Sign of the Times

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Fri, Jul28, 2017 12:27pm America/Phoenix
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Sign of the Times

*Static fills the television screen for a moment before turning into an image of a very busy Times Square in New York City.  Here, the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple is cranked up to 11, with tourists and passerby crowding the intersection from all directions.  Discount Spidermen and Marios walk amongst the people for photo ops.  Hot dog vendors try to sell their wares.  The camera pans to the end of the block, where the famous American Armed Forces Recruitment kiosk sits adorned by American flags on both sides.  Looking up at one of the flags is Syndicate.  He is dressed in a black WWX-branded hoodie, blue jeans, and black Nikes.  He also carries a black Nike backpack over and around his shoulders.*

Syndicate: So you don't wanna be compared to Rocky, huh?  Not much of an underdog type, I see.

*He glances over to his left and smiles.*

Syndicate: That's fine.  Let's forget about you being an underdog for a sec.

*Syndicate grabs the shoulder straps of his backpack and begins walking through Times Square towards the camera.*

Syndicate: Now, I don't know about you, but I love the Rocky movies.  Absolutely love them to death.  The best one, in my opinion, is Rocky IV.  What a twist when Drago kills Apollo, setting the stage for his fight with Rocky.  But I digress.  In Rocky I - the original, of course - Rocky made it to the end of the fight with Apollo.  He survived all of those painful punches and bloodying blows, and it came down to the very end.  Rocky proved himself as a viable contender on that day.  But do you know what happened next?

*Syndicate chuckles.*

Syndicate: Rocky lost the fight.  He made it all the way to the end, and he lost to the undisputed champion of the world.  Now, maybe you're not the underdog that some see you as...but the ending will remain the same.

*He continues to walk as he speaks.*

Syndicate: You continue to prove yourself to me, Jake.  You're really doing a good job jawing back and forth with the best in the business.  Color me impressed.  But I'm still the best...and that won't change at Fury.  When that bell rings at the end of the night, one of us will walk out of hell as the World Heavyweight Champion.  I'm sorry to say that won't be you.

Syndicate: Now, you mentioned that this "Three Stages of Hell" match is the most devious, sadistic thing that James Bourne has ever put together.  Well, Jake, you obviously haven't been around long enough to remember anything else.  I'm talking about the hardcore, anything-goes, triple-decker steel cage match for the Television title in 2014 - a match that I won by throwing Willie Steen down onto a stack of tables 30 feet below.  I'm talking about the Battledome match at Hall of Pain.  I even remember First Blood against Evan Keys.  These are all creations of James Bourne, and they're all creations that I've survived.  This "Three Stages of Hell" match is nothing new to me.

*Syndicate reaches the discount Broadway tickets store at the other end of Times Square and climbs into the bleachers.  Here, he takes a seat, puts the backpack on the bleacher to his left, and looks at the camera.*

Syndicate: I guess what I really want to say to you, Jake, is this: I am the World champion for a reason.  I am considered "the best" for a reason.  I have retired men who have crossed my path.  I have defeated legends and broken bodies.  I am capable of anything.  Yeah, I'm cocky, and yeah, I have an ego, but my personality is loud and brash because it can be.  Hell, I can yell up a storm and rant all day long, but I'm successful because I can back it up in the ring.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: I'm sick of you comparing yourself to me.  I HAVE NO COMPARISON, Jake.  I am Sydney Maxwell Irvine, and I am THE MAN.  I am better than you in every conceivable way. Strength, experience, endurance, speed, I have you beat in EVERYTHING.  But the one thing that's NOT up for debate is that I am your Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.  I represent the men and women of our world that aren't given a chance.  I am a voice for those who rise up and take the world by the balls.  You may have improved, Jake, but you aren't on my level.  Not yet, and not while I'm around.

Syndicate: At Fury, I am going to be overestimating your abilities to the highest possible extent.  I am going to slam your ass into the ground over and over.  I'm going to hit you with weapons, make you tap out to the Vault, and throw you into the cage - hell, I'll do that last one even if you don't make it to the third round.  I am the Low Angeles Outlaw, Jake, and you are sitting in MY spotlight.  It's time that I throw you out of it.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate stands up and walks off of the Times Square bleachers as the shot turns into static.*


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