Slaying the Pen Dragon

Roleplay Roleplay by GIMMICK JONES
On Tue, May08, 2018 5:30am America/Phoenix
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Slaying the Pen Dragon
[Gimmick Jones walks through the parking garage of the Air Canada Center while wearing a black leather bikers jacket and spinning a black Bikers helmet on a taped up clinched fist when WWX reporter Brett Zayne arrives on the scene with microphone in hand and camera man in tow.]

Brett Zayne: You just made your WWX television debut by viciously assaulting the next Generation of Pendragon in a brutal, heinous, unprovoked physical attack that could potentially shorten or possibly even end his promising young career.

(Jones approaches the black motorcycle he arrived on and hangs the helmet on the handle bar, sliding on a pair of black leather gloves with a smirk of a smile before responding.)

Gimmick Jones: I had to hurt little Jeffrey and give that entitled little [BLEEP] a painful lesson with some hard learning lumps on that no talent bum so he never dares to compete in a wrestling ring again. There are no free hand outs or free coat takl rides to the top. Not here in WWX, not on my watch. Anyone who has a spot in this company? Will earn it. 

(A pause)

Gimmick Jones: The only thing Jeffrey Pendragon earned here, was the beating he was just given earlier tonight.

Brett Zayne: WWX management just confirmed that you are scheduled to compete next week on Ravage against the father of Jeffrey in the former world Champion, the five time Television Champion and locker room veteran, Xavier "the Machine" Pendragon.

(Jones Smiles.)

Gimmick Jones: Good. Now I can beat down little Jeffrey's daddy like I did to his pathetic excuse of a son. I should show up to their next family reunion and smack the taste out of the whole bunch of losers. It's parasites like Pendragon, like Syndicate, that drove the fans and talent away in record numbers. Just look at the numbers. Facts don't lie. Guys like this lay back on the low key level, always being present and giving the same bland, repetitive, predictable song and dance seen and heard a thousand times before. Attempting to advance their wrestling careers through tenure and playing politics backstage. Those games don't need to be played when you are real talent like yours truly and I plan on proving that point with a bloody exclamation mark.

[Gimmick Jones slides on the helmet and climbs on the bike, kick-starts the engine then peels rubber out of the arena as the scene fades to black.]

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