RAVAGE - Show 2018-05-14 21:11:56

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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-05-14 21:11:56
The camera sees Gimmick Jones arriving at the arena, nearly running down a valet. As Gimmick Jones steps out the car, a cameraman catches a glimpse of a foot superkicking the driver side door shut in Gimmick Jones face. The resulting impact causes the driver side window glass to completely shatter. As the camera pans around, it turns to reveal Beatrice Pendragon shaking her head.

BEATRICE: Rookies always thinking their hot s**t right out the gate always get their comeuppence in the end. Don't worry. You'll get a more suitable welcome from me later tonight.

Heavy Metal plays 
The scene opens to a black screen. White letters roll across the screen...
"Do Not Try This At Home" Is written on the black screen, suddenly barbed wire wraps around the blockhead and squeezes... The once white letters fill up red and drops fall from the block head like dripping blood. 

The screen shows static and using a vintage style we see,

The Lost Soul walking down the smokey ramp

Tommy Lipton lifting the giant Jeremiah O'Reilly over head for the Lipton Slam

Darkness chokeslamming an opponent with one hand

Ethan Cavanaugh leaping off the top rope 

David GS battling JT Steel

Corporal Sanders standing with the American flag in the background in his uniform saluting

Xander Adam's in a pink bunny suit

Duncan McIver looking out his window from McIver Towers

The scene transitions now to a modern look. 

Kurtis Ray running clotheslining an opponent in the ring

Rex McAllister kicking Tommy Lipton and Syndicate out of the window of the House of Horrors

Darkness dropping an opponent with a big boot

Korath flexing in the ring

Jarvis Valentine holding the International Championship 

Syndicate holding the WWX Championship perched high on the top turnbuckle 

Tommy Lipton in a suit turning to face the camera smiling. 

The WWX Logo appears.... 

We see the camera pan over a cheering crowd 

Hart: Welcome WWX Universe to the outdoors here in Times Square! We are live and sold out in the heart of New York City! These fans cheering on their favorite Monday Night show! 

"BoomTrap Protocol" by Logic plays and Tommy Lipton with his girlfriend Laura and Blade Rickman make there way to the ring... 

Lane: Blade Rickmans been off TV for awhile, I hope this means he is back!

Hart: He at least appears to be back supporting his mentor Mr. Lipton.

Bonn: Please welcome your General Manager of WWX, Tommy Lipton! 


Tommy takes the microphone and looks up...

Tommy: Looks like rain on the horizon... 
Perhaps a storm is coming... Would that not be ironic... in this Federation there is definitely a storm brewing in the World Title Scene and tonight Syndicate will face Rex McAllister and Korath will be in the mix. 
Tonight's main event is another thing brewing and will promise extreme wrestling action! 


Tommy: Now before we begin... Syndicate has yet again poked the Hornets nest, continuing to call me, YOUR, General Manager and leader a poison to the WWX... Syndicate.... Last week someone needed to come down to count and I was fair through and through...

Hart: Well I do not know about that...

Tommy:  it almost was you with a pin over Korath... instead it ended up in a disqualification... I guess we will just have to see what happens when the Bloodshed begins! 

"A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the speakers of the Arena Public Announce System. After a ten second interlude of highlights of Rex McAllister, Rex makes his way out slowly. Rex pauses on the stage momentarily. Rex receives a mixed reaction as he slowly makes his way toward the ring. Rex wears his usual attire of black tights, black boots, and black vest that reads "Rex" in red lettering on the right and "Master" on the left. The back reads "Rexcellence". Rex exudes confidence as he makes his way down the ramp and to the ring steps. Rex looks at Tommy and then ascends up the steps, and climbs the turnbuckle where he stands on the second rope. Rex stares out at the crowd before jumping off the turnbuckle and into the ring. Tommy shrugs his shoulders and exits the ring with Blade and Laura.  

Bonn: Out first, he's from Sea Isle, New Jersey!...Weighing in at 238lbs...HE THE REX MASTER!!! REXXXXX MCALLISTERRRRR!!!

Hart: He looks ready to go tonight!!

Lane: He just cut our GM off... Rude! 

[The camera pans to already see Korath standing at ringside.]

Lane: Here comes our World Champion!!!




*The image of static covers the many billboards of Times Square, enveloping the popular tourist area in black and white and sending the crowd into a controlled frenzy.*

Hart: Our champion has arrived in the heart of New York!

*The music quiets down as the screens go blank, sending Times Square into complete darkness.  Above American Eagle Outfitters, "SYNDICATE" appears in bright white letters.  The stage's 'X' lights up in white as Syndicate, the current World Wrestling Champion, walks out from behind the stage and stands in front of the 'X' with his head pointed at the ground, creating a silhouette-esque effect.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***  

*As Zach de la Rocha's iconic voice rings through Times Square, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose!*


*The 'X' goes back to displaying static as Syndicate, wearing his trademark red leather jacket and black denim jeans, walks down the ramp with the World title shining on his left shoulder.*

Bonn: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 224 pounds...he is the WWX World Wrestling Champion...SYYYYYYYYYYYYNNNNNNDICATEEEEEE!!!


Hart: What an entrance for Syndicate, causing the entirety of Times Square to feel the static!

Lane: Yeah, okay, it looked cool, but let's not forget what's about to go down.  Syndicate is about to go up against the Rex Master himself, and although he's only got one World title reign to his name, he's still widely considered the top wrestler alive today!

[Korath can be seen stand at the beginning of the ramp staring into the ring at Syndicate and McAlister. Korath is talking hella crap to both men as they talk smack right back. The ref warns Korath to do his job and stop interfering.]]

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Both men circle the ring. Collar and elbow tie up. Rex takes charge locking Syndicate into a hammerlock, grabbing a nerve pinch forcing Syndicate to a knee. Syndicate struggles against the pressure before executing a forward flip and countering into a wristlock. Rex counters, twisting out and catching Syndicate with a hip toss into a figure four arm lock.

Hart: A fast start here for Rex, who has assumed control early on. And look how big Korath looks! Lets hope nobody tries to make him do his job. Yikes!

Lane: This is why you don't want a one on one with this guy, Mike! He doesn't mess around in the ring. He believes the ring is his world. Plus he has Korath on the outside hoping the ref turns his head for a moment.

Syndicate struggles, pulling them both with his legs towards the ropes. Rex releases the hold just as Syndicate was about to reach the bottom rope. Rex stands up, grabs Syndicate's leg and pulls him away from the ropes. Syndicate grabs Rex into a small package.



Rex kicks out

Hart: Our world's champion almost stole one there, Gary. Rex was fortunate to kick out before the three count.

[Korath yells into the ring at Rex ‘ALMOST GOTCHA PUNK!” as Rex slaps the mat and tells Korath to “Shut the hell up already”

Lane: I think we both know, Mike, you're not going to win many matches with a move like that this early in the match.  Or arguing with the ring enforcer!

Rex rises quickly to his feet. Rex shouts expletives toward Syndicate. Rex also shoults expletives to Korath and flips him the bird.

Rex: You...mother-|BLEEP|ERS!!!

Rex stomps away at Syndicate. Rex drops repeated elbows to Syndicate now. Dropping a knee to the face of Syndicate! Syndicate rolls to the outside and Korath quickly jumps into actions and throws him back into the ring. Syndicate cusses out Korath who is emotionless.

Hart: Rex appears to be very angry that Syndicate almost won this match from him! 

Lane: Understandable, Mike! Rex is proud fighter, who takes great offense to such chicanery! Plus Korath is out here to make sure this match remains fair!

Hart: Fair? If Korath had it his way neither man would win and he would leave them in a pile of garbage.

Lane: A very good one, where the Rex Master is beginning to put on another show just as he did the last time out against his former partner Tommy Lipton! Face it, Mike, this is Rex McAllister's match to lose. He holds all the tools and know-how to beat anyone on any given week, no matter who it is!

Hart: Rex on the outside of the ring here, and he backs up right into Korath who grabs his by the tights and throws him back in the ring as well! Korath steps back to his position smiling cockily..

Lane: That beast of a man isn’t allowing anyone outside or anyone outside to come inside that ring!

Syndicate runs the ropes and nails Rex with a dropkick. Syndicate jumps off the second rope and hits a flying elbowdrop! Syndicate pins again..



Thr...NO! Rex should is up! 

Hart: Wow! Syndicate really busted open Rex! Blood is dripping down his face as Syndicate smiles and goes on a beserk attack laying our Rex!

Lane:  Get the medics out here!!

Syndicate runs toward Rex, and smashes his oncoming left knee into the face of Rex who was in a situp position. Rex, quickly regains his composure wipes the blood away and picks up the deadweight of Syndicate and drops him on the ropes. Rex grabs Syndicate and whips him with extreme force toward the steel ring pole shoulder first. Syndicate grimaces in extreme pain. Rex stalks Syndicate with malicious intentions in mind. Syndicate rises up slowly. Syndicate limps toward tRex, and crawls to a standing position. Rex meets Syndicate with a hard right hand knocking him down.

Hart: This does not look good at all for our world's champion at the moment, who appears to be walking with a slight limp now.

Lane: And Rex exudes confidence now. You can just see it, Mike, he's been wanting this man in his world for a very long time. This is his chance to send a statement in a big way!

Rex grabs Syndicate by his ankle, and stomps on the thigh area of Syndicate, and immediately he grabs it agony. Rex grabs Syndicate by his ankle again, and once again stomps at the same area of the same thigh as Syndicate rolls away quickly holding his thigh area. Rex follows Syndicate. Rex grabs Syndicate's leg from behind, and lifts his injured leg off the ground, and in one motion slams his knee into the mat. Syndicate yells out in pain. Rex locks Syndicate's other leg in a modified grapevine, and uses his momentum to stretch the legitimates of Syndicate's good leg in the calf and knee areas. 

Hart: Somebody probably should stop this! Rex is methodically trying to take Syndicate apart here!

Lane: Well, Mike, you can't say Syndicate didn't have this coming after a lot of the things he's said recently in regards to this man. Syndicate is a brash and cocky young man, who believes this whole company is his, and Rex is simply trying to show him different. This is a big statement Rex is sending here! He wants this win more than anything that you can imagine!

Rex grabs both of Syndicate's legs up and turns him over and lowers into a sit down position for a Boston Crab submission. Syndicate yells out in pain once again as he struggles to move.

Hart: Boston Crab being administered by Rex here! Syndicate enduring the pain right now!

Lane: But for how long?

Syndicate struggles and scratches his way toward the ropes. Syndicate grazes the ropes just missing his grip with his right hand. McAllister sits up quickly and grabs Syndicate's right leg, pulling him back to the center of the ring. Rex locks Syndicate's leg between both of his and then kneels down wrapping his arms until his hands are clasped together in an STF submission. Syndicate screams in unbearable pain.

Hart: REX LOCK! REX LOCK! Rex has it locked in! And Syndicate is in big trouble now!

[Here comes Xavier Pendragon running to the ring. 

Lane: Syndicate doesn't have much left, I'll tell you that right now!! Rex McAllister is being beautifully bad right now, and I LOVE IT!!!

Rex torques with force at Syndicate's head. Syndicate writhes in pain as the referee is right there to check and see if Syndicate wants to give up.

Syndicate pushes himself up with his arm strength and his free leg to inch himself toward the ropes, still yelling out in pain. Syndicate inches closer to the ropes a few more times. Syndicate reaches out and grabs the ropes. The referee taps Rex's shoulder repeatedly giving indication of the rope break. Rex torques more, stretching the the head and neck of Syndicate. The Referee counts the mandatory five count. Rex releases Syndicate at four. 

Hart: Our world's champ showing how very resilient he happens to be, fighting through the pain of that devastating Rex Lock, the STF! It's not over yet!

Lane: Yeah, Mike, but it's only a matter of time! Rex has Syndicate right where he wants him!

McAllister locks his leg with Syndicate's, looking for the russian leg sweep, but Syndicate counters with an elbow to the midsection of Rex. Syndicate snapmares Rex down to the canvas. Rex trips up Syndicate. Rex scrambles back to his feet. Rex moves in on Syndicate. Rex reaches down for the hair of Syndicate, but Syndicate grabs for the neck of Rex looking the VAULT, but Rex slips out of it before Syndicate could lock his arm around the Rex Master's neck. Rex counters easily, forcing his way out. Rex lands vicious elbows to the face of the "Los Angeles Outlaw". Syndicate unlocks his legs from the waist of McAllister to escape the crushing shots being landed. 

Hart: Syndicate almost had Rex locked into The Vault, but Rex now on the attack with some straight edged elbows to the face of a bloody Syndicate!

Lane: The fans are getting their moneys worth here, Mike! Just as we always get with a Rex McAllister type of match!

Rex stands Syndicate up to a vertical base, and ouit of nowhere goes to spit the mist and end the match but the ref catches him threatens to dq him if he carry that out.

Hart: Rex gets caught by the ref and Syndicate rolls up Rex but Rex kicks out almost instantly and stomps Syndicate in the back. Rex goes to the top rope and hits a Tornado DDT and quickly pins…




Syndicate kicks out to the amazement of Rex.

Rex starts nailing Syndicate with clubbing blows to the face, back and neck, picks him up and hits a belly to belly suplex. 


Rex goes completely psycho on Syndicate and in his rage he knocks the ref out with a swift hit to the side of his face. This brings Korath up onto the apron who begins to talk crap to Syndicate and Rex.

Hart: Here comes Xavier Pendragon! He’s making a beeline for Korath!!

[Pendragon grabs a chair and smacks Korath in the back and rolls into the ring and out of knowhere he hits The Omega Destroyer on Syndicate as Syndicate is out and rolls to the outside of the ring. Rex Lock on Pendragon who almost immediately starts tapping the map! Korath comes back into the ring and stomps Rex in the back of his head and picks him up and nails a Monsterous powerbomb. Syndicate has got to his feet and to the tope rope where he dropkick Korath to the outside of the ring. This leaves Korath and Pendragon on the outside while Rex and Syndicate are still in the ring. Rex gets to his feet and hits The Rex Effect and pins but the ref is still out. Rex shakes the ref and wakes him up. Korath is now up clinging to the apron on the outside. Down on 1 knee he watches Rex pin Syndicate 



Syndicate gets his foot on the rope but Korath knocks it away as the refs hand comes down…


The ref calls for the bell as Korath just screwed over Syndicate here tonight.]

Korath attacks Rex. He then grabs Syndicate and lifts him into a military press.







Yelling for the Championship Korath changes his focus to Syndicate who is slowly standing up...  

Hart: Big Lariat 

Korath lays Syndicate out and then grabs the title and raises the WWX Championship high over his head!


The camera sees Gimmick Jones wondering down the hallway, obviously looking for someone. Up ahead, he sees a door labled "Gimmick Jones Locker Room" Jones lets out a little smirk and heads for the door. The moment he opens the door, he is quickly snatched in. Seconds later, he is seemingly completely thrown out of the locker room area. Jeffrey Pendragon steps out of Gimmick Jones' locker room with a smile on his face.

JEFF: That's from last week. Now you get to deal with him...

As if he summoned him with his words, Xavier Pendragon walks up. He looks at Gimmick Jones and continues onward. Xavier stands there for a moment but turns his head slightly.

XAVIER: You're pathetic. Get up. See you in the ring Jones. Xavier then continues to walk towards the ring.


[Xavier can be seen standing in the ring awaiting his opponent. Soon after, The strumming of Cello chords plays in Karmin and Watsky - No Flex Zone as a midnight black 2018 Yamaha MT-07 revs its engine and churps the tires. smoke rises from the peeled rubber.]
Hart-"That must be Gimmick Jones riding donuts in Times Square."
Lane-"The Machine is going to be sharing a hospital room together."
Hart-"We will see about that.."
Announcer: Coming to the ring, standing at six feet six inches and weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds, from Minneapolis Minnesota he is...Gimmick Jones! 

[The sleek motorcycle races to the ring and slows to a stop near the ring. The black helmet is removed as Gimmick Jones slides into the ring. The camera returns to the stage].

The bell is rung as the two.men square up with each other. Pendragon comes in and locks up with Jones, both men struggling with the other to get the upper hand. Jones finally gets the upper hand and delivers a quick armbar, wrenching as much as possible.

Hart: Hes ready to get this over with. Look at the intensity. 

Lane: Look at the intensity? More like boredom. This guy is about to get his bell rung. 

Pendragon drops to a knee as jones works the crowd, showing his technical skill. Pendragon takes an advantage and hits a quick leg sweep dropping jones to the mat. He jumps back up as Pendragon catches him quickly with a snap suplex. He quickly rolls back over and locks in a headlock, yelling something at jones as he wrenches.

Hart: Dont even…

Lane: What? Say i told you so? I mean...i did. 

Jones slowly works his way back to his feet and strikes Pendragon in the chest with a few hard elbows. He sends him off the ropes as pendragon comes back and hits a beautiful spinning wheel kick. The fans give mixed reactions as jones head bounces off the mat. He quickly goes for the pin.

1...and jones throws an arm up. 

Pendragon gets up and yells at the referee as he turns around for jones. Jones shoots to life once more and delivers a devastating uppercut. Pendragon stumbles back as Jones comes off the ropes hitting a cross body. He goes for a pin of his own.

1...and Pendragon kicks out.

Jones pulls  pendragon up and sends him into the corner. He body splashes him as he stumbles out of the corner. Jones comes off the ropes taking him down with a bulldog, his head driving into the mat. He taunts for the fans to mixed reactions. 

Hart: Hes coming back. Look at him go. Tell me he was out of the match. 

Lane: The match is still young. Give it time. 

Pendragon can be seen crawling towards the ropes as Jones waits patiently. He comes running as Pendragon drops the rope causing him to go crashing to the outside! Jones lands hard in the mat as Pendragon climbs up onto the second rope. He waits as Jones slowly works his way to his feet and jumps on the top rope and comes down with a 450 splash! The fans begin chanting “holy shit!” Both men lie on the outside.


Hart: Since when are you all about him? While that was impressive, i dont see why you are all about him tonight. 

Pendragon gets to his feet and grabs hold of Jones driving him into the center of the ring apron. Jones yells in pain as Pendragon pulls him away and drives him into it once more. He falls to his knees as Pendragon measures up and delivers a swift kick to the side of his head. 

Lane: This is why im on his side. So we dont always see eye to eye. The man is on the up and is going on. Look at him go. 

Hart: You make me sick sometimes. 

Pendragon looks down at his opponent as he crawls to the side to pull himself up. Pendragon goes to capture him but is met with a donkey kick and DDT! Jones slides into the ring and back out, not wanting a count out victory. He grabs hold of Pendragon and throws him into the ring. 

Hart: And i assume you arent going to have anything to say about him coming and taking the high road? He could have won this match with a count out and didnt. 

Lane: That doesnt make him humble that makes him stupid. Take a win as you can get it. 

Jones stumbles around exhausted for a moment and goes once more to Pendragon. He lines up and goes for a superkick but hits the referee! The ref smashes into the mat as Jones looks in awe. Pendragon tries to capitalize but Jones hits the concussion driver and goes for the pin.

Hart: This could be it folks! Get the referee up!

Lane: *Laughs* This is priceless!

Nothing is happening as he turns back around looking at the referee who is still down. He goes over and taps him trying to get his attention. The camera catches movement as Jeffrey Pendragon jumps over the barrier!

Hart: what the hell is he doing here?

Lane: Winning, like your boy should have. 

He reaches under and grabs hold of a chair as jones is unaware. Jeffrey slides into the ring and blasts him in the face, dropping jones cold. The fans boo loudly as he grabs hold of Xavier and pulls him on top. Jeffrey slides out to the outside as the referee comes to and sees pendragon. He slowly counts.


Hart: Not like this!


Lane: YES!


[The bell is rung as “The Last Dragon” begins blaring over the pa system. Pendragon lies on the mat for a moment and then shortly after "Man Down" blasts through the PA system as Beatrice walks methodically to the ring. She slides in the ring as Gimmick Jones comes to regain his composure. The moment Jones gets to feet, Beatrice then delivers the Snipe Out with no wasted movement. She then stands next to Xavier in the ring. "Weapon Raid" then blasts through the PA system as "The Marine" Jeffrey Pendragon makes his way to the ring. He sprints to the ring and immediately begins to climb to the second rope where he he connects with Ten-Hut. Beatrice and Jeff then pull Gimmick to his feet as Xavier grabs a mic.
XAVIER: Welcome to the Xistence...
Almost without warning, Xavier delivers the Pride of Detroit on Jones. Xavier then picks up the mic once again.
XAVIER: On behalf of the Pendragons...

"The Last Dragon" blasts through the PA system as the Pendragon family leaves the ring, going through the crowd as they make their exit.


[Fight like a girl hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight.]

Hart: Hex Girl, zoom in on that face!

[Camera zooms and we see a very determined and ready young lady.]

[The lights dim as the New York Choral Society surrounds the ring.]



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go away

[Childish Gambino & Young Thug appear LIVE in Times Square, wearing matching American flag bullet proof vests while riding on the hood of 2018 Police Charger. Sirens sound off as the red and blue lights flash and swirl.]

We just wanna party

Party just for you

We just want the money

Money just for you

I know you wanna party

Party just for me

Girl, you got me dancin’ (yeah, girl, you got me dancin’)

Dance and shake the frame

We just wanna party (yeah)

Party just for you (yeah)

We just want the money (yeah)

Money just for you (you)

I know you wanna party (yeah)

Party just for me (yeah)

Girl, you got me dancin’ (yeah, girl, you got me dancin’)

Dance and shake the frame (you)

[Childish Gambino & Young Thug stand on the hood of 2018 Police Charger as the New York Knicks Cheerleaders shake their team colors pom poms up to the rear side doors of the police cruiser, opening it for Riddick "the Critic" Crooke, clad in a sleeveless Tuxedo.]


This is America

Don’t catch you slippin’ up

Don’t catch you slippin’ up

Look what I’m whippin’ up

This is America (woo)

Don’t catch you slippin’ up

Don’t catch you slippin’ up

Look what I’m whippin’ up


[Riddick "the Critic" Crooke sneaks into the ring for blindside abmush and attempts to steal Hex Girls head attire. Hex Girl was ready, nailing Riddick with the Nut Punt! Riddick slumps in total pain as Hex Girl starts a vicious onslaught of punches and kicks. She locks in a headlock and the ref checks on Riddick who has a shocked look on his face.]

Hart: Riddick was suprised Hex Girl was ready for him. Never count out a woman!!

Lane: Thats BS, Hex Girl obviously cheated! Nut Punt before the bell, what a total crock of sh*t!

Hart: You’re entitled to your own opinion Lane but back to the action!

[Hex Girl slowly gets up after Riddick almost looses consciousness and stomps him on the back of the head and smashes his face into the mat! Riddick grabs his nose…]

Hart: Did Hex Girl just break Riddicks nose???

Lane: Like I said Hart, She’s a Cheater!! Anything to win the match. Disgusting!

Hart: She did go on record to say she wants to make Riddick “Cry like a bitch”

Lane: Good luck with that one!

[Riddick begins to get up as Hex Girl runs the ropes and hits a dropkick to Riddicks legs and takes him to one knee. Hex Girl goes again and gets him on both knee’s. She goes for a 3rd right to the face but Riddick springs to his feet and nails Hex Girl with a massive clothesline forcing Hex Girl to grab her throat.]

Lane: Here comes Riddick! Now its time to pay for that cheating!

Hart: Get off it Lane. Hex Girl is the underdog and has the will to win!

[Riddick throws Hex Girl into the corner and runs and misses a big boot in the corner as Hex Girl ducks and slides out of the ring, runs around the ring, slides back in and hits an amazing flying elbow that connects right on Riddicks Jaw. He drops again and Hex Girl pins..



{Riddick kicks out and rolls out of the ring to make sure his jaw aint broken. Riddick looks at Hex Girl who is telling him to get back in the ring and fight!]

Hart: Riddick may have to rethink his game plan.

Lane: No way! Sometimes its a tough road to success and Riddick doesn’t mind a bit of hard work! He’s got this!

[Riddick rolls into the ring and instantly tells the ref to hold her back until he can gain his composure. Hex Girl launches herself and Riddick Moves as she nails the ring post and staggers eventually falling. Riddick follows up with a running high knee. Riddick comes back and nails a 2nd high knee to the face and hooks the leg..1…..2…..Kickout by Hex Girl as she grabs her face in pain.]

Hart: Hex Girl checking for blood or broken bones…

Lane: She tried breaking his face, Now he will break hers!

[Riddick picks up Hex Girl and hoist her up on his shoulders and does a running snake eyes to the ring post and agains she satters backwards only this time Riddick nails that big boot sending her to the mat. He pins..}




[Hex Girl kicks out in the nick of time and Riddick is absolutely pissed! He argues with the ref and wholeheartedly things he got the 3 count! The ref pulls his arm down and yells “NO!” “COUNTED 2!” Riddick is amazed and steps back and nails a kick right to Hex’s stoamch. Hex Girl doubles over in pain. Riddick pulls her by the legs to the center of the ring. Riddick climbs the ropes and poses for a moment and jumps, Hex Girl Moves and Riddick splats to the mat. Hex Girl scurries over and hooks the leg.}



{Kickout By Riddick as Hex Girl almost had 3! Riddick crawls top the ropes as Hex Girl grabs his foot and brings him to his feet! She hooks in the DDT but Riddick picks her up and nails a knee to the genital area as Hex Girl drops. Riddick looks down and then out to the crowd and commenses to the Castration Stomp! The ref cant say nothing because no kick is right ijn the groin. Hex Girl holds her nether regions in pain. Riddick places his foot onj the chest of Hex Girl and the ref counts}



[Hex Girl grabs his leg and rolls him up where his toees are over his head touching the mat.}




{Hex Girl just snuck a pin over Riddick Crooke… ]

Hart: She did it! She beat him!!


Hart: No she did not!! Get off it Lane!!

*"Enter the Danger Zone" by EIK hits Times Square as Chris Danger walks onto the stage to a fair amount of boos from the live crowd.*

Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Making his way to the ring, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 219 pounds...CHRIS DAAAAAAAANGERRRR!


*Chuckling at the WWX Universe, Chris walks down to the ring and slides in.*

Hart: Chris Danger recently returned to the WWX, but we'll see tonight how much damage he's truly capable of causing in a matchup with the International Champion, Jarvis Valentine.

Lane: Oh, come on, Mike!  The man's last name is "Danger"!  He's got all the tools he needs to take this company by storm!

*Soon after, red and white strobe lights flash as Flo Rida's "My House" flows through New York.  Jarvis Valentine, with the International Championship in tow, steps in front of the LED 'X'.  He hops side-to-side before putting his arms in an X formation above his head and taking off, running down to the ring.*

Bonn: And his opponent, from Lincoln, Nebraska, weighing 243 pounds, he is the WWX International Champion...JARVIS VAAAAAAALENTINEEEE!!!


Lane: And then, there's this idiot...

Hart: Hey, Jarvis Valentine is our International Champion, and he has shown time and time again that he can put on a showstopper of a match!  I wouldn't be surprised if we see another one of those showstoppers here tonight.

*Valentine sets the International title off to the side and takes his place across the ring from Danger as the bell rings.*


*The two competitors circle each other for a moment before locking up.  Chris puts Jarvis in a quick headlock, but Valentine is able to fight out of it, pushing his opponent into the ropes.  On the rebound, Danger knocks down the champ with a quick shoulder block.  Valentine gets right back to his feet, but is taken down by a second shoulder block off the ropes by Danger!*

Hart: Danger seems intent on keeping Valentine grounded!

Lane: He's using his speed and agility to his advantage!  You've gotta like that, Mike!

*Chris stalks Valentine from behind, and once the champ pulls himself up, Chris hits a running bulldog, sending the International Champion's face right into the mat!  He goes for a quick pin attempt.*

*Jarvis kicks out!*

Hart: Danger is going to have to do a lot more damage than that to take out the champ!

*Danger grounds Valentine with a chinlock from behind.  Valentine attempts to stand up to break the hold, but Chris keeps it locked in.  Eventually, Valentine is able to hit a few well-placed elbows to the side of Danger, causing him to let go of Valentine's head.  Danger staggers backward, and Valentine attempts to take advantage with a suplex, but Danger counters with a DDT at the last minute!*

Hart: DDT!

Lane: See, I TOLD you he has potential!

*Valentine crawls towards the ropes, but Danger doesn't let him get there, stomping down on the back of Valentine's head!*


*Valentine, lying prone on the mat, is subject to three more violent stomps from Danger until the referee finally breaks up the assault.  Danger pulls Valentine up and tries to go for the Danger Zone to end the match early, but Valentine pushes off, and when Danger charges back at him, Valentine takes him down with a filthy clothesline!*

Hart: Valentine's gaining momentum!

*Danger impressively kips up immediately from the attack but is immediately hit with a big boot from the champ!  Jarvis puts up the X, calling for the Jackknife Powerbomb!*

Hart: Valentine looks to put Danger away here!

*Suddenly, the lights pointing down at the ring and crowd go out.*

Lane: What the -

*The camera pans to the top of the stage as a heavy set of drums begins playing. “Lift Me
Up” by Five Finger Death Punch blares throughout Times Square as words begin to scroll up on the American Eagle billboard.*

It ain't no mystery
I'm all I have left
I'm pushing back running you over
I've been thrown down,
Run around
Beaten 'til I hit the ground
I'm telling you right now that it's over...

*The 'X' on stage turns bright red as a cross forms in the center of it.  From the ring, Valentine looks at the entranceway, confused.  The music continues to play loudly…but no one is coming. The lyrics appear on the stage this time in white text around the cross.*

I won't be broken
I won't be tortured
I won't be beaten down

*Valentine looks and waits for someone to come out as a single white light turns on in the ring. His head still facing the ramp, he doesn’t acknowledge the light behind him.*

I'm gonna change history
Enlighten the world
Teach them how to see through my eyes
I'm gonna lash back check that
Fatal as a heart attack
Stomp out all the ugliest lies

*A figure can be seen jumping off one of the Times Square Olive Garden and ziplining down to the ring.  The man, with a sledgehammer in his right hand, lands in the ring and quickly disconnects the harness.  The lights come back on in Times Square, revealing the mysterious person to be none other than Rayne!*


*The fans give mixed reactions as Valentine turns around and gets blasted in the face with the sledgehammer!  Not wasting any time, he grabs hold of Valentine's head and Rayne Drop DDT onto the hammer!*


*With Valentine incapacitated, Rayne slides out of the ring, grabs the International Championship and a microphone from the timekeeper's area, and reenters the ring.  Rayne stands over the body of Valentine for a moment with the belt in hand before draping it over Valentine's face and raising the mic.*

Rayne: You’ve been put on notice. Rayne has returned…and you damn sure are going to feel it. 

*The white light appears back over Valentine and Rayne as he throws his arms up in a cross. “Lift Me Up” begins playing again as the scene fades to commercial.*

Hart: We are back and Kristian Bane and Gary Tinordi are in the ring already!

Lane: They didnt come alone, Kristian has a chair

Hart: Gary brought a kendo stick. These guys have the right idea! 
[The electronic billoards surrouding Times Square turn black. The arena lights go dark and the video wall comes to life with two red smoldering dragon eyes glowing from the shadows and stretching out its wings to take flight as the soft, acoustic, melody of "Dragonfly" by Martin Craft plays through the speaker sound system.]
I can see it all tonight.
Underneath a perfect sky.
Where the universe revolves around the pupil of an eye.
And infinities stretch out
From infinities within
I'm a part of everything. I'm a part of everything.

[A bright white search light scans the surrounding roof tops and stops on DragonFly who's holding a bat.]

Lane: "What the.. look at that coward trying to commit suicide just to get out of the match.."
Hart:  "You are beyond rediculous. Watch out!”

[DragonFly leaps off holding onto a hanglider shaped as a neon green dragon fly.]
Lane: "This is a no fly zone, where is the N.Y.P.D.?"
Hart:  "I hope a law enforcement officer tazers you..”

[DragonFly soars in circles above the outdoor ring and swoops down to a safe landing zone area, releases the hanglider, removes nunchucks from belt then races down the ramp to the ring.]

"Psycho" by Breaking Benjamin blares as Scott Grayse comes out of the curtain with a sadistic look on his face with a chainsaw in hand and with his other hand he holds Helen right next to his head and laughs evily. Grayse walks to the ring as blood drips from his hammer. He walks around the ring and stares at his opposition. He steps up into the ring and places Helen underneath the ropes within reach. He turns to stare at his Opponents.

Bonn: The following match is for the Hardcore Championship! 

Ding ding ding! 
Scott goes right at Kristian Bane with the chain saw! Bane lifts the trash can to defend, as the sparks fly Bane pushes forward hard and kicks Scott in the gut and then kicks him again, Bane drops the trash can down on Scotts head! Scott hits the ground... 


Lane: Bane took the cowards way out using that weapon to get the upper hand! 

Hart: Seriously?!?! Scott Grayse took a freakin chainsaw to Kristian! This is a hardcore match and these guys came prepared! 

Dragonfly drop kicks Gary. Bane goes to bring the trash can down on Scott again but Dragonfly dropkicks the trashcan into Kristians face. Gary grabs Dragonfly and lifts him into a verticalhanging suplex.. . The fans start counting!





Kristian Bane drops Gary with a big boot as Dragonfly falls on top of him. Grayse hits Bane with a Lights Out! Bane stumbles back into the corner.... Scott charges but Bane counters Scott and slams him hard with a bodyslam! 

Hart: Bane is taking charge early on in this match! 

Dragonfly gets up and grabs the chainsaw... Kristian turns


Dragonfly drops Kristian with a jumping assault using the butt of the chainsaw to smack Kristian across the face. 
Scott is being helped up by Helen on the outside. Dragonfly sees this and he runs and flips over the top rope landing on the two! 
Gary climbs on top of Kristian.





Hart: the fans support these two!

Lane: Gary was half of our last tag team champions! This is his opportunity for gold. But I think my guy, Scott Grayse, is going to walk away champion! 

Dragonfly gets into the ring and grabs Gary. Gary uppercuts Dragonfly into the corner. Gary shoulder thrusts Dragonfly! 
Scott Grayse is back in the ring chair in hand. Gary turns and 




Lane: Holy hell! Three chair shots over Gary's head!!! Gary's out!!! Scott Grayse is standing!!! 

Hart: Nope! Banes back up! 

Scott sees Bane and the two have a standoff... Dragonfly is up and has the bat in his hand now. Scott goes to swing at Dragonfly but Dragonfly hits first and Grayse is down. Kristian Bane moves in but Dragonfly drops him with the bat and covers!



Hart: Kristian Bane Kicks Out! 

Lane: Dragonfly can't believe it! 

Dragonfly grabs the dented chair and starts to assault Kristian Bane! Scott slowly is getting up but Dragonfly cracks him with the chair dropping him as he turns and continues the assault on Bane! 


Hart: Dragonfly is on his way to victory! 

Gary gets up, blood coming from the wound on his head caused by the chair assaults. Gary charges at dragonfly but is swatted again by the chair and goes down!!!

Scott Grayse grabs Dragonfly and rolls him up!!! Holding the tights!!!!




Kristian Bane breaks the pin! 

Hart: Helen is still out at ringside... this was not the safest area to be a bystander at! 

Dragonfly fly on his feet grabs Scott Grayse and suplexs him. Kristian Bane grabs Dragonfly and goes for a powerbomb but Dragonfly counters into a hurricanrana!!!  

"Last Resort" by Papa Roach hits the PA!!
Twist runs down the ramp and slides into the ring Dragonfly swings the chair but Twist ducks and hits the ropes, he bounces back with a clothesline! Twist then grabs the chair, Dragonfly gets up and


Twist grabs Dragonfly and throws him over the top rope and then he exits the ring. Twist exits and goes to grab Dragon but Dragonfly low blows Twist. 
Gary Tinordi in the ring grabs Scott Grayse and throws him out of the ring. 
Gary then turns and grabs Kristian Bane and drops him with the red eye onto the chair! 
Gary pins Bane...




Dragonfly breaks the pin attempt! Dragonfly grabs Gary and lands a swinging neckbreaker. On the outside Scott Grayse pulls a bag from underneath the ring.... Dragonfly whips Gary toward the ropes and drop kicks him from the ring. Gary gets up as Dragonfly leaps off the ropes and lands a cross body BUT Gary catches him and slams him. Scott is in the ring and dumps the contents from the bag... 

Lane: Thumb tacs!!!!

Hart: This is now as official as hardcore gets! 

Lightning from over head flashes in the night. The rain starts falling hard. 

Scott Grayse front flips off the top rope and lands on Gary Dragonfly and Twist who was starting to get up! 

Hart: Kristian Bane looks to be on the hunt. 

Bane grabs Gary Tinordi and throws him in the ring. Scott Grayse stands up and Bane grabs him and chokeslams him!


This Is Awesome!!! This Is Awesome!!!

Bane enters the ring... he grabs Gary but Gary counters the hold and...

Hart: RED EYE!!! 


Gary covers and locks Banes leg!


Dragonfly goes to get into the ring but Twist grabs him!!


Twist hits Dragonfly with the Twist of Faith! 


Bonn: Here is your winner.... AND NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION!!! GARY TINORDI!!!! 

Gary Tinordi rolls off Kristian Bane... "Little Green Bag" plays as the Hardcore Championship gets presented to Gary Tinordi... 

Scott Grayse slides into the ring and hits Gary with a reverse DDT!! Scott then grabs the title and yells for Gary to get up!!


Lane: Scott Grayse just used that strap to lay the new champ OUT!!!

Scott puts a boot on Gary's chest and raises the title... he then limps off and takes the belt with him..

Hart: Wait... Where is he going with the title? 

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