HOLIDAY HELL - Show 2018-01-07 05:00:20

On Sun, Jan07, 2018 5:00am America/Phoenix
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WWX holiday hell PPV Show

When the holiday season becomes the time of punishment, Holiday Hell is born!

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HOLIDAY HELL - Show 2018-01-07 05:00:20
The WWX Logo spins slowly in place, with each passing spin of the X, an individual wrestler moment shines on screens worldwide…
Tommy Lipton blood soaked holding the US Boxing Championship..
Lost Soul and Rick Dreamie staring down in the ring…
Ethan Taylor celebrating with the fans..
V/O: We...

James Ranger clutching the blood soaked Global Championship..

Jake Devine executing a high flying crossbody tackle unto Willie Steen

Darkness standing on the ramp, clutching the WWX Championship wrapped around his waist…
V/O: Are….

Xavier Pendragon howling out towards the arena from the top turnbuckle…

Kurtis Ray and Rayne signing autographs…..

Super Bacon posing eagerly for the fans at a local Xcess meet and greet…

Damian Price and Penelope Creed walking with purpose down the hallways…

V/O: The….

Rex McAllister, zoomed in upon as he walks down the ramp towards the ring during his entrance, all business...

Bob Mellon executing a mean power clothesline upon Jester...

Syndicate raising the WWX Undisputed Championship high in slow motion…

V/O: Xistence!

The WWX Logo fades away at the last word as the screen fades.
A video package is played highlighting the feuds that brought you, the fans, to this cycle’s end…
The chaotic rise of Fozzy Ozbourne as WWX Television Champion and his many battles are shown in clips, highlighting the drive and hunger of Damian Price, the brashness of Kailee, the quiet cunning of Willie Steen, to the new arrivals of Super Bacon, West Virginia Mountaineer and Jarvis Valentine, each with match snippets of their own, the WWX Television Championship flashes across the screen in all its glory.

Highlights of Hall of Pain are shown, noting Tom Black’s interference in Mellon’s championship victory, Krimzon Blaze first chance to be included in the title match after defeating Tom Black, match snippets of both failing to beat Bob Mellon one on one...the video ends with Bob Mellon raising the International Championship high...

Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister, WWX World Tag Team Championship raised high, yet the screen gives off a red the Hall of Pain logo flashes quickly across the screen, match replay of the last five minutes are shown, of Syndicate barely walking away the victor, having rung the bell in the House of Horrors Match. To James Ranger standing in the ring, announcing a best of Five Series, to voiceovers from both challengers as their series replayed for all to see in snippets, brutality only growing with each passing second, the screen only getting darker in shades of red, ending with a stare down between the two, a contract and the WWX Undisputed Championship is displayed in between the staredowns…

Syndicate and Darkness squaring up for a title match, match snippets play with promo voice overs as Kurtis Ray and Rayne are seen demonstrating their strength, their willpower, their hunger...ending with a rather defiant world champion Syndicate holding his belt high…

“Nobody Speaks” feat. Run The Jewels by DJ Shadow plays as the darkened interior of the Frank Erwin Center comes alive as fireworks launch from the entrance ramp and ring in multicolored arrays at different intervals, ending with a full cross display over the Xtron above the entrance ramp, triggering the arena lights to come alive as the fans are wildly screaming with excitement as the cameras pan around the arena…
Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Austin, Texas and more importantly around the world...WWX Presents Holiday Hell!

Lane: The new year is upon us Mike, you got your new year resolutions in order?

Hart: I would be more concerned with the resolutions  of those competing tonight, as we bring you some exciting matches on the card!

Lane: Up first the Battle Royale to crown an immediate #1 Contender for the now vacant WWX Television Championship! These wrestlers, new and old, are looking to make their mark and what better way to debut strongly than being crowned the first #1 Contender of the new year!
Hart: With that happening first, the vacant WWX Television Championship, once held previously by Fozzy Ozbourne, is now up for grabs as Willie Steen looks to take on young upstart Super Bacon for the strap!
Lane: After that we have the  Triple Threat Match for the WWX International Championship between Bob Mellon and his two challengers: Krimzon Blaze and Tom Black!
Hart: It goes without question that Bob has been a rather dominant champion since winning the strap at Hall of Pain.
Lane: But will he continue his reign of dominance unchecked? Tom Black has been speaking loudly about that. After them, the grueling end to a rather vicious best of five series between Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton!
Hart: Rex has gotten rather cold and sadistic of late, determined to become the next #1 Contender for the WWX Undisputed Championship! My bets with Tommy Lipton prevailing tonight!
Lane: While you continue to dream the unimaginable, the main event..a hell in a cell elimination match between Darkness, Kurtis Ray, Rayne...and the defending champion Syndicate! James Ranger gone to great lengths to ensure fairness in this match up-
Hart: Fairness!? You call the one on one between Darkness and Syndicate  that was supposed to happen, that got turned into a fatal four way-
Lane: Look i am just saying...Syndicate crowed about his success and Darkness merely let a few people onto the bandwagon.
David Monataya, Dr. Death, Titus Tilon, Damian Price are already in the ring, jockeying for a better position in the ring as Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the ramp with five small burst of white pyro. Jarvis burst through the curtains. 

Jarvis runs to either side pumping up the crowd before putting his arms in an X formation  above his head in the middle of the stage. Jarvis slams the x that he made above his head before taking of running down to the ring. Jarvis slides in the ring and pops up instantly with a
‘x” above his head once again. He looks around the arena while dropping his arms to his side slowly. The crowd seems to be enjoying what they see as the all are chanting Jarvis. Jarvis takes a few moments of taking the crowd in before walking over to the ropes and leaning through the ropes to grab a mic like he did last week. He walks back to the center of the ring with the mic before doing the “double check” sign across his waist. The crowd gets a little louder before fading.

Jarvis: Austin Texas, We keeping things weird?

The crowd erupts with cheers as this is the motto for the city.

Jarvis: Are we ready to see who the new Number One Contender is going to be on this very special night on Holiday Hell?
Again the crowd gets loud before Jarvis puts the mic back up to his mouth.

Jarvis: Tonight I get to go up against six other people who are trying to do the same thing I am, and that is to win this match to be able to get a chance in the WWX Television Championship, which, will be decided a little later after Fozzy wimped out and took his ball and ran home.

The crowd sweet from happiness to anger as they boo to Fozzy’s name.

Jarvis: I Know, I Know, I didn’t like the guy either. But nevertheless here we are, about go time. I just have a couple things to say. One, Sad that I didn’t hear from more of my opponents this week, as I was excited to see what they had to say about everything that is going on.

Jarvis shrugs his shoulders and puts his arms up out to his side.

But there is one guy that I heard from this week, and that is Mr. West Virginia himself. The crowd instantly erupt in boo’s.

Jarvis: Now, you may, or may not know, but I cover sports in my everyday life and  if i recall right didn’t Texas Longhorns face WV this year? And if memory stands correct, Texas come out on top?

The crowd once again erupts, but this time with cheers.

Jarvis: Mr. Undefeated, I really do think that the Blue and Gold will be having the same out come here tonight. Like i said earlier this week. I have a goal set and nothing will be able to stop me from achieving that goal. I will win tonight to become the Number One Contender, and then I  WILL go on to win the Television Championship for each and every one of you out there who love this, sport, business, and company!

Jarvis puts his hands up in the air in an “X” …….. YOU TAKE OVER

Kali struts out from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp to look out into the sea of fans a smile on her face. She goes to the apron and blows kisses to the fans before getting in the ring.

as Kaliee enters the ring, the fans begin to boo as WVM comes out, waving the flag on the ramp, a cocky arrogance to him as he motions for the championship with one hand as he walks down to the ramp.

He places the flag in its holder as he prepares to enter the ring, the other wrestlers provide a wide berth as he steps in.
The referees get into position as the wrestlers begin to eye each other. The timekeeper rings the bell. Chaos ensues in the ring as wrestler jockey for an advantage, slugging it out

Immediately you see Jarvis eliminate Titus Tilon, a quick clothesline sends him flipping up and over the ropes...dropping him on his ass.

WVM connects with a quick cross chop  to Daivd Monatoya, stunning before immediately connecting with a dropkick that sends him through the ropes and out of the ring. Kailee is sending struggling with Dr. Death, but gets up and over with an assist from Damien Price, immediately tries to get her out of the ring....
Jarvis and WVM are slugging it out in the center of the ring, while Kailee reverses her struggles by leglocking Damien, she flips her body over the ropes, showing her skills as she manages to get half of Damian up and over.
Jarvis whips WVM over, using the momentum to knock into  Damian, only helping in bring him over and out of the ring as Kailee lets go...
She holds on tightly as WVM tries to boot her out, but Jarvis runs over, grabbing WVM's boots, and lifting him up, he struggles, but Kailee grabs him in a headlock, and pulls..
one boot up...
two boots up...
WVM is hanging precariously in midair by Jarvis and Kailee...Jarvis sees his chance..
pushes with all his might, as Kailee pulls...causing both of them to fall out of the ring and onto the floor..
Jarvis falls back into the ring, his theme kicks on...
Bonn: Your winner of the battle royale...JARVIS VALENTINE!
{{Tommy Lipton is found with Chris Sanders backstage. Tommy is wearing a Lipton T-shirt and track pants. He bounces side to side on his toes looking ready for his fight with with Rex McAllister later tonight.}}

Chris: Tommy Lipton, tonight you face off in the final match of this series against your old pal, Re-

{{Tommy lifts his hand up cutting Sanders off.}}

Tommy: Anyone who's anyone knows who Tommy Lipton is facing tonight! Anyone on God's green Earth knows who Lipton is fighting tonight! 

These People, these amazing gems here with us live in Austin, Texas!!! Knows who I am facing tonight! 

Chris: It is true, the two of you have created a major buzz in the WWX Universe! So any final words you would like to say before your match with Rex McAllister?

Tommy: Tonight Rex and I face off in an unsanctioned match... He has said how he plans to beat up Tommy Lipton, I reply on how I will beat up Rex McAllister.... But the reality is this, the future is not known, the horizon only knows what's in front of us. He and I only know that we have one last fight together and that we will give it our all. 
James Ranger has chosen to make this match an unsanctioned match... For those unsure what this means It means that the WWX claims zero responsibility for Rex or myself and our safety; in short an “anything goes, No Holds Barred” match! 

It means it's exactly perfect for how Rex McAllister and Tommy Liptons series will end! The winner is decided when the referee decides to intervene in the match and break it up, or a pin fall can also claim a victory, but basically an unsanctioned match means two men enter the ring and only one of them leaves by his own power!
Chris: You are very close to finally getting a match you've not been granted in over a year, a one on one match for the WWX Championship. 

Tommy: I think I am the only legend that still has to prove his value. Well it feels that way sometimes Chris. Look at Darkness, he's getting shot after shot... DGS literally returned and got handed a WWX Championship match then quit after he lost it two weeks later... But as for yours truly, I'm always jumping through hoops, and although I am one of the greats, I don't I'm Get anything handed to me, and I don't want anything handed to me. I put in the time, the effort, the blood sweat and tears. I earn my way. And tonight after a series that Rex has managed to tie up, I plan to defeat him and earn my rightful spot face to face with the WWX Champion. 

Chris: Well a couple of weeks ago the odds highly favored you, round four many suspected you would have won that night and this series, yet we are here and the odds are balanced. There is a chance Rex McAllister could win this. What then?

{{Tommy looks at Chris with ice cold eyes}}

Tommy: There is a chance I could lose Chris?! Is that what you wish to tell me just before I go out there for one of my biggest matchups in recent memory?! 

Chris: I was just-
Tommy: shut up Chris!  Rex McAllisters day of facing the truth is here. For weeks we have battled it out and sure he surprised even me with his comeback. But he has only prolonged the inevitable.. 

Chris: Which is?

Tommy:  I am winning this series Chris. I am coming for one reason... To earn my rightfully deserved shot at the WWX Undisputed Champion. 
Rex McAllister I Am Coming to end This! 

We return from commercial with Hex Girl pumping up the crowd to her theme, the fans very much excited for her return..
Hart: Welcome back to Holiday Hell, and in the ring already is the special guest referee for tonight's first championship match.
Lane: Fully recovered it seems despite Mellon's vicious attacks on her months ago..
Hart: The real question is can she truly call this match down the middle?
Bonn: This match is scheduled for ONE FALL...

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Bonn: This match is for the vacant WWX World Television Championship!

"Crawling In The Dark" by Hoobastank blares on the P.A. system. Willie Steen strolls out on the stage, and completely dismisses the crowd who reacts with jeers for the "Cool Factor" on his way to the ring.

Bonn: Introducing first, from Long Beach, California...weighing in at 211 POUNDS...He's the "COOL FACTOR" ....WILLIE STEEN!!!
Hart: Willie Steen has put himself in prime position to win the Television Championship for the FIFTH TIME! That's amazing when you consider the importance and the history of the championship! He's not a fan favorite, but he doesn't have to be to win matches, and more importantly, titles!

Lane: When you're the Cool Factor though, Mike, as Willie happens to be, five times is nothing! Willie is a certified winner in the WWX, and will go down as such when it's over. Super Bacon is in for a super butt-whooping!

Willie enters the ring, and extends his arms out as he spins around once to show off to the crowd.

"New Power" replaces "Crawling In The Dark", as Super Bacon rushes out on the stage. Super Bacon generates excitement amongst the fans in attendance, as he joops and jives before he runs down toward the ring and slides under the bottomo rope.

Bonn: Introducing last, he hails from Norwich, England....He weighs in at 175 pounds...ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE HAWK...THIS IS SUPERRRR BACONNNN!!!
Hart: This young man is coming along quite well in his career to date! He's got a date with destiny in a few moments against Willie Steen! The question is, will he be able to realize that destiny here tonight? One that still remains to be seen!

Lane: If you ask me this guy has no chance! Not against Willie Steen! Willie has been in there with some of the best this business has to offer! The only chance this guy, Bacon, has is if Willie hands him the belt! That's definitely not going to happen, I guarantee you that! Wanna bet on it???

Hart: Don't get me started on that, Lane. You know how often you lose bets against me? Every one of them!

Hex Girl holds out the WWX Television Championship to show off to both competitors. Hex Girl then holds it up high above her head before she takes it and hands it off to a member of the ringside crew. She signals for the bell.

Willie and Super Bacon meet in the center of the ring. Willie taunts Super Bacon, and then shoves Bacon backward, but Bacon retaliates with a series of right hands to the temple of Steen. Bacon then whips Steen to the ropes. Bacon tries for a pele kick but Steen avoids the kick. Bacon nails Steen coming back with a dropkick that sends him down to the canvas. Willie rolls out of the ring and slaps the ring apron in frustration.

Hart: Willie already in trouble here, Bacon has assumed the early advantage!

Hex: ONE!...TWO!...THREE!

Lane: It's too early, Mike! Willie is one of the best ring tacticians we have, period! He-he, he just needs a moment to think about things. Stop jumping to conclusions already!

Hex: SIX!...
Bacon uses the ropes to rebound off, and lands a perfect suicide dive onto Steen. Bacon gets back to his feet quickly, grabs Steen and flings him right into the ringpost. 

Hex: ONE!....TWO!...

Super Bacon shoves Steen back into the ring, where Hex Girl checks on his current status while Willie recovers. Bacon climbs up on the ring apron. Bacon jumps from the turnbuckle to the middle of the top rope, but Steen simultaneously reacts and shoves Hex Girl into the ropes which puts Bacon in a precarious position where he's hung up on the top rope. Steen rises back to a vertical base now and superkicks Bacon off the apron and down to the floor. Hex Girl recovers and gets in Steen's face. She admonishes his actions, and warns him he's real close to getting disqualified. Steen holds his arms up as he accepts her warning, and then focuses back on his opponent. Steen climbs through the middle rope and hops on down to floor at ring side. Steen pursues Bacon closely as he recovers from the impact of the superkick.

Hex: ONE!....TWO!...THREE!
Lane: I told you Steen would come back, Mike! Need I remind you once more that this is the Cool Factor!?? Nobody embarrasses Willie like that!

Bacon crawls on his hands and knees. Steen grabs Super Bacon and tosses him into the ringside barricade. Bacon agonizes after the impact to his left shoulder. Steen grabs Bacon and shoves him into the ring now. Willie slides in under the bottom rope and goes right back on the attack with stomps to the back of Super Bacon. Steen grabs Bacon by his legs, but Bacon fights out of this predicament as he performs a drop toe hold on Steen. Bacon latches on the Bacon Lock on Steen.

Hart: Bacon has caught Steen here! He calls this move the BACON LOCK! HE'S GOT THE SHARPSHOOTER LOCKED IN!


Steen struggles and agonizes in pain. The crowd reacts loudly, as cheers for The Hawk get louder and louder. Hex Girl kneels down to check if Steen will quit. Bacon cinches the submission maneuver even more. Steen uses his arm strength to push himself up. Steen uses his arm strength to inch closer and closer to the nearby ropes. Steen reaches out and grabs the bottom rope.

Hart: Willie makes it to the ropes!
Lane: Thank God! That would've been humiliating if this Super Bacon guy had actually made Willie Steen quit in front of these rabid idiots here in Austin!

Hex Girl reaches out and pats Super Bacon on his right shoulder to let him know that Willie has reached the ropes. Bacon releases the submission maneuver immediately. Bacon attacks the downed Steen with jiu jitsu kicks to his side. Bacon picks Steen back up to a vertical base and executes an atomic drop, and then strikes again with a pele kick, and follows it up with a sunset flip to Steen. Bacon covers Willie and hooks the leg.. Hex Girl drops down to make the count.

Hart: He may have him here!

Hex: ONE!...TWO!...

Steen gouges the eyes of Super Bacon. Steen rises up to his feet. Hex Girl admonishes Steen again more sternly this time. Steen looks on incredulously, and shouts back at Hex Girl. Hex Girl pushes Steen, who points back in her face. Super Bacon grabs Willie from behind and rolls him up for another pin attempt.
Hex: ONE!....TWO!

Steen kicks out. Both men rise back to their feet. Bacon executes an enizigir to Steen. Bacon hurries and climbs the top rope. Bacon goes for the Frontflip Hurricanrana, but Steen grabs Hex Girl by her leg and yanks her into the crossfire as Bacon takes to the air. Bacon misses his target, and nails the referee. Willie crawls to the ropes where he pulls himself up to a vertical base. Bacon goes right after Steen. Bacon pummels away with more rights to Steen which forces him to protect himself. Bacon drops Steen with a DDT, and looks back at the turnbuckle. Bacon turns around to Hex Girl who drops Bacon with the Purifier. Steen walks up to where Bacon lies incapacitated from the maneuver. Hex Girl turns suddenly to Willie and drops him with the Purifier as well.
Lane: What the HELL??? She just laid out Willie Steen with the Purifier as well! Has she lost her mind???

Hart: Willie had it coming from the beginning! Hex wasn't about stand for all that chicanery!
The crowd cheers as Hex Girl looks away as she fold her arms to chest! Hex shakes her head in annoyance. Both men start recovering. Steen recovers first, grabs Bacon and whips him into the corner turnbuckle and follows it up with a shining wizard which sends Bacon down to the canvas. Steen hurries to the outside and climbs the top rope. Steen leaps off the top turnbuckle for the 450 Splash. Hex turns around finally back to the action.

Hart: Steen hits the 450!!

Lane: It's pretty academic from here, Mike!
Hex kneels down and begrudgingly follows it up with the count.




"Crawling In The Dark" starts back up as Willie Steen rolls out of the ring immediately as an annoyed Hex Girl looks on. 

Bonn: The winner of this match by pinfall...AND NEW WWX WORLD TELEVISION CHAMPION!...WILLIE STEEN!!


As Willie Steen is standing on the second turnbuckle with the newly won WWX Television Championship high above his head “My House” blasts over the PA system. The crowd erupts as Willie turns sharply while still standing on the turnbuckle to look at the entrance to see Jarvis Valentine walk out from behind the curtains still in his wrestling gear and a towel draped around his neck. 

Hart: Willie can’t even celebrate winning the championship as the newly named number one contender for the Television title, Jarvis Valentine is making his way down to the ring. 

Lane: Hope he doesn't think he is getting his shot now! 

Jarvis continues walking down the ramp high fiving little kids as Willie gets down from the turnbuckle and goes to the center of the ring and swings his belt over his shoulder. Jarvis gets to ring side and stares up to Willie before walking to the ring and rolling in. Willie stands ground as Jarvis gets to his feet.(edited)
Hart: Where did the ref go? Get him back out here to stop what is about to happen. This can’t happen now!

Jarvis walks right up to Willie and stops just a few inches from running into each other. The crowd starts to ramp up their noise as they stand staring at each other. A few moments pass before Jarvis raises his arm and pats the championship that sets on Willie shoulder. Willie pulls his shoulder back as Jarvis smiles and backs up pointing at Willie then doing the belt swish across his waist. Jarvis roles out of the ring and starts backing up the ramp as the crowd goes crazy for Jarvis as he points back at Willie then raising his arms into a “X” above his head.

Lane: I have a feeling when these two lock up it is going to be madness! 

Video package plays, highlighting previous winners for the Crusade Cup, the brutual contest of strength and willpower needed to advance in the tournament. The Crusade Cup in all its glory is shown across the Xtron, before the words Crusade X Aftershock 2018 are shown


Bonn: This match is scheduled for one fall..

Crowd: ONE FALL!

Bonn: And it is a triple threat match for the WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE...IN-TERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

lackout, smoke rises up and Tom Black  enters the arena. There  is a mixture of  booing, hissing and cheering. He looks around and knees the air repeatedly.

Bonn: Introducing first, the challengers...from Liverpool, England...TOM BLACK!

 He twitches and strides towards the ring. He grabs the ropes and tries to pull them apart. He fails and collapses, waiting for his victim.
The arena goes black, but a single white spotlight emits at the top of the stage as "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central begins playing as "The Aerial Specialist" Krimzon Blaze is seen at the top of the ramp as fans become unglued.

Bonn: Introducing Detroit, Michigan...weighing 215 pounds...HE IS AERIAL SPECIALIST...KRIMZON BLAZE!

Fans cheering as Blaze walks down the ramp way towards the ring as he claps as many hands as he can before giving a young fan a pair of his trademark KB glasses before entering the ring as green pyro erupts on all four corners as KB gives off his signature taunt(edited)

Hart: These two have a rather large task ahead of them!

Lane: Considering that neither are capable of beating Bob Mellon one on one, their only hope is to weaken him as a team and somehow figure out who is gonna capitalize on the win.
Krimzon Blaze and Tom Black are being reviewed by the referee as the lights suddenly going out in the arena..


Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Guerilla Radio hits the PA system. Fire works fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through. He marches down to the ring ignoring the fans on both side. House lights to half when he arrives to the ring. The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast".

Bonn: Introducing...from Brooklyn, New York..weighing in at 320 pounds...HE IS YOUR WWX INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION...THE BEAST...BOB MELLON!

Hart: There has not been a more dominant International Champion in some time since he has arrived. It only begs the question: What's next for Mellon?

Lane: What's next? Winning the Crusade Cup and ultimately reigning over the world division as our company's world champion. Watch're being served next if Mellon has his way

 The Beast rips of his shirt as the crowd boos vehemently. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up. Music comes to an end

The referee holds the WWX International Championship, displaying in each corner, before raising it above his head for the fans to see.
The timekeeper rings the bell, each of the wrestlers jockey for position, more so Bob eyeing Blaze and Black as they figure out who is going to go for who.

Immediately both go for Mellon, barrage after barrage of punches laid into the International Champion, who is forced into defense, shielding himself as both begin to whip him across the ring, as he rebounds back they attempt to go for a double clothesline, but Mellong ducks, heading for the ropes again..

Mellon heads back into the duo, connecting with a double clothesline of his own, sending Black rolling out of the ring as Blaze is left clutching his throat.

Mellon picks up Blaze, headbutting him first, then again, with each attack, Blaze steps back, the ref lectures Mellon who only ignores the warning, hitting a third and final headbutt.

He signals for the end quickly, not caring if Black is trying to get back into the ring. He runs for the ropes, bounces back and jumps in the air and drops a mean Beast Drop (Leg Drop) upon Blaze.

Beast covers Blaze and the ref counts!



Black drops an elbow upon Mellon, interrupting the count.

immediately grabbing Mellon, he takes it to him after lifting him up and over with a snap suplex, he rolls over, lifting Mellon back up, he hits with a strong forearm, then another. He whips Mellon across the ring, he attempts a flying clothesline, but Mellon ducks.
Mellon turns on the spot, catching Black as he too spins to face him, kicking him in the gut, and dropping him with a Snap DDT
He hops up to his feet, surveying the ring, the slow recovery of Krimzon Blaze.. he sees Black not moving, he heads for the ropes, using hte momentum he comes back again. He jumps for the Beast Drop...
But Black rolls out of the way, no is home as Mellon misses entirely and Black is on to his feet
He lines Mellon up and lands a devastating “black hole” on Mellon. Mellon lays motionless on the mat but to everyone’s surprise Tom Black, exhausted has fallen momentarily motionless. Finally, Black begins to crawl towards Mellon who is still motionless. Black puts one arm on Mellon as the ref counts
Mellon pumps his shoulders up, just barely losing his championship as Black looks on in disbelief
Suddenly from beneath the ring, Hex Girl appears and pops up on the apron. She is holding a bag with powder in it. Tom Black sees Hex Girl who is screaming at black to pick Mellon up. The crowd is going crazy. The referee tries to get in the way. Black gets Mellon up and is holding him in place as Hex gets a handful of the powder and launches it towards Mellon’s face.
Mellon ducks at the last minute blinding Tom Black with a puff of powder.

Hart: She missed! Black is in trouble folks!
Mellon then knocks Hex Girl off the apron, turns to Black and hits the beast breaker followed by the beast drop. Krimzon crawling back into the ring charges at Mellon who ducks a clothesline, and hits a quick beast breaker on Krimzon. Both men lay motionless on the mat and Mellon covers them both!
Guerrilla Radio hits the PA as Bob Mellon demands his championship...
(Mellon motions to cut the music and signals for a microphone. Hex Girl is walking up the ramp towards the back. Both Blaze and Black are still motionless on the mat. Mellon gets his Microphone)

Mellon: HEX! You stop right there, damn it. I only have one thing to say to you. If you want this belt, come and get it. Hardcore match for the title. You name the time and place and I will be there. I will destroy you. The witch will be no more once The Beast tears you limb from limb. I’m the real deal heel and when you mess with the best….

(The crowd finishes his line)


(Guerrilla Radio hits the PA as Mellon celebrates in the ring as Hex Girl smiles walking back up the ramp.)
[Backstage, Viper is guarding the door to a skybox. The plate on the door reads 'James Ranger'. He steps forward and extends his hand to something off-screen.]

VIPER: Where do you think you're going?
???: I'm here to see James Ranger. And you're going to let me through.

VIPER: Yeah, I don't think so. Mr. Ranger has better things to do than listen to you.
[Inside the skybox, James Ranger is watching the ring intently, when commotion is heard outside. Suddenly, the door flies off its handles, Viper and Tanno Waters on top of it. Viper lands on his back with Tanno on top of him.]


[Tanno picks Viper up and throws him straight through the glass table standing in the middle of the room. Viper stumbles and hits the trophy cabinet behind the table, causing it to crash down on top of him. Tanno walks over and stands over the rubble, when Viper busts out with a ROAR and spears Tanno straight into the wall. Tanno rolls away, gets up, and hits an Ultimate Impalum on Viper. Viper immediately stands up and charges at Tanno once again, who grabs him and Irish Whips him straight through the glass panes overlooking the arena, causing Viper to fall straight down onto two security guards on the stage.]


HART: I think they may be dead!

[Tanno looks down at the scene, then turns around to see James Ranger clapping.]
RANGER: Bravo, Mr. Waters. What a show you managed to put on right there.

TANNO: Cut the crap, Ranger. I assume you've been keeping up on WWX Heat. I assume you know why I'm here, and what I think of you.
RANGER: Ah yes, it's been quite amusing. Watching you think you actually did a better job of running this place than I did... and still do, considering this is once again my job.

TANNO: Only because you got corporate to snake it away from me.

RANGER: They don't call me the Black Mamba for nothing, Mr. Waters.
TANNO: Yet another display of weakness. Your arrogance knows no bounds. I created greatness, you keep favourites.

RANGER: Strong words from a man who won't even answer Kurtis Ray's challenge.

TANNO: I don't need to answer it. I know I can still go.
TANNO: I don't need to answer it. I know I can still go.

RANGER: Then why, Mr. Waters, won't you prove it? The Crusade cup is starting next week... Perhaps you'd like to join?

[Tanno looks at the ring, then down at the stage where Viper is being escorted away by paramedics. He smiles to himself.]

TANNO: I take it the winner gets a shot at the World title?
RANGER: They do.

TANNO: I'm in.

[A raven caws and the arena turns black. When the lights come back on, Tanno has disappeared, leaving James Ranger in his skybox, smiling to himself.]

The lights in the arena go out. A dead silence fills the room. The dead air lingers and you can almost hear a pin drop. Then, just before the crowd begins to get bored, “Cinema” by Skrillex begins to play and the crowd erupts to their feet, booing immediately. The spotlight shines on the entrance ramp, and the deafening jeers from the WWX Universe make it obvious they recognize this familiar face. Standing in the spotlight, in a perfectly tailored suit, is the WWX veteran, and NY Times Best-Selling author… Gunnar Granderson. He stands tall flashing his trademark smirk and looking around at the many many fans who hate him.

Lane: Its…. It’s Gunnar Granderson! He’s had some of the best moments in WWX history! Why are these ungrateful fans booing a legend?
Hart: Um, because last time he was here, he lost a match and just left. He disappeared. Gave no explanation, just ran for the hills.

Gunnar begins walking down the ramp, pompously strutting to the ring. He smiles arrogantly at the fat and pathetic fans yelling obscenities at him. He sees a little boy with a “WWX Rules” sign. Gunnar stops, smiles at the child, and snatches the homemade fan appreciation from the young child’s hands. Gunnar looks at the sign, and spits on it. Then he rips it in half and throws it back at the boy and his father.
Hart: Despicable! He’s not even here for 30 seconds and already I’m sick! Do you see why everyone hates him?
Lane: No! He was doing the world a favor. You could barely read that kid’s writing. That sign was a disgrace!
Gunnar begins his ascent up the stairs grabbing a microphone. He gets to the middle of the ring and unbuttons his jacket. He extends his arms in the air posing, and is showered with boos. Mr. Granderson smiles as the music quiets down. He raises the microphone to his lips, and just as he is about to speak, the crowd boos even louder, not wanting to hear from him. Gunnar laughs at the reaction, and once it quiets slightly, he begins to talk…

Gunnar: So I guess none of you missed me, huh? Hahaha


Gunnar: That’s okay, I didn’t miss any of you either. I was busy relaxing in the lap of luxury while you all were standing in the unemployment line. I see not much has changed here in WWX. Same, pathetic fans. Same lackluster roster. And management… Hahaha well the doors of this place are just about closed. But, as always… when Gunnar Granderson shows up, the ratings spike, and James Ranger can sleep tonight knowing he will have a job tomorrow…. Why do you ask? Hahaha….
Well I heard the Crusade Cup is open to the public this year… And as much as the boys in the back hate me… And as much as you idiots want to boo me… That means that I can get joy in showing up and participating for once… 


Gunnar: What? Are you mad because you don’t want me to win?


Gunnar: Hahaha that’s what I thought. With that said… Gunnar Granderson is OFFICIALLY in the Crusade Cup this year. He WILL win it. Then, the WWX will have to find ANOTHER way to screw me out of a World Title! I will let you large group of losers get back to this sorry show. James Ranger… Your welcome for your ratings spike. Do yourself a favor… Announce my first match as soon as you can so people know when to tune in to see Krieger. And I’m sorry that your Main Event will be the second highest rated portion of tonight Pay Per View event…. Hahaha


Gunnar drops the microphone with a thud. The crowd boos uncontrollably as he poses in the ring letting the jeers feed his ego. Gunnar’s music starts back up, but can barely be heard over the emotional crowd. Mr. Granderson exits the ring with a huge grin on his face, and quietly makes his way back up the ramp and disappears behind the curtain.

Lane: I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! He’s back! Mr. Granderson is back! And he’s going to be in the Cup!
Hart: Oh, with any luck he will be eliminated early, then can go home again. You know he won’t come back after that. No way he wins the Crusade Cup.

Hart: Up Next, the dreaded Unsanctioned Match between Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister!

Lane: The conclusion to the best of five series...what was started as a tag team united last year exploded into singles rivalry that saw neither man become world champion at Hall of Pain, despite that James Ranger announce a best of five to have a #1 Contender ready for after Holiday Hell. 

Hart: This is true, yet Rex done everything to get into the head of his opponent, from openly forfeiting the first match to brutalizing Tommy Lipton. There has not been one moment where i think Rex has not seek pure destruction in his warpath to becoming #1 Contender!
Lane: This would almost be said of Tommy Lipton as well, having gotten the first match via forfeit, he won the second in impressive fashion. The third was merely luck on Rex’s part, but ultimately folks….this is it! There’s no way out of this series but a victory from either one.

Hart: James Ranger ensured that it will be carnage that will happen, as an Unsanctioned Match leaves no liability in the hands of the company between these two. While WWX will pay for the medical bill...they cannot hold WWX responsible for their actions...if there is any children watching this right now...i suggest they get tucked into bed now parents.

Bonn: This match….is scheduled for one fall!

crowd begins to get pumped as Bonn merely smiles into the crowd before speaking again

Bonn: AND IT IS AN UNSANCTIONED MATCH IN THE BEST OF FIVE SERIES! This match can be won either by pinfall, submission, or knock out. There are no disqualifications, no ring outs. There must be a victor in this series tonight. The winner...will be declared the #1 Contender to the WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE UNDISPUTED...CHAMPIONSHIP!
"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a chorus of jeers as he slowly makes his way toward the ring.

Bonn: Introducing first, from SEA ISLE, NEW JERSEY! Weighing in at 238 pounds...He is THE REX MASTER...REXXXXXX!!! MCALLISTERRRRRR!!!

Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence".
Hart: There's no denying the path this man has taken lately, it's gotten him to where he by all accounts on his part knew he would always be, and that was coming into this event having evened the best of five series at two apiece. He's absolutely brimming with confidence right now!

Lane: He is definitely ready for this match, his look says it all. 

Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring.

Rex is immediately checked by the referee as the fans murmur and continue to be excited as the fans roar as Tommy Lipton appears on the ramp, passion in his eyes as he walks down the ramp with a purpose.
Bonn: Introducing his opponent...weighing in at 285 pounds, hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...TOMMY….LIPTON!

Hart: Tommy has had it rough these last weeks as Rex has been determined to wear down his opponent leading into this finale. Every trick in the book was thrown but ultimately he stands here ready, he stands here tonight a man of virtue and wisdom. Most importantly he stands here ready to tear down the house. 

Tommy gets onto the steel steps, Rex merely smiling at him as he leans in his corner waiting. Tommy is checked by the referee, his eyes never leaving Rex’s gaze in return, the fans can feel the tension in the arena as the ref finally clears Tommy to compete.

Hart: Its showtime!
The ref signals for the bell, immediately the two charge at each other, slugging it out with repeated punches to the faces, neither giving an inch. The fans, split in their choice, cheer wildly and loudly as Tommy gains the first steps in taking advantage, pressing towards the ropes, he whips Rex across but Rex counters the whip, sending Tommy up and over the ropes. 

Rex turns around but Tommy cleanly lands on his feet, taking to mocking Rex from the ropes. The fans cheer despite Rex charging at Tommy, who promptly ducks and shoulder charges into Rex’s stomach, doubling him over, but immediately grabs ahold of Rex, gripping him around his neck and his waist, he lifts Rex up and over, jumping backwards into a back suplex that lands brutally on the ground.
Lane: Tommy not taking any chances tonight.There’s a danger to his eyes unlike before.

Tommy picks up Rex, mugging him with a stiff forearm, that sends Rex stumbling away, Tommy immediately follows it with a takedown, but Rex shifts his weight, blocking the incoming barrage of punches, eventually Rex manages push Tommy away, getting to his feet, he blocks the first attempted forearm for one of his own, the momentum begins to shift as he follows it up with a high knee that connects on the chin, stunning the legend as he Rex takes it to him.
Lane: Rex on the rebound, the fans really letting him hear it as he tries to gain a footing. 

Rex immediately whips Tommy into the steel steps closest to the announce table, sending Tommy crashing left shoulder first into the steps, a very audible groan of pain escapes Tommy’s lips as Rex methodically approaches him from behind, targetting that same shoulder with a standing dropkick before Tommy can get up to his feet. 

Hart: Tommy and Rex duking it out right in front of our announce table. This has broken down fast, Lane!
Lane: It's become more chaotic than that elimination match we witnessed last week, Mike! I'm afraid to take a wrong step with these two right in front of us!

Rex smashes Tommy's face off the commentators table. Tommy holds his face in agony. Rex pulls the cover off the announce table to expose the television monitors. Rex grabs one of the monitors now, and he smashes it over the back of Tommy. Tommy crumbles to the floor in pain. 

Hart: My God, Tommy may be out of it here before we know it!
Rex looks out at the crowd nearest to the left. Rex smirks and gives off a slight chuckle as the crowd jeers his actions. Tommy crawls on his hands and knees slowly as Rex gives follow closely behind with a look of malice on his face.

Rex approaches Tommy...he reaches for Tommy's head....CANADIAN ICE BREAKER!
Rex bounces flat on his ass from the effects of the CIB...Tommy clearly falls back down to catch a breather.
Hart: Desperate attack made by Tommy Lipton, but clearly it gave him time
Lane: Time is inevitable, he needs to capitalize or put more space between them-
Hart: Tommy for the cover!
Tommy drapes one arm on Rex on the outside, the Referee makes for the count!
Rex kicks out, struggling to push Tommy away, the look of shock and anger on his face as he kicks at Tommy's stomach, anything to provide respite.
Tommy can only roll away, the energy coming back to him as he gets to one knee...he grips the closest chair as Rex's eyes bulge wide
Tommy is on his feet as he slowly grips the steel chair, Rex backpedals slowly, but not fast enough as Tommy closes it up and raises it over his head, taking a swing upon Rex's legs!
Rex screams in pain as they connect, not once...not twice...but three times. Tommy tosses the chair away, clearly rage has settled in...he grabs ahold of Rex's legs, Rex is determined to fight it but Tommy is successfully locks in the figure four leglock.
He wrenches back as Rex screams his head off.
Tommy: (off-mic) TAP OUT!
Rex: (off-mic) Never!
Tommy wrenches again, the ref checking to see if its alright, clearly without the ropes for leverage, Rex is at an disadvantage.
The tron comes to life which stops both men in their tracks.

Hart: What's this???

The visual on the tron distorts with static at first, only showing a vague description of someone off and on. The screen becomes clear, showing a young man tied up in a chair as he yells out from a room in an undisclosed area.

Young man on tron: Somebody HELP ME!!!....PLLEEEAAAASSSEEE....SOMEBODY!!!
Hart: Who is that???

Lane: Look at Tommy's face! He looks absolutely shocked!

Tommy (no mic): Rickman.
Tommy looks on stunned, as he recognizes the young man. The young man is crying Rex looks on and laughs as he looks back at Tommy. The tron soon goes black. Rex runs away.

Hart: Where's Rex going???

The camera shows Rex as he runs off the rampway toward a get away on the arena floor. Tommy gives chase now with Rex some paces ahead at this moment. 

Lane: Rex is completely getting out of dodge, he wants no part of Tommy Lipton, and I DON'T BLAME HIM!

Hart: They appear to be heading to our backstage area here! It's hard to see everything as our cameras follow this, as well as the referee.
Lane: Everyone should've known better after the last match they had, Mike! There was no way this wasn't going degenerate into another out of ring fight. The ring isn't big enough to contain these two combustible personalities at this point!
The fight makes it into the parking lot garage area where Tommy is taking it to Rex by whipping him into the cement walls which is taking alot out of Rex.

Tommy (no mic): WHERE IS HE!!??

Rex shakes the cobwebs and fights back valiantly. Rex headbutts Tommy, and then smashes his head into the cement wall to slow him down.
Hart: As God is my witness, this is pure unadulterated hatred, probably the most i've seen in all my time here!

Lane: For this day and age? I think you're right! Where's that young man though?

Rex whips Tommy into a nearby car, which sets the alarm on the car off. Rex uses his hands, and grabs Tommy around the throat. Rex chokes Tommy until he starts turning blue, but Tommy wills his way out of it. Tommy knees Rex below the collar which takes the wind out of him. Tommy grabs Rex and whirls him around in a circle and sends Rex through the drivers side car window.

Lane: Oh my gosh, Mike! Rex was just put right through that window.

Hart: You're right, Lane! This is something else! Both men literally trying to kill each other!

Tommy pulls Rex from the car, camera shows Rex busted wide open from the forehead due to the impact. Tommy bounces Rex's head off the car, his blood stains the side of the car. Tommy opens the car door by unlocking it by reaching through where the window once was. Camera pans out a bit to show the back of the car. The camera reveals the license plate which reads: "MR. WWX-TOMMY LIPTON".
Hart: Lane! That's....that's Lipton's car!

Tommy throws Rex away from the car to ground. Tommy gets into the car. Rex struggles to rise back up to his feet stumbling back up. Tommy reaches into the glove compartment to grab a spare key. Tommy puts the car into the ignition to start it up. Rex realizes whats going on now as the headlights of the car come on! Rex stumbles away from the scene.

Tommy: You're dead you bastard.

Rex runs toward the back entrance/exit area as the car Tommy is drives engine revs up to take off. The car speeds in the direction of the entrance at full speed. Rex jumps out the entrance as the car just misses him. Rex runs down the road. The car revs back up now, turns around and starts off in Rex's direction. Rex continues to run as the car catches up to him. Tommy drives up right beside him. The car window comes down.

Tommy: You got nowhere to run Rex! Tell me where Rickman is!

Rex: Never!

It's at this point that Tommy gets out of the car and gives chase to Rex who now enters through a door to an abandoned building. Tommy catches up with Rex inside the building. The referee is amazingly still on top of things following everything as the two slug it out, throwing each other against walls, taking turns with the advantage. Rex picks up a loose 2X\4 and whacks Tommy across the head with it busting him open in the process. Soon it becomes clear why Rex lead Tommy there, it's where the young man in strapped to the chair is. Cameras soon capture the scene of the young man screaming "HELP" as the Rex and Tommy are duking it out.

Hart: There he is! It's the young kid we saw earlier appear on the Tron!

Lane: Did Rex really do this!!?? What a master mind, playing with Tommy's emotions like this!

Tommy grabs Rex and piledrives him on the floor to incapacitate him. He looks to go for the cover, but hesitates.
Rickman: Help! Please help me!

Tommy: I'm coming, Rickman!

Tommy runs over to where Rickman is in the chair tied up. Rex recovers slowly. Tommy unties the helpless Rickman. Rex attacks Tommy from behind now. Tommy whips Rex into a wall. Rex stops his momentum from sending him head on into the wall. Rex runs back at Tommy, but Tommy spears Rex into the wall taking the wind out of him. Tommy turns around. Rickman cracks Tommy over the head with the same singapore cane that Rex had used on Tommy. Tommy bleeds even more from his head now as he reaches out for the pant clothing of Rickman who looks down at him with a bit of hesitation at first.

Tommy: Ri-why?

Rickman: I have a job to do. I have to finish this.
The referee admonishes the young man. Rickman puts on his black mask as Tommy struggles. Rickman raises the singapore cane up high over his head and brings it down on the head of Tommy with full force. Tommy dodges, clocking Rickman clean with a clothesline. Rex crawls over slowly to where Tommy stands, Tommy reaches for Rex, but gets a low blow that drops him to his knees and finally to the ground. Rex places an arm over the chest of Tommy. The referee drops down and makes the count.




Hart: Tommy Lipton just barely kicks out.

Lane: What?????? YOu have to be kidding me!!!

Rex yells out in anger now.

Rex: |BLEEP|!!!
Rex picks up Tommy now, and tries for a clothesline, but Tommy ducks the clothesline. Tommy goes for the Canadian Ice Breaker, but Rex anticipates this very well and shoves Tommy right into another Singapore cane shot from Rickman. Rex runs at Tommy, grabs him around the neck right into a twisting tornado + evenflow DDT.



Rex goes for the cover now, hooks both legs of Tommy Lipton. The referee drops down to make the count now.



The referee signals for the end of the match as Rex rolls off of Tommy and on to his knees. Rex sits up to his knees as the referee raises his hand and awards him the win. Rex kneels down over the incapacitated Tommy Lipton.


Rex stands up and glances over at Rickman who stands there as the both nod at each other.

Hart: Tommy came here to help his friend, but it turned out to be set up the whole time! This is a black day in the WWX right now! Rex should be ashamed of himself for he's done! 

Lane: Three straight by Rex! That's the unbelievable part!! Who could've seen that coming???
he ambulance arrives outside at the scene as cameras pan back to the arena where Kyla Bonn makes the announcement.


Back the scene of the match completions, paramedics are shown tending to Tommy Lipton, placing him on a stretcher. Back in the arena the camera pans to the crowd who jeers in disagreement mercilessly.

The camera shifts upwards as the cell begins its descent downwards towards the ring.
Hart: Ladies and is time for the main event!
Lane: Four men will partake in this match...only one will walk out the WWX Undisputed World Champion!

Bonn: This match is tonight's scheduled main event! IT IS A HELL IN A CELL ELIMINATION MATCH!

Bonn: THIS MATCH IS FOR THE WWX UNDISPUTED WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. The rules are as followed: In order to be declared the winner, you must be the sole wrestler remaining in this match via pinfalls, submissions, or knockouts! The final man standing in this match will be declared the winner and your WWX Undisputed World Champion!

The lights in the arena dim as a cross forms through the cage in the ring. “The Fight Song” by Marilyn Manson begins blaring over the pa system as blue and white lights flash around the arena. Rayne will step out onto the stage and walk down. 

Bonn: Introducing first, the challenger...weighing in at 229 pounds, from Battleground, North Carolina...RAYNE!

Hart: If there was ever a man hellbent on proving the world he is this man. Rayne has gone thru hell and back, with every right to claim the championship as his own, if it wasn't for interference.

He will stop midway down the ramp and throw his arms in a cross as it will form around him on the stage. He will continue to the ring and check the cage, pulling on it for its weight. He will slowly slide into the ring and get face to face with anyone that may be in. He will then take his corner and stretch awaiting his opponents.

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.

the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray.
Bonn: Introducing...from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico...weighing in at 270 pounds...HE IS ONE HALF OF THE WWX WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS...KURTIS RAY!
Hart: The train has arrived, finally back at the top of the mountain...but can the world truly be ready for the Hype Train to be world champion again?

Lane: If you're doubt the aggression that the Hype Train is bringing than clearly Syndicate is   walking out champion.

Kurtis walks up to the steel cage, also surveying what might keep them can also let them out. He chuckles as he locks eyes on Rayne, who returns it with equal measure

As Kurtis gets into his corner of the ring, the arena darkens...
"The lights in the arena go completely black. "Path to Darkness" by Adrian von Ziegler begins to play. Darkness dressed in a black cloak and cowl steps onto the stage holding a single candle. 

Bonn: Introducing...from Florence, South Carolina...weighing in at 290 pounds...DARKNESS!

Hart: A man hellbent on recovering what was taken from him at Hall of Pain, no mere shadow of a man, a wraith at best and Syndicate hasn't been able to shake him since!

Lane: Darkness is one step short of crossing the bridge to victory, unforunately, he pissed off the boss and got two more men added to his rematch, so within the confines of a steel cage, he has to fight to be the last man standing. I don't envy him.

Darkness slowly walks to the ring and enters the ring. Darkness then blows out the candle as the lights come back on simultaneously. Darkness then slowly pulls back the cowl and all you can see in the whites of his eyes.



The sound of static fills the Frank Erwin Center, eventually turning into Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade".

Hart: And here comes the champion!

About 26 seconds into the song, the lights in the arena go out, and a single spotlight shines on stage in front of the giant "SYNDICATE" letters displaying on the jumbotron.  Out from the darkness and into the spotlight walks Syndicate himself, with the World Championship on his left shoulder.  He wears a red leather jacket, gray undershirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  Syndicate stoically focuses ahead at the Hell in a Cell waiting for him.


On cue, the lights in the arena come back on, and as they do, Syndicate raises the Undisputed World title up for all to see with his left hand.  He continues to hold the championship up as he walks down the ramp, still staring dead ahead at the ring.

Hart: Syndicate looks to be all business here tonight!

Lane: Oh, come on, he's just trying to look tough.  You heard what he said in that interview with Leon Jones.  The man's lost his confidence.

Hart: I wouldn't go that far, but Syndicate's going to have to give everything he's got in order to survive tonight as the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

Syndicate stops at the foot of the cage, briefly looks up at the height of the structure, and then walks in, slamming the door shut behind him.  He smiles up at his opponents and slides into the ring.  Making his way to the opposite corner, he climbs to the second rope and performs a crucifix pose, and as he does, a spotlight once again shines down on him.

Hart: This is do or die for everyone tonight. For Darkness, his rematch got turned into a fatal four way. For Rayne, his moment in the sun has come and he's looking to make the most of it. For Kurtis, its all about the second time as world champion, showing the world that it is possible.
The ref folds the WWX Undisputed World Championship, showing it off to each of the wrestlers...Rayne taking more time, touching it for good measure, Darkness merely burning holes into Syndicate , Kurtis with a smile as he nods..
Hart: For Syndicate...the World Championship is his heart and soul...he will do anything for it.
The referee raises the championship up high, for all to see, the fans clearly quieting down as they know the final battle is about to be witness..(edited)
The timekeeper rings the bell...chaos ensues
Rayne immediately connects with a vicious european uppercut as Kurtis takes it to the world champion, clearly all four men had targets, as they slug it out in the ring.
Rayne takes the advantage upon Darkness, spinning him into a high knee and then an axehandle that brings Darkness to his knees, while Syndicate reverse an irish whip to the outside, sending Kurtis over the ropes but not gone.
Syndicate stuns Kurtis with a pele kick, staggering his challenger, he takes a few steps back, following it up with a spear for effect, sending Kurtis launching off into the cage wall, the cage shakes from the impact as Kurtis drops to the mat.
Rayne whips Darkness to the opposite side, immediately rushing behind with a clothesline that sends Darkness down to the mat.
Rayne takes a moment to breathe as Darknes uses the ropes to get back up, immediately get caught off guard as Syndicate targets him, connecting a forearm upon forearm to the face of Rayne.
Rayne, counters the third attempt with a stiff hook, stunning Syndicate
Rayne goes for the ropes, bouncing off and connecting with a devilish big boot that clean clocks Syndicate, sending outside of the ring
Hart: Rayne is clearly the man to beat right now, as all others are either taken down a notch or unable to combat this new aggression shown.(edited)
Kurtis is clearly getting up, getting into the ring, the fans getting pumped as Kurtis "readies the arm" as he rolls into the ring. Immediately he goes for Rayne!
Rayne and Ray will come to blows with Ray taking the upper hand. He will send Rayne into the ropes driving a knee to his chest. Rayne doubles over as Ray comes running and blasts him in the side of the head with a boot. Ray catches his breath and then taunts around as Rayne can be seen rising to his feet.
Rayne immediately hops to his feet, doubling Ray over, grabbing him for the Rayne Drop DDT!
Rayne covers!


Kurtis KICKS OUT, his shoulder pops off the mat as Syndicate rolls into the ring, Darkness is unaware of him being behind him..

Syndicate immediately runs across the ring, hitting an unsuspecting Darkness with Original Syn!  Darkness falls out of the ring and to the floor, but before Syndicate can take advantage, Kurtis Ray and Rayne come together and start double-teaming the champ.  After a flurry of punches from both men, Rayne whips Syndicate into the ropes, and Kurtis finishes him off with a lariat.  Syndicate is then thrown through the ropes facefirst into the cell wall before falling to the floor.

(Kurtis and Rayne are trading off blows again. Rayne takes the advantage after a stiff elbow staggers Kurtis,and Rayne takes advantage to hit a big Shirainui. Before he can try for the pin, Syndicate grabs Rayne from behind and hits a German suplex.)

LANE: It looks like Syndicate wants to be the one to eliminate the Hype Train himself.

(Syndicate tries to lock in the guillotine choke but Rayne prevents him from getting the vault properly locked in. Syndicate still manages to exert enough pressure to have Rayne turning purple, and the referee checks to see if Rayne is going to submit. The assassin refuses at first, but he starts to fade after a moment. The referee raised his hand and it drops.)


(The referee raises Rayne's hand and it drops again.)


(The referee raises Rayne's hand and it nearly drops again, but Rayne keeps it up, rallying his strenth to break the clumsy choke hold. He rolls away from Syndicate, who moves to press the advantage. Kurtis comes out of nowhere with a running dropkick to Syndicate that knocks the champion into the ropes and Kurtis follows up with a jawbreaker. He taunts Syndicate, shouting at the champion to get up and failing to notice when Rayne attacks him from behind, setting up and hitting the Arch Angel's Fall.)

HART: Arch Angel's Fall! That might be it for Kurtis Ray!

(Rayne doesn't get a chance to go for the pinfall before Syndicate hits No Signal!)

LANE: No Signal from the champion!

(Syndicate goes for the pin!)




LANE: Rayne kicks out of the No Signal!

Darkness, from the outside, grabs Syndicate's leg and drags him out of the ring and to the floor.  He shoves Syndicate's head into the cage wall a few times, eventually drawing a small amount of blood from the champ's forehead.  Darkness then places Syndicate in the corner of the cell and rears back, obviously looking for something big.  Darkness charges, but Syndicate steps out of the way at the last second, sending Darkness right through the Hell in a Cell!  Darkness falls outside the cage, and as a result, there is now a large hole right in the side of the cell!

Ray puts in work over Rayne as he smashes his face into the mat with a DDT! He gets down on one knee and continues to send hard rights to the worn out Rayne’s face. Blood continues to trickle as he picks Rayne up for the hyperdriver! Rayne reverses and hits him with his own move! 

The fans give mixed reactions as he goes for the pin.



Kurtis kicks out! The look of shock on Rayne face as he rolls away...Syndicate and Darkness  are slugging it out as suddenly in Syndicate's drenched face, covered with blood, gets the advantage!
Syndicate with the brass knuckles, clocking Darkness clean out cold. 

He covers!




Hart: Just became a bit more dangerous for Syndicate.
Lane: Clearly being the fighting champion he is. He should have no problem surviving the other two.
As if on cue, the other two immediately jump Syndicate..the carnage on the outside of the ring is crazy as the referees try to get Darkness away from the area as the Syndicate is double teamed again, whipped into the barricade.(edited)
Kurtis goes over to cover Syndicate, while Rayne grabs ahold of a steel chair, intending to finish the job, he clocks Kurtis Ray, knocking the Hype Train down, he follows it up with another one for good measure, tossing it to the way side. He smirks as he sees a sledgehammer ill placed for easy reach.
He waits as Syndicate gets to his feet, the blood still flowing slowly. As soon as he turns, Rayne drives the hammer into his head. The fans give mixed reactions as he falls on Syndicate. 



Syndicate gets an arm up.
Rayne stares in disbelief as he picks him back up. Syndicate draws him in with a low blow and follows up with another low signal! He goes for the pin.





The fans are going nuts as the disbelief is heard and seen throughout the arena..

Lane: What is it gonna take to put one down?!

Hart: Each of them want it...each of them desire to walk out as the next world champion.




Syndicate argues with the referee that it should have been a three count, failing to notice Kurtis using the ropes to get to his feet. Kurtis grabs Syndicate from behind, grabbing his wrist and attempting the Trainwreck, but Syndicate ducks the lariat. Syndicate hits the ropes and comes back with an attempt at Original Syn, but Kurtis catches Syndicate and slams him to the ground.

HART: What an exchange!

The two superstars continue to trade close calls until Rayne interjects, catching Kurtis in the back of the head with a superkick. He blasts Syndicate with a running knee, trying to set up the Arch Angel's Fall, but Syndicate shoves Rayne into the ropes, catching him with Original Syn! Kurtis comes back in out of nowhere, grabbing Rayne from behind and spinning him around, stepping in to a vicious Trainwreck! Syndicate leaps on Rayne!
Hart: Rayne is eliminated!
Lane: And then there were two!
(Both Kurtis and Syndicate are down. Both men are clearly nearing their limit, but neither is willing to give the other an inch. Kurtis struggles back up to his feet and grins when he sees Syndicate is doing the same. The two men lock up again, trading elbow and knees until they both break apart, Both men run at the ropes, and Syndicate baseball slides past Kurtis, who goes for a clothesline. Kurtis stumbles into the ropes where the cage is broken. Syndicate charges in but Kurtis drops down, pulling the ropes which Syndicate stumbles over, landing in a heap on the broken cage. Kurtis runs at the ropes, bounding off and leaping over the ropes for a tope con hilo, but Syndicate gets out of the way and Kurtis hits the barrier at ringside.)

HART: Oh my god!

(Syndicate attempts to capitalize but Kurtis counters again with a jawbreaker, and he rolls under the ring.)

LANE: What the hell? Kurtis Ray is under the ring! What's going on?

(Syndicate looks frustrated, taking a moment to catch his breath. He starts circling the ring, looking for any sign of Kurtis who is nowhere to be seen. Syndicate starts lifting the apron, furious that he's not finding any sign of Kurtis. Instead he pulls out a chair, tapping it on the barrier and grinning.)

HART: We know what Syndicate has in mind.

LANE: And it's all legal.

(Finally Kurtis rolls out from under the ring, holding what appears to be a title belt.)

LANE: That's the old World Title!

HART: The last time we saw that was when Phelen Kell traded it for the Undisputed championship.
(Syndicate doesn't notice Kurtis right away, giving the challenger a chance to jog around the ring behind him and take a swing with the title belt, but at the last second, Syndicate drives the chair back into Kurtis' gut, following up by slamming the chair across the Hype Train's back. Kurtis staggers but grabs Syndicate's waist and legs, managing to exert enough strength to lift the champion and slam him into the announce table, which buckles behind the assault.)

LANE: Kurtis Ray is proving why he earned the nickname K-Train!

(Nether man is quick to get to his feet, but Kurtis manages to get up first. He looks at Syndicate in the wreckage of the table and then at the chair, before looking up to the sky and roaring before thrusting his arm into the air and pumping it.)


(Kurtis hauls Syndicate up to his feet, picking up the chair in the other hand. he gets into position for the Trainwreck, using the chair to utterly annihilate the champion.)



(Kurtis looks at the crumbled heap of Syndicate, then hauls the champion up onto his shoulder. He picks up the chair as well, slowly making his way over to the stairs and then up into the ring. He drops the chair aside, shrugging Syndicate off of his shoulder before pinning the champion.)

HART: It looks like Syndicate is still out!

LANE: We have a new World Champion!


LANE: KICKOUT! Syndicate gives the Hype Train a taste of his own medicine!
(Kurtis is too worn out to even look shocked and just grins. He gets to his feet, pulling up Syndicate who capitalizes, shoving Kurtis away. Kurts staggers but turns back around to grab Syndicate only to catch Original Syn in the face, followed by the No Signal on the chair!)

LANE: Shades of Aftershock!

HART: All Syndicate has to do is pin Kurtis and the retains!

(The crowd is firmly behind both men as Syndicate rolls into the pin attempt!)




(With an unintelligible roar and a herculean effort, Kurtis kicks out. Syndicate looks shocked, but it fades away to a mix of awe and something between appreciation and fury. He pulls Kurtis to his feet and sets up the No Signal again but Kurtis blocks it, forcing the break and shoving Syndicate away.)

LANE: Kurtis Ray has to be digging deep here!

(Syndicate charges in at Kurtis but the Hype Train sidesteps him, shoving Syndicate into the ropes and catching the champion with the Death Ray! The arena is a furor of noise as the challenger goes for the pin!)

Syndicate powers through, falling back away from Kurtis as the crowd and Kurtis look on in shock.
Hart: The champ still has juice!
Lane: What is he running on?! Kurtis should have gotten that!
Kurtis, emotionally on fire, gets to his feet, he rallies for one more trainwreck as he patiently waits for Syndicate to rise..
Kurtis grabs Syndicate's arm from behind and spins him around.


At the last second, Syndicate ducks underneath the arm!

Hart: Syndicate had that scouted!

Syndicate bounces off the ropes and tries for Original Syn, but Kurtis pops him up and brings him down with the Death Ray!

Hart: DEATH RAY!  Kurtis is in that zone!

He goes for the pin!




Syndicate's foot is on the rope...the ref stops to point as Kurtis, mid celebration realizes his mistake

Lane: You have got to be shitting me.

Hart: GARY!

Lane: No...ring awareness folks...

Frustrated, Kurtis violently pulls Syndicate to his feet and sets up for the Trainwreck again!  As he swings back the arm, the lights in the arena suddenly go out!

Hart: What the -

A few moments later, the lights come back on, and in the ring now stands Darkness right behind Kurtis!*


Hart: Where the hell did he come from?!?!?!?

Syndicate falls to the ground in shock as Darkness locks in Black Out on Kurtis!  Kurtis struggles around, trying to find leverage to break the hold, but he begins to fade!

Hart: What is Darkness doing??

Syndicate, wanting to take advantage of the situation, gets to his feet and hits Kurtis right in the semi-unconscious face with Original Syn!

Darkness drops Kurtis to the mat and gives Syndicate room to pin him as Syndicate stares back up at him, completely flabbergasted by what just happened.




Bonn: Your winner, and STILLLLLLLLLL Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion...SYYYYYYYYYYYYNDICATEEEE!!!

Lane: What the hell just happened?  WHY did Darkness come back out?

Syndicate rolls over to see Darkness staring right at him.  He backs himself into the corner with one leg dangling out of the ring, ready to escape.

Hart: Syndicate seems to be asking himself the same question!

Darkness stalks over to Syndicate and cocks his arm back, ready to throw a punch, but just as he's about to do it...

Hart: WHAT???

...he extends a hand to Syndicate.

Syndicate, seeing this, smiles wide and grabs on.

Lane: Darkness helping Syndicate???

With both men on their feet, Syndicate and Darkness shake hands in the center of the ring to deafening mixed reactions!  Darkness then raises Syndicate's hand in victory!

Hart: These two men are on the same page!  Syndicate and Darkness have teamed up, and this crowd can't believe it!

Lane: Darkness and Syndicate are two of the most polarizing superstars to ever grace the WWX!  They're legends!  Who's gonna beat them when they're together??

Hart: I'm sure Kurtis Ray has something to say about that...

The camera pans up to the press box at the Frank Erwin Center, where James Ranger can be seen steaming with anger at this turn of events.  He quickly gets up, walks out the press box door, and slams the door behind him.

Lane: Our general manager looks pissed!

Hart: What will Ranger do in response?  Are Syndicate and Darkness together for good?  For Gary Lane, I'm Mike Hart.  Good night from Holiday Hell, where Syndicate SURVIVES as champion!

The logo goes to static, returning to the arena as Darkness has went up the ramp, allowing Syndicate to have a victory lap as the cage is lifted.
Hart: Syndicate as proven it all! He has done the impossible! He has done-
"Man Down" starts up as Beatrice emerges on the entrance ramp, dressed to compete and appearing to be holding a briefcase.

Hart: What is Beatrice doing out here? And what's she doing with that briefcase?!

Lane: She's gonna cash in Xavier's Race for the Case, but she can't do that!
Beatrice sits the case down and slides in the ring, immediately going for the Assassin's Charge on Syndicate. Darkness is seen running down the ramp, determined to protect Syndicate. He slides into the ring Before Darkness can react to what's going on, Beatrice locks him up, delivering the Snipe Out. Satisfied with her work, Beatrice leaves the ring with a smile on her face.

Lane: Beatrice just messed up a really good match.
Suddenly, the lights go out as fans wonder what's going on.

Lane: Someone forgot to pay the light bill.

Hart: What's going on here?
Suddenly, the lights come back on with Xavier standing in the ring with the official Race for the Case in his hand. Fans immediately jump to their feet as they anticipate what's going to happen next.

Hart: Xavier's gonna cash in his case!
Lane: Are you serious right now?!

Xavier hands the case over to the ref.

Xavier: I'm cashing this in.

Hart: Holy shit he's going thru with it!

The ref acknowledges as Xavier quickly scales the top rope. As the Darkness gets to their feet, Xavier leaps off the top rope, delivering Gangnam Style in the process.
Hart: Xavier connects with Gangnam Style!

The Syndicate sees Xavier and whips him into the ropes and readies to backdrop Xavier on the rebound but Xavier counters with the Pride of Detroit, right on top of Darkness. Xavier pins both combatants for effect.





"Go 2 Sleep" blasts through the PA system as Xavier drops to his knees. The ref hands Xavier the World Title as his eyes widen.

Lane: I don't believe it.

Hart: Xavier has done it! He's now at the top of the mountain!


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