WRECKAGE - Show 2018-06-14 07:59:25

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WWX wreckage TV Show

A Show to feature veterans and introduce new superstars to the eXistence on Wednesday Nights.

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WRECKAGE - Show 2018-06-14 07:59:25
*The screen comes to life as the following message appears on-screen.*

WARNING: The actions and maneuvers performed throughout the following program are done by trained professional athletes.  These athletes take real risks and put their bodies on the line each and every night.  They endure unimaginable pain, and injuries are all but rare.  Please, do not try what you are about to see at home.  Thank you.

*After a few seconds, the screen flashes white before black-and-white static appears, followed by a series of images shown with a vintage filter applied.  As this occurs, Slipknot's "Before I Forget" plays in the background.*


The Lost Soul walking down the smokey ramp...
Tommy Lipton lifting the giant Jeremiah O'Reilly over his head for the Lipton Slam...
Darkness chokeslamming an opponent with one hand...
Ethan Cavanaugh leaping off the top rope...
David GS battling JT Steel...
Corporal Sanders standing with the American flag in the background in his uniform saluting...
Xander Adams in a pink bunny suit...
Duncan McIver looking out his window from McIver Towers...

*The images shift to a more modern look.*

Kurtis Ray running clotheslining an opponent in the ring...
Rex McAllister kicking Tommy Lipton and Syndicate out of the window of the House of Horrors...
Darkness dropping an opponent with a big boot...
Korath flexing in the ring...
Jarvis Valentine holding the International Championship...
Syndicate holding the WWX Championship perched high on the top turnbuckle...
Tommy Lipton in a suit turning to face the camera smiling...

*The WWX logo appears on-screen, immediately being replaced by the logo for Wreckage.  However, instead of cutting to the ring - as is normal for WWX shows shown on the WWX Network - we cut to the inside of a posh studio situated within McIver Towers in Chicago, Illinois.  Behind a large desk featuring the Wreckage logo on its LED paneled front sits Leon Jones, broadcaster extraordinaire.  In his crisp blue suit, Leon looks directly at the camera and smiles.*

Jones: Good evening.  From McIver Towers in Chicago, I'm Leon Jones with a special presentation exclusive to the WWX Network.  As many of you know, between our many television productions and pay-per-views, the WWX hosts special live events under the "Wreckage" brand that are not televised.  However, one such event that took place this past weekend in Washington, D.C., was so exciting and dramatic that we here at the WWX Network felt that it would be a crime to not at least show the highlights of the frenzied show.  To start things off, let's watch as the new World Wrestling Champion, Rex McAllister, addresses the crowd at the Capital One Arena in our nation's capital.

*The WWX logo flashes as the pre-recorded footage begins to play.  "The Vengeful One" by Disturbed blares through the public announce system as the fans come to life at the sounds of new music. But then the crowd reacts with a mixed reaction as the tron comes to life with Rex McAllister highlights. Rex McAllister emerges from beyond the curtain on the entrance stage wearing the World Wrestling Championship around his waist, and his custom-made Singapore cane being held over his left shoulder. He wears an intense look on his face. His face has a few bandages covering up part of this left side forehead.*

Bonn: Making his way down the aisle.....please welcome "The Remorseless One"...the NEWWWW WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION!!!......REXXXXX!!!! MCALLISTERRRRRRRR!!!!


*Rex sports his ring attire as he makes is way up the ring steps.*

Hart: At Bloodshed, it was a war for the ages. Three men put their very livelihoods on the line for the only World Wrestling Championship that defines the best of the best, and if not for our GM Tommy Lipton, the outcome might've been different! Did Rex have the GM in his back pocket the whole time?

Lane: It's hard to say, Mike! But knowing you, Tommy Lipton could've been at home and you would still find a way to blame him for Rex being able to take that championship! But wait, Syndicate using Darkness to during a reign or two to stay on top was perfectly okay? Give me a break!

*In the ring, Rex takes the mic from a member of the ring crew. Rex paces a moment as he looks outward at the crowd, still with an intense look on his face. There's not a lot of negative reaction coming from the crowd, mostly mixed. Rex raises the mic to his mouth.*

Rex: They tried, they tried....oh, how they tried. They tried electrocution. They tried severing every limb of my body with explosives. They tried mowing me down and throwing me to a plummeting death. They tried to cage up, keep me from getting to them....getting to them, because they knew...

*Rex pauses, then suddenly tears off his bandages to expose the lacerations of his forehead.*

Rex: I even tried. By putting myself, my body, my black heart into everything I did that put my career at risk, and once again try as they may, as I was so willing to do....and still.....still it was not good enough to kill The Rex Master for good. It will never be enough.

*Rex replaces his intense look with that familiar stoic expression, pausing to let those words sink in.*

Rex: Yes, indeed. It's a story as old as time. Where the wronged man pursues vengeance. It should go without saying that I know that story now more than ever.

*Rex paces some more as he looks down, thinking, and then looks up again.*

Rex: It never fails to amuse me when I watch all of these pathetic parasites as they attempt to sway you so you can pander to their egos, make sense of things so that they can sleep better at night. It's almost like watching a showcase of mental gymnastics as they weave and contort themselves into a proper little box, and in that box lies the supposed justification for everything that brings them before me every time, challenging me. In that tiny space they call home is their purpose for being. Oh, but they want to indulge deep enough into their animalistic instinct to harm the one that harmed them. They do it words so easily, they all do. But their actions, they tell quite a different story, don't they? Their bodies and minds betray their promise-making-statements as they clutch their fists and pop their veins out of the sheer thought of beating me within an inch of my life, but....that's as far as they ever get. The words and actions never match up, do they? For men like Korath, like Syndicate, it's because they don't believe in the convictions behind their ill-fated promises that someone like me will always be able to tear down the walls of their kingdoms like tissue paper, and remolding them. I left both of them, battered, bloodied, humiliated, injured, and I took the biggest achievement that would've made their careers, cemented their legacies. 

*Rex looks down at the World Wrestling Championship belt strapped around his waist.*

Rex: I took it all away in an instant. Spilling my blood? Ending my career? Taking my life? No, you wouldn't, would you? You're so much better than that, so classy you all are. So try, try...try as you might, but it will never be enough. This is the present, and it will be the future of World Wrestling Xistence.  See you soon, Outlaw.

*"The Vengeful One" picks back up, as Rex drops the mic and shows a hint of a grin under his stoic expression.*

Hart: Well, Rex McAllister, the new World Wrestling Champion has just addressed this audience here in the Capital One Arena, and left a chilling message for anyone and everyone that may have been listening, namely Syndicate who will get his championship rematch in the near future!

Lane: Yeah, but I'm sure Rex will be ready! He didn't get to this point just to be knocked off! You can bet that Rex will have an answer for whatever Syndicate can come up with! It should be great!

*After another WWX logo flash, we cut back to Leon Jones in the studio.*

Jones: Strong words from our new champion...will he be able to back them up?  We'll find out later on tonight.  But first, let's take a look at an absolutely brutal hardcore match between Scott Grayse and Gimmick Jones.

*As Leon Jones walks us through the match, highlights from the match itself play, making Leon's words act more as a voiceover, of sorts.*

Jones: Scott Grayse has fallen on hard times as of late, and although he came into this match looking to right the ship, things only got worse for the "Hammer-Wielding Madman".  Gimmick Jones started the match out hot, hitting a series of clotheslines that eventually sent Grayse to the outside.  Taking advantage of the match stipulation, Jones immediately grabbed a steel chair and whacked it over the head of Grayse multiple times before taking him by the arm and whipping him head-first into the ring post!  Scott Grayse crumpled to the floor, bleeding from the forehead, but Gimmick Jones wasn't finished.  Reaching under the ring, Jones pulled out a wooden table and pushed it into the ring.  After dragging Grayse into the ring, Jones sets the table up in the corner and attempted to whip his opponent straight into it.  However, at the last possible second, Grayse reversed the whip and pulled Jones back in to hit a clothesline of his own!  Looking to gain back momentum, Grayse went for the Lights Out superkick, but Gimmick Jones was able to catch Grayse and hit the P.P.S. into the table!  1...2...3, Gimmick Jones walks away with the victory!

*We cut back to the image of Leon Jones, who now possesses a slight smile on his face.*

Jones: However, that's not where this story ends.  As Jones was getting his hand raised by the referee, Papa Roach's "Last Resort" hit the loudspeakers and out ran Twist, with a steel chair in hand!  Twist swings the chair at Jones's head, but Gimmick Jones is able to duck the first shot.  However, on the second swing, Twist lands the shot, causing Jones to crumple to the ground.  Twist keeps up the assault, wailing on the prone back of Gimmick Jones with the chair!  Twist then notices Scott Grayse stirring, and as not to play favorites, Twist hits him over the back with the steel chair before wrapping it around his leg.  Climbing to the top rope, Twist wastes no time jumping off and stomping right on the chair, surely breaking Scott Grayse's leg!  Grayse rolls out of the ring in absolute pain as the WWX medical team runs out from the back to assist him.  Inside the ring, Twist kicks Gimmick Jones underneath the bottom rope before grabbing a microphone.  Take a listen.

*The audio cuts to Twist standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone in his right hand.*

Twist: Did Tommy Lipton really think it was a good idea to hold a Hardcore match WITHOUT me involved?  I'm the "King of Hardcore"!  This sort of thing cannot and WILL NOT happen again...or everyone in the WWX will face the same consequences as poor Scott Grayse.  And I will make sure that this never, ever has to occur again...because DragonFly, that Hardcore Championship around your waist is as good as mine.  I hope you're listening, DragonFly...because I'm not gonna say that twice.

*Dropping the mic, Twist exits the ring, taking a moment to smile as he sees Scott Grayse being loaded onto a stretcher.  Seconds later, we cut back to Leon Jones in the studio.*

Jones: Twist, with a monumental statement for our Hardcore Champion, DragonFly.  How will DragonFly respond?  We'll find out in the coming weeks.  Next, let's take a look at a thrilling match between Hex Girl and Crazy Jenna.

*Just like before, Jones speaks over highlights from the match.*

Jones: The two dangerous females locked up, with Crazy Jenna gaining control early on.  After a series of chops, Hex Girl is backed to the corner, where Jenna attempted to hit her patented Twisting Bulldog early-on in this match.  However, Hex Girl used her veteran experience to push Jenna away, and although Jenna tried to come right back with a corner clothesline, Hex Girl countered into The Cauldron for a quick pin attempt; however, Crazy Jenna was able to kick out at 2.  With both women up to a vertical base, Jenna once again charged, but Hex Girl used a drop toe hold to get Jenna onto her stomach, where Hex Girl locked in the Magic Carpet Ride!  Crazy Jenna, who looked to be in absolutely agonizing pain, had nowhere to go, but she SOMEHOW managed to twist her body in a way that sent her back down to the canvas, where he was able to break free from Hex Girl's grasp and find security by rolling to the outside.  Propped up against the announce table, Crazy Jenna was helpless as Hex Girl bounced off the ropes and jumped, hitting a suicide dive that sent both women through the table!  With the crowd now on its feet, the referee began to count, and although Hex Girl was able to get to her feet and lunge for the ring, she was a second too late as the match ends in a double count-out.

*The highlights end as Leon Jones fades back into view.*

Jones: After that vintage performance from Hex Girl, we now go to the backstage area of the Capital One Arena, where the former World Wrestling Champion himself, Syndicate, looks to make a statement of his own.  Let's take a listen.*

*We cut to the backstage area of Capital One Arena, where the camera has been set up on a tripod facing a gray cement wall.  The lighting is quite poor, with a single floodlight illuminating the wall from behind the tripod.  The feed flickers, briefly being overtaken by black-and-white static which messes with the autofocus and white balance.  As this happens, a man steps into the frame from off-camera left and leans against the wall, facing the lens.  After the camera refocuses, the blurry figure is identified as Syndicate, the former World Wrestling Champion.  The Los Angeles Outlaw is wearing a black tank top, blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers and can be seen holding a black baseball bat in his right hand.  His blonde hair is messier than usual, with the bangs covering part of his left eye.  Syndicate looks dead ahead as he rests against the cement, looking completely lost in his own thoughts.  He speaks softly, but his words carry an immense weight and intensity.*

Syndicate: When I was a kid, a spider found its way into my family's house.  My mom was the one that found it first, but being afraid of bugs, she ran as far away from it as she could, leaving me to take care of it.  Now, I could have killed the spider right then and there...probably wouldn't have felt any pain under my boot, anyway.  But I didn't.  Instead, I trapped it in a cup, took it out back, and released it in the field.  Crisis averted.

*A small smirk finds its way onto Syndicate's face.*

Syndicate: Later...we found out that the spider was of the black widow variety.  Had my mother or I been bitten...we would have been sent to the hospital immediately due to its venom being fifteen times stronger than a rattlesnake's.  In hindsight...I should have killed that thing when I had the chance.

*Syndicate brushes his hair back with his left hand, revealing a blood-red look in his eyes usually possessed by insomniacs or the clinically insane.*

Syndicate: A few months ago, I eliminated the poison of the WWX by forcing Tommy Lipton to retire...but it's now clear that, like the black widow, Tommy is still capable of doing immense amounts of damage.  At Bloodshed, it wasn't Rex McAllister or Korath that took EVERYTHING away from me, no...it was Tommy |BLEEP|ing Lipton.  Tommy Lipton, a man that still has influence over everything that this company produces.  Tommy Lipton, a man that can't get over his own shortcomings and instead chooses to take others down for his own enjoyment.  Tommy Lipton, a man that has been eclipsed in both talent and relevance and has NO business being in this business any longer.

*Syndicate suddenly  jumps off the wall and moves closer to the camera as a sick chuckle emanates from his lips.*

Syndicate: Throughout our rivalry, Tommy could never get the upper hand on me, could he?  No, in the end, no matter how many plans he laid out or how many times he tried to beat me...he ALWAYS failed.  But being the entitled, selfish egomaniac that he is, Tommy Lipton had to interfere at Bloodshed WHEN I HAD THE |BLEEP|ING MATCH WON...just so that he could leave me in absolute ruin.  I have nothing left...no safety net to fall back on, no one watching back home, no allies in the locker room, nothing.  I am, once again, alone...the "lone wanderer" of the WWX, if you will.  But just because I'm alone with nothing but the clothes on my back to my name...doesn't mean I'm done putting up a fight.

*He raises the black baseball bat up and balances it on the back of his shoulders as he speaks.*

Syndicate: I thought I had taken care of the black widow spider that has been crawling around this company...I thought I had done enough to take care of the problem months ago.  But it's clear to me now that there's still work to be done.  I'm done playing around, I'm done being the nice guy, and I'm DONE being your little personal playtoy, Tommy.  You better watch your |BLEEP|ing back, because I'm coming for you, I'm coming for your little |BLEEP|boy Rex, and I'm coming for MY World...Wrestling...Championship.

*Brushing back his dangling hair once more, Syndicate walks off camera with the baseball bat still in hand as the image fades into a black screen.  Moments later, the WWX logo flashes as Leon Jones reappears behind his LED desk.*

Jones: We've already had a series of big moments to show you from this edition of Wreckage, but the night's finale somehow managed to top them all.  To finish things off for Wreckage, we present to you the World Wrestling Champion, Rex McAllister, facing off against the International Champion, Rayne...and all the chaos that followed.

*For the third time tonight, Leon's voice rings out as highlights of the match play.*

Jones: As opposed to his usual violent style, Rex McAllister spends a good part of this match on the mat, using his actual wrestling abilities to his advantage.  He immediately put Rayne in a tough spot, backing him into a corner before grabbing his head and shoving it into the mat for a vicious bulldog.  Rex whipped Rayne across the ring, looking for a lariat, but Rayne was able to duck and counter with a lariat of his own!  Rex got right back to his feet - he is the World Champion, after all - but is immediately hit with a modified STO from the Silent Assassin!  Rayne's pin attempt failed, but this didn't stop him from draining the life out of McAllister with a side headlock, simultaneously giving himself an opportunity to catch his breath.  McAllister fought out of the hod and pushed Rayne into the corner, where he hit a flurry of punches to the International Champion, followed by an eye rake that the referee didn't seem to catch!  Rayne, clutches his eyes, collapses to his knees, giving Rex the time he needs to bounce off the ropes and nail Rayne in the face with a running knee!  However, even this isn't quite enough to put Rayne away.

Jones: After another period of back-and-forth between the two men, it's Rayne who gained control once again.  After planting Rex in the center of the ring with a powerslam, the Silent Assassin climbed to the top rope and took flight, hitting Assassination!  With McAllister looking quite out of it, Rayne set up for the Rayne Drop DDT, but Rex manages to counter into his signature Fallaway Slam!  Rayne staggers back to his feet, giving Rex the opportunity he needs to bounce off the ropes and finish things off with the Rex Effect!  1...2...3, Rex McAllister is victorious!

*Once again, Leon Jones reappears.*

Jones: However, what's more notable than the match itself is the insanity that followed.  Let's go to the ring at the Capital One Arena in D.C. to watch it all unfold.

*The camera cuts back to the ring, where Rex McAllister is getting his hand raised by the referee in victory.  However, just as he is about to celebrate, a man in a black tank top and blue jeans jumps the barricade and charges the ring, nailing McAllister in the back of the head with a baseball bat!*

Hart: WHAT THE -

*The camera focuses in on the attacker, who is quickly revealed to be the newly-christened Lone Wanderer, Syndicate!  Syndicate pounces on McAllister, nailing him with lefts and rights to the head as the referee tries to pull him off!*



*Rex pushes Syndicate off, but Syndicate goes right back on the attack, running across the ring and hitting a monstrous Original Syn to bring the champion down for good!  Syndicate stands over the fallen body of McAllister with that psychotic smile on his face.*

Hart: Syndicate told McAllister to watch his back...I think this is why!

*Syndicate looks ready to assault his rival some more when, suddenly, two men dressed in long black cloaks run out from the crowd and slide into the ring!*

Hart: NOW what's going on?!?!?!?!?

*The mysterious men make a beeline for Syndicate, who valiantly tries to fight out of this predicament.  However, the numbers game proves to be too strong for the Lone Wanderer, as the hooded men rain down on Syndicate with various punches, kicks, and stomps to lay him out in the center of the ring.*


Hart: This is madness!

Lane: No, no, no, this is all according to plan!

*Rex McAllister uses the ropes to get back to his feet, where he then smiles at the invaders.  The two men then remove their cloacks, revealing themselves to be the Rouges of Anarchy!*


Hart: DJ Killer and Bo Bruiser have done some MAJOR damage during their time with the WWX.  Have they aligned themselves with McAllister?!?!?!?

*Back in the ring, Rex nods his head as the three now assault Syndicate together!  However, as they do, Rayne makes it back to his feet and attacks Rex from behind, throwing him out of the ring!  This causes the Rouges to turn their attention to the Silent Assassin, who eats a double clothesline from the team!*

Hart: OOF!  So much for Rayne getting involved!

*The men turn back to the Lone Wanderer, who immediately kips up to his feet and comes out of nowhere with a double clothesline, bringing both Rouges down!*

Hart: I don't know how Syndicate is still standing, let alone coming up with some offense!

Lane: Me either, but I can't imagine Syndicate's got much more left after that assault!

*Syndicate backs up and nails Bo Bruiser in the head with Original Syn, knocking him out of the ring, before doing the exact same to DJ Killer!  Syndicate now finds himself alone in the ring, but it's not long before Rex McAllister slides back in with his Singapore cane in hand!*

Hart: WATCH OUT!!!

*McAllister swings the cane, but Syndicate ducks the blow, bounces off the ropes, and nails the champ with a huge spear!  He then once again mounts Rex, nailing him with various lefts and rights and bringing the D.C. crowd to their feet!*

Hart: Syndicate's going crazy here on McAllister!!!

*As Syndicate continues his attack, "In the End" by Linkin Park hits as general manager Tommy Lipton, flanked by a team of security guards, bursts through the curtain in a rage.  Pointing to the ring, Tommy sends the guards down the ramp, where they slide into the ring and pull a frenzied Syndicate off of McAllister.*


Lane: YES!  Finally, some order around here!

*Syndicate attempts to break free, but the security team manages to pull Syndicate out of the ring kicking and screaming.  It takes two guards to secure each of his arms as he is dragged up the ramp.  As they pass Lipton, the GM motions for the guards to stop and gets right in a pissed-off Syndicate's face.*

Lipton: You absolutely disgust me.

*Lipton immediately comes out of nowhere with a quick punch to the jaw of Syndicate!*

Hart: OH MY!!  What a cheap shot from the boss!

*Immediately after, Syndicate breaks free of his hold and attempts to attack Lipton, but Lipton is able to back away!  As Syndicate stalks after "Mr. WWX", Rex McAllister comes up from behind and shoves Syndicate away, igniting a brawl between the two!*

Hart: Oh boy, here we go!  Syndicate and McAllister, going at it!!

*The two trade lefts and rights at the top of the ramp, but before things get too out-of-hand, the large team of security guards pulls Syndicate and McAllister away from each other and to opposite sides of the stage.  In the middle, Tommy Lipton stands, smiling at the chaos that has gone down.*

Lane: Syndicate was completely out of line here!  He deserves to be punished, Mike!

Hart: To be quite honest with you, I don't think he gives a |BLEEP|!

*As the guards pull Syndicate and McAllister even further apart, the WWX logo flashes, making away for another appearance from Leon Jones.*

Jones: Wow.  Let's all just take a moment to digest what just happened in the Capital One Arena.  Syndicate attacks McAllister after his match.  The Rouges of Anarchy make their return to the WWX and seem to be aligned with the Rex Master.  Syndicate, with a little help from Rayne, manages to fend both the Rouges and McAllister off before being pulled away by a Tommy Lipton-led security squadron.  After a cheap shot from Lipton, Syndicate tries to get revenge on the general manager, but instead ignites another brawl with McAllister that is, once again, broken up by security.  And this is just one week after Bloodshed!  How long will it take before tensions between Syndicate, McAllister, and Lipton FINALLY boil over?  Will  Syndicate be able to reclaim the top prize in the WWX, or will the Rouges of Anarchy spoil his resurgence?  Are Lipton and McAllister truly on the same page?  We'll find out the answers to these questions in the coming weeks.  Until then, for all of us here at the WWX Network, I'm Leon Jones.  Good night.

*The camera zooms out from Leon as the WWX logo flashes for a final time before the screen fades to black.*

GM note:  I want to thank Eric Maccoux for helping to assure this show was brought forth with entertaining story/feud building. I hope you all enjoy and Ravage will be posted Monday night. 

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