Sinister Plans?

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Fri, Aug11, 2017 8:00pm America/Phoenix
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Sinister Plans?
*Hex Girl is working out in a gym. Sitting on a bench doing some bicep curls with a barbell. She spots the camera and sets down the barbell before addressing the camera.*

I'm gonna quit being nice to you rookies I swear. Every time one of you come along I try to be nice and hospitable, give you room to talk and build yourself up with the fans. What do I get in return? Crickets.

*She stands up and starts pacing in front of the bench.*

 Luke Jarius you didn't have any problem pulling it out and laying it on the table when you were going in the ring for a battle royal. So what happened? Now that you are the number one contender for the TV title, which I hold need I remind you, do you think that you are above having to express yourself about the coming match? Or is it because it's a non-title match and that is beneath you? News flash Luke-y it's not and your silence is pissing me off. 

*She stops mid-stride and gives a sharp harsh look at the camera.* 

You had better have something |BLEEP|ing epic planned to go down in that ring after going this long saying nothing. If you don't I'm gonna make it that much worse on you. The fans WILL get their moneys worth even if I have to pull every red cent out of your soon to be very miserable hide. Now if you are thinking there is no way that I can do this because I've not been authorized to go all out on you like I was on Beatrice. 

*She gives a malicious chuckle and she stares down the camera.*

Just ask Kaylee what happens when I decide to see how much of the arena can hear you scream without a microphone. It will happen because I say it will. Fiat Voluntas Mea.

*She sits back down and picks up the barbell again. The camera fades out to Hex Girl's logo.*
[cut to WWX logo and fade to black.]

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