RAVAGE - Show 2018-01-14 15:01:24

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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-01-14 15:01:24
The WWX Logo spins slowly in place, with each passing spin of the X, an individual wrestler moment shines on screens worldwide…
Tommy Lipton blood soaked holding the US Boxing Championship..
Lost Soul and Rick Dreamie staring down in the ring…
Ethan Taylor celebrating with the fans..
V/O: We...

James Ranger clutching the blood soaked Global Championship..

Jake Devine executing a high flying crossbody tackle unto Willie Steen

Darkness standing on the ramp, clutching the WWX Championship wrapped around his waist…
V/O: Are….

Xavier Pendragon howling out towards the arena from the top turnbuckle…

Kurtis Ray and Rayne signing autographs…..

Super Bacon posing eagerly for the fans at a local Xcess meet and greet…

Damian Price and Penelope Creed walking with purpose down the hallways…

V/O: The….

Rex McAllister, zoomed in upon as he walks down the ramp towards the ring during his entrance, all business...

Bob Mellon executing a mean power clothesline upon Jester...

Syndicate raising the WWX Undisputed Championship high in slow motion…

V/O: Xistence!

The WWX Logo fades away at the last word as the screen fades.

The video package plays, highlighting the moments in each match, the victors...the logo flashes briefly...static hits…

Suddenly, the lights come back on with Xavier standing in the ring with the official Race for the Case in his hand. Fans immediately jump to their feet as they anticipate what's going to happen next.

Hart: Xavier's gonna cash in his case!
Lane: Are you serious right now?!

Xavier hands the case over to the ref.

Xavier: I'm cashing this in.

Hart: Holy shit he's going thru with it!

The ref acknowledges as Xavier quickly scales the top rope. As the Darkness gets to their feet, Xavier leaps off the top rope, delivering Gangnam Style in the process.
Hart: Xavier connects with Gangnam Style!

The Syndicate sees Xavier and whips him into the ropes and readies to backdrop Xavier on the rebound but Xavier counters with the Pride of Detroit, right on top of Darkness. Xavier pins both combatants for effect.





"Go 2 Sleep" blasts through the PA system as Xavier drops to his knees. The ref hands Xavier the World Title as his eyes widen.

Lane: I don't believe it.

Hart: Xavier has done it! He's now at the top of the mountain!


The moment fades out to darkness as the moment is shown around the world….


*Static flows throughout the Valley View Casino Center before turning into "Bulls on Parade".  This is usually met with sustained applause, but tonight, the song elicits a mixed reaction from the crowd.*

Hart: Here comes the former champion, obviously looking to speak his mind about Holiday Hell's proceedings.

Lane: Syndicate SCREWED Kurtis Ray with the help of Darkness, and now, these fans want answers!

*Moments later, Syndicate steps out onto the stage without the World title over his shoulder alongside Darkness, the man that helped him out at Holiday Hell to win the Hell in a Cell match.*

Lane: Half of this crowd is cheering them, but the other half is booing!

Hart: I have a feeling that things are about to get interesting.

*The two walk down the ramp and slide into the ring.  Once inside, Syndicate and Darkness stand side-by-side, still getting a mixed reaction from the San Diego crowd.  Both men are armed with microphones, which Syndicate decides to utilize first.*

Syndicate: You people deserve an explanation.

*He looks around at the crowd for a moment.*

Syndicate: All I've been seeing online over the past week is, "Why?"  "Why did you decide to get on the same page with your bitter rival?"  "Why did you screw Kurtis Ray?"  And, most importantly, "Why aren't you World Champion right now?"

*Syndicate pauses, rubbing his chin.*

Syndicate: When James Ranger added Rayne and Kurtis Ray to the match at Holiday Hell, I felt personally attacked and insulted.  The match between Darkness and I, which was ALREADY in place, would have been a hell of a fight for you guys to see.  I saw potential in that being a fantastic main event, bringing the World Championship to unprecedented heights.  But even better than that, I saw what Ranger and the rest of the WWX higher-ups desperately want: MONEY.  But when James made the changes to the match...I saw all of that crumble away into nothingness.

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: However...it turned out that I wasn't the only one that felt this way.  I wasn't the only person that understood the mistake Ranger made.  Enter Darkness.

*He gestures to the man standing to his right.*

Syndicate: Darkness comes to me with a proposal: one of us needs to win at Holiday Hell to guarantee a one-on-one rematch down the line, which I thought was a fantastic idea.  Plan A was to have both of us survive to the final two...but that didn't work out so well.

*Darkness shoots a glare at the back of the Outlaw's head.  Syndicate doesn't notice and just keeps smirking.*

Syndicate: Plan B was making sure that one of us made it to the end when the other would come in and help the survivor to win.  If I would have been eliminated before Darkness, I would have come back and helped him win the belt.  Instead, the opposite happened...and everything worked out according to plan.

*Any sort of humor drops from Syndicate's face.*

Syndicate: That is...until Xavier and Beatrice decided to get involved.


*The crowd vehemently voices its disapproval at the mere mention of their names.*

Syndicate: Now, I can't fault the man for cashing in his briefcase.  Hell, with blood covering my face and injuries all over, I was in no position to be able to successfully defend my title.  Hats off to him in that regard.  BUT...I just want Xavier to understand what he's just done.

*Syndicate looks straight into the camera.*

Syndicate: One...you made an enemy out of the most dangerous man in this company.  You made an enemy out of the five-time World Heavyweight Champion that never needed any fancy briefcases to get there.  You got on the bad side of me, Xavier, and trust me that when the time comes...I will destroy everything you hold near and dear to your heart.  I will shred any hope you have of succeeding in this business.  I will tear...you...apart, until the once-famed XAVIER |BLEEP|ING PENDRAGON is no more.


Syndicate: Now, I would have liked that funeral to take place at Aftershock with the World title on the line...but, unfortunately, James Ranger has given up my spot to someone else.  Which brings me to the second consequence of your cash-in.  You have booked yourself a date with Rex McAllister, a man that will undoubtedly have no problem in destroying such an undeserving, unqualified champion such as yourself.  But I hope you win, Xavier!  I hope you beat that scoundrel Rex, I hope you retain the title at Aftershock!  Why?  Because I want your ego to inflate.  I want your self-esteem to rise higher than it ever has...just so I can bring it back down again.  Because whether or not I win this Crusade Cup, I WILL be back for my title.  I don't care if it's you or Rex or anyone else that holds it, I WILL become champion once more.


*Syndicate lowers the microphone and smiles as Darkness steps forward to speak.*

Darkness: You know Syndicate, you are absolutely right. The reason we came together was for the greater good. James Ranger used his power to ruin what would have been one of the greatest matches in WWX history. Maybe even the greatest match in all of wrestling. But I guess Rayne and Kurtis just wanted a piece of what would have been history. Well, we know how that went. Some history was made but not by us two but by you Xavier.


Darkness: Now as far as I'm concerned Xavier, you did what any one of us would have done if we had that case. The only problem is Xavier, you decided to mess with the wrong guys.  Whether it is me winning the Crusade Cup or Syndicate, that championship will come back to where it belongs and that is back to one of us. Preferably me.

*Darkness looks at Syndicate and gives him a smirk after that comment.*

Darkness: Now that we have Crusade Cup on the brain, let's talk about that for a second.  This is a tournament that I won last year and then went on to win the Undisputed championship from my partner here. So all of you can step up to the plate but when it is all said and done I will be crowned Crusade Cup champion once again and whether it be you Xavier or Rex, that Undisputed championship will be around my waist again. Then maybe we can have that history-making match. What do you say Syndicate?


*Darkness drops the mic as he looks towards Syndicate.  Syndicate nods back at him.*

Syndicate: That's all we want.  A legendary match for all of you to observe.  And we're gonna be damned if that doesn't happen.  So to all the guys in the back, watching this on the monitor, listen up.  You think we're dangerous by ourselves?  You think we cause enough destruction as it is?  Well...you've all got another thing comin'.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate flips the microphone over and tosses it to the floor.  With grins on their faces, the two exit the ring and walk up the ramp.*

Backstage, James Ranger is sitting in his office, when the door knocks..

James Ranger: Come in!

Door opens, revealing Super Bacon, much to the General Manager’s delight, as he beckons the wrestler in. 

James Ranger: (excitedly) come in Super Bacon! Come in! 

Super Bacon sits down as James continues to smile, clasping his hands together.

James Ranger: I am looking for a set of teams to compete for the right to be the next #1 contender for the WWX Tag Team Championship. What i need from you...is to find a partner. The sooner you find a partner and let me know. The sooner the match is booked. Consider yourself invested in Super Bacon. You’re free to go.

Super Bacon shakes James Ranger’s hand as he stands and leaves, as James Ranger returns to reviewing S.W.A.T paperwork.

The bell rings as the camera reverts back to the ringside as Kayla Bonn stands in the ring.

Bonn: This match...is a Crusade Cup Round Match….contested under normal rules!

['Dirt off Your Shoulder/Lyin' From You' by Linkin Park and Jay-Z hits the speakers as Damian Price and Penelope Creed come through the curtain. 


The duo walk down to the ring, slapping a few hands on the way. Price leaps up onto the apron, posing for the crowd before climbing in between the ropes and holding them open for Creed. She walks around the ring as Price begins to stretch out for the upcoming match.]

The lights in the arena go out completely leaving everything pitch black. A brief silence quiets the unsuspecting crowd. After a few tense seconds of silence and darkness �;Cinema�; by Skrillex begins to play and the crowd erupts with boos! Strobe lights enter the darkness as the song begins. Cinema can almost not be heard thanks to the WWX fans. The strobe lights move in unison as the beat progresses in speed. They circle together as the fast paced sounds pick up, and eventually all end on the entrance ramp and are turned out just before the bass drops..

A spotlight is the only luminescent in the arena fixated atop the entrance ramp where Gunnar Granderson is seen standing. The bass drops as the fans boo wildly and Gunnar flashes his trademark smile wearing his black tights with "Krieger" written in gold on the back, black boots and wrist tape. Although only a spotlight fills the arena, Gunnar begins his descent down the ramp towards the ring. The lights in the arena all come on and the spotlight disappears as Gunnar walks up the steps to enter the ring. He walks to the far corner and climbs to the second turnbuckle posing with his arms spread taking in the boos from the crowd. He hops down as his music stops.

Damian and Gunnar circle the ring as the bell is rung, immediately they lock up, damian with the pressure, gets behind Gunnar, connecting with a snap suplex, immediately looking for the cover..


TW-no gunnar kicks out, but Damian locks in the headlock, keeping Gunnar grounded as he struggles, but Damian brings him down to the mat again, Penelope cheers for her client. The crowd clapping as Gunnar gets to his knees, the hold by Damian is tightening as the ref checks...Gunnar connects with an elbow….another elbow….Gunnar breaks free with the elbow, he sprints to the ropes, bounces back as Damian attempts a clothesline. Gunnar with a flip on the second rope, moonsault connects!

Gunnar with the cover



T...no Damian kicks out, shoulder up! Gunnar grabs him up….GCG!...No...Damian pushes him away...he follows it up with a high knee to the face, snap DDT! He covers!



Gunnar kicks out, Damian rolls him up to his feet, german suplex...no he is still holding on...another german suplex...he lifts him to his feet again...TRIFECTA completed!

Damian rolls away, lining his shot, he runs...V-TRIGGER!! HE covers!




Ding Ding Ding

Bonn: Your winner and advancing in the Crusade Cup Tournament!....DAMIAN PRICE!

Hart: Damian with the first victory of the night! Get it only gets harder from here folks!

Lane: Excellent showing from the returning Gunnar Granderson, but Damian Price proving he can hang and step it up.

Damian is seen rolling up the ramp with Penelope Cruz!

Mellon is walking backstage when he is confronted by Darkness and Syndicate. Face to face, the three men eye each other up and down. The tension could be cut with a knife. Syndicate circles around Mellon back as the two men surround Mellon. The possibility of an all out brawl look imminent. 

Just then, the GM, James Ranger, exits his office and notices the three men. With one look Darkness and Syndicate chuckle and move on leaving Mellon standing there. Mellon lets out a long sigh as he realizes tonight’s match will be more than just a 1 on 1 affair. 

Ranger continues to stare at Mellon as the two men lock eyes before Mellon backs down and continues down the hallway towards his dressing room. Between the four men it looks like Mellon is the odd man out as he begins to realize there are enemies all around him at all times.

The twangy guitar riffs of Tall Cans In the Air rip  through the arena, and the crowd indifferently murmurs. Okay, so theyre probably just continuing their conversations, but lets assume its because of the entrance. Frank casually enters from the back, sipping some invariably cheap liquor from a flask and wiping his mouth with the sleeve of his green army surplus jacket. Some well socially trained members of the audience applaud, out of courtesy. 

Bonn: Introducing from Portland, Oregon...weighing in at 243 pounds...FRANK WARREN!

He lifts an hand to block the light on his face, looking out to the crowd for someone. Or maybe hes just lost. Or drunk. Hard to say. Either way he walks at an almost rudely slow pace, pulling a half eaten burrito from his jacket and eating it.

He takes his jacket off, and puts the burrito beneath it before rolling lazily into the ring as West Virginia Mountaineer is seen waving the flag in the ring.

Bonn: And introducing his opponent, already in the ring...weighing in at 293 pounds….The Mountaineer!

The bell rings as the two clash in the middle of the ring, neither giving an inch before WVM headbutts Frank, causing him to stumble, WVM with the attack, pressing with a strong forearm as he gets him into the corner, he doubles on the attack, laughing haymaker and hooks before the ref pulls him away,  Frank tries to recover, but WVM immediately a clothesline that send him down to the mat.  WVM covers!



T-Frank gets back up,  WVM is waiting for him….he grabs ahold, and drops him with the Dubya Vee DDT!

WVM looks on in convincing fashion as he covers once more..the ref counts!




Ding Ding Ding

Bonn: Your winner and advancing to the next round….WEST VIRGINIA MOUNTAINEER!

Hart: Strong following after Holiday Hell by WVM….things are finally starting to look up!


The show comes back from commercial to show a photograph of Syndicate. The eyes have been gouged out, teeth have been blacked out with a pen, and an unflattering mustache and beard combo have been scribbled on. A dart suddenly appears in the middle of photo Syndicate's forehead, accompanied by the 'whup' sound of the dart connecting with a soft surface.

The camera pans back to reveal a locker room, and the crowd pops as Kurtis Ray appears, still dressed in his street clothes. He tosses another dart into the photo before whirling and tossing the darts away. The look on his face is one of anger, and he takes a seat on a bench near a gym bag, knocking something free of the bag. He reaches down to collect what has fallen, pulling it into frame to reveal a battered envelope.

KURTIS: ....Huh.

He regards the envelope for a moment, turning it in his hands and opening it to pull out the mysterious contract from before Hall of Pain. his expression is unreadable until he tosses it aside, standing and disappearing out of frame for a moment as the camera zooms in on the discarded paper. After a moment, the sound of a phone ringing can be heard. There is a click that indicates a connection.

KURTIS: Hey, it's me. Yeah. Yeah, I'm not saying I'm in or anything, but I'm ready to listen to what you got to say.

The camera continues to zoom in on the scrap of paper before fading to black.


Bonn: This match...is scheduled for one fall, with the winner advancing in the Crusade Cup Tournament!

Hart: What is truly a masterpiece in the making as Darkness goes one on one with the WWX International Champion Bob Mellon!

Lane: One on One?! You mean two on one!

The lights go out in the arena as "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet begins to play.

Two lightning bolts strike the stage as Darkness appears at the beginning of the ramp. Syndicate appears shortly thereafter, looking to his left and right as Darkness slowly makes his way down to the ring and climbs up the steps into the ring. 

Bonn: Introducing first...accompanied by Syndicate...weighing in at 290 pounds….Darkness!

As he takes off his coat the lights slowly come back on as Syndicate paces around the ring.

Hart: Syndicate is by definition the key factor in this match up. Can Mellon overcome the dynamic between the two?

Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Guerilla Radio hits the PA system. Fire works fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through. He marches down to the ring ignoring the fans on both side. 

Bonn: Introducing his opponent, weighing in at 320 pounds...we is the WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION….THE BEAST….BOB MELLON!

Hart: With Holiday Hell in the rearview, this is the best course of action for Mellon. Win the Crusade Cup, become #1 Contender!

Lane: But he has to get through the dynamic of Syndicate and Darkness if he wants to make it through!

House lights to half when he arrives to the ring. The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast". The Beast rips of his shirt as the crowd boos vehemently. Bob Mellon eyes Syndicate and then Darkness as the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up. Music comes to an end.

The timekeeper rings the bell, Darkness and Bob circle the ring as Syndicate paces from Darkness’s side of the ring, the two hall of famers lock up in the center of the ring, but immediately Mellon presses the strength advantage, holding up Darkness against the turnbuckle. 

The ref begins the count.





FIVE! Mellon is pulled away from the ref, but Mellon scares off the ref only to be clocked by Darkness with a stiff right, Darkness looking for an opening, continues the assault as Mellon struggles to gain an advantage. Darkness presses Mellon against the ropes, he whips him across, Mellon bounces back in a snap crossover slam, Darkness covers!


TWO...but Mellon gets the shoulder up, Darkness elbow drops Mellon immediately, following it up by lifting Mellon up and dropping him with a DDT. He covers!



T-Mellon shoulder is up again!  Darkness rages as Syndicate tries to rally support for Darkness, but Darkness instead yells at the ref to count faster as Mellon tries to get away, but Darkness grabs ahold, tries to spin him for a clothesline, but Mellon counters with a spinebuster that exhausts him. 

As Mellon prepares to line him up for the beast-drop he is tripped off the ropes by Syndicate from the outside. In doing so Mellon is knocked into the referee. The ref is down and Mellon immediately runs to the outside to exchange blows with Syndicate. Mellon, not watching is attacked from behind by Darkness. It becomes a nasty two on one on the outside with the referee out. Mellon is rolled back into the ring and the onslaught continues.

Darkness goes to the outside, grabs the ring bell as Syndicate props Mellon up, holding him in place. Darkness enters the ring with the bell in hand. Mellon, shaking his head no as the crowd cheers, in anticipation of Mellon being decked with the ring bell. Suddenly, thinking fast, Mellon connects with a low blow on Syndicate using his leg. 

While this happens, Darkness charges at Mellon and swings wildly, missing the mark. As Darkness turns around Mellon connects with a quick kick to the gut and then a Beast-breaker on Darkness. The Referee begins to come to. The crowd is going insane. Mellon picks Syndicate up, tosses him out of the ring. Off the ropes Mellon hits the Beast-Drop. An exhausted Mellon with one arm over Darkness covers him. The referee, with an agonizingly slow count..





Bonn: And your winner and advancing in the next round….BOB MELLON!


"The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Crusade Cup qualifying match. Introducing first…"
"The Anvil of Crom" sounds throughout the arena moments before Korath steps out onto the stage and stops. He looks around the arena, a look a pure rage upon his face and his hands squeezed tight into fists, he begins to slowly make his way to the ring, the crowds roaring their approval the whole way.
"He hails from the Savage Lands, standing six feet nine inches tall and weighing in at three hundred and ninety pounds, The Nordic Nightmare KORAAATH!!"
The crowds erupt as Korath charges the ring, sliding in he howls for blood and begins to whip them into a frenzy as he awaits..
"His Opponent…"
The arena lights go dark.
"Hailing from Detroit Michigan, standing six feet two inches and weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, The Aerial Specialist, KRIMSON BLAZE!"
A single white spotlight shines at center stage as "Taking you Down" begins to play, however Krimson Blaze is nowhere to be seen
KB's music plays for a moment but he still doesn't come out. The music stops and starts again, the announcer again calling for Krimson Blaze. After a moment of him still not showing up, Korath starts losing his temper. He slams his fists repeatedly against the ropes, beckoning Krimson Blaze to come to the ring. When he still does not come out, Korath beckons for a microphone.
Korath:  "I thought your name was Krimson Blaze not Yellow Belly. Why do you not come to the ring and face  your nightmare."
Krimson Blaze still does not come to the ring, either not caring about or not hearing Korath's taunts.
Korath:  "I did not come here tonight just to be handed a win because my opponent is too cowardly to face me. It seems I have no choice but to accept that fate, so since I'm already out here I might as well use my time to say a bit to a certain L.A. Outlaw, because I know he won't come to the ring to take what he is due."
Korath paces the ring, frustrated over not getting to fight tonight.
"I have already said this earlier this week Syndicate but I will say it again, as you are the reason I was locked into that flooding basement. Believe it or don't I do not care, I died because you kicked me back into the water just so you could have that belt again. You greed caused me to leave this world and it is only through sheer luck or will or what have you that I wasn't taken to my final rest. While I recovered in the hospital, alive again but unable to awaken, I spent  that time thinking of what I would do to you and to Tommy Lipton once I was able to do so. You are both responsible, and in due time you will receive your just desserts. However you Syndicate have on multiple occasions been a thorn in my  side so I am addressing you here tonight."
"In this tournament or in a future match I am going to get a hold of you, and when I do you I will not care what is on the line I am going to punish you. I am going to beat you until your bones are like gravel and your skin is the color of an eggplant. You made a grave mistake in the House of Horrors, and I have come to collect what is due. Prepare yourself pup."
Korath tosses the mic to the edge of the ring and starts playing to the disappointed crowd as his music starts to play again. He heads to the back soon after. 


"The Last Dragon" blasts through the PA system as Xavier Pendragon bursts through the PA system with the Undisputed Title firmly around his waist.
Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the NEW WWX Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, Xavier Pendragon!!
Hart: Xavier Pendragon shocked the world at Holiday Hell and successfully cashed in his Race for the Case contract despite Rex McAllister's warning and now stands at the top of the mountain for the first time in his WWX career.
Lane: I'll admit. I never thought we would see Xavier as our champion but he proved everyone. Looks like all those times he spent training has very well indeed paid off.
Hart: Xavier will be the special guest referee  in tonight's main event between Lipton and McAllister, but question is will he call it down the middle?
Lane: Of course not. Now that he's champion, he's going to turn into another Syndicate or whatnot.
Hart: Really Gary?
Xavier: Wow! Here I stand in this very ring with a brand new title around my waist, a title that has eluded me since I first started here in the WWX but now I stand here as your WWX Undisputed World Champion!
Fans roar in approval, starting up a "you deserve it" chant.
Xavier: I said going into Hall of Pain that I would retrieve the case and move one step closer to becoming World Champion. I knew it would be a matter of time. Since I've became champion, people have been blowing up my Twitter asking me "what am I going to do now?" Well I'm gonna tell you what I'm going to do: I'm going to continue to train the way I normally do and await my first title defense. I already know that retaining the title will be no cake walk for me, as anything ever is. To whomever earns the right to challenge me for this title, I will say this: be ready to fight to keep this title, but as for now, I stand here your new WORLD CHAMPION!!
"The Last Dragon" starts up again as Xavier drops the mic and exits the ring, heading to the back.


**In the End** By Linkin Park plays over the speakers! Tommy limps out in his ring attire.  

Lane: Tommy still looks banged up from the other night!!


Bonn: Making his way to the ring first, weighing in at 275 pounds, from Toronto Ontario Canada... TOMMY LIPTOOON!! 

{Tommy is just starting down the ramp when Rex dashes out of the back and tackles Tommy from behind, taking the hall of famer down. Rex mounts Tommy raining down blows furiously as the former champion tries to block. Rex is is persistent, hammering lefts and rights to the already bruised face of Tommy Lipton.)

Hart: Rex is beyond pissed he is not the number one contender! 

Lane: Rex allowed his blind rage for Lipton to effect his decisions and he did something that caused the WWX Board Of Directors to reverse the decision at Holiday Hell. Now has to beat Tommy again if he wishes to advance! 

Hart: If it wasn't for Rickman, Tommy Lipton was going to be the clear winner of the match. This match gives Tommy that chance to rightfully move forward as the number one contender! 

{Xavier is calling for Rex to get back into the ring. Rex grabs Tommy and starts to lift him to his feet, suddenly Tommy hugs the core of Rex and lifts him up over his head and slams him down with a spinebuster!!! Tommy rolls onto his back holding his ribs.}

Lane: Considering how things went down I don't know how healthy or ready Tommy really is to compete here tonight. I'm sure Tommy is feeling the worse for wear after last weekend's war. 

{Rex grabs Tommy and whips him hard into the steel steps! Tommy grunts in agony! Rex laughs and looks up at Xavier yelling up at him "You Are Next!" Rex grabs Tommy Lipton by the hair and says something in his ear and slaps him across the face}


(Xavier looks frustrated, waving over one of the ring crew who provides the champ with a microphone.)

Xavier: If you two idiots don't quit it and get in the ring, I'm gonna count you both out!

{Rex shouts something at Pendragon, moving toward the ring. Tommy capitalizes on the distraction and grabs McAllister.}

Lane: LIPTON SLAM!!!!! 

{Both men are down. Xavier shakes his head and crosses his arms, calling over Kyla. He whispers something in her ear.}

Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match has been ruled a no contest!

{Rex looks furious, diving into the ring and getting up in Xavier's face. The champion maintains his cool, planting his hand on Rex's chest and pushing him back. Rex lunges forward again, but Xavier is having none of it. He shoves Rex away, waving for security. unnoticed by the other two men, Tommy rolls into the ring, circling behind Xavier and looking like he's fixing to catch Rex off-guard. Rex finally has enough of Xavier and shoves him into Tommy, who nails the champ with the Canadian Ice Breaker!!! Xavier still on his feet though completely dazed and off balance and Rex brings Xavier down into the Rex Lock!!!!}

Hart: Are we seeing a reunion of the Lipton McAllister tandem!!!! 


Ranger: Release him!!! 

{Rex looks up and sees James Ranger standing on the ramp.}

Ranger: Let him go... 

{Rex releases Pendragon and starts to get up, Tommy looks to position behind Rex sizing him up.}

Ranger: Don't even think about it, Tommy, or I'll send your ass packing back to Toronto.

(Tommy hesitates for a second, sharing a look with Rex as they both turn their attention to the GM.)

Ranger: I cannot even begin to fathom what could be the reasoning behind Xavier’s decision, much less why you two can’t even get it right this time. It pains me to even grant this...but the world title match at Aftershock is now a triple threat match for the WWX Undisputed Championship and the best part...the board granted it! Good luck trying to win it though...you two are clearly too blind to get the job done. My money...is on Xavier.

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