Stage Is Set

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, Jun08, 2017 8:18pm America/Phoenix
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Stage Is Set

*Static flashes on-screen before transitioning into the inside of the Louisiana Superdome.  Here, the WWX crew is hard at work putting together the set for Outrage.  The stage is made of two LED panels with a space in the middle, allowing for wrestlers to enter the stadium.  Above the panels hangs the massive WWXTron, and to the sides are two more panels, these vertically-oriented.  Test patterns are shown on each LED screen as the crew makes sure each and every LED is working properly.*

???: Looking good, boys!

*The camera pans to the bottom of the long ramp, where Syndicate is standing admiring the work of the ring crew.  He is dressed in his combination of a white leather jacket, black t-shirt, and worn-down blue jeans.  The WWX World Heavyweight Championship sits pristinely on his right shoulder as he slowly walks up the ramp, admiring the LED structure.  The various crew members, not paying attention to the champion, continue their work.*

Syndicate: So, Kurtis, you're tired of talking, huh?  You're tired of the repetitiveness and the incompetent roster and saying the same damn thing every damn day?

*He shrugs.*

Syndicate: For once, we agree on something.  I'm tired of it, too.

*Syndicate reaches the top of the ramp, where he takes a seat pretzel-legged facing the camera.*

Syndicate: So what now, then?  Do we just sit here on our hands and wait until Monday?  I'm asking you, Kurtis, what do you want to do in the meantime?  Go on a nice dinner date to Olive Garden or something?

*The Los Angeles Outlaw grins.*

Syndicate: I'm just kidding, I hate your |BLEEP|ing guts.  But for real, how shall I spend my precious time with you right now?  Discuss our history?  Been there, done that.  Talk about how I'm going to rip you apart at Outrage?  Yawn.  What about mentioning that I'm the best wrestler in the world?  Nah, I'll give you a break on that one.  Instead of all that, I have an idea.  Let me tell you a story, straight from the desk of ol' Uncle Syndicate.

Syndicate: A long, long time ago, in the year of our Lord, two thousand and fifteen, the English Premier League kicked off for the 2016 season.  The usual teams were favored, with Chelsea holding 13/8 odds of winning the league and Manchester City following close behind with 5/2.  But would you believe it that neither of those teams came out on top by the end of the year?  Neither did Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton, or any other top team.  No, the winner was Leicester City, who was previously facing relegation and was given 5000/1 odds to win the league at the beginning of the year.  Leicester City was the smalller, less powerful underdog, and yet, they won over the giants of Chelsea and Liverpool.

*He pauses to let the story sink in.*

Syndicate: Here's another story for ya.  In 2003, the Michigan Wolverines football team was a serious title contender.  They looked unstoppable, entering the season as the number five ranked team in the nation.  That was, of course, until they faced little Appalachian State and was defeated in one of the biggest upsets in American sports history, 34 to 32.

Syndicate: I don't bring these stories up to paint either yourself or myself as the underdog in our match.  That's not the point; you and I both know that we are essentially evenly matched.  I say these stories in response to one of your main points in your latest video, Kurtis.  You say that you're bigger and stronger than me, and that alone will lead to my downfall.  Not only that, but you say that the only reason I still have my neck intact is that you didn't decide to break it.  Mmmhhhmmmmmmm.  Right.  You know why you didn't break my neck then, Kurtis, and you know why you will never have the guts to?

*Syndicate smirks.*

Syndicate: It's because you can't.  If you take me out, if you try to make me're causing your own problem.  You said earlier that things are getting a little repetitive around here, that there's no real "top notch" talent anymore besides a handful of people.  I agree with that assessment fully.  But I think we can both agree that you and I are two of those "top notch" people?  So let's get into hypotheticals here for a moment: you take me out, you force me to retire because you "can".  Now there's one less person.  That means less credibility for you as a champion, less exposure for you in the non-wrestling world, and a higher likeliness to be stuck in that dreaded cycle.

Syndicate: Do you see the problem, Kurtis?  You can't get rid of me.  You WON'T get rid of me.  And like I've said before, doesn't that hurt you a bit?  The fact that, even if you DO beat me at Outrage and take the title for the second time, I'll be right back here at the top, ready to challenge again.  But've got to beat the champion.  And that's not going to happen.

*Syndicate stands up and looks directly at the camera, with the towering Outrage set behind him.*

Syndicate: Being bigger and stronger doesn't mean that you're guaranteed a victory.  As you should know by now, nothing is guaranteed here in the WWX.  So here's the point, Kurtis: I'm done with being underestimated.  You're tired of being stuck in "the cycle"?  I'm tired of having to prove myself every damn day to wretched beings like yourself.  I'm tired of sitting here on this stage and not being welcomed with open arms.  To be quite honest, I'm tired of talking.

Syndicate: You want to shove my face into the mat a dozen times?  Fine.  I'll take the pain.  Wanna break my neck, Kurtis?  Alright.  I'll recover eventually.  But at the end of the day, you won't do anything like that.  Instead, just like at Deadlock, you'll be staring up at those beautiful lights, wondering what went wrong.  And when you are looking at the lights, I want you to, once again, ponder why you didn't break my neck.  Think about why you let yourself lose once again.  I don't have those answers, man.

*For the second time today, Syndicate shrugs.*

Syndicate: The stage behind me is set for this Monday, when the two undisputed best wrestlers in this company fight over the World title for the third time.  No matter how strong you may think you are, Kurtis, bravery and heart always prevails.  I have no doubt in my mind that the same will be true at Outrage.  Heed this warning, Kurtis: you underestimate the Outlaw AGAIN, and you will get got.  Welcome to the Syndicate.

*Syndicate turns around and admires the crew's handiwork once more as the shot is overtaken by static.*


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