So Many Comparisons

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Thu, May11, 2017 8:32pm America/Phoenix
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So Many Comparisons
The scene pans to the locker room of Rex McAllister. He dressed casually, having already arrived early for a WWX house show in Jacksonville. Rex drops down his duffle bag on the bench nearby. Rex readies to address 420 before his match.

Rex McAllister: How unfortunate. Tanno, at one time I confided in you, seeking out your wisdom on the very trials the WWX was going through at the time. I believe it was right around the time that World Series was about to take place last year, and I remember it well. I remember bringing up the very state of the WWX, and what you would do if you were in the position of power, how things might go hypothetically. Needless to say, you offered up nothing. Maybe you didn't want to, but you know what? It was fine then, but it ain't now. You see, this isn’t Tanno Enterprises Inc. This is the world of professional wrestling, where you have to be concerned about stuff like scheduling venues, selling your product cleverly so you can draw more buyers, ratings, losing….talent, etcetera, etcetera. You're supposed to be a leader, somebody who sets the example and leaves no doubts as it concerns the position he holds.

Rex McAllister: Leaders are supposed to dramatically influence the culture of their organizations through their own work habits. Being a leader does not mean one has 'made it' and is now exempt from hard work. Rather, leaders should set the pace for others, and sadly you just don’t do that. In fact, you have come short to date. Few things discourage employees any more than lazy leaders. Leaders should not ask others to undertake tasks they are unwilling to perform themselves.

Rex McAllister: It is more substantial to represent a purpose, rather than just a title. That's what me and Tommy Lipton do, effortlessly I might add. The Lipton - McAllister tandem was the best thing you had going for you on Ravage, more so than any run of the mill makeshift of talent you had to scramble week after week trying to give them a reason to feel important to no avail, because most of them blew the opportunities they received.

Rex McAllister: Tommy Lipton and myself, we've proved ourselves to be the real leaders here. We've built bridges here on Mayhem so our opposition have the chance to thrive, not walls to keep them out, keep them from reaching their potential, and thanks to Mr. Adams, we have a platform to highlight this division. But hey, at least you're not alone in being lost, lazy, and irrelevant. I mean you have 420, which have plenty in common with you, Tanno. Vagabonds, that's what you are. You come out of the woodwork when it suits you. You come back trying to prove yourselves as first authority figures, making a complete mockery out of the Fury brand to the point that it went back to being banished again. You get the most significant win of your entire wrestling existence when you defeated this tandem on Ravage, and like Tanno runs ship on Ravage, you screw yourselves showing complete lack of regard for the new talent that proved to be much hungrier, and failed to show us just exactly why you deserve to be even remotely a threat to our reign. You shouldn't waste your time explaining what a well-oiled team is supposed to be to us, because we've been reminding everyone for months what one looks like, and we've proved it tike and again in the ring, and we have the hardware to show for it.

Rex chuckles, and then smirks

Rex McAllister: You are right about one thing though? We did come together, but it was for the sake of the division, not to rule over it because we saw how easy a time we would have. We have turned the division from a laughingstock, to the highlight of a whole brand. But of course, all you see is the gold. Like Tanno, 420, you fail to see why this tandem exists in the first place. You fail to see why this tandem has banded together so effortlessly, and executed so efficiently everytime it has counted whether it was individually or collectively. So you can go on and keep spewing out the same drivel over and over and over again until your sure of it being so, and it still won't make a difference. Like Tanno will do sooner rather than later, you will eventually get tired of your efforts not being enough to slice it around here as was the case just like in 2015, and you will grab your ball, tuck your tails and runaway just so you can retain your pride and save face. We’ve taken on not just a division onto our shoulders, but an entire company and slowly everything is panning out just as we predicted from the very beginning. Nothing changes after Mayhem, I guarantee it. Now that was...Rexcellent!

Rex walks away back to his duffel bag shaking his head, letting free another chuckle as the scene fades.


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