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On Tue, Dec12, 2017 1:32pm America/Phoenix
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"I can't wait to get his autograph" said a boy wearing a Husker t-shirt about tenth back in line for the autograph signing with Jarvis Valentine. He's father is standing behind him also wearing a Husker t-shirt. There is about thirty more behind the kid and his father in the lobby of the AT&T stadium. A few other people in line also have Husker gear on, but most have WWX shirts on including Fozzy, Hex Girl among others.

The boy gets a little bit more excited the closer he gets. By this time he is in third now. Jarvis notices him and gives him a thumbs up. The boy smiles widely as now he is second. Jarvis can be heard talking. 

Jarvis: Hey little ma'am! How old are you.

Girl: Im ten

Jarvis: Awesome. You coming to the event this saturday?

GIrl: Yes I am! Super Excited for it too!

Jarvis smiles and looks over at the boy before looking down and signing the WWX shirt she has.

Jarvis: Who are you most excited to see saturday?

While starting to walk away...

Girl: Well not you! I'm a texas fan!! 

Jarvis chuckles as the girl walks away. The boy steps up and puts his Husker flag on the table to be signed.

Jarvis: Well at least i get to see some Husker fans. Who should I make this out to?

Boy: My name is Colby!

Jarvis: Ok Colby, you going to be at the show Saturday?

The boys face while still excited for meeting Jarvis goes southward a little as the boy lowers his head slightly.

Boy: No, we just found out yesterday on the radio that you were going to be here. I'll be watching on tv though. You think you will win?!?

Jarvis: I'm hoping that I will be able to get my first win in my debut. That's always the goal. I know he taught himself so we will see how that plays into things. 

The boy smiles and grabs his flag that was freshly autographed. 

Boy: Thank you sir! Good luck Saturday!

The boy begins to turn and walk before Jarvis stops him and has him wait over the escalator. Jarvis signs another shirt before standing up and letting the rest of the people in line that he will be right back. He walks over to the boy and father and escorts them over to the box office booth which is out of the view of the line.

Jarvis looks at the father...
Jarvis: Do you and your boy have any plans for Saturday?

Father with a puzzled look replies no before Jarvis looks down at the boy.

Jarvis: You want to be my special guest at the show this Saturday?

The boy gets a massive smile as his face and shakes his head up and down violently as the father puts his hands over his hand. Jarvis laughs with a huge smile as he turns to the window.. 

Jarvis: Two front row tickets please..

Father: Front row...

The boy starts jumping up and down and starts hugging his father before Jarvis turns around with two tickets.

Jarvis: Here you guys go! 

The boy grabs the tickets and looks at them. The boy smiles bigger as he grabs Jarvis around the waist and hugs him at the same time  shakes the hand of the father.

Jarvis: Now I have to get back to the autographs, but make sure you are at the show early so I can take you back stage before.

Father: Yes sir!

Jarvis smiles at the boy and father and nods his head before turn to walk back to the table to sign some more stuff. Both the father and boy grab each other in a huge hug and starts jumping up and down in celebration of the tickets as the scene fades to black.

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