Sour Milk

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Fri, May26, 2017 10:42pm America/Phoenix
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Sour Milk
[Cam Westport is in an all-black studio with a spotlight shining on him. He is looking straight into the camera, very intensely.] 

Cam “You say you don’t have anything to prove. And that is just it. I have everything to prove. I am hungry, up and coming. I need these wins and at the end of the day that hunger is what will push me to pass you up. You are a complacent, loaf, whose best days are behind him.”

[Cam takes a deep breath.]

Cam “My best days are coming and every day I strive to get better, to become the best I can be well you eat your hot dogs and bask in your change of hearts, which I’m sure everyone cares about. You talk… brag so much about turning your back on all of the fans. What a waste of time. Who has time to focus on what the fans think when you could be making yourself better. Working out, studying film, getting better, but instead you go on and on about “Leaving the path of the hero” when all that anybody thinks of you is how at Deadlock you left the path of a champion. 

[Cam closes his eyes.]

Cam “It’s simple. Short and sweet. I have so much to prove, the world has yet to set its eyes upon the true potential of Cam Westport, meanwhile you are soured milk. Your time has past and frankly your stinking up the place. I have every ounce of faith in the world that Syndicate will obliterate you in your championship rematch. Your just a place holder and he’s keeping the title warm, all biding time before The Franchise gets his opportunity and usurps the whole main event.

So yeah keep bragging about how little this match matters to you, see how it works out. Keep underestimating me and overestimating yourself, because I know you don’t put in half the time I do to crafting myself to be built for this. Stay complacent Kurtis Ray, keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing. It will make you all the more deserving of your fate on Mayhem. Go ahead Sour Milk try to play spoil sport… I think its….


[The screen fades into a montage of Cam Westport hitting the W on various opponents. It switches to him hoisting the TV Title above his head in victory. It switches to him staring down Kurtis Ray after last weeks Mayhem. Then it fades to black and shows all white text saying “The Franchise has Arrived.”]

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