Something will hurt

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 4:23pm America/Phoenix
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Something will hurt
[The camera opens up showing the WWX Mayhem set. The cameras are in place awaiting the show to start as the fans have yet to come in. The lights are drawn slightly as the camera slowly pans around and sees someone sitting in the front seats near ringside with their feet propped up on the security rail. The camera slowly moves down the rampway as Rayne is facing the ring with his hood over his head. He stares into the ring as he begins speaking].

Rayne: In just a few hours, you all are going to get to see another example of what happens to you when you all cross the arch angel. You see, I have been watching, waiting, and listening to everything that my current opponent has had to say. Completely missing exactly what I said to him, the only thing that he could come up with in his simple mind is that my "feelings were hurt". While I understand I sometimes use big words that simple minds cannot understand, it is vital that you send in some third party to talk for you, because you are far too confused to do it yourself. 

[Rayne brushes his hood back and stares off into the ring as he continues speaking].

Rayne: The next thing, and the real kicker in all of this, was that ninety percent of his speech by this bumbling idiot was talking about some sponsor deal that he had gotten. I don't know where you think you are there big boy, but this isn't basketball, and no one cares. This is the WWX. And here in this magical land, no one gives a flying fu*k about sponsorship deals. You are probably sitting somewhere right now sipping on your Gatorade, checking to make sure your shoes are looking fresh, hair done right, clothes pressed, and im sure your makeup and "special cream" that you rub between your legs is applied JUST RIGHT *laughs*. While generally I had no idea that I was getting into the ring with a diva, and should subject you to the beatings of a real woman in wrestling in the form of Hex Girl. 

[Rayne slowly gets to his feet and walks over towards the security rail. He jumps over it and walks towards the ring as the camera follows].

Rayne: I applaud you for being original though. I really do. "Cutting all distractions" is the best thing that you can do. You see, it doesn't matter what you cut in this point in time, distractions, weight, time, wont help you. You are getting into the ring with someone who has nothing more than hate consuming every inch of his being. In case you missed what happened last week, All I intend to make this week about is revenge. As I had stated previously, you are nothing more than a speed bump, a skid mark, within my ranks. I never deviated from the original plan of our match being nothing more than business, as I intend to beat you the same way that I have the others that have stepped in front of me. My problem with you though is that excuse me...your "rep" looks for reasons that you lost. All this talk about "Watching videos and training" really wont do anything for you. This whole "Oh the referee screwed me" is ridiculous. You take that you get and you move on with it. Your partner walked out on you? Get up and fight till you cant anymore. They say you didn't get the three count? Beat your opponent senseless until you do get it. 

[Rayne walks over and grabs the bottom rope pulling himself onto the apron. He turns around and looks at the empty seats surrounding him as he uses his arms to hang onto the ropes. He walks over and pulls himself up on the turnbuckle sitting on the top rope as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Since watching you here, I took the time to see what you were about and keep coming up with the same answers. You are nothing more than a showboat. You don't want anything else here than the publicity. You don't want this sport, you want attention. And that's fine. I have seen plenty of you all come and go. Your rep was talking about how people should still believe in you as you have done nothing but lose and then gave some big response completely dodging the question like you were a politician in a sex scandal. *Laughs* Almost what it reminded me of. But you see Westport, the thing that I love more than anything about this is that it is all physical. You aren't going to get anywhere in WWX by seeking attention. You get hurt. And tonight, when you step into this ring with me, that is exactly what is going to happen. 

[Rayne jumps off the top rope landing near the middle of the ring. He looks up at the lights as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Westport, you see no one here right now. This is where its at. This is what its about. The focus. I don't need these people. I don't need money. I need the physicality. I need the hurt. I need the pain that I inflict and get inflicted upon me. I need to show you where you went wrong. I need to show you what you need to win. This is all still about business, don't get that part twisted. But this is also a lesson that you can carry with you. There are some things you are going to learn tonight. This isn't your comeback tour. You are not going to win here tonight. I am going to take you out. I am going to make you regret every step that you take down that ramp, into this ring, and for the next few days after. Something is going to hurt when this nights over Westport, but I assure you that it wont be feelings. I am going to crush your ego, bring you back to earth, and then let your rep get back on that podium. As he stares into the fans that you have acquired through your showboating, he can say the following "Ladies and Gentlemen, Cameron Westport cannot attend this conference here tonight. He took an as* beating at the hands of one of WWX's best. He hopefully is home learning his lesson for running his mouth and can come back and try again later. It was the Rayne...and he felt it". 

[Rayne smiles at the camera as noise can be heard. Fans begin coming in through the gates as he jumps over the ropes and walks up the rampway. He pulls his hood over his head as he approaches the curtain].

Rayne: Soon Westport...Soon. 

[Rayne walks through the curtain as the scene fades to black].

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