RAVAGE - Show 2018-06-08 18:25:22

On Fri, Jun08, 2018 6:25pm America/Phoenix
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WWX ravage TV Show

Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-06-08 18:25:22
Heavy Metal plays 

The scene opens to a black screen. White letters roll across the screen...
"Do Not Try This At Home" Is written on the black screen, suddenly barbed wire wraps around the blockhead and squeezes... The once white letters fill up red and drops fall from the block head like dripping blood. 

The screen shows static and using a vintage style we see,

The Lost Soul walking down the smokey ramp

Tommy Lipton lifting the giant Jeremiah O'Reilly over head for the Lipton Slam

Darkness chokeslamming an opponent with one hand

Ethan Cavanaugh leaping off the top rope 

David GS battling JT Steel

Corporal Sanders standing with the American flag in the background in his uniform saluting

Xander Adam's in a pink bunny suit

Duncan McIver looking out his window from McIver Towers

The scene transitions now to a modern look. 

Kurtis Ray running clotheslining an opponent in the ring

Rex McAllister kicking Tommy Lipton and Syndicate out of the window of the House of Horrors

Darkness dropping an opponent with a big boot

Korath flexing in the ring

Jarvis Valentine holding the International Championship 

Syndicate holding the WWX Championship perched high on the top turnbuckle 

Tommy Lipton in a suit turning to face the camera smiling. 

The WWX Logo appears.... 

We see the camera pan over a cheering crowd 

Hart: Welcome WWX Universe to the Izod center! We are live and sold out in New Jersey! These fans cheering on their favorite Monday Night show! 

"BoomTrap Protocol" by Logic plays and Tommy Lipton makes his way to ringside and joins commentary.


Hart: We are back! Joined by legend and GM Tommy Lipton.

Tommy: Thanks Hart, now that Twist is already in the ring we await Dragonfly..

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
[Smoldering red Dragon eyes emerge from the shadowy darkness on the video wall with a pair of wings shown fluttering in the backdrop when the arena lights go out abruptly as the crowd stand in anticipation and make noise.]
I'm always ready for a war again
Go down that road again
It's all the same
I'm always ready to take a life again
You know I'll ride again
It's all the same (ooh, ooh, ooh)
Tell me who's gon' save me from myself
When this life is all I know
Tell me who's gon' save me from myself
Without you, I'm all alone
[white smoke rises through the platform grid on the stage entrance.]
Who gon' pray for me?
Take my pain for me?
Save my soul for me?
'Cause I'm alone, you see
If I'm gon' die for you
If I'm gon' kill for you
Then I spilled this blood for you, hey
[DragonFly emerges through the smokey fog, a black tongue dripping through the demonic crimson color luchador mask as the Dragon wings attached spread with outstretched arms.]

I fight the world, I fight you, I fight myself
I fight God, just tell me how many burdens left
I fight pain and hurricanes, today I wept
I'm tryna fight back tears, flood on my doorsteps
Life a livin' hell, puddles of blood in the streets
Shooters on top of the building, government aid ain't relief
Earthquake, the body dropped, the ground breaks
The poor run with smoke lungs and Scarface
[DragonFly leaps onto the apron edge, soaring into the ring with a sommersault senton roll.]
Who need a hero? (Hero)
You need a hero, look in the mirror, there go your hero
Who on the front lines at ground zero? (Hero)
My heart don't skip a beat, even when hard times bumps the needle
Mass destruction and mass corruption
The souls of sufferin' men
Clutchin' on deaf ears again, rapture is comin'
It's all prophecy and if I gotta be sacrificed for the greater good
Then that's what it gotta be
[DragonFly unclips the costume wings and rolls to the outside, lifts the apron, then pulls out a table wrapped in barwire with "TWIST" painted across it, then pulls out another table wrapped in barwire with "TWIST" painted across it, then another.. then another... then another. Five tables total. Spread out on all four sides out of the ring before sliding the fifth table into the ring, leaning it up against the corner of turnbuckle. Dragon then grabs a bat.
In the ring Dragonfly and Twist stand toe to toe

Ding Ding

Dragonfly swings the bat but Twist dodges and counters with a neckbreaker! Twist grabs Dragonfly but Dragonfly fights back and takes Twist down with an Armdrag hip toss and goes for the armbar. Twist escapes the hold and gets up but Dragonfly hits the hurricarana driver! 

Hart: Dragonfly taking control early on in this match. 

Lane: This match is important.

Tommy: It is... one will win and be in line for the Hardcore Championship at Bloodshed. 

Dragonfly with a baseball slide then covers Twist and the red begins the count!



Kick out! 

Dragonfly grabs Twist but Twist grabs the chair 


Dragonfly watches as Twist falls into the turnbuckle

Tommy: It has been awesome reviving the Hardcore division in WWX. 

Hart: The Universe has made themselves heard through social media and they love the direction Tommy. 

Lane: Now if we can build up our roster and get more activity. 

Tommy: All in good time. I love our current roster but look forward to more joining in the future! 

Twist gets his hands up to take the majority of the assault by Dragonfly and chair. Dragonfly then rams the chair into the gut of Twists. Dragonfly drops the chair in the center of the ring. he grabs Twist and sets up the DDT! 

Lane: A DDT into that chair could finish Twist off... 

Dragonfly goes to make the DDT but Twist counters and lands a reverse DDT dropping Dragonfly onto the chair! Twist covers!!





Twist calls for the stunner!! 
Dragonfly gets up and Twist grabs him to do the stunner! 

Hart: Twist hits the stunner!!!! 

Lane: He covers Dragonfly!




Dragonfly Barely Kicks Out! 

Twist calls for a second stunner and grabs Dragonfly but Dragonfly reverses the move and hits Twist with a headscissor DDT! 

Tommy: Both men are laid out! 

Lane: Great opening match!

Hart: Fans offering mixed reactions as both these guys are fan favorites! 

Twist and Dragonfly start getting up. Twist punches Dragonfly 
Dragonfly kicks Twist 
Dragonfly punches Twist
Dragonfly punches Twist
Dragonfly throws Twist into the ropes and on the rebound Dragonfly dropkicks him! 
Twist is back up and kicks Dragonfly
Dragonfly catches the leg and drops an elbow to the back of the leg. Dragonfly backdrops Twist and pins him.




Dragonfly grabs Twist but Twist lashes out with a clothesline! Twist exits the ring and grabs the ring bell... Twist returns to the ring and sizes Dragonfly up... Dragonfly gets to his feet 


Twist throws the bell to the side and covers Dragonfly!!

Tommy: this may be over!




Lane: How did Dragonfly kick out!!

Twist punches the floor and gets up looking frustrated. He grabs Dragonfly but Dragonfly out of nowhere takes Twist down with the Tornado Lock!!! 

Hart: Twist is locked in!!!

Twist reaches out and grabs the bat. With all his effort he manages to loosen Dragonflys hold on him and Twist manages to get momentum in his swing! The bat impacts Dragonfly who releases his grip! 
Twist grabs the wrist and manages to twist out of the hold with an armbar, wrenching DragonFly down to a knee. Twist jerking the arm repeatedly, wrenching DragonFly down to the canvas again and again before he transitions into a wristlock but DragonFly able to twist out of the hold and kip up to his feet, reversing into an armbar of his own. Two arm-wringers put Twist down to his knees and DragonFly drives the elbow down across his shoulder a couple times. Twist fights to his feet but DragonFly moves into a hammerlock, keeping the pressure on until Twist reverses into a hammerlock of his own but DragonFly reverses right back again and goes for a top wristlock but Twist quickly pulls him into a fireman's carry and right into an armbar on the mat. He twists the arm into a hammerlock, keeping DragonFly down on his stomach while he drives the knee down across the arm three times. DragonFly fighting back up to a knee then to his feet and he rolls forward out of the pressure but Twist still hanging onto the arm as DragonFly gets up and pushes him back against the ropes, shoving DragonFly across the ring to the far ropes and connects with a Sunset DDT through the barbwire laced table set at an angle against the corner turnbuckle!! 
Dragonfly covers!!! 



Gary Lane-"Sunset DDT claims another victim.."
Mike Hart-"What is DragonFly doing now?"
[DragonFly helps Twist up to both feet offering a truce in the form of a traditional handshake.. Twist looks at it, smiles then accepts.] as the crowd reacts with cheers.]
Mike Hart-"This is disgusting now.."
 [Twist spins DragonFly around and drives a knee into him then delivers the TwiST of Faith]
Gary Lane-"TwiST of Faith!"
Mike Hart-"YES!!"
[Twist hit a huge lariat to the back of the head of DragonFly, his head bounced off the bottom rope hard as the referee called for the bell. Twist grabbed DragonFly up and quickly whipped him in to the turnbuckles following it with a running lariat, he replicated this in all four turnbuckles as DragonFly bent over doubled in agony. Twist stood in the middle of the ring looking out at the packed crowd with an evil look in his eye.]
Mike Hart-"-"This is bad news for DragonFly!"
Gary Lane-"This is TwiST at his worst!"
[Twist quickly assembles a four table target stacked two high by two deep on outside floor.]

Gary Lane-"TwiST has something terrible in mind.."
Mike Hart-"YES!!"

[Twist quickly assembles a four table target stacked two high by two deep on outside floor.]

Gary Lane-"Spinebuster Slam off the edge of the ring outside the ropes and through ALL FOUR tables... wrapped in barbwire!!"
Mike Hart-"YES!!"
[TWiST stands and raises a fist to a loud chorus of boo's as EMT'S arrive on the scene.]

(The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp, with the WWX Tag Team Champion Belts draped over their shoulders.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign says "Gary Tinordi, WWX Hardcore Champion".  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.  The crowd cheers loudly until the music fades out.)

Glazebrook - East Rutherford, New Jersey!!!!  (The crowd erupts.)  I got one question for y'all....  WHAT TIME IS IT?????????

Crowd - (Tinordi and Glazebrook hold their microphones to the crowd as the shout) 4:20!!!!!!!!

Glazebrook - Aw yeah... you know DAMN well.

Tinordi - Whaddup, East Rutherford?  So, Glaze asked a question, so I'm gonna ask a question... how many of you guys up here in East Rutherford, New Jersey are excited to see Sam Darnold this year?

(There is a mixed reaction in the crowd.)

Tinordi - And how many of you guys are excited to see Saquan Barkley?

(Again, a mixed reaction, but with noticeably more in approval.)

Tinordi - Yeah... I'm not sure I am sold on Barkley.  I'm not saying he's a bust.  But anyway, I'm not here to chit chat about football.  I'm here to discuss what's going on here in the WWX.  Did anyone happen to catch the main event at the last Ravage?  Anyone?

(The crowd erupts.)

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... those clowns found out what time it was.  But something strange happened after the match.  Well, strange probably isn't the best word to describe that... something more like...

Glazebrook - Cowardly.

Tinordi - Yes, cowardly would be a good one... I was thinking low...

Glazebrook - Gutless.

Tinordi - Cheap...

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... yellow!

Tinordi - If you're Clint Eastwood, sure... spineless?

Glazebrook - Yeah... that works... 

Tinordi - So, anyway, this sucker punching cracker comes up from behind, does his cowardly deed, then rushes off with my belt like the little dastard that he is.  And I'm not really sure what the thinking behind that was.  You know?  I mean, did you think you could get away with that?  Like, there are cameras all over the place man... we were at the main event on Ravage.  It's not like we were in some back alley where nobody was around.  You didn't think that I would be all like... "Nah... it's cool.  You can have it."  Did you?  You had to know that this was something that I may come looking for.  And it's not like I am going to thank you for keeping my belt safe when I see you.  So, basically, you just did it to piss me off.  And it's not like I don't no where to find you, man.  We work in the same place.  Even if I wasn't looking for you, I'm sure we would run into each other soon.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... As a matter of fact, we know that you happen to be booked for a match tonight.

Tinordi - This is true.  And you know something?  It would be a damn shame if something were to happen to you backstage before that match that may cause you to not be available to wrestle later on.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude.  A shame, indeed.  You know, because it can be pretty dangerous back there.  There are a lot of stairs in this arena.  It'd be terrible if you were to slip and take a tumble down a flight.... or 7.

Tinordi - Yeah, dude.  Or, some of these doors are kinda heavy and they automatically close, so it would be bad if you accidentally caught something while it was closing, like maybe a finger gets caught in it.. or maybe your head accidentally gets slammed... repeatedly.  So, I would watch your back there Grayse.  There are a lot of hazards back there.  

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude.  We're just trying to warn you, you know?  

Tinordi - So, uh... you be careful, Grayse.  Maybe keep watch over your shoulder.  Because we're coming.  We're coming to take back what is rightfully mine.  And hell is coming with us.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude.... and if you don't know, now you know.

(The music blares as the two men exit the ring and return the microphones to the table.  They take time to greet some fans as they make their way back down the aisle to the backstage area.)

The bell is rung as Ray wastes no time shooting out of the corner. He takes Bane down with a huge clothesline. Bane smashes into the mat and quickly recovers as Ray comes in with a shoulder tackle. The sound echoes through the arena as he slips out of the ring to the outside.

Hart: Of course hes going after weapons.

Lane: it's the hardcore match let's let it happen.

Ray grabs hold of a chair and throws it over. He keeps searching grabbing hold of a trashcan, a ring bell, a kendo stick, and a fire extinguisher throwing them all into the ring. He slides back in as Bane works his way to his feet. Bane reaches down grabbing the Kendo stick waiting on Ray.

Hart: This could result badly.

Lane: *laughs* yeah your probably right.

Ray reaches down to grab the chair as Bane connects with a Kendo stick to the back. Ray yells in pain as Bane pulls back two more times, striking him in the side. Ray is on his knees as Bane winds up for a headshot! He goes to swing but Ray sends a quick low blow to Bane causing him to drop the stick! Ray gets to his feet and hits Bane between the eyes dropping him to the mat.

Hart: Hardcore or not that was a definite cheap shot!

Lane: Survival of the smartest in these matches not the fittest.

Ray reaches down and grabs the chair that he was originally going to use. Bane lies on the mat as Ray takes the chair on his knee. He goes to the second rope and measures up coming down with a double stomp! Bane shoots up grabbing his knee as Ray comes off the ropes with a baseball slide kick to the face! He goes for the pin.

1...2...and Bane barely kicks out.

Ray shakes his head in approval as he rolls into him sending a few stiff rights to the face. Ray climbs off and goes to pick Bane up as he delivers a low blow of his own! Ray falls to his knees as Bane comes off the ropes with a big boot. He goes for a pin of his own. 

1...2...and Ray kicks out.

Bane wastes no time taking the offensive, but the damage to his knee appears done. He limps over towards the trashcan picking it up. Ray stumbles to his feet as the trashcan is thrown at him. He catches it quickly as Bane comes through with a spear into the corner!

Hart: My God! He just sacrificed himself there!

Lane: That was beautiful. I will give him that one.

Both men lie slumped in the corner for a moment as Bane is the first one to move. He slowly pulls himself up and walks over grabbing the ring bell. He takes a moment to catch his breath and comes running at Ray. Ray shoots out of the corner hitting a drop toe hold causing Bane to smash into the turnbuckle with the bell in hand! The loud gong is heard throughout as Bane falls back onto the mat.

Hart: Talk about some ring awareness.

Lane: This is why this guy is one of the best at what he does. 

Ray grabs hold of Bane and walks him tot he center of the ring. He lines the chair up and hits the hyperdriver! He immediately goes for the pin.



the lights go out.
 Camera flashes and red laser lights are shown throughout the arena.

Lane:Someone really should pay the light bill! Don't these people pay their taxes?

Hart: we have a match taking place!

After a brief delay, the lights switch back on. The crowd reacts wildly, as the referee shouts toward this man...Rex McAllister. Rex holds his signature custom-made metal-wrapped Singapore Cane.


Referee: What are you doing out here? Get out of the ring!

Rex ignores the referee. Kurtis Ray goes to strike Rex, but Rex swings his Singapore Cane right to the head of Kurtis. Kurtis falls to the canvas upon the impact of the cane. Kristian Bane attempts to do the same, but Rex repeats the same sequence and gets the same results.

Hart: Both Kurtis Ray and Kristian Bane have both been laid out by Rex McAllister, and of course this New Jersey crowd loves it, but he's ruining what was supposed to be a nice competitive hardcore match!

Lane: He's getting the cheap pop, Mike! Can you blame him! 

Rex brings down his singapore cane repeatedly upon the back of both men, one after the other.


Lane: It's official, The Rex Master has lost it!

Rex stares out at the capacity crowd intensely as both Kurtis Ray and Kristian Bane are being removed from the ring by several staff members. Rex leaves the ring and heads over to where the timekeeper is, and he grabs a microphone. Rex re-enters the ring. Rex paces around as he readies to speak. Rex places his index finger over his mouth as he continues to pace - for the moment.


The crowd reaction begins to hush a little as Rex readies to speak. Rex looks on toward the entrance as Ray and Bane are being helped slowly up the ramp.

Rex: Even when your mouths are shut, I can still hear the sounds of your pathetic barking in dark.

Rex looks on toward the crowd in New Jersey as he continues.

Rex: I suppose, in a way, that's a burden that I have to carry, because taking what I desire can't be done without putting down every filthy delusional piece of shit that stands before me.

The crowd stays at a just-below-fever pitch eating up the sight of the Rex Master.

Rex: They can bare their teeth later, curse my name, only to come to realize that they're merely simple stepping stones that are struggling against the slow death that is the flickering light which keeps their World's relevant. Their little accolades they achieved are soon to be forgotten - those were always fleeting. All the followers they've gained, all the enemies they've encountered, and all of the battles amongst  the wars they believe they've been through...They're all superfluous. They're trivial nonsense compared to now when they stood in this ring before me. 

Rex produces a slight grin.

Rex: I'm permanent. I'm an inevitable death that now creeps up on you that you can't shake, no matter how much you kick or scream.

 Rex raises his eyebrows and now grins fully as the fans cheer him.

Rex: Scalded dogs don't understand what they truly are or what it is they do. They just do what they do, go as they go until time chews them up and spits them out, and they don't seek to hide away and die peacefully when they should. Out of sight, out of mind. Others, they choose to seek death out, as if they find it be more noble to meet it head on, but there is no nobility to speak of. No honor that comes from subconsciously having a desire to die. 

Rex stares straight ahead at the main camera. A slight smirk formulates on his face.

Rex: At Bloodshed, there will be two scalded dogs that will step into a cage with death. They're already dead, they just don't know it. The roaring from all ends of the building won't be for a Red Wolf or an Outlaw, just the final whimpers of two dying dogs. See you soon.

"A Welcome Burden" by disturbed plays throughout the Izod Center as the crowd roars their approval toward Rex who drops his mic, and smiles and chuckles with complete satisfaction.

Hart: Well, the message is quite clear. Rex doesn't intend to leave a soul standing by the end of Bloodshed! He may want the World Wrestling Championship, but it's clear he's out for more than that even.

Lane (chuckles with delight): Yeah, Mike! He's out for BLOOD! I love it!

The camera shows Rex staring straight ahead coldly as the show goes to commercial

We open up in Liptons office where we find him on the phone. 

Tommy: James Ranger, everything's running smoothly going into Bloodshed. I expect a great turn out and great ratings. 


Knock knock 

Tommy presses the cell against his chest. 

Tommy: Come in!

Tommy holds the phone back up to his ear. 

Tommy: Yes, perfect. Talk to you later...

Tommy hangs up the phone. He leans back with a smile as Syndicate enters his office. 

Syndicate: You wanted to see me?

Tommy: Yes... I have an opportunity for you. 

Syndicate: Oh... What's that? 

Tommy: You defended your title against Korath while Rex was the ref. You then faced off against Rex as Korath enforced the match... tonight it's your turn! 

Syndicate: I am listening...

Tommy: Tonight Rex McAllister faces Korath and you...

Tommy pulls a white and black striped shirt out and lays it on his desk.

Tommy: You are tonights referee... 

Syndicate smiles

Tommy: Not a bad decision by oh what did you call me? The poison... 

Syndicate goes to speak
Tommy cuts him off. 

Tommy: That is all

Tommy tosses Syndicate the shirt and gets back onto his phone. 
Syndicate looks at the shirt and smiles exiting the office. 

Hart: Syndicate is our referee tonight! 

Lane: That's not fair! 


-The lights in the arena dim as a cross forms in the center of the stage. The heavy drums of “Lift me up” by Five Finger Death Punch begin blaring over the pa system. The voice can be heard as “I won't be broken, I won't be tortured, I won't be beaten down” are heard. The cross in the middle of the stage lights fire around it as a single light comes over it. The stage breaks away briefly as Rayne can be seen rising up through the stage in the crosses shape. The piece stands straight up as Rayne steps over the fire and heads towards the ring. He climbs up on the outside of the ropes and throws his arms out in a cross smashing his chest with hard right hands. He climbs into the ring and awaits his opponents. -

-The four stand in each corner staring at each other. Steen, Rayne, Mellon, and Valentine ALL have that fire in each of there eyes and wait for the ref to call for the bell…-


-Rayne charges Mellon and nails an Inverted Atomic Drop and he drops, clutching his genitals. Jarvis looks down at his partner, smiles and looks back at Rayne and yells “COME ON!!” as Rayne and Steen both double team Jarvis. Rayne whips Jarvis into the ropes and as he comes off Steen hits a cross body and quickly pins.



-Rayne pulls Steen off Jarvis and pulls him to his feet. Rayne gets in Steen's face and pushes him. Steen pushes back. Jarvis is too his feet as he charges Steen but Steen moves and Jarvis flies through the middle of the ropes and nearly hits his head on the barricade on the outside. Steen and Rayne both see he’s out and both run the ropes and fly through the ropes DOUBLE TAKEDOWN!! They both quickly slide into the ring and continue to argue and bicker back and forth.-

Hart: There giving it there all here tonight!!!

Lane: (Disgruntled mumbles) You do know this is for the International Championship, right?!?

Hart: I'm aware what’s at stake, yes.

-Rayne holds his stomach as he gets up, Valentine swings at him but he ducks and nails Valentine with the Rayne Drop DDT! Valentine is out as he shoves him to the outside. Mellon is now being dragged into the ring by Rayne. Rayne and Mellon can be seen battling it out on the outside. Mellon sends a few stiff rights to the face of Rayne sending him stumbling into the security rail. Mellon climbs onto the ring apron and goes to jump on Rayne, but Rayne moves! He grabs hold of Mellon and drops him into the barrier with a facebuster! Mellon falls back as Rayne wastes no time taking advantage and smashes his face into the stairs.  He cries out in pain. Rayne just smirks and picks his ass up and throws him into the ring where Steen quickly picks up Mellon and nails a powerful pump-handle slam but doesn't pin. He stares at Rayne with a smirk and yells “I’ve already won!” to which Rayne gives him a concerned look.-

Hart: Steen is rather cocky here already assuring his victory!

Lane: It’s confidence, Hart!

Hart: Rayne begs to differ by the look on her face.

-Rayne enters the ring and continues this contest with Steen. Who will get the pin? Rayne picks up Mellon who is out of it. He’s wobbly and can barely stand on his feet. He aggressively takes down Mellon with a Swinging arm break in which he keeps it locked in after the move is done. Mellon cries out in pain as his arm is being pulled behind his back without being bent. He goes to tap but Steen slides in and grabs his wrist to prevent the tap. This makes Rayne release the hold and get in Steens face.-

Hart: These 2 are about to Implode!!

-Valentine sneaks in and gives a high knee to Steens Back as he falls to the mat. Valentine rears up and is face to face with Rayne. Both are breathing heavily and are visibly winded. They start trading rights and lefts and Rayne ducks hitting the Arch Angels Fall but Mellon nails a big boot to the back of Rayne head stopping the move, Rayne drops to the mat and comes back up and nails Mellon with the Rayne Drop DDT!

Hart: Look how quick Rayne is! Bob didn't see that coming!

Lane: Get her Valentine!! Don't let her take your title!!

-Steen is back into the ring and nails Valentine with The Cali Clash! Valentine is out. Steel pins but is quickly pulled off by Rayne who hits Steen with a Rayne Drop DDT, quickly brings him back up and nails The Arch Angels Fall as Steen is out! Rayne looks to Valentine…

Hart: Pin him and you are a champion!!

Lane: NOOOO!!!

Rayne picks up Valentine and looks into his eyes before nailing Arch Angels Fall and hooking the leg…




Hart: he did it! Rayne is our NEW International Champion!!!

-Rayne waits as the referee brings him the belt. He sits on his knees for a moment with the belt and then straps it around his chest. The lights in the arena dim as the single light come down around him. Willie Steen is seen glaring at Rayne. 


Tommy's office. 

Bonn – Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall with no time limit.

(The crowd gives a nice pop.)

Bonn – Introducing first…

(“Her Black Wings” by Danzig hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts.  She is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint.  The crowd jumps to their feet and give her a warm reception.)

Bonn – Standing 5’6” tall, weighing in at 115 pounds, and hailing from Busthead, Va.  Here is…. Hex Girl!!!!!!!!!

(She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat, she rolls and pops up ready to fight.)

Bonn – And her opponent… 

(“Psycho" by Breaking Benjamin blares as Scott Grayse comes out of the curtain with a sadistic look on his face while he holds Helen right next to his head and laughs evilly.) 

Bonn – He stands 6’6” and weighs in at 267 pounds.  Hailing from Los Angeles, California, here is… Scott Grayse!!!!!!!!

(Grayse walks to the ring as blood drips from his hammer. He walks around the ring and stares at his opposition. He steps up into the ring and places Helen underneath the ropes within reach. He turns to stare at Hex Girl.)

Hart – The crowd showing their disapproval for Scott Grayse after he blindsided Gary Tinordi last week after Tinordi won the Hardcore Title.  Grayse brought the belt that he stole from Tinordi out here with him, like it is supposed to mean something.

Lane – It was a great move to take that belt from the dumb stoner.

Hart – It may have been a great move had he earned the belt.  But I’m not sure blindsiding him and stealing the belt was a great move.  I’m actually a little surprised that Grayse made it out here to this match after hearing from 420 earlier in the show.

Lane – Like Grayse should be worried about those two finding him.  Unless he plans on hiding at the bottom of a bag of Doritos, I think Grayse should be fine.

Hart – The bell rings and we are underway here.

(Grayse quickly locks up with Hex Girl and drives her into the corner.  He delivers a couple right hands, then ax handles her down to the mat.  He pulls her up and whips her into the opposite corner.  Grayse flexes for the crowd before walking across the ring towards his opponent.  Hex Girl pops up and delivers a dropkick to Grayse, who takes a couple steps back.  Hex Girl is up fast and hits him with another dropkick.  Grayse retreats again and Hex Girl hits him with another and he falls back into the corner.  Hex Girl comes in for the splash, but Scott quickly moves out of the way.)

Hart - Scott Grayse showing off a little quickness, especially impressive for a man his size.

[A wave of boos distract from the matcn as a spotlight shines on Riddick "The Critic" Crooke.]
Mike Hart- "What is the meaning of this?"

Riddick "the Critic" Crooke - "Cut! Ready for take two, quiet on the set!"

 Mike Hart- "There are no retakes, this is LIVE.."

 Gary Lane- "Don't argue with our very special guest of honor."

[The spotlight follows Riddick "the Critic" Crooke to the announce booth where the black director's chair with the name "MR.CRITIC" written in golden cursive awaits.]

(The two competitors circle each other for a bit and then The Beast goes in to lock up.  Hex backs up and hits a dropkick to the legs, dropping Grayse to one knee.  He gets up quickly and tries again, with the same result.  This time, he’s met with a series of right hands from Hex as he gets to his feet.  Scott backs into the corner with Hex Girl hot on his trail with an avalanche.  She comes out of the corner with a spinning DDT.  She stays on for the cover.)


1… and Grayse kicks out.


Hart - I'm not sure why Hex thought that was enough.

Lane - I agree.  It will take more than that for Grayse to give that belt up.

[Riddick "the Critic" Crooke unravels a featered plume ink dip pen to write"critiques" with and unravels a scroll to write "critiques" on.]
Riddick "the Critic" Crooke- "First of all Lane, stellar work on Commentary. Four Stars.."
Mike Hart- "What about me, the lead voice of WWX?"
Riddick "the Critic" Crooke- "Me. I do not rate C list annooucers.."

Hart – What belt?  You mean Tinordi’s Hardcore Title which is not on the line in this match, considering that the REAL champion is not out here to defend it.

Lane – Grayse is the REAL Hardcore Champion.  You can see he has that belt in the corner.

(Scott uses the ropes to get to his feet and is met with a dropkick to the temple, sending him through the ropes and onto the concrete floor below.  Hex climbs to the top rope, but Grayse gets up fairly quick and Hex Girl rethinks her strategy for a beat before she climbs down and backs into the middle of the ring.  Grayse slides under the bottom rope and gets to his feet.  He meets Hex in the ring and locks up.  He whips her to the ropes and misses a clothesline as Hex bounces off and hits the opposite ropes and comes off with a high cross body, but he is caught in mid-air by Grayse.  He lifts Hex Girl over his shoulder and starts a running power slam, but she slips off the back of his shoulder and pushes him into the corner.  Hex comes in for another avalanche, but Scott slips out of the way and drives her into the corner.)


Hart - Hex Girl is in trouble here.  She's been doing a good job of sticking and moving, but Scott Grayse finally has her where he wants her.

Lane - He's just smothering her into the corner.

Riddick the Critic Crooke shakes his head with disgust as he jots down some notes

(Grayse crushes Hex into the corner for a bit, using his size and power to wear down his smaller opponent.  He uses some head locks and a couple fists and elbows to help his cause.  He then places Hex on the top rope, climbs to the 2nd rope and hits a German super-plex.  Grayse gets up and sets in an elevated Scorpion Leg Lock..  He leans back but doesn't have the hold set in very tight and Hex Girl starts to wiggle a bit before finally escaping and rolling out of the ring to the outside floor.  She hunches over on the steel railing a bit to catch her breath and Grayse slides under the ropes onto the floor as well.  Hex Girl sees this and starts to walk around the ring away from him.  He follows her and starts to give chase.  Hex slides under the ropes back into the ring, but Grayse uses that huge wingspan to reach out and grab the right ankle of Hex Girl, who delivers a big kick with her left foot, which just seems to anger the big man.  Grayse still has a hold of that right ankle and swings Hex out of the ring by it and flings her into the steel barricade.)

Hart - Grayse with a huge display of power, just tossing Hex Girl into the steel rails which separate the crowd from ringside.

(Grayse pulls Hex up and hits a running bulldog onto the concrete floor.  He pulls her up again and whips her under the ropes and into the ring.  Again, he taunts the crowd to a negative response.  Grayse grabs a chair from the outside of the ring and takes it with him as he slides under the ropes and back into the ring.  Hex Girl is struggling to get to her feet when she gets a jab to the knee with the chair from Grayse and drops back down to the canvas.  Grayse pulls her out into the center of the ring and lays the chair on top of Hex.  He hits the ropes and rebounds with a huge splash onto the chair that sits atop of his fallen opponent.  He stays on for the cover.)


2..... and Hex kicks out.

(Grayse shouts a couple words at the referee about the speed of his count before lifting Hex Girl to her feet and whipping her against the ropes.  She rebounds off and Grayse hits a huge Back Body Drop, which flips Hex Girl in the air high enough for her to land on her feet.  Grayse doesn't realize this and taunts the crowd a bit before turning around right into a nice Dropkick delivered by Hex.)

Hart - Hex Girl showing off great athleticism to flip all the way around and land on her feet from that big Back Body Drop attempted by Grayse.  His size may have been a bit of a disadvantage there as Grayse gets back to his feet.  Hex Girl backs herself against the ropes and comes off with a High Cross Body on Grayse.  She stays on for the cover.


2... and Grayse kicks out.

(Hex Girl wastes no time in climbing to the top rope and she comes off with a Missile Dropkick on Grayse, dropping him like a load of bricks.  Hex Girl jumps on top of Scott while he is face down and locks in the Flying Carpet!  The referee checks the hold as Grayse screams out in pain and tries to wiggle out of the hold.)

Lane - What the... what is going on here.  Is that Matt Glazebrook crawling out from underneath the ring?

Hart - It appears so and this crowd has come alive.  Has he been under there this whole time?

Lane - He probably passed out under there and is just waking up.

Riddick the Critic Crooke turns to look over at hex girl for all the viewing audience to see as he gives that arrogant smirk and cocky wink to her that just makes you want to slap the look off his smug face. What makes it worse? He knows it.

(Hex momentarily distracted and Glazebrook jumps up onto the apron to get the referee's attention and starts to talk to him.  Their conversation is mostly inaudible, but you can clearly hear the official telling Glazebrook to leave the ring area.  Hex Girl looks across the ring and sees this.  She breaks the hold and runs to the other side of the ring to yell at Glazebrook.  There is a large swell from the crowd on the other side of the ring where Gary Tinordi has emerged from underneath the canvas.)

Lane - What is Tinordi doing and what the hell does he have in his hand?

Hart - It appears to be a large balloon.  

Lane - Did Glazebrook just say "Girl Scout Cookies" to the referee?  Is that some sort of drug code these kids are using these days?

(Grayse starts to use the ropes to pull himself up, but Tinordi is right in front of him on the outside of the ring.  Hex Girl looks back across the ring and rushes over towards Tinordi and Grayse.  The referee starts to turn around as well, but Glazebrook grabs his shoulders to keep him in front of him.  The referee starts screaming at Glazebrook not to touch him and Matt apologizes while still trying to sell his cookies.  Tinordi aims the end of the balloon directly at Scott's head and releases it.  A large cloud of smoke comes rushing out of the balloon and into Grayse's face.  Hex Girl tries to break it up but ends up getting sprayed by the balloon as well.  Grayse and Hex Girl go into a coughing fit as Tinordi lets the rest of the balloon out.  Tinordi motions to Glazebrook and starts walking down the aisle.  Glazebrook cuts his conversation with the referee short, jumps off the ring apron and walks quickly to meet up with his tag team partner, who is interacting with some fans on his way to the backstage area.)

Hart - So, Glazebrook plays a little game of distract the referee while Tinordi comes through with a balloon full of smoke and blasts it into the face of Scott Grayse, who is still hunched over the ropes coughing, and Hex Girl, who drops to one knee trying to catch her breath.  The referee turns around and watch as Grayse gets to his feet but is very wobbly for a moment before bursting out in laughter.

Lane - What did those guys do?  They drugged the Hardcore Champion!

Hart - He is not the champion.

(Hex Girl gets to her feet and stumbles over towards Grayse and throws a punch to his head.  Grayse ducks the punch, causing Hex Girl to spin around and fall flat on her back in the middle of the ring.  Grayse watches this and then starts laughing even harder before falling down on top of her.  The referee counts...)





Bonn - The winner of this match by way of pinfall.... Scott Grayse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hart - Well, Glazebrook and Tinordi's plan to throw this match seems to have backfired as Hex Girl got involved and took the brunt of that smoke-filled balloon.

Lane - Well, it was a plan that was drawn up in the "brilliant" minds of 420.  What could have possibly gone wrong?  Plus... look over there!!!!  The Hardcore belt is still on that table where Grayse left it!  They never even bothered to take the belt!





*Static covers the RavageTron flows through the arena before transitioning into "Bulls on Parade"!*

Hart: It's main event time!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it.  Wearing a striped referee shirt, black denim jeans, and black Nikes, he stands in the light with his head facing forward and a smile on his face.  The World Wrestling Championship shines brightly on his left shoulder underneath the spotlight.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***  

*As Zach de la Rocha's voice rings out, Syndicate performs a crucifix pose in the spotlight, and soon after, the lights in the arena come back on!* 


*Glancing around at the WWX Universe, Syndicate walks down the ramp with a smile on his face and the World title in tow.*

Bonn: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first, the special guest referee...he is the WWX World Wrestling Champion...the Los Angeles Outlaw, SYYYYYYYYYYYYNNNNNDDDDIIIICAAAAAATTEEEEEEE!


Hart: A very positive response for the champ here in New Jersey, Gary!

Lane: How is this fair?  How is it fair for someone as BIASED and CORRUPT as Syndicate to be the referee tonight?

Hart: Well, two weeks ago, Rex was guest referee in the main event, and just last week, Korath got himself involved as the special guest enforcer.  If you look at it that way, Tommy Lipton is only being fair by inserting Syndicate as the referee for this match.

Lane: Yes, but Rex and Korath did fantastic jobs in their respective roles!  You really think Syndicate's going to do the same tonight?

*Syndicate slides into the ring and raises the World title in the air before moving to a corner and handing the championship to a member of the ring crew.  As he does, "A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed hits, and for the first time in a while, the crowd goes absolutely nuts at the sound.  Rex McAllister strolls out from beyond the curtain with his signature custom-made Singapore cane being held over his right shoulder in his ring attire ready to go.*

Bonn: Now, introducing the competitors.  First, from SEA ISLE, NEW JERSEY...


Bonn: ...weighing 238 pounds...he is the Remorseless One...

*Rex raises his long metal-wrapped staff high as the crowd gets even louder.*



Hart: This partisan New Jersey crowd is going crazy for McAllister!

Lane: You know, Mike, Syndicate better be thanking his lucky stars that the World title wasn't on the line last week, because if it was, Rex McAllister would FINALLY be our World Wrestling Champion!

Hart: Like I was saying before, one could argue that Korath's interference won Rex the match...

Lane: Your point?  McAllister beat Syndicate one-on-one, and next week at Bloodshed, he's gonna do the exact same thing inside the steel cage!

*Rex stares up at Syndicate, who is standing inside the ring, as he begins to walk down the ramp, but he doesn't get far before Korath comes charging out from the back and shoves him into the barricade!*




*Korath mounts the fallen McAllister and delivers punch after punch to his head.  Rex tries to block the blows with his arms but to no avail.  The punches quickly turn into headbutts as Korath hits Brutality to the now-woozy McAllister!  As this savage beatdown continues, Syndicate leans over the ropes and watches with a smile on his face, seemingly uninterested in breaking it up.*

Hart: Rex attacked Korath back at Armada, and the Nordic Nightmare is getting payback!

*Korath stands up and unleashes a mighty roar at the base of the ramp, heightening the crowd's disapproval.*


*Rex is now on all fours, trying to crawl towards the ring and escape from this beatdown.  Korath, seeing this, charges at him, punting Rex in the chest with such power that Rex flips over, landing on his back next to the ring apron!*


Lane: Somebody stop this madness!  Syndicate, do your job!!

*Syndicate, chuckling, does nothing as Korath rolls the body of Rex McAllister into the ring.  Korath enters behind him as Syndicate leans over Rex, checking if he's ready to compete.*

Syndicate (off-mic): You alive, man?

*Rex doesn't respond, so Syndicate shrugs his shoulders.*

Syndicate (off-mic): I'll take that as a yes!

*He points to the timekeeper's area, signaling for him to ring the bell.*


Lane: Rex is in no condition to compete after that attack by Korath!  This match should be ruled a no contest!

Hart: You wanna go try and convince the World Wrestling Champion of that?

*Korath quickly goes for a pin, and Syndicate seems more than happy to count!*

*Rex gets his foot on the ropes, breaking up the pin!*


Lane: Rex, with SPECTACULAR ring awareness, saves himself!

Hart: I'm still getting used to these crowd reactions to McAllister and Korath.  Everything's backward!

*Korath, not wanting to lose momentum, immediately picks McAllister up and goes for the kill with the Savage Hammer, but Rex somehow slips off Korath's shoulders and counters with a DDT!  Korath gets right back up and charges at the still-dizzied Rex, looking for a clothesline, but Rex ducks, rebounds off the ropes, and hits a running lariat to bring the big man down!*

Hart: Rex seems to be mounting a comeback here!


*With Korath down, Rex leans on the ropes in an effort to stabilize himself and recover.  As Korath tries to pull himself to his feet, Rex runs at him and hits him with a facebuster, sending Korath face first directly into the mat!  From this position, Rex grabs Korath's leg and locks in the Rex Lock!*

Lane: REX LOCK!!!  Korath's trapped!!


*Korath struggles, doing everything he can to push Rex's interlocked hands away from his face.  Rex, however, only cinches it in further, increasing the amount of pain to Korath!*

Hart: Korath's trapped!  He's got nowhere to go!!

*The Nordic Nightmare's energy seems to slowly deplete as McAllister keeps the pressure on.  Syndicate crouches down and checks on Korath, asking if he can continue.  Korath doesn't seem to respond, but just a second later, he unleashes a mighty roar and lunges towards the ropes, grabbing the bottom one!*


Hart: Korath, with a huge feat of strength and willpower, manages to break out of the Rex Lock!!

Lane: Yeah, but just think of the damage that Rex was able to inflict.  Korath's gotta be hurting for sure!

*Syndicate forces Rex to break the hold, a move that the Rex Master seems a bit annoyed with, to say the least.  He glares at the special guest referee for a moment before coming right back on the attack, pulling Korath to his feet and decking him in the side of the head with a multitude of closed-fist punches, each one stronger than the last.  Korath staggers backwards into the ropes as McAllister prepares for the final blow, but Korath manages to use the momentum of the ropes to careen into McAllister, hitting him with a cross body!*

Hart: OH MAN!  That's 395 pounds falling right on top of McAllister!

*Korath simply lies on top of Rex, effectively deadweighting him as Syndicate begins to count!*

*Rex reaches up and gouges the eyes of Korath, causing him to break up the pin in pain!*


Hart: I don't think the crowd saw it, but McAllister just gouged out the eyes of Korath!

Lane: Come on, Mike, he's just being resourceful!

Hart: Well, when Rex did that exact same thing at Armada, it was legal inside the Inferno Asylum, but the same is not true tonight!  Syndicate needs to disqualify him!

*Korath rolls across the ring, clutching his face.  Syndicate, seeing what just occurred, gets right in Rex's smirking face.*

Syndicate (off-mic): What the |BLEEP| was that, Rex?

*Rex shoves Syndicate into the corner, surprising the Los Angeles Outlaw.*

McAllister (off-mic): Do your job and count the pin, idiot.

*McAllister moves back towards Korath to finish him off, but as he gets close, Korath swings his arm up and hits Rex with a low blow!*



Hart: No, I think he was just being "resourceful"...

*As Mike Hart snickers on commentary, Korath backs up into a corner and raises his right arm into the air!*

Hart: He's calling for it!

*Rex pulls himself up to his feet as Korath charges at him, looking for the Heavy Lariat!  At the last possible second, Rex ducks the blow and rebounds off the ropes...

Lane: Rex avoids the lariat!!!

*...but as he charges back towards Korath, McAllister is nailed by the Heavy Lariat on the second attempt!!*

Hart: Not that time!

*McAllister instinctively rebounds to his feet and is leaning against the ropes as Korath, after unleashing a mighty howl, charges a third time.  This time, however, Rex finds the strength to grab Korath and, using the big man's momentum, flip him over the ropes with the Fallaway Slam!!!*



Hart: And just like that, the momentum has swung back in favor of the Rex Master!

*As Rex catches his breath inside the ring, Korath can be seen laid out on the ramp, not even trying to move.  It's at this time that two large figures, with their identities undetected underneath brown clothed robes, begin to make their way down towards the entranceway while Syndicate is admonishing Rex's actions. Rex shoves the Los Angeles Outlaw, and Syndicate responds by pointing a finger at Rex and shouting at him, warning Rex not to touch him again.  As Syndicate and Rex argue inside the ring, the cloaked figures jump the barricade and begin to attack Korath!*

Hart: What's....what's the meaning of this unprovoked attack!!?? Who are these men??

Lane: I don't know, Mike, but for some reason, they've made Korath their target!

*One of the cloaked men pulls out a lead pipe and connects with Korath's skull, knocking him unconscious!*


Lane: What the hell is going on, Mike?!?!?!?!?

*Both men then leave through the crowd, and as they do, Syndicate turns and catches a glimpse of them just as they disappear.  He then sees the fallen body of Korath, unconscious on the ramp.  As Syndicate pieces together what happened, Rex leans back on a corner turnbuckle, chuckling as he shakes his head.*

Hart: What is Syndicate going to do here??  Obviously, Korath is in no condition to compete, but you can't tell me that he's just going to ignore an attack like that??

Lane: Oh, come on!  Rex OBVIOUSLY had nothing to do with it!  All Syndicate can do is begin the ten count and end this match!

*After taking a moment to consider his options, Syndicate sighs, shakes his head, and begins to count.* 


Hart: Someone's gotta stop this!  HEY SYNDICATE!!! THOSE TWO MEN JUST LAID KORATH OUT!

Lane: Sit down, Mike! It's no use. Korath is as good as out, and Syndicate is just doing his job!


*Korath, beginning to stir, reaches towards the ring apron to pull himself up.*

Hart: He's almost there!


*Korath climbs up the apron and is about to slide in when...*



*Korath slides in milliseconds after Syndicate counts ten!*

Hart: He was too late!  McAllister wins!!

Bonn: Here is your winner by count-out, the Rex Master...REX MCAAAALLLLIIISSTTEERRRRR!!!


*Rex attempts to duck out of the ring, but Syndicate pulls him back in by the arm and shoves him into a corner.  Getting right into Rex's face, Syndicate begins to question him.*

Syndicate (off-mic): You wanna explain to me what just happened, Rex?  Because this has got your fingerprints all over it.

*McAllister smiles at the Outlaw.*

McAllister (off-mic): I have no idea what you're talking about.

*Syndicate nods his head, smirking.*

Syndicate: Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

*The guest referee exits the ring and walks towards Kyla Bonn.  After speaking with her for a moment - a conversation that is not picked up by any microphone - he moves back into the ring and stares straight at McAllister with a soft smile on his face.*

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, per the request of the special guest referee, Syndicate...this match will be restarted!


Lane: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!??!!??!!?

Hart: I think Syndicate's had enough of Rex's shenanigans!  Either way, we aren't quite done tonight!!!!!!!!

*In the ring, Rex McAllister is going absolutely crazy, shoving Syndicate into a corner and lobbing a multitude of obscenities his way.  In response, Syndicate simply points to the WWX logo on his referee shirt.*

Syndicate (off-mic): Maybe next time, you try and win WITHOUT any bull|BLEEP|, jack|BLEEP|!

*Syndicate pushes McAllister aside and points back towards the timekeeper's area.*



*Rex, still fuming, waits for Korath to struggle to his feet before bouncing off the ropes, looking for the Rex Effect to finish the job!  However, Korath, running on adrenaline alone, picks McAllister up in a shoulder backbreaker position, spins him around, and drops him directly on his head!*


*Korath goes for the pin, and Syndicate seems more than happy to count!*






*The crowd voices its vehement disapproval as Korath leans against the ropes in pain.*

Hart: And just like that, Rex, Syndicate, and Korath each have a victory over each other!  The World title could honestly go to any of these three men at Bloodshed!

Lane: Bloodshed???  You're talking about BLOODSHED, Mike???  WE JUST WITNESSED THE SCREWJOB OF THE CENTURY!!!

BoomTrap Protocol plays over the PA... Tommy Lipton walks out in a suit and tie wearing a big smile.... 


He holds a mic up. 

Tommy: WWX UNIVERSE!!! What an epic battle we all just witnessed! Syndicate, you seemed to really be a gung-ho ref, look at you taking control and restarting the match! 

Syndicate looking up the ramp at Tommy looks unimpressed. 

Tommy: But that control is now gone and in the hands of another... 

Tommy smirks... 

Tommy: Prior to the main event match I saw both Rex and Korath to find out a stipulation to add to the cage match...  Soooooo....

Syndicate grinds his teeth... 

Tommy: Bloodsheds Main Event will be.... Rex McAllister, Syndicate and Korath in a Japanese Deathmatch inside... Hell In A Cell!

*Korath gets to his feet and smiles at Tommy and turns to find the champion... Syndicate to flip him over for the No Signal!*


*With Korath now laid out next to Rex, Syndicate stands over the two men with a deadly-serious look on his face.*

Syndicate (off-mic): Next time, Korath...don't |BLEEP| with me.

*Dropping to the mat and sliding out of the ring, Syndicate grabs both the World Wrestling Championship from the timekeeper's area and Rex's signature Singapore cane, which a ring crew member had stashed near the announce table from when McAllister dropped it on the ramp earlier.  Bringing both items into the ring, he sets the World title down and raises the Singapore cane as McAllister staggers up to his feet!*

Syndicate (off-mic): BATTER UP!

Syndicate swings but Rex dodges it and escapes the ring... he stares down Syndicate... 

Hart: No where to escape...at Bloodshed!!  It's Syndicate, Korath, and McAllister locked inside a Hell In A Cell DeathMatch! with the World Wrestling Championship on the line!  For Gary Lane, I'm Mike Hart...good night from New Jersey!


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