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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-04-01 19:38:06
Eric Maccoux
Mar 30 (2 days ago)
to me 
Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Saturday Night Ravage!




*Static fills the KeyArena before transitioning into "Bulls on Parade"!*

Lane: Oh, good, we get to start with this piece of |BLEEP|...

Hart: Language, Gary!  We're live on national television!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it, holding the World Tag Team Championship over his left shoulder.  Wearing his red leather jacket, gray denim jeans, metal right knee brace, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing the floor. *

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***

*Zach de la Rocha's trademark scream resonates through Oracle as Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in the spotlight!  Soon after, the lights in the arena come back to life.*


Lane: I just don't get it.  Syndicate has done nothing since Aftershock, but here he is, getting a damn title shot against Tommy Lipton before Jake Devine has his turn.  It just doesn't seem fair!

Hart: Well, Syndicate believes that he's had this rematch coming since Holiday Hell, he's just never been granted it until now.

Lane: I hope Tommy grinds that damn knee to a pulp.

*As the commentators speak, Syndicate walks down the ramp and enters the ring, performing a crucifix pose after he does.*


*He grabs a microphone from a ringside technician and holds it up.*

Syndicate: How we doin' tonight, Seattle?


Syndicate: A month and a half ago, I fought Jake Devine at Aftershock, and after that match, I was lying in this ring in a type of pain that I've never felt before...but it wasn't just because of my knee.  Yes, it hurt like hell and I couldn't |BLEEP|in' walk, but that's not what hurt the most.  That...was the hopelessness of what was going down.  I had just lost to Jake Devine, meaning I wouldn't be getting a title shot at Armada.  Not only that, but the championship rematch that I should have been given ASAP was seemingly thrown into the trash.  Sure, Darkness and I are still KINGS of the tag division, but at that moment, I felt like the most worthless piece of shit imaginable.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: All that work...all that blood, all that pain, EVERYTHING that went into establishing the "Era of Syndicate"...was just gone.  Vanished.  Almost two years of unprecedented dominance, GONE in the blink of an eye.  I just couldn't take it.  So I went home, rested up, rehabbed.  Made some sporadic appearances here or there...but mostly, I just prepared myself to fight again.  But then...I saw Xavier Pendragon get a rematch for the World title just by asking one, singular time.  And that...that made me a teensy-bit upset.  So I came to Ravage, I burst into James Ranger's office, and I DEMANDED that I get what is deservedly mine.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw chuckles to himself.*

Syndicate: And whaddya know?  The man says yes.  James Ranger makes the right call and gives me a title shot, with the caveat that I wrestle regardless of my injury status.  Let's be real here: I would've wrestled for the Undisputed World title even if I was in a |BLEEP|ing coma.  So, over the past two weeks, I got my shit together.  I rehabbed as hard as I possibly could to make sure my knee will be ready to go.  But most importantly, I reminded myself of who I am.  I AM Sydney Maxwell Irvine, I AM a five-time World Champion, and I AM an OUTLAW that will do whatever it takes to become "king of the world" once again.

Syndicate: Tommy Lipton, since I know you're back there...I hope you know what you're getting yourself into.  I hope you realize what this match means for the both of us.  In just a few short hours, I'm gonna remind you EXACTLY why I've been at the top of this company for the past five years.  I'm gonna show you why this truly is the "Era of Syndicate"...and I'm gonna show you why your broken ass should RETIRE.  Until then...welcome...to the -

What Went Down hits the PA system, interrupting Syndicate. The crowd is on their feet now. Jake Devine walks out of the stage wearing street clothes and with a microphone in his hand, his wife Megan next to him. Jake strikes up a pose. The camera changes to the ring, where Syndicate is grinning and shaking his head. Jake raises his hand, making the music stop, and starts walking down the ramp.

Jake: Hey Syndicate. When was the last time I saw you? Was it during my cup celebration? I guess so. I see you've been getting yourself busy, huh? A title rematch, tonight? Does this mean you want to be facing me at Armada?

Jake laughs, reaching the ring. He slowly climbs the steel steps.

Jake: Sadly, that would throw all of my two months of preparation down the drain. I've been training specifically for Tommy Lipton, you know that?

Syndicate: Jake, I was expecting you. And you should know that a true champion is always prepared for a challenge, no matter who it is from.

Jake: I'm well aware of that. But are you really saying that I should be afraid of a guy with a bum knee?

The crowd boos at Jake, who sits on the turnbuckles.

Jake: The era of Syndicate? Come on. We both know what's the truth here. I worked my ass off to win the Crusade Cup. And I deserve to win the championship more than anyone on that locker room. It's not the Era of Syndicate that's starting, my dear friend. It's the Era of the Fallen King. The Era of Jake Devine.

Syndicate: If you want to estabilish yourself as the top guy here, sure, go ahead. But do know that you'll have to get past me first,and pry off the title I'm winning tonight from my cold, dead hands.

Jake: And I'll be waiting for you in Canada. Win that championship. I want a rematch from the Crusade Cup finals with a Syndicate who is on top of his game.

The crowd gives a standing ovation, and Syndicate and Jake smile at each other.

Jake: Now, where were you? Oh, yeah. Welcome to the...?

Syndicate: You'll have to pay me if you finish that sentence.

Jake: Oh. Sorry. Didn't know that.

The crowd laughs.


The crowd gives a loud roar. Jake offers a fist bump to Syndicate, who chuckles and accepts it before sliding out of the ring and walking up the ramp to prepare for his match.


[The camera cuts to inside the ring where we see Gimmick Jones with a microphone in hand prior to his tryout match and apparently has something to say.]
Gimmick Jones: For those of you who do not yet know me, allow moi to intoduce thyself. I'm that skinny jeans wearin, fanny pack rockin' studzilla gorilla in Velcro kicks who gots it all and gets with allllllll the chicks! I'm the best there is, the hardest man alive and that ain't no jive. Sucka! So who's it gone be? Who is about ta be in jeopardy like Alec Trebec. I've got that verbal ammunition and the intuition to hit all my haters with a dose of truth and the harsh reality is grim, so without further ado, send out the next victim.
Smoking red Dragon eyes emerge from the shadowy darkness on the video wall with a pair of wings shown fluttering in the backdrop as a narrator speaks.
(V.O) The Dragonfly, in almost every part of the world symbolizes change in the perspective of self realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of a deeper meaning of life.
The Dragonfly is also associated with adaptability or the ability to "go with the flow."
The DragonFly can also be an omen. 
If a Dragonfly lands on you it is seen to be good luck. Seeing a Dragonfly in your dreams or if one suddenly appears in your life, it is a sign of caution.
 The house lights abruptly go out, leaving the arena in pitch black darkness. The lights flickers back on to reveal DragonFly perched on top of the top rope behind an unknowing Gimmick Jones who turns around just in time to see DragonFly leap forward with a front flip into a hurricarana pin! The bell rings, a referee slides in to count three and the bell rings, with DragonFly disappearing quickly through the crowd, celebrating with the fans as gimmick Jones looks on in anger and  disbelief. 


The Ravage Tron comes to life. The in-ring action stops as Kendra Haze and Super Bacon sit up on the canvas recovering. They both look on with bewilderment.  Flashing scenes of burning fire, dark clouds of smoke, and then assorted scenes of people running away, before massive explosions rapidly overtake the entire Ravage Tron.

Hart: What are we looking at???

Lane: Do you think I'd tell you if I knew? I've got not the craziest idea, Mike!

The final scene shows a dark room with a lone dim lighting, as three dark figures standing still in place. One of the figures is much smaller in size than the other two. The smaller figure stands front and center, while the two other rather extra large figures stand still in the back. The smaller figure starts in toward the camera still, face still not scene as it gets closer. 

Hart: Wait...is that? Oh my....

Lane: I think IT IS!!

The scene shows the smaller figure appears from the shadows into the dim lighting of the night sky that shines through a window. The shot reveals a young woman with shoulder length dark hair and pale skin wearing deep eyeliner and purple lipstick. She stares angelically into the camera, with a hint of a grin slowly developing. The crowd stirs as she readies to speak.

"We're here".

The video on the Ravage Tron abruptly dies. Super Bacon and Kendra then turn around.



DJ Killer and Bo Bruiser, wearing matching black leather tights and leather vests pull themselves up with leverage from the top rope. DJ Killer appears from the side that leads to the entrance ramp while Bo Bruiser from the opposite side. Both enter the ring simultaneously kick their opposition in the gut. Bo Bruiser executes the Edge of Devastation (Outsider Edge) to Kendra while DJ Killer executes Epic Disaster (Diamond Cutter) to Super Bacon.


Hart: And the referee has called for the bell here!

Lane: Hoh MAN! 

The Rogues of Anarchy double team Super Bacon as Kendra rolls out of the ring. DJ Killer whips Super Bacon to the ropes, and coming back Bo Bruiser places Bacon between his legs, and lifts him up in a powerbomb position. DJ Killer grabs Bacon around his neck and both Rogues of Anarchy deliver Capital Carnage (Outsider Edge + reverse diamond cutter) to Bacon.


Hart: What devastation left by these two brutes!

Lane: They're bacccckkkkkkk!

Both Rogues of Anarchy leave the ring through the crowd without looking back as the crowd reacts with mixed pleasure and displeasure as the carnage that's left to show both lying prone as the scene goes to commercial.


Xavier is seen walking the back hallway when he sees GM James Ranger.

XAVIER: Do you really believe what happened last week?

RANGER: What do you mean?

XAVIER: Lipton cheated to win just to keep the belt.

RANGER: So what are you suggesting I do about it?

XAVIER: I want my title back.

RANGER: "Your" title? Seems like Lipton has it now.

XAVIER: Listen Ranger, you have one of two options- you either give me
a chance to get my title back from Lipton or I take my title back from
Lipton through force. Choose wisely Ranger.

Without another word, Xavier walks away but before he can walk away
Darkness stops him.

Darkness: So Xavier, you think you are worthy of another title shot.
Ranger: And I suppose you think you're worthy Darky.

*Darkness shoots a menacing glare towards Ranger.*

Darkness: Actually Ranger, I'm glad you brought that up. Honestly, I
don't think I'm worthy of a shot at any title let alone the world
title. That is why I am here. I have a proposition for you and Xavier.

Ranger: What pray tell may that be?

*Xavier looks on with a curious look on his face.*

Darkness: Me and Xavier in a match at Armada.

Ranger: And what's the catch?

Xavier: Yes, what's your point?

Darkness: A match... if you win Xavier, you get your title shot and if
I win I get to stay in the WWX.

*Ranger and Xavier both look at each other.*

Darkness: That's right Ranger and Xavier, you heard me right. If
Xavier beats me at Armada my career will be over. I'll be waiting for
both your answers.

*Darkness walks off leaving Xavier a little confused and Ranger
rubbing his chin obviously intrigued by Darkness' proposition.*

Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the curtain before Jarvis walks through the entrance. 

Jarvis hops side to side before putting his arms in an X formation  above his head before taking of running down to the ring.

Announcer: Coming to the ring first, standing at Six feet one inches tall and weighting in at two hundred and forty three pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Summer, he is…Jarvis…VALENTINEEE!

Jarvis puts his arm above his head again before making an X above his head again. He turns and walks backwards the corner as the camera switches away from him to the crowd. It pans around and goes back towards the stage.

Soon after, Her Black Wings hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp.
Announcer: And his opponent, standing at five feet six inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, from Busthead Virginia, being accompanied to the ring by Kailee…She is...Hex Girl!
She leaps over the ropes hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight. The bell is rung for the match to begin.
The two circle the ring as Hex moves in for a lock up. Jarvis comes in to lock up as she pulls back and smiles, tapping her head as he shakes it off. The two once again lock up as Valentine flips her over with an arm drag. She gets to her feet and comes up trying for a clothesline as he ducks. He goes to deliver a donkey kick to her but she steps back and comes towards him for a clothesline once more. He ducks it and hits a humongous kick to the chin, dropping hex to the mat much to the delight of the fans!

Valentine quickly wastes no time going in for a headlock to keep her grounded. She keeps grounded for a moment but gets to her feet delivering a few blows to the chest. He lets go of the hold as she draws him in hitting a DDT. Valentine lies on the mat as Hex delivers the boots to him. He rolls out of the ring as Hex taunts for the fans. 

Valentine shakes it off and slides back into the ring as the two lock up once more. Valentine sends Hex off the ropes and sends her over with a hip toss. She bounces off the mat but is once again agile to her feet. The two lock up once more as he delivers a stiff uppercut sending her reeling backwards into the ropes. He takes her into the corner and delivers a set of shoulders to her mid section, each one harder than the last. After about four shots, he steps back as she falls forward to the mat. He goes for the pin. 
2…and Hex kicks out. 
Valentine gets to his feet and pulls Hex up as she shoots up with an uppercut of her own. She delivers a beautiful drop kick sending Valentine to the mat. She runs over climbing onto the second rope and comes down with a flying elbow. Valentine rolls in pain for a moment but shows heart as he gets to his feet. 

The two lock up as both are having trouble taking control of each other. Hex locks her hands around the waist of Valentine and goes to send him over, but he pushes his hands on her head to stop. He gets to the mat and sends a knee to the face of Hex and follows through with a Russian leg sweep. The fans are on their feet as he quickly jumps over locking in a cross face!

Hex reels in pain as he pulls back on it, trying to make sure that she gives. She reaches out crawling towards the ropes and falls onto the mat. The referee comes over to check on her as her body has went limp. Valentine looks down as the referee comes over grabbing her arm. He picks it up…and it falls. 
He picks it up once more…and it falls. 
He picks it up for a final…and she shoots to life!
Hex uses her strength to crawl towards the ropes and reaches out as the referee tells him to break the hold. Valentine looks in awe as he gets to his feet and goes to reach down to pick her up, but she quickly wraps him up for a schoolboy pin. 
2…and he kicks out!
Valentine looks surprised as Hex once more comes up at him. She takes the upper hand and goes for the pacifier! He connects perfectly as she lays down to go for the pin. 
2…and the referee stops counting. 

Summer is on the ropes yelling at the referee who is trying to get her off. Kailee goes around the ring and grabs hold of Summer, pulling her off. The two women begin exchanging blows as Hex gets to her feet. She steps over to see what is going on as valentine works his way to his feet. He stands up and waits as Hex turns around and sees he is back up. He kicks her in the stomach delivering the powerbomb! He goes for the pin. 

Kailee slides into the ring to come after Valentine. He slides out and grabs hold of Summer, who was hurt on the outside. The two stumble up the ramp together as Kailee checks on Hex. The camera fades to commercial. 

*Scene opens backstage in the interview area, Leon Jones stands center camera, mic in hand.

Leon: "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my guest tonight is the man who, one month ago, came to the ring to put an end to the scene of terror being wrought by Rex McAllister. Last Ravage he sent a challenge to the man and was met with an unexpected result. WWX Universe, The Nordic Nightmare Korath"

the camera pans over and we see Korath himself standing nearby, his arms crossed over his chest, making his muscles strain the limits of the deer skin tunic he is wearing. A look of restrained anger is locked on his face, the gaze of his steel blue eyes attempting to burn through Leon.

Leon: "Korath, last Ravage when you challenged Rex AcAllister, he answered with a match he created several years ago, The Infernal Asylum, has this shaken you at all?"

Korath just stares at Leon for a few more moments, then with a grunt of annoyance he speaks.

Korath: "Are you seriously asking me that Leon, it will take more than a little flame to scare me. No I think what you really want to ask is how do I plan to use this situation to my advantage. Let me tell you and the world, I Korath do not back down from any challenge, I would enter the fires of the Christian Hell itself if it meant that I could get my hands on my opponent. Rex has doomed himself by choosing this match, the very same match that nearly claimed his life, by his own admission. He has willingly trapped himself inside a burning cage with a man whose savagery only grows if and when his life is in danger."

Korath reaches his hand for the mic and Leon gives it to him quickly. The camera zooms in closer as Korath continues.

Korath: "This cage you have decided to place around us Rex, is going to lead to your utter annihilation. I fear no flame, no steel nor the burning ice of Helheim. Your foolishness will only bring to you misery, I will leave you broken and burned beyond recognition by the time I am through. There is only one outcome for you at Armada Rex, it will not be the one you desire. NO Rex, the only outcome for you will be to become nothing more than a lump or charred meat to be devoured by the Nordic Nightmare."

Korath tosses the mic back to Leon, staring daggers into the camera before turning and stalking away.

Leon: "There you have it folks, Korath promises a hellish bloodbath for Rex McAllister at Armada. Will he make good on his promises, tune in to Armada and find out. Now back to ringside."

The bell rings and Tanno slides out of the ring with a grin. Tanno starts circling the ring, taunting Tanno, to boos from the crowd. The referee starts to count.


Kurtis Ray keeps his eye on Tanno and starts clapping his hands, getting the crowd behind him.


Tanno continues circling the ring, studying Kurtis, who is building more and more hype from the crowd with every second.


Tanno finally slides back inside the ring, and is met by an instant kick to the chest from Kurtis. Kurtis drags Tanno to his feet and pulls him in for a lariat, but Tanno dodges and strikes Kurtis with a knee to his gut. Tanno taunts the crowd and delivers another knee to Kurtis' gut, to huge boos from the crowd. Kurtis is on his knees, holding his gut. Tanno runs, bouncing off the ropes and hitting Kurtis with a devastating dropkick to the side of his head. Tanno doesn't stop there, and runs to the ropes again, this time jumping off the top rope, connecting a beautiful moonsault. Tanno goes for the cover.

One...Two...Kurtis kicks out at 2.

Kurtis crawls to the ropes, trying to get back to his feet. Tanno walks up to Kurtis, grabbing him by his head. Kurtis answers with an elbow strike to Tanno's chest. A second elbow forces Tanno to let go of him, and Kurtis springs back to his feet, kicking Tanno back with a big boot. Tanno rolls down and runs back at Kurtis, who this time strikes Tanno with a clothesline. Tanno jumps to his feet and rund at Kurtis again, and Kurtis now grabs Tanno, delivering a beautiful suplex. Kurtis keeps the hold, and goes for a second suplex. Not letting go, Kurtis drags Tanno back to his feet, but this time, he sets up for a powerbomb. Kurtis taunts.


Kurtis lifts Tanno and delivers the Death Ray! Kurtis goes for the cover.

One...Two...Thr-NO! TANNO KICKS OUT RIGHT BEFORE THREE! Kurtis is in disbelief, and argues with the referee, insisting it was a three-count. This gives Tanno the opportunity to recover, and get back to his feet. As Kurtis turns around to face Tanno, Tanno instantly gives a dropkick to Kurtis' leg, and as Kurtis gets back to his feet, Tanno kicks him on the back of his knees, forcing him to lie down on his knees. Tanno taunts the crowd, and starts kicking Kurtis on his chest, to boos from the crowd. Tanno goes for a kick to the head, but Kurtis manages to grab Tanno's leg beforr thr kick connects. Kurtis pushes Tanno back and gets to his feet, but Tanno instantly delivers Kurtis a kick to his gut! Tanno jumps for the Ultimate Impalum, but Kurtis pushes Tanno away in the air. Tanno runs to the ropes and bounces back, to meet a spear from Kurtis! Kurtis drags a stunned Tanno from his feet, and sets up the Death Ray again!

HART: Kurtis has Tanno! Kurtis is going for a second Death Ray! This could be it!


Kurtis taunts, with Tanno's head between his legs. Kurtis lifts Tanno and goes for the Death Ray...but Tanno escapes and connects the Ultimate Impalum out of nowhere! The crowd is in shock! Tanno goes for the cover.


A tired Tanno raises his hand in the air, after winning the match. Tanno smiles, and the commentators voice their disbelief at the ending of this match. Tanno moves on to face --

Backstage Tommy addresses the WWX from his locker room. 

Tommy: Tonight! Tonight I face Syndicate while he attempts to win back this Undisputed Championship! The One and Only Tommy Lipton in front of the Millions will whoop Syndicates ass, sweep his dream out from under him and that all will happen right here.... Right here, in Seattle Washington! 


Tommy: although Syndicate may think he has my number and that this is his show now. .. he is mistaken.... It is time I welcome the Syndicate to my world! 
   Syndicate is moments away from being another 'Man Down!' On my road to Armada!!! 


Tommy: This WWX Undisputed World Championship is not leaving my waist. The Millions do not need to worry about losing my presence from Armada's main event. I sure won't need stub hub to get a ticket to Armada... I will be there front and center as a fighting champion defending the WWX Championship against the Cruisade Cup winner, Jake Devine. 


Tommy: Armada was where I left WWX in 2012, I was Champion at the time and now Armada 2018 I will be walking in Champion again! As a Hall of Famer like then like now this is all about full redemption and that is coming... Syndicate may want Tommy Lipton out, but I am not leaving... In fact, I am going to be here for awhile longer I think... 

Tommy: Tonight I will bring reckless pain to Syndicate and he will know exactly why I am the One and Only, Tommy Lipton, WWX Undisputed.... Champion!
Syndicate get Ready! I Am Coming! 


Bonn - Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and will be a non title match.  Introducing first... 

(The arena goes pitch black and "What Went Down" by Foals starts playing.  As the song picks up, the arena lights up, and Jake Devine stands in the middle of the stage with his back turned to the camera and his arms open. He turns around and punches the air as he starts to walk down the ramp, with a spotlight following him.)

Bonn - Hailing from New York City, NY, standing 6'3" tall and weighing in at 238 lbs, here is Jake Devine!!!!!

(Jake makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He climbs the top rope and opens his arms, with his eyes closed, as flares light up above the ring. Jake jumps down, removes his jacket, and crouches with his back to the turnbuckle.)

Bonn - And his opponent...

("Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank blares over the PA system. Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses. He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him.)

Bonn - He stands 6'1" tall and weighs in at 211 lbs.  Hailing from Long Beach, CA, here is the WWX Television Champion... Willie Steen!!!!!!!!

(Steen makes his way to the ring, gesturing and showboating to the crowd as he does. He arrives at the ring, climbs on to the apron and leans against the ropes, surveying the crowd. He climbs into the ring and ascends a turnbuckle posing and gesturing for the crowd.)


Hart - So, it's Willie Steen vs Jake Devine in a non title match here as the two men circle each other in the ring.

(They finally lock up with Devine getting the upper hand.  He throws Steen in a Headlock and whips him against the ropes.  He bounces back and Devine hits a quick Scoop Slam.  Steen is down, but rolls over across the ring towards the ropes.  Willie takes his time getting up and squares off again with Devine.  He gets overpowered again and gets pushed back into the ropes.  Devine again whips him against the opposite ropes and hits a Running Shoulder Block.)

Hart - Devine using his size advantage to over power the smaller Steen.  Not sure why he is trying to match strength with Jake.

(Steen is again slow to his feet with Jake content to motion to the crowd for a pop instead of jumping on his fallen opponent.  Willie, again, slowly comes in for another lock up, but quickly sticks a thumb in the eye of Devine and hits a DDT.  Willie drops a couple of boots to the side of Devine before lifting him to his feet.  He takes a step back and hits a Spinning Wheel Kick, dropping Devine.  Steen gives a taunt to the crowd.) 

Hart -  The fans are showing their disapproval with a chorus of boos for Mr. Steen, here.

Lane - They have no respect for this legend.

(Steen runs over towards his opponent and attempts a Moonsault, but Jake rolls out of the way.  Devine makes it to his feet and drops an elbow onto the shoulder of the Television Champion.  Devine lifts him to his feet and picks him up for a Facebuster and he nails it!  Again, he lifts Steen up and this time whips him to the corner.  Devine quickly follows him in and hits a Flying Forearm Smash.  Steen is slumping in the corner and Devine lifts him and puts him on the 2nd turnbuckle.  Jake climbs up to meet him and attempts a Superplex and hits it.)

Hart - Devine really pouring it on, now.  He has all the momentum in this match right now.

Lane - No, Willie has him right where he wants him.

(Steen takes a wild swing as he gets to his feet, but Devine ducks it, spins him around and hits an Atomic Drop.  He quickly follows with the highlight reel!  The crowd comes alive as Devine sets up for the In the Spotlight and he nails it!  Devine with the cover.)





Bonn - The winner of this match... Jake Devine!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cameras catch a glimpse as more chaos ensues backstage as The Rogues of Anarchy are shown destroying tables in a lounge. DJ Killer picks up a steel folding chair and tosses it through a glass door. Both Rogues then move into a public men's locker area where a few jobbers are and they helpless look on as The Rogues attack ferociously with clubbing blows to the face and back.

Hart: Look at these...these rabid animals, there...there relentless!

Lane: What else can they possibly do???

Bo Bruiser and DJ Killer throw one of the jobbers into a nearby shower tile wall, and then Bo Bruiser wraps the shower head around his neck like a noose which chokes him of his breath. DJ Killer then grabs the jobber forces him face first into a mirror on the wall. Cameras show the jobber lying unconscious with an open wound on his forehead where blood runs down to the floor as the Rogues take their leave.

Lane: Oh my God! Call a medic!

Hart: What'll these Rogues do next!!?

The show fades to a commercial


the show comes back from commercial to show an empty ring. Kyla Bonn is standing in the center of the ring with a microphone, waving to the cheering crowd.




*The sound of static fills the KeyArena in Seattle, followed by the opening chords for "Bulls on Parade"!*

Hart: It's main event time!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the RavageTron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it with a slight smirk on his face.  Wearing his red leather jacket, black denim jeans, metal right knee brace, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing the floor, completely focused in on the task at hand.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***

*The lights immediately come back on as Syndicate performs a crucifix pose!*


*Looking out at the Seattle faithful for a moment, Syndicate begins walking down the ramp with his limp noticeably absent.*

Lane: Syndicate looks to be in pretty good shape tonight, but that knee can't possibly be 100%.

Hart: Well, after the beating it sustained at Aftershock, I feel like those ligaments may never be as strong as they used to be.  I don't think Syndicate cares about that, though.

Lane: Obviously not.  If he really cared about his health, he would've stayed home like any rational injured person would have.

*Syndicate climbs into the ring and performs another crucifix pose to the crowd's delight.*


*The Los Angeles Outlaw stretches his knee out a bit, testing the limits of the brace.  He audibly sighs before turning towards the entranceway, waiting for Lipton.*

Hart: Syndicate looks a bit frustrated with the brace he is being forced to wear by the WWX trainers.

Lane: Look at that thing, Mike.  He can hardly flex his leg!  How the hell is he going to be able to defeat a seasoned veteran like Tommy Lipton on one leg?

Wanna be Startin something' plays on the speakers and out from the backstage area comes Tommy Lipton wearing the Undisputed Championship around his waist. 

Bonn: Introducing next, from Toronto Ontario Canada, weighing in at 275 he is the One The Only, World Wrestling Xistence Undisputed Champion .... TOMMY LIPTON!!!! 


Tommy Lipton walks to the ring and unclips the title he then climbs the turnbuckle and raises the belt high over his head. 

Hart: Tommy Lipton looks determined for this match... 

*With both men in their corners, Bonn raises the microphone.*

Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall....and it is for the WWX World Wrestling Championship!


Bonn: Introducing the first, the challenger...from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 224 pounds...the Los Angeles Outlaw, SYYYYYYYNDICATEEE!!!!


*Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in his corner, staring daggers into Lipton as he does so.  In response, Tommy just smiles.*

Bonn: And his opponent...from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 275 pounds...he is the World Wrestling Champion, TOMMMYYYYYYYYYYYY LIIIIIIIIIIPTON!!!


Lane: This Seattle crowd doesn't know who to cheer for!


Syndicate and Lipton face each other, but before the bell rings, What Went Down hits the PA system. Lipton and Syndicate look up the ramp, and out comes Jake Devine, wearing street clothes.

HART: Jake Devine is out here! What does he want to do with this match?

LANE: Maybe Steen hit him too hard on the head earlier. He already had his match.

Jake walks down the ramp and faces both men, but then simply circles the ring and takes a seat by the announce desk, taking a headpiece for himself.

JAKE: Hello, is this seat taken?

HART: Not at all, but we weren't told you were going to be a guest commentator tonight.

JAKE: Yeah, just thought I'd check out whoever is going to be my opponent for Armada.

LANE: To me, it sounds like you're afraid of your competition...

JAKE: Watch your mouth, Gary.

The bell finally rings, and the two superstars circle each other, both looking extremely confident.  They lock up, and Syndicate uses his agility to quickly transition into a back grapple followed by a Russian leg sweep.  With anger in his eyes, Syndicate mounts a prone Lipton and punches him in the face multiple times, using both hands to do so.  Tommy manages to push the Outlaw off and get himself to his feet, meeting a charging Syndicate with a clothesline.  Tommy, ever the opportunist, goes for the quick pin, but Syndicate kicks out at one.

Tommy grabs Syndicate by the hair and pulls him up, giving Syndicate just enough time to kick Lipton in the gut, bounce off the ropes, and hit a running swinging neckbreaker, bringing Lipton down to the mat.  Not skipping a beat, Syndicate waits for Tommy to get to his knees before striking him with a snappy left kick to the head.  Syndicate, taking advantage of the situation, places Lipton's head against the bottom rope and presses down with his left foot.  The ref begins to count, and at the count of four, Syndicate finally lets go.

Hart: Syndicate's looking absolutely ruthless here!

Tommy Lipton looks quite dazed as Syndicate charges at him once more, looking for a spear, but Tommy moves out of the way at the last second, sending Syndicate through the ropes and careening onto the ramp!  After glancing down at the Outlaw and smiling, Tommy bounces off the ropes and dives through as well, catching Syndicate with a suicide dive!  Lipton, fueled with adrenaline, jumps to his feet and brings Syndicate with him, throwing him into the steel steps!  The steps become dislodged as a result, giving Tommy an idea.

Lane: What is the champion thinking?

Hart: I don't know, but it can't be good...

Tommy grabs the top section of the ring steps and, eyeing Syndicate's injured knee, slams them down onto the Outlaw's right leg.  Syndicate writhes in pain, but Tommy doesn't care, slamming the steps down one more time before tossing them aside.  Lipton then slides an injured Syndicate into the ring, following him in.  Syndicate manages to fight through the immediate pain and get to his feet, only to be met with a kick in the gut from Lipton as he sets up for the Canadian Ice Breaker.  Syndicate manages to push Lipton away, however, and as Lipton comes back, he is met with a left-legged Original Syn from Syndicate!

Hart: Using the other leg for the Original Syn certainly worked, but I don't know if he did as much damage as usual...

Lipton staggers back into the ropes before being hit with another Original Syn with the left leg!  He falls, and Syndicate goes for the pin, but he only gets a count of two-and-a-half.  Becoming a bit frustrated while also in immense pain, Syndicate gets to his feet.

*Syndicate hastily pulls the champ up and sets up for the No Signal, but while in midair, Tommy counters the devastating move into a DDT!*

Hart: DDT from Lipton!

*Lipton wastes no time, grabbing the Outlaw and hitting the Lipton Slam!*





*At the last possible moment, Syndicate SOMEHOW manages to kick out!!!*


Jake: Did you see that? He kicked out!  Syndicate kicked out of the Lipton Slam!

*Tommy looks at the referee in a rage, proclaiming that he had Syndicate down for a count of three.  The ref disagrees, making Lipton even more frustrated than before.  Glancing over at Syndicate's right leg, Tommy sends some well-placed punches into the kneecap before grabbing the same leg for another pin attempt.*

Lane: Lipton, capitalizing on the injured knee, looks for a pin!




*Syndicate kicks out again!*


Jake: What more does Tommy Lipton have to do?!?!?!

*Tommy, upset beyond belief, once again pulls Syndicate up by his hair, smirks, and spits in the Outlaw's face before kicking him in the gut for the CIB!*

Lane: CIB!!!

*However, this time, Syndicate counters with a back body drop, sending Tommy Lipton to the mat!*

Hart: NO!  Syndicate fights out of it!

*Syndicate retreats to the corner as Tommy writhes on the mat. Syndicate climbs up on the turnbuckle, waiting for Tommy to get to his feet before leaping off for a crossbody, but Lipton has the warewithall to catch Syndicate on his shoulders and executes a fireman carry! Both men are laid out! 

Hart: Great ring sense from the Undisputed champion!

Lane: Syndicate needs to get up if he wants his Era to return! 

Jake: This has really been an incredible match so far, hasn’t it? Makes you think.

*Tommy is the first one to start to move. The crowd roars for the legend as he struggles to get in position to end the match.*

Hart: Looks like Lipton is fixing for a pin!! But it might jusst be too little too late, Syndicate has had an awful long time to recover.

Tommy drags his body over top of Syndicate! 



Syndicate kicks out!!!! 

Jake: That wasn’t enough to keep the Outlaw down!

The two men get to there feet Syndicate nails Tommy with a forearm, Tommy punches Syndicate, Syndicate punches Tommy. The two tie up, Syndicate pushes Tommy into the ropes, Syndicate goes with a follow up clothesline but Tommy ducks it. Syndicate turns into a Canadian Ice Breaker!!

Lane: The crowd is firmly behind Tommy Lipton after an incredible showing tonight! And after another Ice Breaker, it looks like he’ll go home with the strap.


Hart: Tommy looking for the cover!




*At the last possible instant, Syndicate thrusts his arm up into the air, breaking the count. Lipton looks bewildered, and the camera shifts to ringside, where Jake Devine is watching with a look somewhere between horror and disgust on his face.

Hart: Syndicate manages to stay in it!

Jake: Not if I can help it.

*Devine takes off his microphone and throws it aside, taking a chair from ringside..

In the ring, Tommy tries to pick up Syndicate again, but the outlaw shoves him hard. Lipton knocks the referee out of the ring and quickly follows the official out to make sure he’s alright. Syndicate takes the moment to try to regain his composure only for the crowd to start to cheer as Jake Devine gets into the ring.*

Lane: What the hell is Devine doing?

Hart: He has a steel chair, and only one thing in mind!

*Jake rolls into the ring, wasting no time in slamming the chair into Syndicate’s back.


Syndicate crumples to the mat as Jake stands over the Outlaw with a smile on his face.  After taking a second to breathe, Devine slides Syndicate's right leg through the chair, placing it right over the knee.*

Hart: Oh my god, he wouldn't...

*Devine, not wasting any time, climbs up to the top rope and looks down upon Syndicate with Tommy Lipton watching bemusedly.*

Devine (off-mic): This is what you get!  You didn't deserve this match!  I did!

*Just as Jake is about to jump and surely tear the ligaments in Syndicate's knee, a figure comes running out from the back and pushes Devine off the top rope, sending him falling into the barricade!*

Hart: THAT'S DARKNESS!  Syndicate's partner has come to the rescue!

*Darkness watches Jake fall to the ground, but before he can do any more, Tommy Lipton shoves him to the outside as well!  Smiling, Lipton turns his attention back to Syndicate, only to be met with a surprise Catalyst DDT!*


*Retreating into the corner to recover, Syndicate looks down at the injured knee, shakes his head, and rips off the protective padding around the brace's metal construction.*

Hart: What is Syndicate doing?

Lane: He's just exposing that knee to even more torture by taking away the padding!

*Syndicate waits for Tommy Lipton to get to his feet before running as fast as he can towards him, aiming for the Original Syn, but Tommy counters into another Lipton Slam!

Lane:: Lipton Slam outta nowhere!

Hart: Tommy Lipton proves why he’s one of the best!

*Tommy pulls himself to his feet, reaching down to heft up Syndicate, too. He smirks, flashes a thumbs up in the outlaw’s face, and prepares for the Canadian Ice Pick, but Syndicate shoves the champion into the ropes, surprising everyone in the building by nailing an Original Syn using the injured right knee and the exposed metal from the brace!*


Lane: DAMN IT!







Hart: Syndicate used the metal brace to his advantage, and it paid off!  For the sixth time in four-and-a-half years, Syndicate is World Wrestling Champion!


Lane: Now it is time for tonight’s Main Event!!! 

Hart: The International Title will finally be decided tonight. This is incredible.

Lane: For the last four months the title had been defended successfully, time and time again, by the great Bob Mellon who vacated the title after retiring a few weeks ago. He then was last seen in the ring attacking the general manager shortly after that. James Ranger was not pleased. 

Hart: Now, tonight, we get Tanno Waters and Jarvis Valentine for the WWX International Championship!

Lane: Let’s go to ringside for the introductions…

Ring Announcer: The next match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWX INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

(Crowd roars with enthusiasm)

Ring Announcer: Introducing first, the General Manager of the WWX, who will be presenting the winner tonight with the WWX International Title, James Ranger!

General Manager Entrance Theme: "Show Em Who The Boss Is" by Tee Lopes

(The Crowd boos vehemently as the boss enters the arena)

Lane: The fans are very hard on Ranger, especially lately. They feel it is he who let Mellon leave. They are laying into him big time.

Ring Announcer: Now, coming to the ring, weighing 243 lbs, from Lincoln, Nebraska, JARVIS VALENTINE!!!!

Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the curtain before Jarvis walks through the entrance. 

Jarvis hops side to side before putting his arms in an X formation  above his head before taking of running down to the ring, Hr slides in the ring and pops up instantly. 

Jarvis puts is arm above his head again before making an X above his head again. He turns and walks backwards the corner as the camera seiches away from him to the crowd.

Hart: The crowd really loves this kid. He’s a hard worker and goes out there every week giving 100%! 

Lane: But his opponent is someone who doesn’t shy away either. A WWX Legend…

Ring Announcer: Now his opponent. From Amsterdam, Netherlands, weighing 162 lbs. the legend himself, TANNO WATERS!!!

[The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.]


[Mechanical sounds fill the arena as a voice sounds over it.]

This is not good! No, this is not good at all!

Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday Maydayyyy....

You're all gonna die!


[Tanno stands on the stage as pyros explode around him. He looks at the ring, a big grin stretching across his face.]


[Tanno charges at the ring and slides in. He gestures to the crowd to a chorus of boos.]

Lane: Tanno is loathed by many but damn it, he gets the job done. 

(James Ranger enters the ring with a microphone holding the International title over his shoulder. He stands there before both men as the arena, pulsing with excitement, rains a chorus of boos over the GM)

Ranger: Now, gentlemen, tonight is to end one era and begin a new one. This title has been left vacant for too long. (an evil smile comes across his face as he looks Jarvis in the eyes) Good luck and may the best man win…. (he drops the mic and leaves the ring)

Lane: That was ominous…

Hart: I don’t like the looks of this.

(The referee is handed the title and he holds it up, presenting to all four sides of the arena, as the competitors wait in their respective corners. The ref calls both wrestlers to the center of the ring to quickly check for any illegal objects. He checks Tanno first and then bends down to check Jarvis’s boots when Tanno hits Jarvis with a quick drop kick. Jarvis hits the ground hard)

Lane: Typical Tanno. Immediately on the offensive as the referee rings the bell to start the fight.

Hart: Tanno is setting Jarvis up for an early spear…

(Tanno from the opposite corner hypes himself up and charges full speed at Jarvis as he gets up but Jarvis side steps the legend and Tanno flies into the ring post and out of the ring)

Hart: Momentum has shifted quickly. Jarvis swiftly moves to the outside and picks Tanno up and immediately hits him with a power slam on the outside mats.

(Tanno, slammed hard on the mats, suffers momentarily before Valentine grabs him by the neck and throws him back in the ring. Jarvis quickly follows him into the ring. Tanno, crawling to the ropes is grabbed by Jarvis who immediately picks him up and connects with a suplex. Tanno hits the mat hard as Jarvis looks towards the crowd as he receives a huge pop)

Lane: Tanno is trying to fight to his feet but it seems like the kid may have the upper hand over the legend thus far.

Hart: All that Tanno trash talk seems to be coming up short here. 

Lane: Jarvis heads over to Tanno who begins to beg from his knees. Look at this!

Hart: I don’t trust him…

(Jarvis leans in to grab Tanno but Tanno counters with a poke to the eyes. Jarvis stumbles backwards as the crowd boos. Tanno quickly hits a shoulder spear from his knees to Jarvis’s left knee. Jarvis falls clutching his knee. Tanno gets up and begins to stomp the knee repeatedly as Jarvis screams in agony. Determined to do more damage to Valentine’s left leg, Waters grabs his opponent’s leg and snaps on an ankle lock. Jarvis is within range to grab the ropes. He reaches out and grabs them but James Ranger, sitting on the outside, rips the young star's hands off the ropes as Tanno drags Jarvis to the center of the ring)

Hart: And there you have it. Ranger is showing his typical colors here. 

Lane: I mean, are you surprised?

Hart: The odds are clearly stacked in this one. 

(Tanno lets go of the ankle lock, after Jarvis refuses to tap. Tanno off the ropes does a running elbow landing solidly on the left leg of Jarvis. The pain continues. Jarvis, trying to get up, struggles to hold himself up.)

Lane: He can’t put any weight on that leg. He is in a lot of trouble. 

Hart: Waters may have given himself a clear and easy shot at the title. The veteran had a plan and it is working well. 

(Tanno runs off the rope to hit Jarvis with a flying cross body but Jarvis ducks, pulling the top rope down causing Tanno to land on the GM of the WWX. Both men lay motionless. However, Jarvis is unable to capitalize on the offense and falls to the ground in pain clutching his leg.)


Hart: UNBELIEVABLE! This is the chance Jarvis needed!

Lane: Jarvis can’t move and he may not have enough time to recover.

(Tanno slowly comes to outside of the ring and realizes he has just landed on the GM. Tanno begins to help Ranger come to. Ranger, as he pulls himself together, screams at Tanno)

Ranger: (Heard on camera) GET YOUR ASS IN THAT RING!

Tanno: (Screams back) I’LL GET THE DAMN JOB DONE, YOU DICK!!

Lane: No love loss there. 

Hart: I have no idea who is on what side here. 

Lane: Remember, Tanno and Ranger have had a rocky history. 

Hart: Both of them can’t be trusted.

(Jarvis is holding himself up in the ring. Tanno enters the ring. As he does Jarvis hits him with a running clothesline. Both men hit the canvas. Jarvis pulls himself back up. He picks Tanno off the mat as he hobbles to the turnbuckle. Jarvis signals for a suplex off the top rope)

Lane: Did he just motion to the crowd that he wants to do a suplex off the top rope?!?

(The Crowd goes insane)

Hart: IF he pulls this off, it will be one of the most amazing WWX moments we have seen in a long time!!

(Jarvis sits Tanno on the top rope. Jarvis begins to climb up the turnbuckle. He sets Tanno up for the suplex. The crowd is deafening!! Ranger gets up on the apron with the title and runs full speed knocking the title into Jarvis’s left knee. Jarvis falls off the top rope and onto the canvas)

Lane: Damn it, Ranger! Damn it!

Hart: The boss puts in his two cents right there and that may end this match. 


Lane: The Ref wanted to call for a DQ but the boss won’t allow it!

(The referee backs off, listening to the orders. Tanno, on the top rope, stands upright, signals to the crowd for a coming moonsault. Tanno jumps and nails it, screaming in pain as he hits the high risk move)

Lane: That was AMAZING!

Hart: Now can Tanno cover Jarvis?!?!? 

(Tanno slowly crawls to Jarvis and throws one arm on the kid)

Referee: ONE…….



Lane: Jarvis kicks out!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??

Hart: That kid has heart.

(Ranger picks up a chair and throws it into the barricade, frustrated with the kick out. Tanno gets up and sets Jarvis up for a Backarcher. Tanno locks it in and Jarvis screams as the pain takes over his body. The referee continues to yell at Jarvis asking for a submission. The kid won’t quit. The crowd continues to chant, "JARVIS, JARVIS, JARVIS.” Tanno frustrated let’s Valentine free. Jarvis lays motionless in the ring.)

Hart: I don’t know how he is still going. This is an incredible testament to the heart and determination of Valentine.

(Tanno moves over to Jarvis quickly to pick him up but Jarvis pulls Tanno into a small package)


Referee: ONE



Hart: Jarvis almost snuck one in there. 

(Tanno rolls out and immediately kicks Jarvis in the side of the head. Tanno repeats the act two more times before he taunts the crowd and heads to the corner.)

Lane: Tanno is going to attempt another high risk move.

Hart: It nearly paid off last time!!

(Tanno gets to the top rope and jumps to hit a flying elbow, but Jarvis moves. The crowd roars!)

Lane: Jarvis moved out of the way.  Tanno hit the canvas hard!! The crowd goes wild!!! 

Hart: Momentum shift may be coming!!

(Tanno clutches his elbow as Jarvis fights to his feet. Jarvis hobbles over to Tanno and quickly lifts him into a running power bomb into the turnbuckle. Tanno’s body goes limp. Jarvis suddenly seems to be benefitting from an adrenaline rush. Ranger is screaming, beat red in the face. Jarvis capitalizes on this moment. He picks up Tanno and whips him to the ropes and hits a big boot to the face. The crowd is going crazy)

Lane: Jarvis could pull this off!! This is amazing. 

Hart: Tanno is stunned. Jarvis needs to make something happen now!

(Jarvis connects with a running knee to the face. Jarvis picks Tanno up with an Irish whip to the turnbuckle. With that Jarvis signals for his spear. The crowd can smell blood)

Lane: Here comes the spear!!



(Jarvis picks up Tanno and is setting him up for the Jack Knife Power Bomb)

Lane: Will his knee be able to support the power bomb???

Hart: Tanno isn’t that heavy!!!

(The crowd screams with joy as Jarvis hits the power bomb. Jarvis falls on top of Waters for the pin as he grabs the leg. The referee falls to the mat)

Referee: ONE




Hart: I can’t believe it. There is no bell. Ranger is entering the ring with the title.

(Ranger enters the squared circle behind Jarvis who doesn’t know the ref has been pulled from the ring. Ranger clobbers Jarvis in the center of the ring with the International Title. Jarvis is busted wide open. Ranger heads over to Tanno and begins to scream at him to get up. Waters slowly comes to as Jarvis lies their bleeding profusely)

Hart: Ranger has his own agenda. He wants to shape the end of this match. 

Lane: The Ref is out cold on the floor. Jarvis is cut up badly from the shot to the head by Ranger. Tanno is fighting to get back to his feet. Ranger is screaming his head off. All civility is lost. This is a mess.

(Tanno picks up Jarvis and sets him up for the Ultimate Impalum. Ranger and Tanno exchange heated words with one another as Tanno silences the crowd with the Ultimate Impalum.)

Lane: Jarvis hits the mat. Now all they need to do is get the ref back into the ring…

Hart: Ranger is jumping up and down as if he just won the championship himself.

Lane: He basically did…

(Guerilla Radio hits the P.A. as blue and white lights flicker throughout the arena)

Lane: Do you hear that?!?!?

Hart: Is that who we… It can’t be!!!

(Ranger looks towards the ramp, all color leaving his face, as he awaits what he himself can’t comprehend or believe. The crowd is going crazy. The roof nearly blew off the arena. Busting through the curtain, it’s BOB THE BEAST MELLON)




Lane: Don’t be ridiculous!!!

(Mellon runs full speed into the ring as Ranger backs up to the far corner. Tanno charges Mellon who hits him with a power clothesline. Tanno hits the mat hard. Mellon points directly at Ranger who is frozen like a deer in the headlights. The crowd is going nuts! Mellon marches over to Ranger and clobbers him with three right hands and nails him with a colossal beast-breaker!)

Lane: He just hit the boss with the beast-breaker!!!

(The crowd is going crazy. Tanno gets back up and Mellon hits him with a beast-breaker. The crowd goes crazy again. It is pandemonium! Mellon throws Ranger out of the ring. Tanno lays motionless as Jarvis fights to his feet. Mellon jumps out of the ring and rolls the referee back in)

Lane: Jarvis!!! FINISH HIM!!!

Hart: He’s signaling for the sharpshooter!!!!

(Jarvis heads over to Tanno and he locks in the sharpshooter. Tanno begins to immediately scream. The referee slow to realize now comes to his senses. Tanno is writhing in pain!!)

Lane: The ref is asking!! The ref is asking!!! 


Lane: The ref signals for the bell!!!!


Ring Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner, and NEEEEWWWW WWX INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION, JARVIS VALENTINE!!!!!!!!!

(The crowd explodes. Jarvis lets go of the Sharpshooter and collapses to the mat with blood still streaming down his face. Mellon climbs into the ring and grabs the title off the mat. He holds the title in his hand. He looks long and hard at it. It’s the title that he defended for the last four months. He waits until Jarvis gets up. The two men stand in the center of the ring with mutual admiration for one another. Mellon extends the title out to Jarvis. Jarvis accepts. Mellon raises Jarvis’s hand in victory as Jarvis’s music hits the arena)

Lane: Now that is a class act. Now a new era in the International Division can begin!!

Hart: Congratulations to Jarvis Valentine. What a match!! WHAT A NIGHT!

(Mellon exits the ring and looks up the ramp as Ranger and Tanno are both standing at the top of the ramp screaming obscenities at Mellon. Mellon, without stopping runs full speed up the ramp and to the back chasing both Tanno and the GM away. Jarvis remains in the ring celebrating. Blood dripping from his head as he clutches the title he worked so hard to get)

Lane: A WWX dream comes true as Jarvis becomes the International Champion. Mellon chases the GM and Tanno to the backstage area giving the new champion center stage to celebrate for his fans.

Hart: What a night. What a Ravage!!!

Lane: That’s all for us here. We’ll see you next time!!!! Good night!!!

(Camera fades on the new International Champion clutching the title on his knees in the ring)

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