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On Wed, Sep12, 2018 8:56pm America/Phoenix
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A large amount of fans cheer excitedly as the cameras pan around them. Hart and Lane are addressing them when suddenly the crowd is parted. A sharp navy blue limo pulls through. It stops near the podium and the door opens. 

Lane: Live from the palaLottomatica!  Ladies and gentlemen... Your GM, Tommy Lipton!


Tommy: Hello, hi, thanks for coming... I expect you all to be excited for Coliseum! 


Tommy: Coliseum will be lit! Coming live from right here! Right here in Rome!


Tommy points to the arena behind him. 

Tommy: Soon we will fill that building with all of you and welcome from all around the world the rest of the WWX Universe via the WWX Network. It will be loud, it will be exciting, it will be historic! 
How much blood will spill when the Hardcore Championship is on the line to anyone who wants to bring it to our Champ, Willie Steen!? So far it has been very quiet in his neighborhood but there's some biting at those ankles and I hope he is ready! His strategy will need to be on point if he wishes to walk out champion! 

Tommy looks around.

Tommy: Maybe I will send Blade Rickman in to collect... Ahhh nope!

Tommy raises his finger... he then looks at it and uses it to scratch his chin.

Tommy: Blade will be busy that night... BUT let us NOT forget about the awesome Last Man Standing match between Kurtis Ray, a man who was so close to taking the championship and a man who is the former champ... Rex McAllister... that will be early on, you will not want to arrive to the Coliseum late! 

Tommy grins and peers over the mob watching on. 

Tommy: Rex walked away on Ravage, sure Syndicate states that this was Rex McAllister walking away from ne and abandoning me... I look at this as not Rex's fight... It is my own. 

Tommy puts his hands into his pockets. 

Tommy: Last month, Duncan McIver ran the annual event, World Series... Now that caused one hell of a shake up here in the WWX! At the end of the night, veteran and former Champion Xander Adam's took the gold!
Well that gold is threatened as the giant, Aaren Frost is looking to break Xander in half and take it from him! 


Tommy: Frost has been seen this week but our Champion has not. Now I personally can say he has personal reasons for being absent from your TV and devices screens BUT he will be at the Coliseum! 

Tommy looks down at the ground... the fans quiet down...

Tommy: It has been awhile since I really last came out and spoke to all of you. I know lately the only time you really see me is when I am dealing with Syndicate, everything I have done to that man since I have taken control of WWX, heck even prior to that... all this time and all that I did to him I am sorry... What is happening is not right and for that I apologize....


Tommy raises his head grinning 

Tommy: I apologize because I haven't done more to this man! I've been too easy on this guy and no it is not right! I haven't hurt him enough! I haven't watched him bleed enough! Oh but Sunday, Coliseum, September 16th... I will, I will see all that and more! I will be really close to the action! Syndicate is in for a wicked surprise! His ass is grass and imma light it up! Syndicate... This is the beginning of the end for you... 

Tommy steps down from the panel and walks towards the limo....

Hart: I gotta be honest.... I expected more....

Lane: So did I.... 


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