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On Mon, Jun05, 2017 10:50pm America/Phoenix
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[The camera opens up showing Richmond Virginia. The city seems to still be alive as the sun has set and darkness has taken its place. The camera pans around eventually landing on a sign stating "Jefferson Park". The camera slowly moves in to a lone wooden bench overlooking the city. The camera catches a dark figure facing away from the camera, a hood over his head. Head up, he stares out into the city as the shuffling of the leaves can be heard under the camera mans foot. He begins speaking].

???: Just take a moment...take it all in. As each second passes, something new is happening. A baby is being born, newlyweds are celebrating their first time together, people are meeting to celebrate their new promotion. But on the flipside, someone is getting mugged, there is a crime being committed, and someone is getting that call that their significant other isn't making it home again. All of this happening in a moments notice. Just as sure as the air that you and I breathe, something somewhere is happening for the better or worse. And you wonder what it all means?

[The camera pans around showing the face of Rayne. Bandaged in certain areas, he looks out into the night as he continues speaking].

Rayne: I know first hand how things can change in a moments notice. Last week in St Louis, I was on top of the world. I was in the main event, taking on that worthless pile of human flesh Fill, and boy was I taking it to him. He gave me everything, just like I had asked, and I loved every minute of it. Every ounce of blood that I shed inside that arena as something that I think about right to this moment, to this very second. Then, he did something I didn't expect out of him. He contracted help. He brought in people who had no business being in there and used them to his advantage. 

[Rayne leans back on the bench and runs his hands through his hair as he continues speaking].

Rayne: As it stands, I should be your international champion right now. I should be the man sitting here with the championship on my shoulder, telling you that I had completed the mission that I had set out to do...but im not. In the history books, the win is mine. I won that match. I BEAT FILL! But...what do I have to show for it right now? Nothing more than a few bandages and the satisfaction that I got the W over him. But for me, that isn't good enough. That isn't what I set out for. Our time isn't over *laughs* not by a long shot. The one thing he said that made any sense from the beating he received is that our fight will not be over until one of us cannot stand, and I believe that. And soon...I intend to complete that mission. However, now, I have a different thing that needs addressed.

[Rayne pushes himself off the bench and grimaces a little in pain. He slowly rises to his feet using the bench to get up as he continues speaking].

Rayne: While LX is getting the shot at the title that is mine, I have to move back into the ranks holding my position against Cameron Westport. Westport, lets go ahead and clear the air with each other. Unlike your other opponents, I have no reason to underestimate the things that you have done here in WWX. You have made a reputable name for yourself, and seem to be building your brand. You are becoming your own man and there is nothing wrong that can be said about that. It just so happens that at this unfortunate time, your number was drawn to face me. Your number came up to come up against the Silent Assassin, the arch angel, the one man that should be feared within this company. 

[Rayne slowly moves around and brushes his hood off as he continues speaking to the camera].

Rayne: Westport, you continue to do big things here. You remind me of myself when I first came in here. However, there came a time when I got too big for my pants and took an a*s beating that would help define me as a superstar. I needed that to up my game to make myself evolve into what you see here today. I have big things ahead of me still, and far more bigger things in the making as we speak, and right now you are nothing more than in my way to my other intentions. Therefore, you are considered nothing more than a speed bump in my road, and I need to remove you. When we get into the ring at Mayhem Westport, bring your A game. Study, lift, focus, and be ready. Because when that bell rings, I want you to know what happens to you is for your own good, and nothing more than business. I want you to understand that what I am going to do to you is for your good, and will help you grow. I want you to know...the arch angel has come...and moved you from a fate which you are not ready for. As of right now, you aren't in my crosshairs. You aren't part of my bigger picture...and I hope you keep it that way. When we step into the ring this week, just remember...its only business. Its the Rayne Westport...and now its your turn to feel it.

[Rayne walks off into the darkness as the scene fades to black].

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