WRECKAGE - Show 2018-04-08 17:08:41

On Sun, Apr08, 2018 5:08pm America/Phoenix
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WWX wreckage TV Show

A Show to feature veterans and introduce new superstars to the eXistence on Wednesday Nights.

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WRECKAGE - Show 2018-04-08 17:08:41

*The camera cuts from ringside back to a locker room. Darkness can be seen pacing around the room as Syndicate sits on a nearby bench lacing up his boots getting ready for his match tonight.*

Darkness: You know Syndicate, it makes me wonder if I'm even good enough anymore. Here you are winning world title after world title and I can barely win a match.

Syndicate: Hey, hey, hey, calm down, man.  We all go through rough patches.  It’ll be fine.

Darkness: A rough patch. You call this a rough patch. I call it down right dismal. That is why I requested the match at Armada.

Syndicate: Okay, but did you really need to make it career-ending?  I mean, come on!  You’re a multi-time World Champion and one half of the most DOMINANT tag team in the WWX...and you just wanna let it all go?

*Syndicate sits down in a black chair next to Darkness and looks over at him.*

Syndicate: There are fans out there that PAY to see you compete.  There are people out there that remember a Darkness that would take no prisoners and would never, ever surrender.  They remember THAT Darkness...not this one.  They don’t want to see you retire.  They don’t want to see you go away.

*Darkness shakes his head a couple of times and lets out a deep sigh.*

Darkness: That is why I have to do this. I have to do it my way. I have to prove to myself I'm still a dominant force in the WWX. What better way than to put my career on the line. If I win then I prove to myself that I still have it and if not… well then I'm not the Darkness I use to be.

*He looks down at the ground as Syndicate sighs.*

Syndicate: Listen, man.  If this is what you really, TRULY want to do, then I’m not going to stop you.  But just so you know...the real Darkness, if he still exists somewhere in there...he wouldn’t do this.  He wouldn’t need to, because he ALWAYS knew that he was one of the best in the world, regardless of what others thought.  He knew that, even in the midst of adversity and hardship, he would be able to come out of it stronger than ever before.

*He pushes Darkness on the shoulder.*

Syndicate: Where’s that Darkness, hmm?

*Darkness doesn’t look over at his partner, causing Syndicate to push even harder.*

Syndicate: HEY!

*Syndicate’s outburst finally gets Darkness to make eye contact.*

Syndicate: You are better than this.  You don’t need to do this.  You are better than this.

Darkness: I understand what you are saying but it has to be this…

*All of the sudden the door comes swinging open. Ranger walks through with a smirk on his face.*

Ranger: Oh, it's happening this way. The match has already been signed. There is no way I was going to pass on the opportunity to rid myself and the WWX of Darkness.

Darkness: I'm not gone yet Ranger. Xavier still has to beat me.

Ranger: True indeed, but with your dismall efforts in matches here lately I see a Darkless WWX in the future.

*Darkness grits his teeth and takes a step towards Ranger. Syndicate stops him by grabbing his shoulder.*

Syndicate: Deep breaths.

*Darkness pauses.*

Syndicate: You have the opportunity to prove EVERYONE wrong at Armada.  Let’s make sure that happens.

*Ranger exits the room with a bigger smirk on his face as Syndicate tries to calm down his partner Darkness.

[Surveillance camera parking garage footage reveals Twist attacking a masked DragonFly in street gear from behind with a blind side forearm blast to the back of the head, dropping the unsuspecting luchador to both knees. Twist delivers a stiff kick to the ribs and steps down onto the windpipe of DragonFly, watching with a sadistic smirk as he gasps for oxygen.]
"listen up you insignificant insect! I could squish you like a bug right here and now but that would be too easy."
[Twist lifts his boot off the throat of DragonFly and spits down on him in a showing of disrespect.]
"A public execution in front of a live crowd sounds more fun so I'll be waiting inside the ring to finish the job."
[Twist stomps on and over DragonFly as if he were a steppingstone to bigger and better opportunities.]
(The camera switches to the broadcast booth where WWX commentators are wearing a look of shock.)

[The show comes back from commercial to Kyla Bonn in the ring The crowd is cheering and she smiles and waves at them.]

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen! The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

CROWD: One fall!

BONN: Introducing first, from Fargo, North Dakota... KENDRA HAZE!!

[The crowd pops for the fan favorite as sounds of little kids playing while some cheerful bells ring out. The kids play slowly fades out and the bells turn cheerful to ominous. Once the last bell rings the opening guitar rift to Mr. Tinktrain hits and the lights go out. When the drums start bright white and purple strobes flash to the beat of the drums and navy blue smoke puffs out from the stage on the off beats. When the lyrics start a few of the lights come back on and a hooded-cloaked figure stands at the top of the ramp only a smirky smile can be seen of their face. The figure slowly makes their way to the ring spinning around in circles arms stretched out. Before the figure makes it much beyond the top of the ramp, another figure appears from the back with a steel chair in hand.]

HART: What the hell?

LANE: That's Emil Wolff!

[Wolff grabs Haze by the shoulder, spinning her to face him. Kendra's hood flops down, revealing a momentary look of surprise before Wolff swings the chair overhead, crashing it into Kendra's skull. She crumples to the floor, holding her head, and Wolff continues his assault, slamming the chair down into her ribs, then across her back as she rolls into a fetal position to try and protect herself.]

LANE: This is heinous! Somebody get security out here!

HART: You have to wonder what brought this about.

[Wolff holds the chair in one hand above his head, flipping the bird at the crowd before driving a hard kick into Kendra's abdomen. She rolls onto her back, coughing and writing, only for Wolff to slam the chair down over her head and face before tossing the chair aside. Security rushes out to separate the two, and Wolff grins as Kendra's music continues to play, allowing security to handcuff him and lead him out of the arena.]

HART: Kendra Haze didn't deserve that.

LANE: I certainly hope she is alright, and I definitely hope Emil Wolff gets what's coming to him.

[Kendra is strapped onto a backboard and carried out of the arena. The camera pans to the bent and discarded chair as the show goes to commercial.]

(The arena lights go dark and the video wall comes to life with two red smoldering dragon eyes glowing from the shadows and stretching out its wings to take flight as the soft, acoustic, melody of "Dragonfly" by Martin Craft plays through the speaker sound system.)

I can see it all tonight.

Underneath a perfect sky.

Where the universe revolves around the pupil of an eye.

And infinities stretch out

From infinities within

I'm a part of everything. I'm a part of everything.

(The masked luchador limps out on stage while clutching his ribcage. Still dressed in street clothes, DragonFly flashes a bloody smile-

Twist knocks DragonFly down, DragonFly’s theme is cut off as Twist looks like he is seeking payback, as DragonFly tries to get up, but Twist connects with a knee to the face, sending him back down. Staff immediately come to separate the two as Twist stands confident and satisfied as DragonFly looks back, the smile no longer on his face.

[Kailee can be seen in the ring awaiting her partner as Her Black Wings hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp].
Bonn: Her partner, standing at five feet six inches tall, weighing in at one hundred and fifteen pounds, from Busthead Virginia, being accompanied to the ring by Kailee…She is...Hex Girl!
[She climbs into the ring with her partner as they await their opponents].
[“Scum of the earth” by Rob Zombie begins blaring over the pa system. *DJ Killer and Bruiser come out side by side and they give The Rogue of Anarchy X-plosion signal (arms forming the X before bringing arms down to represent an explosion].


Run and kill
Destroy the will
A hero that doesn't exist

Camera shows The Rogues of Anarchy right behind as they walk methodically toward the ring.

Smoking gun
Well I am the one
A bullet hole
In your fist

Bonn: Their first opponents, at a combined weight of five hundred and fifty seven pounds, they are DJ Killer, Bo Bruiser, the Rogue of Anarchy!

Hey, I'm breathing
Hey, I'm bleeding
Hey, I'm screaming
Scum of the earth
Come on

Hey, I'm breathing
Hey, I'm bleeding
Hey, I'm screaming
Scum of the earth
Come on

*DJ Killer and The Bruiser approach the ring and climb in. 

Wake up dead
Bleeding red
A world that doesn't exist
Heaven waits
With the gates
Rusting in the mist

*DJ Killer and The Bruiser get on the ring and step over the top rope*

Hey, I'm breathing
Hey, I'm bleeding
Hey, I'm screaming
Scum of the earth
Come on

They look over the fans to a sea of boos as the camera pans to the stage again.
[The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has the words "Yeah, dude" written in green bubble letters with really trippy designs in it.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again. 

Bonn: And the final team, weighting in at a combined weight of five hundred and ninety two pounds, Gary Tinordi…Matt Glazebrook….420!

[Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out].

The bell is rung as Tinordi, Killer, and and Kailee are all seen in the ring. The three circle each other, each waiting for the other to strike. Killer comes running at Kailee as she delivers a knee to the mid section, bringing him down. She quickly pulls him in sending him over with a snap suplex, the sound of the thud heard round the world. She gets to her feet and is met by Tinordi with a body splash, sending her stumbling backwards into the corner. He comes over with a huge clothesline into the corner, bouncing her off her feet and onto the mat. 

Tinordi turns around and grabs hold of Killer, sending him off the ropes and dropping him back to the mat with a big boot. Killer rolls in pain as Tinordi picks him up taking him to the corner of 420. He pulls back and delivers a few smooth chops, each one harder than the previous. After about four chops, He taunts for the fans much to their delight. He looks over as Kailee is back to her feet, and takes off running with a running dropkick sending Tinordi over the ropes and crashing to the outside!

Kailee gets to her feet and pulls Killer out of the corner. He delivers a stiff elbow to the side of her mouth as she comes through with a high kick to the side of the head. She grabs hold and delivers a rocking DDT to the mat standing him straight on his head! He totters for a minute and falls to the mat as she rolls over for the pin. 


2…and bruiser dives in to stop the count. 

Kailee gets up to hit Bruiser, but he delivers a stiff shot to the face. She falls hard to the mat as he comes crashing down with an elbow drop. Hex sees it happening and goes to get into the ring as the referee stops her. Tinordi can be seen sliding back into the ring as he comes from behind taking hold of Bruiser, driving his head into the mat with a bulldog. He picks him up and throws him over the top rope, watching him thud to the outside. He walks over picking up Killer and drags him to the corner of 420. He makes the tag to Glazebrook. 

The two men work the corner with Killer, who seems to be slowing down by the minute. He takes a few stiff shots from both men, as they drag him out to the center and perform a double neck breaker. The referee forces Tinordi out of the ring, who throws his hands up saying “why you gotta be so mean bro?” as he walks to his corner eliciting a laugh from the crowd. Glazebrook walks over grabbing hold of the leg of Killer, locking him into a single boston crab. Killer jumps up in pain as the fans come to their feet. 

Kailee comes in behind and delivers a double axe handle blow to the back of Glazebrook forcing the hold loose. She jumps on top of Glazebrook and begins sending stiff right and lefts to his face, causing him to cover. She jumps off him and places him into a sleeper hold, holding on with all her might. The referee comes to check on Glazebrook, who appears to be standing strong. In a bout of power, Glazebrook lets out a mighty yell as he sends her over with a powerslam to the mat. The fans give mixed reactions as he goes for the pin. 


2…and Kailee gets an arm up. 

Glazebrook picks her up as she delivers an uppercut to the chin. Glazebrook stumbles back as she comes off the ropes hitting him with a crossbody. Glazebrook catches her mid air and looks around at the fans. The camera pans out showing Hex Girl climbing up onto the top rope as she waits for him to turn around. Tinordi tries to alert him but its too late as she comes flying off the ropes striking him with a missile dropkick. Kailee lands on top of him as the referee counts the pin. 


2…and Glazebrook gets his shoulder up. 

The fans are on their feet as Killer can be seen crawling to their corner. He reaches out tagging bruiser. He comes into the ring immediately laying out Hex with a clothesline. He turns around and exchanges blows with Tinordi, but takes the upper hand sending him off the ropes and back to the mat with a hip toss. Tinordi rolls out of the ring as he looks over at Kailee. He picks her up and heaves her into the corner, throwing a few heavy shoulders into her chest. She goes to stumble out as he picks her up with a scoop slam sending her back to the mat. 

Finally, Bruiser turns his sites to Glazebrook, who he can be seen getting up. He goes to finish picking him up, but Glazebrook is ready as the two begin exchanging blows. Glazebrook takes the upper hand delivering a huge shot to the chest followed by a powerbomb! The strength factor of Glazebrook is on full display as he walks to the corner climbing onto the second rope and coming down with a flying elbow. He rolls the leg and goes for the pin. 


2…and Bruiser kicks out. 

Glazebrook slowly gets back to his feet as he looks over and sees Kailee make the tag to hex. Hex comes into the ring delivering a series of kicks to the sides and head of Glazebrook, the shots heard around the arena. She lines up and delivers a huge blow to the side of the head, the heel of her boot connecting with the front of his face. He rolls on the mat grabbing his head as a trail of blood follows him. She drops a leg drop onto Bruiser, who is still on the mat, and then drops him into an armbar! 

Killer can be seen getting himself back together on the outside. He sees Hex getting the upper hand on his partner as he climbs back into the ring. He acts as if he is about to save his partner, and “trips” into the referee delivering an elbow to his face. The referee falls to the mat as Hex continues to hold the armbar, not letting up. Tinordi comes into the ring and delivers a boot to the side of the head of Hex, causing her to let go of the armbar. She rolls to the corner as Kailee reaches over the ropes and tags herself in! She climbs into the ring to come at Tinordi as the two begin brawling. 

Killer can be seen on the outside as he reaches under the ring and grabs hold of a bat. He climbs into the ring and immediately takes a swing at the back of the head of Tinordi, dropping him to the mat instantly. He pulls back again to take a shot at Kailee, who is near her corner. She quickly ducks the shot, not realizing Hex has her head down. The bat blasts Hex in the side of the face dropping her to the outside! Kailee turns around in shock seeing what has happened and goes to hit Killer as he hits the epic disaster! 

Kailee is laid out on the mat as she rolls to the outside. Glazebrook gets to his feet and sees what is happening. He sneaks up behind Killer and hits the stoner! He kicks the bat out of the ring and goes for the pin. 




The fans are on their feet as Glazebrook gets to his knees. He sees Tinordi and goes to help him up as the two men slide out of the ring. The camera pans to the opposite side where Kailee and Hex can be seen arguing between each other. The two women shove each other and begin to fight as security rushes the side of the ring. They split the women up as words continue to be exchanged. The camera fades to a commercial.

[Cue Intro. The lights go out. Animal I've become begins to play on the sound system. A slow rock build echoed through the arena. Damian Hendrix takes his spot at the top of the ramp wearing a sleeveless hoodie. Damian in down on one hand and one knee, his head his down.]

 "I can't escape this hell So many times I've tried But I'm still caged inside Somebody get me through this nightmare I can't control myself" 

[The moment the beat drops the lights shoot back on to reveal Damian Hendrix, who immediately pops up to his feet letting out a yell of intensity. He looks to his left then to his right before making his way down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp he stops and gives another survey of the crowd before jumping up on the apron and entering the ring. He proceeds to hop up on a turn buckle and taps his chest with his fist before throwing it up in the air.

 All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play. 


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray. He leaps off the dias into the crowd of the faithful and crowdsurfs down to the ring to a decent pop. The crowd drops him off at Ringside, and he climbs into the ring, dashing to each corner to pose on the turnbuckle for the crowd.

The bell rings, and both men meet in the middle of the ring. Kurtis Ray gets the upper hand, and locks in Hendrix in a headlock. Hendrix escapes and pushes Kurtis, who runs and bounces off the ropes. Kurtis goes for a clothesline, that is dodged by Hendrix. Kurtod goes for another clothesline, that is again dodged by Hendrix. As Kurtis runs at Hendrix for the third time, he is met by a dropkick to the chest from Hendrix. Hendrix gets the upper hand, and delivers a devastating kick to Ray's face. Damian continues to punish Kurtis with more kicks, before Kurtis overpowers Hendrix and uses his size advantage to takedown Damian. Ray starts to pummel Hendrix with punches, that are blocked by Hendrix. The referee calls for Kurtis to let go. As Hendrix gets up to his feet, Kurtis Ray jumps up and clotheslines Damian Hendrix out of the ring! Both men fall off the canvas and hit the ground. The referee starts counting them out.


Kurtis Ray springs up to his feet and irish whips Damian Hendrix into the steel steps. Hendrix collides with a loud thud,  dislocating the steps.


Kurtis Ray approaches a downed Hendrix and picks him up by the neck. Hendrix forces Kurtis to let go, and then smashes Kurtis' face to the steel steps.


Damian Hendrix grabs the ropes and drags himself up to the canvas, but before he can get inside the ring, Kurtis Ray slides under his legs and hits an improvised powerbomb.


Damian Hendrix feels the powerbomb into the ground, but grabs on Kurtis Ray into an armbar.


Kurtis manages to break the armbar, and picks up Hendrix from the ground. He places him over his shoulders and rams him against the barricade.


A groggy Kurtis Ray slowly gets up, and walks up to the ring. He grabs on to the corner, but Hendrix surprisingly recovers and hits Kurtis' head to the corner.


Hendrix starts to pummel Ray, who lies on his back. Ray then punches Hendrix in the gut, making him lose his balance and spit out. Hendrix lies against the barricade to recover.


Hendrix is still leaning against the barricade. Kurtis Ray then runs and clotheslines Hendrix, making both men go over the barricade and into the crowd!


Neither man is moving anymore. The crowd is chanting "This is awesome!"


Both men are counted out, and the crowd goes wild!

Bonn: Due to both men unable to get up from the count, this match  is considered a double countout!

[James Ranger is walking through the corridors of the arena, flanked by security to both his sides. He's talking on his phone.]

RANGER: Look, I don't care what his motivations are. Mellon had his chance, passed over it, and as such his time here is over.

[Ranger turns a corner, security coming with him.]

RANGER: Alright look, I'm running Wreckage right now. I'll call you back.

[He hangs up.]

RANGER: Bloody punk.

[Ranger arrives at a door that reads "GENERAL MANAGER" and opens it. A hand immediately closes it. The camera pans to reveal it's Tanno Waters, wearing a grey suit. The security guards immediately grab their nightsticks.]

TANNO: Relax James, I'm not going to attack you. I just wanted to remind you that you proved last week what a lousy-ass GM you are. That title was supposed to be mine. We had a deal.

RANGER: That deal did not include Bob Mellon's interference.

TANNO: That deal included you allowing me to win the goddamn title. You should've installed security around the ring the way you've now installed them around you and your deep-seated fear for me. Hell, you could've prevented it all by just keeping the damn ref distracted when Valentine had me in the Sharpshooter.

RANGER: Listen, Mr Waters. Not everything in life always goes according to plan. I've given you a Television Championship match tonight instead and a spot in the Elimination Chamber at Armada. I've more than given you an alternative.

TANNO: You and I both know the International title has no business around Valentine's waist and all the business around mine. Though then again, when have you ever acted in the interest of our brand?

RANGER: I have no qualms suspending you, Mr Waters.

TANNO: No matter. Tonight, I will take out Willie Steen and claim the title I personally brought prestige to. As for you, James...

[Tanno pretends to move in for a punch to James Ranger. The security guards immediately react as Ranger recoils. Tanno retreats his punch and laughs.]

TANNO: Thought so.

*Dwight David's "The Last Dragon" hits as Xavier Pendragon makes his way out to the entrance ramp.*


Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, from Detroit, Michigan, wearing 277 pounds, he is the Machine...XAAAAAAVIERRRRR PEEEEEEEEENDRAGONNN!!!


Lane: Xavier's got a huge match with World title implications at Armada, but first, he's gotta get past Korath here tonight.

Hart: No small task, for sure.

*Xavier climbs into the ring, looks around at the approving London crowd, and chuckles before turning towards the entranceway, just in time for "The Anvil of Crom" to sound over the loudspeakers at the O2.*

Bonn: And his opponent, from the Savage Lands, weighing 395 pounds, he is the Nordic Nightmare...KOOOOOOOOOOOOOORATHHHH!!!


*Korath steps out onto the stage and unleashes a mighty howl before looking to the ring and only seeing Xavier standing there.  He looks slightly confused at this as he walks down the ramp and enters the ring as well.*

Hart: Gary, from the looks of things, I don't think Korath was expecting a one-on-one match tonight.

Lane: Not at all.  Theoretically, this means he has better odds to win, but he looks almost...disappointed?  Like he was hoping to face more than just Pendragon?

*After entering the ring, Korath stands across from Pendragon with a sick smile slowly developing on his face.  Pendragon looks back at Korath stoically, ready to do whatever it takes to win.*


The bell rings, and the two competitors lock up in the center of the ring.  Xavier manages to whip Korath into the ropes, looking for a clothesline, but Korath ducks it, and using surprising agility, he bounces off the ropes and comes at Pendragon with a clothesline of his own!

Lane: Pendragon's down early!

Not wasting any time, the Nordic Nightmare mounts Xavier from above and rains down a variety of punches to the head, attempting to beat him into submission.  However, this occurs near the ropes, and Xavier is able to reach out and grab the bottom rope to force Korath off of him.  Korath pulls Pendragon up and gets ready to suplex him across the ring, but the Machine counters with a kick to the gut followed up by an Evenflow DDT.  He goes for a quick pin.


Korath kicks out at 1/2.

Hart: Quick kickout!

Xavier grabs the legs of Korath, looking for the Grand Rapids Knot, but Korath kicks back, sending Pendragon flying into the turnbuckle!

Lane: WOW!  Look at the power of Korath!

Korath gets to his feet, looks at a stunned Xavier with that sick smile of his, and charges, hitting the Heavy Lariat!

Hart: Heavy Lariat!

Pendragon crumples to the mat, but Korath doesn't go for the pin.  Instead, he stands in the corner, once again calling for Xavier to stand up!

Lane: Is he going for another one?

As Xavier stumbles up, Korath unleashes a massive howl into the air and charges once more, looking for a second Heavy Lariat, but at the last second, Xavier ducks!

Hart: He had that one scouted!

Korath turns around, only to be met with X Marks The Spot!  Korath falls to the canvas as Xavier goes for the pin.

Lane: What a kick by the Machine!


Korath once again kicks out!

Hart: Korath's not going down easy!

Xavier, becoming slightly frustrated, pulls Korath up by the hair and attempts to set up for the Detroit Drive to finish things, but Korath counters with a few well-placed fists to the head of the Machine!  Xavier falls to his knees, but Korath continues the assault, hitting two quick headbutts before hitting a massive headbutt to bring Pendragon down for good!

Hart: Absolute BRUTALITY from Korath here!

Korath mounts Pendragon for the second time tonight and, after making sure that Xavier would be unable to reach the ropes this time, he begins raining down hellfire in the form of vicious blows to the head!  Pendragon attempts to protect himself with his own hands, but to no avail, as Korath continues to brutally attack the former World Champion.

Lane: This is getting hard to watch!

After a while, Xavier begins to cease to fight back as he seemingly begins to fade into unconsciousness.  Noting this, Korath stops the assault, lifts Pendragon onto his shoulders, and brings him down with a HUGE Savage Hammer!


Lane: This could be it!


Unbelievably, Xavier Pendragon kicks out!


Hart: He kicked out!

Lane: How?!?

Korath begins arguing with the referee, visibly upset at the turn of events.  He thought the count should have been three, but the referee is having none of it.  As the two argue, Pendragon comes to life and rolls Korath up!

Hart: Rollup!


Korath kicks out!

Lane: Xavier trying to catch Korath by surprise!

Both men get to their feet and Xavier charges, looking for the Dragon Trap to finish it off, but Korath catches him, hauls him onto his shoulders, and hits a second Savage Hammer!

Hart: SAVAGE HAMMER!  Pendragon is out!



Bonn: Here is your winner, KOOOOOORATTHHHHHHH!!!


Hart: Korath handily defeats the Machine here tonight!

Lane: Are you kidding me?  Korath unleashed the gates of hell on Pendragon here tonight.  Xavier just couldn't keep up!

Hart: This can't be looking good for Xavier as he tries to campaign for a WWX title shot.

Lane: But on the opposite side of the coin, look at Korath!  He hasn't looked this strong in months!  He is definitely someone you DON'T want to have to share a ring with.

Lane: And we are back from break and standing in the ring is the general manager James Ranger looking to address this past weekend.

Hart: He does not look happy…

(The crowd jeers with a heavy weight which only makes Ranger smile in the center of the ring)

Ranger: So Bob Mellon thinks he can just come out here and dictate how that title match would end. No, Bob, that is not how this works. Now, I would like to take this opportunity to have you come out here and explain yourself. Come meet me in this ring, face to face, and explain yourself!

(Guerrilla Radio hits the speakers and the crowd goes crazy. Mellon bursts through the curtains to thunderous cheers as the former champion, in street clothes heads down to the ring. Mellon tentatively walks up the steps of the ring and enters through the second rope. He walks right up to Ranger and the two men stare at each other, heatedly. Mellon then moves to the corner where he grabs a mic as the music dies down)

Ranger: Talk to us. Tell us, oh great one, what you were thinking. Where you get the gaul. The audacity to get in my way! Who the hell do you think you…. (Mellon cuts him off)

Mellon: Oh, shut your trap. You know exactly what I was doing. I was righting a wrong. I was evening the score. Jarvis, even on a bum leg, had Tanno beat until you stuck your nose into it. Waters was reeling. You saw it, every WWX fan saw it, and I helped sway the ship back on course.

Ranger: Suddenly Bob Mellon is doing the right thing? Suddenly you forget that these same fans booed you when you won the International Title from Jester. When you went toe to toe with Hex Girl and Tom Black. Yet you come out here, holier than thou. Why?

Mellon: Times are changing and last weekend is the perfect example. I held that title for four months. I helped put it into the right hands and frankly, regardless of what the fans think, I got more joy sticking it to you!

(The crowd cheers Mellon’s defiance)

Ranger: Well, the joke is on you… See there is a little clause in your previous contract that states you owe me and the WWX one more match. You fight one more time in this ring.

(Mixed reaction from the crowd who want Mellon to wrestle but don’t want Ranger to be cheered)

Lane: What!? The man retired!

Hart: Apparently that’s not the case for the time being…

Mellon: I hate to break it to you, boss, but I will not fight. And I surely will not fight Jarvis for the title I relinquished.

(the crowd shows their disapproval)

Ranger: Wait, you think it’s that easy? You think you are fighting Jarvis at this coming PPV?

(Mellon and the crowd is puzzled)

Ranger: See, Bobby, I have a surprise for you that is even better than you would think… See you have a number one contenders match with the man you stole the title from. TANNO WATERS!!!

(The crowd goes crazy)

Ranger: You will fight Tanno and the winner will then face Jarvis for the International Title. Why is this so much fun? Because I know you won’t disappoint. You won’t throw the match. I make money off you and the possibility of you winning guarantees me another cash cow to follow! See what I mean… You’re signed on for much longer than you think!

(Just as Ranger finishes his statement, out from under the ring sneaks Tanno Waters with a baseball bat. Slowly inching up to Mellon he swings and takes out Mellon’s right knee. Mellon hits the canvas hard as Waters continues to bury the bat into Mellon’s weakening knee.)

Ranger: (Kneels down next to Mellon who is screaming in pain) I guess we’ll see you soon, Bobby….

(Tanno stands over Mellon as a chorus of boos rain down on him. Ranger slowly and confidently leaves the ring as Tanno remains inside watching Mellon as if he is eyeing his next attack on a wounded prey. Scene goes black)

Lane: Next up is Willie Steen versus Tanno for the Television Championship.

Hart: Yes sir and Steen is already in the ring looking ready to keep his belt.

[The arena goes pitch black. There is some murmuring in the arena. A raven caws and audibly flies away.]
[Mechanical sounds fill the arena as a voice sounds over it.]
This is not good! No, this is not good at all!
Mayday Mayday Mayday Mayday Maydayyyy....
You’re all gonna die?
[Tanno stands on the stage as pyros explode around him. He looks at the ring, a big grin stretching across his face.]
[Tanno charges at the ring and slides in. He gestures to the crowd to a chorus of boos.]

Hart: Tanno has another shot at a championship! After last weeks loss to Jarvis Valentine for the International Championship, he gets a shot at Steen for the Television Championship this week!

Lane: Maybe Tanno will have better luck this week.

The ref gets ready to call for the been but suddenly “This is my house” starts to blare over the PA system. The crowd erupts with cheers and a few boo’s. Out steps out Jarvis Valentine  with his newly won International Championship over his shoulder with a huge smile on his face. Right beside him is Summer clapping and smiling while looking at Jarvis good up his belt as the two men in the ring look on.

Hart: Wounder what our new Champ is doing it here?

Lane: All three of these men are going to be competing with three other men inside the elimination chamber at Armada for the Television Championship! So that might have something to do with it!

Jarvis and Summer walk down to the ring, and then around it while Jarvis looks up at both men. Tanno staring down at Jarvis in disgust.

Lane: And plus, you see those two chairs?

Hart: Yes?

Jarvis and Summer get to those chairs. Summer sets down right away while Jarvis puts the headset.

Lane: Well that answers your question right?

Hart: Shut up Lane!

Jarvis sets down as the crowd settles down and the ref calls for the bell.

Hart: Welcome Jarvis, and congrats on your title won last week!

Jarvis: Thank you Hart! It's a awesome feeling being a champion here in WWX. I have to thank Mr. Mellon for evening things out a little last week!

Steen points to the title and points to himself, barking at Tanno that the title belongs to him. Tanno immediately decks Steen and begins on the attack. Tanno sends some speedy kicks and forearms to Steen’s head and body and off the bat Steen seems overwhelmed. Steen tries to escape and catch his breath but Tanno is right after him. Tanno manages to whip Steen back into the ring. But as he climbs the apron to follow him Steen alertly kicks his feet out from under him, causing Tanno to tumble to the floor, banging his face on the apron on the way down.

Hart: Tanno has to be hurting after that landing!

Jarvis: You mean Tayna!
Steen now capitalizes to take control with a steady barrage of grapples and suplexes on his smaller opponent in an attempt to tire and slow him down. Steen attempts to set up for the Cali Clash but Tanno wriggles free and stuns Steen with an enziguiri. Tanno attempts to come off the ropes with a springboard but Steen counters into a complete shot followed by the Koji Clutch. After a struggle, Tanno makes it to the ropes. Steen releases the hold and grabs Tanno by the head. Tanno surprises with a roll up and Steen barely kicks out.  Tanno gets up kicks Steen in the gut and stuns him with Ultimate Impalum. Cover . . .




Hart: Almost had a new champion!

Lane: That was two and seven eighth!

Tanno gets up and pulls Steen up with him and then immediately whips Steen into the ropes while she runs the opposite direction bouncing off the ropes. When they meet in the middle they both deliver a massive clothesline to each other!!

Lane: Both men are down!

Jarvis: Who the fu..

Jarvis gets shoved to the side a little as so does Summer as Bob Mellon goes between them coming from the crowd.

Hart: Bob Mellon!! What is he doing here???

Bob slides in the ring and goes after Steen with a couple boots to the head before Steen roles out and runs over to his belt as the ref calls for the bell.

Lane: Steen retains!!

Bob turns and goes after Tanno as the crowd cheers. Bob gets a couple kicks in before Tanno is up against the ropes. Bob in the middle of the ring runs at Tanno and clothesline him over the top rope. Tanno falls to the ground landing hard on his back. Bob stands in the ring yelling at Tanno

Lane: Ladies and gentlemen, it is the moment you have all been waiting for. Devine vs. Lipton vs. McAllister vs. Syndicate for the World Title.

Hart: Tonight we may see someone new walking out of here with the World Title but my money is on Syndicate. He has proven time and time again that he is the best this federation has to offer. 

Lane: Let’s head down to ringside for the introductions. 

Ring Announcer: This next match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWX World Wrestling Championship. First the challengers. 

The arena goes pitch black, and “What Went Down” by Foals starts playing. As the song picks up, pyros explode on both sides of the stage [PPV only]. The arena lights up, and Jake Devine stands in the middle of the stage, with his back turned to the camera and his arms open. He turns around and punches the air, triggering more explosions as he starts to walk down the ramp, with a spotlight following him.

Ring Announcer: The first challenger, from New York City, NY, at 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 239 pounds, JAKE DEVINE!!!!

Jake makes his way to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He climbs the top rope and opens his arms, with his eyes closed, as flares light up above the ring. Jake jumps down, removes his jacket, and crouches with his back to the turnbuckle.

“A Welcome Burden” by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the arena’s public announce system. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads “Rex” in red lettering on the right and “Master” on the left. The back reads “Rexcellence.” Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring.

Ring Announcer: The next challenger, from Sea Isle, NJ, at 6 foot 4 inches tall and weighing at 238 pounds, REX MCALLISTER!!!!




*The sound of static fills the O2 Arena in London, followed by the opening chords for Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade”!*

Ring Announcer: From Los Angeles, CA, at 6 foot 1 inch, weighing 224 pounds, the WWX World Wrestling Champion… SYNDICATE!!!!!!!!

Hart: The champion has arrived in London!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it, holding the World Wrestling Championship over his right shoulder and the World Tag Team Championship over his left.  Wearing his red leather jacket, gray denim jeans, metal right knee brace, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing the floor. *

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***

*Syndicate raises both titles into the air before performing a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp!  Soon after, the lights in the arena rise back to their previous levels.*


Hart: Syndicate has been vilified by his peers.  He has been cast aside by the industry of professional wrestling as an undeserving, entitled young man with a few fluke wins...

Lane: Which is exactly who he is!

Hart: ...but yet, here he stands, as the World Wrestling Champion once again.

Lane: Okay, yeah, he beat Tommy Lipton last week for the title, but come on!  Tonight he's gotta defend it against Lipton, McAllister, AND Devine, and to make matters worse, he's still being limited by that injured knee.  I don't think he has a chance in hell of surviving here tonight.

Hart: That's what you said last week...

*Syndicate by this point has made it to the bottom of the ramp and entered the ring, where under the watchful eyes of his competitors, he climbs the turnbuckle and performs another crucifix pose underneath the shine of a second spotlight.*


Lane: Where is Lipton? Has it gotten this bad that he won’t even show up. I know it’s been a rough few weeks. The ring announcer didn’t even introduce him.

Hart: I’m sure he has something up his sleeve… Now, any person that gets pinned will be crowned the new World Champion. There is so much that could happen.

Lane: The referee is currently going over the ground rules with the men in the ring. He now takes the World Title from Syndicate and raises it for the crowd to see!

(A huge pop from the crowd as the anticipation of the match continues to build.)

Lane: And here we go as the bell rings… wait, someone just jumped the barrier!!!

(Syndicate stands waiting in the ring. Tommy Lipton hops the barrier and slides into the ring and ambushes the champ as Rex comes into help!)

(The bell rings, and Tommy and Rex immediately turn towards the champion and charge at him, pinning him into the corner. Jake Devine slides to the outside of the ring.  Syndicate is pummeled to the mat by a barrage of strikes from the duo but is able to roll out of the ring to recover from the earlier onslaught.  McAllister and Lipton choose to follow him out while Jake holds back and plays the part of onlooker)

(Rex moves over towards Syndicate, who has propped himself up against the guardrail, but before anything could be done, Syndicate blatantly kicks McAllister right in the groin.)

Lane: Hey, ref!  What the hell was that??

Hart: Fatal 4-Ways are no disqualification, Gary!  Syndicate's just taking advantage of the rules!

(Not giving Rex any time to breathe, Syndicate grabs his arm and whips him right into the steel steps, dislodging them from where they previously sat.  However, not a moment later, Tommy charges at Syndicate, careening right into the champ!  Both men fall to the ground as Jake Devine, with a twinkle in his eye, climbs to the top rope and hits a flying cross body to both Syndicate and Tommy!!  Jake quickly runs to the other side of the ring and watches from a distance)

(Syndicate slowly fights back to his feet but is quickly assaulted from behind by Rex, who cracks his trademark Singapore cane over Syndicate’s back.  McAllister then grabs the champ by the hair and throws him into the ring, leaving Tommy to recover on the outside.  As Rex continues to punish the champ, Jake watches on quietly, with an evil smile on his face. Lipton enters the rings and jumps on board with a double team on Syndicate. Tommy and Rex throw Syndicate to the ropes but the champ quickly ducks a double clothesline. Syndicate retaliates with a cross body that takes down both Lipton and Rex. All three men lie motionless in the ring)

Hart: The champ just took out Rex and Lipton!

Lane: Devine continues to watch on from the outside. 

(Syndicate sets up Lipton and Rex in opposite corners before whipping them to the center, causing the two men to violently and dangerously collide!  They fall to the canvas, and without a moment to let the crowd soak it in, Syndicate charges across the ring to Lipton, who is slow to get up, and hits a sudden “Original Syn” with the metal knee brace to Tommy Lipton!)





Lane: Lipton kicks out!!!

(He goes for the pin to repeat last week's result, but Tommy kicks out at two!  Syndicate looks over at Tommy, chuckling, before turning around and seeing the Singapore cane that Rex was wielding earlier.  Picking it up and examining it, he waits for Rex to stagger back to his feet before cracking it over the Rex Master's back, breaking the cane in half!  Syndicate throws the cane out of the ring just as Jake jumps up on the apron and back into the ring hitting a surprise “Highlight Reel” to the champ!)

Hart: Jake caught Syndicate off-guard with that Highlight Reel, but but he is refusing to pin the champ!

(Not wasting an opportunity, Jake picks Syndicate back up and hits “Into the Spotlight” in the center of the ring!)

Lane: We could be seeing a new champion right here, Mike!

Hart: It looks like Devine is simply here just to inflict pain on the Champ. He’s had two opportunities to cover and has refused in both instances. 

(Devine leaves the ring again, leaving Syndicate motionless on the mat. Both Rex and Lipton are now back on their feet. Rex McAllister is looking to hit the finisher on Syndicate. Suddenly the lights go out... when they turn back on Blade Rickman is standing in the center of the ring, chair in hand. Glad begins to assault both Rex and Syndicate.)

Lane: What the hell is going on?!

Hart: Blade Rickman is bringing down the pain on Syndicate and Rex. Devine and Lipton look on in horror. 

(Tommy looks on in awe as Blade slams a chair into the gut of Rex and then clotheslines him over the top rope. Both men fall to the floor. Tommy watches as Syndicate is slowly getting up. The former champ reveals brass knuckles. Syndicate gets up and Tommy cracks Syndicate hard with the brass!! Syndicate stumbles into the ropes and as he falls forward Tommy catches him and hits the CIB stunner!)

Tommy covers!!!



(Jake Devine comes into the ring and pulls Lipton off of Syndicate! Lipton gets up and gets in Devine’s face as the two men engage in a heated argument. On the outside, Blade retreats through the crowd as Rex begins to come to.)

Lane: Devine just pushed Lipton who now returns the favor. 

Hart: Rex is sneaking back into the ring and he slowly crawls on top of Syndicate and pins the lifeless champ. Why the hell was Blade Rickman out here?!?! What does he have in all of this???





Lane: Devine turned around and pushed Rex off of Syndicate. 

Hart: Rex gets up, livid with Devine. Devine jumps back out of the ring refusing to engage in a physical altercation with Rex and Lipton. 

(Rex motions at Tommy, allowing Devine to leave the ring, to pick up a weakened Syndicate, and Tommy stands Syndicate up. Both perform a double flapjack on Syndicate. Rex directs Tommy to stand Syndicate up again, and he stands Syndicate up, while Rex climbs to the top turnbuckle. Tommy lifts Syndicate into an electric chair drop position on his shoulders. Rex leaps off, and clotheslines Syndicate down to the canvas)

Hart: Both Tommy and Rex working together?? I mean, I know they did at Aftershock some, but they're effectively trying to take Syndicate apart here.

Lane: The former two time tag team champions! You knew they would! All's fair in love and war! This has turned into a full blown beat down on the champ. There is nothing left in Syndicate. 

(Rex turns to Lipton to give him a high five as the champ is out cold on the mat. Jake climbs to the top to execute the “Angel Drop” on to McAllister. Jake leaps, but McAllister instinctively pulls Lipton into the crossfire. McAllister rolls away from the wreck of bodies.) 

Lane: Lipton is out cold. Once again he is left looking bad. Devine, slow to get up finds that he and Rex are the only two men still upright.

Hart: This match has been epic! 

(Rex meets Jake face to face. Both start throwing closed fist punches at each other, trading momentum back and forth. Rex ducks a high elbow by Jake, and Rex grabs Devine and tosses him through the ropes to the outside. Rex hops through the ropes, and reaches under the ring and searches for a weapon. He tosses out a steel chair and launches it over the top rope where it lands in the center of the ring. Rex raises his hind heel which low blows an incoming Jake Devine. Jake is in immense pain on the floor. Rex bends back down and reaches under the ring. Rex pulls out his custom made Singapore Cane.)

(Both Tommy and Syndicate are slowly recovering. Rex perches himself on the top turnbuckle with his Singapore Cane in hand.)

Hart: Look out, Tommy!

(Rex leaps off and brings the cane down on top of the unsuspecting Lipton which knocks him out.)

Lane: Lipton is OUT!

(Rex tosses the Cane from the ring, turns and delivers the Rex Effect to Syndicate on the steel chair he had tossed into play earlier. Rex drops down to his knees and tosses the chair through the ropes to the floor. Rex covers, and hooks the leg of Syndicate. The referee slowly recovers and inches closer to make the count.)

Lane: Rex got the distraction he needed!




Hart: Devine breaks it up again!!!!

(Jake stomps Rex on his back, and drags him in for an “Into the Spotlight”. The move connects! Rex is out cold. Lipton comes to and tries to attack from behind but Devine anticipates it and hits another “Into the Spotlight”. Lipton is out again. Jake falls to the ground next to him, just staring at Lipton who lies there motionless.)

Hart: Lipton is down. McAllister is down. Syndicate is down. 

Lane: Jake Devine leaves the ring again and watches.

(Syndicate gets up slowly. He fights back to his feet as Lipton begins to fight to his. McAllister climbs back to his feet.)

Lane: There are no teams anymore. All three men are up. All three men are ready to attack. 

(Syndicate is pulled from the ring by his feet by Jake Devine. Devine sets him up for a suplex and puts him through the table. Syndicate is out of it again.)

Hart: The Spanish announce table has been torn apart. Syndicate went through it hard. 

(In the ring, the former tag team exchanges one haymaker after another with each other. Rex is the first one to stagger. Lipton capitalizes by hitting a lethal spear on Rex that sends him into the turnbuckle and down onto the mat. Devine looks on in anticipation. Lipton heads to the top rope. He signals for a flying elbow.)

Lane: If he connects with this, then we may have a new champion. 

(Lipton off the top rope connects with the flying elbow!!! Rex convulses holding his throat. Lipton rolls on the mat clutching his elbow.)

Hart: Lipton can finish it off if he can just crawl back to Rex and cover. 

Lane: He is inching his way over to Rex. He’s there. The ref is ready to count!!!





(As the three is counted, Jake Devine clobbers the referee with the chair. The momentum of the ref’s hand to the mat was from the aftermath of the chair. No three count. No bell)

Hart: Three!! THREE!!!!

Lane: No, Devine foiled Lipton’s opportunity again!!!


Lane: Lipton looks up as Devine enters the ring with the chair. 

(Lipton charges at Devine from his knees tackling Devine to the mat. Lipton is hitting Devine with one punch after another. Rex comes to his senses and reaches into his tights for a pair of brass knuckles. He puts them on. Lipton turns around and ducks the right hand from Rex who inadvertently connects with Devine. Devine is out cold. Lipton connects on McAllister with a spine-buster.) 

Hart: THERE IS NO REFEREE. NO ONE TO COUNT. Lipton covers Devine now but no one is there to count. It seems almost as if Devine wants to screw over Lipton!!!

Lane: Lipton is trying to wake the referee but here comes the Champ. 

(Syndicate had climbed to the top rope and connected with a flying dropkick to Lipton sending Tommy down hard. The champ stands up and gestures for a big finish from the crowd. The comeback is nearly complete for the champ. The referee slowly comes to. Syndicate lines Lipton up for the “Original Syn” but McAllister hits a shoulder block to Syndicate’s knee sending the champ to the mat hard. Rex falls back from exhaustion)

Lane: Everyone is reeling. The match has gotten out of control!!

(The referee comes to and notices all four competitors are down. The ref begins a 10 count)









(Devine and Lipton sit up simultaneously)

Lane: Devine and Lipton are the first to move. The count has stopped!

(Rex and Syndicate begin to move as well. Lipton climbs to his feet and clotheslines Devine out of the Ring. Rex sneaks up behind Lipton and tries a quick roll up for the win…)




(Syndicate breaks up the count. Syndicate takes Rex by the hair and tosses him over the top rope. Lipton moves in for the kill behind Syndicate and connects with the Lipton Slam!!)

Hart: Lipton just connected with the Lipton Slam. 

Lane: This could be all over!!

Hart: Devine is on the apron. He’s got the referee’s attention. He’s holding onto the ref who doesn’t see the Lipton pin. 

Lane: Lipton can’t catch a break. Lipton gets up and moves over to the ropes.

(Devine pushes the ref to the ground, lifts up his steel chair and clobbers Lipton in the head who immediately begins to bleed. McAllister from the floor goes to grab Devine but Devine clobbers him with the chair too and he goes down.)

Lane: Devine has gotten in the way of Lipton winning more times than not during this match!!

Hart: Jake is gonna win! We will have a new Champion! There is no doubting that. Syndicate is out as well. Jake is the only man standing.

(Jake shakes his head with a smirk, and drags Syndicate on top of Tommy Lipton. He yells for a confused referee to count. Rex hurries to his feet and attempts to stop the pin, but Jake stops him with an epic kick to the face.)




Lane: Syndicate retains. I don’t believe what I just saw. Syndicate retains!!!!!

Hart: Devine had it all laid out. Everything was perfect. I don’t know what to think. 

(Devine stands there still holding the steel chair. Syndicate sits up slowly, dazed, and confused. Devine stands behind him, lining him up. Syndicate doesn’t realize he is in danger.)

Lane: Syndicate, TURN AROUND!!!

Hart: Oh my god…

(Devine cracks Syndicate sideways across the back of the head with the steel chair. Blood gushes from the back of Syndicates head as Devine continues to relentlessly clobber Syndicate with the steel chair)

Lane: Pure carnage as we now understand what Devine’s plan was all along. 

Hart: Rex and Lipton begin to come to as Devine slides out of the ring and up the ramp. The champ is unconscious!

(Left in the ring are a confused Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton standing over the limp body of the WWX Champion. Scene fades to black)

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