OUTRAGE - Show 2018-07-09 17:34:00

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WWX outrage PPV Show

Sometimes, fighting for your goals with all you have got is not enough. There are certain times when the only way to win is to burst into an outrage!

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OUTRAGE - Show 2018-07-09 17:34:00
Backstage in the parking lot garage, the camera picks up on Rex McAllister picks up Rex McAllister in street clothes as he is speaking on his flip phone, or rather he's listening from his end as someone else is speaking.

Rex: Everything will soon be in place. Then we can finally be together.

Rex listens on the other end once more.

Rex: Very good. See you soon.

Hart: Who's he talking too???

Lane: oh, I have a crazy feeling about this...but then again it's Rex, therefore I love it! Hahaha!!!

The scene switches elsewhere.

The scene opens with a Iceland Ad. 


Scene transitions to a eagle eye view of the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. 

V.O: Gary, we are coming live from Iceland for tonights WWX Outrage! 

V.O: Mike to have any rage in a place like this is hard but with every title on the line and more I expect some heat being brought. Especially from the WWX Champion himself Rex McAllister!

V.O: We now go backstage with the man himself...

Scene transitions 

The cameras go to the backstage area of the Laugardalsvöllur. Cameras are now present in the locker room of Rex McAllister, who sits donning his normal in-ring attire. He sits in a seat, staring straight ahead stoically. He's as calm as the wind, and yet as ready as he's ever been to show why he stands where he does today. He's ready to address his opponents for Outrage one last time.

Rex McAllister: Better men would have went home and used the days they now had freely not living in an uncontrollable hate for the one that rendered them this way. Better men would have utilized the time they had doing something much more progressive. Better men would have learned to forgive. I don’t think it’s a secret anymore of what kind of person Rex McAllister is. I’ve taken this company and shaped it into my plaything as I’ve reaped and raped you two of your gold and dignity alike. I came to your World, into your lives with a goal in mind of righting the wrongs of every single person who ever played a part in harming my well being. There’s still a deep, unmoving hatred within me, but I’ve grown wiser. I’ve matured, and I’ve seen the error of my ways. See, hunting down and killing your heroes individually - it seems like the most logical route to take now. Only, it’s a never-ending cycle. I punish them, and they get back up. I punish them again, and they get back up. It doesn’t take long before we’re men seeking vengeance upon one another in a cluster of battles that’s left us nothing but shortened lives and shortened careers. 

Rex turns his back to the camera and looks to the left toward the nearby wall completely turned away from  the camera, but continues to speak.

Rex McAllister: I stand before you today your World Wrestling Champion, and not because I respect this company anymore. I don’t have any desire to represent it as I once did, and I don’t have any intent on leading it into some sort of new era. What I aim to do is hold this Championship over each and every one of your heads and watch in amusement as you jump up repeatedly, desperately trying to grab it and take it away from me. I’m a very vengeful man, no doubt, but I’m just as equally a forgiving man. All of these heroes, these parasites I took the time and effort to share this hell with - they remain there in the back of my mind, and they will never go away. However, when one who never warranted my arrival here in this company shows up in my way, I’m more than willing to forgive them for wasting my time. I’m willing to forgive each and every pathetic little parasite that decides they want to challenge me for whatever reason it is, be it in pursuit of gold, or be it just to say they defeated Rex McAllister. No matter how many times I’m forced to strike them down and watch as they get back up just to repeat it all over again, I forgive them. Its human nature to chase something you will never get, and the further away it is, the more you crave it.

A hint of a grin comes over Rex.

Rex McAllister: There are two very angry men that stand at my doorstep, armed and dangerous. Two men that know deep down in places they don’t speak of that I’m further away and higher up than they will ever be able to reach, but that will never stop them. So long as there’s a breath in their bodies, they will come for me. Day or night, come Hell or high water, they will come for me. If they took just a moment to look around, they would see they’re not alone. They not only have each other’s company, but they have with them every other fool that fell before me at one point or another and now hungers to topple me. In a way, I’m more valuable to you both than any World Championship. You’re not here, main eventing Outrage and fighting for a World Championship because you proved anything significant. You’re here because I’m the World Wrestling Champion, and I hurt you. The memories of that flooding your minds was all it took to light the fire underneath and force your fragile little bodies to go far beyond their limits just to come back here earlier than expected.

You’ve got what you want.

You have The Rex Master.

Now what?

Rex McAllister: Oh, that’s right, you intend to maim me. You intend to snap me like a twig in front of millions around the World and thousands in attendance. Your plan is to beat me. Your goal is to get your revenge. Only, who will be getting their revenge? Syndicate? Korath? My, I believe we’ve got two men with the same goal in mind clashing before our very eyes. I’ve said it before, and I’ll remind you again - when you’re blinded by vengeance, you’re no more than a rabid dog, and what happens when two rabid dogs seek the same prey? They don’t share it. They fight for it. They rip one another apart for it. If you’ve both come all this way just to take this Championship from my possession and leave me broken in the ring, then you will have to decide who gets that honor when the bell has rung and you both come seeking my blood. I don’t need to tell you anything more. It should be obvious by this point that your wounded prides are all the edge I need when it all comes down to it. Do you doubt me? Do you really? Because I was told I wouldn’t walk out of Bloodshed as World Wrestling Champion as I found myself supposedly cornered by two men that wanted to rid me of their lives. Yet, here I stand, unbroken, and this very Championship around my waist. I was ripped apart, I was beaten down, and there was a chance my career was on the verge of coming to an end, and yet, the two rabid rage filled dogs that both wanted me turned upon one another, and gave me all I needed to walk out with this Title still mine and mine alone. You can cling to the controversy that ensued - I won’t deny it, I became the thief in the night that raped pillage and plunder, and you two were the sacrifices that along with Lipton's extra dangerous set of hands that led to my ascension back to where I belong. That’s what makes you no more than dogs in my eyes - the way you people take scraps like that and bask in them. It doesn’t occur to you that you still didn’t beat me. You didn’t get an ounce of satisfaction at my expense. All you got was a reason to be pitied enough to get thrown into this contest. All while the other one clung to a piece of paper left over in the aftermath from me being the man that took his precious Championship away, an entitlement. Both of you indulge yourselves in your lust to get me back, and yet, if you would have spent more time learning to forgive what I did to you, you would save yourselves from what’s to come.

What did I do?


Rex McAllister: The very fact that I stand here as the World Wrestling Champion should be all the reason you need to know that I did nothing that this company didn’t allow. They not only allowed every bit of it, but they rewarded me as well. I’m sure if you were in my position in those moments, you would have been much more mature, now wouldn’t you. And you both would have wallowed in the muck of your failure. You both would have been swallowed whole the moment you allowed someone to get the better of you, and would you like to know how I know that? Because you’re here right now, filthy and covered in your avidity to take back what I supposedly took from you. You went home, and you trained, and you pushed yourselves, and you thought about the moment I broke you a thousand times over, and now here we are. You could have been better men than this. You could have stayed at home where you belong, and let your bodies truly heal. You look me in the eyes and tell me you’re better than you ever were, but you’re far more fragile. Your mindset may be different, but your bodies are still the exact same ones I shattered. It wouldn’t take much. Just another opportunity seized, just like before, and you’re right back where you started in all this. You’re right there upon the canvas in agony. You’re right back in a deep mental hell from which no one dwells, being told to take it easy and let your physical and your psychological wounds heal, and everything you preached before all of these people and I, and all of the suffering you went through, and all of the obstacles you’ve overcome… It all suddenly means nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like it never even happened.

You should have forgiven me.

Not for my sake, but for your own.

See you soon.

Hart: Hex and Jenna looking to end their feud tonight proving that only one can be the toughest female on todays roster! 

Bonn faces the fans:: Intrudcing from ParkSide Asylum weighing in at 136 lbs 

Over the PA:: The Evil LAUGHTER begins 

Bonn jumps and turns around:: CRazy Jenna

Crazy Jenna runs to the top of the ramp wearing her blood staqined straight jacket and stares at Bonn for a moment then she sprints and slides into the ring as Bonn slides out of the ring.

Crazy Jenna stalks around the ring until she she finds a courner she likes and waits for Hex Girl to arrive....

Her Black Wings hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. 

Bonn: Her opponent... 

Hex wastes no time as she charges the ring!

Bonn: Hex Girl!

Hex dives in under the ropes and tackles Crazy Jenna into the ropes. Trying to tangle Jenna up...

Hart: Hex looking for early control! 

Lane: She has Jenna locked in! 

Hart: Wait, it's Tommy Lipton! He is slowly walking this way as he watches the action! 

Hex stops punching Jenna as Tommy walks past along ringside and connects with Bonn... the two talk and Bonn then addresses the WWX Universe. A stunned look on Bonns face...

Bonn: this match is a submission match and IS to determine who will advance into tonights Main Event!!! 

Lane/Hart: WHAT!?


(Jenna and Hex Girl face off against one another, shouting back and forth at each other. Hex Girl holds out her hand to Jenna who stares at it for a moment before reaching out to swat her hand away.  Hex shrugs and the two women lock up.  Jenna, with a hand full of hair yanks Hex Girl forward, attempting a Clothesline that Hex ducks. Jenna maintains her grip on Hex Girl's wrist, pulling her back and into position for a Sidewalk Slam. Jenna goes for a quick pin, but the referee refuses to count.)

Hart - Jenna going for an early pin but doesn’t realize that this is a submission only match.

Lane – She is lucky, because I think Jenna had her down for the count.

Hart - I highly doubt that, Gary.

(Jenna gets back up to her feet and Hex Girl rolls on her side, as Jenna attempts to drop a knee on her fallen opponent.  Hex Girl is on her feet and pulls Crazy Jenna to hers.  Jenna swings with a haymaker, but Hex Girl ducks and counters with a low blow, followed by a rope-assisted Bulldog. Hex Girl is quick to push the advantage, pulling Jenna up to her feet and whipping her into the ropes, following up with a quick Power Slam.)

Lane - Hex Girl is getting the early advantage here.

Hart – That, she is, Gary.  Using quick moves to relentlessly keep Jenna off her game.

(Hex Girl lays a couple of boots to the knees of Jenna and one final one to her head before lifting her to her feet and sending her right back down with a Spinning Heel Kick but slips as her foot hits the ground and now both women are down.  Hex Girl scrambles to her feet and makes some distance between herself and Jenna, who slowly gets back to her feet as well. Jenna lunges at Hex Girl, who catches her in a headlock position. Hex Girl attempts to use the headlock to gain an advantage, but before he can exert any real force. Jenna steps into the move and turns it into a modified Spinning Bulldog.)

Lane - That was a great move from Crazy Jenna.

Hart - You'd think an experienced veteran like Hex Girl would know better than to give her opponent any openings.

(Jenna locks her harms around one of Hex's arms and one leg, linking her hands together and locking it in.)

Hart – Interesting submission move here, Gary.  I don’t think I have seen anything like it before.

Lane – Crazy Jenna is living up to her moniker.

Hart – Well, she will need to pull something else out of her bag of tricks as Hex gets to the ropes and the referee is instructing Jenna to break the hold.

(Jenna breaks away from Hex Girl, looking frustrated. Hex shakes her head, as she uses the ropes to get to her feet.  Jenna rushes in on Hex Girl who ducks down and hits a Back Body Drop on Jenna, sending her over the top rope and down onto the concrete floor.)

Hart – Hex sends Jenna flying over the top rope and she hit that floor very hard.  Hex is wasting no time sliding under the ropes to the outside of the ring.

(Hex Girl drops an elbow onto the knees of Jenna, who was wiggling around on the outside trying to get back to her feet.  Hex lifts her to her feet, then whips her into the steel pole which holds the turnbuckles up.  Jenna is slumped over with her head on the canvas from outside of the ring.  Hex comes over and throws her back into the ring.)

Hart – Hex Girl is in complete control here and she looks like she is not finished yet as she climbs to the top rope for a high-risk maneuver here.

(Hex comes off the ropes and hits a Flying Elbow right onto the left knee of Jenna, who clutches her leg as she wiggles around in pain.  Hex gives a taunt to the crowd, who give her a nice ovation.  Jenna crawls over to the ropes, using the turnbuckle to pull herself to her feet.  The two women lock up again and Jenna shoves Hex Girl into the turnbuckle hard, following her in with a running dropkick. Jenna backs up to the middle of the ring before running in to deliver an Avalanche, but Hex Girl lifts her knee up and catches Jenna right on the nose.  Hex quickly grabs Jenna and hits a Shiranui!)

HART - Jenna looked like she was going to mount a comeback but pushed it a little too far.

Lane – Hex Girl is really laying it on thick here in this match.

(Hex Girl grins, playing to the crowd and making a show of mocking Jenna.  She tries to pull Jenna back to her feet, but Jenna drops to one knee, clipping Hex Girl with a European Uppercut.  She follows up by hooking up an arm triangle lock and slamming Hex Girl down to the mat.  She hangs on to the arm lock and wrenches down.)

Lane – What a reversal by Crazy Jenna!

HART: Crazy Jenna has a huge arsenal of moves to deal with almost any opponent you can think of, but I don't think we expected to see this!

(The referee checks on Hex Girl to see if she will tap and she declines.  She tries to force her way out of the move, but Jenna refuses to give up anything.  Hex Girl starts to fade, but before the referee can call the match, Hex Girl rallies and manages to get a foot on the ropes. Jenna doesn't release the move immediately, letting the ref get to a four count before breaking. Jenna is slow to get to her feet, but Hex Girl seems to be favoring that arm a little as she tries to get to her feet.)

Lane - Hex Girl missing a step after the quick Triangle Arm Bar from Jenna.

Hart - That's a brutal move, Gary. Crazy Jenna may have damaged Hex Girl's shoulder there.

(Jenna doesn't miss a beat, skipping up to her feet and hauling Hex Girl up to hers. Hex Girl still looks to be struggling, and Jenna whips Hex Girl into the ropes. Hex Girl rebounds with a vicious Spinning Heel Kick to Jenna, dropping her to her knees.  Hex Girl bounces off the ropes for a second Kick, but is met by an attempted dropkick from Jenna, resulting in both women colliding awkwardly and falling to the canvas.)

Lane - Both women on the mat here after that furious exchange, trying to make their way to their feet in opposite corners of the ring.

Hart - These ladies are really laying it all on the line here tonight.

(Hex Girl and Jenna make it to their feet at about the same time and stagger towards the middle of the ring.  They circle each other before locking up.  Jenna pushes Hex Girl against the ropes and whips her across the ring, trying to set up a back body drop, but Hex Girl has it scouted, kicking her less than sane opponent square in the face.  Jenna recoils, and Hex Girl pounces, hitting a quick Scoop Slam followed by a sequence of brutal punches to the jaw.  Eventually, Jenna rolls Hex Girl over and begins to exchange punches.  After a bit of struggle, Hex Girl pushes Jenna off of her and pulls herself to her feet, only to be met with a monstrous lariat, sending her flying between the ropes and to the outside!  Recognizing the need to move quickly, Jenna runs to the ropes and jumps through, hitting Hex Girl with a suicide dive, clearly dazing her.)

Hart – Crazy Jenna sacrificing her body with an incredible move there.

(Giving herself a moment to catch her breath, Jenna pulls Hex Girl up by her hair and tries to whip Hex into the ring post, but she reverses, resulting in Jenna being sent straight into the steel pole!  She falls to one knee against the apron, and Hex Girl takes advantage by violently slamming Jenna's forehead into the post once more, this time sending Jenna onto her back.  Hex Girl rolls Jenna into the ring and climbs up on the apron.  A dizzy Crazy Jenna gets to her feet, but as she does, Hex Girl jumps to the top rope and hits a Springboard Hurricanrana!)

Hart – I hope the audience doesn’t blink, because they could miss something here as the action is hitting a furious pace.

(Hex gets to her feet and signals to the crowd, who come to their feet.  She locks in a Magic Carpet Ride on Jenna.  The referee checks the hold.)

Lane – Hex is going for her classic submission hold here!

Hart – And she lets it go.  But I didn’t see Jenna tap out.  And it doesn’t look like the referee is calling for the bell to end it.  What’s going on here?

(Hex shakes her finger to the crowd as they continue to cheer.  She gets down and locks her fingers on each side of Jenna’s mouth and pulls back for a modified version of the Final Sacrifice.  The referee again, checks the hold and allows it.  Jenna tries to fight it off, but Hex has it locked in tight in the middle of the ring.  Jenna tries to wiggle and twist her way to the ropes but cannot move an inch.  She struggles a bit more before finally giving in and tapping out.)


Bonn – The winner of this match by submission…  And advancing to tonights Main event.... HEX GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*We cut to Laugardalsvöllur's locker room area, where the World Wrestling Champion himself, Rex McAllister, can be seen making his way through the main backstage hallway with Constance Blevins flanking him to his right.  With a determined, focused look on his face, McAllister holds the World title on his left shoulder as he rounds a corner and comes to a door labeled, "REX MCALLISTER - PRIVATE LOCKER ROOM".  Cracking a smile, Rex turns the door handle and pulls it open, stepping aside to let Constance enter the room first.  However, as she does, Constance freezes under the door frame, looking to be in a state of shock.*

Constance: Rex...

McAllister: What?

*Rex steps over to peer inside the room and sees what caused Blevins to stop in her tracks.  The room has been terrorized, with bent chairs littering the ground and random clothing items strewn around.  The wooden lockers, which line two of the room's four walls, have been broken as if someone had been thrown into them.  Finally, leaning on the opposite wall from the door is DJ Killer and Bo Bruiser, the Rouges of Anarchy.  Rex's allies are bleeding from the forehead and appear to be completely unconscious.*

McAllister: ...who the |BLEEP| did this...

*He steps through the door and into the room, letting the World title fall off of his shoulder and to the ground.  Stepping over the carnage, he reaches the unmoving bodies of his two allies, who seem to still be breathing.  After checking on the conditions of both men, Rex notices a small, white slip of paper folded up in-between Bo and DJ.  Picking it up, he unfolds the note and reads.*


*Immediately after reading it, Rex crumples up the paper and violently throws it across the room in a rage.  As he does, a WWX referee clad in his official striped uniform rushes into the room.*

Referee: Rex!  Oh, thank god you're here!


*The referee, taken aback by the World Wrestling Champion angrily shouting in his face, hesitates before responding.*

Referee: I-I-I tried to stop him, sir, but I couldn't.  He just pushed me away.

*McAllister runs a hand through his hair, trying to contain his rage.*

McAllister: ...who did this?

Referee: I'm not sure, sir, I didn't get a good look at his face...but he was carrying a black baseball bat...

McAllister: THAT SON OF A BITCH!!!

*Rex picks a chair up from the ground and throws it at the wall next to the referee, causing a loud bang to resonate throughout the area.  The ref runs off as McAllister seethes and Constance not saying a word.*

McAllister: ...wait until Lipton hears about this one...

*Picking up the World title on his way out, McAllister leaves the room and takes a hard left down the hallway, presumably to go talk to the WWX general manager himself.*

"We're going live in five, four, three.."

[The producer goes silent and hand signals the final countdown from two to one then points to reporting interviewer Riddick “The Critic” Crooke seated upon a golden and diamond encrusted throne centered on a custom made Viking Battle Ship set shaped as a large vintage row boat naval fleet.]

***** Riddick “The Critic” Crooke ***** 
“HERE YE! HEAR YE! Listen up noble peasants and little piss ants. It is I!! The connoisseur of Sports Entertainment..”

[The Anvil of Crom begins across Laugardalsvöllur and Korath emerges moments later to the roar of the crowds as he stares down the interviewer with fists clenched and a murderous look on his face.] 

Lane: “Uh- wasn’t this segment reserved for the returning Polar Bear, ‘Arctic’ Airen Frost?”

Hart: “Apparently The Nordic Nightmare had a change of plans..”

[Korath howls for blood, working the crowds into a frenzy as Riddick ‘The Critic’ Crooke begins to look visibly concerned for his safety as he begins to sweat profusely.]

Lane: “This doesn’t look good for MR. CRITIC!”

Hart: “ ..and it sounds like things are going from bad to worse..”

[The arena lights go dark, then cut to a icy blue hue that bathes the fans and the ring."Cherub Rock" by Smashing Pumpkins begins to play as the tron comes to life with the name FROST shown in ice block lettering and appears to freeze the screen. The ice shatters revealing a video package of various viscous attacks from Frost. This draws a loud, positive reaction from the crowd as Frost steps out from the back with a cold glare cast in the direction of Riddick Crooke.]

Lane: “Where is security?! These two giants are about to eat Riddick The Critic ALIVE!”

Hart: “We can actually agree on something for once, this is completely unfair.. come on guys, don’t be a bully.. be a STAR!”

[Korath, suddenly and without notice or hesitation, grabs Riddick Crooke by the throat and hoists him up out of the throne with feet dangling several inches above the floor while winding up the other arm to deliver A HEAVY LARIAT!! The impact turns Mr. Critic inside out and overboard the battleship and into the paws of the Polar Bear, ‘Arctic’ Airen Frost who MAULS Riddick the Critic with a ragdoll Bearhug transitioned into his patented trademark one arm spinebuster GIANT SPIKE SLAM Through the ANNOUNCE BOOTH!]


Lane: “This is--” (audio feed cuts out)


*The camera cuts to the backstage area, where we see Syndicate, the Lone Wanderer of the WWX, leaning against a cement wall.  With his trusty black baseball bat on the floor next to his feet, Syndicate has his head facing upward at the ceiling as he tries to focus on tonight's main event matchup.  Wearing a black tank top, ripped blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, he seems to be quite calm given the circumstances...that is, until Tommy Lipton, the WWX general manager, barges onto the scene.  Coming in from off-camera right, he gets right up in Syndicate's face.*

Lipton: You took out DJ and Bo, didn't you?

*As Lipton stares daggers into Syndicate, the Lone Wanderer doesn't respond.*


Syndicate: Whoa, whoa, whoa, Tommy!

*Syndicate, finally acknowledging Lipton's presence, smiles.*

Syndicate: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.  Either way, the fans are going to get the match that they paid to see...and we won't be saddled with another screwjob situation.

Lipton: You CANNOT put your hands on anyone you like, Syndicate.  That's not the way it works around here.

Syndicate: Oh, but it's fine and dandy for your buddy McAllister to powerbomb me through a window?

*Syndicate, using both hands, pushes Lipton backward.*

Syndicate: Maybe, if you wouldn't have gotten involved at Bloodshed, we wouldn't be having this conversation.  Maybe, if you could keep your ego in check for one |BLEEP|in' second, this mess wouldn't have occurred.  But we're past that point now, aren't we?

*He chuckles in the face of Tommy.*

Syndicate: Now if you'll excuse me...I've got a championship to win back and a perfect little world to shatter.

*With his now-signature sick smile very much present, Syndicate picks up his black baseball bat and walks away from Tommy Lipton, who watches him leave with rage in his eyes.*

Bonn: The following match is a All Out Brawl match and is for the WWX International Championship!!!

The lights in the arena dim as a cross forms in the center of the stage. The heavy drums of �;Lift me up�; by Five Finger Death Punch begin blaring over the pa system. The voice can be heard as �;I wont be broken, I wont be tortured, I wont be beaten down�; are heard. The cross in the middle of the stage lights fire around it as a single light comes over it. The stage breaks away briefly as Rayne can be seen rising up through the stage in the crosses shape. The International title around his waste. 

Bonn: Introducing first... From Battleground North Carolina... weighing 229...  He is your International Champion... RAYNE!!! 


The piece stands straight up as Rayne steps over the fire and heads towards the ring. He climbs up on the outside of the ropes and throws his arms out in a cross smashing his chest with hard right hands. He climbs into the ring and awaits his opponents. 

Xavier entrance....

(The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.)

Bonn - Making his way to the ring, hailing from Annapolis, MD.  He stands 6'4" tall and weighs in at 269 pounds.  Here is, one half of the WWX Tag Team Champions... Gary Tinordi!!!!!!!!!

(The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  He carries a plain, white towel over his shoulder and a water bottle in his hand.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat and a pair of dark sunglasses.  Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has the words "What time is it?" written in green bubble letters with really trippy designs in it.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring.  He stops and grabs a microphone from the officials table and slides into the ring underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.)

Tinordi (into the mic) - Can we cut the music?  (The music stops)  Iceland.... What time is it?

Crowd - 420!!!!!!!!!

(The crowd cheers for a bit until Tinordi gives them the signal to quiet down)

Tinordi - I just wanted to say a little something before we get started here.  I'm not sure if word has traveled this far, but on June 28th, 2018, a... how should I put this... disturbed individual walked into to a newspaper office in my hometown of Annapolis, MD and... well, basically he shot up the place, killing 5 staff members and injuring 2 others.  I'm not going to get into any details or share my views of this senseless tragedy with you guys.  But, I would like to ask all of you to stand and join me in a moment of silence in honor of the victims and their families.

(The crowd goes silent as Tinordi bows his head for a few seconds.)

Tinordi - And one last thing, I would also like to dedicate this match to Gerald Fischman, Rob Hiassen, John McNamara, Rebecca Smith, and Wendy Winters, the 5 staff members who were killed on that infamous day.  Thank you all very much.

(The crowd erupts as Tinordi wipes a tear from his eye and Glazebrook comes over to console his friend.  The two share a quick hug, before Glazebrook grabs Tinordi by the shirt and starts screaming instructions for him to get his head in the game and focus on his opponents.)

The ref takes the title from Rayne and holds it high over his head
Ding Ding Ding

The three circle and then out of no where a fist fight sparks in the middle of the ring!

Hart: Lipton has made this match a no DQ hardcore match and these three men are wasting no time bashing each other!

Lane: Matt Glazebrook is cheering on his partner from.... oh wait a second... Yup... Yes! Matt just slide brass knucks to Gary!! 

Gary goes to get them but Rayne notices and quickly kicks the knucks out of the ring. Xavier backdrops Rayne and now Gary scoops up Xavier.... but Xavier breaks free and shoves Gary into the corner! Xavier drives a hard knee into Gary's spine. Rayne gets back in and ties up with Xavier as Gary rolls out of the ring and Matt runs over to him.

Hart: 420 calling a time out to rethink strategy as Xavier and Rayne go toe to toe inside the ring. 

Raynes tries to hit Xavier with a neckbreaker but Xavier counters and reverses it into a modified jumpin falling back DDT and a pin! 




Matt points at Xavier and hands Gary the knucks. 
Gary gets back into the ring and moves tin to assault Xavier. But Xavier blocks and hits and takes Gary down with a shoulder block. Gary on his feet again and Xavier rushes with another shoulder block. A bit slower to his feet Xavier grabs Gary to help him up and takes Gary down with a facebuster! 
Rayne is up and Xavier grabs him and hits the Motor City Drive!!!! Xavier covers!!!




Gary breaks the pin! 

Lane: wow the Champ was out and Gary Tinordi has kept this match alive!

Hart: Xavier could taste the victory! 

Gary grabs Xavier and the two tie up. Gary locks in a wrist lock... Xavier counters it and gets a collar lock up happening. Gary Tinordi looking to counter and does with a hip toss and Gary goes for a knee drop but Xavier rolls out of harm's way! Rayne is up and blasts Gary with a clothesline from hell! Rayne covers! 



Xavier breaks the pin!

Xavier locks body scissors on Rayne and starts smacking Rayne across the side of the head. Rayne fights to get up and Xavier manages to set up the Gory Special! 

Lane: Xavier wants the submission! 

Xavier sees Gary getting up and follows with a neckbreaker slam on Rayne before heading over to get a waste lock locked in on Gary! 

Hart: Technically sounding display by a former World Champion here and this Icelandic crowd have been loud all match showing their excitement in this International Championship match! 

Xavier latches on and gets the octopus stretch locked in on Gary Tinordi!!!
Matt Glazebrook gets into the ring and grabs the knucks off the floor and cracks Xavier in the head!!!!


Hart: What the....

Gary then grabs Xavier who's dazed and Matt also grabs Xavier. . ..


Hart: 420 is using those tag team skills and Xavier is out! 

Lane: Here comes the champ! 

420 sees Rayne coming and hit a double team hip toss and both men hit the elbow drop!!! 

Lane: You cannot stop 420!!!

420 grab Rayne and set up for another Spike Pile Driver! They hit it!!

Gary covers....




Rayne barely kicks out! 

420 once again picks up Rayne... Xavier is on his feet and tackles Matt to the ground. Gary goes to help his partner and Rayne rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and as 420 bring the boots to Xavier they do not see Rayne now behind them with a chair!



Rayne takes a swing at both 420 members. Xavier and Rayne start dirt kicks on 420! 


Xavier and Rayne pick up Gary and Matt and simultaneously drop 420 with a suplex! Rayne then looks at Xavier and the two look at Matt. Xavier exits the ring to retrieve something from under the ring. Rayne grabs Gary and hits a swinging neckbreaker and then connects a big boot to the face of Matt. 

Lane: Xavier has a table and he is setting it up!! 

Inside the ring Rayne grabs Matt bringing him to his feet as Xavier enters the ring. Rayne with Xaviers help lifts Matt....


Double team power bomb over the ropes to the outside and through the table!!!

Hart: Matt Glazebrook is out cold!!!!

Xavier and Rayne turn to look at Gary Tinordi. Rayne moves towards Gary and then is blindsided by Xavier who spins him and hits a tilt the whirl backbreaker! Gary then ties up with Xavier and Gary hits him with a knee to the face. Gary then connects a double undertook piledriver and covers!



Kick out! 

Gary shows the ref his frustration. He grabs Xavier by the hair and drops him again with a double underhook suplex. Gary this time does not cover as he heads to the outside to collect a chair! Rayne is starting to stir... 
Back inside the ring Gary holds the chair up ready to crack Xavier with it but Xavier is quick and hits a European uppercut! Gary stumbles and Xavier grabs him hitting the Detroir Drive!!!!!


Xavier slow to cover finally gets on top of Gary! 



Rayne breaks the cover! Rayne grabs Xavier and throws him over the rope and to the outside. Gary gets up and turns right into the Rayne Drop! 




Kick out! 

Rayne grabs Gary and sets up for another DDT but Gary counters!  

Lane: THE RED EYE!!! 




Xavier from the top rope dives and nails Gary Tinordi! Rayne grabs Xavier and hits the evenflow DDT!!





ding ding ding! 

Bonn: Here is your winner... AND STILL your WWX International Champion...

'WANNA BE STARTIN SOMETHIN' hits the PA and the fans boo! 

Tommy Lipton with Blade Rickman make there way on stage. 

Tommy: Bravo.... Bravo.... Rayne, you just managed to hold onto that title... A title I personally have had the pleasure to hold many times myself... a title that means something to me.... So I said I would have an announcement to make...  

Tommy pauses for a moment...

Tommy: Tonight I am officially vacating the WWX International Championship! 


Tommy: We will have only two titles moving forward. 
The WWX Hardcore Championship and The WWX World Championship!!! 
Based on our roster I do not see the need for this belt at this time. I want to open up more competition in our World Division offering more action and opportunities! 
So again Rayne, bravo, you are the last WWX International Champion... 

Gary and Matt are now standing behind Rayne... they charge him taking him down and deliver unforgiving dirt kicks. 

Tommy: I'll leave you boys to talk. 

420 lift Rayne up and deliver a double team powerbomb. 420s music hits as we fade to commercial. 


Hary: We are back and we have been told that Tommy Lipton will be out here soon to make an announcement. 

Lane: In the ring we have Frost and Danger. 

Hary: Chris Danger told our GM he is here to make an impact...

Ding ding ding
[Chris Danger charges at the Giant and is planted on his butt where he stands with a stiff, yet effortless shoulder block. Now embarrassed, Danger takes a running start gaining maximum velocity as he rebounds off the ropes into a violent body whiplash brought on by a brutal one arm spine buster slam! BAM!]

Hart: "The Giant Spike slam! We need a medic, he could be broke in half after that dominating assault."

Lane: "Chris just entered the Danger Zone!"




Ding ding ding

Hart: Not the impact Chris Danger had in mind I'm sure...

Lane: Highly doubt we will see Chris in action anytime soon after that display....


Hart: And now, in the penultimate match of the evening, DragonFly defends his WWX Hardcore Championship against both Matt Glazebrook and Super Bacon in a triple-threat hardcore match!

Lane: DragonFly and Glazebrook had quite the hard-hitting match a few weeks ago that ended with DragonFly retaining the title off of a distraction to Glazebrook.  Will Matt be able to avenge the loss?  Will Super Bacon be able to steal the win here?  We're about to find out, Mike!

*We cut to the ring, where Kyla Bonn is ready to introduce the participants.*

Bonn: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a triple-threat match that will be contested under hardcore rules...and it is for the WWX HARDCORE CHAAAAAAAAAAAMPIONSHIP!!!


*The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I Wanna Get High" blare over the PA.*

Bonn: First, making his way to the ring, from Little Rock, Arkansas, weighing in at 304 pounds...he is one half of 420...MATT GLAAAAAAZEEEBROOOOOOK!!


*The lights slowly come up to show Gary Tinordi and Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a grey T-shirt with the 420 logo in green, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  Tinordi is wearing green track pants with a grey 420 shirt, a black floppy hat, and a pair of dark sunglasses.*

Hart: Glazebrook ALMOST became Hardcore Champion a few weeks ago, but he's definitely got his hands full tonight with both DragonFly and Super Bacon looking to take him out.

Lane: He's still got that size advantage, but he's going up against two speedy cruiserweights!  I wouldn't put much money on him, if I were you...

*Glazebrook passes a lit joint to Tinordi.  They slowly walk down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has the words "4:19... Got a minute?" written in green bubble letters with really trippy designs in it.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  Tinordi stops to pass the joint off to a different fan, then jogs towards the ring and slides in underneath the ropes.  Glazebrook climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  Tinordi runs to the corner and jumps onto the 2nd turnbuckle with his hands raised in the air.*

Glazebrook (shouting): WHAT TIME IS IT??

Crowd: 420!!!!!!!!

*The crowd screams as Glazebrook and Tinordi huddle up in the corner, their music fading in the background only to be replaced with "A New Power", signaling the arrival of a certain "superhero.*

Bonn: Next, from Norwich, England, weighing 175 pounds...he is The Hawk, SUUUUUUUUPERRRRRR BAAAAAAAAAAACONNN!!!!


*As "A New Power" plays, Super Bacon sprints onto the ramp, bends down and then back up again. Fireworks spray out from the stage as he lifts his hands up. Bacon runs down into the ring and bounces off the ropes twice before going to the center of the ring and spreading his arms out again.*

Hart: What do you think Super Bacon's chances are here of walking away with the Hardcore Championship, Gary?

Lane: To put it mildly, not high.  Super Bacon hasn't been heard from since Armada, which was months ago!  It would be an absolute MIRACLE for him to win this match, Mike.

*The lights in Laugardalsvöllur go dark once more as the videoboard comes to life with two red smoldering dragon eyes glowing from the shadows and stretching out its wings to take flight.  As this image comes into view, the soft, acoustic, melody of "Dragonfly" by Martin Craft plays through the PA system.*

I can see it all tonight.
Underneath a perfect sky.
Where the universe revolves around the pupil of an eye.
And infinities stretch out
From infinities within
I'm a part of everything. I'm a part of everything.

Hart: DragonFly has been a fierce champion over the past number of weeks.  He almost seems to ENJOY defending his title!  He's got no fear, Gary!

Lane: That's great, Mike, but he shouldn't be worrying about fear.  He should be worried about the men that will be standing across the ring from him tonight!

*As Glazebrook and Super Bacon watch the increasingly-foggy entranceway, DragonFly, with the Hardcore Championship in hand, slips out from underneath the ring behind the two men!*

Hart: Wait, Gary, that's...that's DragonFly!  He just snuck out from underneath the ring, and the other two haven't noticed!

*As the masked luchador gets to his feet, he pulls out a wooden table and sets it up next to the apron.  The table has "GLAZEBROOK" written on its top with green spray paint.  With Matt and Bacon STILL obvious as to what's going down, DragonFly climbs onto the apron and springboards off the top rope, connecting with a dropkick to the back of Matt Glazebrook!*

Lane: I think they've noticed now!!

*Glazebrook staggers forward and rebounds off the ropes.  Taking advantage of the peculiar situation, Super Bacon shoves DragonFly aside and brings the stunned Glazebrook down with a hurricanrana into a pinning predicament!*

Hart: Super Bacon's looking to steal one here!

*DragonFly breaks up the pin!*

Hart: Super Bacon almost had him!

*Bacon gets up and begins to argue with the reigning Hardcore Championship.  He and DragonFly get into a shoving match as Glazebrook gets up to a vertical base.*

Lane: Things might be about to boil over between DragonFly and Super Bacon!

*With the duo on the verge of a brawl, Matt takes advantage by hitting a vicious superkick to the side of Super Bacon's head, knocking him to the ground!  Glazebrook then looks over at DragonFly, who seems to be a bit taken aback.*

Glazebrook (off-mic): You wanna fight?  Then let's |BLEEP|ing fight.

*He points down at Super Bacon, who is currently crawling towards the corner.*

Glazebrook (off-mic): But let's get rid of him first.

*Matt and DragonFly stare at each other for a moment as DragonFly considers his offer.  During this, Bacon pulls himself to his feet via the top rope...only to be flattened again by another superkick, this time from DragonFly!*


Hart: I think Glazebrook and DragonFly are forming an alliance in this match!

Lane: It's clear that they want to fight one-on-one, so it makes sense for them to work together to make that happen.  I wonder how long this is going to last, though...

*Glazebrook kicks Super Bacon underneath the bottom rope and out of the ring, where he falls to the floor.  Seconds later, DragonFly bounces off the ropes and flies over the top rope, hitting a springboard plancha to "The Hawk"!  Glazebrook then slides out of the ring and grabs Bacon's head, violently slamming it down onto the announce table right in front of Hart and Lane!*

Lane: They're destroying our table, Mike!

Hart: I think that's the least of our worries...LOOK OUT!!!

*The commentators quickly move out of the way as Glazebrook places Bacon on his shoulders, powerbombing him right through the announce table!!!*



*The table crumples underneath the weight of Super Bacon, who doesn't appear to be moving.  Glazebrook stands over his foe, smiling as he admires his handiwork.*


Lane: No, he put Bacon through OUR table, Mike!!

*Glazebrook turns back towards DragonFly, looking to begin to fight with him, but he is met with a steel chair shot right to the head!*

Hart: DragonFly, taking advantage of the situation and getting a cheap shot in on Matt Glazebrook!

*DragonFly grabs Matt by the hair and drags him towards the table that the masked luchador set up before the match began.  Bringing the staggering Glazebrook to his feet, DragonFly jumps up, looking to hit an early Sunset DDT through the table - like he was able to do a few weeks ago to retain the title - but Glazebrook has it scouted, switching momentum around and hitting a flapjack onto the edge of the Spanish announce table behind the two competitors!  The table doesn't break, but DragonFly seems to be in a lot of pain as he rolls around clutching his head.*

Lane: OOH!  That's gotta hurt!

Hart: He might have a legitimate concussion after that shot to the edge of the table!

*Recognizing that he doesn't have much to work with, Matt looks underneath the ring apron for a weapon.  He quickly pulls out something a bit unorthodox...*

Lane: Is that...is that a hockey stick???

Hart: I, uh...I think so!  What the hell is a hockey stick doing underneath a WWX ring?

*Glazebrook looks at the stick and shrugs his shoulders, looking a bit dissatisfied.  Going underneath the ring apron again, Matt pulls out something much more dangerous: a roll of barbed wire!*

Hart: Oh boy, things are about to pick up!!!

*Smiling at his discovery, Glazebrook takes a moment to make sure DragonFly hasn't yet recovered - he can currently be seen crawling towards the barricade - he takes the spool of wire and winds it around the end of the hockey stick!*

Lane: Matt Glazebrook is WEAPONIZING that hockey stick!

*Once the stick has been wrapped with a sufficient amount of barbed wire, Glazebrook waits for DragonFly to stand as the Icelandic crowd's anticipation builds.  Raising the hockey stick up, Glazebrook hits DragonFly over the back of the head!*


*DragonFly falls forward, now leaning over the barricade.  Glazebrook goes for another shot, but he misses as DragonFly somehow moves out of the way!  He tries to stagger away from Glazebrook, but Matt stalks him from behind.  He looks to put the luchador away with another shot with the barbed-wire hockey stick, but DragonFly spins around and nails Glazebrook in the face with a tilt-a-whirl inverted DDT!!*


Lane: DragonFly's looking to get back in this!

*With Glazebrook now lying face-first on the ground, DragonFly picks him up and shoves him underneath the bottom rope and back into the ring.  However, instead of following him in, DragonFly looks underneath the apron and pulls out a second table, this one marked "SUPER BACON" with the same green spray paint as the other.  He pushes the table into the ring before going underneath the ring a second time, pulling out a bottle of lighter fluid and a lighter!*

Hart: Oh my...what is DragonFly thinking here...

Lane: Whatever it is, it can't be good!

*DragonFly slides into the ring with the fluid and matches in hand.  Setting them down next to the table, he watches as Glazebrook gets to his feet before hopping off of the top rope, looking to finish things early with the Dragonrana, but Glazebrook catches him and slams him down onto the folded table, just barely cracking it!*

Hart: The momentum just keeps switching back-and-forth, Gary!  I honestly don't know who's going to win, but it looks like Glazebrook just took control!

*DragonFly rolls away from Glazebrook, who is busy looking over the items his opponent brought into the ring with him.  Taking a moment to consider his options, Matt flies into action, setting the table up in the center of the ring.*

Hart: Shades of the Glazebrook-DragonFly match from a few weeks ago!

*However, this time things are different, as Glazebrook takes the red bottle of lighter fluid and pours a liberal amount of it over the table!  Moments later, he grabs a match and lights the table aflame!*



Lane: I think things just got very, very different from their last encounter!!!

Hart: There is fire present in the ring.  I repeat, THERE IS FIRE PRESENT IN THE RING!!!

*Jumping back as the fire lights up, Glazebrook smiles and turns around to get DragonFly.  However, DragonFly is ready for him and clocks him in the side of the head with what appears to be brass knuckles!!*


*Glazebrook falls on his back, narrowly avoiding the flaming table!*

Hart: DragonFly, with some brass knuckles that he was apparently hiding in his tights, has quickly turned momentum around!

*DragonFly leans on the ropes, considering his options.  Suddenly, as if a lightbulb went off in his head, he jumps into action.  DragonFly scales the turnbuckle and perches on the top rope, watching Glazebrook attempt to stand with the fire looming behind him.*

Lane: What the hell is the champion thinking?!?!?

*Glazebrook stumbles to his feet and DragonFly is about to jump when out of nowhere runs Super Bacon, who jumps onto the apron and crotches DragonFly on the top rope!*

Hart: OOOOOOH!  Super Bacon, who seemingly has risen from the head here in Iceland, is back in this!!

*With the "GLAZEBROOK" table from earlier looming on the ground next to the competitors, Super Bacon climbs to the second rope and readies DragonFly for a suplex!*

Lane: Super Bacon's going for broke!!!

*The crowd gets to its feet as Bacon readies himself for the jump, but at the last possible second, DragonFly springs to life and hits Super Bacon with a Sunset DDT through the table!!!*



Hart: OH..........MY.....................GOD!!!!  THAT'S A SUNSET DDT OFF THE TOP ROPE AND THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

Lane: That's TWO tables Super Bacon's been put through, Mike!  He's gotta be in a WORLD of hurt!

*Super Bacon isn't moving as DragonFly slowly gets himself back to his feet.  Breathing heavily, the luchador uses the ropes to pull himself into the ring, looking to finish things off with Glazebrook.*

Hart: Super Bacon is out for the count, but DragonFly's got another competitor to get rid of if he wants to remain Hardcore Champion!

*He stands and sees Matt Glazebrook on his knees next to the flaming table.  Glazebrook was cut open on his forehead by the brass knuckles from earlier, his face now a crimson mask.  Looking up at DragonFly, he seems defenseless as DragonFly connects with a series of kicks to Matt's back!  After three such kicks, he collapses to the mat once again.*

Lane: I don't think Glazebrook's got much more to give, Mike!

*Taking a glance at the table once again, DragonFly gets an idea on how to finish things off, once and for all.  He hauls Glazebrook to his feet and bounces off the ropes, seemingly looking for another Sunset DDT...*


*...however, Glazebrook catches DragonFly and drives him through the flaming table with The Stoner!*




Lane: WHAT DID WE JUST SEE?!??!?!?!

*With his absolute last bit of energy and with blood dripping off of his face, Glazebrook pulls DragonFly out of the flaming wreckage and goes for the pin!*





*The commentary team is silent for a moment as they try to catch their breath, having just witnessed an absolutely hellacious match.  Meanwhile, the WWX medical team floods the ring, putting out the remainder of the fire and tending to the three competitors scattered around the area.  The referee places the Hardcore Championship next to Glazebrook as he receives treatment.*

Hart: ...what just happened, Gary?  WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED???

Lane: Three tables broken, blood all over the ring, and to cap it all off, DragonFly was driven right into a flaming table!  You have to respect DragonFly for hanging on and giving it all he had, but it's Matt Glazebrook that will walk away from tonight as the NEW Hardcore Champion!


Bonn stands in the center of the ring. Looking up to see the WWX Championship hanging 20 feet above...

Bonn: It is now time for the Main Event!!!! 


 Her Black Wings hits on the PA and Hex Girl steps out in a black leather bikini top and black latex boy shorts, she is barefoot and her body smeared with black and blood red body paint. She shows off on stage for a second before sprinting down the ramp and leaping over the ropes. Hitting the mat she rolls and pops up ready to fight. 

Bonn: Introducing first... from Busthead, VA weighing in a 115... HEEEX GIIIRL!!! 

Hart: Hex Girl has obviously earned some acknowledgment from our General Manager, Tommy Lipton.... 

Lane: He is not doing Rex any favors... 

Hart: Hex has battled Crazy Jenna all month and now after winning that war she has earned a spot in our main event. 

Lane: It's an Outrage! 

The Anvil of Crom begins across the PA. Korath emerges moments later to the roar of the crowds and begins his descent to the ring. He starts down the ramp fists clenched and a muderous look on his face, charging into the ring once he reaches the bottom. When Korath gets to the ring he howls for blood, working the crowds into a frenzy and preparing for the match. 

Bonn: From the Savage Lands..... KOOOORATH!! 

Hart: Korath has been on a hunt as of late for the WWX Championship. Could tonight be the night? 




*The sound of static surrounds Laugardalsvöllur, signaling the arrival of the Lone Wanderer!*

Hart: And here's a man that is DETERMINED to, as he puts it, destroy Rex McAllister's world!

*The music quiets down as the arena's lights go out and "SYNDICATE" appears on the jumbotron in bright white letters.  A singular spotlight shines down on the stage, and Syndicate steps out of the shadows into it.  Wearing a black tank top, ripped blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers, the Lone Wanderer stares dead ahead at the ring, completely focused on what lies ahead.*

***COME WIT IT NOW!!!***

*As Zach de la Rocha's voice rings out, Syndicate raises the baseball bat in his right hand into the air, pointing it at Korath.  Moments later, the lights in the stadium turn back on.*

Lane: Mike, Syndicate has gone completely insane over the last month as he's tried in vain to get revenge on McAllister.  Rex has outclassed Syndicate in every possible way thus far, so I just don't think the "Lone Wanderer" is going to be able to do much damage here at Outrage.

Hart: But at the same time, this might be the most focused and determined we've ever seen Syndicate.  We know what he can do in the ring, all that's left is to see if he can keep up with the power of Korath, the quickness of Hex and the sharp mind of Rex McAllister.

Bonn: From LA California.... The Former WWX Champion.... SYNDICAAAATE!!! 

*After walking down the long ramp, Syndicate slides into the ring and stares through Korath from across the ring. He never even gives Hex the time of day. As the two lock eyes, the music fades.*

"The Vengeful One" by Disturbed blares through the speakers at Laugardalsvollur. Rex McAllister makes his way out in his normal entrance attire. Rex glares toward his opponents in the ring awaiting his arrival.

Bonn moves back center of the ring to announce each superstar...

BONN: Making his way down the isle...weighing in at 238lbs....from SEA ISLE, NEW JERSEY!!!...He's THE REMORSELESS ONE!!!...THE REX MASTER....THE WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION.....REXXXXXX!!!! MCALLISTERRRRR!!!!

the four circle the ring....

'Wanna Be Startin Somethin' plays over the PA... 


Hart: What the blazes is he doing coming out here!? Didnt he already do enough at Bloodshed?! 

Lane: Syndicate looks PISSED! 

Tommy makes his way to ring side and takes a seat. 


Hex charges Rex McAllister and drop kicks him into the corner.
Korath and Syndicate join in and the three begin mud kicks to Rex. Korath grabs Rex and throws him towards Syndicate who lifts him up and nails a spinebuster! Korath goes to grab Rex, and slams him to the ground. Syndicate then grabs Hex and throws her up and she drops with a swanton bomb onto Rex! Korath and Syndicate then start feeding more kicks to Rex.

Hart: 3 on 1 to start things off... Hey Gary, Tommy doesn't look too happy...  

Korath tells Hex to grab a ladder. Hex exits the ring. Korath and Syndicate take turns punching Rex in the corner. 
Hex on the outside grabs a ladder and goes to put it inthe ring but suddenly stops and instead she makes a bridge from the announce table to the ring. Hex then grabs another ladder and slides it into the ring. Korath leans it against the corner. He tells Syndicate to bring Rex over. 
Hex Girl then drives a low blow to Korath! Hex shoves Korath into the ladder. Syndicate sees and grabs Hex and tosses her out of the ring. Korath struggles with the pain. Syndicate grabs Rex and both he and Korath double team the Champ with a double team DDT! Korath then goes after Hex. The two fight on the outside leaving Rex and Syndicate alone in the ring... 


Hart: The fans have been waiting for these two to be face to face... 

Syndicate punches Rex
Rex punches Syndicate
Syndicate gets a wrist lock locked in
Rex reverses into an arm lock and then releases to nail a double ax hit
Syndicate kicks Rex and tries for a gutwrench duplex but Rex reverse into a waste lock. 
Rex lands a German Suplex! 
Tommy cheers on.

Hart: Our general Manager seems to be enjoying this.... 

On the outside Korath and Hex are battling it out. Korath hits a float over snap suplex.... Hex gets back to her feet only to be hit with a Backdrop Suplex! Korath then looks in the ring where Rex has a arm lock locked in. He rolls in and attacks Rex. Rex on his feet begins fighting back punch after punch and then hits Korath with a shin breaker. 

Lane: Looks like Hex is finding toys!

Outside the ring, Hex Girl has a chair and a smile. She reenters the ring and Rex sees her but it's too late


Hex connects the chair with Rex's arm! Rex stumbles and Hex raises the chair high over her head but Rex gets a quick kick to Hexs midsection and she drops the chair! Rex then hits her with a back body drop! Syndicate and Korath with a double team clothesline taking Rex out! 
Korath hits a leg drop over the chest of Rex but then he sees Syndicate climbing the ladder! Korath quickly pulls Syndicate down and the two exchange words and suddenly Syndicate tries to hit the No Signal but Korath pushes him away and Syndicate ends up on the wrong side of a back rotation suplex!! 

Tommy smiles... Tommy applauds Korath. 

Hex finds the chair and this time doesn't fail as she cracks Rex at the side of his head. He falls. Korath turns and she drills the chair into his chest then brings it down over his head. She drops the chair grabs Syndicate and DDTs him head first into the chair!!!

Hart: Lane, Hex Girl is in charge! 

Lane: I see that! 

Hex grabs Syndicate and Irish whips him against the ropes and on the rebound she delivers aback body drop and he crashes down on the ladder set up outside the ring. She sees him laid out on the ladder and climbs the ladder in the ring. Instead of going for the title she sets up and executes a huge moonsault crashing down on syndicate and the ladder breaks in half! 


Lane: He is dead! He has to be! 

Korath grabs Rex and the two tie up. Rex gets a wrist lock on Korath. Korath reverses it and nails a reverse DDT! Korath walks over to begin climbing the ladder. Rex to his feet starts climbing and catches up to Korath and the two at the top of the ladder starts punching it out. Rex grabs Korath bythe back of his head and starts slamming koraths face on the top of the ladder. Rex then throws Korath to the ground below



Hex now in pushes the ladder and Rex falls to the outside. Hex then begins to climb the ladder. Tommy watches on anxious a little. Hex has her hand on the title.... she looks to unclip it!!!!!! The belt suddenly is pulled up and out of her reach!

Hart: What is going on? 

 Korath grabs Hex by the leg and yanks her down. He goes for a punch but she ducks it and hits a jumping neckbreaker! Hex then grabs the chair and starts assaulting Korath with chair shots over and over! Hex then begins to climb again. 

Hart: Hopefully she can grab that belt, unsure what happened there before.... odd

Lane: It was odd... 

Hex grabs the belt... 
Rex is up and rolls back into the ring charges the ladder knocking it over leaving Hex hanging 20 feet high!!! Rex looks up and finally she cant hold on and falls! He goes to collect her but Korath grabs Rex and smashes him with a forearm. Rex then strikes back, Rex drop kicks Korath who goes over the top rope. Rex follows up with a suicidal Senton! 


Hex is on her feet and hits Rex with a suicidal Tornado DDT!!! 


Hart: What a great execution by the veteran Hex girl!

Hex gets up and embraces her cheering fans. Syndicate now up grabs Hex and whips her hard into the steel steps! Syndicate gets into the ring.

Hart: Syndicates the only man left in the ring! Get that ladder set up and we could have a new champion! 

Tommy hops onto the apron and starts taunting Syndicate. Syndicate goes to entertain him but then shakes his head "nope" Syndicate ignores him and starts setting up the ladder. Hex sees and gets back into the ring! Syndicate catches her...

Hart: NO SIGNAL!!! 

Syndicate drops Hex and sees Korath and Rex still are grounded... Tommy sees this too... Syndicate starts to climb... Tommy enters the ring and grabs Syndicate... Syndicate goes for the No Signal but Tommy counters and hits 


Hart: Seriously!? 

Lane: No DQ Hart!

Hart: He is the GM! 


Tommy exits the ring and grabs Rex rolling him into the ring!! Tommy yells for him to get the belt! 

Hart: No way!! 

Korath grabs Tommy and sends him flying over the announcers table! 
Rex sees Korath is up and looking at him. Rex gets out of the ring and attacks Korath. Korath goes for a short arm clothesline but Rex ducks and counters with a neckbreaker! 
Rex grabs a hold of Korath, drags him up to his feet and sends him rolling back into the ring.

Hart: He’s gonna try to end him right here and now! 

Rex climbs up to the apron and makes his way towards the nearest top turnbuckle. 

Lane: He’s making his way to the high rent district! Korath is in trouble! Rex is perched! MODIFIED REX EFFECT!!!! NO–REX IS STOPPED AS SYNDICATE WHO CLIMBS UP ON THE APRON!

Syndicate lays into Rex with several hard closed-fist shots. 

Lane: Rex can barely defend himself! Come on Rex! 

Syndicate headbutts Rex in the head which sends Rex staggering. Syndicate pulls Rex in with his feet on the middle rope.
Lane: DON’T!


Lane: Syndicate is trying to kill this man! He doesn’t care what it takes! REX'S DONE FOR!!!

Korath grabs a hold of the foot of Rex and drags him back into the ring…Hart: He wants to punish him! Korath wraps a hand around the throat of Rex, choking him in the middle of the ring as Rex gasps for air! 

Lane: Look at this! Korath is LITERALLY lifting Rex up by his throat! 

Korth rises to his feet with Rex in his grasp! 

Hart: HE PICKS HIM UP! CHOKESLAM!!! A BIG CHOKESLAM CONNECTS ON REX MCALLISTER!! Korath still isn’t looking for a ladder yet! He’s shaking his head! He wants Rex to suffer! 

Korath makes his way to the outside, searching underneath the ring…Korath pulls out a chair and throws it into the ring! He pulls out another chair, throwing it into the ring as well! He’s got a third chair that he throws in the ring! A fourth chair goes flying into the ring! 

Lane: How many is he gonna get, Mike?!

Hart: As many as he pleases, Lane, it’s all legal!

Korath pulls out a trash can and throws it into the ring, nearly hitting a still downed Rex. Korath sends a second trash can in to the ring. Korath pulls out a table. He sends it sliding into the ring before looking underneath the bottom rope. 



YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Korath pulls out a barbed wire 2×4!! 

Hart: That seems to be more like what he was looking for as he looks to get back to punishing Rex! 

Syndicate’s back to his feet in the ring as Korath enters with that barbed wire 2×4… Both men lock eyes… Korath now… tosses the 2×4 to Syndicate?! 

Lane: Does he have any idea what he’s doing?!


Syndicate swings again, but Rex dodges the swing. Rex escapes out to the apron before Korath grabs hold of him and pulls him back in through the ropes and into the ring.

Hart: Rex is like a cornered animal, trying to do anything to escape, but I don’t think it’s happening any time soon! Rex and Korath are jocking for position on the apron while Syndicate seems to be climbing up to the top with that 2×4 in hand! SYNDICATE LEAPS FROM THE TOP AND DRIVES THAT BARBED WIRE 2X4 INTO THE SPINE OF REX MCALLISTER ON THE WAY DOWN–MY GOD!! 


Rex drops like a ragdoll down to the mat as Korath rolls to the outside. Korath grabs a hold of the bloodied Rex as Syndicate looks on, ready to keep this torture going. 


Syndicate drops the 2×4 and pulls Rex up. Syndicate navigates Rex towards the timekeeper’s booth…He picks up momentum and sends Rex crashing through the barricade of the booth. 


Tommy is back on his feet. Korath sees Tommy first... Korath pleads with Tommy who is approaching him... Korath goes for a punch but Tommy ducks and lands a jab, a second jab and a third! Syndicate goes to swing the 2x4 but Tommy ducks and Syndicate cracks Korath!!! Tommy grabs Syndicate but Hex Girl back in action hits a suicide dive and takes out both the GM and Syndicate!!! 

Hex realizes one downed man is her Manager... She shrugs and grabs Syndicate and launches him into the steel steps. Hex returns to the inside of the ring. Suddenly Frost hops the barrier and attacks Hex Girl! 

Hart: What is Frost doing??!!! 

He throws Hex over the top rope! 

Hart throws his notes up in the air

Hart: This match is out of control! 

Lane: Frost possibly upset that he wasnt given the same opportunity tonight as Hex Girl... After all Frost defeated Chris Danger is serious quick fashion.

The two fight on the ramp... they end up on the stage and Frost throws Hex backstage! 

Lane: Where are they going? 

Korath and Rex battle it out in the ring. Syndicate on the outside has got a baseball bat... Tommy is slowly getting up...


Hart: Syndicate tags Tommy with the bat! 


Syndicate enters and nails Rex and then Korath!!! 
With both Rex and Korath on their knees in the ring, Syndicate alternates whacking both men in the back with his baseball bat as the crowd counts the hits







Lane: Tommy get up!!! 

Hart: Stay down and out of this!!! 





Syndicate spits over his shoulder and drops the bat.... he looks out towards all the fans in the arena....

Syndicate (off mic): when in Iceland... 

Syndicate picks the bat up and swings some more!






He stops.... he grins... he turns.... he sees Tommy.... 

Lane: Oooooh No!

Syndicate sees Tommy getting into his seat... hes feeling the bat connection from earlier... 

Hart: Syndicate is targeting Lipton... 


Hart: That's two tonight for our General Manager! 

Lane: It's unfair and his suits ripped! 

Syndicate rips his black tank top off and grabs Tommy and feeds him a few punches and then drives his knee into Tommy's midsection. Tommy stumbles backwards and as Syndicate goes to hit Tommy again Tommy blocks and connects with a jab and another jab and another. Tommy with a big boot and Syndicate drops. Tommy grabs a chair and approaches Syndicate but Syndicate upper cuts Tommy and drop kicks Tommy into the announcers table. Tommy drops the chair on the table... Syndicate nails Tommy with No Signal!!! Syndicate then puts him onto the announcers table... 


Hart: Not good Lane, back up! 

Syndicate trash talks in Tommy's ear. 
Syndicate gets onto the announcers table and leans down to grab his boss! 

Lane: This is assault!!! SECURITY!! 

Korath is now up and slowly rolls out of the ring..  Syndicate releases Tommy and leaps at Korath nailing a forearm smash sending korath into the apron. 
Korath goes to punch Syndicate... Syndicate blocks and drives a knee into the midsection of Korath and rolls him on top of Tommy!  

Rex in the ring is slowly getting up and Syndicate sees this and enters the ring. 
Rex then drops down and hits Syndicate 

Hart: Low Blow!! 

Syndicate Keels over!!! 
Rex hits a knee smash!!
Rex hits a backstabber!!! 
Rex dragon whips Rex into the corner and Rex's head bounces off the turnbuckle!  Rex with a body slam and both men laid out... Rex trying to catch his breath. 
Rex starts to get up and grabs Syndicate but Syndicate steps back and hits a super kick!!! 

Hart: Syndicates moment!!!

Lane: Wait...

Korath rolls off Tommy 
Syndicate looks at the title but then to Lipton who's laid out on this table... 

Hart: Oh this is turning out to be interesting! 

Lane: Not Good! 

Syndicate goes to climb the turnbuckle



Syndicate leaps!! Tommy grabs the chair beside him and holds it up.



The table collapses... 


Korath in the ring rushes down Rex with a clothesline! Korath then grabs Rex and throws him out of the ring... 

Hart: Wait here comes Frost again!! 

Lane: And look Rogues of Anarchy!!! Coming to take care of Frost from doing more harm! 

Korath laughs as he realizes The Rogues are actually helping... 
Korath climbs the ladder... he reaches for the belt but suddenly it is raised higher...

Hart: What the....

Lane: Hehe theres that belt acting up again!

Korath is confused. The belt drops to a reachable level again... Korath reaches out once more but the belts once again pulled from reach! 

Hart: What is going on?

The Rogues and Frost fight on the Ramp... 

Korath is confused

Medics are checking on Tommy Lipton and Syndicate. They are placed on stretchers. 

Rex is now grabbing Koraths Leg and climbs upthe ladder more whaling fists into Koraths back!! From half way up the ladder Rex executes a backdrop! 
Rex locks in a sleeper.... 

Hart: Looks like the medics are taking Tommy and Syndicate backstage. 

Lane: It is one on one now. Rex McAllister controlling the situation. 

Rex tightens the hold but Korath uses everything he's got and starts to stand up. 
 Korath gets up and jumps falling back crushing Rex! Rex let's go. Korath takes time catching his breath. Korath then grabs Rex.

Rex punches Korath
Korath punches Rex
Rex kicks Korath and then whips him into the standing ladder and both fall over. Rex exits the ring and starts pulling out tables. 

Lane: Rex is in a zone of craze look at his eyes!

Hart: Korath is about to have a bad day!

Rex stakes one table on top of the other. 
He slides back into the ring and korath quickly grabs a chair and slams it into Rex's midsection! Korath drops the chair and grabs Rex around the throat. 


Rex reacts with an eye rake! Rex hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker! 

Lane: wait somethings happening backstage


Tommy whips Syndicate hard into the coke machine. Tommy goes for a CIB but suddenly is grabbed by security!!

Tommy: What are you morons doing?! I'm your boss! 

Security guard: no he is! 

Tommy looks over to where the guard is pointing.... Tommy looks like he's seen a ghost! 

Tommy: .... McIver! 

Duncan McIver enters the scene

Duncan: Tommy Lipton, what do you think you are doing?


Rex and Korath are back on their feet. Rex whips Korath into the turnbuckle and nails him with a shoulder thrust. Rex sets up for another and charges. Korath counters with an elbow. Korath then hits a clothesline... Korath grabs the ladder and sets it up. Rex up grabs Korath and hits a German Suplex. Rex rolls out of the ring and grabs his Sugarcane!! He enters the ring and starts swinging it against Koraths back!


He starts to slowly climb as Rex gets to his feet. Rex then begins to climb. 


Duncan: Make sure he is ok. Doc what's the status with Hex Girl?

Doc: She took some big bumps but she will be fine for next week. 

Duncan: Good, because next week she will have a chance to really shine when she faces Frost. 

Tommy: Yes that's what I was thinking...

Duncan rolls his eyes. 


Korath and Rex are brawling at the top of the ladder.... the Rogues of Anarchy hit a double team powerbomb on Frost and now are headed to the ring. 

Hart: Look out Korath!

Suddenly 10 security guards and 4 police officers surround the Rogues of Anarchy and escort them and Frost backstage. 

Hart: Duncan McIver finally dealing with this chaos! 




*The sound of static surrounds Laugardalsvöllur, signaling the arrival once more of the Lone Wanderer!*

Hart: Syndicate is back and is headed this way! 

Rex punches Korath and then slams Korath face first into the ladder top. Rex shoves Korath off and Korath lands hard onto the pile of chairs!

Lane: Grab the belt Rex!

Syndicate in the ring pushes the ladder! 


Lane: NO!!!

Syndicate can smell the victory! Syndicate sets up the ladder. He starts making the climb. 


Hart: Finally Syndicate will reclaim his WWX Championship! 

Syndicate makes it to the top of the ladder and looks at the belt and then down at Korath and Rex. He extends his hand to grab the title... suddenly the title is pulled higher and out of his reach!!!!

Hart: What the heck is going on!!!?????!!!!


Duncan: I want security on the catwalk. I want to know what in blazes is going on here!
Tommy if this is your doing...  

Tommy: This ones not me! 


Syndicate yells in frustration and then smiles... 

Lane: Why is he smiling? 

Syndicate looks down at the Sugarcane...
Syndicate decends the ladder and picks up the cane and holds it up


Hart: Smart!

Syndicate climbs the ladder. He uses the cane to hook the cable and pulls the title towards him. But he struggles a bit...

Hart: Someone is up there doing this! 

Syndicate pulls hard and wins the tug a war. Syndicate has the belt in his arms!!!

Hart: he's got it! WAIT WHAT THE 

Blade Rickman enters the ring and Syndicate doesn't notice. Syndicate goes to unclip the belt but suddenly he's surprised as Blade is now top ladder. Blade grabs Syndicate and hits a cutter off the ladder!!!!


Blade exits the ring and grabs Rex and rolls him into the ring. Blade sees security rushing the ring and splits! 

Hart: This is BS! 

Rex slowly gets up and so does Syndicate... Rex grabs Syndicate and hits the Rex Effect! Rex then grabs Korath and hits the Rex Effect on him and starts to climb the ladder.... Rex reaches up and grabs the belt and unclips it

Ding ding ding

Hart: Horseshit!

Bonn: Here is your winner and STILL WWX CHAMPION REEEEX MCALLISTER!!!


Duncan: Your guy won... Congratulations Tommy but it is time for this highway robbery to end. Next month is WWX World Series  and I am back to oversee it... have a lovely evening. 

Duncan pat's Tommy on the shoulder and leaves. Tommy should be happy with Rex McAllister retaining but instead he frowns bitterly as he looks at the monitor and sees Syndicate starring up angerly at the Champ. 

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