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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-05-07 19:24:50
Heavy Metal plays 
The scene opens to a black screen. White letters roll across the screen...
"Do Not Try This At Home" Is written on the black screen, suddenly barbed wire wraps around the blockhead and squeezes... The once white letters fill up red and drops fall from the block head like dripping blood. 

The screen shows static and using a vintage style we see,

The Lost Soul walking down the smokey ramp

Tommy Lipton lifting the giant Jeremiah O'Reilly over head for the Lipton Slam

Darkness chokeslamming an opponent with one hand

Ethan Cavanaugh leaping off the top rope 

David GS battling JT Steel

Corporal Sanders standing with the American flag in the background in his uniform saluting

Xander Adam's in a pink bunny suit

Duncan McIver looking out his window from McIver Towers

The scene transitions now to a modern look. 

Kurtis Ray running clotheslining an opponent in the ring

Rex McAllister kicking Tommy Lipton and Syndicate out of the window of the House of Horrors

Darkness dropping an opponent with a big boot

Korath flexing in the ring

Jarvis Valentine holding the International Championship 

Syndicate holding the WWX Championship perched high on the top turnbuckle 

Tommy Lipton in a suit turning to face the camera smiling. 

The WWX Logo appears.... 

We see the camera pan over a cheering crowd 

Hart: Welcome WWX Universe! We are here live in a sold out Air Canada Center downtown Toronto! These fans cheering on their favorite Monday Night show! 

Lane: What a show tonight will be, perhaps historic!

Hart: Tommy Lipton has taken on control over the WWX as the new General Manager, these are exciting times we are entering! 

Lane: Tommy Lipton is a man we all know is capable of doing a great job in this role.

Hart: It has been nearly a decade since he last was in charge, a lot has changed but it appears James Ranger and the BOD have full confidence in Tommy Lipton. 

Lane: Social Media has been buzzing all week and folks are wondering as to what this announcement will be from our new General Manager. 

Hart: We welcome you all to WWX Monday Night Ravage! 

Lane: It is good to be back on Monday Nights!

Tommy Liptons theme music plays over the PA


Tommy Lipton dressed in a polo top and Jean's steps out in front of the crowd. 

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen please welcome, The One The Only, WWX Hall of Famer and New General Manager, TOMMY LIPTON!!! 


Tommy makes his way down the ramp and gets into the ring. 
The ring is set up with a table and something on top is covered by a large black cloth.

Hart: Tommy is looking at that table with a interest as are we all! 

Lane: We know that he plans to announce something major, a new title is expected to be revealed and I think that announcement is sitting under that cloth on that table! 

Tommy moves to the apron where he receives a microphone from Bonn. He let's the fans settle and then begins to talk. 

Tommy: And you thought I was going to retire from the WWX for good!!


Tommy: Poor old Syndicate thought he had finally gotten rid of me... Yet here I stand Champ... 

Tommy: In 2009 I ran as your General Manager, during such times we saw the glorious Global Title reinstated, We saw the three stages of hell cage match come to life in one of WWX bloodiest moments, we saw the rise of legends like David GS, Darkness and Krimzon Blaze... To sum it up... we saw history being made... 
Well once again WWX I am here to make history once more for a now struggling WWX Federation. We have lost great superstars but we have gained prospects, a new Era is being formed here tonight.  Now you may notice a pattern when it comes to tonight's line up, regarding a New Championship which will be fought for under questionable methods. Nothing but Hardcore battles will be seen amongst the men and women who are set to compete here tonight for a shot at this new Championship belt. 


Tommy: WWX use to be more hardcore than it has been as of late, extreme wrestling is something I felt this Federation was missing, but this coming Pay Per View is perfect to describe the direction we are going to be taking! Live Sunday May 27 WWX presents ....




Tommy: So without further delay... 

Tommy pulls back the cloth covering the object on the table. The fans cheer on as they see sitting on top of the table the WWX Hardcore Championship.

Tommy: tonight we will find the right contenders to face off for this beauty in something far from beautiful. The winners tonight will have a shot at the NEW Hardcore Championship next week on Ravage! 


Tommy: Tonight is just the beginning...


(The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.)

Bonn - Making his way to the ring, hailing from Annapolis, MD.  He stands 6'4" tall and weighs in at 269 pounds.  Here is, one half of the WWX Tag Team Champions... Gary Tinordi!!!!!!!!!

(The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has the words "What time is it?" written in green bubble letters with really trippy designs in it.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out.)

Tinordi (shouting) - What time is it?

Crowd - 420!!! 

Her Black Wings hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint.

Bonn: Making her way to the ring, from Bust Head Virginia, HEEEX GIIIIRL!!! 


 She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight. 

Hart: We are joined by Tommy Lipton as this night is about to kick off with our first hardcore match! Hex Girl is a 4 time Womens Champion and a 1 time Television Champion, tonight she has an opportunity to insert her spot in the Hardcore Division! 

Lane: Gary Tinordi is going to wreak havoc all up on her! 

Ding Ding Ding

Gary grins at Hex as he moves in on her.

Hart: Hex is tough and she has proven it many times before. This should be WOW!

Hex sprays Gary with pepper spray and drop kicks him into the ropes! Gary rubbing his eyes but Hex gives little time for him to collect himself as she delivers a round house kick! As the ref is checking on Gary he's forced to take cover as Hex charges and hits another drop kick knocking Gary over the ropes and to the outside where Matt checks on him. 
Inside the ring Hex plays to her fans!


Lane: Well Hex didnt come to play nice that's clear! 

Gary is up and leaning against the apron, Matt is pouring water into his eyes. Hex notices and charges and baseball slides, ramming Gary in the back with force. Gary collapses into Matt and Hex leaps off the top rope with a cross body taking the last Tag Team Champions to the canvas! 


Hex grabs Gary and struggles a little bit getting him back into the ring. She then walks over to the timekeeper and grabs a steel chair. Gary is getting to his feet as Hex gets back into the ring. Gary sees Hex but is too late to react as Hex slams the chair down and over his head. Gary stumbles into the corner. Hex charges his ramming the chair into his gut. Gary falls and Hex rolls him up for the cover!!



Kick out!


Hart: The fans favorite both competitors but Hex definitely has the advantage after using that pepper spray and now her tag team partner, the chair, could be all she needs to get one step closer to becoming our new Hardcore Champion!

Hex whales the chair over Gary's back and covers again!



Kick out!!!!

Hex frustrated argues with the ref on the count. 

Hex climbs the turnbuckle. She tells for Gary to get up. From the top she naila Gary down with a missile drop kick! Hex then springboards off the middle rope backflipping and driving two elbows into Gary's chest and she pins!!



Kick out! 

Hex grabs Gary but suddenly Gary pushes her off him, kicks her in the gut as she drops the chair Gary drops her head first into the chair with a DDT!!!



Gary slowly covers Hex Girl.




Lane: Hex kicks out after being dropped face first into a unforgiving steel chair! 

Tommy: That's why I picked her to compete. She is one hell of a tough woman and a true definition of hardcore! 

Gary gets to his feet and looks at Matt who's yelling for him to finish her off. Gary grabs Hex, he lifts her up and drops her on the ropes then to the ground with a slingshot suplex! Gary to his feet and drops an elbow and covers...




Gary picks Hex Girl up and tosses her into the corner and hits her with a hard shoulder thrust. 
Gary looks at the chair and then at Hex. He grins as he goes to lean over Hex charges and hits a face buster on Gary driving his face into the chair! She covers



Kick out! 

Hex slams her fist against the ground...
Hex picks Gary up but agary counters and puts her in the figure 420!! 
Hex breaks away and Hex goes for a forearm smash but Gary pivots and counters with a neckbreaker. Gary then looks at the chair and then at Matt. He picks it up and looks over at the new General Manager, Tommy Lipton who appears to be enjoying the show. 
Gary starts slamming the chair against Hexs legs as she wallows in pain! 


Hex reaches for the chair but its too far.... 

Tap Tap Tap! 

Gary releases Hex!

Ding Ding Ding 

Hart: What a match! 

Lane: This match had no limits ...

Bonn: Here is your winner and Number 1 contender for the WWX Hardcore Championship.... GARY TINORDI 





*Static flows through the Air Canada Centre before turning into "Bulls on Parade"!*

Lane: Wait, is the World title match happening now??

Hart: No, that's our main event, Gary!  I guess Syndicate's got something to say!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it.  Wearing his red leather jacket, black denim jeans, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing forward and a smile on his face.  The World Wrestling Championship shines brightly on his left shoulder underneath the spotlight.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!*** 

*As Zach de la Rocha's voice rings out, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in the spotlight, and soon after, the lights in the arena come back on!* 


*Chuckling a bit at the positive reaction from the Toronto crowd, Syndicate makes his way down the ramp and slides into the ring, grabbing a microphone on the way.*

Hart: Is it me, Gary, or is this crowd a little more subdued than they usually are when Syndicate arrives?

Lane: Come on, Mike, he just RETIRED the hometown hero, Tommy Lipton!  Sure, these people still like Syndicate as a wrestler and a performer, but I'm sure they don't like what went down at Armada.

*Taking a moment to look around at the WWX Universe, Syndicate raises the mic to his lips.*

Syndicate: Last week at Armada...I ended the in-ring career of Tommy Lipton.


*With just this one sentence, the crowd ignites in fury towards the World Champion.  In response, Syndicate lowers the microphone, stands in the center of the ring with his arms crossed, and smirks as hellfire rains down upon him.*

Hart: I think you were spot on with that analysis, Gary.

Lane: Of course I was!  Toronto was just WAITING to boo this man, and Syndicate's taking it all in!

*Syndicate looks directly into the hard cam and begins to openly laugh as the crowd continues to voice its disapproval.*


*Slowly, Syndicate raises the microphone once again.*

Syndicate: Are you guys done yet?


*Another round of booing ensues, and Syndicate just laughs it off.*

Syndicate: For five years, I've run roughshod over this place, and there's only ONE MAN that has CONSISTENTLY FAILED to slow me down even for a singular moment.  A man that has, not once, gained a victory over yours truly.  A man that, quite frankly...has been ruining this company since he first stepped foot in it.  Ladies and gentlemen, that man is your "hometown hero", Tommy Lipton, and now, he's stuck in a front office position because he's come to the realization that he just...can't...beat...ME.


Syndicate: You people should be thanking me!  I SAVED the WWX!  I made sure that this company will rise to unforeseen heights with ME at the helm!  I've ensured that other wrestlers will get opportunities that would not have been possible had Tommy Lipton continued as a wrestler.  You all should be worshipping the ground that I walk on!  I DID THIS FOR YOU!!


Syndicate: Without me, this company would be DEAD!  Without me, none of you would have a place to watch the best professional wrestlers in the world today!  Without me, you would all be sitting on your COUCHES watching the Toronto Raptors LOSE to LeBron James AGAIN!!!


Syndicate: Whether you like it or not, I'm your reigning, defending World Wrestling Champion, and that's not about to change at the hands of Korath or Rex or anyone else.   Tommy can do whatever he wants as GM to get this golden belt out of my hands, but I've fought against rouge GMs before and I've beaten them all.  Tommy Lipton won't be a challenge in the slightest...especially since he's never been a challenge to begin with.

Syndicate: My point, ladies and gentlemen, is this: as you already know, I'm the greatest professional wrestler alive today.  I've beaten anyone and everyone that's crossed my path.  I've ended careers, I've retired legends...and here I stand, as your SIX-TIME World Wrestling Champion and FUTURE Hall of Famer!  Good luck with your terrible basketball team, and welcome...to the Syndicate.


*Chuckling, Syndicate rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp, not even glancing at the fans he's just riled up.*

Hart: Well, it looks like Syndicate's still got that mean streak in him from a few years ago!

Lane: I'll say!  Some of these Toronto fans look like they want to kill him!

Hart: We'll see more from Syndicate later tonight, as he faces Korath for the World title with Rex McAllister as the special guest referee!


Hart: We are back from commercial and it is Super Bacon versus Kristian Bane in a No DQ match. 

Lane: We will find out who meets Gary Tinordi in the Hardcore Finals. 

Kristian grabs Super Bacon and punches him square in the jaw. Super Bacon stumbles. Kristian looks to take control but Super Bacon counters and whips Kristian into the ropes. Super Bacon goes for a clothesline but Kristian ducks bounces off the ropes again and delivers a flying clothesline! Super Bacon gets laid out! Kristian quickly covers!!!




Hart: That surprisingly was a close three! Super Bacon better step it up and show up tonight or this match will not last long! 

Bane grabs Super Bacon and lifts him up vertically... He drops him with a wicked brainbuster! Bane exits the ring and looks under the apron... he pulls a trash can from out under the ring. 
Inside the ring Super Bacon is slowly coming too. But he looks a bit dazed and confused... 
Bane throws the trash can into the ring. Bane rolls in and begins lifting up Super Bacon. DDT!

Hart: from outta no where Super Bacon shows life dropping Bane face first with a DDT!

Super Bacon grabs Bane but now Bane counters and nails Bacon with a suplex onto the trash can and into a pin!




Bonn: Your winner and advancing for the Hardcore Championship, Kristian Bane!!


Tommy Lipton stands watching the action unfold on his 50inch TV monitor. He nods in approval. 
A knock at his door is heard. 

Tommy: Come in. 

Jarvis Valentine walks through the door with the International Championship on his shoulder. 

Tommy: Look who decided to finally show his face.... All week I awaited to see my International Champion address the WWX Universe. All week but only silence were we given... I expect better... As James Ranger made clear last week, Willie Steen and Bob Mellon are in line for that...

Tommy points to the title. 

Tommy: But I rather we wait to see that. So tonight are you ready instead to team up with Bob Mellon? I have put in place a potential show stealer, I do hope you are ready to go out there and show everyone what you are capable of... because those guys, including your partner Bob, they all want what you have. 

Suddenly the door swings open and Chris Danger comes flooding in. He lunges at the surprised Champion and pumbles him with fists. Tommy tries to grab Chris but is shoved and trips over the chair. Tommy hails Security. Chris starts smashing Jarvis face first onto the desk. Jarvis is bleeping from the head as Chris whips him into the wall... Chris watches as Jarvis is disoriented and Chris then grabs Jarvis and lifts him up powerbombing Jarvis threw Liptons office desk!
Security rushes the scene as Tommy is on his feet helping Security in restraining Chris Danger. 


Hart: And we are back. Tommy Lipton has had Chris Danger escorted out of the Air Canada Center. We are told he will discuss the matter soon. 

Lane: So more Lipton coming up, great, now Hart, let's discuss the upcoming challengers looking for their shot at Hardcore Gold. 

Hart: Dragonfly has not gone unnoticed here in WWX since his debut...

Lane: Let's see how loud he is tonight. 

Hart: We have Twist already in the ring and this match is about to begin! 

Smoldering red Dragon eyes emerge from the shadowy darkness on the video wall with a pair of wings shown fluttering in the backdrop when the arena lights go out abruptly and the crowd stand in anticipation as they begin make noise. 

Hart: "DragonFly is coming off one of the biggest upset wins in WWX HISTORY! Not bad for a rookie, isn't that right Gary?"

Lane: "Whatever, beginners luck and a fluke win."

Hart: "You're just salty because you lost your bet gambling on Mr. Hollywood Willie Steen."

Lane: "Shut it, Hart. Let me enjoy watching Twist turn this twerp into a human pretzel."

DragonFly rolls out from under the ring with a table colored with the name TWIST and quickly sets it up in his opponents blind spot then leaps up onto the apron and springboards into the ring, connecting with a missle dropkick to the back of Twist's head, knocking the bigger man through the ropes to the outside.
Twist tries to get up but is taken down with a axe handle smash. 
Dragon quickly takes down Twist with a Satellite arm take down but it is countered as Twist throws Dragon into the barrier. 
Twist walks over to the steel steps and grabs the top set. He turns and sizes up Dragon who is starting to stir... 

Hart: Not good.

Lane: Stay down Bug!

Twist grins as Dragon gets to his feet. Twist charges... 


Hart: And Dragon Fly is hurt!

Lane: Laid out!

Twist grabs the table with his name on it... he then turns and sees Dragonfly stirring and is not pleased. He walks over and grabs Dragon and rolls him into the ring. Twist then reaches under the ring and pulls out a barbed wire bat... he throws it into the ring. He reaches back under and pulls out a steel chair. He looks at it with a smile and throws that in the ring and goes back under... He pulls out a fire extinguisher and laughs throwing that into the ring. Twist then steps into the ring and circles Dragonfly...  He grabs Dragonfly and launches him across the ring. 

Hart: Twists size is paying off hes just too much for Dragonfly here tonight! 

Twist grabs the chair and wedges it in the corner.. he turns and grabs Dragonfly... Twist dragon whips Dragonfly shoulder first into the chair! 
Dragon is down! 


Lane: The fans unsure who they are going for here. Both men new to WWX have yet to earn the following of the crowd. 

Hart: This match is a good start! 

Lane: Well for Twist at least! 

Twist grabs Dragonfly and drops him with a spinebuster! 
Twist heads out of the ring and grabs a table and pushes it into the ring. He gets back in and sets the table up. He looks at Dragonfly and calls for a chokeslam... Dragonfly stands up and Twist grabs him. Dragonfly starts throwing punches... Twist shakes them and lifts Dragonfly, but somehow Dragon counters and reverses with a take down into an Armbar!!!
Twist breaks free and starts to get up... Dragonfly sees the fire extinguisher and goes for it. Twist turns 


Dragonfly smashes the extinguisher into the side of Twists face!


Releasing the extinguisher Dragonfly takes the upper hand and drop kicks Twist who rolls to the outside. 
Dragonfly grabs a chair and heads to the outside. Twist gets up as Dragonfly swings the chair and bashes his arm in. Twist responds with a big boot!!! Twist grabs Dragonfly and prepares to spinebuster Dragon through the table... Dragon escapes and with all his strength he lifts Twist and backdrops the man who has 100 pounds on him!
Dragon and Twist are laid out. 

Hart: What a match!

Dragonfly gets to his feet as Twist is getting up. Dragonfly grabs the chair... 


Dragonfly cracks Twists head in half with a blast from the chair. Dragonfly gets Twist on the table... Dragon leans against the apron catching his breath.
Twist rolls off the table and lunges at DragonFly, knocking his feet off the top rope and causing a painful crotch first landing on the turnbuckle. Twist positions the table in place and climbs into position for a top rope Superplex but DragonFly clings on blocking with all his might and finally counters with a headbutt that dazes both competitors followed by a Front Flip DDT from off the top rope and through the table! 

Lane: "Sunset DDT! Twist is out!"

Ding Ding Ding!!!

Bonn: Your winner, DRAGONFLY!!!

Chris Sanders stands backstage with Tommy Lipton...

Chris: Mr. Danger has been escorted out tonight but will we expect to see him soon? 

Tommy: In fact Chris Danger has a chance to back up his cowardly actions from earlier tonight. In a one on one non title match with Jarvis next week on Ravage! 

Hart: That's huge news and we know that match can play a part in deciding who will earn a shot at that International Championship! Next up is the Backstage Brawl match between Scott Grayse and Damian Hendrix, where the winner will receive a shot at the Hardcore Championship!  Let's go out to the parking garage of the Air Canada Centre, where the action is about to kick off.

*The camera cuts to the underground parking garage below the arena.  Here, a black Ford Focus can be seen driving into the garage.  The car skids to a stop in the middle of the lane, and the driverside door opens to reveal the profile of Damian Hendrix.  Dressed in blue jeans and a black WWX muscle shirt, Hendrix slams the door shut and walks over to the referee, who is standing nearby.*

Hendrix: Where is he?  Where's Grayse??

Referee: I don't know, he hasn't shown up yet.

*Damian, annoyed, walks back to his car and opens the trunk.  He peers in, observing the weaponry that he's brought along.  The foreign objects that can be seen by the camera include a sledgehammer, steel chair, baseball bat, a can of lighter fluid, and matches.  Before he can pull anything out, however, the trunk is slammed down on Hendrix, hitting him right in the head!

Hart: OOH!

*The camera pans up to reveal the perpetrator to be Scott Grayse, who has appeared out of nowhere to attack Hendrix!*

Lane: Grayse has arrived!

*Damian staggers backward, and Grayse takes advantage by grabbing his head and throwing him face-first into a nearby car!  Hendrix crumples to the ground as the car's emergency alarm sounds, but Grayse isn't quite done, pulling Hendrix up once more and German suplexing him directly onto the concrete floor of the parking garage!*

Hart: This isn't a match thus far, Gary; this is a MUGGING!

*Hendrix clutches his head as blood begins to trickle down from the forehead.  Grayse, seeing this, violently stomps on the wound, causing even more blood to sputter out.  The referee attempts to intervene, but Scott just screams at him and pushes him away.*


*Grayse reaches down and hauls Hendrix to his feet, but this time, Hendrix is able to fight back, nailing Scott with two desperate right hands to the jaw.  Grayse, dazed, attempts to walk away, but Hendrix, with passion in his eyes and blood beginning to cover his face, chases after him.*

Hart: Hendrix looks like he's out for revenge!

*The two move towards a green dumpster, where they begin trading lefts and rights to the head.  Damian is able to gain an advantage, pushing Grayse right into the metal siding of the dumpster.  He leans here, trying to stay on his feet, and Damian charges, looking to slam right into him, but at the last possible second, Scott moves out of the way, sending Damian Hendrix careening right into the dumpster and causing the metal to dent!*

Lane: The WWX better not be billed for that!

*After slamming his head into the metal once more for good measure, Scott Grayse opens up the dumpster and throws Hendrix in!  He lies there amongst various bags of garbage as Scott shuts the bin and climbs up top, calling over the referee!*

Hart: Is he...is he going for a pin??

Lane: Does that even count?!?!?!?

*The referee apparently thinks it does as he begins to count!*


*Incredibly, Hendrix shoves the lid open, sending Grayse flying down onto the concrete!*

Hart: NO!  Hendrix lives to fight another day!

*Hendrix crawls out of the dumpster and takes the fight right to Grayse, whipping him into a nearby concrete wall!  Scott lies there, semi-unconscious, as Hendrix goes back over to the trunk of his car.*

Lane: I think Damian's about to bring out his bag of tricks!

*Opening the trunk, he pulls out the baseball bat and steel chair, throwing them towards the general vicinity of Grayse.  Taking a moment to consider his options, Hendrix takes out the lighter fluid and matches as well, walking them over to Grayse.*

Hart: What the hell is Hendrix thinking??

*Damian sets the fluid and matches down and picks up the chair.  Weighing it in his hand, he waits for Grayse to pull himself to his feet before taking a swing...that Grayse manages to duck under!  Damian turns around and swings again, but this time, Grayse counters with a swift gut kick followed by a brutal DDT right to the concrete floor of the parking garage!  Damian lies there, unmoving, as Grayse walks over and picks up the wooden baseball bat.  He brings Hendrix back up to his feet and mockingly stands in a batter's position right in front of him with the bat.*

Grayse: Batter up!

*Grayse swings, nailing the stumbling Hendrix in the chest!  Hendrix falls backward to the floor, but Grayse isn't done with the assault, placing the steel chair on Damian's torso and hitting a double foot stomp right onto it!*

Hart: OH MY!  Grayse may have just broken his ribs!

*Grayse brushes his long gray hair back, smiling down at the broken body of Damian Hendrix.  He places a foot on Damian's bruised chest as the referee counts*


*Hendrix kicks out!!*

Hart: How much more does Damian Hendrix have left??

*Scott Grayse, in a state of disbelief, backs up and waits for Hendrix to stand.  With Hendrix leaning on the concrete wall for support, Grayse charges, looking for the Lights Out superkick, but Hendrix catches him and flips him over with a T-bone suplex to the wall!  Both men fall to the floor, with Damian trying to regain his strength for a comeback attempt.  He pulls himself to his feet and glances over to the can of lighter fluid as a smile spreads on his face.*

Lane: I think Damian's looking to cause some permanent damage to Scott Grayse!

*Hendrix picks up the can, unscrews the cap, and begins to pour it directly onto the body of Grayse!  Grayse tries to crawl away, knowing what may be about to happen, but Hendrix stops it by stomping on his back.  With Grayse not moving, Hendrix pulls a match out of the matchbox and lights it.*

Hart: This is insane!!!!!

*After taking a moment to admire the fire, Hendrix is about to drop it onto the greased-up body of Scott Grayse when Grayse pulls the legs out from under Hendrix, causing him to fall to the ground and sending the match careening across the parking garage.*

Lane: Scott Grayse smartly avoids certain death at the hands of Damian Hendrix!

*Before Hendrix can recover, Grayse stands and pulls his opponent up with him.  He takes Hendrix back over to the Ford Focus and whips him into the side window, smashing it!*

Hart: Damian's chances are not looking good here!

*Scott shoves the stunned Hendrix into the car's trunk and shuts it!  He then opens the driverside door and climbs in!*

Lane: Scott Grayse is stealing Damian's car!

Hart: And Damian along with it!

*Laughing, Scott begins to drive, moving the car so that the back of the Focus is lined up perfectly with one of the parking garage's support beams.*

Hart: You don't think he's gonna -

*Taking one moment to look back, Scott Grayse shifts into reverse and floors it, sending the car - with Hendrix in the trunk - right into the concrete beam!*

Hart: OH MY GOD!!!

*The airbags in the car inflate, but Scott is able to exit the car relatively unharmed.  The back of the Ford Focus, meanwhile, has completely crumpled against the concrete.*



*The referee pushes the cackling Grayse back as he attempts to open the trunk.  He calls over the paramedic team, which quickly surrounds the car.  One EMT climbs in and drives the miraculously still-operational Ford Focus forward to give the rest of the medics more room.*

Hart: There's no way this match, if you can call it that, can continue!  Grayse has just booked Damian Hendrix a one-way ticket to the emergency room here in Toronto!!!

*A few members of the medical staff combine to pull the trunk open, revealing a bloody and unconscious Damian Hendrix lying inside.  Immediately, Scott Grayse shoves the EMTs aside and pulls Hendrix out of the trunk, throwing him down onto the floor.*

Hart: My god, Hendrix needs help!  Someone stop this!!!

*Scott Grayse waves the referee over.*


*Reluctantly, the referee crouches down to count as Grayse hooks the leg.*



Referee: That's it!  Get out of the way!

*The ref pushes Grayse back as the EMTs surround the broken body of Damian Hendrix.*

Hart: Ladies and gentlemen, I do not condone what Scott Grayse just did to Damian Hendrix, but nonetheless, Scott Grayse will challenge for the Hardcore Championship.  What a brutal affair!


(Jeffrey Pendragon is shown sitting at catering and talking with WWX agents when Gimmick Jones enters the shot holding a cup of coffee.)

Gimmick Jones: "Well, well, well.. if it isn't another useless waste of space taking up a roster spot and a paycheck you clearly haven't earned or deserve. So do me a favor and make yourself useful, alright. This coffee is cold. Get me a fresh one. A Large caramel latte with cream and sugar. Hop to it. 

(Jeffrey Pendragon stands up and grabs Gimmick Jones by the front of his shirt collar ready to strike when Gimmick Jones throws the scolding hot coffee directly into his face! Jones kicks Jeffrey Pendragon hard between the legs with a stiff low blow then hits a standing suplex into a sit-down pile-driver through the catering table!)

Lane: "Concussion Driver! Get some help, dammit! We need EMT's out here now!"


 "A Welcome Burden" by disturbed.


Rex comes walking out wearing a referee shirt, ignoring everyone. He rests in the corner nonchalantly, stoic like.

The Anvil of Crom begins across the PA. Korath emerges moments later to the roar of the crowds and begins his descent to the ring. 

Hart: Korath with a bandaged torso and moving somewhat slower than usual.

Lane: Tommy Lipton in a way took the fall out of Armada threw it aside and said starting fresh.

 Hart: it's made clear by tossing Korath who JUST earned number one spot into his title match, no time to rest or heal, following immediately after a brutal showdown with Rex McAllister. 

Korath enters the ring, he puts a hand over his ribs and raises his arm high. 


*The camera cuts to the backstage area at the Air Canada Centre, where the World Wrestling Champion, Syndicate, is leaning against a gray concrete wall.  With the World title glimmering on his left shoulder, Syndicate is staring down at the screen of his Galaxy S8 smartphone.*

Syndicate: Come on, come on...

*The camera moves over to observe the screen itself.  Currently, Syndicate is searching through his contacts list.  He slows down once he reaches the 'D' block of names before settling on a familiar person's phone number.  He taps the word "Darkness" and then presses "Call".  The phone immediately connects, and Syndicate holds the phone up to his ear.*

Syndicate: Pick up, you little...

*Barely audible on the camera's microphone, a prerecorded voice can be heard coming from the other end.*

Phone: We're sorry.  You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.  If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.

Syndicate: Damn it!

*He hangs up the phone and opens the Messages app, looking to send a text message, when he is interrupted by a stagehand, who walks into the shot holding a clipboard.*

Stagehand: Syndicate, your music hits in two.

Syndicate: ...thanks.

*The stagehand rushes away as Syndicate looks back down at the phone, sighs, and sets it down on a catering table.  Taking a moment to glance down at his World Championship, he strides towards the entranceway.*




*Static pours out of the loudspeakers before transitioning into "Bulls on Parade" by Rage Against the Machine!*

Hart: And there's the static!

Lane: Better soak it in, Mike, because that's the last time you're going to hear that sound introduce the World Wrestling Champion.

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it.  Wearing his red leather jacket, black denim jeans, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing the floor, completely focused in on the task at hand.  The World Wrestling Championship, which shines on his left shoulder, is being firmly gripped by Syndicate, as if he's determined not to give it up.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!*** 

*As Zach de la Rocha's voice rings out, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in the spotlight, and soon after, the lights in the arena come back on!* 


Hart: The rivalry between Syndicate and Korath has been very well-documented throughout the years.  They faced off for the first time back in late 2013 in what was Syndicate's second-ever match with the company.  Since then, one could argue that Syndicate's been in relative control of the feud, but with the human freight train that is Korath, you can never be sure how things are going to turn out.

Lane: Mike, it's quite obvious that both Rex McAllister and Korath are still feeling the effects from Armada's Inferno Asylum match, but if you think for one second that Syndicate's going to walk out of here with that World title over his shoulder, you'd be quite mistaken.  Korath has PLOWED through his competition leading up to this match, and I expect him to do the same against the Los Angeles Outlaw.

*With the World title placed back on his shoulder, Syndicate walks down the ramp and slides into the ring.  Once inside, he makes his way towards the corner, giving Korath a slight nudge as he walks through the ring.  Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in the corner with the title before hopping down and turning back to Korath, who looks as enraged as ever.  The rivals get in each other's faces as Rex McAllister tries in vain to break it up.  Eventually, he gets both men to back into their corners, but they don't break the eye contact.  During this staredown, Kayla Bonn climbs into the ring.*

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall...and it is for the WWX WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!


Bonn: First, the special guest referee for this matchup...he is the Rex Master, REX......MCAAAAAALISTERRRRR!!!


*Rex stands in the center of the ring with his arms crossed, glancing over at both men.*

Hart: Rex has a lot of power tonight, Gary.  Do you think he'll misuse it?

Lane: Not at all!  Rex is a responsible man, and besides, he's a saint!  As far as I can see, he's shaping up to be the best referee this company's ever had!

Hart: ...right...

Bonn: Now introducing the challenger.  From the Savage Lands, weighing 395 pounds, he is the Nordic Nightmare...KOOOOOOOOOORAAAAAATH!!!


*Korath rears back and unleashing a mighty roar, causing Syndicate to chuckle a bit.*

Bonn: And his opponent...from Los Angeles, California, weighing 224 pounds...he is the WWX World Wrestling Champion, the Los Angeles Outlaw...SYYYYYYYYYYNDICATEEEEEE!!!


*Syndicate holds the World Championship high into the air, smirking across the ring to his opponent.  Rex walks over to take the belt from Syndicate, who hesitantly gives it to the Rex Master.  Showing it to the Nordic Nightmare, McAllister holds the championship into the air before giving it to a crew member and pointing towards the timekeeper's area.*


Hart: And just like that, our main event for the World Championship is underway!

Lane: is there not going to be a special guest enforcer? 

Hart: perhaps mind games created by our WWX General Manager...

Rex rests in the corner nonchalantly, stoic like. He watches as the two contenders stare each other down... 

Syndicate and Korath lock up.  Korath pushes Syndicate against the ropes, and Rex quickly counts to four, warning Korath of a disqualification.  Korath just shrugs it off and nails Syndicate with a strong hip toss, giving Rex the metaphorical middle finger as he does so.  Syndicate hops back to his feet, only to be met with a huge Beast Kick!  Korath goes for the pin, and Rex slowly makes his way over, nonchalantly he kneels down and taps the mat...


Kick Out! 

Hart: Maybe Tommy should have had an enforcer down here! 

Lane: Rex is doing a great job what are you talking about?

Syndicate rolls away as Korath is looking confused at Rex. 
Syndicate to his feet, Korath turns and prepares to defend. Syndicate goes for a kick but it is blocked. Korath leans back dodging a punch. Korath then moves in clotheslining Syndicate off his feet. 

Hart: the big man showing his value to our new GM... Tommy Lipton folks, a man who we know doesn't exactly have a warm spot for Syndicate. 

Korath drops a leg over Syndicates chest. 


Korath favors his wounds... 

Lane: this is where everything changes! 

Syndicate is getting up but sees Korath struggling to stand. Syndicate moves in but Korath lays out Syndicate with a big boot! 
Korath covers and looks directly at Rex but Syndicate kicks out quickly. Korath grabs Syndicate... Syndicate pushes off korath, Syndicate jumps and drop kicks Korath in the face! Korath gets tangled in the ropes and Syndicate starts the assault by spring boarding and coming straight at a tangled Korath, Syndicate drop kicks him and he drops to the ground from the ropes. 
Syndicate grabs Korath


Hart: this Toronto crowd does not support the champion 

Lane: the Champ has picked a war with our WWX General Manager... 

Hart: I agree things were said... 

Syndicate punches Korath but Korath punches back and grabs Syndicate from no where... Korath brawls with his opponent in the middle of the ring, taking the upper hand he begins laying in fast, hard blows with his fists and knees. Syndicate falls to his knees he delivers two quick headbutts, followed by one with power behind it, knocking Syndicate onto his back.

Lane: Brutality!!! 

Hart: Its a signature move and a powerful one! 

Hart: It looks like Rex is not quick to jump to the count, 

Lane: Rex is shaking his head!

Rex off mic: Headbutts? 

Korath tells for Rex to count! 

Rex gets down and counts... 




Korath stands and begins to argue with Rex.  Rex just shrugs it off, saying it was an accident.  Frustrated, Korath turns around and sees Syndicate struggling to his feet.  He raises his right arm and stalks Syndicate, waiting for him to stand before charging with the Heavy Lariat.  However, Syndicate moves out of the way, sending Korath into the corner.  Syndicate takes advantage, hitting a snap dropkick to the big man and bringing him down face-first into the mat!  Syndicate moves to go for the pin, but then notices the bandages on Korath's back and smiles.

Syndicate rips off the bandages, revealing the burns from Armada.  Taking a moment to let the audience buzz with anticipation, Syndicate stomps down on Korath's back, causing Korath to spasm in pain!  Syndicate stomps once more, causing even more pain than the first time, before jumping up and hitting a standing elbow drop directly into the burned area!  Syndicate goes for the pin, but SOMEHOW Korath manages to get his leg on the ropes!  Syndicate can't believe it, and neither can Rex, who seemed to be enjoying the attack on Korath's injury.

Syndicate grabs Korath by the hair and attempts to bring him to his feet, but Korath counters with a huge headbutt!  Syndicate staggers back, but the adrenaline-fueled Korath doesn't give up, hitting another headbutt to bring Syndicate down before finishing him off with three more headbutts to complete Brutality!  Knowing that the headbutts, although powerful, weren't going to be enough, Korath stands and pulls Syndicate onto his shoulders, looking for the Savage Hammer, but Syndicate counters with the Catalyst DDT!  Korath immediately pops back up to his feet but looks dazed, staggering into a corner as Syndicate looks to take advantage.

*With Korath recovering in the corner, Syndicate rushes to the opposite corner, tapping his right knee as he stares down his opponent.*

Hart: He could be calling for the end!

*Korath stumbles his way out of the corner, giving Syndicate the room he needs to topple the big man with Original Syn!*


*Syndicate goes for the pin, but as Rex goes down for the pin, he notices a vibration coming from his pocket.  He reaches down and pulls out an iPhone with an incoming call on the screen!*

Hart: Oh, come on!

Lane: He's a busy man, Mike!  That phone call could be pretty important!

*McAllister raises the phone to his ear, causing Syndicate to become mightily confused.*

Rex (off-mic): Rex here.  No, I'm free, what's up?

*Syndicate angrily stands as McAllister moves to the corner, one hand over his ear as he attempts to take the call.  Syndicate spins Rex around and slaps the phone out of his hand, sending it to the floor.  Rex just stares at the now-broken phone, mouth agape as Syndicate seethes.*

Syndicate (off-mic): Next time, COUNT THE |BLEEP|IN' PIN!

*The Outlaw turns back to Korath and picks him up for the No Signal, but Korath grabs Syndicate first and hits the Savage Hammer!*


Lane: That's what he gets for messing with Rex McAllister's phone!

*He goes for the pin, and Rex quickly gets down to count!*



*Korath looks as if he's got this match won, but instead of counting three, Rex violently shoves Korath off Syndicate!*

Hart: WHAT?!?!?!

*Korath looks up at Rex for some sort of explanation, but he's given double middle fingers instead!*

Lane: You really thought, after the WAR these two men went through at Armada, that Rex was going to let Korath walk away as champ???

*Korath stands and slowly walks towards Rex with a look of pure rage on his face as Rex shouts at him.*


Rex drops Korath with a Rex effect! Rex gets up only to be dropped by Syndicate with a running knee! Rex rolls from the ring... Syndicate grabs Korath and hits the No Signal. Syndicate covers, he shouts for a ref!
Tommy Lipton runs down the ramp to Syndicates surprise... Tommy drops ready to count... But  he hesitates... Syndicate gives him a firm look... Tommy smiles and then makes the count.



Korath kicks out! 


Syndicate and Tommy go face to face. The two argue... Syndicate chest bumps Tommy, Tommy pushes Syndicate into a roll up!!! 

Hart: Korath has Syndicate rolled up Championship on the line!!!


Lane: that seemed like a fast count

Korath gets up and calls to finish this. Suddenly Rex reappears and nails Korath with the sugarcane. 


Tommy calls for the bell, 

Ding ding

Rex continues the assault on Korath and when Syndicate tries to get involved Rex hits him with a Sugarcane and follows with a Rex Effect on Syndicate. 

Tommy gets in the face of Rex, Rex smirks

Rex off-mic: Bloodshed can't come soon enough! 

Lane: Syndicate keeps his title tonight but he only has a few weeks left until he meets Rex and Korath inside the steel cage at Bloodshed

Rex drops the sugarcane and leaves the ring as Ravage fades to black....

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