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RAVAGE - Show 2018-03-18 10:10:47
"The Anvil of Crom" plays throughout the arena and the crowd erupts into cheers as Korath steps out onto the stage, dressed in his ring attire with the addition of one of his new Nordic Nightmare logo t shirts. He stands at the top of the ramp, drinking in the crowds reaction before heading to the ring.


Lane: "Why is Korath here? He's not scheduled for a match tonight."


Hart: "Who knows Gary, maybe he has something to say regarding last Ravage."


Lane: "Maybe he's just out here trying to sell more merchandise, when does he ever wear that."


Hart: "Regardless, we are getting ready to find out."


Korath enters the ring amidst the cheers, taking them in for a moment longer as he pulls a microphone free from his belt.


Korath: "I would ask you all how you are doing tonight but I think that’s pretty obvious."


The crowd roars their answer, much to Korath's approval.


Korath: "I know that I am not supposed to be here tonight but there were a few things I needed to get off my chest, a few things involving a certain other superstar, a superstar who is so desperate for attention that he stooped so low as to threaten a non combatant. But before I get to him, Miss Kyla how are you tonight?"


The camera switches over to the ring announcer Kyla Bonn, who has a look of surprise on her face from being addressed. She recovers quickly and with a smile and wave she says (off mic) "I'm fine thanks to you"


Korath: "I'm glad I made it when I did, but I wish I would have sooner. I will say this in an attempt to make amends for my tardiness, he will suffer."


Korath gives a slight bow of his head before turning his attention back to the WWX universe, listening to the crowds cheers.


Crowd: "THANK YOU KORATH clap clap clap, THANK YOU KORATH clap clap clap, THANK YOU KORATH clap clap clap."


Hart: "The capacity crowd showing their approval for the Nordic Nightmare here tonight."


Korath: "And now I get to the reason I have come out here tonight, I have some thing I need to say to the man who may have lost any and all respect he had here, the dog that decided he wants attention in the worst way, in case you haven't figured in out yet, I'm talking to you REX MCAL…."


Korath is cut off by a deafening wave of boo's from the crowd.


Hart: "Listen at that, Rex McAllister has earned himself no fans here in Spokan tonight."


Lane: "Did you feel that? It was like a shockwave from all the booing Rex is getting."


Korath looks around for a moment, his face locked in a grim expression.


Korath: "Do you hear that Rex? At the mere mention of your name the people of the WWX have cast their judgment upon you for your actions. You, who were once a great name in this business have been cast down by the very people who once cheered your name."


Korath paces around the ring, listening to the boos of the crowd agreeing with him. His face slowly going to serious anger.


Korath: "Rex do you have any idea what it takes to truly anger me? There are only a few things that drive me to truly let loose. One, someone tries to take my life. Two, when someone such as yourself attacks a person that is unable to defend themselves. I cannot and will not stand for those actions while I still draw breath. You will be destroyed by the very 'hero' you wished to take down. The way I see it Rex you have two choices. The First is the easiest, you come out here right now and face me. Attempt to regain some measure of honor by fighting me and I promise to make your demise quick."


The crowd erupts into cheers of "KORATH! KORATH! KORATH!" as he waits to see if Rex will respond.


Hart: "The Nordic Nightmare once again laying down a challenge for Rex McAllister to come fight him in the squared circle tonight."


Korath waits for a moment longer, the crowds cheers growing louder and louder but still Rex does not come.


Korath: "So be it McAllister, you would prefer the second choice. That choice, I will enjoy much much more. When we have a sanctioned match, I am going to take my time ripping you limb from bloody limb.  When I am through with you not even the carrion crows will touch upon you. Rex McAllister the full wrath of The Nordic Nightmare will be brought upon you in the most brutal ways I can imagine, and there's not a damn thing you will be able to do to stop me. I'm going to leave you battered, bloodied, and broken right in the middle of this ring, leave you feeling just as helpless as you did Miss Kyla. You like everyone who has fallen to me are going to learn the most painful lesson that can possibly be taught. When you come face to face with The Red Wolf…."


Korath (with the crowd): "YOU WILL BE DEVOURED!!"


"The Anvil of Crom" again play throughout the arena as Korath throws back his head and arms and unleashes a mighty roar, afterwards staying in the ring to work the fans into a frenzy.

The lights in McCarthey Athletic Center go out.

Hart: What the hell? Where'd the lights go?

Lane: Someone forgot to pay the bill it seems, Mike! We are in pitch black.

The Ravage Tron comes to life with different close up shots. Korath shoots a his focus toward the tron. Footage of Syndicate's face being burned by the heat-filled steel inside a cage. Then the tron shows shots of Kurtis Ray being damaged in quite a similar manner, except to his back area. 

The tron continues to display live footage of the burning steel walls, and then a full shot from an overhead camera of the four participants: David Gideon Smith, Kurtis Ray, Syndicate, and Rex McAllister.

The close up once again shows the four men in separate shots simultaneously writhing in unimaginable pain. Korath looks on.

Lane: I remember this, Mike!

Hart: I think everyone does, Gary!

[Smith heaves Rex up overhead, stalling out for a moment before DRIVING THE CHAMPION DOWN!]



[Smith rolls Rex over, hooking the leg.]




Tomkins: Rex McAllister has been eliminated!

The final bit of footage that shoots to life shows Rex McAllister, who's shown unconscious being tended to by EMTs at ringside. Footage shows EMTs placing Rex onto a gurney and carrying him out the door of the blazing steel confines.

Lawrence: The former champion, requiring medical attention in wake of that devastating maneuver.r.r.r.…

The last word resonates as an echo before the footage on the tron fades out. The lights are still out as the crowd continues to stir. 

Lane: Can somebody please find the light switch in here!??

Just then the lights switch on.

Lane: Oh, thank God!

Hart: LOOK!

The a floor camera veers upward. Korath looks up in great astonishment. The camera cuts to a wide shot of the ominous structure hanging over the ring, which begins to slowly descend to a huge pop from the crowd.

Hart: Can it be!?

The crowd pops yet again as the steel structure descends into place meeting the ground with a resounding THUD. Korath looks all around with confusion, looking anxious for an explanation. Soon thereafter an oxidizing roar echoes through the McCarthey Athletic Center as flames ignite at the base of the structure, running up the length of its main supports and spreading along the lengths of chain comprising its walls.

Hart: It is! It's Inferno Asylum! Oh my God! Who's behind this?

The Ravage Tron comes to life once more to show Rex McAllister from a distance, dressed in full ring attire. Slowly Rex walks in closer to the camera shot. His stoic expression soon turns to a devious smile. The camera pans in close to Rex's face as he begins to speak.

Rex: Korath. Welcome. You recently promised, made a hero's vow to bring about justice in the effort to prevent further destruction. But with no expiration date from which to lend out your form of punishment, I've taken liberty upon myself to handle such workings. 

Korath continues to look around some more, then back at Rex.

Rex: I introduce to you, Korath, the epitome of real Hell on Earth. This...The Inferno Asylum, an ominous unforgiving steel structure concocted from my mind. This is my creation. Almost two years ago, this structure is what almost ended my career. This is a match that takes years off of careers. I now give you the opportunity to try your hand at sacrificing me once and for all at Armada.

Korath points and yells inaudibly toward the tron. Rex stares deviously, a small grin forms on his face.

Rex: All for a cause, remember? Accept my invitation and the lasting image you will you know will be is the smell of your burning flesh, screaming in helpless agony before your fate is sealed. Forever.

The tron shows Rex one final moment before fading out. The ominous Asylum still continues to highlight the scene at the McCarthey Athletic Center.

Hart: Rex has accepted Korath's Challenge! It's gonna be Rex vs Korath, Inferno Asylum at Armada!

Lane: Someone's going to be burned alive, Mike! Hahaha! I can't wait!

Hart: Folks, we'll be right back!



Hart: "Will Rex respond to the challenge by the Nordic Nightmare? You'll just have to stayed tuned to this Ravage and find out."

As A New Power plays, Rob Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up, he runs down into the ring and bounces off the ropes twice and then goes to the center of the ring and spreads his arms out again as Hendrix is already in the ring. 

Bonn: Introducing first, already in the ring, Damian Hendrix!

There is a mixed reaction as Bacon starts jumping side go side.

Bonn: And the challenger, weighting a hundred and seventy-five pounds, residing in Norwhich England, Super Bacon!!!

The crowd begins cheering as both men walk to the center of the ring and the signal for the bell is given.  

Lane: Here we go ladies and gents. Our first match of the night is under way!

Both men lock up with a quick switch to a headlock by Bacon. He reaches down a few times before Hendrix pushes Bacon up against the ropes before bouncing off of them and shoving him off of his neck. Bacon runs into the ropes and bounces off them.

Hart: Bacon ducks the clothesline from Hendrix!

Lane: Down goes Hendrix!

Bacon bounces off the ropes again and hits Hendrix with a cross body block as Hendrix turns around. 

Hart: Bacon goes for a quick pin!!



Hendrix pops up just slightly faster than Bacon and gets Bacon with a right cross before a kick to the gut. Bacon doubles over just as Hendrix locks his head. Hendrix lifts...

Lane: He’s up!

Hart: Now down!

Lane: What a great suplex from Hendrix.

Bacon grabs his back in pain. Hendrix gets up and starts kicking Bacon repeatedly. The ref starts his count.

Hart: Get him off of him!

Lane: Hendrix waiting to four and half to let off.

The ref pushes Hendrix away slightly as he starts yelling at him not to do that again. Hendrix shoves past the ref and grabs Bacon by his head to drag him up. Just as Bacon gets to his feet, Hendrix gets a shot to the gut. Hendrix response with a knee to the gut. Bacon doubles over again. Hendrix grabs the wrist of Bacon and swings him into the corner. Hendrix runs after him and tries a spear in the corner...

Hart: Bacon moves! Did you hear the sound of Hendrix shoulder hitting the ring post?

Lane: I sure did, and it didn’t sound pretty at all!

Hendrix holds his shoulder in the corner just as Bacon comes in with a running boot to his face. Hendrix’s head snaps back as he falls to the mat. The crowd erupts in Holy shit chants as Bacon drags Hendrix to the center of the ring and goes for the pin…




Hart: Hendrix, still alive!

Lane: I thought his neck got broke in two!!

Bacon sets up and gets to his feet while grabbing Hendrix by the head to stand him up. Bacon whips Hendrix into the ropes. Bacon intends to give Hendrix a clothesline but Hendrix gives a massive running drop kick on Bacon. Bacon flies backwards into the corner.

Hart: Here comes Hendrix!

Hendrix quickly gets to Bacon and kicks him in his gut. Bacon falls on to his butt before Hendrix starts to stomp Bacon again. 

Again the ref starts his count.



Lane: Hendrix his pissed!



Hart: Get off of him Hendrix!


The ref calls for the bell…


Bonn: And your winner by DQ, Super Bacon!!!

Hendrix continues his stomping for a bit longer before the ref pulls Hendrix off of Bacon.

Lane: Just not right! What’s Hendrix’s problem?

Hendrix raises his arms in the air in the middle of the ring as the ref checks in Bacon.

*The camera cuts to the inside of James Ranger's backstage office.  The GM himself can be seen sitting at a wooden desk facing the only door to the room.  On the desk sits a MacBook along with a yellow legal pad and a small assortment of writing utensils.  In front of the desk is a black metal folding chair, likely meant for visitors.  James is typing something up on the MacBook when, suddenly, the door to the office violently swings open.*

Ranger: Hey!!

*A figure steps through the doorway, revealing himself to be the Los Angeles Outlaw, Syndicate.  He is dressed in a black Tapout-branded muscle shirt along with blue jeans and black Nike sneakers with the World Tag Team Championship over his left shoulder.  A metal knee brace is still fitted over his right knee due to the injuries he sustained at Aftershock, but he seems to be moving in much less pain than previously seen.  With a look of absolute disgust on his face, Syndicate bounds towards Ranger.*

Ranger: Syndicate, please take a seat -

Syndicate: Shut.  Up.

*He speaks with an intensity that clearly intrigues Ranger.*

Syndicate: For once in your damn life, listen to what I'm about to say.  Since Holiday Hell, when I lost the World title to Xavier, the contractually-obligated rematch that I DESERVE has been continuously ignored.  You have done nothing but push it aside in favor of other men receiving shots that the certainly did not deserve before me.  But then, two weeks ago, when Xavier |BLEEP|ING Pendragon decides to ask for his rematch...you grant it to him, no questions asked.

*Syndicate pauses for a moment, seething.*

Syndicate: For the past two weeks, I've been calling you.  I've been texting you.  Hell, I even emailed your ass, asking what the HELL you were thinking giving that man a shot before a future Hall of Famer such as myself.  But you, you ignored ALL of my requests for comment.  Is this what I've become to you, James?  An afterthought?  A man that no longer matters in the grand scheme of the WWX?

Ranger: Now, Syndicate, I'm a very busy man.  I can't respond to every request that I get from the locker room -

Syndicate: Oh, please.  If the President of the United States has the time to tweet all day, you have the time to respond to a |BLEEP|ing text.

*Ranger sits back in his chair, chuckling.*

Syndicate: Here's what we're going to do, James.  You know what I want.  You know how BADLY I want to take my World title back.  You know that I'll do ANYTHING to get back on top.  So give me the chance to redeem myself, James.  Give me the chance that I am OBLIGATED to receive...or I will burn this damn company to the ground.

*Syndicate, raging, breaths heavily as he awaits a response from a smiling James Ranger.*

Ranger: ...fine.  You'll have your rematch.

*A smile slowly forms on the face of the Los Angeles Outlaw.*

Syndicate: Good choice, James.

*Syndicate turns around and begins to walk out...*

Ranger: Oh, Syndicate?

*Syndicate turns around, still giddy with excitement.*

Syndicate: Yeah?

Ranger: That match will happen in two weeks on Ravage, and it will happen REGARDLESS of your health.  Understand?

*Syndicate freezes, considering the possibility of his already-injured knee sustaining more damage.*

Syndicate: ...I don't care.

*Syndicate bounds out of the room, slamming the door behind him as James Ranger is left chuckling before turning back to his computer.*

Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the curtain before Jarvis walks through the entrance.

Ring Announcer: Coming up first! From Lincoln, Nebraska...JARVIS VALENTINE!

Jarvis hops side to side before putting his arms in an X formation above his head before taking of running down to the ring, Hr slides in the ring and pops up instantly. Jarvis puts is arm above his head again before making an X above his head again. He turns and walks backwards the corner as the camera seiches away from him to the crowd. 

[The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.] {{wwxyoutube=9AAXtUdM7xE}} 

[Mechanical sounds fill the arena as a voice sounds over it.] 

This is not good! 

No, this is not good at all!
Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday Maydayyyy.... You’re all gonna die!


[Tanno stands on the stage as pyros explode around him. He looks at the ring, a big grin stretching across his face.] 


Ring announcer: And now, from Amsterdam, Netherlands...TANNO WATERS!

[Tanno charges at the ring and slides in. He gestures to the crowd to a chorus of boos.]

Tanno's wife Emily enters the ring and wishes good luck to Tanno, quickly leaving and joining the announce table.

HART: And now, we're joined by our special guest commentator for this match, Emily Waters.

EMILY: Thank you Hart, I'm sure Tanno is coming off with the win here.

LANE: His opponent doesn't seem too confident in that though.

The referee rings the bell and Jarvis wastes no time, going straight after Tanno with a running clothesline. Tanno dodges however, and bounces the ropes, hitting Jarvis with a dropkick to the chest. Jarvis climbs back to his knees, and Tanno hits the ropes again to nail a second dropkick to Jarvis' chest. Tanno springboards off the ropes into a moonsault, but Jarvis dodges, and Tanno lands on the mat. As Tanno gets back on his feet, Jarvis grabs him and hits him with a bodyslam. Jarvis goes for the cover.

1...Tanno kicks out.

HART: Jarvis coming up strong here at the start of this match.

EMILY: Tanno's still in this, just watch.

Jarvis grabs Tanno by his hair and starts pummeling down on his chest with loud strikes. Jarvis picks up and lifts Tanno to his shoulder, preparing for a running power slam, butj Tanno manages to escape and land on his feet. Tanno runs and bounces back on the ropes, hitting Jarvis with a knee to the jaw as he turns.

EMILY: Told you! Tanno's still on the game.

As Jarvis is climbing back to his feet, Tanno kicks him on the back of his knees, forcing him to his knees. Tanno then takes the opportunity to deliver a flurry of kicks to Jarvis' chest. Tanno taunts the crowd, that boos him, and goes for a kick to Jarvis' head. Jarvis manages to duck, but Tanno swiftly changes his legs and hits Jarvis on the back of his head with a kick. Tanno goes for the cover.

1...2...Jarvis kicks out.

Tanno taunts the crowd, and waits for Jarvis, waiting for the Ultimate Impalum.

LANE: Here it comes!

EMILY: You can do it, honey!

Jarvis gets back to his feet, and Tanno kicks him in the gut. No! Jarvis manages to grab Tanno's foot before the kick connects, and pushes him back. Tanno falls on his back, but quickly gets back to his feet and runs at Jarvis, but Jarvis connects a big boot to his face. Jarvis picks up Tanno and picks him up for a powerbomb. Jarvis runs and throws Tanno, who hits the turnbuckle with his head. A stunned Tanno turns around just in time for Jarvis to hit him with a spear. Jarvis picks up the downed Tanno and hits the Jacknife Powerbomb!

HART: Jacknife! This is it!


Jarvis covers Tanno, and places his feet on the ropes for extra leverage.


The referee raises Jarvis' hand, as Emily runs from the announce table to help Tanno.

HART: Jarvis coming up strong here, but he used a dirty tactic in the end there
LANE: A win is a win, Hart. Jarvis got a lot of momentum coming up to Armada. I see a potential favorite for the Elimination Chamber match here.

*We go once again to the backstage area, where WWXonline.com reporter Leon Jones is standing with the Los Angeles Outlaw, Syndicate, by his side.  Leon is dressed in a crisp black suit, while Syndicate is still wearing his combination of black muscle shirt, blue jeans, metal knee brace, and black Nike sneakers.  The World Tag Team Championship proudly sits over his left shoulder.*

Jones: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here with the new #1 Contender for the Undisputed World Championship, Syndicate.  Syndicate, you've certainly been asking for this opportunity for a long time now.

Syndicate: 67 days, Leon.  It's been 67 days since I lost the World title at Holiday Hell.  67 days since Xavier cashed in his briefcase, 67 days that I've spent trying to claw my way back up when I shouldn't have needed to in the first place.

*A small smile creeps onto the Outlaw's face.*

Syndicate: And now, after 67 days of being ignored...James Ranger has finally gained some sense.  Now...I'm being given the opportunity to take back what's mine and reclaim my spot at the top of this company.

Jones: One area of concern to me is your right knee that was injured at Aftershock.  You haven't been in action since that night, do you believe your body can survive long enough to defeat the World Champion, whoever that may be?

Syndicate: Leon, to put it bluntly, I don't give a shit.  I have made a career out of taking advantage of EVERY opportunity that I get.  I'm not about to let my damn knee keep me from winning my sixth World Championship.  Yeah, I might be in pain, and yeah, I may be risking severe structural damage...but for that World title, I'll do anything, Leon - ANYTHING to win it back.

Jones: Later tonight, Xavier Pendragon and Tommy Lipton will be squaring off for the World title, and the winner will face off against you next week.  Do you have a preference of who you'd like to face?

*Syndicate pauses for a moment, rubbing his chin in contemplation.*

Syndicate: ...no.  No, I don't, and do you know why?  Because I've beaten both of these men before.  I've done what I've needed to do in the past to secure victories against both Tommy and Xavier.  Sure, things may have changed since then...but really, they haven't.  Tommy Lipton is still the scumbag that he always has been.  Xavier Pendragon is still a man that's lucky to be contending for the World title at all.  I know I can beat both men, and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Undisputed World Championship will be coming home to the Outlaw in two weeks.

*He chuckles.*

Syndicate: Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go find Darkness.

*Syndicate turns around and walks off as Leon Jones turns back to the camera.*

Jones: Back to you, Mike

Backstage, Jake Devine is walking, wearing street clothes and carrying his Crusade Cup trophy under his arm. He's drinking a can of Monster. He stops walking, and the camera pans over to Xavier Pendragon, already in his ring gear.


Jake: Yo, Xavier.




Xavier acknowledges Jake and continues walking, but Jake catches up to him.


Jake: Hold on. I see you have invoked your rematch clause for the Undisputed World championship, huh?


Xavier: And your point on this matter is what Jake?


Jake: Oh, nothing, nothing. I was just wondering about you going forward, really. This is your last shot at the title for a while.


Xavier: I’ll ask you one last time Jake. What…is…your…point?


Jake: I got this.


Jake taps on his trophy with the energy drink can.


Jake: And this trophy here guarantees me a title shot at Armada. Be it you or Lipton. I only want to face the best of the best. Maybe it's you. We'll have to wait and see.


Xavier: Maybe?! In case you’ve forgotten who the hell I am, I’m “The Machine” Xavier Pendragon. I also know that you’re gonna be ringside for my match with Lipton. Considering this a warning: don’t get in my way…


Without another word, Xavier walks past Jake.


(The show comes back from commercial to Kyla Bonn standing in the ring with a microphone.)

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for one fall!


BONN: And is a first round match in the International Championship tournament! Introducing first, weighing in at 115 pounds and hailing from Busthead, Virginia.... HEX GIRL!

(The crowd pops as Her Black Wings hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, She is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight.)

BONN: And now, from Long Beach, California, and weighing in at 211 pounds, he is the reigning WWX TV Champion... WILLIE STEEN!

(The crowd response is fairly negative as "Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank blares over the PA system. Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses. He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him. Steen makes his way to the ring, gesturing and showboating to the crowd as he does. He arrives at the ring, climbs on to the apron and leans against the ropes, surveying the crowd. He climbs into the ring and ascends a turnbuckle posing and gesturing for the crowd. Bonn exits the ring as the two wrestlers eye each other up. hex moves to square off but Willie saunters away with a smirk, mouthing the words 'nah, man.')

HART: That was a blatant show of disrespect to Hex Girl.

LANE: The fact that he's in this match with Hex Girl is a blatant show of disrespect to Willie Steen.

(Hex keeps a close eye on Steen as he takes off his title belt, setting it down in the corner of the ring. Willie finally saunters back over to Hex Girl, leering at her for a moment, before finally squaring up to start the match. The referee calls for the bell. Hex is lunges at Steen who sways away from her blows, initially refusing to fight back. He says something to Hex Girl that sets her off and she winds up for a big slap. Steen avids the slap, planting a foot behind Hex's leg and using it as leverage to slam her to the mat.)

LANE: Steen's making use of his size advantage to show Hex Girl just why it is she doesn;t belong.

(Steen kneels by hex, smirking at her before he turns to face the audience, earning a chorus of boos. He wave the fans off before going back to Hex Girl, leaning over her to pick her up. Hex takes advantage, pulling Steen down into a small cradle.)


HART: Hex Girl gets the first near fall of the match!

(Steen rolls away from Hex, starting to let a little bit of irritation show through. Hex gets up in his face again and Steen responds with a body blow, followed by a second. He pauses to taunt Hex Girl and she responds with a Nut Punt. Steen drops to his knees and Hex continues the assault with a savate kick to the TV champion.)

LANE: Steen might be out!

(Hex goes for the pin, but Steen kicks out immediately. Hex gets to her feet, heading to the turnbuckle while Steen is still on the mat. She climbs the ropes, crouching and waiting for Willie to get to his feet.)

HART: I think she's going to go for the flying thrust kick.

(Steen scrambles to his feet and hits the ropes, knocking Hex Girl off balance. She lands hard on the top turnbuckle, and Steen is quick to press the advantage. He grabs her by the head, pulling her back far enough to hit a devastating DDT! Steen goes for the pin!)


(Steen looks amazed the Hex is still in it after the rope assisted DDT. He curses under his breath, shainging his head as he goes to pick her up again. Hex Girl rallies, driving punches into Steen's guts while he respnds with blows to her back, but it is the scrappy hex Girl that comes out on top after driving a palm strike up into Steen's chin that leaves him staggering and holding his chin. hex taunts Steen, who shouts back at her. She aims a Superkick at the TV champion, but he ducks out of the way and she catches the referee in the face instead, sending the official sprawling to the mat.)

LANE: That should be a disqualification! She assaulted the referee!

(Hex girl goes to check on the referee as Steen rolls out of the ring. While Hex is distracted, Steen collects his TV title, a smirk appearing on his face. The crowd continues to boo him but he seems unphased as he smacks his hand against the belt, and he rolls back into the ring. He grabs hex by the shoulder, spinning her around and nailing her in the face with the belt, sending her cat ears flying.)

HART: What an appalling display from Willie Steen.

LANE: Hex Girl knew what she was getting into. It's her own fault if she got hurt.

(Steen hauls up Hex Girl, hitting her with the Cali Clash. He goes for the pin, but there's no referee to count it for him.)

HART: Steen just realized the referee is still out.

(Steen goes to try and wake up the referee, shouting and slapping the man. Finally the referee starts to stir. Steen turns his attention back to Hex Girl, to hkick him in the gut and hit a DDT on the discarded title, leaving the champion in a heap on the mat.)

LANE: Hex Girl is going to steal this match!

(Hex kicks the belt out of the ring and rolls up Steen!)


(The crowd roars as the referee calls for the bell.)

*The camera cuts to the locker room, where Darkness can be seen stretching on the floor in preparation for his match against Kurtis Ray.  Behind him, one of the World Tag Team Championships is propped up on a black folding chair.  After a few moments of stretching, the door to the locker room swings open and in steps Syndicate, the other half of the Tag Team Champions.*

Syndicate: There you are!

*Darkness looks up at Syndicate with bemusement.*

Darkness: Where else did you think I'd be?

Syndicate: I don't know, catering or something?

*Both men share a laugh.*

Syndicate: Hey, so do you have any plans for your match tonight?  Anything you want me to do specifically while I'm out there?  I have no problem decking Kurtis when the ref's not looking.

*Darkness glances down at the ground.*

Darkness: Yeah...I wanted to talk to you about that, actually.

*Syndicate looks at Darkness, quizzically.*

Syndicate: Hmm?

*Darkness makes his way to his feet.*

Darkness: I kinda want to take a stab at Kurtis by myself this week.  Plus, you've got that knee to take care of for your World title match.  I wouldn't want you reinjuring it like you did at Aftershock.  What you should do is go home, keep up the rehab, and get yourself back to 100%.

*Syndicate stares at Darkness for a moment before shrugging his shoulders.*

Syndicate: Fine, suit yourself.  Good luck tonight.

*The partners share a quick handshake before Syndicate walks off, leaving Darkness to resume his stretching.*


Hart: Welcome back folks as we continue with the second match in the series to crown the next International Champion.

“Darkness’s theme comes on as the arena lights remain the same, no fog, nothing.”

Hart: This is unusual. Yet here comes Darkness,

Sure enough, Darkness, comes out, wearing the WWX Tag Team Championship as the fans are puzzled by this sudden change in the legend. 

Kyla Bonn: Introducing one half of the World Wrestling Xistence Tag Team Champions….DARKNESS~!

Lane: Looking to place another notch on the belt collection, can Darkness overcome the Hype Train? 

Darkness steps into the ring, unclipping the championship around his waist, raising it above his head for all to see.

Hart: Well he did promise Kurtis a fair one on one match with no Syndicate present at ringside, this is bound to ease up the challenge for this guy!

(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a  decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.

(Kurtis and Darkness face each other in the ring, both men daring the other to begin. Finally Kurtis raises a hand for a handshake.)

HART: Kurtis Ray wants to start this match off on the right foot.

LANE: Gotta love a good show of sportsmanship like that.

(Darkness hesitates for a moment before taking Kurtis' hand. The two men retain the grip for a moment, each visibly trying to impress the other with his grip strength. Finally Darkness moves to step away but Kurtis maintains the grip, pulling Darkness into an attempt at the Trainwreck. Darkness ducks under the forearm, clinching around Kurtis's waist and answering the lariat attempt with a side suplex.)

LANE: Ray tries to end the match early and pays the price.

HART: Darkness is a veteran, and even if they've called a ceasefire he knows what to expect from Kurtis Ray.

(Kurtis rolls away from Darkness, but the veteran pushes the advantage. Kurtis tries to get back to his feet, only to be assaulted from above with heavy blows. Kurtis drops to his knees and Darkness locks around the Hype Train's head and grabs his belt, lifting Kurtis up and dropping him on his head on the mat in a punishing DDT.)

LANE: That had to hurt!

(Darkness goes for a pin, Kurtis kicks out immediately. Darkness grins, clamoring back to his feet and crouching in the corner. Kurtis looks a little bit gobsmacked as he rolls over to the ropes and uses them to pull himself to his feet. Darkness charges at Kurtis, aiming for a spear, but Kurtis counters it with a kick up into the legend's chest. Darkness fells to his knees, and Kurtis follows up with a running boot followed by a stomp on the veteran's face.)

HART: Darkness just paid the price for underestimating Kurtis Ray.

(Kurtis doesn't miss a step in hauling Darkness up to his feet, driving a kick into the veteran's gut. He hooks Darkness' arms and spins around, lifting Darkness and dropping him to the mat with the Hangover!)

LANE: Hangover!

(Kurtis rolls Darkness over and goes for the pin.)


(Kurtis grins, nodding his head as he gets back to his feet, moving to crouch in the corner, shouting at Darkness to get up.)

Hart: The tension here is clearly going thru the roof, but who will progress forward?

Kurtis Ray and Darkness immediately lock up, the power struggle as Darkness forces Kurtis back two steps, only for Kurtis to swing momentum back in his favor, literally causing Darkness to pivot around and pushing him into the corner, the ref checks the hold and begins to count, but Kurtis backs off at the count of three as Darkness shields his face. 

The fans roar as Kurtis merely beckons Darkness to come out and play, smiliing all the while as 
Darkness steps out again, the two extend a hand each out, going for the test of strength, neither giving the other an inch, before Kurtis pulls Darkness in with for a belly to belly, but Darkness connects with a knee to the stomach, stopping him cold, dropping him with a DDT. Darkness covers!



Kurtis kicks, attempting to roll away, but Darkness is hot on his trail, picking him up and pinning him against the ropes, connecting with a mean cross chop to the chest, getting the crowd riled up as he connects with another. He whips Kurtis across the ring, but Kurtis rebounds, jumping into the air and connecting with a flying clothesline, knocking Darkness to the mat. Kurtis beckons as Darkness gets to this feet.

(Kurtis pops Darkness up onto the air for the Death Ray, but Darkness counters into a neckbreaker. Darkness rolls to his feet, hauling up Kurtis and then shouting something at him hooking up and nailing Darkness Falls!)

LANE: Darkness Falls!

HART: Time will tell if that's enough to stop the K-Train.

(Darkness rolls Kurtis up for a quick pin!)

1..... 2..... Kickout!


(The crowd roars for Kurtis, firmly behind the Hype Train. Darkness looks furious, but he hauls up Kurtis again. Kurtis fights off Darkness, but before he can do anything, Darkness drives another kick into Kurtis'abdomen, following up with the Total Eclipse!)

LANE: Darkness Falls! Again!

HART: Things are looking grim.

(Darkness looks at the fallen Kurtis then shakes his head, pulling up the Hype Train again. He sets up for the Total Eclipse, but Kurtis counters, slamming Darkness to the mat. He drops to one knee but gets back to his feet, raising one hand and pumping it, earning a roar from the crowd.)


(Kurtis is quick to jump on Darkness, hauling him up to his feet and whipping him into the rope, executing a picture-perfect Death Ray!)

LANE: Death Ray!

(Kurtis crouches down in the corner, watching Darkness and waiting for him to get to his feet. After a moment, Darkness starts to stir and he raises to his knees. Kurtis comes in from behind, locking around Darkness' waist and hauling him to his feet. He grabs Darkness' wrist and spins him around around, pulling him into the Trainwreck!)

HART: Trainwreck! That may just be the exclamation point on this match!

(Kurtis goes for the pin!)


The lights go off and a raven caws. The arena is filled with machinery sounds as Tanno's entrance starts to play.]

This is not good… No, this is not good at all… 
Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday Maydayyyy.... 
 You’re all gonna die… 


[The lights go on but Tanno is not on the stage, or anywhere else to be seen.]

Hart: The devil?

Kurtis incensed and anticipating the arrival, realizes what just happened too late as Darkness spins him around…

Lane: Total Eclipse! Darkness covers!




Hart: Kurtis kicks out! 

ANE: KICKOUT!! Kurtis Ray is still in it!!

(The crowd starts chanting 'This is awesome!' and Darkness looks amazed that Kurtis managed to kick out, but the Hype Train is definitely looking the worst for it. Darkness pulls Kurtis up to his feet, shaking his head and signalling that the match is over. He grabs Kurtis by the throat, intending to hit Sudden Darkness when Kurtis locks his leg around the veteran's, stopping Darkness from picking him up. He thrusts his own arm up in the air, pumping it again.)


(Kurtis starts driving elbows hard into the side of Darkness's head, but the veteran still tries to hit the choke slam. Finally Kurtis locks his arms around darkness, countering the move with a modified overhead suplex. Kurtis rolls through, barely missing a step as he rolls trough and crouches in the corner. Darkness starts to get to his feet when Kurtis comes at him and hits a Shining Wizard.)

LANE: The crowd is firmly behind the Hype Train!

HART: But how much can he have left in the tank?

(Kurtis is clearly tired and clearly desperate to end the match as he pulls Darkness up again. He makes sure the veteran is firmly on his feet before whipping him into the ropes, following up with another Death Ray! Kurtis is quick to hook both of Darkness' legs as the ref goes for the count!)


LANE: Kurtis Ray has beaten Darkness and advanced to the next round of the International Title Tournament!

HART: But what a match, Gary! Both these men laid it all out and produced an absolute classic!

(The referee raises Kurtis' hand in victory and the Hype Train drops to the mat, nothing left in the tank. He leans against the ropes, a goofy grin on his face as the crowd cheers for him, and he finally raises his arm, pumping it again to earn another exhuberant 'CHOO CHOO' from the crowd. He pulls himself to his feet, wobbling a bit as he goes over to help Darkness, who has just started to stir after the end of the match.

He pulls Darkness to his feet and the two men stare at each other until Kurtis holds out his fist to Darkness, who bumps it. Kurtis grins, then raises Darkness' arm, celebrating with the other man.)


Bonn - Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWX Undisputed Championship.  Introducing first, the challenger... 

(“The Last Dragon” blasts through the PA system as Xavier comes out to a deafening ovation. Xavier stands on the entrance ramp for a few moments before Jeffrey and Beatrice appear, walking methodically to the ring. Xavier’s cold dark eyes locked on the ring.)

Bonn - Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, he stands 6'3" and weighs in at 277 lbs.  Here is... "The Machine" Xavier Pendragon!!!!!!!!!!

(He climbs in the ring with no wasted motions. He does some last-minute stretching before looking back at the entrance ramp, awaiting the arrival of Tommy Lipton.)

Bonn - And his opponent...

("Wanting to be Starting Something" plays over the PA as the fans erupt with heavy cheers.)

Bonn: From Toronto Ontario Canada weighing in at 275 pounds, he is the WWX Undisputed Champion ... The One the Only.... TOMMY LIPTON!!!


Hart: Here comes the Champ! Tommy looks ready for his title defense here tonight! 

Lane: The man's worked his way back to the top and he now stands tall as the WWX Champion! But will Xavier end his reign short?

Hart: Will the Era of Lipton stay alive?

(Tommy makes his way to the ring with the WWX Undisputed Championship around his waist. Once at ring side he unclips the belt and climbs up the turnbuckle. He raises his arm with title in hand high up.)


Hart: These fans showing WWX lead James Ranger they support our current Champion! 

(Tommy hops off the buckle and heads to his corner....)

*** Ding Ding ***

(Tommy looks at Xavier and motions a "bring it" taunt. Xavier charges and Tommy pivots away and he lifts a knee driving it hard into Xavier’s gut. Tommy follows up with an elbow to the back... Tommy wraps Xavier up and lifts him dropping him with a thud!)

Lane: Well executed German Suplex! 

(Tommy doesn't let go and attempts another Suplex but Xavier stomps on Tommy’s foot and brings an elbow across the bridge of the nose, Tommy releases his grip and Xavier takes the opportunity to assault Tommy with lefts and rights and a few kicks...)

Hart: Oooh Xavier drops Tommy face first with a nasty DDT!

Lane: Xavier with a roll up! 


Tw- and a kickout.


Hart: Too soon!

Lane: Yeah, it’s going to take more than that to get the title.

(Xavier is up and gets a quick stomp to the knee of Lipton as he tries to get to his feet.  Lipton rolls back and springs to his feet.  The two lock up and Tommy with a right cross.  Xavier counters with a right of his own.  They trade a few blows before Lipton gets the upper hand and delivers a beautiful Vertical Suplex.)

Hart: Lipton looks very sharp in the execution of his Suplexes.

(Lipton pulls Pendragon up and gives him a punch for good measure.  Lipton rolls him up for a quick pin.)

One… and a kickout.

(Lipton with a Double Ax Hand Smash to the back of Xavier before he could fully get to his feet before he picks the challenger up for another Vertical Suplex.  Lipton raises his arm to the crowd as they give him a nice ovation.  He goes to pull Xavier to his feet again but is met with a huge uppercut from Pendragon.  Lipton staggers back a step, before coming in again, but this time he is met with an Open-Handed Strike to the knee.  Lipton tries for a kick, but Pendragon dodges and does a Dragon Screw Leg Whip, dropping the champion on his back.)

Lane: A counter by The Machine.

(Xavier makes it up first and delivers an X Marks the Spot right as Lipton gets to his feet.)

Hart:  X marks the spot right on target for Xavier and Lipton goes down like a ton of bricks.

(Pendragon quickly jumps on his fallen opponent and puts Tommy in a Boston Crab.  The referee checks the hold and makes sure it is legal, which it is.  Xavier wrenches in as Lipton screams out.  The referee is asking Tommy if he wants to tap and he refuses.)

Hart:  Lipton not giving up now.  I think he sees how close he is to the ropes, but he does have to move a little as they are just out of reach for him.

(Lipton reaches out for the ropes but comes up short.  He tries to pick up Xavier and crawl towards the ropes, but he doesn’t make up much space on his first try.  A second attempt does get him closer, but not quite.)

Hart:  Tommy makes one more lunge and he is there!  He reaches the ropes!

(The referee instructs Xavier to break the hold and he refuses.  The ref starts his count and gets to 3 before Pendragon finally releases.  He gets in between the men and lectures Pendragon on releasing the hold as Lipton writhes in pain on the other side of the ring.  Pendragon makes his way around the referee’s warnings and charges at Lipton as he is climbing the ropes and almost back to his feet.  Tommy ducks and pulls the ropes down, sending Xavier hard to the outside and on to the concrete floor surrounding the ring.)

Hart: Lipton getting out of the way of that in the knick of time and Pendragon landed hard on that floor outside the ring.

Lane: Jeffrey and Beatrice are helping Xavier to his feet as he looks to be Ok after taking that spill.  The referee is starting his count.

1, 2, 3, 4…

(Pendragon is up and is sliding under the ropes to enter the ring.  Lipton has made it to his feet and the two men lock up.  Xavier goes for a punch but Tommy ducks it and snaps with a Triple German Suplex! As the dazed opponent pushes up onto his feet Tommy charges Spearing the opponent into the corner and through the turnbuckles.  Pendragon tries to grab hold of the ropes and does a bit, but the momentum still drives him out of the ring, although he lands on his feet.)

Hart:  Lipton explodes with some offense and Pendragon is going to huddle up with his crew and try to attack this again.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6….

(Xavier enters the ring again and slowly comes in for another lock up.  Pendragon quickly delivers a Dropkick to the knee of Lipton, dropping him onto that knee.  As he gets up, he is met with a charge kick.  Lipton goes down and Pendragon is quickly on him again.  Pendragon tries to put him in a Wire Cutter, but Lipton is resisting hard and Xavier cannot lock it in.  Lipton fights off Xavier and works his way closer to the ropes before Xavier does an Dragon Screw Leg Whip to pull him towards the middle of the ring.)

Hart:  Lipton doing a nice job to wiggle out of a submission attempt by Pendragon.

(Xavier pulls Tommy up and puts him in a headlock to set up for the Detroit Stunner, but Tommy reverses the move and picks Pendragon up hitting a Headlock Suplex.)

Hart: A nice reversal by Lipton, but it seemed to take a bit out of him, as both men are down here.  

(Xavier gets to his feet first and makes his way over to Lipton.  He picks Tommy up and drives a hard knee across the ribs. Xavier gets up and smiles at Jake Devine but is startled as Tommy grabs him and takes Xavier down with a Belly to Belly Suplex!  Tommy squats low and stalks Xavier who is getting back onto his feet. Tommy lifts Xavier for a Lipton Slam but Xavier escapes and goes for a clothesline but Tommy ducks as Xavier turns around and is kicked in the gut and Tommy Lipton drops Xavier with a CIB!

Hart: CIB! CIB! Tommy covers!




*Lipton holds up the Undisputed World title with both arms*

Hart: Tommy Lipton has retained the World title in dramatic fashion!

*Tommy collapses to his knees as he holds the championship when, suddenly...*

Hart: What the -

*...an instantly-recognizable man slides into the ring from behind*



*Tommy turns his head, realizing what is happening.  The champion jumps to his feet, but Syndicate sees it coming, kicking him in the gut with his left leg and bringing him down with a Catalyst DDT! Jake stands at ringside watching intently, merely standing up*

Hart: Syndicate's cleaning house!

*Grinning, Syndicate reaches down and grabs the World Championship from Lipton's unmoving hands.  Looking at the face plate, he nods to himself before raising the title in the air over the body of Tommy Lipton. He takes a moment to look in Jake’s direction, pointing at the belt*

Syndicate: (off-mic) THIS IS MY CHAMPIONSHIP JAKE! MINE! The Syndicate Era Never Ended!

Hart: Syndicate's making a STATEMENT here tonight, and in two weeks, these two will face off for professional wrestling's most coveted prize!  I, for one, can't wait!

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