Some things to say

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, Dec08, 2017 9:22am America/Phoenix
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Some things to say
We open up inside a room with a large 60 inch curved OLEDTV mounted to the wall and his entertainment center is packed with Xbox One, PS4, digital box and a JBL sound bar. To the side is a subwoofer. On the walls are some black and white large framed photos of Paris, New York and Berlin. On the floor are some comfortable looking black leather couches and chairs. A black oakwood coffee table rests over top of a white and black diamond printed carpet. Tommy is leaned back in a chair wearing a Hugo Boss polo and jeans. 

"Come in, come in." He says as he flicks what he was watching on the TV off. He leans forward putting the controller onto the table next to the glass of water and peanuts. "Sorry, I was watching some of my Leafs. Our clubs looking good this year and I am excited as I'll be visiting them next week." Tommy reaches for the water but then stops and smiles. 

"But who are we kidding, the WWX Universe doesn't want to talk about hockey, they want to talk Wrestling. Well I know WWX has quite an awesome month of events for all of you. I hear guys like Rayne, Kurtis Ray and of course the WWX Champ, Syndicate, are going to be doing special meet and greets so keep your eyes open for more info on the WWX Network. Also I believe some love shows will take place with some of the newer and up and coming superstars so check out for some merch to wear to these shows and I think shits like 30 to 50 % off! I hear there's a beauty Lipton Legendary Tee on sale but I don't think there's a discount on it, they are a hot sell right now. However, for you that are fans of my Ravage opponent, Rex McAllister, he has a solid Rexcellence shirt, not as awesome as my merch but his stuff will probably be 50% off to help them sell. So anyways WWX Universe, check it out some good gear on there!" Tommy says with a grin and a wink.

"So Rex has broken his silence, last week we hardly heard from him and his display on Ravage was awful! I expect a lot more from him especially when he speaks all these tough words but as I previously said, he came out underestimating me... He thought he was the aggressive one, the more vicious of us two... He doesn't understand just how aggressive I can become... Scratch that, he didn't understand how aggressive I can become BUT I think he totally understands that now." Tommy says with a sinister grin. 

He stands up and we follow him down a hall way and then he makes a turn and enters what is clearly his trophy room that we have seen him talk to the Universe from in the past. Framed photos of some of his biggest moments in his wrestling career. Titles and trophies he has won over the years behind secured glass. Even outfits including his Phantom mask he wore as the Dark Shadow are up for display.

"He discusses legends as though we are nothing. Last week I had to listen to him as he spoke out about how he has defeated legends and that I would be no different." Tommy laughs as he looks around the impressive room. "I'm not your typical legend. As I stand here with two wins over the *finger quote* "legend killer" I ask him... I ask you Rex McAllister, am I like the legends you have faced in the past... Am I like those Legends you bulldozed through to reach the top? Am I like the legend who trained you, Jeremiah O'Rielly? I am not like anyone you have ever faced, and when I am pushed I strike back like I have an Empire behind Me! Did you notice what I did there? Or did that go over your head like the two losses you have received so far!?"

Tommy walks out of the room and heads back to the TV room, he cups some peanuts and washes them down with some water and takes a seat. 

"Legends, men who will always be remembered in our industry... although I am called one I am still fully active, still here. My name's not under a picture collecting dust in the Hall of Fame, I am not a man of the past rather than a man of the now and as for my name.... My name's lit up in bright lights at every major WWX event! As a Hall of Famer, I will one day be a dusty picture but unfortunately for Rex McAllister that is not today as for today...  I Am Coming!"

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