Special Guest Ref - OH BOY!

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Thu, Jan04, 2018 3:07am America/Phoenix
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Special Guest Ref - OH BOY!
*Hex Girl is hanging out at WWX headquarters with several of the referees. They are in an animated discussion on what they consider the finer points of being a referee and attempting to give her advice on what she would need to know for her upcoming roll as a guest referee. She notices the camera and excuses herself from the group.*

Super Bacon and Willie Steen how the hell did you two get booked for this match? Steen, yeah I get it you were the current number one contender for it. Cry me a river already about them not just outright handing you the belt. Super Bacon? I'm not so sure about. Laughable gimmick aside the super-powered breakfast food I guess might have a skill or two. As a former champ technically speaking I could challenge for it bitches, but enough of that. 

Alright boys I'm going to quickly break this down for you just in case it has escaped your notice. The only reason that I'm the special guest referee and not actually fighting this match. Its NOT because I just came back off of the injured list. Its NOT because I want to make Bob Mellon pregnant with a pain baby. It's because management is afraid. They're afraid they'll never get that title back off of my waist if I win it again. So instead they are going to let you two squabble over it and then have a battle royal to see who you get to call the biggest threat to your reign.  

Now, Steen, you expressed concerns about impartiality from me. I hate both of you |BLEEP|ers so why would I show favoritism to one over the other? If I'm going to *does air quotes* 'sucker punch you in the groin every time you go for a pin' then I'm going to do the same to Super Oink as well. I'm honestly hoping you two knock each other out I count to 10 and neither of your dumb asses get the belt. I'd find that hilarious. Though I'd imagine if you two did that your managers would be jumping in the ring trying to move your bodies on top of each other in the most unsexy manwich of all time. *She gives a small shudder.* 

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go find some brain bleach for the mental image I just gave myself.

*She turns away from the camera and back to the group of referees.*

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