Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum

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On Thu, Jun29, 2017 10:48pm America/Phoenix
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Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum
[The camera opens up showing a sign for "Cave Run Lake". The camera pans out showing a beautiful lake covered in snow white sand. The camera continues to pan out showing a man standing in the water in the distance about knee deep. The camera slowly approaches as the man stares out into the distance, the sun setting. With his back turned, the voice is unmistakable as he begins speaking].

Rayne: Don't depend on the enemy not coming...depend rather on being ready for him.

[Rayne keeps his back turned to the camera as he takes a deep breath of the air. Crisp, clean, and fulfilling, he continues to stare down the horizon as he continues speaking].

Rayne: The art of war is such a beautiful thing. People go into a difference place, a different mindset when that time comes, when its time for shit to hit the fan, and all things go to the side. All regards, all emotions, all thoughts...everything. Your mind becomes a blank space that focuses only on one thing, stopping whatever is in front of you. And when you get to that place, when you get to that beautiful, heavenly place, there is nothing...better. 

[Rayne turns around, a sick smile covering his face. He pulls his hair back and continues speaking].

Rayne: You lose all regard for your safety and know that headed into whatever you are about to get into, there is always that chance. That chance that you may not walk again, talk again, breathe again. And in each of those instances, you begin to become more numb to all that is around you. You no longer take for granted the safety that you have surrounding you with your every step, and accept that a meeting with your creator could be inevitable. 

[Rayne slowly trudges through the water, a nice breeze beginning to form. He continues speaking].

Rayne: You see, last week I got into a match that I knew was going to shed years off my career. The match was intended to hurt all of us, maybe even break us who knows. I knew heading into that match that I had more than one purpose. I had the purpose of taking out Fill, the man that I had a score to settle with and wanted to take care of. I knew that I had to take out Blayde, who had taken away one of my steps in the takedown of Fill that I intended to complete. And finally, I had to walk out with the international championship around my waist, because I needed verification for myself that I still had what it took to be a top level competitor. During that time, I began to focus on the elements within me. Strength, focus, and fortitude. I had to be willing to use all my strength to power through all three of these men, each one as good or better than the other. I had to focus to make sure that I took out the weakest link and worked my way around, however it may have all played out. And finally, I had to have the fortitude to know that I may not walk out of this, that I may be carted because the men that I was going against were just as, if not far more intense than I. All of us going in there had our own intentions, our own thought processes, our own preparation. 

[Rayne does a few leg dips into the water to get more comfortable with it. The wind continues to blow].

Rayne: When I stepped into the ring with the three of you, I knew that all of you were gunning for me for different reasons. Fill had to show me that I was a fluke, Khoklov wanted revenge, and Archer had to prove once and for all who he really was. I have said it over and over again that the first time around, I underestimated the heart of you Blayde, and you showed me everything in that match. You showed me the heart that you had, the passion, the drive, all of it. You see though, the one thing that you continue to show that only disappoints me is your repetitive nature. I know that you think this match you are getting into with me is already over, and maybe it is. But...what if it isn't? This time around, we don't have weapons to work with, things to slam ourselves onto to cause maximum damage. We aren't going to have people wearing us down in order to make our opponents weaker. This time around, its just me...and you. 

[Rayne takes his shirt off and throws it into the water. Under his shirt lies the International Championship around his waist. He runs his hand over it as he continues speaking].

Rayne: When we got out of that match, I had completed two of the goals that I had set out to do. I took some of the revenge that I sought on Fill, putting him through that car window and getting the pin that I should have gotten weeks ago. And I also got this *points to the international championship* but not as I had wanted it. Its no secret that you and I pushed each other to our absolute limits. That blade cutter is what put us both under. I have no problem admitting any of that. However, you had gotten into may way, taken something that I sought, and now am standing here awaiting the opportunity for us to show who really deserves it.

[Rayne takes the belt off and throws it up onto his shoulder].

Rayne: The hours continue to tick by as both of us know what we are getting ourselves into. Your goals are clear that you simply want ratings, you want championships, you want to be the best, and I respect each and every ounce of that. However, I don’t want ratings. I don’t NEED championships. All I intended to do this time around was come back and show the world…no…myself…that I could still do this. I wanted to show myself that regardless of how beaten down I was, I could brush myself off and come back from the ashes. And that is exactly what I did. 

[He pushes forward into the water as it is slightly above his knees].

Rayne: You can continue to do and say what you want. The fact of the matter remains that while you think this match is over, you tend to forget that this time around there will be no one to help you. Fill and I set out to kill each other, and that’s what we did. You were the man that took advantage of that. This time around, I put sole focus into showing you the true arts of war. The levels that you and I are going to be pushing each other to is like nothing that the WWX has ever seen. I have accepted the fact that I may not walk out of this. I accepted the fact of who I HAVE TO BECOME in order to beat you. You can sit around your fire, hitting your pipe, and pretending like this is just another day at the office, but we know its not. The denial in your face tells the story that you continue to accept. This is going to be the first time that you have been challenged, the first time that you have been tested. 

[Rayne takes the belt and places it around his waist. He looks into the camera and continues speaking].

Rayne: One of us has to lose at Mayhem. One of us has to take the loss. The difference between you and I is that I have been there. I know what that feels like. You can tell me that I don’t live in the real world. That I am delusional. But only the blind man listens to his own words. I don’t look for something to find in your words Blade, I have my own. I am far more woke than you could ever dream of being. So please, take the time to enjoy the sites. Appreciate all the things around you. Because in a few short days you and I are going to war. We are going to push past limits known to WWX, pour our hearts and souls into walking out, and only one of us is going to make it. 

[Rayne turns around and walks back into the water. His face etched in seriousness, he continues].

Rayne: I can accept the fact that this might be my last match. I can accept the fact that I may not go home after this one. What I cant accept…is trying to change who I am. I am the arch angel. I am the silent assassin. I am one of the greatest to cross this company. And when we step into that ring, I intend to change your mindset. This isn’t about catch phrases, this isn’t about winners, this is about blood. Pure, sweet, crimson blood. I intend for both of us to shed it. I intend for both of us to taste it. I intend for both of us to stain every ounce of that building with it. No one goes into war figuring out how to surrender. We are going to war to win, not to compromise. And in war, you don’t determine who is right…only who is left. Realize that all that surrounds you within this moment could just as easily…disappear.

[Rayne throws his arms out into a cross and drops back into the water. No movement can be heard within the water as the sun sets and the camera fades to black].

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