RAVAGE - Show 2018-08-08 00:26:42

On Wed, Aug08, 2018 12:26am America/Phoenix
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Where the intensity of wrestlers' dreams come alive. Anything and everything is possible live on Ravage!!

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RAVAGE - Show 2018-08-08 00:26:42
Prior to main event on Ravage

The tron comes to life with a live satellite feed from The Northwestern Memorial hospital in a room in Chicago, Illinois. The view immediately shows a stoic looking, Rex McAllister laid sitting upward on the bed in a hospital gown under the bed sheets. 

Hart: We have a live feed here ladies and gentlemen! We are standing by with former World Wrestling Champion, Rex McAllister. Now as I understand, Rex, if I may. You were under strict orders from World Wrestling Xistence NOT to compete at World Series to allow your injuries that came in what is being considered for the time an unprovoked attack. The condition you were in at the time, you were ordered NOT to compete so as allow those injuries to improve. Yet, in a shocking, a surprising move, you didn't adhere to those orders, and decide to go out and compete. A courageous effort, really, given the gravity of the situation and the stakes involved. But was there any point as everything was going on. Did you think, maybe what you were doing wasn't in the best interests of Rex McAllister's physical health? Your thoughts?

Rex exhales as he thinks a moment.

Rex: They've accomplished nothing. None of them. However, every last one of them can rest assured that in a World where people boast themselves as the BIGGEST THREAT, MOST DANGEROUS...comeback, make believe trailblazers. In the end they're nothing more, just I am....and that's no more than flesh and blood and muscle and bone, because I sit here now still in pain, I sit here, having gone through the most grueling months of my entire wrestling career, ones filled with brutal contests. They all stood before me, they all wielded their swords, sharpened, ready to do battle every time, and wielded mine. For months I did make them all suffer just as much as they made me. It all led me to the World Wrestling Championship. It gave me the power to do many things, a reward for all those months of suffering. 

But someone finally, boldly, decided to try and bring it all down at once....they tried. They took the World Wrestling Championship. They took a majority of that power away, but they didn't take it all away. Did I fight? Yes. Did I go quietly? No. Did I go weeping into the night, sulking my pride and nursing my wounds? 


They've accomplished nothing.

Lane: Well....Rex, do you have the slightest idea who it could be? I know that there's a whole locker room of guys that might've disliked you for one reason or another. Or have you perhaps narrowed down the possibilities?

Rex: They didn't want to get blood stained on their hands. They didn't wish for my demise. They wanted to take the World Wrestling Championship, all the power...away. I exhausted my body to an entirely new level over these many months to get what I wanted, and my desire to take it all was far more than that of any other who sought the same things. Many days, several will go by, and then I'll be fine to step back into the ring and do all over again.

Hart: As I understand, for precaution, and this has just been brought to our attention. The latest from doctors that come highly recommended, that are in close affiliation with our Condition and Wellness Team, is that you will be out of action until Coliseum. What's the next step from here, Rex?

Rex stares, still a relaxed and stoic expression.

Rex: My wounds will heal. This pain will subside. And at Coliseum, by that time, The Rex Master will be ready to do it all over again, starting with Rayne. After all, Rayne, you still have something that belongs to me...someone. From here, bodies will continue to fall at my feet. I will bring the guilty forward by any means necessary, and Rayne? I'll cast him down far below the mountain from which he, I, or anyone else stands upon, and I'll watch as he drowns in the ocean of obscurity just like Korath did, right where he belongs. I'll watch him struggle so desperately just to keep his head above water - just to breath this in, this moment for just a little bit longer. 

Rex pauses, letting his words sink in.

Rex: I'll take the greatest of pleasures in watching as the fight in him goes out, taking complete satisfaction in watching as his lifeless corpse drifts to the very bottom with all the other minuscule self-righteous bottom feeders that boldly but foolishly decided to stand before The Rex Master.  At Coliseum I want use whatever he has left to open his eyes so that he can see through the murky sea before the light dies in his eyes. I want him to see what it is that he'll never be. I want him to see what he was destined to fall to the very moment he was born into this World, once and for all.

Hart: Thank...you, Rex. 

The feed on the tron goes black.

Hart: Certainly, it looks as though Rex McAllister, while injured right now will be appearing at Coliseum, and it seems he's set his sights firmly back on Rayne in effort to get to Constance Blevins, who Rex betrayed a few weeks ago.

Lane: Right. And Rex stating he will bring the guilty culprit responsible for his fall off the top of the mountain, out of hiding like the filthy cowardly rat that they are. It could be anybody! What's going to happen!

Hart: I'm not sure, Gary. But it's certain, business is fixing to pick up! Let's get back to the action in the ring.

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