Smarter than you

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Wed, Dec06, 2017 12:01pm America/Phoenix
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Smarter than you
[The camera opens up in the backstage area of the Toyota Center. The camera pans through landing on a wooden framed door marked “Rayne”. The camera goes in as a single light can be seen on the back wall. A metal chair is set up nearby it as his voice can be heard].

Rayne: Syndi...dont think I forgot about you. 

[A loud clanking noise can be heard as Rayne can be seen sitting back in the chair. The noise continues as it finally reveals his signature sledgehammer hitting the floor].

Rayne: I took the time needed to direct my frustrations at that moron you are teaming with, and now comes the time for you. I am sure that you are going to be shooting back soon enough, and I look forward to hearing the same things that you always say, much like you accuse me of. You see though, this time around is about to be different. Let me explain. 

[The awful noise continues as Rayne leans forward].

Rayne: This time around it would appear like I have a lot more to lose. I have to virtually beat two men by myself in order to get the shot at the championship that SHOULD HAVE been mine last week. Yet again, like the weasel you are, you squirmed your way out of it thanks to Darkness. While you would think that I would be more mad at him *laughs* That unfortunately is not the case anymore. After some time to think about are the one that I want. 

[He stops slamming the hammer against the ground and turns it around staring at the hilt. It glistens in the light].

Rayne: You are the one that continues to claim to be the measuring stick, the one to beat, and truth be told in the matter, Kurtis and I had that. We had you beat. Had it of not been for Darkness, one of us would be champion right now and you would be coming on this week to talk about how you want another shot and that you deserve it and how you were cheated and...did I miss anything? Fact of the matter comes to this Syndicate. You can claim to be all the things that you are, but one thing will never change. I am smarter than you. 

[Rayne stands up in the light as he continues].

Rayne: I am smarter than you could ever dream of being. I am not talking book smarts or any of that, which I am sure the superior there as well, but street smart. When it comes to calm, cool, calculated attacks, I intend to prove to you why I say that. You see, it seems the entire WWX has been surrounded by nothing but games. People no longer want to win their matches like they are supposed to, a clean pin or They want to win by nothing more than underhanded tactics, interference, or some other dirty way. I have been known to do it myself, but I also took responsibility for my actions. I made it clear what I was going to do. The most dangerous is not the snake in the grass, but the one looking you in the eyes. that snake. 

[Rayne throws the hammer on his shoulder. He continues to pace around].

Rayne: It doesnt matter who I have encountered, one thing has remained true. I have always went out through the curtain and did what I said I was going to do. I may not have always won my matches like I was supposed to, but I made damn sure the person leaving remembered just who the hell that I was. I made sure that when they woke up the next morning, the next week, the next month, they remember who was on the other side of the ring from them. Syndicate, I could go on for hours about the things that I want to do with you, the hurt I want to place on you. I could tell you all the things that you want to hear, but I wont.  I wont give you the chance. What I will leave you with is this. A man with nothing left to lose is one that has all to gain. You stripped me of my chance at the championship last time, now I take the steps necessary to make sure you dont walk out with that title on your shoulder. Its the Rayne syndicate...and its coming. 

[He looks into the camera as it fades into black].

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