Standing Tall

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Sun, Sep17, 2017 10:26am America/Phoenix
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Standing Tall
The Rogers Center, Toronto, On, Canada. August 30th 2017. 

Standing on the home plate is the one, the Only, Tommy Lipton. He sports a Lipton WWX legend jersey, red and white stripes to represent his home country of Canada. The dome above the baseball field is open, the sky is filled with white fluffy clouds... A large sun ray which has broke through the clouds beams down on him like a spot light. His Ray Bans protecting his sensitive eyes from the beaming light rest comfortably on his face. His vans shoes planted on the home plate and his hands are in his cargo shorts pockets. A grin forms over his face as he looks in the direction of the camera. 

TL: It is once again time to play ball, it is once again time to see what the locker room has to offer a legend like myself. As every year at rhis time the chosen gather in multiple rings to fight the hard fight until only one man OR lady is the last person standing... This is World Series and it is not for the weak hearted... Strategies And skill will seperate the weak from the strong. This WWX pay per view is no joke... this is the final stop before Hall of Pain and the main event for the WWX Championship belt. And no no... I know what you are all thinking! I know you are all wondering why I haven't gone after that World title already and why I haven't been the face that runs this place for this past year... I know you all are wondering why from time to time I mention Syndicate and I mention title matches but you don't get to see me facing Syndicate IN said title matches....

Tommy laughs

TL: Simple because the so called BOD doesn't want another era of Lipton, and you can bet your ass Syndicate is more than happy to not have to defend that belt against me, to stand toe to toe and face me. When he does face me of course with no strap on the line the out comes have been questionable.. at first I wanted to give him the creds he deserved. Last year at World Series in that final ring he was brilliant! He tricked me and sure it costed him the Big Time Agency but still it won him a chance to head to Hall of Pain. But then he beat me again and I ignored that ill feeling I had in my stomach and put it down as butterflies, nerves to be main eventing again EVEN though it's unlike me to be nervous in the ring... BUT after Rex and I lost that haha handicap match, Rex too noticed that he wasn't feeling well and the symptoms were the same as mine. I won't say much more but this, it almost felt like he had aid from an unknown source to remain "the man"... 
The man? Is that really who Syndicate is? Is he the one that the others look up too? Inspire to be? This so called man has been dodging me since I came here... the amount of times I laid down a challenge and been ignored cannot even be recalled... He's not a man... he's a bitch.  

Tommy nods 

TL: True Story 

Tommy grins...

TL: At World Series I will be victorious in ALL rings and I will move on to get my shot FINALLY at the WWX title at Hall of Pain. I will then face Darkness a man who I have some history with daiting back many years... or Syndicate, the man who claims to be WWX... well Mr. WWX says UH UH! 
I am not Krimzon Blaze or DGS who get a title shot as soon as they return because I am different... I once ruled this fed as the one and only like no one has ever done before me OR after me. The thought of me back at the top is scary for the BOD as they know that unless I decided to drop the title I would never lose it and once again WWX would be in the Era of Lipton. So I am to do what other legends do not have to do and that's fight for my shot. That's Alright, I'm use to fighting to get my dues.

Tommy removes his hands from his pocket and walks out towards the dug out. He takes a seat and ponders a moment... That grin forms again over his face. 

TL: In a way though I have still been at the top... Yes maybe not as the WWX Champion... But still I have successfully held not once but twice the Tag Team Championships during my stay again here in the WWX. My partner Rex McAllister and I have saved a dying division, giving it life and hope once again. Put aside the fact that I have been held far back and away from the WWX Championship scene... conspiracy? Perhaps...
Well feel free to explain how I went from number one contender to not even being on the WWX title rankings? I didn't receive a title shot and lost... nope, just one day I was no longer on the list. I assume the BOD felt that they giving Rex and I a tag team title shot would shut me up... Maybe they even thought I'd win the belts just to fade away like that division was destined too. Face it, a year ago WWX wasn't expecting the division to last much longer.....

Tommy stands up and claps his hands loudly together. 

TL: We are having our own RING in World Series. This division has thrived under the ruling of your Tag Team Champions! So enough about Syndicate and his inverted penis! Let's get talking about Ring 3! Let's discuss where World Series will begin... Rex and myself versus 420 and The Club! 

Tommy reaches behind the bench in the dug out and pulls up a bag. He reaches inside and reveals his WWX Tag Team Championship belt. He walks out to the pitchers mound and raises it high. 

TL: Who thinks they can take this from us? The McAllister-Lipton tandem are doing what we do best... if any of these other teams think they will take us out they are dead wrong! Rex and I are winning our ring... 420, the Blade Club, these jokers will not win... both we have faced, both we have beaten. Do either of them think they are the ones who should hold these titles? Do they think they are even comparable to the McAllister Lipton Tandem? 
I'll give you all a spoiler right here today, the exclusive... they are not! and they will learn the hard way when Rex and I walk into Ring 3 and show them what a true team looks like. You see the past doesn't matter to these guys... they will still shoot out videos of them saying how tough they are, how it will be them walking away head held high and that the McAllister-Lipton tandem are going to fold. They will talk the talk all bloody week, you'll see...  they may say that when they lost to the McAllister-Lipton tandem that they only lost because of a stomach ache, or a sore muscle or maybe because we just got lucky... but then when the smoke clears and Ring 3 is filled with us versus them, no more excuses, no more talking the talk... it will be ouch time for them and it will be McAllister and Lipton who are STILL your reigning, fighting and defending Tag Team Champions! It will be Rex McAllister and Tommy Lipton who will steal the show... know those two names for we are coming... No more jokes, no more taking a easy... Tommy Lipton is going to come to the Series packing heavy... I dare any man... or woman, ahem.. We got Hex Girl.... I have not dismissed you... I dare any of you to come to the Series and stand face to face with the one and only...

One more exclusive spoiler.....
If you haven't guessed already, it will be me, the one the only who will then advance to the final ring and join the others in the ladder match. 
I do not care who is in there with me... it could be the beast Bob Mellon, the TV champ herself, Hex Girl or Willie Steen! It could be the leader of the club Blayde Archer or Krimzon Blaze... It doesn't matter because come World Series it will be the One and Only Tommy Lipton who will sit at the top of the ladder holding high his WWX Championship contract!
First Rex and I need to take out our opponents so..... 

Tommy looks up to the open sky... he then faces the camera removes his glasses and smirks....
TL: Ring 3 .... We Are Coming! 


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