RAVAGE - Show 2018-01-28 18:14:17

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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-01-28 18:14:17
The WWX Logo spins slowly in place, with each passing spin of the X, an individual wrestler moment shines on screens worldwide…
Tommy Lipton blood soaked holding the US Boxing Championship..
Lost Soul and Rick Dreamie staring down in the ring…
Ethan Taylor celebrating with the fans..
V/O: We...

James Ranger clutching the blood soaked Global Championship..

Jake Devine executing a high flying crossbody tackle unto Willie Steen

Darkness standing on the ramp, clutching the WWX Championship wrapped around his waist…
V/O: Are….

Xavier Pendragon howling out towards the arena from the top turnbuckle…

Kurtis Ray and Rayne signing autographs…..

Super Bacon posing eagerly for the fans at a local Xcess meet and greet…

Damian Price and Penelope Creed walking with purpose down the hallways…

V/O: The….

Rex McAllister, zoomed in upon as he walks down the ramp towards the ring during his entrance, all business...

Bob Mellon executing a mean power clothesline upon Jester...

Syndicate raising the WWX Undisputed Championship high in slow motion…

V/O: Xistence!

The WWX Logo fades away at the last word as the screen fades.

“A Welcome Burden” by Disturbed blares through the speakers at the Long Beach Arena, as the California crowd already voices their displeasure with who they know is about to make an appearance next. Out from beyond the curtains strolls Rex McAllister, who stops briefly on the stage area after he makes his appearance. Rex holds in his possession the custom made singapore cane that he’s been seen with and used on a couple of different occasions, and he glances from left to right with a smirk on his face. Rex wears his ring attire sans the vest, which has been replaced with the same merchandise t-shirt he was wearing the week before. 
BONN: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome...He is one of the number one contenders for the WWX UNDISPUTED WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!...HE’S THE REX MASTER...REXXXXX!!! MCALLLLISSSSSTTTERRRRR!!!!
Hart: Well unlike last week, this man is actually scheduled to be out here at this time. Coming up in a few short weeks, it will be this man Rex McAllister who will indeed be competing in what has now been deemed a triple threat match that also involves Tommy Lipton and the New Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion, “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon! A highly anticipated match up that promises to be one that you won’t want to miss!
Rex ascends up the ring steps and on to the apron. Rex places his left arm on the top rope. He looks out at the WWX Universe for a moment with a serious look. He raises his other hand with the custom made singapore cane in hand, which elicits deafening jeers from the crowd.
Lane: They can boo this man all they want, you all can say this and that about the changes this man has went through, but to say that men like the ones he named off last week haven’t done things in the past to get where they are today, and then cite their reasons for why they dislike this man for those very same reasons? That’s the pot calling the kettle black, Mike! Rex himself has said it more often than not, that he’s surrounded by pure ignorance, and it’s that kind of hypocrisy that reigns all around him that no doubt has played somewhat of a catalyst in the changes he’s made! He believes he’s now all the better for it, better than even he was before, and at Aftershock he has a golden opportunity to prove it!
Rex stands in the center of the ring. He holds the microphone he just received in his left hand. He holds the singapore cane out in front of him as he admires it. He grins as he lowers the cane back down to rest over his right shoulder. Rex raises the mic to speak.
Rex: Riddle me this, Xavier. 
Rex looks into the main camera with a deviously.
Rex: He of who has no clue, that of which everyone else knows, but will surely find you when at rock bottom. What is it?
Rex smiles clenching his teeth together with an almost crazed look in his eyes.
Rex: Where are you, Xavier? I’ve come a long way to get to you, don’t disappoint me now.
Rex laughs sinisterly 
Rex: Come out, come out….wherever you are. 
Rex looks toward the stage area. The crowd stirs seemingly anticipating the arrival of “The Machine”.
Hart: Well, we all know Xavier is in the back. He has a match tonight against Darkness, one that I know will be another can’t miss.
Lane: Yeah, but certainly if he can show up for that, then he should have no problem addressing Rex.
The camera view pans back on Rex who shakes his head in disappointment.
Rex: Oh, Xavier. Whatever are we going to do with you? 
Rex extends his arm out gesturing toward the crowd.
Rex: Your adoring faithful await you. Are you really going to make them wait? 
The crowds roars to life once again in anticipation of the arrival of Pendragon, but nothing.
Rex: It doesn’t surprise me in the least, another coward posing as a hero that holds on to something he has no business holding. 
Rex:: I have shown my true colors, Xavier. Why don’t you show yours? Show these people what “The Machine” can do. But you know just like I know that you have no idea what you are truly up against. You never truly know beforehand what someone is capable of, so you wait, give it time, because it’s time that rules. 
Rex turns away from the direction of the entrance now and begins taking paces forward toward the direction of the main camera again as he looks out at the crowd.
Rex: Think of it like gambling partner on the other side of the table, holding all the cards to the deck within the palm of his hands, where everyone else tries aimlessly to pick out the winning ones.
Rex pauses, and smirks.
Rex: I have plenty of time, I will wait. I will invest in it, Xavier, because everything passes, but nothing goes away entirely. No matter how much time passes, no matter what takes place in the interim, there are some things that can never be assigned to oblivion, that you can never rub away. There can be brutal moments, filled with grief, pain...fear. 
Rex looks into the main camera with a cold glare. Rex grins again.
Rex: Riddle me this, Xavier. He….of who has no clue, that of which everyone else knows, but will surely find you when at rock bottom. What is it? 
Rex grins again as the partisan crowd jeers him.
Rex: Your downfall.
Rex laughs sinisterly again, when suddenly…
*Static interrupts Rex’s laugh and floods the Long Beach Arena before transitioning into Rage Against the Machine’s timeless classic, “Bulls on Parade”, sending the crowd into an uncontrollable frenzy!*
Hart: I think business is about to pick up!
*Soon after, the tandem of Syndicate and Darkness step out onto the stage, both holding microphones.  At the top of the ramp, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose while Darkness throws his hands up into the air directly behind him, causing the lights in the arena to flicker for a moment as another burst of static appears on the RavageTron behind both men.*
Lane: Syndicate and Darkness have no business being out here!  They aren’t involved in the main event at Aftershock, they have no relationship with Rex at the moment, and most importantly, this is Rex McAllister’s moment!  These two idiots don’t belong anywhere near that ring!
Hart: I don’t think they can hear you, Gary, because they’re coming down the ramp anyway!
*Sure enough, Syndicate and Darkness can be seen running down the ramp and sliding into the ring.  While Darkness stands back in the corner of the ring, Syndicate stands right in Rex’s outraged face.  The Los Angeles Outlaw, smiling, raises his microphone and speaks.*
Syndicate: Before you go any further, ol’ pal, I’ve got something to say to both you and this wonderful city of Long Beach, California.
Syndicate: Since you’re so fond of riddles, Rex, let me ask you one of my own.  What do you call someone that makes expectations but does not meet them, finds success only on the backs of others, and consistently finds himself enlarging his own ego?
*He pauses for a moment, letting the question sink in.*
Syndicate: No?  Nothing?  Fine.
*The Outlaw turns back and looks at his partner.*
Syndicate: You got an answer?
*Darkness smiles.*
Darkness: A disappointment.
Syndicate: Yes!  A disappointment is correct!...
*He turns back to Rex.*
Syndicate: ...although I also would have accepted Rex McAllister.
*Rex smirks as Syndicate continues.*
Syndicate: Let’s examine those three points for a moment.  Rex, you clearly think of yourself as one of the greatest to ever step between these ropes.  But yet, aside from one World Championship reign from last year, you have nothing much to show for your “success”.  No, instead, you’ve spent the last year dealing with this weird love affair with Tommy Lipton.  You didn’t compete for the World Championship, and the one time you did, a picture of a man on the RavageTron, of all things, allowed you to be defeated.  Meanwhile, who’s been CONTROLLING the main event scene for OVER a year now?  Who’s been at the top of this industry for longer than most people have even participated in it?  That’s right - ME!
Syndicate: And as for the few times you end up finding some sort of success, Rex...you never do it yourself like a TRUE champion would.  Oh, no, you always have to rely on other people to do your dirty work.  When you were paired with Tommy Lipton last year, you won consistently because of HIM.  You won because of his experience, his strength, his wit.  You won those Tag titles because of Tommy Lipton, NOT Rex McAllister.  And even at Aftershock, if you win the World Championship, it won’t be because you beat Xavier or Tommy.  It’ll be because Xavier decided Holiday Hell was the best time to take me out of the picture, because we both know that if I was in that match at Aftershock...this would be a VERY different situation for you.
*He chuckles as Rex stares stoically right back at him.*
Syndicate: In other news, since your debut here in the WWX, that mighty fine ego of yours has become larger and larger with each passing second.  Not a moment passes where you don’t hold yourself in a higher esteem than previously thought possible.  And eventually, I’m afraid...that ego has to burst.  It has to reach its limit sometime.  But it won’t be Xavier that bursts your bubble, nor will it be Tommy.  No, no, no...regardless of if you win at Aftershock, the person that’s going to throw you back down the rabbit hole is me, Sydney Maxwell Irvine...the
*Syndicate lowers the microphone and backs off as Darkness makes his way out of the corner.*
Darkness: Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who's afraid of… oh who am I kidding this isn't no batman man movie nor is it a damn children's book. We are in the wrestling business yet here we are trying to solve riddles. 
*Darkness looks back at Syndicate.*
Darkness: No offense, Syndicate.
*Syndicate smiles*
Syndicate: None taken.
Darkness: Rex, here you are parading around claiming you are the number one contender for the Undisputed championship and you know what you are right. You earned that right to challenge for the top prize in the WWX unlike last time. Do you remember last time Rex?
*Darkness pauses for a second*
Darkness: Maybe you don't. Well let me refresh your memory. It was suppose to be me and Syndicate in the main event at Hall of Pain but who decided to stick their nose into it. I'll give you one guess Rex. Even you know the answer to this one.
*Rex raises his microphone to speak but Darkness cuts him off.*
Darkness: We don't need to hear your answer Rex. We all know what it is. You and Tommy gave up the tag titles for a shot at my Undisputed championship at the time. You didn't earn that shot. It was given to you by James Ranger. Maybe I should beakon Ranger out here and demand he insert me and Syndicate into the main event at Aftershock. I know the fans would love that.
Darkness: Now wouldn't that be some karma. Me and Syndicate inserted into a match just like you and Tommy were. Don't worry Rex. I see your panties getting in a bunch over there as you worry about the possibility of that happening but no need to Rex as I will not be doing that. Unlike you and Tommy my opportunity starts tonight as I face Xavier. When I defeat him I will climb back into the world rankings and closer to my shot at the Undisputed championship. When all is said and done I will earn my spot but don't you worry Rex I will leave enough of Xavier so that you don't have it to easy at Aftershock.
Rex paces back and forth for a moment, mic in his left hand as he ponders, and the custom made singapore cane he brought to the ring with him in his right still resting over his shoulder. Rex then stops, turns and studies his adversaries. Rex raises his right arm up with the singapore cane in hand. He then handles it, twirling it like a baton a few times over before resting it back on his shoulder again. Rex then raises his mic to speak.
Rex: When fools rush in, and that is exactly what I see before me right now.
Rex looks down a second to smirk, and then looks up again.
Rex: You both can continue to mince your words at your own behest, trivialize at will, clutch at the smallest of straws until you feel that you can go to sleep satisfied tonight. But from where I stand, it’s all being done in vain, it’s waste of time. It changes nothing.
Rex grins, shakes his head in amusement. He gestures with his arm extended in the direction of Darkness and Syndicate.
Rex: And this is who all these people choose to root for?
Rex chuckles to himself.
Rex: Think about it for a moment. What have any of what either of you have said really makes a difference in anything that I’ve done, that I will do? Weeks ago, Syndicate, you believed just as all of these ignorant make-shift effigies did, that my planning and plotting was leading to nothing. Now those words mean nothing, just like your words now all the same mean nothing to me. The biggest threat that you ever were to me was in the hollowness of all the hot air that comes out of your mouth, and nothing more. You’ve never posed as any serious threat to anything that I’ve done, or will do in the future. You’ve never been able to take anything that I’ve done and/or accomplished and turn it into nothing. 
Rex puts the long metal-wrapped staff in front of him. He admires it, and then lowers it to the level of Syndicate’s face. Rex moves it slowly to Syndicate’s chest area. Syndicate bats it downward, but just as Syndicate readies to lunge toward him, Rex twirls the Singapore cane quickly and puts it back to Syndicate’s chest which stops him from lunging.
Syndicate bats it down again. Syndicate shakes his head.
Syndicate (off mic): Coward.
Rex laughs briefly.
Rex: I hold all the cards here, boys. You of all people should know to tread lightly in situations like this, because you never know what will come next, so I do advise, Syndicate, that you choose wisely.
Rex grins in the direction of Syndicate one last time before he directs his attention to Darkness.
Rex: So, Darkness, how does it feel to be the fall guy in all this? The one meant to make this guy right here look content, and safe? The one that’s meant to be the scapegoat should he fail in his conquest to get back to the top. Because you know, Darkness, that Syndicate has always had a fall guy, someone to make sure that the deck is stacked in his favor. I mean, what’s your place exactly in the little allegiance that you two have agreed upon? Hmm?
Rex chuckles to himself once again.
Rex: Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t it with the idea in mind to make sure that Syndicate kept the world title so that you and him could have another clash? But what did you do, or rather didn’t do? 
Rex shows a hint of a smile with a questioning expression on his face.
Rex: Oh, that’s right, that’s a question that doesn’t even need an answer. All you have to do, all anyone has to do is look at this man that you’ve pledged allegiance to, and see that he’s no longer wearing one. 
Darkness looks on with a hint of anger in his expression. Rex paces a bit as he continues.
Rex: Then we move on to your match in the Crusade Cup against a man that barely knows what being defeated is since his return, and it was in that match that the man that you’ve sworn allegiance to was to provide you with the extra set of skills and know-how to ensure that you advance beyond “The Beast”, and what happened there? Hmm? Again, another question that doesn’t need to be answered directly, because you are no longer in the cup. So I do ask again, Darkness, how do you enjoy being the fall guy, then one that makes an overblown, overhyped, egocentrically greedy individual like Syndicate look good?
Rex pause, grins towards Darkness who looks on with utter disgust and anger in his eyes.
Rex: You may beat Xavier Pendragon tonight, you may not. It’s a crazy world we happen to live in, where surprises and shocking upsets occur all the time. So many unknown factors that can play a small part in changing the course of history as we thought we knew it to be. 
Rex laughs at Syndicate and Darkness.
Rex: But it was so nice for us all to be reunited in a moment like this once more, where The Rex Master could give it to you straight, no punches pulled...or….should I say…
Rex eyes his custom made singapore canes once again with complete admiration.
Rex: ….canes. The point is, you’ve both grown weak. From your words, to your actions, you offer nothing that can’t be just as easily extinguished as a small flame in the outskirts of this city. You can chime in, try to impose your will, but it changes not where I stand at this very moment or where I’ll be when Aftershock is all said and done. So...do you have anything else? Or are we done here?
Rex handles the near six feet of metal-wrapped singapore cane now as he waits.
Darkness: Just hold that thought right there Rex.
*Darkness turns and slides out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and pulls out something and then slides back into the ring. Darkness then holds the object up and reveals it to be a black baseball bat.*
Darkness: I figure you brought your little friend then I would go get mine. I guess you can say yours is bigger but what you got to realize Rex it isn't how big it is but how you use it. Why don't we find out.
*Darkness reaches his bat out towards Rex’s singapore cane and touches it causing a mild clanging noise.*
Darkness: Nah, let's skip that. I don't want to spend the night in the clink again and I know a Ranger is just itching for a reason to put me back there. Let's talk about why you think I am a lacky for Syndicate. Could it be the fact that you just got finished being a lacky to Tommy Lipton. But let me guess I've got it all wrong. If I'm correct you want to tell me it was the other way around. Tommy Lipton was the lacky. Well look in the mirror Rex. We are one in the same. 
*Rex looks on confused as are the fans.*
Darkness:Yes, Rex, you heard me correctly. We are one in the same. I too was once a lacky of Tommy Lipton. I fought under him for a little with nothing to show for it just like you Rex. Yeah, Rex, you had the tag titles but what you have to ask yourself is would you have had those title if it had been anybody else besides Lipton. Maybe… Maybe not. But all that doesn't matter does it Rex. You are almost at the top of the mountain. But you know what Rex that is where our similarities end. After I left Tommy, I went on to main event Hall of Pain a couple of times and not to mention win just about every title the WWX has to offer. So Rex you can say I'm a lacky to Syndicate and hell I might agree with you but you see at this point it doesn't matter to me what the hell you think. 
*Darkness points the bat straight at Rex.*
Darkness: I know it…. They know it…. And you pretend you don't know it but in actuality you do. When I left the side of Lipton I became one of the greatest in the WWX. What have you done since leaving Tommy’s side. Nothing really except beat him to a pulp. Until you prove yourself Rex, you're out here spitting out nothing but words.
*Darkness looks at Syndicate, who has been spending his time thus far leaning on the ropes with a slight smirk on his face.  Sensing that it is his turn to speak, he raises his mic up while remaining by the ropes.*
Syndicate: Rex, let’s get one thing straight.  If I am and never was a threat to your magnificence, then why didn’t you take my World title away when you had the chance, hm?  Because you were too busy defeating the “competition” in the tag division?  Or was it because you knew that, if you did, you’d be wasting an opportunity?
*The Outlaw chuckles as he stares across the ring at Rex.*
Syndicate: You talk about this partnership that Darkness and I have like it’s a one-way relationship.  Almost like I’m the only one benefiting here.  Let’s talk about that for a sec.  This is a team made up of the past two World Heavyweight Champions - I’m not including the buffoon currently holding the belt for obvious reasons.  This is a team that is capable of doing ANYTHING that we so desire.  We can take anybody out, and we can do whatever we want.  Darkness and I, we want to rule over this company with an iron fist.  We want to extend the principles of the Age of Syndicate for years to come.  If you thought your partnership with Tommy was unstoppable...well, you’ve got another thing comin’, pal.
*Standing up straight, he moseys on over to Rex.*
Syndicate: Darkness and I will pick that locker room apart, one by one, until there is nobody left standing.  That, unfortunately, includes you, and if you’ve got something to say about that…
*Syndicate reaches out and cracks his knuckles, which can audibly be heard through the microphone.*
Syndicate: ...then why don’t you drop your little kiddie toy there and fight us like a real man would?
*Rex smiles at the invitation but does not lower his cane.  Instead, he raises his microphone up to his lips once more.*
Rex: Nice try.  We will fight one day, but it’ll be on my terms, not yours.
*Syndicate and Darkness glance at each other and roll their eyes at this.*
Rex: You know, I find it quite odd that my other nemesis, Tommy Lipton, has not yet arrived on the scene.
*A buzz begins to sound within the arena.*
Rex: Well, Tommy?  Do you have anything to say to the Rex Master?  Anything at all?
*Smirking, a confident Rex McAllister looks towards the entranceway, waiting to see if Tommy will come down.  Syndicate and Darkness also look at the curtain, curious.*
*The three men in the ring jump in surprise as the music that starts playing is not Tommy Lipton's but that of the Nordic Nightmare Korath, "The Anvil of Crom" blares throughout the arena as the fans go berserk. Moments later Korath himself steps through the curtain and onto the stage looking amused and annoyed. As he slowly makes his way to the ring Rex, Darkness, Syndicate glance around nervously, trying to figure out if they should run or fight.
Lane: What's he doing here?
Hart: The man mountain that leaves destruction in his wake has reached the ring, what will he do?
Korath begins circling the ring, the three inside going back to back in case he should decide to enter and attack. He holds out a hand as he passes a sound tech, who gives him a mic. As he continues around the ring he begins to address everyone.
Korath: Darkness I think you've been here long enough to go senile, at Hall of Pain it was supposed to be you and me after you earned the belt and I earned the right to challenge for it at World Series. Syndicate was only apart of the match because he went whining like a puppy off the teat for too long and got inserted. Hey Rex, good to see ya, nice cane you got there. Trying to compensate for something? Lack of skill maybe.
Korath pause for a moment as the crowds erupts, listening to their cheers as they seem to be agreeing with him. Smiling he continues.
Korath: Don’t worry Rex I won't take any more of your precious ego, I've got more of a bone to pick with the two behind you. Syndicate, time and time again I've faced you and every time I've tried to teach you something. I believe your first lesson was in humility, while your last was…well I'll let you figure it out. In our coming match, it seems I'm going to have to teach you all over again because you haven't learned a damn thing.  
Korath then turns his attention to Darkness
Korath: Darkness if you feel so inclined to interfere with said match, just know that I will bring pain and suffering upon you of the likes of which you have never known. That bat in your hands will be no defense against the overwhelming strength of the Nordic Nightmare.
Korath pauses in front of the ramp, letting the cheers of the crowd wash over him.
Korath: Syndicate, when next we meet, the restraints are coming off, I hope you are ready.
"The Anvil of Crom" sounds again as Korath makes his way back up the ramp, never breaking eye contact with the three men in the ring
Hart: Wow! What an opening to Saturday Night Ravage! It had a little bit of everything, Lane! It had Rex McAllister coming out and further declaring the possible future demise of the current World's Champion, "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon! Then Syndicate and Darkness decide to make their respective presences known to seemingly let Rex know where his place is, which almost broke out into a physical confrontation before the Nordic Nightmare, Korath appeared to also stake his claim once more as a legitimate threat in any world title contendership discussion!

"The Anvil of Crom" continues to play. Rex McAllister hops out of the ring, and looks on at Korath and then upward at Syndicate and Darkness who look toward Rex, but keep an alertness out of Korath's presence as well.

Lane: It's electric, Mike! And this is just the start of the show! All these men want a piece of the pie, and while Rex is the closest one at the moment to potentially walking away with his, things look like they are really fixing to heat up in the coming weeks! I can't wait!

Hart: Ladies and Gentlemen we'll be right back!

*Insert Commercial*

As A New Power plays, Super Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up. he runs down into the ring and bounces off the ropes twice goes to the centre of the ring and spreads his arms out again. 

[Maybe I'm a Lion by the Black Mages echoes throughout the Long Beach Arena as the crowd comes alive. Damian Price explodes out from behind the curtain, Penelope Creed in tow. Price is wearing a hooded vest with the words 'King of Professional Wrestling' emblazoned across the back, while Creed is wearing the newest Damian Price 'I broke Puma's leg' shirt available exclusively from wwxshop.com. Price slaps hands with a few fans in the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp. He takes a few quick steps, leaping up onto the apron and sliding partway down on one knee. He holds his hand up as if scanning the crowd before climbing into the ring and beginning to stretch out on the ropes. He holds them open for Creed as he is announced.]

Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Weighing in tonight at 235 pounds, 'The King of Professional Wrestling' DAMIAN PRIIIIIIICEEE!!!!

Damian Price and Super Bacon circle the ring as the bell rings, SB goes for a lock up but Damian goes low with a takedown, immediately lifting Bacon’s left leg up and slamming it down on the mat.

Damian goes to reach for Bacon’s legs again but Bacon kicks him away, rolling himself away from Damian as Penelope instructs her client to be aware. Damian goes as Bacon comes up, instant mistake as Bacon takes Damian down with a dropkick. Damian gets up, Bacon immediately whips Damian across, but Damian counters with a reversal into a knee to the gut, following it with a snap DDT.

Damian covers!



Bacon gets the shoulder up, but Damian immediately targets the same leg, raising up and slamming it back down as Bacon groans in pain, trying to get away, yet Damian goes over for the another attack on the leg, but Bacon with the enziguri, knocking Damian down!

Super Bacon covers!



Damian gets the shoulder up...the two lie on their backs trying to recover as the ref looks to both…


Damian rolls to his side as Penelope screams to get back up….


Super Bacon rolls over to the ropes, wincing in pain from contact to his leg…


Damian is up to feet against the ropes as Bacon is still favoring his injuried leg, the fans vocalizing their support for Bacon as he goes for Damian Price, but again with the takedown, Damian sets him up for the Lucky 13!

Super Bacon is immediately screaming in pain in the center of the ring, the ref cheks as he struggles to reach the ropes, but Damian pulls him back to the center and locks it in further, putting all his weight into it. Super Bacon taps!

Bonn: Your winner and advancing in the Crusade Cup Tournament….DAMIAN PRICE!

Hart: Damian Price showing a more dangerous side to him than usual as he picks up the win and advances forward.

Lane: No matter what it takes, Damian is looking to be the next Crusade Cup winner!


Hex Girl by the Hex Girls begins to play over the speakers. The fans give a huge cheer as Hex Girl comes out and makes her way down to the ring. She makes one circuit around the ring hand outstretched giving the fans at ringside a high five before she climbs into the ring. Kayla Bonn hands her a microphone.

Hex Girl: There is an unfounded rumor circulating that I've lost interest in my feud with Bob Mellon due to my silence this week. Do you fine folks believe that?

She holds the mic towards the fans who all give a collective 'no' in response.

Hex Girl: Let me assure you all that my interest in kicking Bob Mellon's ass cheeks up between his shoulder blades is still very much alive. Now, Bobby-boy, I gotta say to infer you are not the brightest bulb in the box would be an understatement. I mean there is dim and then there is black hole level dark which is where you're at apparently.

Some of the fans gasp at the insult while others are chuckling.

Hex Girl: I signed that match contract when you first sent it to me and sent it on in to Ranger. Or did you not get the memo? So you interrupting my match last week to deliver, *She pulls out the copy of the contract he'd left.* This redundant piece of nonsense only means that I'm gonna need to beat your ass twice as hard. However since you seem to be convinced that the contract was not signed in the first place.

She pulls out a pen from somewhere on her costume and signs the contract.

Hex Girl: There it is. It's signed for the second damned time now. Do I need to hand deliver it back to you? Staple it to your forehead? or maybe to your testicles?... On second thought not your testicles I'd want to put it somewhere you'd actually feel where I'd attached it. I tell you what I'm gonna go leave this on Ranger's desk. I'm sure if you ask someone they can give you directions on how to get there so you can take a look at it. Now if you'll excuse me I have some work to do before our match next week.

She tosses the microphone to Bonn and climbs out of the ring as her music plays and she walks back up the ramp.

(“Crawling in the Dark” by Hoobastank begins playing over the speakers in the arena as the crowd erupts into a frenzy. A loud mix of boos and cheers rings throughout the arena as WWX superstar, Willie Steen walks out onto the stage, with the Television and Tag Team Championship belts hooked together and drapes around the back of his neck. He makes his way down to the ring gesturing and posing for the crowd. He slides into the ring where a pedestal is set up with a sheet covering it.)

You didn’t think you were gonna have a show in the LBC without Captain Cali-Swag making an appearance, did you?

(Loud mixed reaction)

I may not be scheduled to compete tonight, but that doesn’t that I can’t grace my hometown peeps with the honor of my presence. By the way you’re welcome.

(Readjust his microphone)

Besides, tonight is a special night. Tonight you have all been graciously invited to celebrate the first annual, Willie Steen Appreciation Night. A night in which you and everyone watching at home have the honor and privilege to witness and behold the greatest Television Champion of all-time. The first man in history to win the WWX Television Championship on five different occasions. All while simultaneously holding and defending the WWX Tag Team Championship. And what better place to celebrate the greatness that is me than in the city I call home.

(Steen walks over to the covered pedestal)

And to commemorate this historic accomplishment, today I am proud to officially debut the new, limited edition Willie Steen Championship T-shirt.

(Steen rips away the sheet to reveal a large glass display case. Inside the case is a black t-shirt with an image of Willie Steen posing with the Television Championship. In the background is the image of a hand holding up five fingers. Camera cuts to a view of the back of the shirt. Across the top it reads: 5-TIME TELEVISION CHAMPION and underneath it lists the dates of each of his TV Title reigns. Willie stands next to the shirt, beaming with pride.)

That’s right folks. This baby goes on sale this week, exclusively at WWX.com for $34.99. However, since you guys are my hometown peeps and I love y’all so much, you can pre-order it today for the hometown discount of $34.95.

(Crowd gives a mixed reaction.)

I know, I know, I’m way too generous with you folks. But hey, that’s what just makes me the wonderful I am. Sharing all of my wondrous talents and treasures with all of you little people.

(Crowd reacts again, this time slightly more negative)

And that’s –

(Steen is interrupted as “Hype” by Dizzie Rascal begiins playing. Steen looks toward the stage, incredulous, as Kurtis Ray walks out onto the stage with the other WWX Tag Team Title belt. Ray saunters to the ring as Steen shouts angrily at him. Behind him, stage hands begin clearing the pedestal out of the ring and instructing him to leave the ring so they can prepare for the upcoming match. Ray enters the ring as Steen is being ushered out. Ray gives Steen a “bye-bye’ wave as he is escorted up the ramp.)


(Kurtis and West Virginia Mountaineer square off in the ring. Kurtis offers his hand to the mountain man. Mountaineer stares at it for a moment before slapping it away, shouting something at the former champion.)

HART: Blatant show of disrespect from the West Virginia Mountaineer.

LANE: I don't see how this can end well for our resident mountain man.

(Kurtis looks shocked and then angry as Mountaineer mimes crying. He gets in Kurtis' face, shoving him back. Kurtis finally pounces to retaliate, blasting the Mountaineer in the face with an elbow that sends him to the mat. Kurtis shouts something back, posing with his arms out in a 'come at me gesture, but when West Virginia Mountaineer gets to his feet, Kurtis strikes again with a running knee to the chest. Finally he pulls the mountaineer to his feet and hurls him into the ropes.)

LANE: Here comes the Death Ray!

(Kurtis pops Mountaineer up in the air, but rather than follow up with the death ray he drives a knee up into the Mountaineer's face. West Virginia Mountaineer slams to the mat on his back. Kurtis hauls him up to his feet again, grabbing a fistful of the mountaineer's hair and pulling his head back, shouting something in his face again before roaring to the crowd, raising his arm and pumping his fist.)


HART: The crowd is firmly behind the Hype Train!

LANE: That's one of the few things me and the fans agree with, Mike.

(Kurtis picks up WVM, but he is immediately leveled with a right, that sends him back, completely caught off guard as WVM continues the pressure, following it up with a back suplex. He kips back up, mocking Kurtis, pumping his in the same manner as him. The fans immediately taking a disliking as he laughs it up.)

HART: He definitely has guts, but the crowd doesn’t approve.

LANE: When you’re trying to win, anything can and will be done Mike.

Kurtis gets up as WVM, returns the glare with one of his own, as he bodies Kurtis some more, the tension in the arena filling up as WVM takes Kurtis for a spin, with a backbody drop. He goes for the cover!


TW-Kurtis gets the shoulder, but WVM slams it down, following it up with a knee drop on that very same shoulder.

HART: Kurtis clearly facing a fierce opponent in WVM!

LANE: No doubt that WVM feels that respect should be given in this matchup.

WVM lifts Kurtis into position, dropping back down witha double knee backbreaker, the agony clearly shown on televisions as Kurtis struggles from the pressure WVM is applying, clearly intending to do more harm to his opponent as the ref asks if he wants to give up. Kurtis merely shakes his head, which prompts WVM to drop him to the mat with the double underhook DDT. He covers again!



TH-No! Kurtis kicks out, much to a relieved crowd in attendance tonight! WVM just shakes his head as he rolls away, Kurtis rolls away as WVM looks to press the advantage he has, reaching for Kurtis, but Kurtis immediately to his feet in time, connecting with a forearm to the face of WVM, then another, as he connects with a clothesline that brings WVM down.

(Kurtis whips WVM into the corner, following him in with a running drop kick. Ray kips up to his feet, looping around the ring and coming in for a second drop kick, and then a third, Mountaineer drops to his knee and Kurtis comes in with a shining wizard that echoes through the arena, driving the mountaineer's head back into the turnbuckle.)

LANE: We've never seen THAT from Kurtis Ray.

HART: That's why so many superstars have such a hard time getting a feel for him. He's versed in so many styles that it's hard to pin him down. 

(Mountaineer looks to be out on the mat, but rather than go for a pin Kurtis crouches in the opposite corner.)

KURTIS: Get up! GET UP!!

(Kurtis plays to the crowd, getting them to chant 'get up along with him as he sets up in the ring. Final;y WVM starts to get to his feet. Kurtis grins, charging at the Mountaineer for a splash but WVM sways out of the way, leaving Kurtis to eat the turnbuckle. WVM follws up with a double knee backbreaker, leaving both men prone on the mat.)

LANE: We're finally seeing some offence from the West Virginia Mountaineer.

(WVM is the first to get to his feet, even though Kurtis is not far behind and the Mountaineer is quick to push his advantage, shoving Kurtis into the ropes and knocking the hype train to the mat again with a jumping big boot. He hauls Kurtis up again, shouting at that former champion before setting up for a side slam and driving Kurtis down into his knee before falling back and slamming Kurtis face first into the mat.)

HART: That might have done it! What a move from the West Virginia Mountaineer!

(WVM rolls Kurtis over, going for the pin!)

1...... 2...... Kickout!

LANE: Kickout from the Hype Train!

(WVM looks frustrated, arguing with the ref that the count. Kurtis rolls onto his stomach but is slow to get to his feet so WVM pounces, taking the opportunity to try for the WV Clutch. Kurtis struggles to get free, but WVM manages to lock in the clutch! Kurtis struggles, but it seems he's fighting a losing battle.)

HART: It looks like Kurtis Ray is out!

(The referee checks on Kurtis, who seems to be out. He raises the former champion's hand and lets go, but it stays up. Finally Kurtis starts to rally, getting one of his legs in a position to get his feet underneath him and gets to his feet, struggling against the Mountaineer's weight. WVM looks shocked but doesn;t have time to think about it for long before Kurtis retaliates with a modified Electric Chair Piledriver!)

LANE: Great counter from Kurtis Ray!

HART: West Virginia Mountaineer didn't see that coming.

(Kurtis struggles to his feet, looking at the fallen Mountaineer, then looks at the crowd, shaking his head. He makes a show of roaring to the heavens, thrusting one arm up in the air and pumping it.)


(Mountaineer starts to move and Kurtis moves over beside him, locking his arms around the heavier man's waist to bodily haul him to his feet. He points out into the crowd, setting up and nailing the HANGOVER!! Kurtis goes for the pin!

1...... 2........ 3!!!

The bell as the ref goes to raise Kurtis’s hand, a look of exhaustion on his face as WVM struggles to shake the damage off to stand up…

BONN: Your winner and advancing to the next round of the Crusade Cup….KURTIS RAY!

WVM gets up, leaning against the ropes, nodding and smirking in Kurtis Ray’s direction as Kurtis acknowledges his opponent as he rolls out.


[The sounds of a little girl laughing and playing on a playground echo out as a hooded figure swings on a swing. The sound of the girl fades quiet]

"Just because the problem is gone, does not mean those around cannot feel what years of it is like"

[The camera swings around to the front of the figure and a devilish smile is seen through the shadow of the cloak before quickly zooming in on the figures face as an angry scream erupts from the hooded face before going black]

"Hello dears....I want to play too"

[The pink and white letting appear on screen "Kendra wants to play"]

*The camera cuts to the backstage area, where Korath can be seen walking down the hallway wearing leather pants, boots, and a black tunic.  His crimson hair sways as he strides. After a few moments of this, he stops, staring past the camera at something.*

???: Well, well, well...

*The camera pans to the right to reveal Syndicate leaning against a wall and grinning wide.  Wearing his red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers, he looks at Korath with a slight hint of curiosity.*

Korath: What the hell are you doing here, pup...

Syndicate: Actually, I was about to ask you the same question, considering you don't have a match scheduled for tonight.

*The Outlaw smirks, stands up and directly blocks the path of the Nordic Nightmare.*

Syndicate:  Moreover, why did you decide to insert yourself into the little disagreement Rex, Darkness, and myself were having out there in the ring?  Maybe because you wanted to make sure you had some sort of spotlight before tumbling back down to the bottom after facing me?

*A chuckle escapes the mouth of Syndicate.*

Syndicate: Face it, Korath: I ain't no pup anymore.  I have surpassed you in every single possible way.  I have done more in this company than you ever will.  I am a legitimate contender for the Hall of Fame; you're just a footnote in the history books.  And, even then, I have the power to erase you completely.

*Syndicate gets right in Korath's face.*

Syndicate: I don't like you, I don't respect you, and I don't think you deserve to be here anymore.  Once upon a time, Korath, you were a promising up-and-comer as part of When Worlds Collide.  Fill and Rayne, they took a likening to you.  They saw what you could become.  But then you pissed it all away in five short years.  Instead, it was me that exceeded expectations, it was me that became a multi-time World Champion, and it was me that became a legend in his own right.  When we face off in the Crusade Cup, Korath, I'm gonna do what I wasn't able to do all those years ago: put...you...down.

*As Syndicate finishes speaking the scowl on Korath's faces slowly turns into a smile.*

Korath: Good.

*Syndicate's smug look turns confused for a second as Korath continues.*

Korath: That's one of the things I like about you Syndicate, you have ambition. I can care less if you don't like me or respect me, but I will make certain that you fear me and what I am capable of.

*Syndicate begins to speak but Korath cuts him off.*

Korath: You don't fear me, blah blah blah. Save it, I've heard it all from you before. Now as to why I'm here tonight, as I said earlier you still have much to learn, such as the lesson I taught you last week, never let your guard down.

*Korath pauses for a moment, flipping his crimson hair back and giving Syndicate a good look at his discolored left eye.*

Korath: I had to leave the company for personal reasons, which gave you the opportunity to rise to World Champion, but you need to get this through your skull Syn, you only got there because I wasn't here, had I still been here, you would be AAA rank at best. You put me down? You couldn't even manage that when we last fought, you ran for your life while Lipton ensured I couldn't continue.  You have a lot of work if you think you will escape the Nordic Nightmare, now if you would get the hell out of my way before I have to move you.

*At this, Syndicate just chuckles.*

Syndicate: I'm the one that has much to learn, hm?  I disagree.

*He moves closer to Korath, staring right into his eyes.*

Syndicate: Here's a lesson for ya...watch...your...back.

*Immediately, two strong arms appear from behind Korath and grab onto his head, applying a sleeper hold onto the Nordic Nightmare!*

Lane: WHAT THE -

*The camera quickly zooms out to reveal the perpetrator to be none other than Darkness!  Syndicate, with a smile on his face, rears back and charges, hitting Original Syn on Korath as he was trying to struggle out of the Blackout!*

Hart: Shades of Holiday Hell from Syndicate and Darkness!

Lane: Yeah, that's the move they used to take out Kurtis Ray!

*Korath falls to the concrete, limp from the attack.  Syndicate and Darkness, both grinning, stand over Korath.*

Syndicate: Class dismissed.

*High-fiving, the duo walks off, allowing WWX medical staff to rush in and check on Korath.*

Transitions to ringside as "Go 2 Sleep" blasts through the PA system, the fans get to their feet as Xavier Pendragon steps thru the curtain and onto the entrance ramp to excited fans..

Hart: Here he is! The WWX Undisputed Champion arriving for battle.

Lane: Nothing like kickstarting the year with a bullseye on your back. 

Hart: Well with Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister on your mind, how can he pull off this victory against Darkness?

the lights go out in the arena as "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet begins to play. Xavier gets into a ready stance as Two lightning bolts strike the stage as Darkness appears at the beginning of the ramp. Syndicate appearing not too far behind him.

Darkness slowly makes his way down to the ring with Syndicate mouthing off at Xavier as they approach. And Darkness climbs up the steps into the ring. As he takes off his coat the lights slowly come back on and he is immediately eye to eye with Xavier Pendragon, unflinching as he raises the championship high into the air.

Hart: Xavier clearly unafraid of the duo as the ref looks to separate them. The tension does lighten as Syndicate suddenlt joins them in the ring, smiling all the while. The ref, after a few minutes forces Syndicate out of the ring as Xavier and Darkness take a step back, the fans simmer down as the ref signals for the bell as Syndicate paces around the ring.

Darkness and Xavier immediately lock up, the fans get into a frenzy as the power struggle commences between the two Xavier with a successful push to the turnbuckle, the ref checking on the hold, but Darkness releases, shielding his face as the ref admonishes Xavier for getting to aggressive. Xavier steps away as the ref steps back, but Darkness grabs ahold of Xavier, switches places and begins hitting a barrage of punches. The ref tries to break it up, but Darkness glares and steps towards the ref threatening…

Lane: Darkness is clearly looking to take Xavier down the stretch, softening him up.

Hart: But can he keep it up? Xavier clearly prepared for the long haul.

Xavier is whipped across the ring, as Darkness follows closely and connects with a clothesline. Xavier slumps a little as again Darkness unleashes another barrage of punches. Darkness finishes it off by pulling Xavier into a german suplex, bridging for the pin.


Xavier kicks out, but Darkness picks Xavier up, dragging Xavier over to the  cente, connects with a vicious european uppercut, but Xavier returns it with a strong right forearm, he gives it another forearm, presses Darkness against the ropes, he whips him across as Syndicate approaches the ropes to distract the ref, Darkness comes back into the waiting arms of Xavier...Fallen Angel!

Xaver is on the cover for the pin, but Syndicate is still arguing with the ref, clearly determined to prove Darkness is protected! The crowd counts to three as Xavier suddenly realizes that the ref is taking too long. He looks over, getting off of Darkness as he rises up to push the ref away, grabbing Syndicate and tossing him into the ring.

The fans roar their approval as Syndicate bounces across the ring, he quickly tries to get up as Xavier pushes the ref away and onto the ground, connects with a three right punches as to the rope, Xavier clothesline Syndicate out of the ring, as he steps back into Darkness...Darkness got him...TOTAL ECLIPSE!

 Darkness covers! The ref comes to for the count!



TH….Xavier kicked out!

Darkness looks at the ref in shock! This shouldn’t be happening!

(There is a ruckus from the crowd as someone leaps over the barricade and jumps on Syndicate, grabbing him and whipping him into the ring post.)

HART: What the hell? It looks like a fan is assaulting Syndicate!

(The man attaching Syndicate steps back, pulling down his hood to reveal that it is, in fact, Kurtis Ray!)

LANE: That's no fan! That's Kurtis Ray! 

(The crowd pops for the Hype Train, who stands over Syndicate with a smirk on his face. He pulls the former champion to his feet, hurling him into the ring steps. Kurtis moves back over toward the barricade, reaching over to grab a chair, which he fold up with a snap. He turns back to face Syndicate, who is just getting back to his feet after the surprise assault and unloads on him with the chair, earning a mixed reaction from the fans.)

HART: It looks like Kurtis Ray is finally out for revenge after Holiday Hell.

LANE: He got robbed, Mike, so I think this is well deserved.

(Darkness shoves Xavier into the referee, making his way over to the ringside to confront Kurtis, but while the referee is distracted, Kurtis blasts Darkness in the top of the head with the chair when he leans over the ropes. Darkness is staggered and stumbles back into Xavier, who follows up with the (whatever finisher Xavier is using.) 

***3 count***

Syndicate is starting to get his legs back when Kurtis grabs him again, pulling him into another vicious, chair-assisted Trainwreck! He tosses the chair down, spitting off to the side, and then backs up the ramp. His eyes lock with Xaier's, and Kurtis mimes the belt around his waist, pointing at Xavier.)

KURTIS: I'm coming for you, champ!

(Kurtis points at the banner for the Crusade Cup before turning and walking up the ramp, disappearing backstage while the crowd cheers for Pendragon.)


Hart: Welcome back..as we get ready for the main event...earlier off commercial Frank Warren came out to compete against Tanno Waters, but Tanno...didn’t show up.

Lane: Its a mystery as where Tanno is at, but we still got some great main event coming up!

[The arena goes pitch black, and What Went Down by Foals starts playing. As the song picks up, the arena lights up, and Jake Devine stands in the middle of the stage, with his back turned to the camera and his arms open. He turns around and punches the air, earning a pop from the crowd as he starts to walk down the ramp, with a spotlight following him.]

Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall and determines who will advance in the Crusade Cup! Introducing first, weighing two hundred and forty-one pounds… JAKE DEVIIIIIINE!!

[Jake makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He climbs the top rope and opens his arms, with his eyes closed, as flares light up above the ring. Jake jumps down, removes his jacket, and crouches with his back to the turnbuckle.

The lights dim to black again. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Guerilla Radio hits the PA system. Fire works fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through. He marches down to the ring ignoring the fans on both side.]

Bonn: Introducing next, he is the reigning International champion... weighing in at 320 pounds, he is BOB… THE BEAST… MELLON!!!

[Boos echo throughout the arena as the house lights gradually rise until he gets to the ring. The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast". The Beast rips off his shirt as the crowd boos vehemently. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up. Devine keeps a wary eyes on the beast, finally stepping forward to offer a hand. Mellon eyes it for a second before shaking it, and the referee calls for the bell.]

Hart: Nice display of sportsmanship from these two men.

[The show of respect doesn’t last for long before Mellon unloads with a series of straight rights on Devine, following through with a Belly-to-belly suplex. Mellon scrambled back to his feet, yanking Devine up and following through with a belly-to-back suplex. He scrambles to his feet again, raising three fingers into the air before hauling Devine up with a waistlock and slamming him with another suplex.]

Lane: Mellon is wasting no time here.

Hart: Right you are, Gary. The Beast is showing the difference between himself and Jake Devine.

[Mellon covers Devine for a pin.]

1……. 2…… Kickout!

[The crowd pops and Mellon slams his hand on the mat. He is quick to his feet again, pulling up Devine after him and whipping the former champion into the ropes. Mellon charges at Devine for the running clothesline but Devine ducks, planting his feet and nailing Mellon with a Pele Kick.]

Lane: Finally some signs of life from Devine.

[Mellon wobbles and drops to one knee, but mostly manages to stay upright. Devine attacks with an enziguri that still fails to take Mellon to the mat, but the Beast is slow to get back to his feet. Devine continues to push the advantage, grabbing Mellon by the hair and pulling him down to the mat in a facebuster. Devine goes for a pin.]

1……. Kickout!!

Hart: A valiant effort from Jake Devine is not quite enough to put down Mellon.

Lane: There’s a reason they call him The Beast, Mike, and it’s not just because it says it on his shorts.

[Mellon gets up to his hands and knees, but Devine is quick to press his advantage, hitting Mellon with a quick DDT. He hauls Mellon up to his feet and whips him into the corner, following with a running shoulder block, and then looping around for a leaping forearm strike!]

Lane: It looks like Bob Mellon is out on his feet.

Hart: Jake Devine is on a roll tonight! Early on it looked like the Beast had this match on lock, but the underdog has come back in a big way!

[Devine strains to lift Mellon up onto the turnbuckles, making clear his intention to hit the Angel Drop, but as soon as he gets Mellon up on the top rope, somebody slides into the ring and spears Devine into the turnbuckle. He rolls out of the ring, perching on top of the barricade.]

Lane: That’s Tanno Waters!

Hart: And he just handed Bob Mellon this match!

[Tanno grins, jumping off the turnbuckle and disappearing into the crowd. In the ring, Mellon leaps off the turnbuckle to hit Davine with a big elbow. He scrambles to his feet, hitting the ropes and following up with the Beast Drop to Jake Devine! The crowd boos intensely as Mellon goes for the pin.]

1…… 2….. 2.999999 KICKOUT!!

Hart: Jake Devine digging deeper than anyone thought possible to get the shoulder up!

Lane: Are we sure that wasn’t three?

(Mellon argues with the referee that it should have been a three count, but the referee waves him off, insisting that the shoulder was up. Mellon looks frustrated, but goes to finish off Devine. He hauls the former TV champion to his feet.]

Lane: The crowd is trying to get behind Devine but Mellon sets Devine up for the Beast-Breaker! 

Hart: We’ve seen this quite a bit. It looks like it’s all over! 

[Mellon hits the beast-breaker then off the ropes he hits the beast-drop. As he turns to cover Devine, Hex girl starts walking down the ramp. Mellon sees her and stands up walking over to the ropes. Hex gets to the apron when she reaches under the ring and grabs a baseball bat with barbed wire]

Hart: Hex is intimidating Mellon. She is waving the bat at him. 

Lane: Mellon turns back around to cover Devine again who is still down, wait! small package!!! 1…2….3!!!!! Devine wins!! Mellon has been upset!!

Hart: I can’t believe it. Mellon sits in the ring baffled!

[Mellon doesn’t realize that Hex is now perched on the top rope. Hex jumps while swinging the bat directly into Mellon’s back. He falls to the ground like a ton of bricks]

Lane: Mellon falls hard. Hex hits Mellon two and three more times. Mellon is writhing in pain!

Hart: This is brutal. Just brutal!! Someone has to get Mellon out of there. 

[Hex slowly drags and bloody Mellon over to the ropes and ties his wrists into the middle rope. Mellon sits vulnerable as Hex picks up the bat again]

Hart: Here come another shot, this one to the chest! Vicious!!

Lane: Hex looks to be pulling something out of her pocket. Is that the contract from last week?!??

Hart: I think it is…

[Hex takes the contract and shows the crowd that it is signed. She then slowly walks over to Mellon with her head tilted observing the bloodied and beaten Mellon. She shoves the contract into Mellon’s mouth.]

Lane: She just put an exclamation point on that signing.

Hart: One more hit for good measure. 

[Hex goes to the top rope with the International Title in her hands, Mellon bloodied and still tied in the rope, she lifts the International Title as the crowd goes wild.]

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