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RAVAGE - Show 2018-08-08 00:23:51
We open up in the office of Tommy Lipton. He is seated behind his desk. Playing darts with a photo of Syndicates face is Blade Rickman. 

Blade: Sir, the battle against Syndicate is over?

Tommy: Yes it is. He has not become World Champion during my reign as GM and Xander Adam's stands at the mountain top with Airen Frost at his ankles. I think it is safe to say... Mission complete! 

Heavy Metal Plays
We see clips of the WWX Roster...

Xavier Pendragon bouncing off the ropes. 

Rex McAllister hanging with the Rogues. 

Syndicate covered in blood.

Airen Frost double chokeslamming randoms.

Kurtis Ray pinning an opponent.

Blade Rickman hitting the Switch Blade.

Xander Adam's holding the WWX Championship.

Tommy Lipton standing alone in the ring wearing a suit...




Hart: We are live in Cottage Country, North Bay, On, Canada! And we've been out enjoying this beautiful weather and these Northern Ontario Lakes! 

Lane: Beauty out there will not be beauty in here! 
Tonight, we have what will definitely be the show stealer! The hardcore elimination championship match! 

Hart: That's not all! Gary Tinordi and Syndicate are set to go uno on uno! 

Lane: Airen Frost, the number one contender for the WWX Championship faces off against Kurtis Ray in tonights main event! 

[The Arena lights go out.]


[I’m a Wanted Man by Royal Deluxe begins to play.]



[Spotlights flare to life and begin to swirl.]


[The Stage Curtain waves lightly with life.]


[Xander Adams pushes through it and onto the stage. He is wearing a long Pink and Purple Sleeveless, Glitter covered, Trench Coat like robe. Giant 70’s Pink Sunglasses and is carrying his Modified Retro Fender Stradocaster Guitar in one hand. ]

Hart: “Here comes the New WWX World Champion.”

Lane: “Don’t forget TWO TIME World Series winner!”

[The Spotlights move to the stage and shine down on WWX Champ. Then break into a almost strobe like effect as they hit the WWX World Title that adorns Xanders waist. A belt that has now been modified to match Xanders colorful outfits that he seems to wear more often than not.]

*They didn’t know when they turned me loose.*
*I shot the sheriff and slipped the noose.*

[Xander pauses at the top of the ramp with a smug smile and the arena lights flare back up revealing The Showtime Band setup in the Ring below.]

*The Law aint ever been a friend of mine.*
*I’d kill again to keep from doing time.*
*You should never trust my kind.*

[Xander raises his empty hand  up as he twirls slowly at the top of the ramp, for all to see him. Then moves his Guitar into place with both hands like he is playing along with the song as it plays.]

*I got blood on my hands.*
*Do you Understand*

[Xander slides the guitar back into one hand. The Champion then breaks into a walk and moves onto the ramp. Slowly strutting towards ringside and the awaiting WWX Fans.]

*The Chorus to his theme song continues.*

[As the WWX Champ reaches ringside he takes a sharp left towards the steps. Slapping a few hands as he goes. Then comes to a stop and snatches a sign out of one of the fans hands.]


[He holds it up laughing.]


Hart: “I doubt he will be laughing at Fury.”

Lane: “Why wouldn’t he, Syndicates a joke.”

[Xander hands the sign back.]

*His Music continues to play.*

[The Champ moves to the ringsteps and as he reaches the apron he pauses again. Looking around at the Fans in the crowd with a Sinister grin. Then struts down the apron, pausing at mid-ring he pretends to wipe his feet off and steps through the ropes and twirls to the center of the ring and throws both arms up holding up his Fender Stradocaster.]


[Xander takes a moment to take it all in. Then lowers his arms with a smile and slings the Pink and Purple guitar over his shoulder and it comes to rest on his back. Then with one smooth movement he snatches the microphone out of the holder that awaits him. Then as if on cue his music fades from existence and the fans clam into silence, so the Champ can speak.]

Xander: “I guess we can safely say, IT’S SHOWTIME!”


Xander: “Because you can LOVE ME!”


Xander: “You can HATE ME!”


Xander: “But every fan can agree what they WANT, and that's ENTERTAINMENT... and That's ME, WOOOOOOOOOO!!!”


[The Champ begins to circle the ring near the ropes to avoid the band in the ring. Stopping on the other side to point out at the fans to pump them up.]


[He then moves back to his original spot in front of the band.]

Xander: “At WORLD SERIES, were you not ENTERTAINED!”


[Xander points at the WWX World Title strapped to his waist.]

Xander: “I hate to do a TOLD YOU SO!”

[He begins to laugh.]


Xander: “But if you expected something else, you’re as DELUSIONAL as The Lone Moron.”


Xander: “and as much as I could berate that Idiot at the moment. Like World Series, This Ravage nor this celebration isn’t about HIM!”


[Xander spins slowly looking at the crowd with a smile. Saying soak me in people.]

Xander: “Hell it isn’t even about YOU!”


[Xander laughs and slides the belt off his waist and it hits the ground.]

Xander: “Nor this hunk of junk.”


[Xander steps on the WWX World Title disrespectfully.]


Hart: “What the hell, he is spitting in the face of the entire WWX.”

Lane: “Wow, even I am shocked at this.”

[The WWX Champion stares out at the crowd with a sinister smile.]

Xander: “No this was about, Xander Adams.”

[His faces gets a completely serious look on it as he stares out at the BOOing WWX Fans.]

Xander: “I could show up any day of the week and knock one of these so called WWX Superstars down and out. I am the single greatest Technical wrestler this Company has ever seen. “

[He gives out a light laugh and continues.]

Xander: “This belt.”

[Xander looks down at it, then grinds his foot into it for further disrespect.]

Xander: “Is a simple by product, of pursuing my Legacy and cementing myself in the history books as the FIRST ever TWO time World Series CHAMPION, WOOOOOO!”


[Xander cracks a smile at the Upset fans.]

Xander: “Now that we understand each other…”

[The fans cut him off with Booing.]




[He laughs as he waits for the crowd to die down.]

Xander: “Now that we Understand each other, Let me show you what this was all ABOUT!”

[One of the Band members holds out a small box. Xander pops it open with an excited smile. The light glitters around a Diamond studded Ring with a WWX World Series logo.]

Xander: “So beautiful.”

[Xander looks like he is about to cry when he sees it. Then slowly reaches out and pulls it from the box. Then with a satisfied smiles he slides it onto a finger on his right hand. It glimmers next to the twin ring he earned in a previous World Series.]


Hart: “What a sad Spectacle.”

Lane: “I dunno Mike, looks pretty good on him.”

[Xander makes a fist and lifts his hand up. He begins to circle the ring showing off his latest prize to the whole WWX Existence. 
The World Champion looks pretty amused at the Fans reaction. He finally moves back to the front of the band looking like he is in a jovial mood.] 


[Xander lifts his Microphone.]

Xander: “Now that we have that out of the way.”

[He laughs.]

Xander: “The show MUST go ON!”


[The Champ swings his Guitar off his back.]

Xander: “I dedicate this one to Syndicate and all his Fans.”

[Xander looks over half the crowd and spits in disgust.]


[Xander steps on the World Title again and begins to play.]


[Xander begins to sing.]

You keep saying you got something for me
Something you call love, but confess
You've been messing where you shouldn't have been messing
And now someone else is getting all your best.

[Xander then begins to walk all over the World Title.]

These boots are made for walking
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you


[Xander strums a little solo.]


[Xander begins to sing again.]

You keep lying when you ought to be truthing
You keep losing when you ought to not bet
You keep saming when you ought to be changing
What's right is right, but you ain't been right yet

[Xander steps all over the World Title again.]


These boots are made for walking
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you

[Xander Strums another solo.]


[Xander steps off and then onto the WWX World Title.]

You keep playing where you shouldn't be playing
And you keep thinking that you'll never get burnt, hah
Well, I've just found me a brand new box of matches, yeah
And what he knows you ain't had time to learn

[He steps on the title again.]


These boots are made for walking
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you

[Xander steps on Title one final time.]


[Xander strums his last Solo.]

Are you ready, boots?
Start walking…

[Ravage fades to a Television Commercial as the Song comes to an abrupt end. to a Chorus of WWX Fans Booing the New WWX World Champion Xander Adams as he stands bowing on the WWX World Title.]


Tommy's office. 

Tommy: So Xander clearly doesn't respect the title... In the same moment of shedding his feelings on our Championship strap he has disrespected WWX. Duncan McIver failed to make sure that the rightful champion holds this belt. Xander Adam's is nothing but yesterdays garbage... the fact that he got given a green light to join the series without my approval is a whole other issue. I am not here to feed vets title belts! Syndicste was right to call conspiracy but he just was pointing it towards the wrong direction. In fact I almost rather see Syndicate hold that belt over a man who clearly is undeserving of such a reward. Who is Xander Adam's? I never faced him back I  the day because he's a |BLEEP|ing |BLEEP| who never had the balls to walk these streets while I was around! Come Fury, Xander Adam's better decide if he wants to be champ or not. Enough worthier competition awaits their shot at the prize! I almost want to write WWX World Series off the record books! 



Hart: Up first is a struggling Hex Girl. A multiple womens champion, yet, since her battle with Crazy Jenna she has not moved forward with that momentum! Tonight could change that as well as Scott Grayse could be banned for no showing the match. 


Hex counters early, taking the momentum and delivering kicks and punches throwing Scott Grayse off balance. 

Scott however reverses a high risk maneuver attempted by Hex. He takes control for the first time. Using the ropes he takes the upper hand. Scott hits a few springboards and then he uses the ropes to choke out Hex. Scott delivers some kicks and the ref pulls the two apart. 

Amos storms the ring. 

Hart: What on earth!? 

Amos strikes Hex

Ding ding ding!

Amos hits a DDT on Scott Grayse. He then throws Scott out of the ring. Amos splits into the confused crowd. 


Hart: Syndicate and Gary Tinordi are about to do battle, but it seems like we have a visitor here on commentary!

*The camera cuts to the announce table, where Matt Glazebrook, Tinordi's tag team partner, is donning a headset and taking a seat next to Mike Hart.  Fresh off of refereeing the Hardcore Championship match, he breathes heavily into the microphone for a few seconds before getting himself under control.*

Glazebrook: Glad to be here, Mike!

Lane: I'm not...

*We suddenly cut to the backstage area, where Syndicate, the Lone Wanderer of the WWX, can be seen walking towards Gorilla position.  He is dressed in a black tank top, ripped blue jeans, and black Nike sneakers.  A black baseball bat is slung over his shoulder as he stares straight ahead, determined to put on a show for the WWX Universe against his friend, Gary Tinordi.*

???: Fancy seeing you here.

*The voice rings out from behind the camera, causing Syndicate to switch his attention to the source.  With a sick grin spreading on the Lone Wanderer's face, the camera pans around to reveal Tommy Lipton leaning against the wall right next to the curtain.  With a smirk on his face and his arms crossed, Lipton shoots daggers at his most hated enemy with his words.*

Lipton: You put together quite the performance at World Series.  It's just too bad I wasn't there to see it.

*Syndicate moves right into Lipton's face, staring straight into his eyes.*

Syndicate: |BLEEP| off.

*Immediately, Syndicate shoves his baseball bat right into Lipton's gut, doubling the general manager over!*

Hart: OH MY GOD!!!

*Syndicate raises the bat, looking to crack it over Tommy's back, but before he can, Blade Rickman runs out of nowhere and tackles him to the ground!*


Glazebrook: What the hell is going on back there??

*Lipton and Rickman begin double-teaming Syndicate, throwing him directly into a catering table!  The table cracks under the pressure, bringing the Lone Wanderer to the ground, covered in food.  Rickman and Tommy laugh at the fallen Syndicate...but their celebration doesn't last long, as Gary Tinordi comes from behind with a utility ladder, knocking both men down with a shot to the back!!*


Glazebrook: THERE YA GO!!!

*Tinordi helps Syndicate to his feet, but Lipton and Rickman stand at the exact same time.  The duos stare at each other, ready to strike.*

Lipton: Screw the match, ya'll need to be taught a lesson...

*Before anyone can move, Syndicate charges at Rickman and hits him with the Original Syn, knocking him to the floor!  This move ignites a brawl with Syndicate punching the hell out of Rickman while Tommy and Gary battle it out!*

Tommy grabs Gary and knees him in the groin and throws him through the plexiglas then turns his attention to Syndicate. 
Syndicate taking the fight to Blade when he is grabbed. Lipton hits a reverse suplex and Syndicate hits the floor hard. 

Tommy: Come on bro!? Did you really think you can beat me?! You had your questionable days in the sun. But no conspiracy now. It is face to face. 

Syndicate gets up and tries to rush Tommy Lipton but Blade gets in the way and tackles Syndicate! 
Gary busts through the door with a chair in hand! 

Tommy whistles....

Security rushes in as Tommy and Blade grin at Gary and Syndicate.


Bonn - Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a 4-way elimination match for the WWX Hardcore Championship.  

Lane: Crazy Jenna is ring side... 

(The crowd cheers.)

Bonn - Introducing first, our special guest referee...

(The lights go out in the arena and a thick fog fills the aisle.  Rotating lights of a green hue flow throughout the arena as the sirens from Cyprus Hill's "I wanna get high" blare over the PA.  The lights slowly come up to show Matt Glazebrook standing at the entrance ramp.  Glazebrook is dressed in a pair of black track pants, a black and white referee shirt, and a pair of dark black sunglasses.  He also has a whistle around his neck and a yellow flag stuffed halfway in his back pocket.)

Bonn - He has won multiple championships here in the WWX, most recently the WWX Hardcore Championship.  He is best known as one half of 420, here is... Matt Glazebrook!!!!!!!!!!!

(He slowly walks down to aisle towards the ring, slapping fives to the fans, who are on their feet cheering.  Glazebrook stops and grabs a sign from a fan and proudly displays it as he rotates in a circle.  The sign has 420 written in a cool design with trippy green highlights.  He hands the sign back to the fan, then makes his way towards the ring again.  He climbs the stairs and steps over the top rope.  The crowd cheers loudly until his music fades out.)

Bonn - And now, the contestants for this match.  Already in the ring, standing at 6'3" and weighing in at 277 pounds.  He hails from Detroit, Michigan.  Here is Xavier Pendragon!!!!!!!

(The crowd cheers as Xavier waves.)

Bonn - Also in the ring, he stands 6'6" tall and weighs 265 pounds.  Hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota, here is the WWX Hardcore Champion.... Gimmick Jones!!!!!!!

(The crowd boos.)

Bonn - Introducing next...

("Crawling in the Dark" by Hoobastank blares over the PA system. Willie Steen emerges from the curtain wearing a black "Keep it Cool" shirt and sunglasses. He stands on the stage looking out at the crowd. He throws his arms out to the sides and lifts his face toward the sky as a pyro blast goes off right behind him.)

Bonn - Standing at 6'1" tall and weighing in at 211 pounds.  He hails from Long Beach, California... here is Willie Steen!!!!

(Steen makes his way to the ring, gesturing and showboating to the crowd as he does. He arrives at the ring, climbs on to the apron and leans against the ropes, surveying the crowd. He climbs into the ring and ascends a turnbuckle posing and gesturing for the crowd.)

Bonn - And the final combatant....

(A German flag fills the Tron as Mutter by Rammstein hits. The lights go low and the flag is replaced with a blue Maltese cross. Erwin steps out onto the ramp in his uniform, grey coat and khaki pants, with highly polished over the calf combat boots, and grey slouch cap. His uniform coat is covered in a fair number of decorations.)

Bonn - He stands 6'10" tall and weighs 355 pounds.  Hailing from Munich, Bavaria... here is...  Stabsfeldwebel Erwin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(He marches to the ring and steps up onto the apron then over the top rope. He removes his coat to reveal black suspenders hold his pants up and he has on an olive drab tank top.)

Hart - Stabsfeldwebel Erwin is making his return to the ring in this 4 way, no holds barred, hardcore match for the title here on Ravage!

Lane - Yes, Mike, and I know I am not alone in saying this, but I missed the big guy immensely.

Hart - And don't forget about the special guest referee, Matt Glazebrook.  It will be interesting to see what kind of impact he has on this match.

Lane - Well, I'm not sure what they were thinking putting him in charge of this match, but let's hope he just stays out of the way and remembers how to count to 3.


(The bell rings and Steen, Jones, and Pendragon all immediately team up on Erwin, driving him back in the corner.  Pendragon has a hold of his legs as Jones and Steen throw punches to his head.  Glazebrook immediately starts yelling at all the combatants and blowing his whistle.  He grabs Jones and pulls him out of the fray.  Gimmick starts yelling at Glazebrook and the two exchange words not unlike an umpire and baseball player who has just struck out.  Glazebrook blows his whistle again and uses his hands to form a T.)

Hart - Did Matt Glazebrook just give Gimmick Jones a technical foul?

Lane - Jesus, this guy doesn't even know what sport we're playing here.  I told you this wasn't going to work.

Hart - Well, it appears that Glazebrook is giving up as he looks to be exiting the ring... and heading towards us?

Lane - Oh, Lord.

Glazebrook - (off mic) Hey guys... you have an extra headset?  Thanks, man.  (There is a quick rustling sound heard as Glazebrook puts his headset on.  His words are clear now, as he speaks into the microphone.)  Hey, how's it going?

Lane - Don't you have something you should be doing?

Glazebrook - You want me to T you up, too?  Because, I'll do it.

Hart - I think what he means is that we would love to have you here with us doing commentary, but I think you are supposed to be refereeing this match right now.

Glazebrook - Yeah, I know.  But these guys aren't listening to me.  Anyway, that Gimmick dude brought up a good point.  There are no rules in this match.  So, now I don't even understand why I am here at all.

Lane - Someone has to count the pins.

Glazebrook - Yeah, but that could take a while.  What, am I supposed to just wait around in the ring until they decide to pin each other?  That could take like, minutes.  Nah... I’ll wait around over here with you guys.

Hart - Ok, then.

Glazebrook - Damn!!!  That was a brutal headshot with a chair on Edwin by Steen.

Hart - Yeah, it seems like Willie Steen, Gimmick Jones, and Xavier Pendragon have been working together in the early stages of this match to go against the bigger Stabsfeldwebel Erwin.  How do you feel about that strategy, Matt?

Lane - It's not fair!  This isn't supposed to be 3 on 1!

Glazebrook - Nobody asked you!  I understand the strategy.  Get rid of the bigger guy to even the playing field a little.  I've had that happen to me a few times in these types of matches before.  You just must power through and keep your eyes on the prize.

(Steen and Jones hit a Double Suplex on Stabs, while Pendragon comes off the 2nd turnbuckle with a Leg Drop.  Jones drops an elbow has Erwin tries to get up.  Steen climbs to the top rope.  He takes a couple seconds to balance himself on the turnbuckle before he goes for a Moon Sault, but Erwin moves out of the way.  Jones attempts another elbow and Erwin keeps rolling to dodge that.  Pendragon tries a stomp, but Stabs avoids that and rolls out of the ring.  Xavier is quick to slingshot himself over the top rope into a High Cross Body to Erwin on the outside, but Stabs catches Pendragon and delivers a Powerslam to him on the outside of the ring on that hard concrete floor!  Erwin is quick to his feet and slides into the ring under the ropes.  Gimmick rushes him, but Erwin scoops him up and hits another Powerslam.  Stabs gets to his feet and gives a couple stomps to the still fallen Steen, then goes back to meet Jones as he gets to his feet.  Erwin hits a Powerbomb on Jones.  He walks back over to Steen and whips him into the opposite corner.  Erwin follows him in with an Avalanche and nails it.  Stabs walks back to Jones and whips him into the corner on top of Steen.  He follows Gimmick in with another Avalanche on both opponents and nails that.)

Lane - Stabsfeldwebel Erwin is cleaning house in his return match!

(Xavier slides into the ring with a chair, sneaks up behind the big man and nails him in the back of the neck and head with it.  He swings again and drops Erwin with a second shot.  Pendragon jumps up, sits on the chair and drops it down on Erwin's head.)

Lane - Well, so much for that.

Glazebrook - You jinxed him, dude.

(Jones climbs the ropes and makes it to his feet.  Pendragon scoops him up and slams him down on top of Erwin.  He stays on for the cover.  Xavier starts yelling towards the commentator's table.)

Lane - Are you going to count?

Glazebrook - What?  Oh yeah!  1.... see?  His shoulder is up!

Hart - So, Matt, while we have you here, what is your take on the events earlier today involving your partner and Syndicate?  Before they even had a chance to get introduced, Syndicate gets jumped and Tinordi jumped in to even the odds.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... Lipton is definitely doing his best to keep Syndicate down and his little henchmen are trying to take him out no matter where he is.  But the G-Ride was there to help take care of business.  It's kind of a shame, though.  I thought Syndicate vs Tinordi would be a hell of a match to watch.  Two very talented wrestlers in the ring there.

Hart - Meanwhile inside the ring, Steen, Pendragon and Jones are back in control and really taking it to Erwin.  Steen is setting up a table in the corner while Jones and Pendragon whip him hard in that direction and Stabsfeldwebel crashes through the table into the corner.  Steen jumps up and hits a Spinning Bulldog out of the corner and Jones has the cover.

Glazebrook - 1.... 2.... NO!!!!  He kicked out.

Hart - Indeed he did, Matt.  So, what do you make of this goodie basket that Tommy Lipton left in your dressing room earlier this evening?  What did the letter say?

Lane - It probably said that you guys need to keep your nose out of his and Syndicate's business.

Glazebrook - It probably said that I should come out here and tell you to shut the hell up!  I don't know, Mike.  We didn't read the thing.  It was like, 4 pages long and we ain't got time for that while we're preparing for our matches and stuff.

Lane - Do you even know how to read?

Glazebrook - Oh, you are full of jokes tonight, Lane.  Did you think of that one all by yourself?  We'll get our attorney to read it and go over it with us and fill us in.  I'm not too concerned with it to tell you the truth.  1.... 2...  His shoulder is up!!!!
Hart - Pendragon with another pin attempt on Erwin who kicks out.  What's the deal with your attorney, anyway.  He's not your typical lawyer.

Glazebrook - (laughing) Yeah, dude.  Lazlo's cool as shit, man.  We were introduced by a mutual friend and he has helped us out of quite a few issues that have come up in our time.  He's a good dude and he's a fine attorney.  Well worth his legal fees.  OOOOHHHHH!!!!  

Hart - Willie Steen off the top rope with a chair and connects on Erwin.  Pendragon jumps on to cover.

Glazebrook - 1... 2.... 3!!!!!  He's out of there!

Hart - Stabsfeldwebel Erwin has been eliminated from this match despite a very strong showing here tonight.  But the odds were stacked against him.

(Steen takes the chair and nails Pendragon as he attempts to get to his feet.  Gimmick Jones drops a couple boots on Xavier while he is down before Steen turns the chair to him, dropping Jones.  He pulls Xavier to his feet and throws the chair to him and dropkicks it as soon as he catches it, dropping Xavier.)

Lane - Surf's up!!!

Hart - So, Matt what's the deal with your cameraman?  You guys have had the same guy for most of your career and he even follows you around to different organizations, is that true?

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... Cameraman is awesome!  We met him years ago and the place we all worked at closed.  So, when we went to our next place, the dude they sent us sucked, so we called him and had him tape us again.  By the time we signed here in the X, he was part of our contract.  It's cool, though.  He keeps track of when we have matches and who they are against and stuff.  The hardest working cameraman in sports entertainment!  (shouting at the ring where Steen is attempting to cover Jones.) 1.... 2.... NO!!!!

Lane - Well, keeping track of you two HAS to be a tough job... (Lane's voice suddenly becomes much quieter as Glazebrook cuts him off.)

Glazebrook - What's that Gary?  I can't seem to hear you.  I think we are having technical difficulties or something.

Hart - Did you just unplug his microphone?

Glazebrook - You can't prove that.  You know what, Mike?  I have to cut this interview short, I'm sorry.  But this guy is pissing me off and I am getting tired of listening to his trap, to tell you the truth.

Hart - I can sympathize with that.  Thank you for your time, sir.

Glazebrook - No problem, buddy.  Anytime.  (There is a quick muffled sound as Glazebrook takes his head set off and heads back towards the ring.)

Lane - (back into the microphone) Testing!  There it is.  Now why would he do that?

Hart - Well, it was fun while it lasted.

(Back inside the ring, Steen hits the Cali Clash on Xavier Pendragon just as Glazebrook approaches the stairs to enter.  He counts from the outside.)




Hart - And Xavier Pendragon is eliminated.

(Glazebrook slides under the ropes and into the ring as Jones uses a chair to jab Willie Steen in the back.  Steen stumbles to the other side of the ring.  Gimmick comes in and swings the chair at Steen again, but Willie tries to push Glazebrook into the line of fire.  Matt catches the chair, then rips it away from Jones and quickly leans back as if to hit Gimmick.  Jones drops down as Glazebrook fakes the chair shot, then slides the chair under the ropes to the outside of the ring.  Jones gets up yelling at Glazebrook but is met by a Missile Dropkick from Willie Steen as he comes flying off the top rope.  Steen stays on for the cover.)


2.... and Jones kicks out!

(Steen lifts Jones to his feet, then hits the Frankensteener.  Willie slides under the ropes to the outside of the ring and fetches a table.  He carries it back inside the ring as Gimmick is almost to his feet and Willie charges him and knocks him back down with the table.  Steen sets the table up in the middle of the ring, then lifts Gimmick to his feet and slams him down on top of the table.  Willie climbs to the top turnbuckle and holds his hands up high for a moment before leaping off for a Cali Clash and he nails it, breaking the table.  Willie stays on for the cover.)




Hart – And this one is in the books!  Willie Steen outlasts Gimmick Jones, Xavier Pendragon and Stabsfeldwebel Erwin!

Bonn – The winner of this match, and NEW WWX Hardcore Champion… Willie Steeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crazy Jenna hops the barrier! She attacks Willie with brass knucks! She cracks Willie across the face! 

Lane: Jenna making an impact! 

She goes for another swing but Willie dodges and rolls from the ring. He grabs the Hardcore strap and  holds his title high. He doesn't take eyes off of Crazy Jenna and Jenna doesn't take her eyes off of Steen.


[The arena lights go dark, then cut to a icy blue hue that bathes the fans and the ring."Cherub Rock" by Smashing Pumpkins begins to play as the tron comes to life with the name FROST shown in ice block lettering and appears to freeze the screen. The ice crackles then shatters revealing a video package of various viscous attacks from Frost.

This draws a reaction from the crowd as Frost steps out from the back with a glare to Kurtis Ray who is standing inside the ring. He stops at the top of the stage and stares to the left side of the stage then swivels his thick bear like neck to the right side then unleashes a mighty roar as he stretches out a big open paw toward the skies before stomping down to the ring with determination in his eyes. Once reaching the ring, Frost grabs the middle rope and lifts himself to the mat, before stepping over the top rope and then coming to a stop in the center of the ring. Frost slowly lifts a fist high above his head, still glaring down his opponent until his music comes to an end. That's where Frost remains and only moves from the center of the ring when the bell sounds, then slowly stalks across the ring closing in on Kurtis Ray.]

Kurtis Ray enters onto the stage but from behind Frost appears. 
Kurtis notices the shouting rambles of the crowd and turns to see Frost staring him down... 

Frost grabs Kurtis and gives him a mighty chop! Frost lifts Kurtis high and throws him a few feet. Kurtis scrambles to get back up onto his feet but Frost takes his head off with a huge clothesline! 

The ref comes running down to tell the giant Frost that this needs to be taken to the ring. 

Frost grabs Kurtis... He executes an Irish dragon whip sending Ray flying towards the ring! Kurtis catches his footing and slides into the ring. Frost grins and walks slowly to the ring. He gets in and Kurtis Ray starts hammering the giant with kicks and punches! Kurtis Ray hits Frost across the face with a jumping knee! Frost staggers and Kurtis Ray hits a leaping jab across Frosts face! 

Hart: Kurtis is not going after the legs as ones strategy would usually include... he's going straight in face to face! 
Kurtis punches the giant! Lane, Kurtis is showing this Giant of a man that he's ready to do what must be done to reach the top! 


Lane: Frost is going to snap Kurtis Ray like a twig! 

Kurtis Ray jumps up on Frosts shoulders trying to apply a sleeper... Frost grabs Kurtis by the arm and tosses him into the ref! 

Lane: Ths refs out! 

Frost grabs Kurtis Ray, but Kurtis cracks Frost across the jaw! Kurtis then starts kicking the inner thigh of Frosts right leg... 

Hart: Now Kurtis working those legs of the big man. He took it face to face but now it's time to bring a giant down! 

Lane: You do not like Frost? 

Hart: I like his odds! 

Kurtis with the fifth kick and Frost falls into the corner. Kurtis charges with a dropkick to Airen Frosts face. Kurtis charges again but this time Frost moves forward with a big boot and Kurtis hits the floor! 
Frost covers... 

Crowd: 1.....2.....3 ....

Hart: Oh boy that boot knocked Ray out! 

Lane: Damn! 

Frost nudges the ref with his boot. 
Airen turns and grabs Kurtis Ray and whips him into the corner following with a big splash! Frost grabs Ray and lifts him up and drives him back down with a body slam! 
Frost sees the Ref is gaining conciousness. 
Frost stands over Ray looking down at him. Frost leans down to grab Ray but 

Hart: Kurtis rolls Frost into a large package! 




Frost powers out! 

Lane: Frost looks mad! 


Frost stands up and Kurtis meets him. The two men chest to chest. Frost looking down at the much smaller Kurtis Ray. 

Frost wraps his arms around Kurtis and lifts him


Hart: No he doesn't have it! Kurtis has one free arm and he's using it to lay in those forearms! 

Kurtis Ray struggles but manages to free himself. Frost goes for a short arm clothesline to end Kurtis early but Kurtis ducks and hits a jumping neckbreaker. 
Kurtis covers. 



Frost getting up but Kurtis swiftly hits Frist with a DDT. Frost starts getting up right away.
Kurtis kicks the giants gut and hits the Hyperdrive!!! 

Hart: He hit it!!!

Lane: I got a bad feeling about this! 

Kurtis grins and drops down to cover but Frosts arms shoot up and soon he has both hands wrapped around Kurtis Ray's neck!! 

Hart: Frost looking to hit the Frost Bite! 

Kurtis starts whaling fists and Frost drops him... HYPERDRIVE!!!





Hart: NO! 

Kurtis falls back on his ass and stars in disbelief. 

Frost slowly gets up. Kurtis moves in





Hart: Frost gets a shoulder up! 

Lane: I do not think he could take a fourth! 

Kurtis punches the ground and gets up calling for the end!! Frost slowly using the ropes to get up. Frost turns and Kurtis Ray goes for the fourth Hyperdrive! REVERSED! Frost hits Kurtis Ray with the Frostbite!!! 

Both men down. 


Hart: Look!! 

Lane: Our GM is here!

Frost gets up and sees the GM. He then turns to look down at Kurtis who's attempting to stand. Frost grabs Kurtis Ray and drags him around the ring. Frost sets Kurtis for a suplex and he lifts him up high over his head. Frost then drops Ray forward into the corner turnbuckle. Kurtis Ray now on the top rope. Frost climbs up and picks up Kurtis. Kurtis fights back and pushes Frost off the ropes and Frost hits the ground hard knocking the wind out of him! 
Kurtis then sets up for a top of the rope elbow! He stares out at the crowd. 

Hart: He is about to send a message. 

Kurtis throws his hands into gun shapes and kisses the tip!

Lane: A familiar move!

Hart: Swanton bomb!!! 

Kurtis covers Frost!




Hart: How is Airen Frosg taking this punishment?! He must be gassed! 

Kurtis Ray grabs Frost and hits him with a few punches and then attempts the Hyperdrive... But Frost reverses it! Frost goes for the Frostbite but Kurtis breaks free...





Ding ding 

Hart: It's over!!! 

Lane: Wait? Did Airen Frost just lose? What will that mean for his contendership? 

Bonn: Your winner... Kurtis Raaaay!!!! 

Hart: The Giants back up!!!

Frost gives Kurtis a huge push! Kurtis hits the rope and on the rebound Aiern Frost hits the Frostbite! 

Airen looks down at Kurtis Ray as we go to


Xander Adam's is in Tommy Liptons office...

Tommy: Xander....

Xander: Tommy.... you had quite the night. I heard what you had to say to me....

Tommy: Good.... 

Tommy grabs his suit jacket. 

Tommy: I gotta go, see you at Fury.

Tommy heads for the door then stops and looks over his shoulder. 

Tommy: Oh... and good luck...

Tommy Lipton exits the room. 


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