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RAVAGE - Show 2018-02-04 10:35:25
The WWX Logo spins slowly in place, with each passing spin of the X, an individual wrestler moment shines on screens worldwide…
Tommy Lipton blood soaked holding the US Boxing Championship..
Lost Soul and Rick Dreamie staring down in the ring…
Ethan Taylor celebrating with the fans..
V/O: We...

James Ranger clutching the blood soaked Global Championship..

Jake Devine executing a high flying crossbody tackle unto Willie Steen

Darkness standing on the ramp, clutching the WWX Championship wrapped around his waist…
V/O: Are….

Xavier Pendragon howling out towards the arena from the top turnbuckle…

Kurtis Ray and Rayne signing autographs…..

Super Bacon posing eagerly for the fans at a local Xcess meet and greet…

Damian Price and Penelope Creed walking with purpose down the hallways…

V/O: The….

Rex McAllister, zoomed in upon as he walks down the ramp towards the ring during his entrance, all business...

Bob Mellon executing a mean power clothesline upon Jester...

Syndicate raising the WWX Undisputed Championship high in slow motion…

V/O: Xistence!

The WWX Logo fades away at the last word as the screen fades.
Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Saturday Night Ravage!  Alongside Gary Lane, I'm Mike Hart, coming to you live from the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California, with what's sure to be an action-packed show!

Lane: That's right, Mike.  Tonight, the Crusade Cup continues, featuring a couple of hometown boys in Damian Price and Syndicate going up against Jarvis Valentine and Korath!  I'm sure this crowd is excited and ready for the action!

Hart: Folks, one of the constant storylines we've been following over the past number of months is that of Syndicate.  He was at the top of the world after winning the World Championship for a fifth time at Hall of Pain, but has since been dethroned by Xavier Pendragon due to a Race for the Case cash-in.  Now, Syndicate is being forced to work his way back up the ladder, all the while facing adversity from men such as Rex McAllister, Korath, and the vengeful Kurtis Ray.  Tonight, Syndicate brings it back home to LA with the goal of advancing to the semi-finals at Aftershock.  We'll see that match later on tonight -



Lane: - but we won't have to wait that long to see the Outlaw!

Static fills the Staples Center, turning into "Bulls on Parade" by LA's own, Rage Against the Machine.  After about 26 seconds of music, the lights in the arena go out, and a single spotlight shines on stage in front of the giant "SYNDICATE" letters displaying on the jumbotron.  Out from the darkness and into the spotlight walks Syndicate himself, with a huge smile on his face as he is greeted with a standing ovation from his hometown fans.

Hart: The WWX Universe is on its feet!

Syndicate is presently wearing a black t-shirt with "#homecoming" written in block white letters on the front along with blue jeans and black Nike sneakers.


On cue, the lights in the arena come back on, and as they do, Syndicate raises his arms in a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp.


Hart: In other parts of the world, Syndicate is seen as an anti-hero.  They call him lucky, privileged, and cocky as all hell.  But here in LA, he's seen as the best to ever do it.

Lane: I liked the first description better!

Moments later, Syndicate, still grinning, walks down to the ring, high-fiving fans on the way.  He climbs the steel steps - taking a moment to look around at the adoring fans surrounding him - before stepping through the ropes.  He then performs another crucifix pose in the center of the ring, much to the crowd's delight.  After taking a moment to bask in the glory, a ring technician hands Syndicate a microphone.



Syndicate takes a deep breath to calm himself down.

Syndicate: Wow.  Thank you all so much for that ovation, I am truly humbled to be able to stand in front of all of you tonight.


Hart: This crowd isn't letting Syndicate get a word in edgewise!

Lane: Good!  Just as it should be.

Syndicate examines the crowd surrounding him.
Syndicate: I see many of you went to the merch table and bought the "#homecoming" t-shirt.  Thank you so much for doing so.  This wasn't previously announced, but I was talking to James Ranger before the show, and he agreed to let me donate 100% of the proceeds from those shirts to My Friend's Place, an LA-based charity that gives aid to the homeless youth of Los Angeles.  They will be available at the WWX Shop in the main lobby after the show, as well as be made available on WWXonline.com for those of you watching at home.

The WWX Universe applauds at this.

Syndicate: Now, I didn't come out here to just gladhand about being in the world's greatest city and set a record for cheap pops while doing so.  I came out here to make a statement to the boys in the back who think they even have a chance at touching me in this ring or on this mic.  I came out here to remind everyone why I am where I am today.

He shrugs.

Syndicate: And yeah, maybe I'll gladhand a little.

Syndicate: As you all know, I lost the World Championship at Holiday Hell.  It was the third time someone's cashed in Race for the Case on me...and it hasn't gotten any easier to swallow.  But instead of being granted my contractually-obligated rematch...I was sent to the bottom of the ladder.  I was being forced to go through this Crusade Cup tournament to regain my spot that I should never have lost in the first place.  And you know who's responsible for shafting the man that's CARRIED this company for the past number of years?

He pauses, staring straight ahead at the hard camera.

Syndicate: Our wonderful general manager...James Ranger.


Syndicate: Since Holiday Hell, I've been fighting alongside Darkness to make sure the "order" he craves to have is turned into chaos at every turn.  Backstage attacks, massive brawls, I don't care.  James Ranger, Kurtis Ray, Korath...they all seem to think that they can keep pushing me away and pretend that I'm not here.  Well, here I am, in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA...

Syndicate: ...ready to prove that I AM the champion this company deserves.  Tonight, you will all play witness to the funeral of Korath in this very ring.  At Aftershock, it'll be Kurtis Ray's turn to die, followed by whoever else makes it to the finals.  And then, finally, the Los Angeles Outlaw will take back what's his and stand at the top of the world once again.

Syndicate smirks.

Syndicate: And if you don't believe me...well, look at my track record.  Since last year, I haven't lost the World title without winning it back mere weeks later.  I don't go away, I don't surrender, I...don't...die.  That is why I am the best, ladies and gentlemen.  That's why I'm the Measuring Stick, that's why I'm the Constant, that's why I'm the LOS ANGELES |BLEEP|ING OUTLAW!!!!


Syndicate: And so, tonight, in front of all of you beautiful people, I'm gonna take another step on my journey back up the ladder.  I'm going to defeat Korath, I'm going to give the finger to Ranger's plans, and I'm going to make sure you guys get a showstopper of a match.  So whaddya say, LA?  You wanna see Sydney Maxwell Irvine kick Korath's ass all over the Staples Center!

Syndicate: Then there's only one thing left to say.  Welcome to Saturday Night Ravage, and welcome...to the -


As the opening chords of 'Dirt off Your Shoulder/Lyin' From You' by Jay-Z and Linkin Park echo throughout the Staples Center, the crowd becomes unglued for the second time tonight.

Lane: And now we've got to hear from this guy?!

Hart: I love it, and so does this Los Angeles crowd. Let's hear what he has to say!

As the announcers are talking, Damian Price steps from behind the curtain, accompanied by Penelope Creed. Both of them wear matching #homecoming shirts, with Damian wearing fight shorts in preparation for his match later, while Creed is wearing black jeans and a leather jacket. The pair walk down the ramp, slapping hands with fans as they go. They seem to take their time, making Syndicate wait as Damian takes a couple steps before leaping up onto the apron, one leg dangling down. He lifts his hand over his eyes as if scanning the crowd. He climbs to his feet, hopping side to side for a moment before holding open the ropes for Penelope who has climbed onto the apron. Creed goes to a ringside attendant and grabs a microphone, handing it off to Price, who spins in place, taking in the arena before coming face to face with Syndicate. There's a tense moment of stand off before a huge smile cracks Price's face and he begins to speak.

Price: Sydney!! How ya been, buddy?! I dig the shirt, this is a great idea. Plus, here we are in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA!!


Price breaks the staredown as he smiles out to the crowd.
Price: Man, gotta love a cheap pop. It is good to be home. I've been through a broken neck, a broken relationship, and broken bones. I came back too early, mostly because someone wanted it. But, with all that put aside, here I am, in--

Price looks over to Syndicate before motioning to him.

Price: I'm back here in OUR hometown, in our company..... You know, Sydney, the two of us have had our issues, but look at us now. Sharing a ring, not beating the crap out of each other.... And, I've been paying attention, unlike our lovely general manager-


Price: Yeah, I know, I know. Like I was saying, we've never seen eye to eye, but I've never doubted your skill. But that's what LA does, right? It breeds winners, it breeds legends. And while I've been away, you've carved out a nice little spot for yourself. And I got to admit, I'm digging this whole mission to make life hell for Ranger. You see, when I was out, having neck surgery, and you were clawing your way to the top of this company, Ranger asked me to come back too soon. And I did, because of foolish pride, and I got sent back to the hospital. And the calls kept coming- just one more show, just one more match, when he knew damn well that my body couldn't take it. But now-- now I'm back, and all of a sudden I have to start at the bottom again.

Price has begun pacing the ring as Creed and Syndicate are lounging in opposite corners. A brief 'F**K You, Ranger' chant breaks out, which causes all 3 of them to smile. Syndicate lifts his microphone.

Syndicate: Your point, Damian?

Price smiles.

Price: I'm getting there, let me enjoy being in front of our people for a minute.

Price: Since Ranger has suddenly changed his tune, like he has to you numerous times, I figure what's wrong with me causing a little chaos? You want to know my point, Sydney? My point is that you and me, together, we could run this place.

The crowd explodes as Price a Syndicate come eye to eye again for a brief moment.

Price: I'm not saying we'll ever be besties like you and Darkness, but the enemy of my enemy is my friend, yeah? Think about it, champ.

With that subtle nod, possibly at Syndicate, possibly at his former tag team partner turned World Champion, Price backs up to the ropes. A small smile finds its way across Syndicate's lips as Damian holds the ropes for his manager. The duo hop off the apron, microphone still in tow. He lifts it to his mouth.


Syndicate: ...to the Syndicate!!

Syndicate looks on as Price and Creed walk up the ramp before exiting the ring as well, high-fiving fans along the way to the back.

Hart: Well, in case you couldn't tell, ladies and gentlemen, we're sold out at the Staples Center in Los Angeles tonight!

Lane: They said it about a billion times, Mike.

[The sounds of little kids playing while some cheerful bells ring out. The kids play slowly fades out and the bells turn cheerful to ominous. Once the last bell rings the opening guitar rift to Mr. Tinktrain hits and the lights go out. When the drums start bright white and purple strobes flash to the beat of the drums and navy blue smoke puffs out from the stage on the off beats. When the lyrics start a few of the lights come back on and a hooded-cloaked figure stands at the top of the ramp only a smirky smile can be seen of their face. The figure slowly makes their way to the ring spinning around in circles arms stretched out. Once to the ring they circle the ring before entering doing a slow flip over the ropes removing the cloak uncovering Kendra's face and she gives a sweet but devilish smile to the camera before blowing a kiss to the crowd]

BONN: Introducing first, from Fargo, North Dakota...She weighs in at 155lbs!...Making her WWX Debut!...KENDRA!!! HAZZZZEEEE!!!

Hart: It's been a heck of a great new year! It's a new week, that breeds new blood! This here ladies and gentlemen is newly signed, kendra Blaze! Certainly a fresh young face, only 18 years of age. Not a lot is known about Kendra, but I'm sure we'll find out quite a bit in a few moments from now!

Lane: She's definitely showing the mysterious side with that hooded-cloak, I like her already, Mike! But unfortunately a match against Tom Black is not going to be a walk in the park! She has her work cut out for herself!

"My Curse" by Killswitch Engage now plays. Blackout, smoke rises up and Tom Black  enters the arena. There  is a mixture of  booing, hissing and cheering. He looks around and knees the air repeatedly. 

BONN: Introducing her opponent, making his way down the isle!...From Liverpool, England!...He weighs in at 310lbs!...He's "THE DARK ONE"...TOM! BLACK!
He twitches and strides towards the ring. He grabs the ropes and tries to pull them apart. He fails and collapses, before finally getting to his feet awaiting the start of the match.

Lane: Has Tom Black gotten bigger somehow? Maybe it's just looking at these two competitors standing in the same ring. I mean there is a ten inch and 145 pound advantage in favor of Black. You don't usually see that type of difference in height and weight proportions! 

Hart: That ensures nothing, Gary. She's not a WWX Talent for no reason. She may surprise.

The referee checks with both competitors as they prepare to begin the match. Kendra mocks Tom Black's entrance to the ring. Black starts in on Kendra before the bell, but the referee holds him off as he ushers him back to the neutral corner.

Black (off mic): You're about to get your lights turned off by the Dark One, just watch.

Kendra smirks as the referee finally signals for the bell.


Hart: And this match is under way now. Newly signed Kendra Haze versus Tom Black.

Tom Black runs toward Kendra Haze who prepares for it immediately by going into a defensive fighting stance. Black swings a wild clothesline toward the head of Haze, but she easily ducks the attack. Haze runs and grabs Black from behind and delivers a bulldog that brings Black down to the canvas.

Hart: Wow! What a move by Kendra, right out of the gates!

Lane: Great, worst case scenario here, Mike! She was ready, and it looks like Tom Black isn't!

Kendra attacks the downed Black as he rises to his knees with double arm clubbing to the back of the head of Black. She picks Black up, but Black shoves Kendra away as she is forced back an inch or two. Black swings wildly at Kendra again, and this time she side-steps the attack. Kendra leaps up on the shoulders of Black and locks her legs around Black's neck. 

Kendra (off mic): I call this "Yes Ma'am".

Hart: It looks like she's going for a type of hurricanrana here. Black struggling here.

Lane: No she's not! Look closer, Mike! She's choking him out!

Hart: Black still standing at vertical base, but this young lady has the "Dark One" in quite the predicament here!

Lane: Come on, Tom! Fight it! Gaaaa!

Black falls to a knee as Kendra tightens her legs into a full-on choke. Black throws himself to the right, but Kendra latches her legs tighter around his neck. 

Hart: Black, his face is literally turning red now!

Black rises up again to a knee with all of his remaining strength, but Kendra yet again increases the pressure. Black then falls unconcious as Kendra keeps the hold latched on.

Hart: Tom Black is out, and the referee is calling for the bell!

Lane: Look, Mike! She just gave Tom Black an early Valentine's Day gift with that kiss! How lucky is Tom!??

Hart: Not so much right now I would have to think, he's unconscious!


Bonn: The winner of this match by submission....KENDRA HAZE!!!

The referee taps on Kendra's shoulder repeatedly. She snaps her head up in his direction and screams at him. The referee backs up with a bit of uncertainty as Kendra slowly rises to a standing vertical base now. She smiles devilishly and then blows a kiss to the crowd before she leaves the ring through the ropes. The camera pans to the unconscious Tom Black as the referee checks on his condition, and then the camera pans to Kendra who looks back toward the ring at her opponent with a devilish smile.

Lane: What a debut, Mike! I feel bad for Tom, but look at the look of this young lady! I think she's actually looking right at me!
Hart: Indeed. Kendra Haze gets the win in her WWX debut. This young lady may have a nice future ahead of her if she can make her way up the ranks in the same fashion she displayed tonight! No contest, she controlled the match from the outset, and she walks away the winner!

The camera pans in on Kendra one last time as she is now on the stage. She poses one last time before she smirks and finally turns to leave for the back.

Throughout the arena, "Here comes the Mountaineer(s)" by Davisson Brothers blares.  Making his way out to the ring, with a smile on his face, and love for the State of West Virginia showing from his eyes, while waving a flag of WVU, walks the West Virginia Mountaineer. 

Lane:  Looks like the WWX's number one fighter for states' rights is coming to the ring. 

Hart:  Yeah, his own! 

West Virginia Mountaineer finally makes it to the ring.  As he climbs up the steps, he points at his opponent, then at his flag, and waves the flag in effort to show he's superior just because he's from the 35th state in the union.  Before entering the ring, WVM rolls up his flag and gives it to a WWX official, appearing to tell that person to respect and not to mess it up, or else.(edited)
[The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.]


["Transcendence" by Devin Townsend Project starts playing. As the music drops, lights illuminate the arena to show Tanno standing on the stage, wearing a suit. He makes his way to the ring to boos of the crowd. He hops into the ring and grabs a microphone.]

Tanno: Tonight...Jake...you suffer...just like your tag team partner...

The Ravagetron shows off a knocked out Super Bacon in the locker room...the fans in attendance begin booing loudly
Tanno sneers as WVM laughs at the scene...clapping his hands all the while.

Tanno: Come out Jake...you're gonna have to face the music for the fans here in Los Angeles.

The arena goes pitch black, and What Went Down by Foals starts playing. As the song picks up, the arena lights up, and Jake Devine stands in the middle of the stage, with his back turned to the camera and his arms open, as he starts to walk down the ramp....

Hart: Jake knows he has to face them with or without Super Bacon
Jake sallies forth, stopping short of the ring, staring down the vicious duo of Tanno and WVM as both men motion Jake to come into the ring when the crowd goes wild, causing the trio to look behind them..

Hart: Its Super Bacon!
Super Bacon is seen jogging, abit in pain though, towards the ring as he stops short of lining up with Jake, nodding and telling Jake that he is fine.

Lane: Somehow, Super Bacon shows his tenacity as he goes forth to team up with Jake Devine against Tanno Waters and WVM.

Tanno and WVM back up as the duo get in, each team getting to their corners as the ref checks them
Tanno smirks as WVM and Super Bacon enter the ring, Bacon, clearly in no condition to compete but he tells the ref to ring the bell.
WVM immediately clothesline Bacon down, sending him rolling back as WVM looks to make a statement out of him. He immediately hooks Super Bacon up and back down with a german suplex. he covers with a bridging pin!




Bonn: Your winners...West Virginia Mountaineer...and Tanno Waters!
Hart: Neither side took a chance to intervene in the match...clearly personal vendettas are that serious?

Lane: When you are as focused on destroying the other as these two are...its of little wonder why this was a tag team match in the first place?

WVM is shown, immediately grabbing ahold of Jake Devine, clearly not content in seeing his opponent sit it out, tosses him into the ring. Tanno clearly amused as he surveys the action, but freaks out as WVM approaches after connecting with a big boot to Jake Devine. WVM reaches out almost to drag Tanno in, but instead gives him a big hug.

*scene opens backstage where we find Leon Jones waiting in the staging area, the WWX logo behind him.

Leon: "My guest tonight was on the road for the WWX Undisputed Championship as a strong number one contender. A freak accident during the main event of Hall of Pain had him nearly dying and hospitalized for several weeks. He has returned to action for the first time tonight since his return, he is Korath the Nordic Nightmare."

The camera pans to the right revealing Korath, he has his back to Leon with his head tilted down and his arms crossed.

Leon: Korath, the world wants to know what you plan to do to get back on track and reclaim your spot as the number one contender for the title.

Korath stays motionless, as though he didn't hear what Leon said.

Leon: Korath?

Korath slowly looks up and unfolds his arms, then speaks as he turns to face Leon.
Korath: Leon I am going to do the same thing I always do, I'm going to walk down to that ring tonight, I am going to beat my opponent until he cannot stand, and then I am going to leave the arena to train for my next match. But before I get to that I gotta go through the man who caused my road block, Syndicate.

He takes the microphone away from Leon who backs away, allowing the big man to say what he needs to say.

Korath: After tonight the past remains in the past, when we enter the ring tonight all will be forgotten. Syndicate I am going to come to that ring tonight and I am going to run over you and anyone else who gets in my way. I will claim the prize at the end of the Crusader Cup, and I will strip the title from whoever is unlucky enough to be holding it when I get to them. 

Korath: Leon you want to know what I'm going to do to get back on track? Make sure you watch tonight's main event.

He tosses the mic back to Leon, thumps his chest a couple of times, and gives a loud yell before heading off to finish his preparations for the coming match.

Leon looks shaken but keep his professional demeanor as he turns to the camera.

Leon: There you have it folks, Korath promises to bring destruction to whoever stands against him on his way to claiming the WWX Undisputed championship. Tune it later to see if he can make due. For the WWX this is Leon Jones, signing off.

Just coming back from commercial the area is filled with the music of 
‘This is my house” by Flo Rider. The fans erupt in cheers just as Jarvis makes his way through the entrance. Jarvis puts his arms up in an “x” before putting his hands down by his waist and doing the belt sign. 

Hart: Jarvis has been on a heck of a momentum swing lately. He seems ready for his title shot come Aftershock.

Lane: It’s going to be interesting to see what he has to say to Steen. He has been pretty hush, hush about this. This Crusade Cup really has his attention.

The fans get a little louder before Jarvis starts making his way down to the ring. He high fives a few fans as he gets closer to the ring. He slides in and pops up with his arms in a “x” again. He circles to see all the fans before reaching in his back pocket and grabs a mic and pulls it out. 

Jarvis: Hello Los Angeles!!

The crowd erupts for the cheap pop.
Jarvis: So straight to business. I have been asked a lot about being the number one contender for the television championship, and my upcoming match with Willie Steen at Aftershock. And like I have told people in the past week’s. I have been very concentrated on the Crusade Cup. Each week I have not been here I have been working out, watching videos, and anything else that will help me in this Cup. 

But, saying that, it has also been getting me ready for Willie. I am super excited to be able to get the chance to get a “W” at aftershock, and get a chance at wearing gold around my waist for the first time here in WWX. I have done this for a long time, but I have never been able to hold any gold in my early days. When I wrestled in the past, I did so in small, very small promotions. But, before I even returned to the ring I made a promise to myself. (Jarvis pauses) That was to come back a hundred percent better than what I was. 

Jarvis turns to be facing the entrance. 

Jarvis: Willie, I know you are back there. I seen you earlier, and you didn’t even glance at me. How about now, you come out here and acknowledge me. 

Hart: Here we go!

Jarvis drops his arm to his side for a moment. 

Nothing happens.

Jarvis can be seen saying something before motioning Steen to come out.
Nothing happens.

Jarvis turns back to face the crowd before raising the mic to his face.

Jarvis: I don’t care if it is tonight Steen, or next week, or if I have to wait till Aftershock. I will meet you face to face. And when I do. You will finally pay attention to me. 

Jarvis pauses for a moment as the crowd cheers

Lane: I can’t wait to see Steen and Jarvis meet. I think this match could become something big!

Jarvis: But now, Tonight is all about the Cup. Damien Price showed a lot last week and I hope he brings that fire he had here to tonight. I’m just not stopping at being the number one contender for the Television Championship. I plan on going all the way in the Cup. I want to be number one in line for the WWX Championship was well! 

At this the crowd pops.

Jarvis: Price, this is the third time we will meet, and this will be your third loss to me as I WILL go on to the semi finals and face Jake Devine. If, all things play out right, I will be having two matches at Aftershock! 

With that he drops the mic as his music starts over the PA system. He raises his arms in a “x” and walks towards the ropes say things.

Hart: Jarvis looks the most focused I’ve seen him since coming to WWX.

Lane: I agr….

Hart: What the hell?

Sudden the crowd starts to make a commotion behind Jarvis with the camera still focused on him. Suddenly we see Steen behind Jarvis.
Jarvis puts his arms down.

Steen with the championship belt raises it and starts running towards Jarvis.

Hart: No no no!

Jarvis turns around just in time and ducks Steen’s attempt to hit Jarvis with the belt.

Lane: He missed! Steen is turning around! Here comes Jarvis.

Just then Jarvis delivers a massive clothes line to Steen. 

Hart: Steen, just sent over the top rope to the outside by Jarvis! Did you see the power Jarvis had in that clothesline? Steen is still down outside.

Lane: Jarvis is picking up the Television Championship.
Jarvis holds the belt in his right hand staring at it deeply. Jarvis looks out to the crowd before going over to the corner and jumping up to the second roped. He holds the belt high above his head as the crowd cheers and starts chanting Jarvis!

Jarvis looks down at Steen as Steen returns the look. Jarvis hops down and walks over to the ropes. He holds the Championship up once more for a good pop before tossing the belt back down to Steen. Jarvis puts his arms up in a “x’ again staring at Steen still as his music resumes. 

Hart: Is that a preview for Aftershock? Will we be seeing Jarvis crowned the new champion?
Hex Girl is hanging out backstage at Ravage waiting to meet with James Ranger when Leon Jones catches up with her. 

Leon: Hex Girl, can we have a quick word with you?

Hex Girl looks over at Leon and gives him a Cheshire cat smile.

Hex Girl: Certainly Leon. What's on your mind.

Leon: Last week at Ravage you bypassed speaking with us backstage to address Mellon's actions during your match with Jarvis for the Crusade cup and chose to speak in the middle of the ring. 

Hex Girl: Yep I did. Reason being, Leon, is because Mellon wanted to make such a stink and a show over that damn contract a quiet little backstage interview wasn't going to cut the mustard.

Leon clears his throat.

Leon: And then you interferred in his match with Jake Devine.

Hex Girl: That was just a bit of tit for tat. He cost me my match I cost him his. 

Leon: You took a barbed wire bat to him and shoved the contract down his throat.

Hex Girl: In a very calm non-chalant voice Only after his match with Devine was over. I wanted to give him a taste of what's to come at Aftershock. . . Well that and I didn't think he'd be able to remember where that contract was put so I decided to deliver it back to him.

Leon: You had mentioned while you were signing it in the ring you'd staple it to his forehead.

Hex Girl shrugs.

Hex Girl: I couldn't find a staple gun. The maintenance closet was really sparse.

Leon looks at her with wide-eyed surprise.

Leon: You really looked for one?

Hex Girl: Yeah. Why wouldn't I? I wasn't making an idle threat. We are going to be going into a hardcore match and I wanted to puctuated that statement properly.

Leon: When was your last psych evaluation? Just out of curiosity?

Hex Girl pats Leon on the shoulder and whispers something in his ear. His eyes grow even wider, she smiles wide and walks away.
As Hex finishes her segment interview the camera catches Mellon peaking behind the curtain behind Hex Girl. Mellon is shown with lead pipe.

Lane: Is that Bob Mellon behind Hex?!?

Hart: He’s holding a pipe! Is he going to!?

(Suddenly the lights go out)

Hart: What the?!?!?!

(Lights come back on)

Lane: Hex is gone and Mellon looks confused.

Hart: Mellon must have swung and missed and Hex got out of there.

(Mellon panting and nervous begins yelling)

Mellon: Where is she?!?! Where the hell did she go!? Where is she!!

Hart: Mellon is losing it and the magic of Hex Girl is doing it’s psychological damage.

Lane: Mellon looks like a lost man, scraping for any kind of grasp of reality. We’ll be back after this…

Backstage Tommy Lipton is seen walking but suddenly stops and grins, he rubs his chin with some thought. The camera pans around him to find he is looking at Xavier Pendragon. 

Tommy: The WWX Undisputed Champion standing before me. WOW! This is huge! Man congrats on getting that! 

Tommy pats the title that's hanging over the shoulder of Xavier. 

Xavier: Thanks.

Tommy: Hey so, Aftershock, it's going to be insane! Once again I get an opportunity for that belt and this time I am sorry to say, it will be coming home not with you but with me!

Xavier: We'll see about that...

Tommy: You see Xavier a year back it was about the great Hall for me but how can I leave these fans without one last time representing them as the One and Only, Champion! 

After facing off for weeks with Rex McAllister and finally coming-
Xavier: About you and Rex, I wasn't going to get into it right now but since you mentioned it....  do you think for one second I am going to be cool with how you both handled your final match and you both weisiling into the main event. It's ridiculous James Ranger thought you both worthy to step up to me! 

Tommy: I know, but Xavier you got into my face, and things happened and I wish I could take that all back... I really do! I swear that we didn't plan to do that. Rex doesn't deserve to share the spotlight with you and I and the ONLY weisle is in fact him. I beat that man at Holiday Hell before he decided to somehow manipulate Blade Rickman to do his bidding. I am not at all happy it has come to this! 

Xavier: What are you getting at Lipton. The fact remains that since I've became champion people have basically I would not remain champion long and once the smoke clears at Aftershock, the World Champion will still...be...me.

Tommy smiles shaking his head.

Tommy: You can think that Xavier... You can think that till the very end, IN FACT... I wouldnt have our current Champion think anything but that. Confidence is needed, especially when you are the champion. The target on your back grows bigger every moment and the second you don't have confidence is the second you do not deserve to carry that belt. 
However your confidence will not save you at Aftershock, for I too have confidence. Confidence that I will once again sit on my throne at the top of the mountain! 

Xavier gets into Tommys face but Tommy doesn't back down immediately... Tommy finally takes a step back and smiles. 
Rex McAllister attacks Xavier Pendragon from behind with a thunderous forearm-elbow to the back of the head. Xavier falls to the ground.

Rex stomps on Xavier repeatedly before he picks him up. Xavier staggers as he tries shaking the cobwebs. Rex grabs Xavier and tosses him into the hard-wall near by. Tommy Lipton turns slightly as if he were looking to go back to the scene, but pauses as the beating in the back ground beyond the wall continues.

Lane: Is Lipton going to help?

Hart: This is just not right! Rex will get his! I can assure you the "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon won't stand for this!

Tommy turns back the other way, he sighs, and then walks away. The camera pans back to where Xavier is now incapacitated. Rex kneels down to Xavier's level crouched.

Rex: I told you I was coming for you, Xavier. I told you not to make me wait. But don't worry, soon all of this will be over just as I promised. 

Rex looks at Xavier's World Title strapped around his waist. He unstraps it from Xavier's waist. Rex rises back to a vertical base and holds up the Undisputed World Title in front of him, admiring it. Rex lowers it back down to lay it over the unconscious Xavier Pendragon. 

Rex: I'll be seeing you again real soon, champ!

Rex methodically walks away from the scene.

Hart: Why didn't Tommy Lipton help? Are the rumores true? Is the McAllister Lipton tandem back together!!! Despicable!!!


The lights go out in the arena as "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet begins to play.

Bonn: Introducing from Florence, South Carolina....DARKNESS!

Two lightning bolts strike the stage as Darkness appears at the beginning of the ramp, flanked by riot geared security. 

Hart: So this is what it has been reduced to?!

Lane: When you're playing hard to get, the games eventually get too serious for each other...

Hart: What are you talking? I'm talking about the need for protection that Darkness needs to have for this match.

Lane: Exactly.

Darkness alongside them slowly makes his way down to the ring and climbs up the steps into the ring. As he takes off his coat the lights slowly come back on.

The security spread out around the ring as Darkness seems eeriely confident as he awaits Kurtis's arrival..

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.

As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a  decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.

Kurtis stops to make contact with Darkness, then the security flanking the ring as he raises an eyebrow.

Hart: This is not going to end well Mike. Kurtis clearly thinks Darkness can't win a match without protection at ringside.
Kurtis and Darkness circle the ring, immediately taking each other's movements in slowly as they meet in the center of the ring

The duo lock up, neither man giving an inch, before Darkness releases and backs away, Kurtis clearly content at the gesture, beckons for another round.

the duo again lock up, with Kurtis being the one to back off as Darkness smirks at forcing Kurtis to give the test of strength.
They lock up in the middle once more, this time, Kurtis switching up into a hold, but Darkness flips him over and onto the mat, wrenching as he does.

The guards get a little anxious as Darkness gets up to the feet as Kurtis  gets to his, in an attempt to clothesline Darkness, but Darkness ducks the attack
Darkness immediately dropping Kurtis with an inverted DDT.

He covers


But Kurtis gets up..shoulder up as he rolls to the side.
Hart: This match up is clearly a demonstration of what is to come next with if Kurtis can prove he is ready to be the next #1 Contender.
Lane: If he can somehow get pass the former world champion in the hall of famer Darkness.

(Ray turns to face Darkness, who is just starting to get back to his feet. Kurtis grabs around Darkness' waist but Darkness gets his feet underneath him and flips Kurtis over him and onto the mat. He follows up with an elbow drop, scrambling to his feet and hitting another elbow drop. Darkness pulls Kurtis up into a sitting position, planting a knee against the Hype Train's back and pulling back on Kurtis' arms.)

HART: Kurtis Ray is in trouble! Darkness is firmly in control.

LANE: Darkness better keep this up if he doesn't want Ray to turn it around.

(Kurtis struggles to get away from Darkness but the legend shifts his position, driving his knee harder into Kurtis' back and pulling back further. Kurtis' face starts to turn purple and it starts to look like the Hype Train is fading. Finally Kurt's head lolls forward.)

LANE: And there goes Kurtis Ray!

(The referee moves to Check on Kurtis. Kurtis shakes his head, roaring and trying to do something against Darkness, but ultimately his head starts to loll forward. The referee checks again, but Kurtis manages to weakly shake his head again, roaring out a no. The crowd cheers for the Hype Train and he plants his feet underneath him and, with another roar of effort, slowly raises to a standing position. He drops to his knees, swinging his arms forward and slamming Darkness to the mat.)

HART: Kurtis Ray may have just overcome Darkness,

LANE: The fans tonight believe in a thing called Hype!

HART: ......Really, Gary?
(Kurtis is firmly in control of Darkness, hauling the legend up to his feet. He whips him into the ropes, following up with a leaping knee strike to the head, leaving the legend sprawling to the mat. Kurtis goes for a quick pin, but Darkness kicks out immediately.)

LANE: Looks like Darkness still has some gas left in the tank!

(Kurtis grins, hauling Darkness to his feet again and shoving him into the ropes again.)

HART: Here it comes!

(Kurtis pops Darkness up onto the air for the Death Ry, but Darkness counters into a neckbreaker. Darkness rolls to his feet, hauling up Kurtis and then shouting something at him hooking up and nailing Darkness Falls!)

LANE: Darkness Falls!

HART: Time will tell if that's enough to stop the K-Train.

(Darkness rolls Kurtis up for a quick pin!)

1..... 2..... Kickout!

(The crowd roars for Kurtis, firmly behind the Hype Train. Darkness looks furious, but he hauls up Kurtis again. Kurtis fights off Darkness, but before he can do anything, Darkness drives another kick into Kurtis'abdomen, following up with another Darkness Falls!)

LANE: Darkness Falls! Again!

HART: Things are looking grim.

(Darkness looks at the fallen Kurtis then shakes his head, pulling up the Hype Train again. He sets up for the Total Eclipse, but Kurtis counters, slamming Darkness to the mat. He drops to one knee but gets back to his feet, raising one hand and pumping it, earning a roar from the crowd.)


(Kurtis is quick to jump on Darkness, hauling him up to his feet and whipping him into the rope, executing a picture-perfect Death Ray!)

LANE: Death Ray!

(Kurtis crouches down in the corner, watching Darkness and waiting for him to get to his feet. After a moment, Darkness starts to stir and he raises to his knees. Kurtis comes in from behind, locking around Darkness' waist and hauling him to his feet. He grabs Darkness' wrist and spins him around around, pulling him into the Trainwreck!)

HART: Trainwreck! That may just be the exclamation point on this match!

(Kurtis goes for the pin!)

1... 2....

No Darkness, kicks out at the split second mark...clearly Kurtis could not believe his eyes.

He motions for another Trainwreck...grabbing ahold of Darkness, he spins him around and pulls him in, but Darkness ducks, cleanly into a Total Eclipse!

Darkness covers

Darkness's theme hits as Kurtis rolls away and tries to shake it off as the ref raises Darkness's hand.
Hart: Darkness proving he still has it, by beating Kurtis Ray without ever needing--
As if on cue, one of the riot guards shocks Kurtis as he stands, the other riot guards leave the area as the lone guard pulls his helmet off to the crowd cheering wildly..
Lane: What the devil is Syndicate doing in that outfit?

Hart: I knew this was too good to believe...Syndicate was here waiting in the wings to pay Kurtis back for last week.

Darkness holds Kurtis up as he whips him right into another hit from the shock stick from Syndicate. The shock sends Kurtis down to the mat, allowing Syndicate and Darkness to smirk at their handiwork as they roll out of the ring to Syndicate's theme.


(Guerrilla Radio hits the PA and Mellon swings through the curtain.)

Lane: He is looking almost like a skittish cat. His whole way down the ramp he seems to be looking as though something may be coming out to get him at any moment. The earlier segment where he tried to attack Hex didn’t go according to plan and it seems to be that he might be losing it psychologically.

Hart: The fact still remains that he must keep it together going into aftershock or he will in fact just breakdown and be too vulnerable to win.

(Mellon signals for a mic)

Mellon: It seems to me that I am slowly getting to my wits end here. I can’t seem to process what is going on and frankly I’m confused. After making my point of Hex signing the contract, she has been making it clear that she plans to break me. I will have you know that I have not held onto this title for nearly three months by just letting people walk all over me. I will make the claim that most of my other opponents have approached me more conventionally but this has begun to shake me to the core. The attack, vicious and relentless. The gift in the hotel, frightening and pointed. I just don’t know what is coming next…

(Suddenly the lights go out for five seconds. Then they come back on. In the ring is a black cat sitting and staring at Mellon)

Mellon: What the hell is this.

(Mellon slowly moves towards the cat but it hisses at him and he backs up just as the lights go out. Then the lights come back on and the cat is gone and now Hex stands before Mellon)
Mellon: What?!

Lane: Hex is standing right in front of Mellon staring him down with a smile on her face.

Hart: What is she doing?!? 

Lane: Mellon is yelling at her but she isn’t moving.

Hart: Mellon winds up with a right hand….

(The lights go out again and come back on with Mellon leaning on the ropes confused as to where Hex is)

Lane: Hex moved and is now perched on the top rope behind Mellon!!

(Mellon turns around and Hex, off the top rope, hits Mellon with a flying dropkick)

Lane: Mellon goes down! Mellon goes down!!

Hart: He never saw it coming!!

(Mellon crawls to the corner and climbs back to his feet shaking off the drop kick. Hex standing in the middle of the ring as the lights go out and once again come back on. She’s gone)

Lane: Mellon is baffled and confused. I don’t know if he knows what’s going on. We’ll be back after this…


The Anvil of Crom begins across the PA. Korath emerges moments later to the roar of the crowds and begins his descent to the ring. 

Bonn: Introducing from The Savage Lands, weighing in at an impressive 395 pounds...KORATH!

Hart: Since his return, revenge has been solely on his mind, but with the Crusade Cup almost within his reach, can he focus long enough to advance past him.

He starts down the ramp fists clenched and a muderous look on his face, charging into the ring once he reaches the bottom. When Korath gets to the ring he howls for blood, working the crowds into a frenzy and preparing for the match. 

Lane: All the bruisings he's handed Syndicate is going to be paid in spades, mark my words, Syndicate will prevail in this matchup!

Hart: We're not in the city of Angels for nothing...



*Static fills the Staples Center, once again sending the LA crowd into an uncontrollable frenzy as "Bulls on Parade" begins to play!*

Hart: Once again, this crowd is going crazy for the Outlaw!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down onto the stage, and Syndicate steps out into it, once again with a huge smile on his face.  He is wearing his black "#homecoming" shirt along with blue jeans and black Nike sneakers.  Next to him stands Darkness, his tag team partner who is looking a bit beat up from his earlier match against Kurtis Ray.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***

*The lights immediately come back on as Syndicate performs a crucifix pose!*

Bonn: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Darkness, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 224 pounds...the Los Angeles Outlaw, SYYYYYNDICATEEEE!!!


Hart: The hometown crowd can't get enough of Syndicate!

Lane: You know, when Syndicate says he doesn't go away, he means it...I got sick of him after the first burst of static earlier tonight.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw makes his way down the ramp with Darkness bringing up the rear, but instead of high-fiving fans like he did at the top of the show, Syndicate stares dead ahead at Korath.  The tension between the two is palpable as Syndicate slides into the ring and performs a crucifix pose right in the Nordic Nightmare's face, once again causing the crowd to riot.*

Hart: Syndicate's reminding Korath that he's got the WWX Universe in the palm of his hand tonight!  Korath's fighting an uphill battle for sure.

*Syndicate slips the shirt off and flings it into the crowd as the bell rings.*


The tension builds as the pair just stare at each other, the fans slowly voicing their excitement as they eventually get face to face. 

Syndicate: (off-mic) Welcome to the-

Korath doesn't even let him get the word out, as he slugs him with a right, taking it to him with three more, but Syndicatee ducks the fourth, returning a stiff forearm, the crowd rallies as he connects with a punch of his own, forcing Korath to double back slowly, bit by bit, they return to the center where they begin to trade the punches to a hyped crowd.

Korath finally gets headway, connecting with a stiff to Syndicate's chest, he immediately brings him to his knees with a double axehandle, he yells at the ref who looked to be lecturing him, as he picks Syndicate up and slams him to the mat with a power slam. He goes for the cover!


TW-no Syndicate gets the shoulder up, but Korath flips Syndicate on his back, wrenching Syndicate's arms backwards as he presses on his lower back with a knee. The ref checks as Syndicate groans, Darkness voices his complaint of the move as Korath eventually lets go just to see Syndicate squirm a bit on the mat, before kicking him onto his back.

Hart: This is a cruel display on Korath's part.

Lane: Don't you know...Syndicate is to blame for Korath's changes...Syndicate is...the monster

Syndicate is picked up by Korath, whipping to the ropes, SYndicate comes back, dodges the attempted clothesline, hits the ropes again, comes back, jumping and connecting with a flying elbow, he rolls away as Korath is brought down, he jumps afterwards, not celebrating in the ring, but immediately going for the ropes again, he aims for a dropkick to Korath, but Korath rolls out of the way, coming up and connecting with an elbow drop of his own.

Hart: The fans are getting rabid here tonight, you can feel it.

Lane: All Korath has to do is focus on Syndicate.

Korath gets up first, taking in the taunts and smiling as he lifts Syndicate up, hoisting him up for another powerslam, parading him in front of Darkness before dropping him to the mat. He gets up again, with an agile pace, going for the ropes, he howls and attempts a leg drop but Syndicate rolls out of the way and with the crowd cheering him on, connects with a standing dropkick spot.

Syndicate covers!


Syndicate gets pushed off before the ref hits the mat for the second time. Korath quick to get up as Darkness paces the ring, warning Syndicate to get up. Korath goes to pick up Syndicate but his opponent responds back with a vicious right, catching him off guard as Syndicate continues the assault, the fans going bonkers as Syndicate looks to have him pressed, but Korath gets ground, in the middle of the ring..

Hart: Here it comes!

Korath connects with a vicious knee, stopping the assault, stunning Syndicate as he lays into him with heavy strikes to the face, then immediately grabs ahold of him with connecting with one headbutt...then another...sending Syndicate into the mat. He howls for added measure as the fans began to be splitted on who to support, but are getting more vocal by the minute.

*Just then, Darkness walks over and begins to taunt Korath!*

Hart: Darkness is itching for a fight with the Nordic Nightmare!

Lane: Oh, come on, he's just trying to stall for Syndicate to recover.

*Korath smirks at this and charges, leveling an already-weakened Darkness with a huge Heavy Lariat!  Darkness collapses at ringside as Korath quickly gets back into the ring, noticing that Syndicate is barely getting back to his feet.  He picks the Outlaw up and sends him into the air, bringing him down with the Savage Hammer!*

Lane: That's the move that put Syndicate away way back in 2013!


*NO!  Syndicate kicks out!*


Hart: The Outlaw kicks out!

Lane: Korath almost had him!

*Korath looks at the referee, obviously frustrated that he didn't get the three-count.  However, being the intelligent competitor that he is, Korath picks Syndicate up, roars into the air, and tries for another Savage Hammer!*

Hart: He's going for another one!

*But this time, on the way down, Syndicate grabs onto Korath's head and hits a Catalyst DDT!*


Lane: Catalyst DDT!

*Both men get back to their feet immediately, but it's Syndicate who takes advantage with a THUNDEROUS No Signal!*



*The referee is pulled out of the ring!*

Lane: What the -

*The camera pans over to reveal the perpetrator to be Kurtis Ray!*



*Kurtis Ray, with a giddy smile on his face, slides into the ring and hits a confused Syndicate - who hasn't realized what has happened - over the back with a steel chair!*

Lane: Yes!  Kurtis is giving Syndicate exactly what he deserves!

Hart: Oh, come on, hasn't he already done enough?

*Kurtis holds Syndicate up as Korath readies himself across the room.  Korath roars into the air and holds up his damaged right arm, calling for the Heavy Lariat!*

Hart: Not like this!

*Korath charges, but at the last possible second, Syndicate ducks, sending Korath's arm right into Kurtis Ray!*


*Kurtis Ray goes flying over the top rope and to the outside, and as he does, Korath turns around just in time for a rebounding Syndicate to hit the Nordic Nightmare with a HUGE Original Syn just as the referee makes his way back into the ring!*






Hart: Syndicate's moving on to Aftershock, and this place is going ballistic!!!

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