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On Wed, May24, 2017 8:37pm America/Phoenix
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(A man is seated on a sofa wearing a boxing-style robe draped over him. Headphones can be seen poking out of the hood and disappearing into a phone he is holding in his hands. A knock can be heard, but the hooded figure doesn't react. A moment later a PA appears, looking nervous as he creeps up on the hooded figure, reaching out to touch his shoulder. Before he can make contact, a hand slaps his away, and the hooded figure flips back his hood to reveal Kurtis Ray. Kurtis sneers at the PA, standing and shoving past him as he walks out into the hallway.

He makes his way into the backstage area, finally tucking his phone and headphones into his pocket as "Hype roars to life, and Kurtis emerges onto the stage to an intensely negative reaction from the fans. The camera switches to focus on his face and Kurtis takes a bow, blowing kisses at the booing fans before flipping them all off. He produces a microphone from somewhere.)

KURTIS: You, production monkeys! Kill my music! I got something to say.

(His music dies off and the crowd continues to boo louder, breaking into dueling chants of "You Suck" and "Kurtis Who?" Kurtis smirks, rolling his eyes before gesturing at one of the production crew to turn up his mic.)

KURTIS: That's cute. Kurtis Who. You all know damn well, Kurtis Who. Kurtis who took your hero apart on Ravage. Kurtis Who will destroy whoever it is who decides to stick there nose in my face. Kurtis WHo spent months winning you slobbering jackasses over to my side and threw it away when I got tired of playing the good guy.

(The crowd boos again, but Kurtis waves them off. He winks at the camera, taking a moment to adjust his hair and fake a kiss at the camera before raising the mic to speak again.)

KURTIS: So on Mayhem I'm booked to face my partner from last week, Caramelcorn Wifflebat. A man who called me a worthless partner. For real, Carson, that was uncalled for. I may have called you a cheerleader. I may have said I didn't need you to beat Syndicate and Dre. But I never called you useless. Now you're talking about revenge when what happened on Mayhem was your fault. You marginalized my contribution before we were ever in the ring, so I used you to prove a point.

(The crowd boos again and Kurtis sighs, gesturing to them to hurry up.)

KURTIS: Here's the deal, Camilton. You think you're going to use me to prove you're the future of this company, the best wrestler ever. None of that means anything to me. What does mean something to me is teaching lessons. You're barely on my radar, what with rematches pending. not to mention the Crusade Cup. The "Camchise," was it? Whatever it is, it ends on Mayhem. That ring down there? That's my world. You think you understand my world, but it's about to become very clear to you that you have no business in the ring with a real franchise player.

(Kurtis strikes a victory pose again, earning another round of boos from the crowd. Kurtis holds a hand up to his ear, holding the mic out to the crowd and mouthing the words 'I can't hear you. Finally he laughs, tossing the mic away. He gets up in front of the camera.)

KURTIS: See you on Mayhem, Southbeach. DOn't forget to bring a towel, we can use it to clean up the mess I make.

(Kurtis grins and winks at the camera befor shoving it away. The feed cuts to another camera as the cameraman who has been filiming Kurtis topples over, and Kurtis laughs, shoving his hands into his pocket and strolling backstage as "Hype" starts to play again. The scene cuts to commercial.


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