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On Thu, Jun29, 2017 1:41am America/Phoenix
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[A scenic lake is shown, with the sun shimmering off the calm waters. Sitting on an overhang of rock is Bishop Polaris, dangling his legs sitting peacefully. The camera carefully climbs up from behind, looking over Bishop’s shoulder. He is draped in all white, per usual. A prominently displayed large white cross necklace dangling from his neck as he observes the peace of the lake. The wind blows across the opening shuttering the surrounding trees, igniting the sounds of dozens of perched birds.]

Polaris “I’ve been told… that I’m losing sight. My greater goals have become shrouded by dastardly deeds and unholy alliances… I see where that point of view comes. Dr Death, is not my… ideal teammate. Sacrifices must be made, unfortunately the image of the company I surround myself when has been sacrificed. All of it will make sense when I reach my objective and that will be this Sunday on Mayhem. Me and Tom Black will claim the WWX Tag Team championships and Pure Darkness will reign over the WWX Tag Team Division. “

[Polaris looks down at the lake, peacefully enjoying the calm. His reflection bouncing back at him from the still water. He takes a deep breath and cocks his head upwards looking to the sky now. A single cloud blows across the sky, carried by the strong winds, again shaking the trees and birds. Polaris seemingly drifts off into a place of peace, before coming back and refocusing.]

Polaris “With Dr. Death in tow we will ensure our victory and take the titles we have coveted for so long. We put away the Blade Club and the legendary 420 on our path to these titles. Tommy Lipton and Rex McAllister your reign is coming to a close. You have defended those titles with valor and honor, but you lack a certain… glory to your reign. A glory I so truly encompass. As Tom Black displays all the things a mauler must, I display the glory that a champion should carry himself with. 

If to obtain that championship I must bend the rules and emulate the impurity I despise, I must. It’s all part of the greater plan. I repent for the sins I commit, I pray for my success, I beg for the prevalence of purity and glory.

[Polaris looks up to the clouds again. He takes the large all white, cross pennant off of his neck and lays it on the ground by his side. He lets the chain slip from his hands, seemingly regretful of letting it down. He runs his fingers over the immaculate piece of faith, gaining energy from it. He deeply inhales.]

Polaris” Forgive Me.”

[Polaris slides off the overhang and into the water as the camera focuses on the Cross.]

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