RAVAGE - Show 2018-03-04 22:49:05

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-03-04 22:49:05
The WWX Logo spins slowly in place, with each passing spin of the X, an individual wrestler moment shines on screens worldwide…

Tommy Lipton blood soaked holding the US Boxing Championship..

Lost Soul and Rick Dreamie staring down in the ring…

Ethan Taylor celebrating with the fans..

V/O: We...

James Ranger clutching the blood soaked Global Championship..

Jake Devine executing a high flying crossbody tackle unto Willie Steen

Darkness standing on the ramp, clutching the WWX Championship wrapped around his waist…
V/O: Are….

Xavier Pendragon howling out towards the arena from the top turnbuckle…

Kurtis Ray and Rayne signing autographs…..

Super Bacon posing eagerly for the fans at a local Xcess meet and greet…

Damian Price and Penelope Creed walking with purpose down the hallways…

V/O: The….

Rex McAllister, zoomed in upon as he walks down the ramp towards the ring during his entrance, all business...

Bob Mellon executing a mean power clothesline upon Jester...

Syndicate raising the WWX Undisputed Championship high in slow motion…

V/O: Xistence!

The WWX Logo fades away at the last word as the screen fades.

The arena lights kick into high gear as the camera pans around, fireworks go off at the and around the Ravagetron, illuminating all around the base of the entrance ramp, as fans scream excitingly.

Hart: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to post fallout of Aftershock...live in Portland, Oregon!
Lane: Post fallout...total chaos had happened at Aftershock, with the crowning of a new WWX Undisputed Champion and a winner of the Crusade Cup was made known to everyone and tonight...he reveal himself to all!

The Crusade Cup trophy is placed in the middle of the ring, and the camera zooms in to the plate. "2018 Crusade Cup champion Jake Devine". What Went Down plays on the PA system, and the crowd pops to their feet.

Hart: And here's your 2018 Crusade Cup champion, ready to take home his trophy!

Jake Devine walks out of the stage, wearing street clothes. His wife and manager Megan holds his arm, as the couple walk down the ramp. The crowd gives Jake a huge pop, and he stops to high five a fan wearing a The Fallen t-shirt. Jake and Megan walk up the steps and enter the ring, stopping right before the trophy. Jake is handed a mic...

Crowd: YOU DESERVE IT! *clap clap clap* YOU DESERVE IT!

...but the crowd is too loud, and Jake can't help but smile. Jake takes a look at the trophy and raises his hand, as the crowd calms down.

Jake: If it wasn't for you guys, I probably wouldn't be here. I'm the Crusade Cup champion, all thanks to you guys.

The crowd gives a thunderous ovation to Jake, with more "You deserve it!" chants.

Jake: Here I am. My effort finally paid off, and I have been crowned the 2018 Crusade Cup champion. What does this mean? Well, first of all, that I get to take this beautiful trophy back home. And second, at Armada, I will get to take on the new WWX Undisputed World Champion, Tommy Lipton, for the championship.

The crowd pops to the mention of the match.

Jake: Tommy, I know you're watching. And I also know that you and I will have an amazing match together. You’re a multiple time World champion here, and you’re due a lot of respect for your achievements here and all over the world. But lemme warn you, I’m no pushover, no no. At Armada, I will push you to your very limit. My time has come. Everyone knows it now. I have taken the world by storm by winning the Crusade Cup. And I am still hungry for success, oh yeah. I am coming for that Undisputed World championship, and you better be prepared to defend it with all you got.

The crowd cheers.

But before that, let's talk more about Aftershock. I was honestly disappointed with Jarvis Valentine. I get that he was probably tired from back to back matches, but I was hoping for more effort from his part. Syndicate, on the other hand...

The crowd gives an even louder reaction to Syndicate's name. Jake smiles.

Jake: Syndicate defied my expectations. Coming out with a devastating knee injury, to face me still, that's an amazing effort. I applaud you for your effort. In fact, I know you're backstage. Get down here.

Jake looks at the jumbotron, and places a hand on his trophy.  After a few moments of waiting…




*Static rushes through the Moda Center before transitioning into “Bulls on Parade”!  Soon after, Syndicate, wearing a sizable metal knee brace over his usual ensemble of red leather jacket, gray t-shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  Over his left shoulder, the World Tag Team Championship shines brightly under the arena’s lights.*

Hart: Syndicate had a hell of a night at Aftershock, coming so very close to becoming #1 Contender.  However, as you can see, that right knee was a major issue for him.

Lane: The man could barely stand up, and he STILL went out to fight Jake!  Usually I’m not on the side of Syndicate, but he got my respect that night.

*He performs a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp before walking down towards the ring.  As he moves, it’s obvious that he’s favoring the right leg, but he seems to be in much less pain than he was just two weeks ago.  He walks up the steps and climbs into the ring, grabbing a microphone  from a stagehand on his way in.  Syndicate stands across the ring from Jake, who is smiling back at the Outlaw.*

Syndicate: I’m not gonna mince words...I wish I was standing where you are, Jake.  On top of the world, ready to challenge Tommy Lipton for the World title.  And if it weren’t for my right knee completely giving out during our match...our positions in this ring may have been reversed.

*He pauses, contemplating.*

Syndicate: But in the same vein...at least Kurtis Ray didn’t win it.

*Both men share a chuckle at this.*

Syndicate: You know, Jake...you and I have had a long, hard road together.  From BTA to last summer to this...we’ve never really been far from each other.  But through all that, I never really felt like I respected you.  I guess I always thought that you were just another flash in the pan, just something that would live in the midcard for their entire careers.  Another Willie Steen or Damian Price, if you will.  But after that match, when I was lying down on this mat in incredible pain and you helped me up like a true competitor would...you earned my respect.


*Syndicate smiles over at Jake.*

Syndicate: Usually, when I come out here during someone else’s speech, it ends in a brawl...but not this time.  Not only is my knee still healing, but I’ve realized that I have no bone to pick with you anymore.  You took advantage of the situation at Aftershock and secured your place in the World title picture.  You did what any rational human being would do.  I can’t be upset at how things went because, for once, there was no interference.  There was no asterisk attached to the win.  You just beat me, fair and square, and I have accepted that.

Syndicate: But enough about me.  Let’s talk about you for a moment.  You, Jake Devine, have quite the challenge ahead of you.  Specifically, the World Champion himself, Mr. WWX, Tommy Lipton.  One of the most dominant, unbeatable men in the history of this company.  To become champion, Jake...you’re going to have to earn it the hard way.

*Slowly, Syndicate walks over to Devine.*

Syndicate: But I know you have what it takes...

*He extends his right hand.*

Syndicate: ..and I wish you the best of luck.

*Glancing downwards, Jake Devine gladly accepts the offer, shaking Syndicate’s hand.*

Syndicate: Oh...and by the way...if you win and beat Tommy for the title...you better be prepared for who’s going to be waiting on the other side, contractually-obligated rematch in hand.

*Syndicate flashes a smile.*

Syndicate: And when we face off again, when my knee is back at 100%...there won’t be any time for |BLEEP|in’ around, because if you think Tommy’s gonna be a challenge...well, you’ve got another thing coming.

*Syndicate slowly backs off, staring daggers into Jake.*

Syndicate: One way or another, that World title is going to end up back over my shoulder...right where it belongs.  Welcome...to the…

*Syndicate’s speech slows to a crawl as he looks over Jake’s right shoulder.  Jake turns around, noticing what Syndicate had seen: a raven, perched on the turnbuckle.*

Lane: Oh, God...

*The raven tilts his head a bit and caws loudly. The arena goes black. Mechanical sounds fill the arena as a voice sounds through the speakers.*

This is not good… No, this is not good at all…
Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday Maydayyyy....

You’re all gonna die…


*Tanno stands on the stage as pyros explode around him. He looks at the ring, a big grin stretching across his face.*


*Tanno charges at the ring, slowing down just before it. He jumps up onto the apron and steps in. He grabs a mic and the music fades out.*

Tanno: Oh, beautiful! Two old foes, finally having respect for one another! Isn’t it beautiful? Ah, you could create a beautiful romantic painting from it. I’d hang that in my living room, I’ll tell you that. And you why it’s so touching?

*Tanno starts smiling, grinning even.*

Tanno: Because they’re both oh, so, pathetic.


Tanno: No, really. Syndicate, you could barely keep your knee intact! But, more importantly, there’s Jake. 

*Tanno starts taking steps towards Jake Devine.*

Tanno: Jake, Jake, Jakey, Jacob. Such a beautiful trophy that Crusade Cup is. You’ve worked so hard for it!

Jake: Stop the mocking, Tanno. I’ve paid hell of a lot more dues for it than you have.

Tanno: Really, Jake? What dues did you pay and most importantly, when? Were they paid when James Ranger matched you against an easy opponent in the first round? Were they paid when Hex Girl handed you your quarter final on a silver platter? Oh, wait, maybe it was when you wrestled your semifinal against a guy who could barely be bothered to show up at the arena! Or was it when you wrestled the big finale against someone who belongs in a wheelchair?


Hart: That’s just mean.

Lane: Tell me where he’s wrong. He’s 100% correct here.

Tanno: And safe for the one where you sucked James Ranger’s [censored] hard enough to keep me banned from ringside, I was involved in every single match one way or another. The only reason you have that trophy, is because I allowed you to have it. Your tournament victory was a joke, Jake, and you know it. Just like you know that you don’t have what it takes to take down Tommy Lipton.

Jake: Tanno, here’s the thing. Maybe I can’t take down Tommy Lipton. Maybe I can. But unlike you, I will sure as hell try. Because that’s the difference between you and me, Tanno -- I actually bother showing up for my matches.

Lane: That is just disrespectful!

Hart: What? No, it isn’t!

Lane: Tanno Waters is a legend in his own right! A great, powerful man! He’s dominated every division he’s wrestled in!

Jake: Let’s be serious, what have you really accomplished here since your return? You threw Viper out of a window, then didn’t bother to show up for your matches while simultaneously interfering in every single match I had. The one match you did participate in, you just stood on the apron and did nothing! You claim you’re here because you love the WWX, but every time the wind doesn’t blow your way, you pack your bags and leave. For someone who brags as much as you do, you sure as hell don’t have anything to show for it.

*Jake puts his hand on his trophy.*

Jake: I worked hard for this trophy, Tanno. And now you claim I won it because you allowed me to? Well congratulations, you gave your biggest rival the trophy you yourself wanted! What more could a man wish for?

Hart: And he’s right again.

Lane: This is all part of Tanno’s big plan! He’s always done this stuff!

Jake: Go back to your desk job, Tanno. It’s the one thing you’re actually good at.

Tanno immediately pushes Jake, who accidentally bumps into Syndicate, who falls to the mat grabbing his knee. Jake is distracted by Syndicate, and Tanno takes the opportunity to land a direct jab to Jake’s head. Jake answers with a kick to the gut and goes for a double axe handle, but Tanno takes the opportunity to lowblow Jake, who falls to his knees. The crowd gives loud boos, as Tanno starts kicking Jake in the chest. Tanno looks to have taken the upper hand, and sneers over Devine. He reaches down to grab him by the front of the shirt when suddenly the lights cut out. There is a confused ruckus from the crowd until….


(The crowd roars as the lights come back up, revealing a figure in an elaborate sequined robe at the top of the ramp. Tanno looks visibly distraught at the appearance, but starts shouting at the man on the ramp. Unbeknownst to Tanno, Kurtis slips over the banner at the opposite side of the ring, lost in the explosive ruckus from the crowd. He rolls into the ring, pausing long enough to gesture for Devine and Syndicate to be quiet.

He raises three fingers, silently counting down to zero when the robe pulls off the figure at the top of the ramp, revealing it to be a dressmaker’s mannequin. Tanno looks furious that he’s been shouting at nobody, turning around and running smack into Kurtis’ chest.

The Hype Train grins, waving one hand at Tanno. Tanno backpedals, trying to get out of the ring, but Kurtis grabs hold of the back of Tanno’s shirt, pulling him back into a brutal clothesline. Kurtis stares down at Tanno writhing on the mat before his eyes light up. He raises one arm up into the air, the crowd starting to pop again for the former champion, before pumping his fist.)


(Kurtis hauls Tanno bodily back to his feet, gesturing at Devine to get ready. Jake looks confused, but Kurtis shouts something at him, earning a grin and a nod from the other man. Kurtis whips Tanno to Jake, who takes his trophy and hits Tanno in the head with it. Jake immediately looks at the trophy and cringes, noticing a dent where Tanno was hit. The crowd pops again, but Kurtis raises his hand, waving his finger in a ‘no’ gesture.

He goes over to Tanno who is, again, writhing on the mat, pulling the smaller man up to his feet by the front of his shirt. Now Kurtis looks to Syndicate, slapping his knee. Syndicate shakes his head, so Kurtis just shrugs and whips Tanno into the ropes, popping him up in the air for the Death Ray, but before he can connect a raven’s caw echoes through the arena, the lights flicker, and Tanno is gone. Kurtis looks surprised, looking for any sign of him, then spots Tanno up on the ramp, holding his ribs and grimacing.

Kurtis gestures for him to come back and that he’s ready for a fight, until he turns around and spots both Jake and Syndicate in the ring. The three men stare each other down for a moment as Tanno watches from the stage until Kurtis steps forward, holding out a fist toward Devine. Jake looks hesitant for a moment before bumping Kurtis’ fist. Kurtis nods his head, patting Jake on the chest before he steps up to Syndicate.

The fervor from the crowd starts to die down as the two men stare each other down, only to whip up again when Kurtis steps back, offering a fist to the Outlaw. Syndicate stares at it for a moment, looking as if he half expects Kurtis to attack him. Kurtis gestures that he wants Syndicate to bump his fist before thrusting it at his former nemesis again, but Syndicate still hesitates. Kurtis lets it drop, patting Syndicate’s chest same as he did with Jake before dropping to the mat and rolling out of the ring. Jake looks at his now dented trophy and shrugs, raising it above his head as What Went Down picks up again.

[Kyla Bonn climbs into the ring to a pop from the crowd. She smiles and waves at the fans, collecting a microphone from the ring crew.]

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen, our first match of the night is scheduled for one fall!


BONN: Introducing first, weighing in at 155 pounds! Hailing for Fargo, North Dakota, Kendra..... HAZE!

[The sounds of little kids playing while some cheerful bells ring out. The kids play slowly fades out and the bells turn cheerful to ominous. Once the last bell rings the opening guitar rift to Mr. Tinktrain hits and the lights go out. When the drums start bright white and purple strobes flash to the beat of the drums and navy blue smoke puffs out from the stage on the off beats. When the lyrics start a few of the lights come back on and a hooded-cloaked figure stands at the top of the ramp only a smirky smile can be seen of their face. The figure slowly makes their way to the ring spinning around in circles arms stretched out. Once to the ring they circle the ring before entering doing a slow flip over the ropes removing the cloak uncovering Kendra's face and she gives a sweet but devilish smile to the camera before blowing a kiss to the crowd]

BONN: And her opponent, weighing in at 150 pounds! From London, England, KAILEE!!

[We On Top starts to play and Kailee struts out from the back, stopping at the top of the ramp to look out into the sea of fans a smile on her face. She goes to the apron and blows kisses to the fans before getting in the ring.

The two women shake hands before squaring up and the referee calls for the bell. Haze is the first to make a move, aiming for a running forearm, but Kailee sidesteps the attack, tripping Haze in the process. Kendra stumbles and falls hard into the ropes, leaving her on the mat and writhing in pain.]

HART: Bad fall for Haze.

LANE: Nobody enjoys eating a ring rope, but a hit like that may have just taken Kendra Haze out of the match.

[The referee stops Kailee from attacking, checking on Kendra, who slowly climbs back to her feet. She shakes her head nd the referee steps back, signalling that the match can continue. Haze is still wobbly on her feet and Kailee capitalizes, driving a kick into Haze's midsection and following up with a powerbomb.]

LANE: After that bump before, I think Haze might be done for.

[Kailee goes for the pin.]



[Kendra kicks out, rolling away as Kailee gets up to her knees. Kendra displaying a look of pure madness as she grabs ahold of Kailee's hair, headbutting her, stunning here briefly before planting her with a DDT.]
[Kendra attempts to cover, the ref goes for the count.]



Kailee reverses the pinfall, lifting Kendra up in the process, she knees Kendra in the gut, before once again lifting her up and bringing her down with a powerbomb.]
Hart: Down Kendra goes! Kailee covers!




[The crowd pops for Kailee as she springs to her feet. She checks on Kendra, who nods that she's okay, but the referee calls for medical the medical staff.]

BONN: The winner of the match by pinfall... Kailee!

[Kailee helps Kendra to her feet and out of the ring a the medical staff arrive, and the victor hangs at ringside as Haze is helped to the back.]




Hart: Welcome back ladies and gents back to Saturday Night Ravage, as James Ranger is making an appearance briefly, clearly he brings good tidings-

Lane: If you truly would stop implying that the Black Mamba grinning ear to ear is anything pleasant for the locker room, its giving me an upset stomach just at the thought of that snake telling the world anything good.

James Ranger merely walks down the ramp, grinning as his theme plays and the crowd passionately reminds him of their opinion as he hops up the stairs and into the ring. He spins in place laughing all the while as catches a mic tossed into the ring.

James motions for the theme to cut off as he waits for the voices to die down in the arena, still very much against his presence in the ring

James: Folks folks...settle down...i am only here to bring good news for your viewing pleasure. Nothing more.

He chuckles as the fans voice their displeasure even louder as he walks slowly around the ring

James: Tonight is the grand decision....to can the Television Championship!
James: Tonight i remind the locker room, that when i give summons for you to answer to me, i should promptly be given a response as quickly as possible, yet what and whom did i get a response from? Not many i tell you. I have a Television Champion who is quite frankly, more capable than either of my former World Champion Xavier Pendragon...and current International Champion Bob Mellon.

Hart: General Manager is voicing his disgust of his champions tonight, makes you wonder what they did to anger him?

Lane: Maybe they don't meet his expectations?

James: But that is for another time. I said i would can the championship, but in a way that will tell me does it deserve to be retired. I had called up at least eight individuals to answer my challenge, few answered. That challenge...is a Television Championship Elimination Chamber Match....at Armada!

Unforunately, i might not have the challengers for Willie Steen ready by Armada, cause i only have two who are most eagered for another crack at Willie Steen: Super Bacon...and Jarvis Valentine!

the fans cheer wildly and loudly at the mentioned names, all the while James takes note and nods in agreement.

James: These men have proven themselves before and i intend to get something exciting going for those involved.  Granted...the match  will have many wrestlers involved...only time will tell me who wishes to make history as potentially...the last Television Champion....but lemme sweeten the pot for the champion, shall we?

The camera zooms in slowly on James as he sneers a little bit

James: IF you can manage to walk out of the chamber with your belt Steen....A World Championship match lies in your future...but that is a rather...BIG IF.

James's theme hits as he drops the mic, stepping out of the ring as he smiles on his way back up the ramp

Hart: Big announcement from the General Manager! I can almost say its bigger than the world title match-

Lane: Don't even put it on the same pedestal! At most, three men are fighting in that chamber, but who else will speak up for a shot at Armada?!

Armada Card

WWX World Championship Match*

Tommy Lipton v. Jake Devine

WWX Television Chamber Elimination Match

Willie Steen v. Jarvis Valentine v. Super Bacon v. ??? v. ??? v. ???

[Cue Intro.The lights go out. Animal I've become begins to play on the sound system. A slow rock build echoed through the arena. Damian Hendrix takes his spot at the top of the ramp wearing a sleeveless hoodie. Damian in down on one hand and one knee, his head his down.]

Hart: Welcome back again as he get to see WWX rookie Damian Hendrix amaze us with his in ring ability against Adam Danger!

Bonn: This is match is scheduled for one fall, introducing coming down the ring, from Savannah, Georgia...weighing at 200 pounds...DAMIAN HENDRIX!

Bonn: And introducing his opponent in the ring, ADAM DANGER!

Adam Danger flexes

"I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself"

[The moment the beat drops the lights shoot back on to reveal Damian Hendrix, who immediately pops up to his feet letting out a yell of intensity. His red contact lenses. He looks to his left then to his right before making his way down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp he stops and gives another survey of the crowd before jumping up on the apron and entering the ring. He hops up on a turn buckle and taps hi chest with his fist before throwing it up in the air.

Lane: This man looks completely dangerous, its a wonder if Adam Danger ever bothered to sign insurance?

The bell rings as immediately Hendrix goes after Danger, locking up only to feint into a back suplex, but not letting go as he picks him up for another releasing at the last second.
Hendrix ignores the referee as he pushes him out of the way as he grabs ahold of Danger's  arms, planting his foot upon the back of Danger and pulling, elicting anguish and screams from Danger as the ref can only watch.

Lane: True craftsmanship work from Hendrix as he demonstrates his ability to push his opponents to the limit.

Hart: But can Danger hold out?

Danger immediately screams to be released as Hendrix merely laughs all the while ref checks to be sure that Danger wishes to submit, Danger screams yes as Hendrix lets go, at the same time the bell is rung at the request of the referee.

Bonn: Your winner of the match, DAMIAN HENDRIX!

Hart: A mere display of strength and tactical knowledge--

Hendrix immediately grabs ahold of Danger, literally picking him up and tossing him out of the ring, to the shock of many..

Lane: Seems this is not over with.

The ref tries to block Hendrix, but is brushed aside as he rolls out of the ring..immediately picking up Danger in a iron grip, he runs towards the steel steps, knocking himself, Danger and the steps over with the impact.

Hendrix rises up first, the fans booing his actions as additional WWX Staff come down to the ring and push him away, shielding an injuried Danger.


"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed comes alive throughout the Moda Center as the crowd rises to their feet giving off a negative reaction as Rex McAllister walks out on the stage from beyond the curtains. Rex wears his ring attire.

Hart: The last time we saw this man was at Aftershock in the triple threat title match. The Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship was up for grabs.

The monitor shows viewers highlights from Aftershock as the commentary continues.

Lane: And this one, Mike, had  a little bit of everything! 

The monitor displays more highlights.

Hart: For a time Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister took turns doing a number on the now former champion, Xavier Pendragon. Even moments in which they actually showed a bit of unity.

The monitor shows more highlights as commentary continues.

Lane: Then after it looks like the match is finally coming to a close is when it really starts getting interesting. First the whole Oracle Arena goes pitch black, with a strange video coming on the Tron, which is still left unexplained. Then, if that wasn't enough, someone dressed in a  rabbit costume enters the ring from the crowd and takes out both Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister! 

Rex enters the ring through the ropes and walks to the opposite side where commentary sits, and receives a microphone from the ringside stage hand.

Hart: Well, it was deemed a no disqualification match, so everything was fair game. Blade Rickman would make an appearance as well, and McAllister seemed to dodge so many bullets, but in the end it was his former tag team partner, Tommy Lipton that walked away the victor, and you gotta know that has to be quite the bitter pill to swallow for that man at this time. 

Rex looks out at the crowd as he holds the microphone in his hand. He listens to the crowd response, which brings a an almost amused expression upon him, but he remains serious no less despite the chant he hears.

Crowd: TOMMY LIPTON!!!! (claps 5x) TOMMY LIPTON!!! (claps 5x) TOMMY LIPTON (claps 5x)

Lane: What's wrong with these people? They need to show some common courtesy here! Rubbing it in his face like this! They shouldn't have the right!

Hart: But they do, Gary! And they're letting him know it!

Rex raises the mic to his mouth defiantly against the chants.

Rex: You can chant that name all you'd like. Chanting the name of someone who is considered one of your famed heroes. 

Rex looks down as he takes a couple of paces to the left. He picks his head up again to speak into the mic.

Rex: But, for how long? How long can your heroes last? How much more can they withstand before it's their turn to fall again? 

Rex looks out at the crowd with a questioning expression.

Rex: A battle may have been lost at Aftershock, but it doesn't erase all that's been done, and more importantly what's still to come in this war. A war that has an apocalyptic plight about it. I can sense it. More destruction is about set to unfold, not just by me, but others....outsiders.

Rex pauses, then paces some more before continuing.

Rex: I already told you. This is an endless pursuit for me. I'd rather die in pursuit of the things that I desire than simply step aside for those that just aren't as deserving. It's those that you deem be your heroes that will prove to be as undeserving of the things that they long for the most just as much as the great pleasure that I will take in destroying them, their ambitions, their desires...their dreams. 

Rex tilts his head, and a devious grin forms on his face.

Rex: I mean, come on. Did you really believe that everything that I've worked for to be here, that I would simply just...fade away after another battle that was lost? I did promise the demise of all your heroes weeks ago, and I'm not someone who goes back on their promises. They're all going down. One by one, they will all begin disappearing a little more each day, slowly vanishing like a wisp of smoke.

Hart: What's he mean by that!??

Rex turns his attention toward the stage/entrance way as he continues.

Rex: In a moment from now, I will ensure that one of your so-called heroes makes their way down that ramp. A true hero will come to the rescue willingly, selflessly, ready to put their very lively hood on the line just to ensure that the one in need walks away unharmed. Or will they? Only one way to find out.

Rex ducks under the top rope, and steps out on to the ring apron. He hops off the apron to the floor. He heads toward the ringside area near commentary.

Lane: Is coming over here??? OH MY GOD!

The crowd reacts with much concern now.

Hart: Rex has just grabbed Kyla!!! Come on, DAMMIT REX!!! SHE'S INNOCENT IN ALL OF THIS!!!

Rex pulls the screaming Kyla Bonn by her hair. He glances back toward the entrance. Kyla screams uncontrollably. Rex yanks her by the hair up close to his face. Kyla cries out, pleading for Rex to stop.

Rex: You shut....SHUT UP!!!

Rex guides Kyla with force toward the ring apron. He grabs her forcefully by her arm, and pulls her in closer again.

Rex: This could get a whole lot worse for you. You do what I say, you got that!??

A very frightened and teary eyed Kyla nods her head.

Rex: Now get in the ring.

Kyla cries, and hesitates. Rex points inside the ring.


Hart: Will someone please stop this! Rex McAllister has lost his damn mind!!

Lane: Not poor Kyla!!! Come on, Rex!!! 

Rex reaches under the ring and pulls out his custom-made singapore cane, and then slides into the ring where Kyla slides back away from Rex. The crowd reacts in shock, and fear for the young woman's well-being. Kyla cries, holds her hand out for Rex to stay away. 

Hart: He can't do this! He can't!

Lane: It looks like unless someone does come down, he will!

Rex twirls the near six foot long singapore cane as he moves in on Kyla. He raises his mic again to speak.

Rex: So what's it going to be? Who's going to prove themselves to be the real hero of heroes, and come save this submissive little bitch! Come on! I'm not going to wait all night!

The cameras pan to the entrance ramp, but there's nothing. Rex shows a look of disappointment now, as he shakes his head. Rex grabs Kyla up from the canvas by her right arm with force and shoves her to the turnbuckle. She continues to plead with Rex.

Rex: I guess...I guess you leave me with no choice then. 

Kyla braces herself for the worst, ready to accept her fate.

Rex drops his microphone and grips his big metal-wrapped staff, raising it high above his head.

Hart: Rex, you son of a bitch! As God is my witness, you're going to burn in hell for this!

Before Rex can bring the cane down "The Anvil of Crom" blares across the p.a. and the crowd explodes with deafening cheers for Korath who emerges immediately and begins heading towards the ring, building up speed as he draws near.

Lane: LOOK!!! 


Rex exits the ring in a hurry as Korath enters it. Rex backpedals at ringside. A hint of a smile formulates on his face as he looks up at "The Nordic Nightmare".

Korath watches Rex retreat toward the entrance ramp for a moment then turns to check on Kyla, satisfied that she is safe he takes the microphone Rex had and turns back to Rex, rage already reddening his skin.

Korath: "Rex have you taken all leave of your senses? Have you fallen so far that you would threaten someone unable to defend themselves? You said you wanted a hero to come out here for you to end, well here one stands before you, here stands Korath the Nordic Nightmare. I am no white knight, I am the immortal Crimson Wolf of Kiruna and I will not allow you go without justice for what you did to Kyla. Return to the ring and take what you are owed."

Korath steps into the center of the ring, beckoning for Rex to return and fight him and goading the fans into helping him call down Rex.

Crowd: GO AND FIGHT HIM (clap 5x) GO AND FIGHT HIM (clap 5x) GO AND FIGHT HIM (clap 5x)

Hart: This capacity crowd behind "The Nordic Nightmare" here! They want Rex to come get in the ring to get it on!

Rex removes the staff from his shoulder and starts towards the ring, but stops after only a few steps, backpedaling again and wagging a finger at Korath. 

Rex (no mic): And so you shall be..."it". 

Korath grows visibly angrier at Rex refusing to return and the crowds booing becomes deafening.

Korath: "What's the matter Rex, all bark but no fang? What happened to the eagerness you showed earlier? You have an opponent standing here before you, ready to fight yet you do not come. Maybe you only have the stones to attack  a defenseless woman, I'm challenging you to come back down here and pick on someone willing to fight back."

Korath pauses and waits and still Rex does not come.

Korath: "Fine then, be it a day, a week, or a month from now I will get my hands on you and will make you suffer for your crime. PREPARE YOURSELF REX MCALLISTER, YOU ARE MY PREY AND YOU WILL BE DEVOURED!"

Rex (no mic): Prepare....for the worst.

Rex takes his leave as the crowd jeers him unmercifully as Korath looks on as "The Anvil Crom" picks back up.

Lane: Was a challenge just thrown down by Korath!??

Hart: That would certainly seem to be the case. Korath told Rex that basically his days are numbered, and that justice would be served one way or another! Time will surely tell. We'll be right back!

Commercial Break

(Winner of the Damian Price v. Gary Tinordi match is Gary Tinordi.)

Hart: A great start to this show so far! 

Lane: Jake Devine had one hell of an opening celebration, cannot wait to see what's next for this kid!

Hart: He is set to face off against our new Undisputed Champion At Armada!

Lane: Jake Devine versus Tommy Lipton, what a match that will be. You got to wonder how much this match means to Jake. He is set to go up against one of the WWX's best superstars ever! A Legend a Hall of Famer and now after a heck of a great triple threat, our new Champion! 

Hart: A 9 time World Champion and we hear from the new Champ next!


**Wanna be Startin' Something** by the legendary King of Pop, Jackson plays over the PA... Fans stand confused and unsure on who is about to walk out. 
From the back Tommy Lipton wearing faded jeans, a black over coat and the WWX Undisputed Championship makes his way on stage to a huge pop of cheers! 
The tron shows clips of Tommy Lipton in action with some of his greatest matches. 

Bonn: Moda Center, please welcome your NEW  WWX Undisputed World Champion, The One The Only, TOMMY LIIIIPTON!!! 


Pyros explode behind Tommy as he makes his way to the ring. He slaps hands with the fans smiling ear to ear. He is mouthing the words to the song as he steps into the ring and unclips his strap. He climbs the turnbuckle and then raises the title high in his right hand.


Tommy lowers the title but remains perched as he takes in the sight here in the Moda Center. He then hops off and walks to the far turnbuckle across and again climbs it, raises the title and repeats leeching a moment as the fans cheer him on with a standing ovation.

Hart: Tommy Lipton returned to the WWX in 2016, he has had a successful road, the tag title reign, the Hall of Fame, but it all was about This time, THIS moment! One more time as the WWX Champion! 

Tommy looks emotional for a brief moment and wipes his face, then pounds his chest and points to the crowd. 
His music fades as he remains perched and the fading music does not make it any less noisy as the fans begin a chant.


The chant changes 


Tommy says "thank you" repeatedly, tape his chest again and points to the crowd as he once again raises the title high! He then hops off the buckle and takes a microphone from the ring side staff. He circles the ring draping the title over his shoulder. 


He laughs and shakes his head and again thanks them. He raises the Mic.

Tommy: No thank you! Thank you for supporting me on my road to redemption... Thank you for buying my gear, watching my specials and matches on the Network, thank you!


Tommy: Portland, it's great to be here, to be standing here as your WWX Undisputed Champion! 


Tommy turns to face the backstage area. 

Tommy: Some didn't think I could still do it..
 That I could still hack it with these New Kids on the Block,

Lane: I see what he did there (lol)

Tommy: ... but here I stand, victorious and at the top, once again with the World Championship wrapped around the waste of someone truly worthy to represent all of you.
I came back, I came back to accomplish what I had left to accomplish, reclaiming the Hall of Fame! I did that!


Tommy: I then went on to have some amazing matches with WWXs best and brightest. I teamed up with a man who I have fought enough times now to know he will have a great career here in WWX. I have done a lot since I came back and all that was left was one more time standing tall at the top of the mountain with this!

Tommy points to the title.

Tommy: Earlier this week I took to WWX Heat and there I shared a few words with a man who thought that screwing me from ever getting this title was what was best for business. He is a former GM and his name is... Tanno...


Tommy: Tanno who was probably the worst GM to ever rule in the WWX thinks I am some hack, some has been. 


Tommy looks at the title and smiles. 

Tommy: I think not. He finally admitted though that he did everything he could to keep me away from this. And yet he calls himself a fair and impartial General Manager. What a joke! I have had the pleasure of feuding with James Ranger in the ring and working with him as Co GMs behind the scene. He and I may not always agree but he is a far better GM than Tanno could ever be and the right man was fired from the job. 
Tanno can think what he wants but I was a GM, a very successful GM and as a former GM I can tell you, he's not even on the top 5 list! He used his powers to do something he could never do on his own... Make himself relevant! 

Tommy holds up his title belt


Tommy: Moving on now... 
Rex McAllister and Tommy Liptons story time ended at Aftershock, an ending that's match stole the show and it was properly fitting and now I have a new name on my agenda... But before I get to that name, I want to offer a sincere bravo to those two men who I just faced this past weekend. Let's acknowledge the fact that they put on a great fighting effort! Give it up for, Rex McAllister and the FORMER champ, Xavier Pendragon...


Tommy slow claps high in the air but the fans won't have it. 

Tommy: But the facts stand... They both said I was done... They both acted like they had Tommy Liptons number! Xavier Pendragon, you may have thought you were ready, that you had a strategy in play to counter everything and successfully defend this title at Aftershock. But you lost. I was coming and I was coming full throttle with one goal on my mind, winning once and for all the WWX Undisputed Championship. That match was about who wanted it more. We all had a master plan, but only one can be the true mastermind... not only did Blade Rickman shock you, he shocked Rex McAllister as well. He was my ace in the pocket to counter both your tricks!

Tommy looks down at his shoulder, at the Undisputed Championship, and he smiles; big and bright. 

Tommy: You wanted this didn't you... 
Rex for months you have told ALL these people that it was YOU who was going to beat me to a pulp ... and for months you have told ALL these fans that it was going to be YOU standing here as their WWX Undisputed World Champion!!! ... 


Tommy looks towards the backstage, he shakes his head and raises the Championship high. 

Tommy: It isn't you..... It was me that ended up victorious at the end. You had put forth an honorable battle, I will not take that from you. 

Tommy leans his back up against the ropes, his back to Hart and Lane, his stare aimed at the backstage area.

Tommy: But after we teamed for a year, battled for months, and damnit ran this Federation as the strongest Tandem in history, you thought I was going to be easy pickings? That is how you told us all it was going to be for you. 
However, It was Tommy Lipton who rose to the occasion to take the next step. I know, you feel that you were the man to be the next Champion, but let's check the facts... 
Hall of Pain, you took me out, you took me out and failed at capturing The Championship... this past weekend I took you out, I then took Xavier out and I got the job done where as you could not!
I rose up to the occasion, I did not hesitate and I saw it through ... and now I am this Universes and your WWX Undisputed Champion!
It was a war Rex, and I won this one but I expect that you will find your way back up the mountain again soon and Rex, I will be waiting... and Rex, I will be ready! 


Hart: Tommy Lipton has never been a cowardly Champion, I suspect that the next time Lipton and McAllister meet it will be an instant classic! One of the greats! 

Tommy walks around the ring finally he stops and leans his chest against the ropes his arms placed on the top rope as he looks out at the fans. He holds the Mic up to his mouth.

Tommy: So although the McAllister-Lipton tandem and Xavier Pendragon stole the show, there was another match that took place on Aftershock... it was quick, it was controversial but it was still there... it's about time I discuss this year's Crusaid Cup Winner... 


Tommy: The man who has a first class ticket to an asswhooping experiance! Jake Devine... the man who's about to find himself in hurt town hanging in beat down ally off the one way road to a smackdown! 

Tommy stands back and drops the title off his shoulder letting it slide down his arm as he catches it with his hand. He holds his title in his hand staring at it with a large smile.

Tommy: Jake, do you have what it really takes? It's a question I asked Xavier Pendragon before we met at Aftershock. He didn't... but do you? 
Don't be mistaken, I know that becoming the winner of that cup says something about you, it says you are one of the best... Well usually it would mean that, but we all saw what happened. We all knew Syndicate had already taken on a match that night as well. The injuries were present in his match with you. So are you really ready to step into the ring with Tommy Lipton?

Tommy circles the ring and stops he raises the title. 

Tommy: Jake Devine you can have your celebrations but do not expect the celebrations to continue, in a few weeks you and I will go toe to toe... I am the WWX Undisputed Champion and there's nothing you can do about that. I am the Champ and you ain't changing that Jake!

Tommy lowers the belt. 
Tommy: Do not celebrate having a match with Tommy Lipton, Jake, fear it! Because how quickly you rose and got here will not be as quick as you fall! Take my warning and train your damn ass off! Be ready to fight an opponent like no other before, be ready to sacrifice your blood sweat and tears. You will meet the man who took down the giant, Jerimiah O'Rielly ... You will meet the man who took down Ethan Cavanaugh, you will meet the man who took down David GS and Darkness. You will meet the man who dropped Blayde Archer and Xavier Pendragon.... You will meet the man who Gunnar Granderson has been running away feom for years and you will meet the man who dropped Rex McAllister and put his ass in place! You will meet greatness.... And you will Fail! After Armada, I will still be WWX Undisputed World Champion... What Jake?

Tommy smiles.

Tommy: Do you... Wanna be startin something?

Tommy then pushes the Mic to his lips.

Tommy: I am the Champion, I am not the past but the NOW and FOREVER! The Era of Lipton HAS RETURNED!!! 


Tommy points straight at the backstage area

Tommy: GET READY! 

Tommy shouts and then drops the Mic and exits the ring as Michael Jackson's Wanna be Startin something plays. 

Hart: Has the Lipton Era returned to WWX?!

Lane: It sure looks like it! I feel like it's a decade ago, like it's 2008. 

Hart: Lipton looks as good as he did then and demands the room just like he use too. He is the WWX Undisputed Champion and by gawd he earned it! 


(Winner of Super Bacon and Hawke, is Super Bacon)

Jones: Welcome back to WWX Ravage! Joining me at this time is Jarvis Valentine.

Jarvis walks in from the right side and stands next to Jones.

Jones: Earlier this week I was trying to figure out how you will be rebou…

Jarvis: Just shut up Jones!

Jarvis shoves Jones out of the camera view as the camera focuses on Jarvis but only focusing on his upper body.

Jarvis: You want to know how I am going to rebound? How I am going to “avenge” my losses…

Jarvis raises a steel chair in the view of the camera.

Jarvis: In just a few moments you will all find out how I plan in doing that!

Jarvis grabs the chair with his other arm and smashes the camera the we switch to the arena.
"Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank blares over the PA system. Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses. He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him.
Hart: And Here Comes the Television Champion!
Steen makes his way to the ring, gesturing and showboating to the crowd as he does. Unaware that Jarvis is coming down the ramp, steel chair in hand. 

Lane: Watch out Willie!

Jarvis connects with a steel chair attack upn Willie's back, before he reaches the ring, in a fit of rage, Jarvis connects again as Willie tries to get up only to be brought back down to the ground, WWX Staff immediately shows up to separate Jarvis as he readies for another attack, Willie seems to be okay but in pain as the scheduled match seems to be called off.

*We see former World Champion Xavier Pendragon in the locker room area conversing with a few people when a stagehand walks up to him.*

SH: Hey there Xavier. Tough break on your loss man.

XAVIER: I know. I knew it was going to happen eventually. Just didn't expect it to happen so soon ya know.

SH: Well, don't you have a rematch clause in your contract?

XAVIER: As a matter of fact...I do.

*As Xavier stands and turns, he runs right into Syndicate, who’s standing there with a small smirk on his face.*

Syndicate: I heard the words “rematch clause” and I came running.

*He chuckles at his own joke.*

Syndicate: You know, Xavier, I was really hoping that you would somehow come out of Aftershock with the World title because I was really looking forward to ending your title reign myself.  But, alas, you had to go and fail all by yourself, and what’s more, you managed to lose right before a new #1 Contender for the championship was crowned.  You not only lost your spot at the top, but you lost your right to immediately challenge Tommy to a rematch.

*The Outlaw brushes back his blonde hair as he continues to stare right at Xavier.*

Syndicate: Funnily enough, a similar situation occurred at Holiday Hell when you cashed in Race for the Case on me.  And, as we both know, I never got the rematch that I should have received.  Now, I don’t know if you ever went to preschool, but in times like these, the person in the front of the line gets to take their turn first.  Unfortunately for you, that person is me, and I’m gonna make sure that I get a shot at the World title before you get anywhere near it.

Xavier: I knew I was going to lose the World Title eventually. I even mentioned about you and me going at for the title, since I’m the one who pinned you for the title Syn...or did you forget you being on the receiving end of the Pride of Detroit? You know what? Don’t answer that because we both know what the answer is Syndicate.

*Syndicate once again chuckles.*

Syndicate: I don’t forget anything, Xavier.  Never have, never will.  But maybe you’re not understanding this situation fully.

*He raises his right hand and snaps his fingers.  Not a moment later, Darkness comes out from the shadows and stands menacingly behind Xavier.  Xavier, noticing his presence, slightly turns his body around in preparation for an attack.*

Syndicate: Oh, don’t worry, Xavier, neither of us have any reason to take you out...as of now.

*Xavier’s posture eases slightly, but the former World Champion seems to still be on edge.*

Darkness: I wouldn't get too comfortable Xavier. One false move and your head will meet that locker up close and personal.

Xavier: I don’t get comfortable Darkness. The only time I would consider myself being “comfortable” is when I’m relaxing at home and I hard relax there.

Without another word, Xavier leaves Syndicate and Darkness.

“The Last Dragon” blasts through the PA system as Xavier makes his way onto the entrance ramp.

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon!!

Hart: Xavier walking to the ring with a purpose.

Lane: Many of his fans including some of the WWX faithful were hoping Xavier would have retained but Lipton ended up winning the gold.

Hart: One wonders if Xavier is going to try and invoke his rematch clause here tonight.

Xavier: Thanks to all you who have been sending tweets encouraging me to try and regain the Undisputed World Title. Unlike your Tommy Liptons and your Rex McAllisters and your Syndicates or Darkness, I didn’t throw a big party the night I won the title. Those that know me know I was back in the gym, training and awaiting my next challenger. Having the world title put everything into perspective for me. Though I was sitting at the top of the mountain, I didn’t consider myself as such for the simple fact that I’m just like the rest of you here tonight. I asked myself should I wait before I invoke my rematch clause or should I do it now and I got here tonight, my decision and my path became clear: I, “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon, WILL be invoking my rematch clause against Tommy Lipton!

The crowd roars in approval.

Hart: Xavier is invoking his rematch clause!

Lane: But will it be honored and how will Syndicate feel about it?

Xavier: Lipton, now YOU are the one with the bullseye target on your back. Keep an eye open.

Xavier drops the mic as “The Last Dragon” starts up again and Xavier makes his way out through the crowd.


(The show comes back from commercial to Kyla Bonn in the ring.)

BONN: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

CROWD: One Fall!!

BONN: Introducing first, hailing from the Savage Lands! Weighing in at 395 pounds, he is the Nordic Nightmare.... KORATH!!

(The Anvil of Crom begins across the PA. Korath emerges moments later to the roar of the crowds and begins his descent to the ring. He starts down the ramp fists clenched and a murderous look on his face, charging into the ring once he reaches the bottom. When Korath gets to the ring he howls for blood, working the crowds into a frenzy and preparing for the match.)

BONN: And his opponent, from Lincoln, Nebraska! Weighing in at 243 pounds... JARVIS VALENTINE!!

(Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the curtain before Jarvis walks through the entrance. 

Jarvis hops side to side before putting his arms in an X formation  above his head before taking of running down to the ring, Hr slides in the ring and pops up instantly. 

Jarvis puts is arm above his head again before making an X above his head again. He turns and walks backwards the corner as the camera switches away from him to the crowd. Kyla exits the ring as Jarvis enters, and Korath observes the newcomer with some mixture of disinterest and disgust. Jarvis plays to the cheering crowd before coming face to face with the larger, Scandanavian monster. Korath remains stoic for a moment before offering a hand, which Jarvis accepts and shakes enthusiastically.) 

LANE: A nice show of respect to start the match. Too bad there's not going to be anything left of Jarvis when Korath is done.

HART: Jarvis has shown some impressive guts so far, but it's hard to disagree with you in this case, Gary.

(Jarvis and Korath square off and the referee calls for the bell. Korath signals at Jarvis to attack, bracing himself to whether the smaller man's attack. Jarvis takes the opportunity to strike, blasting Korath in the face with a stiff elbow. Korath seems unphased, sneering at Jarvis, who strikes again to the same result. Jarvis shakes his head, using the ropes and leaping at Korath with ant=other elbow strike, finally managing to stagger the larger man. Korath plants his foot before lunging at Jarvis and utterly demolishing the other man with a forearm strike.)

HART: A vicious forearm from Korath!

LANE: I reckon Jarvis understands why they call him the Nordic Nightmare.

(Korath roars, earning an equivalent roar from the audience before stomping on Jarvis' chest. He leans down and hauls Jarvis up to his feet, sending the smaller man back to the mat with a double chop to the chest. Korath goes for the pin.)

LANE: Korath looking to end this early.


HART: Jarvis had to dig deep to kick out after that brutal initial push from Korath.

(Korath smirks, getting back to his feet and then hauling Jarvis up as well. He signals that he's going to end the match, starting with laying in blows on Valentine. Valentine, for his part, does a pretty good job of weathering the blows, managing to slip past when Korath goes for a headbutt and countering with a hard knee to the Nightmare's chin. Korath is staggered again, but as soon as Jarvis tries to take the advantage, Korath strikes back with a headbutt that echoes through the arena.)

LANE: What a hit!

HART: Jarvis Valentine is out on his feet.

(Korath smirks again, starting the brutality combo again, but Valentine starts blocking blows, and once again, out of nowhere, when Korath tries for the headbutt, Jarvis drives his own head up into the Nightmare's chin, sweeping his legs from behind to send Korath crashing to the mat.)

LANE: Jarvis Valentine got one over on Korath!

HART: The crowd can;t believe what they're seeing!

(Jarvis is quick to continue his offence, getting into position to drive a hard knee into Korath's head. The giant is dazed, and Jarvis looks desperately for a way to push his advantage. Jarvis runs to the corner, climbing to the top rope. He notices Korath getting to his feet and perching on the ropes. When Korath gets to his feet, Jarvis leaps for a flying crossbody, but Korath catches him and slams him to the mat with a devastating power slam.)

LANE: Oh my God!

HART:: Tough break for the young lion.

(Korath hooks Jarvis's leg in a lazy pin, obviously anticipating the match to end.)

THR-NO!!! Kickout from Jarvis Valentine!

HART: Jarvis Valentine digs deep again to power out!

LANE: But how many more times can he dig into that well, Mike?

(Korath looks amazed for a moment before his slightly bemused expression returns. He gets to his feet and then hauls Jarvis up as well. Jarvis rallies again, peppering Korath with blows and the Scandanavian brute responds in kind, Jarvis starts to take the advantage but Korath stops him cold with another headbutt. He whips Jarvis into the ropes, preparing for the heavy lariat, but Jarvis counters with a spear. The newcomer springs to his feet, taunting Korath and then hauling the giant up to his knees. He locks around Korath's waist and, with a roar of effort, executes the Jacknife Powerbomb!)

LANE: Valentine with the Jacknife Powerbomb! If there was ever time to put Korath away, it's right now!

(Jarvis goes for the pin.)


(The crowd roars as Korath kicks out with authority. Jarvis rolls away from Korath, holding his head in his hands and looking devastated. Korath gets to his feet and answers Jarvis' effort with a hard kick to the back. Jarvis rolls away, getting to his feet and charging at the giant. The two men start brawling, throwing stiff blows at one another. Korath takes the advantage, pummeling Jarvis and finally hitting the Brutality Combo. He stops shy of the last headbutt, holding Jarvis by the throat for a moment.)

HART: It looks like Korath is going to end it now.

LANE: Nighty night, Jarvis.

(Korath lift's Jarvis above his head, holding him for a moment before letting him fall into the Savage Hammer. Korath goes for the pin.)


(The bell rings and the referee raises Korath's hand in victory. Korath jerks his hand away, celebrating in the ring for a moment before exiting the ring. Jarvis lays on the mat, looking shellshocked.)

LANE: That was a tough match to watch. Jarvis put up a valiant effort, but in the end he was no match for the Nordic Nightmare.

(Jarvis gets to his feet, hanging his head as he climbs out of the ring, holding his ribs as he limps his way up the ramp.)


Lane: And we’re back from commercial and already standing in the ring is the General Manager James Ranger. He has been very concerned regarding the International Champion Bob Mellon and his recent talk of retirement.

Hart: I think the whole world is wondering if Mellon has left for good. Let’s see what we can find out.

Ranger: Well, it looks like our International Champion has forfeited his right to have made a decision on this matter. There is no contract. There is no Bob Mellon. I stand here, in the ring, holding the International Title in my hands. So I am here to announce a new event to take the WWX by storm. This event will be a tournament to crown the next WWX International Champion!!!!

(A cheer from the crowd, still baffled that Mellon is nowhere to be found)

Ranger: Starting next week on Ravage and leading up to the PPV, we will be doing a tournament to decide who will be the next champion. The tournament will be chosen in large part by the rankings that have been created and each of you will watch as we decide who is the rightful heir to the title.

(Guerrilla Radio hits the P.A. system and through the curtain comes Bob Mellon in jeans and a button down shirt. The crowd goes wild as the now believed to be retired Mellon walks down the aisle looking straight at Ranger in the ring. Mellon walks up the stairs and through the ropes and calls for a microphone as the music cuts out. The arena is deafening)

Lane: It’s Bob Mellon! He’s in the house!!

Hart: I knew he wouldn’t be quiet!! I knew it!!

Ranger: Now, wait one moment. What in the hell do you think you’re doing down here??

Mellon: (About to speak but Ranger cuts him off)

Ranger: Hold It… Before you speak, you need to understand, not being under contract means that you don’t have the right to be in this ring. YOU DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO BE IN THIS ARENA!!!

Mellon: (Looks around at the crowd, is about to talk and is cut off again)

Ranger: You chose not to sign a contract. You chose to retire. You chose to leave the squared circle with your tail between your legs. I could have you arrested. Locked up for good. Do you understand that, Bobby? I can destroy you right now and you cannot do a damn thing about it.

(The crowd boos vehemently)

Lane: Does anyone else get the impression that Ranger is poking a sleeping bear?

Hart: If he doesn’t know it yet, he will soon…

Ranger: We have already stripped you of the title. You are nothing anymore. You are not the champ. You are not an employee here. So it’ll be in your best interest to turn around and walk away right or I will have these fine police men coming down to ring escort you out of the ring.

(An entire unit of police surround the outside of the ring as Mellon is left trapped between Ranger and the Police)

Lane: This may be it for Mellon. No where to turn now.

Hart: This is true. It could all be over now.

Ranger: So, what are you going to do?

(The crowd begins to chant, "MELLON, MELLON, MELLON!”)

(Mellon turns to walk away as the boos in the arena begin to build. Ranger turns his back to Mellon and begins to speak…)

Ranger: Good boy, Bobby. Walk away…

(Mellon turns right back around and is now standing behind Ranger who doesn’t realize it. Mellon snatches the title from Ranger who quickly turns around as Mellon smashes him over the head with the belt)

Lane: Mellon just clobbered the boss!!!

Hart: Ranger has been laid out and he is bleeding!!!

(Mellon is quickly swarmed by the police and tackled down to the ground where he is restrained and cuffed)

Hart: Ranger isn’t moving. What does this mean?!?! Is bob the champ??? Do we have a tournament??? WHAT’S GOING ON!?!??!

(Mellon is escorted out of the building by the police as Ranger is helped up by paramedics. The crowd is going wild)

Lane: I don’t believe what I’ve just seen. The International Champion, or is it the former International Champion just left his mark. Is that the final mark on the WWX for Bob Mellon? Is this a feud between Mellon and Ranger? We’ll be back after this…

http://challonge.com/qm95s7rc (WWX International Championship Tournament)

Hart: Welcome back ladies and gents. You ready Lane?

Lane: I’ve been ready!

The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.


"Transcendence" by Devin Townsend Project starts playing. As the music drops, lights illuminate the arena to show Tanno standing on the stage with his wife Emily Waters. He pauses a moment before raising his arm up in the in the shape of a gun before dropping it back to his side. he continues walking down to the ring.

Hart: This is deemed to be one hell of a match. They are going to kill each other in that cage tonight!

Bonn: Coming to the ring at this time, accompanied by Emily Waters, coming from Amsterdam, Tanno Waters!

By this time he is walking up the steps while Emily walks around the ring.. He pauses once again to hear the boos and to look at his wife before stepping through the ropes and into the ring. He looks up at the cage and smiles.

Lane: Look at that crazy smile. I can’t imagine what he is thinking right now!

Hart: Whatever it is, it’s not good. Guarantee you that!

Suddenly Hex Girl by Hex Girls interrupts Tanno’s music.

Bonn: And his opponent, coming from Busthead Vragina, Hex Girl!

Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight as the crowd cheers.

Lane: Here we go folks!

The cage begins to lower as Hex and Tanno stand opposite each other stearing holes through one another. The cage is finally chained into place as the ref on the outside calls for the bell. 

Ding Ding

Tanno runs straight at Hex but is caught with a drop kick to the knee. He goes down instantly holding his knee. 

Hart: Hex is already climbing!

Tanno pops up quickly to stop Hex but finds himself catching Hex with his arms as she tries to leap off the side of the catch for a cross body. Tanno falls forward and slams Hex to the mat. Tanno gets up smiling but holding his knee. He grabs her hair and pulls her up while he starts to walk to the cage. 

Lane:  And Hex is first to go face first!

Hex bounces off the cage holding her face and she stumbles back. Tanno grabs the wrist of Hex and tries to whip her into the cage, but Hex reverses and throws Tanno in the cage followed by knee block that makes Tanno fall to his back. She then tries to take off running but is tripped and falls flat on her face. Tanno gets up and delivers a elbow to her back. She grabs her back in pain. Tanno roles quickly to the feet if Hex before grabbing her foot as he stands and twists. 

Hart: Look at the pain in her face! And she can’t tap to have him stop!

The crowd boos loudly before before he lets go. He turns around and taunts the crowd as Hex grabs her ankle in pain. He turns around and instantly falls to his knees. 

Hart: My god! I don’t think Tanno will ever have kids after that nut shot!

Tanno falls to his knees holding his balls as Hex slams her heel into his balls. Hex gets up and grabs Tanno and lifts him back up and grabs the back of his head and starts running and slamming his head into the cage. He bounces off but Hex catches him and runs towards the other side of the ring slamming his head again into the cage. This time she lets him fall backwards. He falls to the ground holding his head that now is bleeding and his nuts. Kex starts to climb the cage.

Lane: She’s going to escape!

The crowd begins to cheer as Hex reaches the top. She stands on top of the cage looking down and Tanno and then turns around.

Holy Shif, Holy Shit, Holy Shit

Hart: She has to be dead, if not, she has broken bones!

Hex lands face first after doing a moonsaw off the top of the cage and missing. Tanno roles out of the way just in time. He looks over at Hex and smiles again before getting up and hobbling over to the ropes before he starts to climb. He gets half way and looks back down again and see’s Hex starting to move again. He looks back up to the top of the cage and begins to climb again. He gets to the top and stands himself.

This is how you do it Hex, Tanno yells. 

Lane: Oh...My...God!!!

This is awesome, This is awesome...

Hart: What a counter by Hex!

Tanno goes for a leapfrog but is caught square in the face with a drop kick. Tanno’s body flops backwards with the impact of him coming off the cage. 

Lane: Both of them have to be dead! 

Both Hex and Tanno lay there for a few moments before Hex starts moving first. She helps herself up by crawling over to the ropes and pulling on them. Tanno then begins to move and starts to get up when he notices Hex climbing again. He goes over and starts to climb up after her. 

Hart: Hex made it to the top!

Lane: But Tanno is right there!

While Hex is laying on the top of the cage Tanno reaches her and grabs her hair and starts to pull on it, but before he can throw her off the top she grabs the back of his head and slams it into the steel multiple times before...

Hart: There goes Tanno! 

Tanno falls back to the mat as the crowd erupts in cheers. Hex swings her legs over and starts climbing down before jumping down the rest of the way. 


The cage begins to raise as Emily slides in and goes to her husband side as Hex Girl strides back up the ramp slowly after her win over Tanno. She stops on the stage and motions for a microphone. She looks back to the ring at Tanno. 

Hex Girl: I still have my ears. I guess Emily is gonna have to be disappointed in you. Hmmmm, I wonder what she'll give me if I hand her what I just took from you? 

She gives a impish little wave as she walks off stage leaving Tanno and Emily completely flabbergasted. Hex girl stands there and smiles and Emily glares at her holding her husband.

Lane: Hex Girl did it! What a hell of a match!!

Hart: That’s all the time we have tonight, tune in Ravage next time to see how Tanno is handling this! 

Scene fades to see Hex girl smiling at Tanno and Emily again! 

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