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*The video opens on a shot of Tommy Lipton's face as he speaks to the camera.  Tommy, with the WWX Tag Team Championship in tow, is sitting on a couch directly facing the camera.*

Lipton: ...if LX shows... for if he doesn't... if he decides to recall you turning your back on him and BTA... then it will be you Syndi all alone with two of the greatest WWX Champions that ever existed... What you did to Cam won't be anything like what we will do to you!


*A small bit of static interrupts the shot.  As this happens, Tommy's face is replaced with Rex McAllister's.  Rex is walking down a backstage hallway, looking for the arena's cafeteria.*

McAllister: This week you get to see the Lipton - McAllister tandem light things up on Ravage again, and treat the WWXs top two singles champions like the special little snowflakes they wish to be, I guarantee it!


*This time, the screen is consumed by a long burst of static, followed by yet another scene change.  This time, it is Syndicate's features that appear after the static.  Syndicate is sitting in a dark room, lit only by one overhead spotlight.  Underneath him is a wooden stool, and to the Outlaw's right sits a small side table holding up the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship.  The title glints in the overhead light, giving an impression of eloquence and sophistication.  Syndicate is currently dressed in his white leather jacket - which also reflects the spotlight's glow - black t-shirt, and worn-down blue jeans.  He brushes back his golden hair before speaking directly to the camera.*

Syndicate: I sit here, underneath a spotlight, for simplicity's sake.  I'm going to be honest, boys, I don't get the opportunity to live such a glamorous lifestyle as yourselves.  I'm not one for big, dramatic photo shoots like Tommy freakin' Lipton is - nice use of the WWX's budget, by the way - and I don't have time to think about such things as "principles" and "values" like Rex McAllister does when he gets hungry.

*He chuckles to himself.*

Syndicate: You know, I actually did spend the time watching your videos, and I was...surprised, to say the least.  Let me ask you two a question: who have you been facing in the Tag Team Division as of late?  Who is in this division that you consider "competition", hmm?  Bishop Polaris and Tom Black?  Glorious Gaijin and Rob Bacon?  420?  The Sophisticated Army?  Happy Fun Time?  There is only one reputable team in there out of those five, and they're addicted to marijuana.  You wanna try and lecture me about not facing good enough competition?  Maybe you should look in the |BLEEP|ing mirror.

*Syndicate shifts his position, now balancing his forearms on his knees as he leans towards the camera.*

Syndicate: As World Champion, I have offered the WWX roster every opportunity to come out and make a statement.  The Ravage after Deadlock, I came out to that ring, looked towards the stage, and dared ANYONE to challenge me.  And do you know what happened, Tommy and Rex?  No one.  Not one person came through the curtain.  I sat there, preparing to be ambushed or surprised or both, and nothing happened.  So you know what I did the next week?  The exact same |BLEEP|ing thing.  But this time, it was Kurtis Ray, the man with a rematch clause in his contract, that came out and laid down the challenge.

Syndicate: Here's the thing that I don't understand: if you two want to bitch and moan about "inferior competition" for the World Champion - technically that moniker would apply for everyone else on the roster, mind you - then both of you should have come out that night.  Kurtis Ray, even with all of his faults, took the initiative that neither of you were willing to do.  I don't know about you...but that looks pretty pathetic, in my book.  But let me guess, you were too busy destroying Happy Fun Time in the Tag Team Division, weren't you?

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: To be honest, I don't care if Lu doesn't show up to Ravage.  That's his choice, and there's nothing I can do about it.  Either way, I don't care.  If I have to wrestle you two, the WWX World Tag Team Champions, with both arms tied behind my back, I would still show up and give it my all.  If you guys haven't realized it by this point, I didn't become a four-time World Champion because of luck.  I didn't do it because I was in the pocket of the general managers or kissed ass day in and day out.

*He shakes his head.*

Syndicate: No, I became WWX World Champion because I worked for it.  It's because I waded through the ungrateful shit that is the WWX locker room, week after week, month after month, year after year.  It's because I showed up for all the house shows and live events, I did what I was told, and I earned my spot.  That much is certain.

*Syndicate looks over at the World title propped up to his right.*

Syndicate: When I came into the WWX in 2013, nobody gave me a chance in hell to do anything.  Hell, why would they?  I was a kid from the streets of Los Angeles fresh off of a cross-country road trip.  Men like Korath Wulfvan and Fill and Black Angel, they had strength and power and agility and all the other things I didn't possess.  But the one thing I had, the one thing that allowed me to gain a foothold was heart.  I don't win, Tommy and Rex - hell, in my estimations, I haven't won any match in my entire career.  Instead, I've survived every match so that I can fight another day and inspire a whole new generation of WWX fans.  People like you two have been casting me aside since day one, but I'  And to my estimations, as of now, I am the reigning champion of the world.  Is that correct?

*He smiles.*

Syndicate: But you two are different than the 90%.  You two have pedigree, you two have confidence.  That much I can respect.  What I can't respect are men that cast aside a defending WWX World Champion because he's "cocky" or "lucky".  While you two have been getting high with 420 and getting involved with general manager drama, I've been doing what I've always done: surviving.  And rest assured, I will survive Ravage, I will survive the onslaught of the WWX World Tag Team Champions, and I will survive my next title defense.

*Syndicate stands up from the stool, glances over at it, and softly kicks it to the floor.  The sound of the wood hitting the concrete floor of the room reverberates for a bit, pleasing Syndicate's ears.  He then looks back at the camera.*

Syndicate: In case you two haven't heard, my name is Sydney Maxwell Irvine.  I might be a scrawny boy from Apter, Tennessee, but I'm the World Heavyweight Champion.  This week on Ravage, I may be outnumbered and the odds may be against me.  But when all you've got is heart, when all you've got is this belt and a shred of'll do anything to survive.  You two have confidence.  I have heart.  We'll see which one of those prevails at Ravage.

*The Los Angeles Outlaw grabs the World title off of the table, unclips the belt straps, and places the championship over his right shoulder.  He pats it with his left hand before speaking again.*

Syndicate: You guys may be the best at tag team matches...but I'm the World Champion at going it alone.  I am not afraid of you, nor am I afraid of losing with dignity and respect.  But that won't happen.  The spotlight is on me, Rex and Tommy, and at Ravage, you two will see how far that pedigree and confidence really gets you.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate flashes his signature smile and walks out of the spotlight into the darkness as the signal is taken over by static.*


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