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On Wed, May02, 2018 5:49am America/Phoenix
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(Tiny black and white pixelated squares creates a digital static snow like effect on the screen you are watching and transitions to a shot of Gimmick Jones. He wears a hot pink leather jacket, lavender purple undershirt, white denim jeans and Adidas sneakers. A shaggy blonde toupee atop his head.)

Gimmick Jones: "Static."

(We pull back slightly to show a dictionary held open.)

Gimmick Jones: "Lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in a way viewed as undesirable or uninteresting."

(The Dictionary is folded shut and tossed unceremoniously over the shoulder and out of view, landing with a thud.)

Gimmick Jones: "That explains a lot. Maybe if I talk in circles with out saying anything of real relevance and feed my ego, people might not notice the fact that I am best known for being a paper tiger and transitional Champion. The greatest transitional Champion of all time!"

"I am the big fish in the little pond so we need to flush out this, this, poison of talent that is better than me and exposing myself as the recycled bore with the same old tricks."

"So Tommy Lipton. Drain the talent pool for me. Please?"

(Lowers to knees and clasps hands together as if begging.)

"I don't have the talent or skill to be the man with out help. Where is the follower when I need him? The lazy bum."

"I am an outlaw! Did you know that? Here's proof!"

(Removes library card and shows a book is past due!)

"Yeah, that's right. Don't mess with me. I've had a rough childhood and now I over compensate with outlandish claims that are a fictional dillusion of reality."

"Now Mr. Lipton, I am prepared to whine, moan, bitch and complain tirelessly until everyone gets tired of hearing this annoying voice and I finally get my way, yet again."

"Welcome to the Syndication, or something.."

*Static snow fuzz fills the screen.*

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