ARMADA - Show 2018-04-29 19:15:16

On Sun, Apr29, 2018 7:16pm America/Phoenix
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WWX armada PPV Show

The time when the forces of the wwX combine to battle for glory and dominance - ARMADA!

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ARMADA - Show 2018-04-29 19:15:16
The WWX Logo spins slowly in place, with each passing spin of the X, an individual wrestler moment shines on screens worldwide…

Tommy Lipton blood soaked holding the US Boxing Championship..

Lost Soul and Rick Dreamie staring down in the ring…

Ethan Taylor celebrating with the fans..

V/O: We...

James Ranger clutching the blood soaked Global Championship..

Jake Devine executing a high flying crossbody tackle unto Willie Steen

Darkness standing on the ramp, clutching the WWX Championship wrapped around his waist…

V/O: Are….

Xavier Pendragon howling out towards the arena from the top turnbuckle…

Kurtis Ray and Rayne signing autographs…..

Super Bacon posing eagerly for the fans at a local Xcess meet and greet…

Damian Price and Penelope Creed walking with purpose down the hallways…

V/O: The….

Rex McAllister, zoomed in upon as he walks down the ramp towards the ring during his entrance, all business...

Bob Mellon executing a mean power clothesline upon Jester...

Syndicate raising the WWX Championship high in slow motion…

V/O: Xistence!

The WWX Logo fades away at the last word as the screen fades.


"As We Fall" plays in the background, video clips one after another highlight the past few months leading up to Armada

The sound of the  fans in attendance reach a fever pitch as an eerie fog blankets the entrance ramp stretching towards the ring and the announcers table, flames shoot up from the ramp, an unsettling blue and green flames take turns shooting off in columns as green and red fireworks go off above the ring
The lights slowly come to full power, yet the fog remains as the theme continues

Lane: Ladies and Gentlemen, World Wrestling Xistence Presents Armada, live in Vancouver, Canada at the BC Arena! Gary Lane here alongside my partner in crime Mike Hart!
Hart: Thanks Gary, with this match comes the ending to many feuds, however the last few weeks have seen a drastic change in the card, but General Manager James Ranger says the show must go on to entertain those who paid to get their monies' worth.

Lane: That's true, opening up the card tonight is what is expected to be last time the WWX World Tag Team Championship will be defended, one of two championships being retired within the company as decreed by James Ranger. Both Darkness and Syndicate, double booked, have their work cut out for them as they face off against the winners of Wreckage's main event, 420!

Hart: As I mentioned earlier, a change of card for tonight's festivities as WWX International Champion Jarvis Valentine faces off against Axel Van Roth in what should be an interesting test for the young champion.

Lane: Following that, Darkness will face off against Xavier Pendragon in a Career versus Titleshot Match. If Xavier wins, not only does he get another title match against the WWX World Champion, but he retires Darkness for good...

Hart: I'm sure James will be watching that match-

Lane: (ahem) However, if Darkness defies the odds, Xavier is leaving tonight sitting at the back of the line for a world titleshot. Hopefully Darkness prevails.
Hart: Afterwards, the #1 Contendership for the WWX International Championship is at stake as now three individuals seek to clutch the contract that makes first in line to face the champion. I hate to be the odd wrestler out in this one.

Lane: Considering its Kurtis Ray, looking to rebound back into the world title picture, or Hex Girl, reaching to break another glass ceiling tonight-

Hart: Or the Beast Risen in IWA Hall of Famer Bob Mellon, returning under contractual obligations per General Manager James Ranger, quite frankly its dangerous for any one person to be in this match when a ladder is involved.
Lane: Following the International Ladder Match, the second of two championships to be retired, dare i say this one takes the cake as it is retired in a pool of blood contested under Elimination Chamber Rules. Willie Steen has his work cut out for him as James Ranger saw fit to lock him in the chamber with the entire Television Division against him. Any one of them could walk away with the championship considering the odds don't favor the champion.
Hart: If i was Willie, i would have vacated, this way winning it back would make him a six time champion
Bonn – Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and will be for the WWX Tag Team Championship!!!!
(The crowd goes erupts as the lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I Wanna Get High" blare over the PA.)
Bonn – Weighing in at a total combined weight of 572 pounds.  Matt Glazebrook… Gary Tinordi… 420!!!!!!
(The crowd is going crazy as the lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.

They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with really trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.
Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The convene in the corner, where the ceremonial game of Rock, Paper, Scissors commences to see who starts the match.)




Bonn – And their opponents… Introducing first
Bonn – He stands 6’6” tall and weighs in at 290 pounds.  Hailing from Florence, South Carolina… here is one half of the WWX Tag Team Champions… DARKNESS!!!!!!


(Two lightning bolts strike the stage as Darkness appears, the WWX Tag Team Championship around his waist at the beginning of the ramp. Darkness slowly makes his way down to the ring and climbs up the steps into the ring. As he takes off his coat the lights slowly come back on.)


Static blares through the arena's loudspeakers before transitioning into "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.  The crowd is electric as Syndicate steps onto the stage.


Syndicate is dressed in his usual combination of white leather jacket, black t-shirt, worn-down blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers. He holds the World title belt on his left shoulder.)




Bonn – He stands 6’1” and weighs 224 pounds.  Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, he is one half of the WWX Tag Team Champions and is the WORLD WRESTLING XISTENCE CHAMPION… SYNDICATE!!!!!!!!!!!
(As his name is read, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose and makes his way down the ramp and into the ring before performing another crucifix pose to the crowd's delight.)




Hart – So, it’s 420 against Darkness and Syndicate in the last ever WWX Tag Team Championship match as this belt is going to be retired.








(And we’re underway here, with Gary Tinordi and Darkness starting out for their respective teams.  They lock up in the middle of the ring and Tinordi gets the upper hand and slaps on a Headlock.  He pushes Darkness towards the ropes and tries to roll him up, but Turner hangs on to the ropes and Tinordi does a backwards roll.
Tinordi jumps up and hits Darkness with a beautiful Dropkick as he turns around.  Tinordi not wasting any time, drops down and puts an Ankle Lock on.  He’s got it locked in tight, but Darkness is right next to the ropes and grabs them to make Tinordi break the lock, which he does cleanly.)




Hart – A good show of sportsmanship here by Tinordi, who looks a little upset with himself.


Lane – Perhaps, he feels like he knew better than to slap on a submission move so close to the ropes.
(Darkness and Tinordi lock up again, and again Tinordi gets the advantage with a Headlock.  Darkness pushes Tinordi against the ropes.  He comes off and Darkness hits a huge Clothesline, dropping Tinordi like a ton of bricks.  Darkness off the ropes and drops an elbow, but Tinordi rolls out of the way in the direction of his corner and tags Glazebrook in.
Glazebrook steps over the ropes and right towards Darkness, as the two big men lock up in the middle of the ring.  Darkness gets the upper hand, forcing Glazebrook down to one knee.  He comes down with a hard Ax Handle Smash onto Glazebrook.  Glazebrook pushes Darkness back and stands up in one motion and then delivers a big right hand to Darkness.

The two big men stand in the middle of the ring and trade blows for a bit before Darkness gets the upper hand and delivers 2, then 3 big right hands forcing Glazebrook to fall back into the ropes.  Darkness whips him to the opposite ropes.  Glazebrook comes off and Darkness hits a power slam.)




Hart – Darkness, overpowering the big man from 420.  Very surprising here.
(Darkness lifts Glazebrook to his feet and whips him into his corner.  He comes in hard with an avalanche, then makes a quick tag to Syndicate.  He climbs through the ropes and grabs Glazebrook and hits a Running Bulldog out of the corner. 

 Syndicate picks him up and hits with an Atomic Drop.  He quickly ducks through the ropes and sets up for a Springboard Neckbreaker, but Glazebrook bails out of the way and Syndicate goes flying to the other side of the ring.)




Hart – Nobody home for Syndicate on that Neckbreaker as Glazebrook dove out of the way, but both men are now down.  Syndicate is getting to his feet slowly, but Matt really needs to get to his corner for a tag.


Lane – And Syndicate is already positioned directly between the two.
(Glazebrook rolls around and pulls himself up to a 3-point stance about the time that Syndicate makes it to his feet.  Glazebrook snaps up and drives Syndicate back into the 420 corner.  He makes the tag to his partner, then drives a shoulder into Syndicate, who is still pinned into the corner.

Glazebrook drives another shoulder into the midsection of his opponent before finally taking his place on the outside of the ring.  Tinordi wastes no time in delivering a Spinning DDT off the turnbuckle out of the corner.  Tinordi screams to the crowd.)




Tinordi – What time is it?


Crowd – 420!!!!!
(Syndicate slowly gets to his feet as Tinordi lifts him up and hits a Slingshot Suplex that sends Syndicate across the and almost out of the ring.  Darkness reaches over to Syndicate all the way over from his corner and Syndicate makes the tag.

Darkness gets in the ring and gets set to lock up with Tinordi before quickly hitting a knee to the gut of Gary.  Darkness quickly picks him up and hits a big Powerbomb on Tinordi.  He lifts him to his feet and whips him hard into a neutral corner.

 He sizes up his opponent, who lies helpless in the corner and comes in for a splash… but nobody is home!!!  Gary Tinordi ducks out of the way!!  Both men are now lying motionless in the ring as the referee starts the count.  Darkness starts to shake off the cobwebs as Tinordi starts to make his way towards the outstretched hand of Matt Glazebrook.

He drops a vicious elbow to the back of Tinordi, which ends what little momentum he had built up.  He helps Tinordi to his feet and sends him towards the ropes.  Tinordi bounces off as Darkness locks in the Black Out!  Tinordi flails his elbows around, trying to connect with one to break the hold, but Darkness has it locked in tight. 

 Tinordi is still struggling but starting to slow down.  He drops down to one knee.  The referee checks to make sure this isn’t a choke, and Tinordi drops to the ground.)
Hart – This could be it right here.  Darkness has that sleeper hold locked in tight.

Lane – Glazebrook drops to the floor outside and reaches into the ring and puts Tinordi’s leg on the ropes, but nobody sees it!




(The referee grabs Tinordi’s arm raises it up and lets it go. 


1…  he lifts the arm again and lets it go.
2…  Glazebrook is screaming to the referee from his corner and pointing at Tinordi’s leg, which is clearly on the ropes.
The referee finally turns around to see Tinordi’s leg on the ropes and is breaking the hold.   Darkness lets go and starts to celebrate, but the referee quickly tells him about Tinordi’s leg on the ropes.  Darkness is not happy, but reluctantly drags Tinordi to the middle of the ring.  He backs into the ropes and flips over backwards onto the concrete floor surrounding the ring.  Glazebrook slid over and pulled the top rope down as Darkness was rebounding against the ropes and it sent him flying over backwards.)




Hart – Glazebrook is in the corner, stomping away and trying to get the crowd behind his partner.
(Glazebrook starts a chant “G!”, which the crowd quickly gets behind.  Tinordi starts to come to, shaking his head and turning over to his knees.  Glazebrook is itching to get in that ring as he’s reaching his long arms as far as they will stretch.  Tinordi starts to crawl over towards his corner.  On the outside, Darkness is stumbling to his feet, but is failing to see that Tinordi is inching closer to that much needed tag.
Syndicate slips in the ring and grabs Tinordi’s leg and pulls him back, but only a few feet before the referee pushes him back towards his corner.  Darkness is up now and sees Tinordi, who is still moving towards his corner.  Darkness slides under the ropes as Tinordi dives for his partner’s hand and he’s got the tag!!!!  Glazebrook comes in with a fury of right hands to the forehead of Darkness.  He picks him up for a Suplex and leaves him upside down!  The Hanging Suplex!) 

Hart - Aaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddddddddd DOWN!!!!  The referee turns around and goes right to Matt Glazebrook.  What is going on here?
Lane – He didn’t see the tag!  He was so busy trying to get Syndicate back into his corner that he missed the tag.


Hart – This appears to be the case as the referee is ordering Glazebrook to go back to his corner.  This is unreal.




(Darkness makes his way over to his corner and makes the tag to Syndicate.  He quickly runs across the ring towards Tinordi, who has almost made it to his feet and he ducks down and hits a back-body drop!  Both men are lying on the mat.  Glazebrook is again bouncing around in his corner and starting the “G!” chant.  The crowd is coming alive as Tinordi makes his way to his feet.  Syndicate is also up and gets between Tinordi and his corner.  Tinordi takes a step, then puts a beautiful swim move to get past Turner and makes the tag to Matt Glazebrook!  Glazebrook charges in and again hits with a flurry of punches and down goes Syndicate.)
Hart – Nice move by Tinordi! 

Lane - And the referee saw it this time.



Darkness rushes in and is greeted with a Scoop Slam.  Syndicate gets back up just in time for Glazebrook to lift him up for a powerbomb!  And down!!!  He nailed it.  Glazebrook turns around in time to catch Darkness with a Choke Slam.  Syndicate is up, and he is way up!  Glazebrook hoists him over his head for a press slam.  He walks over the ropes and BOMBS AWAY!!!!  He throws Syndicate out of the ring and down hard onto the concrete floor.  Back over to Darkness now, and he hits another powerbomb.  Glazebrook is cleaning house!  He runs to a neutral corner and hops up onto the 2nd turnbuckle.)
Glazebrook – (to crowd) What time is it?


Crowd – 420!!!!




(Glazebrook now picking Darkness up, he gives him a little elbow to the jaw, then throws him up against the ropes.  He bounces back and Glazebrook grabs him up in a Bearhug!  The big man is just squeezing the life out of Darkness.  The more he struggles, the tighter Matt Glazebrook grips his arms around his body, which has now gone limp and the ref is checking his arm. 




And Syndicate is back in the ring with a Double Ax Handle to the back of Matt Glazebrook, making him loosen his hold on Darkness.  Syndicate hits him with another one to break the hold and here comes Tinordi with a spear for Syndicate.  Tinordi stays on top of him and starts throwing forearms to his head.  Glazebrook rushes over as Tinordi jumps off and picks Syndicate up to his feet.  Tinordi quickly gives him a Reverse Atomic Drop causing him to fall backwards into Glazebrook.  Tinordi runs against the ropes as Glazebrook lifts Syndicate up.  Tinordi is off the ropes and nails the Diamond Cutter!  It’s the Joint Effort!   Glazebrook drops onto Syndicate for the cover, but the referee is not counting!  He’s pointing to Darkness, who is on the mat across the ring from Glazebrook and Syndicate.)


Hart – Looks like Darkness is the legal man in the ring and Glazebrook was trying to cover the wrong guy.




(Glazebrook gets up and hits a Running Splash on his fallen opponent.  He stays on for the cover.








(The crowd cheers as Glazebrook and Tinordi celebrate in the ring.  “I Wanna Get High” blares over the intercom as the two men get their title belts.)




Bonn – The winners of this match, and NEW WWX Tag Team Champions…. 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commercial break
"Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinkin' Rich" by Warrant hits, bringing the Vancouver crowd to its feet.

Hart: He's baaaaaaaack!

Soon after, WWX legend Axel Van Roth steps onto the stage to a standing ovation!


Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 265 pounds...he is the Duke of Debauchery...AXEL..VAN...ROTH!


Van Roth powerslides his way down the ramp before standing up and sliding into the ring.

Hart: The last time we saw Axel Van Roth, he was challenging for Black Angel's World Wrestling Championship in 2014.  He is a six-time Triple A Champion, a former Television and International Champion, and is known as one of the hardest-hitting, no-nonsense wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWX ring!
Lane: Yeah, but it's been four years since he's been in the squared circle!  You can't tell me he doesn't even have a little bit of ring rust.

Just a few moments later, red and white strobe lights flash as Flo Rida's "My House" flows throughout BC Place.  Jarvis Valentine, with the International Championship in tow, steps through the curtain.  He hops side to side before putting his arms in an X formation above his head and taking off, running down to the ring

Bonn: And his opponent, from Lincoln, Nebraska, weighing 243 pounds, he is the WWX International Champion...JARVIS VAAAAAAALENTINEEEE!!!


Hart: Well, if Van Roth's does have any rust, Jarvis Valentine is gonna make him pay!
Lane: I completely agree, Mike.  Jarvis is as dangerous a competitor as anyone, and he can really do some damage.  There's a reason why he's International Champion, after all.

Valentine sets the International title off to the side and takes his place across the ring from Van Roth, who looks determined to make a splash in his return to the WWX.


Jarvis and Axel lock up, with both immediately jockeying for position.  Jarvis pushes Van Roth into the ropes and whips him across the ring.  He tries for a clothesline, but Van Roth ducks, bouncing off the ropes again and taking Valentine down with a shoulder block.  Both men get right back on their feet, and Jarvis tries to hit another clothesline, but Van Roth, using a surprising amount of agility, hits a snap dropkick to send Valentine flying into the turnbuckle!

Hart: Wow!  Van Roth hasn't lost a step!
Axel backs up and charges, hitting a clothesline of his own to the corner-bound Valentine!  Valentine crumples to the mat, and Van Roth takes advantage of the dazed International Champion by grabbing his legs and lifting them up, hitting a modified powerbomb out of the corner!  He goes for a quick pin, trying to catch Valentine by surprise.

.Valentine easily kicks out!

Lane: That's not gonna be enough to take out the International Champion!

Van Roth grabs Valentine by his hair and leans him on the ropes.  Looking to showcase his agility once again, he runs across the ring, bounces off the ropes, and tries to send Valentine to the outside, but Valentine ducks at the last second, grabs Axel's legs, and send him over instead!  Van Roth tumbles to the floor and leans against the barricade, trying to catch his breath. Valentine, seeing this, bounces off the ropes himself and flies through the ropes, hitting a DEVASTATING suicide dive that actually breaks the barricade, sending both men into the crowd and onto the exposed concrete!!!

Hart: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?
Neither man seems to be moving as the referee begins to count!


Lane: Valentine, with the HUGE suicide dive that takes out not only Van Roth but ALSO the barricade!!

Valentine and Van Roth begin to stir, reaching up towards the still-standing parts of the barricade to try and get back in the ring in time.


Lane: I don't think they're gonna make it, Mike!

Jarvis crawls back onto the protective mats with Van Roth not far behind!


Jarvis grabs the apron, trying to slide into the ring and break the count...


...but he doesn't get there in time!

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, both Jarvis Valentine and Axel Van Roth have been counted out.  Therefore, this match has been declared a draw!

Jarvis collapses to the mat, looking obviously dejected at his inability to make it back in the ring.  Axel Van Roth shares a similar look on his face, leaning against the barricade and still licking his wounds from the suicide dive.

Hart: Neither man was able to answer the referee's count, leading to a draw here tonight at Armada!
The show comes back from commercial to show Xavier Pendragon already in the ring, stretching and dancing around as he plays to the crowd.

BONN: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Detroit Michigan... Xavier 'The Machine' Pendragon!

The crowd pops for Xavier as he poses in the ring. The lights go out in the arena as "Whispers in the Dark" by Skillet begins to play. Two lightning bolts strike the stage as Darkness appears at the beginning of the ramp. Darkness slowly makes his way down to the ring and climbs up the steps into the ring. As he takes off his coat the lights slowly come back on.

BONN: And his opponent, from Florence, South Carolina... DARKNESS!!

The crowd roars for the legend as he shakes hands with Pendragon. The two men are wary of one another, but both appear to want to have a good match.

The referee calls for the bell and Darkness and Pendragon lock up in a test of strength. It looks like Pendragon is going to take the early advantage, but with a roar of effort, Darkness tosses Pendragon to the mat. Pendragon rolls to the apron while Darkness plays to the crowd for a passive pop. He turns his attention back to Pendragon just in time for Pendragon to hit a rope dive spear on Darkness. Darkness crawls into the corner. Pendragon runs into the corner, hitting a double foot dropkick to the face into the turnbuckle.
HART: Xavier Pendragon is wasting no time in proving why he deserves another shot at Syndicate.

LANE: But don’t forget, Mike. This has to be bittersweet for Xavier, because he’s going into this match intending to destroy another man’s livelyhood.

Pendragon wastes no time in sending Darkness to the outside. Pendragon runs into the ropes, baseball sliding under the ropes to drive Darkness into the barricade hard. Pendragon hauls Darkness to his feet, sending him over the barricade into the crowd. Pendragon hops from the floor onto the barricade and leaps at Darkness, who catches Pandragon and powerbombs him onto the barricade. Darkness picks up Pendragon and whips him back first into the barricade, following up with a release suplex back over the barrier into the ringside area. Darkness rolls into the ring to break the count.


LANE: What would even happen if this match ended in a double count out?

HART: I don’t know, Gary, but I’m sure that’s a result nobody wants.

Darkness pulls up the Pendragon to send him back into the ring, but Pendragon rally’s enough to send Darkness skull first into the ring post. Pendragon scrambles to his feet, picking up Darkness and setting up for a vertical suplex into the ring post, but Darkness slips out of Pendragon’s grasp, landing on the ring steps. Darkness turns to attack Pendragon, but the machine nails him clean in the chin with X Marks The Spot.

HART: X Marks The Spot from Xavier Pendragon!

LANE: The Machine is in rare form tonight, but he can’t win this match outside the ring.

Pendragon rolls into the ring to break the count again, immediately rolling back out. He picks up Darkness and whips him into the the announce desk. Pendragon drags Darkness onto the table He hauls Darkness up into a fireman’s carry position, setting up for the Motor City Drive, but Darkness slips off his shoulder, shoving Xavier off of the table and into the ring post.
LANE: Darkness just saved our announce table.

HART: I’m sure the ring crew will appreciate that. 

Darkness hops off the desk to the floor, driving Pendragon’s skull into the ring steps with a hard kick. He hauls Pendragon up, taunting the crowd before setting up for a Powerbomb and slamming the machine down on the steel steps. Pendragon rolls off onto the floor, writhing and twitching. Darkness rolls into the ring again to break the referee’s count at nine, barely saving them both from a double count out. He rolls out of the ring again to continue his assault on Pendragon.

HART: The crowd is firmly behind Darkness as he dominates Pendragon.

LANE: Darkness has something to fight for, and nobody wants to see this legendary former champion make the walk of shame tonight.

Darkness pulls Pendragon to his feet again, fixing to hurl the machine back into the ring, but Pendragon breaks his momentum by ripping at Darkness’ eyes. Darkness sends Pendragon into the ring post, but Pendragon manages to stop himself. Pendragon tries to fire up but Darkness nails him with the Total Eclipse on the outside. Darkness hauls Pendragon up to his feet and finally rolls the Machine back into the ring.

LANE: It looks like Darkness is finally ready to end this.
HART: Xavier has to be thankful for that.

Darkness follows Pendragon into the ring, pulling Pendragon into a sitting position so he can lock in the Black Out. Pendragon struggles, trying to figure out how to break the hold, reaching for the ropes. Pendragon starts to gain some footing but Darkness locks in body scissors, exerting more force and stopping Pendragon’s rally cold. Pendragon is starting to fade, his face turning purple and bubbles of saliva foaming on his lips.

HART: The Machine is running out of gas!

LANE: It looks like Darkness may have saved his own bacon!

The ref checks on Pendragon, who refuses to submit. Xavier rolls over onto his stomach, forcing his way onto his hands and knees. He strains against the added weight of darkness as his face gets darker and his veins bulge, but finally Xavier manages to lunge forward to get a hand on the ropes forcing the break. Darkness lets the hold go and gets to his feet, stomping on Pendragon’s head repeatedly.

LANE: Darkness was sure he had this match won, but Xavier Pendragon continues to prove why they call him the Machine!

HART: Time is starting to show with both of these men, but neither is willing to give the other an inch!

Darkness plays to the crowd, leading them in cheers of “Let’s go Darkness!” And “Let’s go Xavier!” He grins and shakes his head as Pendragon starts to get to his feet, putting the machine down again with a running Knee strike. Pendragon starts to get up again and this time Darkness helps him up, following up with another Total Eclipse. Darkness goes for the pin.


THRE- Pendragon musters the strength to kick out, earning a huge pop from the fans. The look on Darkness face is a mix of awe and anger, though a shadow of a grin appears.

LANE: Darkness almost had the match one but Pendragon continues to impress.

HART: The title means the world to Xavier Pendragon, and he wants his chance to win it back.

Darkness hauls Pendragon up again, fixing to send him to the outside. Pendragon reverses, sending Darkness hard into the turnbuckles and following up with a running dropkick into the corner. Darkness rolls to the apron, using the ropes to pull himself to his feet. Pendragon tries to push the advantage but Darkness stops him with a shoulder block to the abdomen. Darkness tries to suplex Pendragon from in the ring to the outside. Pendragon escapes and kicks him in the head. Pendragon bounds off the ropes, leaping over the ropes and catching Darkness with a Dragon Trap that puts them both through the announce table.


HART: Good god!

LANE: That was insane!
Darkness and Pendragon are both in a heap outside the ring, neither man moving as the referee starts the count. Darkness is the first to his feet, wobbling as he pulls up Pendragon too, shoving the other man over so he’s propped against the ring. Darkness rolls into the ring, leaning through the ropes to grab Pendragon, who capitalizes by hitting X Marks The Spot to Darkness’ head. Darkness crumples to the mat and Pendragon dives in, hooking up for the pinfall.



THRE- KICKOUT!! The crowd roars for Darkness as he musters the strength to break the count!

LANE: Darkness is still in it! After an incredible couple of moves, both men are still going strong!

Pendragon pulls Darkness to his feet, immediately following up with the Detroit Drive! Pendragon goes for the pin. 



Darkness kicks out!

HART: Darkness is starting to build some momentum here, and Pendragon can’t believe it!
Pendragon pulls Darkness to his feet, but Darkness shoves Pendragon into the turnbuckle. Pendragon comes back with a speak but Darkness counters with a knee strike in the head in midair. Darkness picks up Pendragon and follows up with Darkness Falls! Rather than go for  the pin, Darkness shakes his head and hauls Pendragon up again, grabbing Pendragon by the throat and following up with Sudden Darkness!

LANE!: That has to be it!

Darkness goes for the pin!



THREE- Pendragon gets his foot on the rope and the referee stops the count!
HART: Pendragon has the wherewithal to stay alive in this match.

LANE: Darkness can’t believe it!

Darkness tries to pin Pendragon again, but Pendragon reveses into an inside cradle Darkness kicks out of immediately. Pendragon rolls to the corner and uses them to pull himself to his feet, taking a moment to get his bearings. Darkness charges at Pendragon and goes for a spear of his own but Pendragon moves out of the way, feeding Darkness into the ring post. Pendragon pulls Darkness out of the ropes and sets in for the Grand Rapids Knot, setting in deep to exert as much pressure as possible. Darkness struggles to reach the ropes, but Xavier pulls him back to the center of the ring, adjusting the move so he’s in even deeper. Darkness cries out, threatening to tap.

LANE: Darkness is gonna tap!

HART: The machine has that move all the way in, if he doesn’t then Xavier could break his leg!

Darkness rallies again, struggling to get close enough to the ropes that he can grab on and force the break. With one last howl of effort, Darkness gets to the ropes and the referee forces the break.

LANE: I’ve said it before, neither of these men is willing to give up an inch.

HART: The fans are getting a heck of a show tonight!
Darkness struggles to his feet, favoring his knee slightly. He lunges at Pendragon, but the machine avoids it. Darkness and Pendragon trade punches. Darkness kicks Pendragon in the knee, shoves him into the ropes, then hits a double knee gutbuster! He goes for the pin!



Pendragon kicks out!

HART: One more time, the Machine beats the odds!

LANE: This is getting ridiculous, Mike.
Darkness is on his knees, asking the referee if he’s sure that wasn’t a three count. Pendragon tries to pull himself to his feet. Darkness gets to his feet and goes to grab Pendragon, but the Machine slaps Darkness in the face. Darkness staggers back and Pendragon capitalizes with another X Marks the Spot. Darkness manages to stay on his feet so Pendragon shoves him into the turnbuckle, following up with another X Marks the Spot! Darkness collapses to the mat, Pendragon drags him away from the ropes, going for the pin!




LANE: Darkness kicks out!

HART: Pendragon has to wonder if that’s because he took the time to make sure he couldn’t grab the ropes.
Pendragon goes to the top rope, signalling for Gangnam Style, but before he can launch off, Darkness charges in and knocks his legs out from under him. The two men brawl, trying to take advantage, with Pendragon coming out on top. He prepares to go for the top rope blockbuster again, but instead Darkness charges in, grabbing him by the throat and spinning to slam him to the mat with a colossal Sudden Darkness!


HART: Pendragon’s road to the title has to end here!

Darkness goes for the pin.



THRE- Pendragon musters up enough energy to kick out at 2.9! Darkness slams his hands on the mat, clutching his face and looking furious. Pendragon is still lying on the mat, trying to catch his breath. Darkness shakes his head, shouting “It’s over!!” and  moving over to haul Xavier to his feet, locking in the Black Out!
HART: I don’t think Xavier’s going to pull off another miracle.

LANE: He’s surprised us all night, Mike. Let’s wait and see what the Machine has left in him.

Pendragon flails around for the ropes, trying to find some way to force the break. He starts to fade after a minute as Darkness continues to strain against the machine, cranking his neck to apply as much force as possible. Just when it looks like Pendragon is going to pass out, he grabs Darkness’ head and drops to the mat, breaking the sleeper hold with a Jawbreaker. Seizing his opportunity, Xavier follows up with X Marks the Spot, and Darkness flops to the mat, done in by the double shot to the chin. Xavier flops on top of him, barely conscious enough to hook a leg.




The arena goes dead silent as the bell rings. Xavier rolls off of Darkness, laying on his back in the middle of the ring and panting, but the crowd doesn’t make a sound for the end of the epic showdown. 

Darkness finally starts to stir and sits up, resting his forehead against his knees. His body shakes as Xavier’s music starts to play.

BONN: The winner of this match by pinfall… XAVIER PENDRAGOOOOON!!!
Xavier looks anything but happy as he makes to check on Darkness, who rolls out of the ring and starts his way up the ramp without a word. Darkness slowly but purposefully makes his way up the ramp until he comes face to face with Syndicate.

LANE: Looks like Syndicate is here to console his friend and partner.

Before Syndicate can say anything, Darkness pushes past him, stopping at the top of the ramp for a moment to look out over the crowd one last time before disappearing into the back. The camera cuts to show an office area where James Ranger is standing in front of a TV with his arms crossed. The general manager, frowns before he lets out a long breath through his nose, walking away without a word.


Ding Ding Ding

Bonn: This match is a ladder match for the #1 Contender’s spot for the WWX International Championship! The first person to climb the ladder and unclip the suitcase hanging above the ring, will be declared the #1 Contender to Jarvis Valentine’s International Championship!

Hart: Word has passed that due to Tanno’s condition and unexpected announcement, that he will not be presented for the match.

Lane: Making this a triple threat clearly puts pressure on any one wrestler as there is the possibility of one running up to take advantage.(edited)
Hart: To put it bluntly...someone is always vulnerable in this match.
Lights dim to black. Blue and white lights begin to flash as Guerilla Radio hits the PA system. 

Fire works fly from the ceiling to the entrance way and explode as "The Beast" powers through. He marches down to the ring ignoring the fans on both side. House lights to half when he arrives to the ring. 

The Beast enters the ring wearing Royal Blue trunks with white jagged lines with block letters on the rear reading "The Beast". 

Bonn: Introducing first, from the mean streets of Brooklyn, New York! The IWA Legend...Hall of Famer "The BEAST" BOOOOOB MELLLLLLLLON!

Hart: One could say...he is too big for this division, but one could also say, that if it wasn't for James Ranger, he would be watching Armada from home in New York instead.

Lane: One has to wonder what Bob Mellon gains in this match besides another crack at the WWX International Championship? He has done it all, so why be forced to compete?
The Beast rips of his shirt as the crowd explodes with excitement. As the lights come up and the music dies down, Mellon runs from rope to rope warming up. 

Her Black Wings hits on the PA as Mellon glares towards the entrance ramp in response .

 Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint as the fans cheer for her.

Bonn: Introducing second....from Busthead, Virginia...HEXXXXX GIRLLLLL!

Lane:  The stakes cannot be any higher for Hex Girl, fallen from grace the last time she danced for championship against Bob Mellon, James Ranger booked her in this match supposedly as a sign of good faith, but she is clearly to prove the naysayers wrong tonight

She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes.

 Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up immediately trying to get in Bob’s face, but the referee blocks her attempts as The Beast merely mocks her behind the ref’s back.
Hart: Clearly no hard feelings between the two tonight

Lane: If you were ragdolled tossed around the ring and broken almost, how would YOU feel Mike?

Hart: .....good point.
(All of the lights in the arena go down to nothing. There is no music and various lights can be seen around the arena, but the ramp is completely dark. lights come up on the ramp enough to light up smoke that begins billowing across the stage and down the ramp and shadowy figures can bee seen emerging onto the stage as music starts to play.


As the rap proceeds the darkened figures line up along the ramp revealing there is a great crowd of them, and a dias gradually raises on the ramp with a figure in a black robe facing toward the back of the ramp. 

When the song reaches the first chorus at the end of every line black lights under the ramp come on, illuminating a cluster of people in club attire wearing masks that obscure their faces with #faithful printed on them, until the end of the verse when two spotlights at the top of the ramp come on and the black-robed figure casts off the robe to reveal Kurtis Ray.

He looks down towards the ring, where the case hangs above the ring, but clearly taking note of both Hex Girl and Bob Mellon, who are staring him down as he walks down the ramp.

Lane: All three individuals here are looking for the chance to challenge Jarvis Valentine, who by General Manager James Ranger’s words, was not allowed to defend his championship tonight.
Hart: Given the circumstances of how he won a few weeks ago, its safe to say that his reign is already on a rocky start, yet here we are deciding who will have the chance to take the strap away from him.

Kurtis Ray, Hex Girl and Bob are individually inspected as the crowd tries to calm down as the ref looks at them again, explaining whats at stake. Each nod in turn as the camera focuses on them.
The ref signals for the bell as the trio cautiously circle each other in the ring, clearly not looking to be taken advantage of.

Kurtis Ray and Hex Girl seemingly break eye contact and charge Bob Mellon who immediately side steps Hex, pushing her towards the ropes as he catches a right hook from Kurtis Ray
Kurtis keeps up the pressure as Hex gets up to join in a double team, as the duo whip Mellon across the ring, a double set of knees to the chest followed by an immediate Double DDT in the center of the ring.
Hex and Kurtis hop back to their feet, clearly realizing their goal, roll away in different directions out of the ring, each digging underneath the ring for a ladder.
Hex is first with a twenty foot ladder, struggling to pull out as Kurtis seemingly is unlucky with just a four footer, getting a few laughs from the fans as tosses it in just as Bob comes to.

It narrowly misses his head as it lands, causing Mellon to look in his direction as Kurtis rolls into the ring.

Mellon unleashes a flurry of punches, driving a stiff elbow at the end to Kurtis's face, he brings Kurtis down with a body to body suplex. 

He eyes the small ladder in the ring, kicking near Kurtis..
Hex Girl manages to bring the 20 footer up to her level as she props up on the canopy and slides the front in as Mellon grabs ahold of Kurtis Ray and lifts up and overhead briefly

But Kurtis reverses it, lifting the legend up and down stomach first onto the ladder as the fans winces as Mellon hops and rolls away in pain

Hex rolls into the ring as the ladder she brought is now inside the ring, Kurtis immediately charges her, but she ducks, connecting with a dropkick that sends him to the corner. He bounces as Hex Girl goes for another dropkick to his legs, dropping him to his knees.
Hex wastes no sprinting over to the small ladder, picking it up as Mellon is seen grabbing the twenty foot ladder, hoisting it up to shoulder height as Hex drops Kurtis with a snap DDT. Mellon charges full speed, connecting with a blow to Hex's face, the ref immediately sliding over to check on her condition as Mellon props the ladder up fully.
Lane: Hex could be out cold right now. Mellon looking to win this match outright.

Mellon locks the ladder in position as he lines it up with the suitcase, a sense of accomplishment flashes across his face as he looks over at Hex and Kurtis...he smlies as he begins climbing slowly...mocking the fans as he takes his time.
Hart: Damnit, Mellon knew what it took to bring Hex Girl down right away and clearly this is dangerous of him!

Lane: All in the risk in his eyes. Wait Kurtis is climbing up the ladder!

Kurtis gets to equal level with Mellon, immediately exchanging blows, but Mellon grabs Kurtis's head after dodging the punch, slamming it against the ladder once....twice...three times!
Kurtis sways on the ladder confused as Mellon pushes him off. Hex Girl looks to be coming to as she looks up at Mellon taking the steps further up reaching the suitcase.
Mellon grabs onto the suitcase as Hex Girl attempts to climb the ladder, unclipping the suitcase and removing it as the bell is rung, a smirk on his face as he looks down on his rival.
Bonn: The winner of the match and NEW #1 Contender.....BOB "THE BEAST" MELLLLLON!
Lane: And it looks like someone's contract just got renewed. Pretty sure he will be asking for a bigger paycheck.

Hart: An all out battle here between the three but ultimately it was Bob Mellon that holds the top seat.
Backstage Rex McAllister paces back and forth in his locker room. Rex stops when there's a knock at his door. Rex sees the door open, and in walks his friend, Constance Blevins. Constance runs in toward Rex right into his arms.

Constance: Oh, thank God! Rex you can't go through with this, I won't let you. I won't!

Constance looks up at Rex with near tears in her eyes. Rex runs a hand gently through her long dark brown hair that hangs down. Rex grins politely down at her.

Constance: I'll never forget how helpless you looked in that hospital bed, you're....

Rex places his index finger over her mouth, and shakes his head "shhhhh" he insists. 

Rex: There's no running, there never is. Not when I'm this close to getting everything back that I ever lost. That started with this....this match. 

Rex pauses, and thinks a second. He scoffs, and shakes his head again.

Rex: It's already started. The more I gain in here? 

Rex points to his chest as he speaks.

Rex: The more I get back every single time I step in that ring and I tear another soul apart.

Constance: But at what cost, Rex? Your humanity? Gosh, Rex. 

Constance places a hand on her forehead, as she begins to cry. 

Constance: I won't be able to live with myself if you lose your career over this, I won't. That's why I can't, I won't let you go! Please!

Rex: I'm becoming everything I never thought that I would, and all from finally seeing what this world as I do now. One filled with nothing but leaches of this world, who don't care what happens to me, to you. All they want, all of them, is my sacrifice. I must do this. It's the only way.

Rex leaves Constance to head toward the door. Constance cries out.

Constance: Pl-pleeeasssse!

Rex pauses, looks downward with sadness coursing through him. Rex continues on his way out of the locker.


As the Elimination Chamber is being lowered into place Ranger comes out on stage with a microphone in hand with a smile on his face. 

Hart: I'm not sure if I like the look of that smile on Ranger's face.

Lane: Come on I'm sure he's just smiling because he's so pleased with how the night is going so far.

Ranger: Considering the gravity of tonight's Television Title Match and the fact that our current champion asked for some ...provisions before the match I couldn't help but address some of them now.

He waits for the crowd to settle down for a moment before continuing.

Ranger: Our Champion was concerned about where he'd be in the order. Requesting that he be placed in the last chamber to be opened. I'm certain that some of our other belt holders in the back and a certain fiesty little redhead, who's previously held that belt, would agree with me in saying that a champion should be defending from bell to bell. What do you say folks?
Ranger holds out his hand and the crowd gives a slightly mixed reaction but mostly cheers. 

Ranger: It sounds like they agree with me, so Steen you will be defending that belt the entire match. Next provision was he doesn't want to ge struck in the head or the face. 

He pulls out a document from inside his vest. 

Ranger: You should have read your contract better. He reads "I acknowledge that activity in the ring is highly physical and has the strong likelihood to result in injury. These injuries can occur at anytime during a scheduled appearance or match and I am willing to accept this risk of harm. I acknowledge and understand that during a match any part of my body can and will be targeted and absolve management of liablity or control be it real or imagined." 

He folds the document and puts it back in his vest.

Ranger: I'm guessing you didn't have your little legal team review your contract or they wouldn't have wasted the paper on writing up that provision for you. Now one of your little provisions got me thinking and brings me to the final change I am making to tonight's elimination chamber match. 

He gives a whistle and six bikini models clad in various pirate themed bikinis and accessories come out. Each model is holding a nautical implement.
Ranger: Your request for Brazillian bikini models. As you will notice these lovely ladies are each holding an object. These objects are going to be placed in the pods because you see this has become and Extreme Elimination Chamber match. Ladies if you please.

Hart: He does realize that Hex Girl is in a different match right?

Lane: I'm sure he does. Hey, you wanna make a bet as to how envious the psychopixie is right now?

Hart: I'm not making a bet with you.

The models walk down the ramp to the ring where the chamber has finished lowering into place. They climb in and stand next to the pods ready to place the weapons in with the men. 

Lane: I know I'm a bit envious of our competitors tonight they each get a bikini model handing them a weapon. I'd take the liability waiver for that kind of perk.

Hart: You wouldn't last five seconds past the bell.

Lane: Probably not but worth it.

Hart: This is why you're single, Lane.
Ranger: Before i leave, lets make this clear...This match is NOT for the WWX International Championship, but whomever PINS the champion...gets an instant shot at the champion on the next show. If Willie Steen loses this match, he will also get a shot at the International Champion at the next show.
Hart: You think James Ranger is a good mood right now?

Lane: Considering he just saw Darkness get retired by someone not himself...i say he is pretty pissed.
Bonn: The following contest is an Extreme Elimination Chamber for the Television Championship. First making his way to the ring. . . From Norwich, England weighing 175 pounds. He is the porcine avenger...Super Bacon.

As A New Power plays,Rob Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again, fireworks spray out of the arena as he lifts his hands up. he runs down into the chamber and shakes it. He is holding a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring.

SB: Hello WWX universe! As you all know I am in this match! And as you all know I am gonna win this match!

The crowd gives a pop

SB: Now all you other men out there should just stay out there and give me that championship cos you know that I am gonna win this... Don't bother coming out!


SB: Wooo! 

The bikini model holding a coil of rope walks over to Super Bacon and guides him over to his respective pod handing him the rope and holding her hand out to take the microphone from him. He smells the rope and smiles.

SB: Smells like bacon.
He hands the microphone to the model as the pod closes.

Hart: How can a rope smell like bacon?

Lane: I can think of one way, and Steen ain't going to like it.

Hart: They wouldn't have greased the rope with bacon fat.

Lane: Why not? Especially if you're handing it to Super Bacon.

Hart: He must be joking, psychological warfare, I'm sure.

Lane: Wanna bet?

Hart: No.

Bonn: Next to the ring . . . Hailing from Savannah, Georgia and weighing 200 pounds he is Damian Hendrix. 

The lights go out. Animal I've become begins to play on the sound system. A slow rock build echoed through the arena. Damian Hendrix takes his spot at the top of the ramp wearing a sleeveless hoodie. Damian in down on one hand and one knee, his head his down.

"I can't escape this hell
So many times I've tried
But I'm still caged inside
Somebody get me through this nightmare
I can't control myself"

The moment the beat drops the lights shoot back on to reveal Damian Hendrix, who immediately pops up to his feet letting out a yell of intensity. He looks to his left then to his right before making his way down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp he stops and gives another survey of the crowd before entering the elimination chamber. He proceeds to hop up on a turn buckle and taps his chest with his fist before throwing it up in the air. One of the models walk over to him, this one holding a small buoy, she escorts him over to his pod and hands him his weapon before it closes. 

Hart: See this is what I like to see no extra fluff no last words just comes out and is ready to go you can see he's 100% focused. 

Lane: That's not focus that's fear.
Bonn: Our next competitor making his way to the ring. . . . From Los Angeles, California weighing 267 pounds. He is a former Television champion...Scott Grayse.

"Man without Fear" booms throughout the WWX arena and the fans look around and give a mixed reaction. Scott Grayse comes out and walks through a thick fog, His hair covers his face and he flips it back to see a demonic face with a sinister smirk to boot. he walks down to the chamber while yelling at the fans. He enters the ring and spits a red mist into the air. One of the models walks over to him, this one holding a boat hook, and escorts him to the pod. She tries to hand him the hook but he shakes his head refusing the implement instead pulling out 'Helen' and grinning sadistically.

Hart: Oh yeah that's right we forgot about 'Helen' no wonder Ranger made this an Extreme Elimination chamber.

Lane: How can you say that? The boss clearly said he was aiming to give this match the gravity it deserves I mean whoever wins is going to be the last person to win this title.

Bonn: Now making his way to the ring. . . From Lincoln, Nebraska and weighing 243 pounds. He is the current International Champion...Jarvis Valentine.

Red and white strobe lights begin to flash just before "My House" starts to play over the PA System. A few moments pass before Pyro erupts on either side of the curtain before Jarvis walks through the entrance. 

Jarvis hops side to side before putting his arms in an X formation  above his head before taking of running down to the elimination chamber.

Jarvis puts is arm above his head again before making an X above his head again. One of the models walks over to escort Jarvis to his pod. Before it closes she hands him a small boat wheel. He hefts it in his hands as the pod closes.
Hart: Ranger definitely keeping it nautical here with the weapon selection.

Lane: It's Armada everything should be wanting to make you say 'Argh.'

Bonn: Now making his way to the ring. . . Hailing from God Knows Where and weighing 295 pounds. He is ...Twist.

Last Restort by Papa Roach starts to play as Twist comes out walking steadily down to the chamber not even paying attention to the fans. He steps in the ring and walks around looking at the competitors already in their pods. One of the models comes over and escorts him to his. She hands him an old peg leg before the pod closes he turns it over in his hand as though figuring out the best way to use it.

Hart: This man has already been labeled a dark horse in this match. I'd certainly like to see him go far but he's got some stiff competition tonight.

Lane: Please he's not going to last more than five minutes rookies never do in extreme rules.

Bonn: Next on his way to the ring . . . From San Francisco, California and weighing 190 pounds. He is ...DragonFly
Smoldering red Dragon eyes emerge from the shadowy darkness on the video wall with a pair of wings shown fluttering in the backdrop as the house lights abruptly go out, leaving the arena in pitch black darkness. The lights flickers back on to reveal smoke filling up an empty Elimination Chamber pod, as the smoke clears we see the masked face of DragonFly. The model standing next to the pod gives a small jump of surprise and hands him a small pirate chest before it closes.

Hart: DragonFly has been making a lot of noise leading up to Armada now it's time to see if he will be able to back up his words with action.

Lane: I think he's the smallest guy in this match he's gonna get squashed like the bug he is.

Hart: We have Hex Girl on the roster and you want to discount someone on basis of size?

Lane: She's ...different...yeah, we'll go with different.

Bonn: And finally making his way to the ring. He is the current Television Champion. All the way from Long Beach, California and weighing 211 pounds he is Willie Steen!

"Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank blares over the PA system. Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses. He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him. Steen makes his way to the ring, gesturing and showboating to the crowd as he does. He arrives at the elimination chamber and enters the ring he leans against the ropes, surveying the crowd. He ascends a turnbuckle posing and gesturing for the crowd. The model who is holding the rejected boat hook approaches him and offers it to him. He takes it from her, grabs her around the waist pulls her in and gives her a kiss. The model staggers back when he releases her and he has a shit-eating grin on his face. She and the other models exit along with Kayla Bonn before the chamber closes.
Lane: Steen seems to be enjoying the perks of being the champion.

Hart: Looks to me like he's aiming for a sexual harassment suite.

Lane: You're just jealous because bikini models aren't throwing themselves at you.

Hart: Are you seriously that blind?

The bell rings. A siren goes off spotlights start randomly flashing on the pods before settling on the pod containing Super Bacon. The red beacon on top lights up and the door opens. 

Hart: Super Bacon is the first competitor to be released.

Lane: Steen has already requested a restraining order against Bacon. He can't be within 5 feet of him.

Hart: There is no way that restraining order was ever signed off on.

Bacon approaches Steen swinging the rope like he's going to use it like a improvised bullwhip or something. Steen grips the boat hook before he suddenly takes a swing at Bacon with it using it like a polearm. Bacon dodges and slings the end of the rope at Steen catching him in the face the rope leaving a shiny trail across Steen's cheek. Steen wipes his cheek and smells his hand then looks at Super Bacon with absolute fury.

Lane: See I told you there's bacon grease on the rope.

Hart: Ranger really stirring the pot with that weapon.

Steen charges at Super Bacon. Bacon grabs the boat hook in Steens hands and the pair lock up with the weapon between them. The rope falls the to mat between them as they struggle for control of the long handled hook. During the struggle Steen lifts his knee and nails Super Bacon in the gut. Making Bacon back up. Steen does it again forcing Bacon back until he's against the ropes.

Hart: Some low blows by Steen during the test of strength to contest for control of the boat hook.
Lane: Extreme rules here it's totally legal.

Super Bacon lets one hand off of the hook and punches Steen in the face. Steen staggers back a step but does not let go. Bacon hits him again and Steen once again staggers. Bacon grabs the hook with both hands once again and tries to shake Steen off. Steen lets go and reaches down and grabs the rope. He slings it around Bacon's ankles and pulls sending him crashing to the mat. Bacon retaliates sweeping with the long handle of the boat hook slamming it into the side of Steen's knee. Steen drops the rope and reaches down prying the implement from Bacon's hands and slinging it out of the ring. It slides across the floor of the chamber and tangles itself in the chains on the outside. Steen then start to stomp on Bacon. After a few blows Bacon grabs Steen's foot and twist his ankle forcing Steen to the mat. Bacon picks up the rope as he gets to his feet. He starts slapping and whipping Steen with it.

The siren goes off and the spotlights flash on the remaining pods warning that the next one is getting ready to open. 

Bacon stops whipping Steen and grabs him by the hair picking him off of the mat. 

The lights stop on the pod containing DragonFly. The pod opens and he comes flying out. He moves quickly leaping over the top rope. He slings the small pirate chest in front of him hitting Steen upside the head with it causing it to break open showering the ring with 'gold' coins. While slinging the chest at Steen he aims a flying kick at Bacon connecting with him in the shoulder sending him reeling backwards. Steen stumbles around the ring a bit dazed from the hit with the chest. DragonFly moves like lighting grabbing Steen and pulling him down to the mat in a bulldog DDT.
Hart: DragonFly wasting no time in joining the fight and attacking both Steen and Super Bacon at the same time.

Lane: Do you think that is actual pirate gold?

Hart: Seriously?

Lane: It could happen.

Hart: So could Hex Girl giving Twist a lapdance but the odds of that are somewhere near impossible.

Lane: Say what you want but I'm hopeful.

DragonFly quickly gets to his feet and turns his attention to Super Bacon who is getting up. He darts across the ring and catches Super Bacon with a scissor kick sending Bacon back to the mat. 

Hart: DragonFly being a bit fresher than Steen or Super Bacon is capitalizing on that and using it as an advantage to further wear down his opponents. 

Lane: Steen is sure to find his footing soon and turn the tables on this masked annoyance.

Hart: Steen has done nothing short of making himself a target if nothing else he's going to have an uphill climb this whole match.
Steen recovers making it to his feet he moves over to Super Bacon who is still on the mat. He grabs Bacon and tries to engage him into the Koji Clutch. Bacon struggles to break free. Then he starts reaching for the ropes.

Lane: This may be it for Super Bacon.

Hart: I don't think so here comes DragonFly.

DragonFly hits Steen and forces him to break the hold. He grabs up the discarded greased rope and loops it around Steen's chest he gives it a sharp tug trying to pull the champ off balance even further and possibly back to the mat but he doesn't quite manage to pull it off. Steen turns from Bacon and brings his attention fully to DragonFly. He lunges at DragonFly attempting to grapple with him while eyeing the discarded chest on the mat obviously having designs on using it. DragonFly grabs Steen by the neck and drops his weight for a monkey flip. Steen tries to counter but the momentum is too much and he propels forward

The siren sounds and the lights start flashing again. 

Hart: Time is flying in this match it looks like we are about to find out who is the next competitor to be released.

The lights stop on the pod containing Damian Hendrix. 

Damian comes charging out of the pod swinging to buoy wildly over his head. He manages to clock Super Bacon sending him into the corner of the ring. He then tries to aim this wild flailing and goes for Steen. He hurls it towards Steen. The champ dodges and grabs the rope connected to the buoy. He pulls hard on the rope jerking Hendrix towards him. In the blink of an eye he grabs Damian by the head and plants him face first into the buoy on the mat. He lets go and quickly puts Hendrix in the Koji Clutch. There is no time for a rescue as Hendrix is tapping with in seconds. Steen practically kicks him off. 

Lane: Steen is gonna retain this see! He's already got the first elimination.
Hart: I think that was just a consequence of Hendrix having nerves and or tunnel vision.

Steen picks up the buoy and starts twirling it to keep DragonFly and Super Bacon at bay. While Steen was eliminating Hendrix, Super Bacon was able to pull himself up out of the corner from where he'd been knocked silly. Looking at how Steen is using his weapon to keep the pair clear of himself they grab either end of the greased rope and use it to literally clothesline Steen. 

Hart: Some cooperation between DragonFly and Super Bacon could spell trouble for Steen inside the chamber. 

Lane: That was totally underhanded.

Hart: But totally legal in this Extreme rules match as you pointed out earlier.

Bacon rushes in and pounces on Steen trying to get a quick pin with a small package. He only gets a two count before the kick out. DragonFly climbs the turnbuckle and executes a crossbody splash onto Super Bacon after the pin is broken. But the pin is broken as Steen jerks DragonFly off of Bacon by the ankles.

Hart: Action in the ring starting to pick up as weapons are being abandoned and DragonFly starts executing some high flying manuvers.

Lane: I guess he just can't cut it going full hardcore.

Hart: Just stop you're not impressing anyone.

Steen ignores DragonFly and starts attacking Super Bacon. Apparently trying to rip off his mask. Super Bacon doing his best to fend off Steen and DragonFly taking extreme insult to this comes to Bacon's defense raking Steen across the eyes.

Hart: DragonFly defending Bacon's mask in a surprise turn.

Lane: That is totally unfair them ganging up on Steen like that.

The siren sounds and the lights flash stopping on the pod with Grayse.

Hart: Grayse is next to enter the fray he was originally supposed to have the boat hook that went to Steen but as we all know he has Helen.
Grayse wastes no time coming out swinging. He however decides to attack Steen straight off. Steen manages to dodge the first swing of the hammer and scoops up the discarded chest from the mat he uses it like a shield while Grayse rains down blows. Until Helen gets caught in the lid of the chest which Steen then uses to wrench the hammer out of Grayse hand. 

Grayse exchanges a volley of back and fourth punches with Willie Steen while DragonFly scales the metal chains of the Elimination Chamber and ascends to the center of the chamber ceiling. Willie Steen hits a low blow followed by an inverted belly to back mat slam on Grayse in the middle of the ring!

Lane: One, two.. THREE! Scott Grayse has been eliminated! That is two eliminations by Steen! I tell you he has this one in the bag.

Hart: Don't be so sure there. 

Steen turns his attention back to Super Bacon as he gets up. He looks somewhat nervous as he now looks around for DragonFly not seeing him now perched atop one of the pods. 

The siren sounds and the lights flash stopping on the pod with TWist

Hart: Here comes the man labled the darkhorse rumor has it that he was wanting to kick off tonights match but it looks like it was just not in the cards for him tonight. 

Lane: I still say that he's gonna be leaving in under 5 minutes.

Twist steps out of the pod still hefting the peg leg he's found a comfortable grip and holding it similarly to a baseball bat. He moves across the mat and smashes it across the shoulders of Super Bacon. This sends Bacon crashing to the mat. He wastes no time he then moves towards Steen. Steen back pedals and finds the now bloodstained buoy. He slings it in Twist's direction but misses. He then tries again but Twist just bats it away with the leg. Moving quickly Twist closes the gap and slams the peg leg right into Steen's ribs with almost a sickening thud.
Hart: Ow. I felt that one from here. Win or lose he's gonna be feeling that one tomorrow.

Lane: Undoubtedly but I have full confidence that Steen is going to eliminate this upstart.

Steen gasps and coughs as he backs away from Twist who has a very satisfied grin on his face. Bacon comes up behind Twist and hits him with a kidney punch. Twist grimaces and turns bringing the leg around in a swing but Super Bacon is able to catch Twist's arm and avoid being hit with it. He goes for a locking armbar to for Twist to drop his weapon. Meanwhile Steen is in the corner trying to catch his breath for a moment. DragonFly leaps off the top of the pod where he has been perched and executes a breathtaking hurricanrana. He goes for the pin. 

Hart: A daredevil move by DragonFly this may be it for Steen. One...two...Kickout!

Lane: Hang in there champ you got this!

The siren sounds and the lights flash

Hart: Only one pod remains to be open. Jarvis Valentine is coming into this match late and fresh. Let's see if it makes a difference.

The pod opens. He immediately moves over towards where Steen and DragonFly are locked up with each other. He practically pushes DragonFly out of the way so he can get into Steen's face. The two exchange a few words that quickly esclates into blows. Taking advantage of the distraction DragonFly takes the opportunity to once again scale the side of the Elimination Chamber.
Hart: DragonFly being very strategic and using all dimensions of the chamber. 

Lane: He should stay on the ground with everyone else.

Twist and Super Bacon interrupt the exchange between Jarvis and Steen pulling Steen into the fray between themselves leaving Jarvis out in the open. DragonFly releases his grip and free falls from the highest point of the Elimination Chamber with a spectacular Dragonrana pin on Jarvis Valentine for the unexpected three count!

Hart: DragonFly with another daring display gets his first elimination of the match and takes out the International champion.

Lane: He stole Steen's glory that elimination should have been his.

Hart: Two quick eliminations and a near fall!

Lane: Better not blink for this one, never know what will happen next..

Steen manages to break free of the tussle between Twist and Super Bacon only to be greeted with a dropkick from DragonFly. Which knocks him back into Super Bacon and Twist. Twist grabs Steen and does his best impression of trying to crack a walnut with a rock using Steen's skull as a stand in for the rock and the turnbuckle for the walnut. Super Bacon backs up trying to get out of the line of immediate desruction he didn't notice DragonFly right behind him. Until he is suddenly grabbed and spun into a tilt a whirl DDT and covered for the pin.
Hart: DragonFly going for another elimination. One...two..three.

Lane: Super Bacon has been eliminated! How can this be? DragonFly now is tied for eliminations with Steen.

Hart: It's not how many eliminations you get it's who's standing at the end.

Lane: You're right there is still a chance.

Twist and Steen are absolutely pummeling each other across the face bar room brawl style backing up into the center of the ring. DragonFly climbs to the top turnbuckle and leaps in what looks like a flying clothesline but as he connects with the clothesline on Twist he swings his body and hits Steen with a crossbody at the last second in the same move. He lands on top of both men. 

Hart: In a perfect storm of athletecism and strategy DragonFly has managed to knock down both of his remaining opponents at once and pin them. Here's the count.








Kyla Bonn: Here is your winner of the Elimination Chamber match, THE NEW and the LAST REIGNING Television Champion in WWX HISTORY.. DRAGONfLY!!
Green and yellow Confetti with streamers cascades down from above as DragonFly is handed the Television Championship Title by the referee as he raises the new TV champs hand to a standing ovation from the Vancouver crowd.

Hart: You saw it here folks history happening in front of your very eyes.
Lane: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what you've all been waiting for tonight! The World Title is on the line, and it was pitting two significant rivals against each other. 

Hart: This is going to be one hell of a match!

Lane: Let's go to ringside for the introductions.

Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, the next match is for the WORLD WRESTLING XSISTENCE CHAMPIONSHIP! It has been scheduled for one fall. 




Static reverberates through BC Place, eventually turning into "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine.

Lane: And here comes the champion!

Hart: Usually, the WWX Universe goes crazy when that static is heard, but here in Canada, it's a different story.

The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A single spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it, holding the World Wrestling Championship over his left shoulder.  Wearing his red leather jacket, grey denim jeans, metal right knee brace, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing the floor.


Syndicate raises both titles into the air before performing a crucifix pose at the top of the ramp!  Soon after, the lights in the arena rise back to their previous levels, with spotlights now racing through the crowd in a frenzied fashion.

Hart: Obviously, this crowd is going to play a significant part in this match.  Here in Canada, Tommy Lipton is seen as a folk hero, and anyone who goes against him is going to get booed.  Unfortunately, this includes Syndicate, who seems to be in enemy territory tonight.

Lane: Syndicate hasn't been this hated since he was the "Wrestling God"!  I'm sure he was expecting some disapproval from the fans, but damn!  They're laying into him!

Syndicate walks down the ramp and slides into the ring, completely ignoring the fans surrounding the walkway.  Once inside, Syndicate takes the World title off his shoulder and raises it into the air once more as he stares across the ring at the smiling face of Tommy Lipton.

Hart: Syndicate seems to be ignoring the noise, but can he survive " Mr WWX" himself, Tommy Lipton, in his home country of Canada?
Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WWX World Wrestling Championship!!!


Bonn: Introducing first, the challenger.


The crowd is whipped into a frenzy as Bonn speaks, making her introduction hard to hear.

Bonn: from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 275 pounds. He is The Great One. TOOOOMMMYYYYYYYYYYY LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPTONNNNNN!!!


Hart: The crowd is on their feet for Lipton!

Lipton raises his right arm into the air, acknowledging the WWX Universe.

Bonn: And his opponent...


Bonn: ...from Los Angeles, California, weighing 224 pounds...he is the WWX World Wrestling Champion...the Los Angeles Outlaw, SYYYYYYYYYYYNDICATEEEEE!!!

In the midst of a swarm of disapproval, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in the corner, holding the World title in his right hand.  He then gives the title to the referee and takes off his jacket and shirt.  The ref raises the championship into the air as Syndicate and Tommy stare at each other from across the ring, ready to do battle one last time.

(Both men standing in the ring, the hometown hero in Lipton and the current champion in Syndicate, are being regaled by the referee about what will be expected of the two men during this bout. Each man is patted down for illegal objects. The crowd is pulsating with excitement. The referee backs up as the two men stand in the centre of the ring in each other's face. The exhilarated crowd begins a massive chant of "LIPTON" that echoes throughout the arena. That is quickly dwarfed by a resounding answer echoed in the name of "SYNDICATE" by his loyalists.)

Lane: You can cut the tension with a knife.

Hart: The crowd is cheering with an unconscious enthusiasm for what many have anticipated for a long time.

Lane: The referee signals for the bell and the two competitors circle each other in the ring. 

Hart: And there is our first lock-up.
(The two men grapple for an advantage before Lipton quickly jumps out with an armbar which is countered by Syndicate. Lipton hits a quick reversal sending Syndicate to the ropes for a shoulder takedown. Lipton moves off the ropes and leaps over Syndicate who jumps to his feet looking to hit a quick clothesline but Lipton ducks. Coming off the ropes again Lipton hits a cross body on the champ and a quick pin)

Lane: Lipton with an incredible manoeuvre and here's a cover!


(Kick out) 

(The crowd cheers with excitement as Syndicate quickly rolls out to the floor to regain his composure. Lipton climbs to the top rope and salutes the crowd who cheers for him wholeheartedly.)

Lane: It looks like the champ needs a moment to regroup.

Hart: Lipton seems to be relishing at the moment as he waits for Syndicate to reenter the ring.

(Syndicate slides back into the ring, and the two men size each other up again. Once again circling each other before entering into another grapple, this time the advantage goes to Syndicate who capitalises with a headlock. Lipton responds by pushing Syndicate to the ropes, this time Syndicate ducks a clothesline attempt from Lipton, then bounces back off the ropes with a cross body of his own followed by a pin)
Hart: Favor returned! Crossbody and a pin by Syndicate!!


(Kick out) 

Lane: Another two count and this time it is Lipton to the floor to regain his composure. 

Hart: Mirror images and the crowd loves it!

(Syndicate now standing in the ring alone is receiving adoration from the crowd as he returned the favour to Lipton. Lipton on the outside, nodding in agreement, steps up on to the apron and moves back into the ring. The two competitors seem to be acquiring mutual respect for one another, and the crowd is appreciating it from afar.)

Lane: It looks like we'll try one more time.

Hart: We'll see who gets the advantage this time.

(Lipton lunges at Syndicate who sidesteps him. Lipton falls into the corner and Syndicate begins a barrage of lefts and rights to Lipton's stomach. Syndicate follows this with an Irish whip across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle followed by a running clothesline. Lipton hits the ground hard)

Lane: Syndicate, quickly jumping on the offensive and Lipton is stunned. 

Hart: Look at Syndicate now,  picking up Lipton and applying a swinging neck-breaker to the former champ.

Lane: Quick cover.
(Kick out)

Hart: Lipton gets his shoulder up and still shows life.

Lane: Syndicate grabs Lipton by the head and picks him upsetting him up for a running bulldog

Hart: Lipton counters!!

(Syndicate, attempting a running bulldog, was countered by Lipton who pushed Syndicate, having him go flying. On the offensive, Lipton charges at Syndicate, who is lying face down on the mat and drops a knee on the back of the champ's neck. Lipton attempts a quick pin)
(Kick out)

(Lipton now lifts up Syndicate and connects with a German suplex. Syndicate goes flying halfway across the ring and grabs at his neck. Syndicate, writhing in pain, is slow to get up as Lipton stands nearby, calculating his next move. As Syndicate gets to his feet, Lipton connects with a bodyslam followed by a running a leg drop)

Lane: Lipton goes purely old school on that move. However, that's not the end of it. 

(Lipton slaps on a half Boston crab. Syndicate is screaming in pain as Lipton is looking for the submission, but Syndicate won't do it. Then, realising the rope is within reach, Syndicate grabs for it successfully, and the ref breaks up the hold. Lipton frustrated continues on the offensive. He picks Syndicate up and sets him in a running powerbomb and connects with full force. The crowd screams as it leaps from its seats. Lipton hits a cover.)

Lane: A crushing blow leaves Syndicate motionless on the mat. Here's the pin from Lipton!!
(Kicks out)

(As Syndicate kicks out, Lipton is jolted from the champ's body landing on the back of the referee. The referee is knocked out)

Hart: Syndicate continues to fight. The ref is out! Lipton's frustration seems to be through the roof at this point.

Lane: Lipton, jumps out of the ring and heads over to the ring announcers table. He just grabbed the bell. Is he going to hit Syndicate with the bell? 

Hart: Now we see the real side of Lipton. That's the monster within. DO IT!

Lane: Surely, he will reconsider...

(Lipton, with blood in his eyes, suddenly stops and looks at the bell. Then looks back at Syndicate who is fighting to get to his feet. Lipton seems to have made up his mind that he will use the bell as a weapon but then reconsiders and turns to put the bell back on the table. Just as this happens, Syndicate rushes over to the turnbuckle. Leaps on top of it and jumps with a double axe handle onto the back of Lipton. It causes Lipton to fall face first into the bell he was placing down. The former champ is out cold. The current champ is reeling from the high-risk manoeuvre.)
Hart: That's what Lipton gets for playing the "good guy"!

Lane: No, this was just a momentary lapse in judgement. Now both competitors are out on the floor.

(Syndicate is the first to make it to his feet. The referee has begun to come to and is starting a count. Syndicate grabs Lipton by the head and tosses him into the ring, and he follows suit. Trying to capitalise on Lipton's error, Syndicate tries a quick pin that is followed by a laboured count from the ref. The entire crowd rises as this could be it)


Lane: Lipton gets out!! Lipton gets out!!!

(Syndicate quickly gets back up, only to fall victim to a series of three German suplexes from Lipton.  Lipton goes for the quick pin,)
(Kick out)

(Syndicate kicks out at 1 1/2.  Lipton goes for the Canadian Ice Breaker early, but Syndicate's having none of it, countering the gut kick with a STO.)

Lane: Lipton can't capitalise on the Canadian Ice Breaker, but a reversal into an STO gives Syndicate the advantage!!

 (Then, waiting for Tommy to stand, he hits a running bulldog from behind, viciously shoving his head into the mat.  This violence causes the crowd to voice its disapproval, and Syndicate, the cocky man that he is, stands and performs a crucifix pose in the centre of the ring.  It allows Tommy just enough time to go for a weak roll-up from behind, still recovering from the vicious bulldog)
Hart: Quick roll up from behind!!

(Kick out)

Lane: It's going to take a lot more than that for Lipton to win this match...

(Syndicate, back to his feet, looks as though he is setting up the Original Syn... Lipton climbs up the ropes slowly as Syndicate patiently waits. Lipton turns as Syndicate charges, but Lipton ducks and quickly turns connecting with a suplex. Both men lie motionless in the ring.)

Lane: I thought it was all over, but Lipton moved!! Lipton moved!!


(Lipton sits up. The count stops. The former champ fights to his feet just as Syndicate begins to climb back to his feet as well. Both men are now standing, but it's Tommy who takes advantage with a brutal-looking big boot to the face of the champ.  Syndicate falls to the mat, and Tommy doesn't let up, mounting him from above and raining down with punches to the head.  It continues for a bit until Syndicate manages to push Lipton off of him.  Lipton staggers back for a moment but waits for Syndicate to stand, at which time Lipton tries for the Lipton Slam.)

Lane: Could we be seeing the Lipton Slam! If he hits, this may be all but over!

Hart: Wait, what?!
(Syndicate can counter by hooking his leg to Lipton's, giving Syndicate just enough time to hit a quick modified Original Syn with the left leg, sending Lipton into the ropes.)

Lane: Major reversal!! Original Syn hit with perfection!

Hart: That's it!!!

(On the rebound, he's hit with another left-leg Original Syn, bringing him down for good.  However, because the left-leg variation doesn't do as much damage as when done with the right leg, Syndicate preps himself for the last shot.)

Lane: This is amazing!!

Hart: Even I'm starting to buy into this!

(Syndicate moves back into the corner, tapping the braced knee with his hand.)

Hart: He's calling for the final blow!

(Tommy staggers to his feet and Syndicate charges, looking for Original Syn with the brace!  However, as Syndicate flies towards him, Lipton grabs his arm and pulls him to the ground, locking in the Lipton Lock!)


(Syndicate struggles in the submission hold, trying to wrench his way out of it.  Lipton, fueled by adrenaline and the raucous crowd, cinches it in even farther than before!)

Hart: I don't know if Syndicate's going to be able to get out of this!

(Pulling Lipton with him, Syndicate begins to crawl towards the ropes, hoping for a rope break.  Just a few inches away, Syndicate uses his last bit of energy to lunge forward and grab the rope with the tip of his finger!)


Lane: He got the break, possibly saving the match for the champion!

(Tommy is forced to release the hold, but he's not done doing damage.  Waiting for Syndicate to stand up, he extends his arm into the air, causing the WWX Universe to take notice.  Syndicate pulls himself up by the ropes, allowing for Lipton to grab him and put him on his shoulders for the Lipton Slam!)



Lane: Syndicate kicks out!!!


Hart: How did Syndicate kick out??
(Lipton quickly moves back to the outside again, and this time he grabs the bell and without hesitation reenters the ring. The crowd his aghast. The entire arena is on pins and needles a the awaits what many thought might never happen. Lipton lifts the bell over his head, ready to destroy his opponent.)

Lane: Oh my god, he is going to hit Syndicate with the bell. Has the rivalry come to this?

Hart: I'm speechless...

(The referee, at the eleventh hour, quickly comes to the aid of Syndicate by leaping and ripping the bell out of the former champ's hands.)

(The crowd gasps)

Lane: We would have seen a disqualification and a slaughtering all in the same bout. 

Hart: I was rooting for the bell.

Lane: Of course you were!!

(Tommy Lipton can't believe it, and neither can the crowd at BC Place.  He argues with the referee, saying, "what the hell are you thinking?" But the ref barks right back, allowing the match to continue.  Tommy doesn't want to waste any time and brings Syndicate back to his feet, looking for another Lipton Slam to finish things off.  However, at the last possible second, Syndicate grabs Tommy's head and flips the momentum, hitting a thunderous Catalyst DDT!)

(Syndicate kips up and stands over a near-motionless Lipton.  He grabs Tommy's hair and pulls his head up, staring right into the Hall-of-Famer's eyes.  With a last bit of defiance, Lipton extends a middle finger to the champion, who chuckles in response.)

Syndicate (off-mic): It's been a good run, Tommy.

He sadly shakes his head, smiling down at the legend.

Syndicate (off-mic): But I'm afraid that it's over.

(Syndicate hauls Tommy Lipton up and flips him over for the No Signal!)




Bonn: Here is your winner, and STILL WWX World Wrestling Champion...SYYYYYYYYNDICATEEEEE!!!!

Hart: Syndicate retains the World title, but more importantly, Tommy Lipton's long career in the WWX is over!

Lane: A bittersweet moment. The final time we will ever see Tommy Lipton in a WWX ring. 

(The referee hands the World title to Syndicate, who hugs it close to his chest.  As he celebrates, Tommy Lipton crawls to the corner of the ring, attempting to stand.  Syndicate, seeing this, walks over and extends a hand.)

Hart: Whoa!

(Tommy accepts the hand, and Syndicate helps him to his feet.  The rivals stare at each other for a moment before coming together for an embrace in the centre of the ring.)


Lane: These two have been warring since Syndicate debuted in 2013, but tonight, as Tommy Lipton prepares to retire, it seems as though they've buried the hatchet!

(They release the hug, and Syndicate raises Tommy's hand as a way to honour him for his career.  Soon after, Syndicate exits the ring, allowing Tommy to have it to himself.)
Tommy looks at Syndicate. . He takes Syndicates hand and raises his arm high. 


Tommy smiles and Syndicate goes to leave the ring for Tommy but suddenly Syndicate notices Tommy hasn't released his hand... Syndicate gulps and slowly turns and Tommy looks at him staring on. Suddenly with out hesitation Tommy flips Syndicate the bird and nails him with the Canadian Ice Breaker!!!

 He then calls for a mic. 

He watches as Syndicate rolls out of the ring to the outside. 

Tommy takes a mic. 

Tommy: I have really had an amazing time back here in the WWX entertaining all of you fans! It has been a pleasure representing you all for a brief time as your world champ and for a long reign as your Tag Champs with Rex McAllister! But all good things must eventually come to an end. I have accomplished all that I wanted to and there is not much left for me inside this ring.... 

Tommy looks at Syndicate...(edited)
Tommy: Great effort tonight Syndi... great effort... Tonight once again the wrestling gods have blessed you with a victory over the one and only. Jake Devines absents went against my plan to make sure you did not walk away with this belt...

Tommy leans down and picks the title up... 

Tommy: Consider yourself extremely lucky... You see I wanted a new face to run this company... Oh why oh why you ask would I care who's face is representing WWX? I am leaving! I am gone! So why do I care?


Tommy grins as he looks out and down outside the ring... Syndicate rolls in pain looking up he looks on confused. 

Tommy: I am leaving the ring BUT I am not leaving WWX!

Hart: What?!

Syndicate looks so confused.
Tommy: You are looking at the new General Manager of WWX... 

arena goes wild from the announcement

And you, Syndicate, are my Champion, whether I like it or not.... But, Syndicate.... Get ready because at my first official Pay Per View.... It will be my former friend and rival Rex McAllister, it will be Korath AND it will be... 

Tommy gives a stone cold look towards Syndicate... 

Tommy: You! 

Tommy turns to face the people..

Tommy: A triple threat for the WWX Championship Match and it will be held inside... A steel cage! 

Tommy drops the mic and grins...


Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for our main event!

The camera pans up above the ring, where the infamous Inferno Asylum is hung.  Spotlights shine on the structure, illuminating its black chain-link walls, steel floors, and fire elements.  The menacing Asylum begins to lower as the crowd buzzes with excitement on what is about to go down.

Hart: The Inferno Asylum was last seen at Hall of Pain 2016, where it served as the setting of one of the most brutal main events we've ever seen.  Tonight, the Asylum gets another crack at breaking bones and ending careers as it plays host to a fantastic matchup between Rex McAllister and Korath.

Lane: If the videos posted to are any indication, it is clear that Korath and McAllister do not care for each other in the slightest.  I'm anticipating a brutal, hard-hitting affair between these two superstars, and that's not even taking into account the damage that this demonic chamber can do!  There's going to be fire, Mike!  FIRE!!!

Hart: Not only that, but the winner of this match will become the #1 Contender to Syndicate's World Wrestling Championship.  The stakes couldn't be higher, Gary!

The Asylum stops moving about 20 feet above the ring.  As it hangs there like a vulture flies above its prey, Kyla Bonn steps into the ring to introduce the competitors.  Behind her, the referee for this match can be seen clad in a fireproof suit, ensuring that he will not be damaged in the fight.  The lone cameraman in the ring, who will be filming the match from inside the Asylum, is also dressed in a similar suit.

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the Inferno Asylum match!

Bonn: There will be no countouts and no disqualifications.  The only way to win is by pinfall or submission.  The winner of this match will be declared the #1 Contender for the WWX World Wrestling Championship!

After Bonn finishes speaking, "The Anvil of Crom" sounds over the stadium's loudspeakers as the lights fade to darkness.  Shortly after, a mighty howl is heard throughout BC Place as the lights come back on, revealing Korath standing at the top of the ramp.  He is wearing nothing but an armored leather kilt, with leather strips sewn between plates of steel.

Bonn: Now introducing the competitors.  First, from the Savage Lands, weighing 395 pounds, he is the Nordic Nightmare...KOOOOOO-

As Bonn belts out Korath's name, Rex McAllister runs out from behind the curtain with his signature steel-wrapped Singapore cane in hand!  He cracks the cane over the back of Korath, bringing the Nordic Nightmare to his knees!


Lane: Oh my -

Rex continues the assault with the cane, now focusing in on the skull of Korath.  With just a few well-placed strikes, Korath can already be seen possessing a crimson mask over his face.  Korath collapses to the ramp as Rex stands over him, soaking up the audience's disapproval.
Hart: My God, Rex! Get the man in the ring so we can start the damn match!

Lane: He's already battered and beaten Korath beyond all recognition, especially his head. Look at his face!

With the Chamber not yet fully lowered, the referee is able to exit the ring and get between Rex and Korath in an attempt to stop the assault.  Rex, however, nonchalantly pushes the referee away as he turns his attention back to his opponent.  With the Singapore cane still in-hand, he goes for another strike to Korath's head, but Korath ducks at the last second, blindsiding Rex with a low-blow!

Lane: Low blow!

Without hesitation, an extremely-bloodied Korath grabs Rex's head and violently slams it into the ring post!  McAllister falls to his knees, but Korath doesn't waste any time, bashing his skull into the post once more.  With McAllister looking up at the lights, Korath reaches under the ring, looking for weapons.

Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, this match has not started yet!  The referee doesn't seem to know what to do to get these men into the ring!

Korath eventually pulls out a steel sledgehammer!  Taking a moment to admire the foreign object, he turns back towards Rex and charges, looking for a straight-up shot to the skull.  However, McAllister quickly grabs the Singapore cane and strikes the side of Korath, preventing the attack.  Both men find themselves on the floor as the referee stands above them, trying to get the competitors into the ring.  Rex McAllister is the first one to his feet and, noting that Korath is still clutching his side from the cane strike, goes to work.  Rex reaches under the ring apron and grabs a regular-size black case and a few steel chairs.  He tosses them into the ring, and afterward, he does the same to Korath's sledgehammer and his own Singapore cane.
Lane: What is Rex doing with all these weapons??

Laughing maniacally, McAllister reaches underneath the ring one last time to pull out another black steel chair.  Korath, seeing this, attempts to crawl away, but it's to no avail as Rex swiftly slams the chair down onto the back of the Nordic Nightmare.  Korath collapses to the ground as Rex stalks him, hitting Korath with yet another chair shot.

Hart: For the love of God, someone put a stop to this!

In the background of this hellacious assault, the referee puts a finger to his earpiece.  Nodding, he slides into the ring as the Inferno Asylum begins to lower once again over the ring.

Lane: Why is the Asylum lowering??  The competitors haven't even stepped foot in the ring yet!

The steel chamber glitters in BC Place's lights as it is lowered and secured to the ring.  With the Asylum now in place, Rex grabs Korath by the hair and pulls him up to his feet.  Distracted by the Inferno Asylum, however, Korath is able to grab Rex and throw him shoulder-first into the barricade.  Not wasting a second, Korath takes McAllister's arm and whips him directly into the steel walls of the Asylum!  Rex falls to the floor in obvious pain, but Korath isn't quite done yet.  He brings Rex over to the Spanish announce table and begins to clear it, throwing the table's monitors and various microphones to the floor.

Hart: Korath wants to end this match before it even begins!

Korath turns back to Rex, prepared to do more damage, but McAllister is ready for him and clocks him in the jaw with a hellacious punch!  Korath stumbles backward, and Rex takes advantage by hitting him with yet another punch to the side of the already-bloodied head!  This punch takes Korath down, causing him to fall onto the announce table.  Rex pauses here before that wicked smile of his takes over his face.
Hart: What is he thinking...

Rex slowly turns towards the Inferno Asylum and walks towards it.  He tests out the chain link exterior with his hands before taking a hold of the links and beginning to climb!

Lane: Oh my god, he wouldn't -

As Rex gets about halfway up the wall of the Asylum, Korath gets off the table and back to his feet.  After observing McAllister scaling the cage, Korath begins to do the same himself, chasing after the Rex Master.  Noticing Korath's surprisingly fast pace up the wall, Rex climbs even faster than before, quickly reaching the top.  Once there, he backs up and faces the incoming Nordic Nightmare, who gets to the roof of the cage shortly after.  The opponents stare at each other from opposite sides of the roof, with Korath's face full of blood.

Hart: They're just standing there...menacingly!

Cautiously, Rex and Korath step towards each other as the crowd's anticipation builds again.

Lane: And, for the umpteenth time, the bell has not yet rung!  This match has not yet begun, and these two men have already brought each other to the brink of destruction!

Korath and McAllister begin to trade punches on the roof of the Asylum, sending the crowd into a frenzy!


Korath begins to gain an advantage, pushing Rex closer and closer to the edge of the cage with each haymaker.  Out of desperation, Rex attempts to fight back with a flurry of punches to Korath's already-bleeding forehead, but these only make the Nordic Nightmare even more enraged than before.  Grabbing Rex by his bleach-blonde hair, Korath fiercely shoves his face directly into the cage's steel roof!  Rex hops right back to his feet, but looks extremely dazed while doing so.
Lane: I don't think Rex knows where he is right now!

Hart: Well, he better figure it out, because I think Korath's out for blood!

Rex stumbles back towards the edge of the cell, and with the announce tables waiting down below, he looks to be in quite the precarious position.  Korath, noting this, lets out a sick cackle and raises his right arm into the air, calling for the Heavy Lariat!

Hart: Oh don't think he would -

Lane: I think he would, Mike!

Korath charges across the roof, looking to clothesline Rex down to the ground, but Rex counters at the last second with a Fallaway Slam, sending both men over the edge!!!

Hart: Watch out, WATCH OUT!!!

Rex and Korath fall directly onto the Spanish announce table, which crumbles to the floor upon impact!



Hart: Are we still on?  James, can you hear us??

Neither Rex nor Korath are moving in the slightest as both the English and Spanish announcers seem to be in a state of shock.  In the background, a team of four WWX doctors can be seen fighting their way through the crowd.

Hart: Korath was looking to hit the Heavy Lariat, but Rex countered with the most devastating Fallaway Slam I have ever seen, folks, bringing both Rex and Korath down from a legitimate 30 feet in the air directly into the Spanish announce table!!  Both of these men may just be down for the count.
The medical team hops over the barricade with first-aid kits in tow.  Two doctors tend to each competitor, with Korath's crimson mask looking as a major cause of concern.

Hart: Gary, even if Korath and Rex can SOMEHOW manage to continue, how much more can they possibly have left in the tank?

Lane: Korath has definitely sustained major damage to his head, knees, and back.  The man could very well be paralyzed, let alone be able to finish a match such as this!

Rex McAllister begins to stir, grabbing onto the barricade to bring himself up to a vertical base.  Even though he seems to be in immense pain - and is now also bleeding from the forehead - he waves off the doctors who attempt to lay him back down.  Meanwhile, Korath still has not moved or even opened his eyes.

Hart: How the hell is Rex standing?!?!?!?!?

Lane: He made sure that Korath took the brunt of the impact with the Fallaway Slam!  That counter alone may have ended this match before it even began!

Rex looks down at the carcass of Korath with absolutely no emotion on his now-reddened face.

Rex (off-mic): You don't look so immortal now, do you?

Hart: Rex could have very well just ended Korath's career, but he doesn't seem to give a |BLEEP| about it...

Lane: Language, Mike!  We're on pay-per-view!
One of the doctors tending to Korath pulls out a walkie-talkie and says something inaudible into it.  Moments later, another team of EMTs can be seen making their way through the WWX Universe, this time bringing a stretcher.

Hart: Oh my god, they're bringing out a stretcher...

The medical team brings the stretcher over the barricade and motions towards the stage in an effort to get the Asylum raised.  Rex, seeing this, reacts sharply, grabbing one of the doctors by the collar and pulling him in close.

Rex (off-mic): NO!  THIS ISN'T OVER!

Shoving the doctor to the ground, McAllister pushes through the fleet of EMTs and grabs Korath by the blood-ridden hair, dragging him towards the cage door!


The doctors try to get in the way, but Rex just muscles them to the side with his left arm as he drags Korath behind him with his right.  Reaching the door, McAllister throws it open and rolls Korath to the inside.

Lane: There's no way...this match can't go on!!!

Hart: I mean, technically, there are no disqualifications, but come on!  Korath can't continue!!!

Rex enters the cage, stalking after a still-unmoving Korath.  He pulls Korath up by the hair once again, staring straight into his dead eyes.

Rex (off-mic): I am going to destroy you...until there is NOTHING left...

At this precise moment, Korath springs to life out of NOWHERE, tossing Rex across the ring like a rag doll!!!**



McAllister, pulling himself up by the ropes, looks across the ring at Korath as if he's seen a ghost.  He charges, trying to take Korath down for good, but Korath counters with a HUGE Heavy Lariat!


Korath howls into the air, igniting the Vancouver crowd once again.  He moves back towards the cage door, furiously slamming it shut!  At this, the referee reluctantly rings the bell!



The moment the bell rings, the cage is ignited into flames!!


Hart: And after the WAR that Rex McAllister and Korath have already survived...the Inferno Asylum match is officially underway!

Korath, with revenge on his mind, pounces on McAllister, nailing him with lefts and rights directly to the head!  Rex pushes Korath off, but Korath immediately goes back on the assault with even more punches!  The referee, still wearing his fireproof suit, attempts to wave Korath off, but the Nordic Nightmare doesn't even notice amongst the chaos.  Finally, Rex is able to save himself by raising up his right leg, hitting Korath with a huge low blow!


Hart: Rex, buying himself some time!

Korath rolls over onto the mat, clutching his groin, as Rex stumbles to his feet.  He pulls Korath to his feet and leans him against the ropes.  The Rex Master hits Korath with a few well-placed chops, with the last one so powerful that it sends Korath over the top rope and to the steel floor of the Asylum!

Lane: Korath's getting dangerously close to the flames of the Inferno Asylum here!

Rex follows him to the outside of the ring, glancing over at the open flames lining the walls before pulling Korath up to his feet and smiling at him with that sick grin of his.
Rex (off-mic): This is my creation...AND YOU'RE GONNA BURN IN IT!!!

McAllister throws a disoriented Korath directly into the enflamed chain link walls!


Lane: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Korath falls back to the ground in obvious pain as Rex McAllister cackles above him, obviously pleased with the damage he's caused.  However, that happiness quickly turns into shock as Korath immediately pulls himself up by the ropes, looking completely unfazed!


McAllister takes a step back, looking absolutely scared for his life as Korath begins to shake in anger towards Rex.

Lane: I think Rex's life is flashing before his eyes!

Rex climbs through the ropes and re-enters the ring, trying to put some distance between himself and Korath.  Korath, meanwhile, lets out a feral scream and jumps over the top rope, charging at Rex with a HUGE headbutt!
Hart: Korath's lost all control!  He's gone absolutely insane!!!

Korath violently throws Rex back over the top rope and follows him out.  Now standing in more of an animalistic stance, he looks as if he's out to kill Rex McAllister!  He grabs Rex's bleach-blonde hair once again and shoves his body into the cell wall!


Rex falls to the ground clutching his head, but Korath doesn't give him any time to recover, throwing him right back into the fire a second time!!!



Rex, with parts of his hair and attire on fire, rolls around on the steel as Korath toys with him, kicking him around with his right foot.  McAllister manages to roll into the ring, but Korath continues to stalk him with a merciless look on his face.  He reaches down to pick Rex up, but Rex is able to stop the assault from continuing by grabbing a steel chair and pelting Korath in the head with it!

Hart: OOF!  With all the damage Korath's head has already sustained, that HAS to hurt!

Not wasting any time, a bloodied and battered Rex McAllister hits Korath over the head with the chair once more, bringing the giant to the ground!  Rex goes for the pin!

Korath kicks out!

Lane: Two brutal chair shots after all the damage that's already been done, and Korath's still in this!!

Seemingly out of options, Rex frantically crawls to the other side of the ring, where the mysterious black case that he brought out earlier sits.  He opens up the case he grabbed from under the ring earlier. He pulls out and dons a fire protective suit complemented with Neoprene gloves!

Hart: OH, COME ON!!!

Lane: YES!  I think Rex found one of the referee's spare fireproof suits!

Hart: Leave it to Rex |BLEEP|in' McAllister to cheat his way out of his own match!!!

Korath makes his way to his feet, but Rex clocks him one more time with the steel chair, this time sending Korath flying to the outside!  McAllister, wearing the fireproof suit, goes after Korath with the chair, but Korath counters, grabbing Rex from behind and laying into him with clubbing blows. Rex covers up, but Korath continues to assault him with unrelenting rapid-fire blows to the upper section of Rex's body. Korath picks Rex up and throws him over his left shoulder, right into the wall of fire!



Lane: Yeah, but I think that suit protected him!  The only part that did damage was the steel wall itself!

Korath holds Rex up, trying to shove him into the flames once more, but Rex counters by gouging both of Korath's eyes! Rex digs his fingers deep. Korath staggers around for a moment before ramming Rex against the steel once more, holding him against the blazing steel!  As he does, Rex keeps on digging into Korath's eyes!

Lane: Oh my God, Mike! Is he trying to take his eyes out?!?!?!?!?
Korath screams in absolute agony as Rex obviously starts feeling the pain from the rising heat, even while wearing the suit.

Hart: That fireproof suit is keeping Rex from getting burnt to ashes!

Lane: Yeah, but you can definitely tell that he's still in quite a bit of pain, both from the steel and from the fire!

Finally, Korath releases Rex and both men fall to the steel, with the Nordic Nightmare clutching his face.


Rex gets to his feet first, swinging the steel chair into Korath's skull once more.  This shot causes Korath to fall backward directly into the flames!  Korath tries to escape the heat, but Rex runs at Korath with the chair and presses the end of it to his throat, choking him and keeping the back of his body pressed against the burning steel!

Lane: Korath is cooking on high! 

Hart: His back is burning! Someone do something!!!

Korath, with every bit of strength that he has left, forces the chair forward to escape the steel blazing walls of the Asylum sending Rex back as he falls down.  Korath collapses, breathing heavily, as both men take a moment to recover.


The camera focuses in on Korath, who's back skin shows signs of bubbling.

Lane: Korath has survived HEAVY burns from the Inferno Asylum!

Rex looks over at Korath as he begins to stir, crawling towards McAllister with rage in his eyes.  Rex, once again trying to avoid certain death, rolls back into the ring and grabs the sledgehammer that he tossed in earlier.  Korath slides into the ring soon after, and Rex charges at him with the weapon, attempting to hit him clean in the head!  However, Korath ducks the blow, bounces off the ropes, and brings the Rex Master down with another Heavy Lariat!


The sledgehammer flies out of Rex's hand as he falls to the ground, but Korath doesn't let up, grabbing the foreign object from the ground and slamming it right into McAllister's skull!  Rex collapses as Korath kneels over him with that sick smile of his still present.

Lane: Korath should really go for the pin here, I don't know if Rex has anything left!

Korath, looking back over at the ever-present wall of flames, heaves Rex onto his shoulder and dumps him back to the outside.  With his opponent laying on the steel, Korath climbs out of the ring and sets up for yet another throw into the fire, but Rex counters into the Rex Lock on the steel, using his own Singapore cane to cause extra damage!


Korath's face is already a bloodied mess, but Rex doesn't seem to care, cinching in the cane even further!  Korath struggles, using the nearby ropes to flip Rex onto his back.  However, this move rolls both men even closer to the flames!

Lane: Korath better be careful here!!!

Rex doesn't let go of the Rex Lock, using the metal-wrapped Singapore cane to do as much damage as possible!  He manages to roll away from the flame, allowing him to gain leverage and really lock in the submission hold!  Korath attempts to fight his way out of it, but each attempt saps more and more of his energy.  Eventually, Korath seems to be fading!

Hart: I think this may do it!!  Korath's got nothing left!!!!!!!

Korath's eyes close as the referee begins to drop his right arm, testing to see if he's still conscious.

Hart: That's one arm drop!


Lane: Rex is the #1 Contender!!!


Korath keeps his arm up, and Rex can't believe it!!


Korath turns his body around and kicks upwards at Rex, sending him staggering backward right into the fire and steel wall!!

As Rex falls forwards, Korath catches him, lifts him into the air, and brings him down with the Savage Hammer!






*"The Anvil of Crom" hits as the fire surrounding the Inferno Asylum is put out, giving the WWX doctors access to the cage door.  Using fireproof gloves, one of the EMTs swings the door open, allowing the medical staff to tend to the motionless Korath and Rex McAllister.

Hart: What did we just see, Mike???  WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!

Lane: That had to be one of the most BRUTAL matches in the HISTORY of the WWX!!!  From the unforgiving brawl that occurred before the match even begun to the number of times both men were thrown face-first into those flames, I didn't think this match would even produce a SURVIVOR, let alone a winner!!!

Hart: But it was Korath, with that counter to the cane-assisted Rex Lock followed by the Savage Hammer, that came away victorious!!  What a match!!  WHAT A NIGHT!!!

Two stretchers are loaded into the Asylum with both Rex and Korath being loaded onto them and taken out of the cage.  Carefully, the medical staff rolls both men up the ramp as the Vancouver crowd gives them a standing ovation accompanied by deafening cheers.

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