Speaking to Death

Roleplay Roleplay by JESTER
On Fri, Aug18, 2017 12:55pm America/Phoenix
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Speaking to Death
The camera opens on an aerial, panoramic view of a snow covered forest somewhere in Montana.  In the distance we can see a very impressive, yet moderate, log cabin built into the base of a mountain.  As the camera draws closer, the figure of a man can roughly be identified on the exterior of the cabin.  

The camera, now at ground level, moves in close enough to see that the figure is none other than WWX superstar Jester.  He is shirtless with dark grey wrestling pants that have light grey strips down the side of each leg and dark grey work boots.  His dark brown hair is lightly dusted with snow as it whips in the bone chilling wind.

He grabs a log to set on what's left of a giant tree trunk.  With a look of serene concentration he brings his sharpened axe down with a 'thwack'.  The two halves of the log fly in opposite directions.  He grabs another log from the pile and begins speaking without acknowledging the camera.

“The question I've been asked most often since my return is why did you come back to the WWX?  The answer, of course, is more nuanced than just one reason.”


The process continues to repeat.

“I came back because my friend Fill needed my help.  I came back because the timing was right.  I came back because the WWX offered me a lucrative contract.  I came back because of all the places my classified work has taken me, the WWX has always felt like home.”


“But probably most importantly, I came back because I have unfinished business.  I was on a path toward the World Heavyweight Championship but I was called away before I could fulfill that destiny.”


“So now I must start anew.  Begin from the bottom and scratch my way up through the rankings.  I have no problem with that.  I have always been a man that believes a honor must be earned.  And so my journey starts by entering the rankings for the WWX International Championship.  And in ordered to accomplish that I must defeat a man that goes by the name of Dr. Death.”


Jester drops the flat end of the blade onto the snow covered ground and leans with his left arm on the axe’s handle as he turns to face the camera.

“You are not an easy man to get information on Doc.  You haven't had a match in awhile nor have you been seen on WWX tv in nearly two months.  Hell, you're not even listed on the WWX superstars page any longer.  I had to search back through the archives just to find your last promo.  You were burning fields and preaching something about the purification of darkness, whatever that means.  It seemed, at that time, that you had some kind of partnership with Tom Black and Bishop Polaris, but given their current relationship I assume that's no longer valid.  Look, I don't know what your current objectives are or even if you have any, so let me just tell you what you're going to be stepping into that ring against.  I'm powerful, athletic, intelligent, and technically proficient.  But none of those things are what makes me special.  I have a will that has been forged in the fire of battle.  And I'm not talking about the kind of battles that take place in a ring.  I mean the life or death battles of war, where there are no rules.  Where the only thing that insures your survival is your wit and determination.  I have been beaten down to the point where 99 percent of people would have given up, but I lifted myself back to my feet and continued to fight.  Most of the wrestlers in the WWX are here to find out what they're made of, but I already know.  That's what awaits you in the ring at Fury.  For your sake, I hope you're prepared.”

Jester points the blade of his axe at the pile of un-split wood.

“Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do.”

Jester placed another piece of wood on the stump.


The camera cuts to black.

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