Stay Down

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Fri, Dec08, 2017 10:57am America/Phoenix
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Stay Down
???: For the second consecutive week in a row, I'm put in a match against a new person who thinks that they're gonna get or score a major upset by beating me in the ring. Well, in the case this week, the Empire as a team.

Xavier steps into camera range with fire in his eyes.

XAVIER: Last week, I gave the so-called "Trend Killer" his first loss. For all his talk about how he was going to embarrass and humble me at Ravage, who was the one that came out on top and had his hands raised as the ref counted 1, 2, 3? Me, Xavier Pendragon. But that's in the past now. This upcoming week on Ravage, both Damian and myself are slated to face the team of Jack Hammerstone and Hardcore Hughes. First off, Jack Hammerstone? That sounds like the name of a |BLEEP| star that hopes to get all the girls he wants and whatnot. Sadly for you Jack, you will find no girls. In fact, you will find no mercy. In fact, to kinda piggyback off what my partner Damian said, the only thing you WILL get is a one-way trip to a hospital bed, courtesy of me, Xavier Pendragon and Damian Price, collectively known as the Empire.

Xavier paces back and forth before continuing his thoughts.

XAVIER: Jack, you're not the only one who will suffer. Your tag team partner, Hardcore Hughes will be in a hospital bed right next to you so that when the two of you recover, you two will wonder why in the hell you were booked against two of the most well-dcorated and dominant men in this business. You have Damian Price, a multi former World Champion and former 2-time tag team champion to start. As for me, I'm the first ever 5-time International, 1st ever 5-time tag team champion with 2 of those reigns alongside my friend Damian and your current Race for the Case holder. I could go on about our combined acolyades, but I would even bore myself with that. So Jack, Hughes, lemme break down what's gonna happen to the two of you at Ravage should you two show up: Damian and I are going to break you down into a thin red paste and then pin you 1, 2, 3 or make you tap out. Simple as that and if you even think about trying to get back up, we're gonna knock you back down again. Do me a solid will you? When we knock you down, stay down.

Xavier then walks out of camera range as the camera feed blacks out.

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