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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-02-11 11:29:25
Summarized Results of Febuary 10th Ravage 

(OOC: Apologizes for the delay.)

Adam Danger v. Tom Black - No Contest, Double Countout

[The scene slowly fades in to reveal the WWX logo. Monster by Skillet begins to play in the back ground. Clips of Damian working out in the gym are played. The man begins doing dead lifts with 350lb of weight.]

"I am power."

[After a few seconds the clips switch to Damian sprinting around the track, passing everyone in front of him.]

"I am speed."

[The camera cuts to Damian sparing with someone about his size. The two are wearing MMA style gloves, groin protectors, and helmets. They both have mouth pieces in. Damian begins to completely dominate the other man with a series of strikes to the face. The man falls to the ground and Damian pounces on top of him, pounding away.]

"I am Intensity."

[The camera cuts to Damian doing a series of cartwheels and summersaults]

"I am Dexterity."

[The camera cuts to Damian on a wrestling match with a different man then earlier. The two shake hands. The whistle is blown and the duo lock up. Damian is able to step around and grab his opponent from behind. He smiles before hitting him with a German Suplex into a Bridge. Damian gets the pin and hops up.]

"I am Wrestling."

[The words "Damian Hendrix, Coming Soon." Appears on the screen before fading to black.]

Alexander Hawke v. Super Bacon - No Contest

What Went Down starts playing on the PA system, and the Cow Palace crowd gets to their feet. Jake Devine's video plays on the titantron, and Jake walks out of the stage wearing his own WWX store hoodie and black jeans. His wife Megan accompanies him wearing Jake's new "The Fallen King" t-shirt. 

Hart: Jake Devine is here in his second home state of California, and he's fresh out of a controversial win over Bob Mellon in the Crusade Cup!

Lane: That's right, Mike. I spoke to Jake earlier this week and he was very vocal about his displeasure over the circumstances of his victory.

Jake Devine makes his way to the ring and jumps to the canvas, grabbing the ropes. He lends a hand to Megan and helps her climb. Jake is handed a microphone by the production crew.

Jake: Hello San Francisco!

The crowd cheers at the cheap mention. Jake grins.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, that's how I like it. Sadly, I am not here to compete tonight, but I do have some words for you. Let's start off with the obvious. Despite what happened, I'm a semifinalist in the WWX Crusade Cup!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, given the circumstances. Jake frowns.

Jake: Yeah. I'm about as happy as you are about it. I will talk about that later. My opponent for the semifinals at Aftershock will be Jarvis Valentine-

The crowd gives a moderate reaction at the name.

Jake: -and should I make it to the finals, I will be facing the winner of the match between Kurtis Ray-

The crowd gives a huge pop to the reigning Tag Team champion.

Jake: -...and Syndicate.

The crowd now gives a thunderous reaction to Syndicate, making Jake uncomfortable.

Jake: Yeah, yeah. Of course. Whichever result comes out, you bet it will be a great match, worth the money. Now, let's talk about two weeks ago, shall we.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, more boos than cheers.

Jake: I'm not happy with the outcome. Hex Girl had nothing to do with this match. Still, due to her own problems with Bob, she came out and distracted him. I took the opportunity, of course. But it wasn't supposed to end like that. I had to beat Bob on my own accord. Instead here we are. Everyone thinks Bob was supposed to be the one on my place here. That feels awful.

The crowd gives another mixed reaction, and start chanting for Jake. This puts a smile on his face.

Jake: I have another issue with someone else too. Tanno Waters.

The crowd boos at the mention of Tanno.

Jake: Tanno has interferred three times in my matches now. First on the first stage of the Crusade Cup, where he attacked me and almost cost me the win against Willie Steen. I prevailed however, and I walked out with the win there. Then on my match against Bob Mellon, Tanno interferred when I was setting up for the Eyes of Heaven. That was even worse. I had Mellon right there. And I almost took the loss but then Hex Girl distracted Bob. And then last week, Tanno attacked Super Bacon before our match, which in turn allowed VWM to rack in the quick win over Bacon. Honestly Tanno, I'm sick of you!

The crowd cheers as Jake gets worked up.

Jake: Look, you always hated me. I get that. But damn. Ever since you were GM, I have been dealing with you. Taking away my belt, trying to knock me out of the Crusade Cup, I'm sick of you, Tanno! If you have an issue with me, come out, right here-

A raven caws and the lights go out. The crowd boos loudly. The lights go back on and Tanno Waters stands in the ring with a microphone in his hand, staring down Jake Devine. He's wearing a black, non-branded zipped hoodie and jeans.

Tanno: Really? You're sick of me? Imagine me, having to watch that annoying face of you every single week, parading around like he owns the place. And let's talk about what happens in this place, shall we? You accuse me of costing you the tag team match last night because I SUPPOSEDLY attacked... Super Bacon.

Tanno pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs.

Tanno: God, what has this place come to. Anyway, where were you in that match, Jake? I didn't see you between the ropes! No, instead you ALLOWED your tag team partner, an injured man, to lead your team. You didn't take his place, you didn't help him, you were nowhere to be found throughout the match. WHY WEREN'T YOU BACKING UP YOUR PARTNER?

Tanno prances around, seething, as the crowd boos him nonstop.

Tanno: And you're sick of ME? I worked my ass off for years for this company. I have rarely been beaten clean, have never lost a singles title clean, YOU have never beaten me clean. I have constantly and consistently delivered performances that electrified the WWX Universe like no other WWX Superstar can do! I am one of the greatest Superstars this company has ever seen, and the greatest GM to ever grace Ravage. And yet, everyone seems to love you. You can't deliver results to save your life, but somehow you get all the chances. And you know why?

Jake: Because unlike you, I never quit! I keep fighting, even after losing my matches, I keep getting up. When the going gets tough, I thrive. You, Tanno, quit.

The crowd cheers loudly, knowing this to be true.

Tanno: Nonononono, that's where you're wrong. You get all the chances not because of bullshit reasons like "heart" or "spirit" -- which, by the way, are the most overblown and overrated concepts anyone has ever created in this shell of a once great company -- no, you get them because you're a corporate shill with no personality.

The crowd completely eviscerates Tanno with boos.

Tanno: I mean seriously, look at you! You're wearing your WWX Store hoodie, your wife's shilling out with you with your WWX Store T-shirt... I'm standing in the ring in San Fransisco looking at two living, breathing billboards.

Jake: As spoken by the man who can't stop bragging about how rich he is, or about how he's the CEO of this great company. You're the very definition of a corporate shill, yet you accuse others of being just that. You claim to be a great wrestler, but since you've triumphantly returned you haven't wrestled a single match yet. Hell, you could've been in Kurtis Ray's spot in the tournament if you'd actually bothered to show up, but instead you went on yet another one of your famous drunken stupors and were too hungover to actually compete. But who cares, just write it off as being "too good" for those guys and you get to keep claiming that title of "the greatest", right? Even now, you're all bark, but no bite.

Tanno steps closer to Jake.

Tanno: You're nothing, Jake. You failed so hard at being an Idol you had to remove that bit from your name. You're a failure as a wrestler and as a man, and if there's one thing I do not regret, it's taking that TV title from you when I was General Manager. In fact, I should've stripped you on the spot. But I'll gladly indulge you in one thing.

Tanno punches Jake in the face. Jakes wipes his cheek, grinning, and delivers a knee to Tanno's gut, following through with a jab. Tanno answers and the two men start an all-out brawl inside the ring, with Megan jumping up and down as Jake hammers Tanno. The road agents, referees, and security officers try to break the fight inside the ring.

Hart: It's an all-out brawl here! Tanno and Jake aren't competing tonight but they're both hammering each other in the ring!

The crew manages to separate the two men, and Tanno starts to walk up the ramp. Inside the ring, a pumped up Jake shouts to Tanno loudly. Jake and Tanno stare at each other.

Frank Warren v. West Virginia Mountaineer - No Contest, Double Countout

Darkness and Syndicate def. Kurtis Ray and Willie Steen - NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Darkness and Syndicate

A weakened Kurtis Ray and an idle Willie Steen were no match for the rejuvenated duo of Darkness and Syndicate, having ring aone upped Korath last week and mocked Kurtis for his inadverent assist in Syndicate's victory, the team handled the champions with ease in throughout the match. While Kurtis and Willie pushed their differences aside yet again to deny their challengers an immediate victory on two separate occassions, it was the tag team finishing moves of Darkness and Syndicate, capitalizing on a knocked out Kurtis for the pinfall, that awarded Darkness and Syndicate their tag team victory and the WWX Tag Team Championship. Question is...will Kurtis Ray and Willie unite for a rematch? Can Kurtis get the engine running at full power at Aftershock a mere seven days away to advance in the Crusade Cup with Syndicate across from him with a victory over him yet again? In what condition is Willie Steen in heading into his title defense against the rookie Jarvis Valentine?

Tommy Lipton def. Bob Mellon via DQ, Bob Mellon retains WWX International Championship:

The battle of the legends, two wrestlers from different eras of WWX met in the main event on Ravage, where the powerhouse Bob Mellon kept Tommy under pressure for the early parts of the match, while Tommy in return capitalized on any early powerplays by the champion that almomst lead to a pinfall victory if not for the Beast's ring awareness. Determined to make a fool out of Beast's sudden declaration of making the match a title match, Rex McAllister appeared during the a brawl that happened after Tommy had gotten Bob Mellon to the outside. Before the count of ten, Tommy Lipton was able to get Bob Mellon into the ring again after taking advantage of Bob's attacks which resulted in the champion injuring his shoulder against the the steel steps. Once inside, Tommy connected with a Canadian Ice Breaker,but the champion kicked out before the hand hit the mat for the third time.

Rex McAllister appears on stage with his "now considered" signature Singapore cane resting over his right shoulder. For many moments Rex simply views the match from a distance.

Hart: With all the speculation over the last couple of weeks since the triple threat match for the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship was made, you still have to wonder, when it comes to Tommy Lipton, if Rex is out here as friend or foe?

Lane: I think it's just more mind games than anything else is what we're seeing here, Mike, and Rex has shown he knows how to play those mind games with the best of them!

After several minutes pass during the Melon vs Lipton bout, and Rex notices Tommy is starting to find his stride and looking to take over the match with the advantage that he has. It's Rex that walks slow and methodically toward the ring.

Hart: Ohh..boy. This could be trouble.

Rex stops at ringside, and now looks on at the action going on in the ring.

Lane: Let's not jump to conclusions now, Mike! Rex might be just out here to scout these two.

Hart: That doesn't make a whole lot of sense, Gary, and you know it! The man has been out to end Lipton's career for months now! 

Lane: What about recently, Mike? It's looked more and more like the two may be in cahoots, and if that's the case than the Undisputed World champion could be in huge trouble.

Hart: Well, that still remains to be seen. I wouldn't count on it though. These two almost killed each other if that happened to slip your mind.

Rex climbs up on the apron, which gets Tommy's attention. Tommy taps the referee and points out that Rex is on the apron. 

Rex smirks as he stares toward Tommy. The referee walks over to where Rex is as the action continues in the ring as Bob attacks Tommy from behind. 

Hart: What's Rex trying to accomplish here? He's arguing now with the referee. 

Bob knocks Tommy to the canvas and slowly walks in the direction of Rex. Rex glances with his peripheral vision to notice Bob approaching. Rex shoves the referee into Bob. Bob shoves the referee to the side. Bob swipes at Rex, but Rex hops off the apron before Bob could make contact. Tommy grabs Bob and delivers the Canadian Ice Breaker (Lipton Stunner). Rex walks back toward the ramp as the referee counts 




Hart: That momentary distraction was all that Lipton needed! It looked like he was out here to play more mind games, just as you said!

Lane: Mike, even a clock that goes counter clockwise is right twice in a day, give me a little more credit. I've been calling the action here for a long time. I know mind games when I see them, and Rex is a master at them!


Rex backpedals up the ramp chuckling as *In The End* plays. Tommy looks on confused, unsure of what to think as the ref is seen rolling out of the ring talking to the timekeeper and Kayla Bonn, she immediately raises the mic as Tommy seems to motion for the championship..

Bonn: I stand corrected, due to Rex McAllister's attacking the referee, it is deemed that Tommy Lipton is not the winner of the match....and so..Your winner and Still WWX International Champion...BOB "THE BEAST" MELLON!

While the reversal perserved Mellon's reign, things only heated up rightafter...

(The lights suddenly go out. Another Hex Girl attack looks to be on the way)

Lane: The lights are out again!!! HEX GIRL IS HERE!!!

(The lights come up and perched on the top rope is Hex Girl as Mellon turns)

Hart: She tries a cross body but Mellon catches her in mid-air!!

Lane: oh no, this is not good. Mellon holds her in the air and connects with a ruthless powerslam!!!

(Hex, writhing in pain on the mat, is trying to get up but the wind is knocked out of her. Mellon begins screaming at her which can be overheard from the cameras)

Mellon: (heard through the cameras) How do you like that!?! NOW YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE MESSING WITH.

Hart: Mellon grabs her by the hair and drags her across the ring slinging her out of the ring by the hair. This is uncalled for.

(Mellon jumps out of the ring and heads over to the side of the ring and lifts the curtain. Mellon pulls a table out and sets it up out side of the ring. Hex begins to crawl back to her feet but Mellon connects with a huge fist to the side of the head.)

Lane: what is Mellon thinking? He must want to put her back in the hospital!!!

Hart: Hes going to break her in half with that table.

(Mellon picks her up and sets her up for a powerbomb. The crowd booing vehemently!)

Lane: Mellon lifts Hex, and oh my god!!! Right through the table. Shes motionless.

Hart: Oh my god. Oh my god.


(Hex lays motionless on the table. WWX officials and paramedics head to the ring. Mellon is restrained. As hes pulled away he begins to laugh maniacally. The camera zooms in on a motionless Hex as the camera fades to black)

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