Stacking the Odds Against Me

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Sun, Sep02, 2018 3:41pm America/Phoenix
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Stacking the Odds Against Me
(Scene opens outside Ciampino-G. B. Pastine International Airport in Rome, Italy. Camera cuts to area near the Hertz Rental Car station. Seated at a bench near the rental window, with a stoic look on his face, is WWX superstar, Willie Steen. Camera zooms in on Steen as sits waiting for his car. He turns as if he notices the camera, but his expression doesn’t change.)

So it’s like this, huh?

(Steen chuckles and shakes his head)

Ok. I see how it is.  So, this is the latest ploy in the never-ending “Screw Willie Steen” saga. At Ravage, it me defending my Hardcore title against a mystery opponent. Someone I had no chance to strategize or prepare for. And what did I do? I turned him upside down and I mopped the mat with him.

(Steen makes a mopping motion with his hands)

So now what do they do? How do you take down a man who’s risen to every challenge you thrown in his way? Oh, I know. You make him defend his title at Coliseum against the entire [bleep]ing roster! 

(Steen takes off his sunglasses and looks into the camera with an inquisitive look)

Seriously?! The entire roster?

(Shakes his head)

Wow. Clearly, someone up in that big New York office has it out for old Willie. (Scoffs) Hell, who am I kidding? ALL you playa-hatin’ chumps have it out for me. You’re jealous of my success, my talent and my good looks. That’s why you always wanna tear me down. 

(Shakes his head and puts his sunglasses back on)

Well you know what? You go ahead and you try. You wanna try and stack the deck against me? By all means, give it your best shot. I’ve beaten the odds before and I’m gonna do it again at Coliseum. 

(Steen turns a car rolls up next to him by the curb. The driver gets out and hands him the keys. In exchange, Steen hands him a ticket. Steen then, picks up his bag and title belt and places it in the trunk. He opens the door, steps inside and revs up the engine. He looks once more at the camera.)

Keep it cool.

(He rolls up the window and speeds off toward the highway. Scene fades to black.)

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