He wants me out of the title picture.

Syndicate: You and me both, pal.  Unlike him, though, I'm gonna shove you out of the title scene with my own two hands.

Syndicate: Ranger hates the chaos I bring to his company.  He has a complete and total disdain for the mayhem I cause.  At Holiday Hell, I'm gonna turn it up to 11...even you won't be able to keep up.

Darkness: You haven't been able to do it yet. The only way you took that title away from me was with the help of four other guys. Pay back is a bitch and it will happen at Holiday Hell.

(Rex McAllister enters the scene now) 

Rex: It's sure a blast from the past. Jail birds, and chaos. They don't together for me, but you Darkness, and you Syndicate had better have your shit together tonight in our elimination tag match. This isn't about our past, this is about the present. You got that?

Darkness: And this coming from somebody you has been unpredictable the past couple of weeks. How do we know if you are going to have your shit together?

Syndicate: Yeah, is the almighty Rex McAllister going to put his OWN past behind him?  This team, however temporary, has the potential for greatness.  I can't have a loose cannon like you screwing it all up.

Rex: I don't care what you both believe about how Holiday Hell will go or what you believe about me. We win tonight, and we have the momentum we need. It's not that difficult to put two and two together gentleman. So what's it going to be?

Darkness: Just keep your ass in line and we will be just fine or else you will be the first one eliminated.

Syndicate: I mean, if I'm gonna be honest, I wanna punch both of ya'll in the face right now.  But I think I can resist my urges for a 30-minute time period later tonight.

Rex: I need to send a message to Lipton, that's what it's about for me.

Syndicate: You could just text him...

Rex: How clever of you. On speed dial, right??? I've already made it very clear that I always have craved to have my spot back at the top, it was never about brotherhood as it was for him.

Darkness: Syndicate, what are you going to do, attack me like last time after the match is over. It won't happen this time, and if it does it will be the last thing you do.

Syndicate: If you want your spot back at the top, why the hell are you worrying about Tommy |BLEEP|ing Lipton in the first place?  You want my spot, Rex?  Come |BLEEP|in' get it.

Syndicate: And as for you, Darkness, I think you and I both know that you, just like everyone else, can't get rid of me.  I am "The Constant", I am "The Measuring Stick", and at the end of it all, I will still be the CHAMPION.

(Rex, Darkness and Syndicate start puffing out their chests at one another when suddenly Kurtis Ray enters)

Kurtis: I am STARVING. Did you guys get the good hot dogs this time, or just that Oscar Meyer shit again. Swear to god, you wouldn't know a good dog if someone threw it at you.

(Kurtis bumps into Rex and looks at him for a moment.)

Kurtis: Rex? You're not on Craft Services. Or did you finally get that promotion you've been angling for?

Syndicate: Ah, Kurtis, glad you joined us.  How's your team doing?  Practicing getting your ass kicked for later tonight?

Rex: Kurtis, if this were an angle, you would not be here now. You would be in your locker waiting for the next big match of your career to happen not coming at me with cheesy ads for informercial ideas.

Kurtis: Oh please. Waiting in my locker? Practicing getting my ass kicked? You both know that's not how I do. I show up, I get dressed, and I hit the ring and that's where the magic happens. That's where the magic happened when I took your head off a couple of weeks ago, Syndicate. And Rex, while I haven't had the pleasure of beating your ass yet, I don't see the point, really. You're like every other washout who wants to get to the top again, just waiting for a chance to be relevent.

Syndicate: Don't insult Rex, only I can do that! And yeah, you got the W a few weeks back.  But you of ALL people should know that when the Los Angeles Outlaw loses, he comes back stronger than ever.  Bob Mellon was the first on the chopping block, and I believe it's your name that's next on the list.

Darkness: Now Syndicate, Kurtis is fresh off his tag title win. Oh who am I |BLEEP|ing kidding he weaseled his way into our business just like Rayne' s ass did.

Kurtis: Is that so Darkness Well I have someth-

Syndicate: Yeah, let's not forget the original match that was supposed to take place at Holiday Hell.  Everyone wanted to see Darkness VS Syndicate, one-on-one for the final time...until YOU came in and ruined it all thanks to a huge assist from James Ranger.  You don't even deserve to be here.

Kurtis: I earned my right to be here by beating your ass. Nobody wanted to see you and Darkness prod at each other again in a dull-ass match to close out a dull-ass pay per view.

[The camera pans out alittle more as Rayne can be seen approaching].

Rayne: Hell of a meeting of the minds here who's drawing for the other retards to understand?

Kurtis: And Darkness, I'd be careful what you say, man. You created this for yourself. If you'd just stayed out of the three way match a month ago, then you'd only have one opponent at Holiday Hell and I'd have a much easier night ahead of me.
Hey Rayne... Bumped into these three clowns and they are just firing me up! 

(Tommy Lipton walks in on the 5 men arguing)

Tommy: What in the blazes is going on and Kurtis why are you wasting your breath on these 3 numbnutz!!??

(Rex is pissed off at the remark made by Tommy and moves to get into his face but is blocked by Kurtis and Rayne)

Tommy: Hah, tough man! Didn't look so tough after I dropped you like a bad habit with that stunner! 

(Rex brushes his shoulders and then turns his attention to Kurtis.)

Rex: Haha. Waiting to be relevant, look in the mirror Kurtis. Who's trying to be relevant again, and whose about to become the number one contender to said title that you just can't seem to get back? Lost at Hall of Pain last year. Lost at Hall of Pain this year. Lost in the triple threat. Step back Kurtis, and stay the |BLEEP| in your lane.

Tommy: Oh shut the hell up Rex! 

Rex: No I will not! I've been more than relevant, and I'll go down meaning more to this company as a draw than you will ever be able to or fathom.

Tommy: The man begs for attention Kurtis, he's not worth the time. Let's deal with these jokes in the ring! 

Syndicate: Wow, Tommy, real good shit right there.  Great job poking your head in on something that had nothing to do with you. I know personally just how much you like to get involved in things that aren't your business.

(Syndicate stands beside Rex and Tommy looks at him then to his partners for this evenings match)

Tommy: I think this very much is my business. The three of you trying to bash on Kurtis and handicap him but it's even now. Three on three. 

Rex: It is three on three now but don't worry Tommy, I never forgot about you and tonight you can bet I'll pay you back for last week...

 Tommy: My shot for that title comes after I kick your ass once and for all at Holiday Hell Rex, and that will be the real thing that's pure Rexcellence!

(Syndicate looks at Rayne and smiles.)

Syndicate: Rayne!  Good to see ya!  So glad that you showed up for your obligatory ass-kicking before the end of your career at Holiday Hell!

Rayne: *laughs* delivered by who exactly?

Tommy: Syndicate still trying to "WOOOO" be that |BLEEP|ing man!


Kurtis: Watch your mouth, Sid. Rayne's the only person in this ring right now who's beat me clean without a handicap.

Syndicate: Handicap?  You mean like when YOU, Kurtis mother|BLEEP|in' Ray, decided to sacrifice your World title to try and put another dent in my skull?

Syndicate: Yeah, |BLEEP| me, right?

Tommy: The way you speak Kid I know you have quite a few dents in your skull

Rex: Rayne is coming. Better watch out. But no really, watch the Rayne as it comes and goes, kind of like your whole career to this point.

Syndicate: Tommy, Tommy, Tommy...you keep on coming at me, trying to take me down...and every damn time you fail!  When will you learn to quit, man?

Tommy: You don't become a 22 time champion or is it 25? Damn I forget! Point is you don't achieve the success I've achieved by being a quitter

Darkness: Rex... Syndicate, I will bring the umbrellas to protect us from the Rayne.

Syndicate: Good thought, Darky.  I hate getting wet.

Rayne: Syndi ol boy don't twist the fact id be wearing that title if your little *points at darkness* decrepit lover wouldn't have interfered

Rex: Rayne-

Rayne: Rex, I'd smack you but it wouldn't do any good. Some of us actually know how to win without others help. They at least put you on the B team!

Rex: you must be confused Rayne. The Rex Master doesn't need an ally, not when it's just the Rayne hahahaha.

Rayne: Rex, Tommy got tired of carrying your whining ass. All the success you've achieved has been off the back of other people

Tommy: Rayne, thanks for calling it as it is, I did carry the little ungrateful dipshit over there but he doesn't need you telling him what he already knows!

Kurtis: Hey Rex, where'd we land on that hot dog?

Syndicate: He was trying to defend our one-on-one match that we signed a |BLEEP|in' contract on already!  You would've done the same damn thing.

Darkness: Rayne, didn't yours ass need help when your little meat friend was able to pin me.

Kurtis: It means I'll beat your ass when you come calling for my title.

Rex: I'm just wondering what that statement will mean when I win three straight and become the number one contender.

Tommy: You really think you will win three straight Rex? Hah that's as much a joke as your first title run! It's funny really, I had so much respect for you budd, but now look at you, you are now teaming with Syndicate the man you wanted to destroy.

Darkness: In your |BLEEP|ing dreams Kurtis. After this match you may not even make it to Holiday Hell.

Rex: let me deal with these lackies and I'll gladly show you the lights you need to look up to

Syndicate: Kurt, you and I both know that you can't beat a desperate Syndicate trying to regain his title.  Nobody has, and nobody can.

Rex: Looking up to you is impossible from where I stand on that methodically shaped ladder, I've already broke that ceiling long ago.

Rayne: Fact of the matter comes to this, after I get MY title, I'll take on either one of you two

Syndicate: Umm...I believe this World Championship belongs to me.

Rex: As for you Mr hype train, those helpless sheep you preach your useless gospel to, they won't miss you when you up and run away again when you can't complete your come back story.

Tommy: My comeback story is said and done the moment I took my rightful place in the Hall of Fame! 

Kurtis: I think he was addressing me Tommy....

Syndicate: And I'm also pretty sure that the ownership won't change after Holiday Hell.

Rayne: it will because this time you can't cheat to win

Syndicate: Aaaaaand there he goes, ladies and gentlemen.  Tommy Lipton, talking about his grand comeback story again!  Whoop-de-|BLEEP|ing-do!

Tommy: actually Syndi, Rex brought it up... I just sorting out his |BLEEP|ing facts for him. Look at all of you bicker over a title I so often have called my own.

Darkness: What kind of shit you been smoking Syndicate. That title is returning where it belongs... around my waist.

Syndicate: Hey man, we'll deal with your so-called "claim" to my title later.  We're on the same team for the next few hours, cool it until after the bell rings.

Rex: The title run wasn't a joke Lipton by the way... It ended only under the most extreme match ever concocted in WWX, and against three of the my fiercest rivals at the time. My reign won't be forgotten.

Rayne: the only plan you better start making is when were going to meet for a rematch. Lord knows we will be hearing you cry for weeks!

Tommy: Sped Eastin shot me in my last title defense and it took place on the open sea with Blain Evans and many others... again check your facts... your match was the most extreme ever concocted HAH

Syndicate: Oh, okay, like you'll get a |BLEEP|ing rematch, Rayne.  Right.

Kurtis: You know man, I'm tired of trying to get a word in edgewise. All of you shut the hell up for a minute before I do something I'm gonna regret.

Syndicate: You have to win my title first.  And THEN we'll talk about a rematch.

Kurtis: regret? What's there to regret 

[Raynes open hands turn to clenched fists]

Syndicate: The educated man in me would like to say that "most extreme" is an opinion, not a fact.  Although, I would have to lean on the side of Rex's argument on this one.

Rex: Sped Estin sure isn't on my radar, you are. And at Holiday Hell, you will wish that it never came to this. You should have just helped me win at Hall of Pain, but that spotlight has been away too long, hasn't Tommy?

Kurtis: You bunch of delusional asshats are just jawing away, jawing away and it's making my fists itch.

Tommy: Dutchman Pit has and will always be the craziest most extreme match concocted by WWX. Gun fights, sword fights, falling from the top of sails the the dark deck below... ghost ships  and much much more

Darkness: Tommy, you got shot on a ghost ship so did it really happen. I think your ass was just dreaming.

Tommy: Darky you just are crying cuz you weren't good enough to be there... closest you got was a few years prior when I LET you get near the boat on that dingy and help me win the WWX title.

Rex: You can't get a word in edgewise, Kurtis?? That's definitely saying something about your relevancy to say the least.

Kurtis: Maybe I'm no better, but you know what? I'll take that chance. My gospel is useless? Try saying that when I run you over, Rex. You're gonna beat my ass, Darkness? Ask your pal Syndicate, beating the Hype Train is never enough cause I just. Keep. Coming. And Syndicate.... You're just lucky my car still smells like puke from the last time I got arrested or I'd commit an assault.

Syndicate: Kurtis, if you can't handle the heat, get out of the damn kitchen.  And for the second time, ya'll need to get over this damn jail time stuff.  If you try this thing called "good behavior" and "listening to your attorney" you'll get out without a scratch. 

Tommy: and back to you Rex, help you win Rex? I've helped you enough! 

Syndicate: The thing you all have to remember is that, while Holiday Hell is a few days away, we have a match right here tonight.  And I can't |BLEEP|ing wait to tear all your heads off.

Tommy: You three bitches will be on your |BLEEP|ing knees begging the three of us to stop whooping your blue blooded candy assess!

Syndicate: But why do we even have to wait that long?

(Syndicate goes to hit Lipton but Tommy blocks and Tommy Lipton strikes Syndicate across the jaw and then grapples with Rex)

Darkness: We will see who whips who's asses. |BLEEP| it Tommy, how about I whip your ass right now!

(Darkness jumps on Tommy and Syndicate start attacking Rayne)

Kurtis: What the hell, I have a good lawyer.

(Kurtis jumps in and the 6 men are brawling but it is cut short when suddenly...)

James Ranger: (SIGH! *FACEPALM*) SECURITY!!!!

(security moves in and separates the men and breaks up the fight. Darkness and Rex stare at Lipton Rayne and Ray as Syndicate wipes blood from his lip and leans down to pick up his belt. All men now have eyes fixed at Syndicate who stands at the top of the mountain grining ear to ear)

Tommy: Let's see how tonight goes kid and what kind of team you three are as it seems even your partners are gunning for you... 

(Syndicate notices both Rex and Darkness staring at his Championship and his smile starts to fade but he keeps up the image forcing a smile once again.)

Ring Side***

Lane: One has to wonder if those three will get along tonight. 

Hart: Syndicates face says it all...

Lane: It's clear he wants his team to put aside their differences but we will learn tonight if they can.

Hart: Tommy is definitely the leader for his team, it won't be his first rodeo tonight and he and his team mates seem to already show that they can work together. 

Lane: Tonight will be a great look at what we can expect at Holiday Hell! 


*Hex Girl is backstage at Ravage. She runs into Leon Jones.*

LJ: Hex Girl, what a surprise to see you at here at Ravage.

HG: I decided to drop in since I was in the area I had to get my final medical clearance. Doc, says I'm all healed and ready to go.

LJ: Excellent news I know that all of the fans at home are going to be thrilled by that news.

HG: Bob Mellon should be scared.

LJ: No offense and please don't be angry, but he did send you to the hospital.

HG: Yes he did and I've had 6 weeks of recovery to learn from that mistake. Now I'm itching for a rematch.

LJ: Well that will be up to Mr. Ranger to make that match happen.

*Hex Girl claps Leon on the shoulder.*

HG: That's my next stop.

*She walks away.*

The arena goes black, but a single white spotlight emits at the top of the stage as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen at the top of the ramp.

Bonn: Introducing from Detriot, Michigan...weighing in at 215 pounds...Krimzon Blaze!

 as fans become unglued cheering as Blaze walks down the ramp way towards the ring as he claps as many hands as he can before giving a young fan a pair of his trademark KB glasses before entering the ring as green pyro erupts on all four corners as KB gives off his signature taunt.

Hart: Blaze here tonight looking to enact revenge against his opponent tonight, before going into Holiday Hell to face the WWX International Champion Bob Mellon.

Lane: Blaze doesn’t even stand a chance, if he can’t beat Willie Steen, how can he manage to beat Bob Mellon?

"Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank blares over the PA system. Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses, the WWX Tag Team Championship around his waist.

Bonn: Hailing from Long Beach, California...weighing in at 211 pounds..he is one half of the WWX TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...WILLIE STEEN!

Hart: Willie Steen looking for momentum heading into Holiday Hell, as James Ranger has still not mentioned what is going to happen with the Television Championship.

Lane: He should just hand over to Willie Steen, who has clearly made a case to James Ranger earlier this week that he should be treated as the rightful champion in Fozzy’s absence.

Hart: Have you and Willie lost it?

Lane: Just stating the obvious. Who else deserves the championship?

 He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him. Steen makes his way to the ring, gesturing and showboating to the crowd as he does. He arrives at the ring, climbs on to the apron and leans against the ropes, surveying the crowd. He climbs into the ring and ascends a turnbuckle posing and gesturing for the crowd.

Steen unclips his tag team title, tossing over the ropes, to which a ring hand catches it as he smirks in Krimzon’s direction.

The ref signals for the bell,as the two promptly and quickly circle each other in the ring, looking for the opening, but Steen charges, driving his knee into Blaze’s chest, immediately getting behind him, driving him to the mat with a german suplex.

Hart: Steen not letting go!

Steen, quickly rolls him over and up for positioning, drops him back down the mat with another german suplex, rolls again and lifts him up...the fans knowing what comes next, he drops Krimzon Blaze back down with the third and final german suplex.

Lane: The trifecta is complete! Willie bridges!




The bell rings as Willie Steen’s theme comes on, the tag team champion demands his belt from ringside…

Bonn: Your winner of this match….WILLIE STEEN!

Hart: Another solid showing from Willie--

James Ranger’s theme hits as Willie grabs his tag team championship from the staff on hand. James Ranger walks onto the ramp, WWX Television Championship, neatly folded in his right hand, as a mic is held in his left.

He motions to cut the music as Willie leans on the ropes smiling.

Ranger: Oh...you thought i was going to award this championship here tonight?

The fans boo as Willie Steens openly welcomes it.

Ranger: Sadly...you don’t deserve it and I am going to tell you why Willie...cause...i first have to acknowledge...that our WWX Television Champion Fozzy Ozbourne...is probably not going to come back and that is unforunate, cause he was an inspiring champion to some, a breed of wrestler that is usually hard to ignore but always there. Makes me think of myself sometimes. 

Ranger smirks, but raises the mic back up.

Ranger: So here’s the deal, Willie...Your match at Holiday Hell is still a W-W-X Television Championship Match. It is NOT….a stipulated match as booked. It's just going to be a good ole 1 on 1.

Willie is seen demanding who he is facing, to which Hex Girl is seen stepping out onto the ramp to an excited crowd, wearing a special referee shirt.

Ranger: Hex Girl will be making SURE...you don’t cheat your way out of becoming a double champion...to which i doubt WILL happen anyway. Your opponent at Holiday Hell is none than….SUPER BACON!

The fans go estatic for the announcement as Willie simply scoffs at the thought, yelling back at James that the belt is as good as his.

Ranger: Oh i am sure you’re confident in that regard, but just so we’re clear...the #1 Contender will be decided at Holiday Hell...just SO you can’t say anything about it. Jarvis Valentine….David Monataya….West Virginia Mountaineer….Damian Price….Kailee….Dr. Death...and Titus Tilon...Hardcore Hughes...will be competing in a Battle Royale to determine the next #1 Contender to the Television Championship. So i hope you are prepared...Willie Steen.

James Ranger’s theme hits as he tosses the mic aside, turning around and walking backstage as Hex Girl waves with a smile at Willie before turning around and following James Ranger.

Hart: Holiday Hell is fixed!

Lane: Fixed, but now we can focus on what matters: We will have a new Television Champion and a #1 Contender picked at the start of the new year!

Hart: And its all thanks to James Ranger

Lane: Is that sarcasm i hear?

Hart: None at all.


Blackout fills the arena….


smoke rises up and Tom Black  enters the arena. There  is a mixture of  booing, hissing and cheering as the bell rings..

Bonn: Introducing from Liverpool, England...weighing in at 310 pounds...TOM BLACK!

Lane: Roaring in with the most advantage between him and Krimzon Blaze, will he be able to take the International Championship away from Bob Mellon at Holiday Hell?

Hart: That without a doubt, the most infuriating thing i have heard you said so far tonight.

Lane: Are you doubting that he can win in the new year?

Hart: Not only that, but is it truly believable when he has the champion and Krimzon Blaze stand between him and his next championship victory! 

He looks around and knees the air repeatedly. He twitches and strides towards the ring. He grabs the ropes and tries to pull them apart. He fails and collapses, waiting for his victim.

Hart: What in the..

Lane: Just let it happen.

As A New Power begins to play

Hart: And here comes the man that was just recently announced to face Willie Steen for the Vacant WWX Television Championship!

Bonn: Introducing...from Norwich, England...weighing in at 175 pounds...SUPER BACON!

Rob Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up. he runs down into the ring and right into Tom Black, who jumps up and immediately grabs ahold of Super Bacon by the throat.

Lane: See….simple trap tactics.

Hart: Super Bacon is breaking free though!

Super Bacon immediately connects with snap kicks to Black’s knees, forcing him to let go, he immediately follows it up with a rolling takedown outside the ring, the fans cheering for Bacon as he pops back up smiling!

Hart: Can Super Bacon prove he can beat Willie Steen at Holiday Hell?

Lane: Can he even win this one match?

SupBacon gets Black up and rolling into the ring, the ref signaling for the bell as he also rolls in. He readies himself as Black tries to come to, by hopping onto the top turnbuckle section nearest, he waits as Black gets up. He jumps off!

Flight of the Hawk connects to Black’s skull and it stuns Black into the night, as Bacon covers frantically for the win.




The bell rings as Bacon rolls off and jumps excitingly into the air.

Bonn: Your winner of the match tonight...SUP--

Willie rolls in and clubs Bacon, sending him down to the mat as the ref signals for the bell, in reaction of Super Bacon being attacked. WIllie clearly looking to make an impact and send a message by attacking Super Bacon with repeated punches to Bacon’s face. He gets up and mocks the fans briefly before turning to Bacon, but he is brought down to the mat, Bacon takes it to him with clubbing forearms to the opposing challenger, but Willie pushes him off and rolls out of the ring, with Super Bacon standing tall in the ring.

Willie backs up the ramp, holding his head as he makes a title motion around his waist, smiling all the while. Super Bacon motions for him to get back into the ring but Willie continues to retreat back to the ramp.

Hart: Clearly Willie was looking to soften up his opponent before Holiday Hell, but Super Bacon was not having any of it.

Lane: He might be able to outwit Steen now, but at Holiday Hell, he better bring his A game. 


Already in the ring, Xavier Pendragon is seen getting ready for Bob Mellon as he hands his case to the staff on the side.

Guerrilla radio will hit the PA and I will enter standing on the ramp. I’ll cut the music and will already have a mic in my hand.

Mellon: Everyone needs to shut the hell up. Let me be very clear right now. I am so frustrated and annoyed with how the Holiday Hell booking is shaping up. Tom Black and Krimzon Blaze have done nothing but disappoint me and the WWX. They are such a disappointment that here I am in another main event caliber booking with a WWX star while Black and Blaze sit idly by shoving mediocrity down our throats. Frankly, they don’t deserve to share the ring with me. It’s also a big reason why I continue to put my title up for grabs every week. If I didn’t do that, people would then assume that I am shoving the same kind of mediocrity down their throats. That’s not what I do. Now Penny, you won the lottery this week. You get to go one on one with the champ and you get the prize of a free shot at my title. Don’t worry, I will get to you in just a minute. Now I think the WWX universe deserves an answer as to why Tom Black and Krimzon Blaze continue to be non existent night in and night out and when they wind up showing up it’s half assed and ill prepared. I’m tempted to remove the title shot from the match completely.

(Crowd boos)

Mellon: How’s this for a suggestion. If I am unable or incapable of pinning or making Xavier Pendragon submit cleanly in that ring tonight then I will pull the title from the PPV. If Xavier can beat me then that will allow him to take the title to Holiday Hell and defend it against those schmucks. I’m tired of the BS. I’m tired of the lack of competition. I’m too good for them and this garbage. Now, I have a very nice gentleman with his odd looking counterpart waiting to kick my ass. I think it’s time to roll.

(Mellon drops the mic and sprints into the ring as Pendragon and Mellon exchange blows)

Pendragon continues the pressure, getting Mellon back up, towards the center of the ring, the fans are getting anxious, cheering as Pendragon continues to bring the heat, Mellon completely being over powered, against the ropes, but Pendragon doesn’t stop there, whipping Mellon across the ring, Mellon on the rebound, lou threz presses Pendragon upon return a look of unbridled joy as levels Pendragon with forearms.

Hart: The rivalry is fierce between these two. A rematch of the century!

Pendragon manages to block and push off Mellon, rolling away, both superstars getting to their feet at the same time, Pendragon immediately getting the first blow, but Mellon counters with another one, following it up with an european uppercut, then a snap DDT. Mellon covers!



Pendragon gets the shoulder up, Mellon merely grunts to the feet smiling as he motions for Pendragon to get up. The look of satisfaction comes as Pendragon struggles to get up, but Mellon with the assist, living him up and dropping him with the Piledriver, he rolls up to his feet, he goes for the ropes, bouncing back he’s going for the Beast Drop, but Pendragon rolls away, immediately rolls Mellon’s legs, wrapping around his...the fans get pumped!

Hart: Grand Rapids Knot in the center of the ring!

Pendragon has him, Mellon is clearly in pain, trying to avoid a repeat, he drags himself over to the ropes, inching closer, but Pendragon drags him back, squatting closer and closer to the mat to increase the pain, Mellon is screaming in agony. Trying to fight it. He again makes the journey...he struggles...he reaches for the ropes…..and he’s got it!

The ref begins the count, seeing as Pendragon doesn’t want to let go!

ONE, TWO, THREE….Pendragon lets go, clearly exhausted...Mellon struggling to stand on his own, the energy is simmering between the two as eye contact is made, Mellon counters an attempted grab by Pendragon with a headbutt, granting him time to level Pendragon with a right punch, then another, bringing them to the middle, but Pendragon pulls him in for the spinebuster, he covers!



THR-Mellon kicks out at the last second!

Hart: Almost lost the championship there, but Mellon pushes through! 

Lane: Can he keep it up though?!

Hart: Schoolboy pin by Mellon!



THR-Pendragon puts the shoulder up, but Mellon’s not having it, he picks up Pendragon with haste, with all his strength...connects with the Beast Breaker!

Mellon covers again




Mellon’s theme kicks in as he snatches the International Championship from the stagehand.


Hart: Pendragon put up a valiant effort...but it was Mellon who struck the final blow in their epic rematch.

Lane: While this puts them 1 and 1...the road to Holiday Hell approaches...and you wonder what this means for Bob Mellon.

As if on cue while Mellon is about to leave the ring, the Ravagetron clicks to James Ranger’s office, showing a very irate General Manager.

Ranger: Hold the |BLEEP|ing phone Mellon!

Mellon stops short of walking up the ramp. James’s eyes turn to slits as he stares down Mellon.

Ranger: You’ve done enough damage terrorizing my staff for weeks with your endless defenses of champions, i have a lady returning back that would love a piece of you and your international championship. 

The fans go wild for Hex Girl, clearly Mellon smirks in acknowledgement at what he had done to Hex Girl.

Ranger: But to declare you are NOT going to defend at Holiday Hell...granted neither Tom Black or Krimzon Blaze bested you one on one...but you are STILL going to defend at Holiday Hell….I still run the asylum Mellon...you may be the IWA Hall of Famer, a premature standard of excellence...but you are on my roster….my show.

The fans boo at James Ranger’s words, clearly Bob Mellon is not bothered.

Ranger: Don’t worry, everyone’s moment in the sun ends...yours might end at Holiday Hell. Tick Tock Mellon.

The Ravagetron goes to black as Mellon stares there in disbelief…the view shifts to a split screen of all six members of the main event..

WWX World Champion Syndicate, listening to music on his beat headphones….

Tommy Lipton shadowboxing in his locker room….

Rayne walking down a hallway determined…

Rex McAllister adjusting the tape on his hands….

WWX Tag Team Champion Kurtis Ray, talking to one of the producers in the back..

And Darkness walking with a purpose towards the entrance..



Tommy Lipton is already in the ring, his theme music playing as he smiles for the fans.

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a  decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.

Bonn: Introducing from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico….is one half of the WWX Tag Team Champions….KURTIS RAY!

The lights in the arena dim as a white cross forms on the middle of the stage. The hard drums begin busting as "Aint No Grave" by Johnny Cash begins blaring over the pa system. Rayne steps out with in a black leather jacket and long black pants. He looks around at the fans and then starts down the rampway. 

Upon arrival, Rayne will walk to the center of the ring and throw his arms up in a cross. He stares down Kurtis, but nods as they await the opposing team.

"The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle.

Bonn: Introducing first, from Florence, South Carolina...DARKNESS

Hart: One has to wonder what is going thru the former champion’s head, determined to have the world belt at any cost. Can he pull it off at Holiday Hell?

 Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.

"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a chorus of jeers as he slowly makes his way toward the ring.

Bonn: Introducing first, from SEA ISLE, NEW JERSEY! Weighing in at 238 pounds...He is THE REX MASTER...REXXXXXX!!! MCALLISTERRRRRR!!!

Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence".

Hart: There's no denying the path this man has taken lately, it's gotten him to where he by all accounts on his part knew he would always be, and that was going into Holiday Hell having evened the best of five series at two apiece. He's absolutely brimming with confidence right now!

Lane: I believe you mean that he's gone to a whole different level much higher than he was at before, if you can believe that! It's as if the first two matches, those results only seemed to fuel the fire in him even more to not only win this series, but completely annihilate his former partner in the process!

Hart: Well, that still remains to be seen. He's got to get through tonight first. 

 Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring.




*Static crackles throughout the American Bank Center before transitioning into "Bulls on Parade".  The crowd gets to its feet as Syndicate, the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, steps out onto the stage.  He wears his blood-red leather jacket, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  Over his left shoulder, he holds the World Championship proudly.  Syndicate performs a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp before running down and sliding into the ring.*

Bonn: From Los Angeles, California, weighing 224 pounds, he is the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion...SYYYYYNDICATEEE!!!


Hart: So many combustible elements here tonight, but one could argue that the smallest guy here is also the most dangerous.  He's fast, he's smart, and he can tear you apart.

Lane: Yeah, but he's gotta contend with Kurtis Ray, Rayne, AND Tommy Lipton here tonight!  Syndicate's going to need help from his team if he wants to survive to the end.

Hart: This is an elimination tag-team match, folks!  Last team standing wins!


Syndicate and Kurtis Ray start the match, immediately start out, the fans are hype as the duo circle the ring, being that the duo will face off next week for the strap, they lock up, but Kurtis immediately has the advantage.

Hart: Kurtis pressing with his strength, but Syndicate with the quick agility, switching up the momentum, with the dropkick on the spin!

Kurtis gets up and looks to reach for Syndicate, but Syndicate counters….

Lane: Holy shit! Original Syn now?!

Hart: Kurtis counters with a boot the face, look at Syndicate flip his body onto the mat. Kurtis covers!


T-Syndicate gets the shoulder up, while Kurtis smirks as he tags in Rayne, the fans rallying behind him as he goes to town on Syndicate, backing him into a corner with a series of punches, than kicks, he backs up to rally the fans, then back to Syndicate, who is recovering from the barrage only to be caught into the grip of Rayne’s German Suplex, which drives him into the mat.

Hart: Rayne is on a roll- wait a second!

Darkness immediately gets into the ring, pushing the ref down, and attacking Rayne, causing Rayne to drop his grip of Syndicate. Immediately everyone begins to fall out and attack each other!


Lane: The ref has called off the match!

*As Darkness, Rayne, and Kurtis battle it out with Syndicate lying on the mat, Rex attempts to run in from the back as well, but Tommy Lipton jumps out from the crowd and stands in his way.  The two fight it out on the ramp as, via a double clothesline from Kurtis Ray, both Darkness and Rayne are sent to the outside.*

Hart: Chaos has once again reared its ugly head, and the referee can do NOTHING to stop it!

*Suddenly, Syndicate gets up and hits Kurtis in the back of the head with the Undisputed World Championship, sending him over the ropes and to the outside as well!  Back on the ramp, Tommy looks for a Lipton Bomb on Rex, but Rex counters with a swift low blow to Lipton, followed by an Irish whip into the metal barricade!  Rex then looks up at Syndicate, who stands in the ring with the World title held high over his head.*

Hart: Is this a sign of things to come?  Will Syndicate retain his title at Holiday Hell inside Hell in a Cell?  Will Rex McAllister overcome his past and become #1 Contender?  We will find out next week at Holiday Hell!

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